Hear the payment lies directly from the
 'horses mouth'.
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That's it folks. No more Webinars means no more lies about payments.
I'm guessing he just ran out of excuses!

Friday 22nd August 2014

We have passed compliance with our new payout processor. This will take a little bit of time due to the complexity of this. We do need to be very careful with this. The partner that has agreed to work with us, we are very grateful and happy with them. We will give you updates as soon as we can as to the timeline.

Friday 16th August

Obviously the top topic is the payment processors. The information today is actually good news. Of the ones that we were in progress with, one of the providers already has compliance, and one we are moving forward with. We are now in the timeframe of doing the actual integration required on the website. For obvious reasons I will not be mentioning the name of the provider. You will be notified soon. As far as the timeframe for doing the integration, I know everyone is wanting to know that. I have thought much about that, I know it is a touchy subject. You may not be happy with the timeline, but we are doing as much as possible as fast as possible, and we will be giving you an update as to the timeline as soon as we can.

Friday 6th August

The number one topic and number one question is the payment processors, and I fully understand the urgency and the need for us to get things together to make the payouts. The update is that we are still tied up with compliance. They still need to go through all the documents and make sure everything is clean and ready to go. I know this is not great news, but it is not bad news either. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the green light. We are working with several processors, and they need to make sure that the "internet chatter" is not true, and they go through the checklist and make sure everything is as it should be. We are now simply waiting.

Friday 1st August

Chris will not be on the all today, as he is busy in meetings, most importantly finding a payout source for all of us. I have no further information on this, but I can tell you that Chris is in communication with three other providers for our payouts. I know you are all frustrated, but these are complex negotiations, and once I have more information I will share this with you through the blog, Facebook, Twitter.

Friday 25th July 
Let's go over a few items as to where we are with BB and with the payout option which is our number one priority here at corporate. We are in the process of finalizing a couple of different options, and also a backup to those options.

The update for WeW, unfortunately they are at the mercy of their partners and have not come to a final solution in terms of moving forward. This is not great news. We were hoping to have WeW go live soon, but we are still waiting. If you are still waiting for a refund, please contact WeW support.

We are working with our other payout options and we hope that by next Friday we will be able to announce more details. Because of this unfortunate setback we have suspended the admin fee for one month. Everyone will have one free month. If you have paid for July, you will not pay for August. There will be one month for free for everyone.

Friday 18th July

World eWallet
Yes there are a couple of hiccups with the WeW solution. However, the deal is not dead and that's the important part. The other important part is time at this point. That's why as of now, no administration fee will be charged. If you've already paid this month, you won't pay next month. We are finalising a few other payment options too so we have a back up plan in place. We don't want the problem to go on too long because we don't have a mechanism for payout and that's the main reason why you're here of course.

Friday 11th July
Okay, I know the hot topic right now is World eWallet, let's give you the update. It's going to be a brief but important update. Here are the facts. World eWallet has mentioned to me that there were some challenges and a couple of setbacks. Right now there's two independent challenges, one is the credit card processing, which is independent from the actual banking system. So two separate problems. 

With regards to the credit card processing, WorldeWallet will be refunding the $59.99 to those who have paid, so that will be coming back to you. There will be a different method to pay once all is sorted out. 

The other issue is with the system itself. It's more of a hiccup. It's unfortunate, because we've waited so long for this to go live, so we were hoping for it to be one of our multiple payment mechanisms. but now it's coincided with not having Payza and STP, so the delay feels alot more, it hurts alot more than if we had other options. 

So while WeW figures all this out, we will be suspending Admin fees for one month. No admin fees for the month of July. This is only fair since we have no way to payout. Everything else will be moving along as usual inside BB. You will still have full access to the system. We feel this is a good step for the delay that is outside of our control. We have chosen World eWallet and we are sticking with them. 

I have not heard yet what the solution will be. I am hoping this solution is one we can move forward with,. Worst case scenario, we do have other options lined up and ready to go. We will not be long without a payout option. So once again, we look forward to the official news release from WeW to see what the solution will be. We were hoping for today, but we are waiting just like you. 

I have passed all the information over to you. We have not posted anything more because we only know there is a hiccup and are waiting for it to be smoothed out. So that's the news for WeW.

Friday 4th July
Payouts: When? Everyone will be shipped a Visa Debit Card from WeW. Once you have these cards in your hand, we will begin payouts to those cards.
Make sure your WeW account is set up, be sure to upload fresh information, current address verification and a current photo ID. This must be approved by WeW. Also you can now order your Visa card on the WeW site.

Friday 27th June
There was no specific payment updates today other than the launch of the pre-paid
card on Monday June 30th which cost you $59.99.

Friday 21st June

Legacy payment question - we do have two different queues, one for Legacy and one for v3 ewallet. We will do a payout for both queues on the first run. 
Remember that you need to have proper ID and address ID uploaded on the BB site to be able to withdraw. 
You also need to upload ID information for World eWallet.
If your ID is older than 3 months, you will need to have current information with World eWallet. 

All Withdrawal requests have been converted over to World eWallet now. 

Friday 13th June

As you know we are no longer operating with Payza and STP. We are in the final phase of getting World eWallet onboard. We have not missed a payday yet, but today there will be no payouts today (June 13). World eWallet will be available in the month of June.

Friday 30th May

Payouts? We do payouts every single Friday, as promised. We have kept our promise. It has not gone out today yet. In a few hours the Friday payout will be completed. I am excited that WeW is coming onboard, so we can make these payouts easier and in a more regular way. We are glad you are still here with it. We have an awesome team. We've grown to a nice, comfortable, sizeable operation and the future is bright.

Friday 23rd May 2014

V3 Payouