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Dr. Amin Forati (Traffic Monsoon) and S3 Middle East

On 7th September 2016, The Sun newspaper in England reported a story about
Pascal Jaussi, the boss of Swiss Space Agency, being abducted and almost burnt alive.

So what has this got to do with Traffic Monsoon?
Let me explain.

Charles Scoville, the owner of Traffic Monsoon,  announced in January 2016 that he'd recruited Dr. Amin Forati as his Chief  Financial Officer.

Dr. Amin Forati is the owner of  D&B group, which he set up in 1999.
D&B group includes:
  • Financial Services
  • Consultancy
  • Oil and Gas
  • WW Technology
  • Green Group

The Financial section of the D&B website states:

'D&B financial services we providing the trade finance by issuing the all kind of bank instrument such as letter of credit, letter of guarantee, bank guarantee, Performance guarantee, proof of fund , etc... 

No Financial Collateral Required
Competitive Rates
Deal Closed in 24 Hours*
15 Years Experience & Trust
Global Reach
Personalized Approach'

Their Head Office is in Dubai:
Tel: 00971 4 3132700       
Fax: 00971 4 3132800 Dubai - UAE
Add: level 41,emirates tower,sheikh zayed road,dubai ,united arab emirates 

Charles launched Traffic Monsoon in Dubai on May 22nd  2015.
This is Immy Aslam announcing it:

On October 1st 2015, it was announced that Swiss Space Systems has teamed up with D&B Group to open a subsidiary named 'S3 Middle East'.
'S3 Middle East' is developing a suborbital shuttle for launching small satellites into Arab Space called 'SOAR'.
The company also planned on using the same aircraft to provide 'micro-gravity parabolic' flights for both passengers and researchers. 

On Sunday, 20th December, 2015, S3 announced that these flights were postponed.

Rumours on social media reported financial difficulties with the company being unable to 
pay it's staff salaries.

This was denied by S3 Community Manager Claudia Jaussi:
'It has come to my attention – through the S3 monitoring process of the social network and news – that you have re-posted on the 11th December 2015 a false statement, regarding the financial situation of S3 and its employees, shared initially on twitter by SPAU on the same day.​..'

On January 20th 2016, Charles announced the appointment of Dr. Amin Forati as his Chief Financial Officer:

Announcement:. Charles Scoville

'I would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Amin forati as our new CFO (Chief Financial Officer) .It is the president of the group of D&B, *Ambassador of Malta, and has a lot of experience with banking and financial systems.
Dr. Amin. Forati is very famous for its exceptional character, his integrity and his willingness to help the needy and give everyone an equal chance to grow, regardless of their position.
Those who have had the chance to work with him knew he was a man who respected his word and held its importance above any contract.
He was a devoted family man who always applies his family based on concepts of how he managed his own company.
Dr. Amin. Forati was born in 1969 and earned his MD from the University of Shiraz Medical Sciences in 1995, then the study of the quality management system by SGS and passed all the training and courses traveled to Toronto and continue his studies in management system of quality and became the principal auditor registered in the quality management system (ISO 9000) and recorded in the accounts of lead (OHSAS 18001) and sme and appointed as the manager for qmi in Middle East region.
This led to his appointment as advisor youngest head of industry in 1998, however, in 1998, he decided to be more hands on the market and worked as a consultant for a financial company. In 1998 he was appointed as Secretary General for the chamber of commerce and become a VIP member of the European Foundation of Arab and directors of the local association of financial and commercial company.
In 1999, he created the group & B with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates was a bold move, since they were troubled times, when the market was monopolized by companies managed internationally. Yet he managed to become one of the largest Financial and commercial group in the world.
In 2007 he received his PhD in Economics honored and college business management system of Oxford for Higher Education and doctoral studies and high education committee with reference number 11116776 and b was appointed economic advisor for the oil companies. She quickly multiplied its profits and became known on the international scene.
He was appointed in 2008 as a senior consultant for the eabaff development program), EU-Arab States Economic and Groupement D'European interest in Arab affairs and scholarships of the foundation with the International registration number eu356563.'

(* Amin Forati was expelled from I.O.D.R.International Organization for Diplomatic Relations because of his statement that he was a Malta Ambassador and because of his ambiguous business financial activities.)

On June 25th 2016, Charles put out this announcement regarding Amin Forati:

'What happened to Amin Forati? – There were circumstances which caused doubt to fall upon whether this man was doing the things he said he was going to do for the company. It’s now spread throughout forums that he is not a Maltese Ambassador any longer. He was dismissed and is currently being investigated for fraud. Amin Forati was let go without pay.'

Which means, that for approx FIVE months, as Financial officer, Amin Forati had access to millions and millions of dollars of Traffic Monsoon funds.

This is an extract from the SEC court filed papers:

'Since inception, defendants have taken in from investors approximately $207 million in sales of a product called the “Banner AdPack” (“AdPack”). Over 162,000 investors throughout the world have invested in AdPacks. As of the beginning of 2016, Traffic Monsoon was taking in approximately $25 million in cash each month.

So what did Amin do with access to all this money?

Traffic Monsoon's court injunction hearing has now been postponed until November 1st.

Lets hope we get some answers to that question then.

Background: PRESS RELEASE 

30 SEPTEMBER, 2015
Swiss Space Systems (S3) - A satellite launcher for the Middle East
Press Release

Dubai, UAE / Payerne, Switzerland, the 30th of September, 2015

Swiss Space Systems (Holding) SA, trough its subsidiary S3 Middle East, announces major partnership with D&B Group to deliver access to space to the Middle East. The goal is to develop, manufacture, certify and operate unmanned suborbital shuttles to locally launch small satellites up to 250 kg by 2019.

Swiss Space Systems (Holding) SA has announced the signature of a major investment and partnership agreement from D&B Group to open an S3 Middle-East subsidiary, and to develop access to Space from the Middle East. This investment has far-reaching implications for S3's continued global expansion plans.

The "Space for All" vision of S3 is progressively earning its reputation through a commitment to aerospace excellence. For this, the ambitions of Middle Eastern countries are complementary and hereby we have to thanks Dr Amin Abbas Forati chairman of the D&B group for all his effort and choose the UAE between all Arab countries to became the first country who has this technology and with the opening of S3 Middle East, the D&B group will introduce the UAE to the prestigious clan of future space launcher countries.

The advanced technology of reusable spacecraft launching systems, combined with recent small satellite innovations allow applications such as analytics & monitoring of primary resources, pollution, migrations, natural disasters, strategic asset surveillance, and global internet connectivity. 

The D&B Group is a market leader in financial consulting, natural resource trading and ecology. Today, they are expanding the scope of their activities into Space, through their key collaboration with S3. The D&B Group was founded in 1999 by Dr. Amin Abbas Forati, and it has strong presence in Middle East and Africa.

According to D&B Group CEO, Dr. A. Forati: "First I live in Dubai. I have seen the county spectacular transformation over the last 15 years. The UAE is the county where everything is possible, a country where the vision of a Man, of many Men's can become reality, a bit like S3. I would like, modestly to provide the UAE, the possibility to become the first Arab Nation to own its own spatial technology, not only in the field of launching satellites but in as well in the conception of revolutionary satellites. The UAE is the leading country in the region, look at "the Louvre Abu Dhabi" opening the European Culture to Arab Culture, "Emirates" has the biggest airline in the world one of the top Airline Companies such as Emirates airline. I could tell you a number of such examples. To close, I would like to talk about Africa. At my very modest level I would like to offer to this great continent the means to develop its own energy resources, to own its own communications systems at a wide extent. This is something that S3 can allow Africa ".

Through a recent campaign of seeking for strategic investors, S3 is proud to have now signed a partnership agreement with D&B group to work towards building a successful partnership with the D&B Group.

Pascal Jaussi, founder and CEO of Swiss Space Systems said: "We are delighted that S3 and D&B have joined hands to develop the "Space for All" philosophy in the Middle East. This highlights how S3 is becoming a trusted partner of the United Arab Emirates, where independent access to space is a key priority. I am convinced that S3 and D&B will work successfully towards the goal of opening a new vision for a common space future in the region".

The official inauguration of the S3 Middle East office with take place during the Dubai Air Show in November 2015, at the Emirates Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai (UAE), with a live video transmission from S3 Headquarters in Payerne, Switzerland,.

Swiss Space Systems is supported by strong partnerships with the world's leading space industrial companies like Dassault Aviation, Kuznetsov, RKK Energia, Thales Alenia Space, as well as an extensive academic & scientific network all over the world, to help achieve its goals and ambitions. The prestigious academic network of S3 will also be opened to Emirati students in a near future.

About D&B Group
D&B group was found in 1999 by the founder Dr. Amin Abbas Forati. D&B is registered company in UAE since 1999 and he bought the 34% of the biggest factory in china Shenzhen in the name of AVIC and has 6 field of activity : D&B Worldwide Technology, D&B Oil and Gas, D&B Call Center, D&B Green House, D&B Financiel Services and D&B Consultancy Services.

About Swiss Space Systems
Swiss Space Systems Holding SA is a Swiss company founded in Payerne. It combines and supervises the activities of its affiliate companies. The objective of the S3 group is to develop, build, certify, and operate suborbital shuttles for the deployment of satellites up to 250 kg. The company currently has 75 employees, and its global budget up to the first satellite launch is around $275 million dollars.

© Press Release 2015

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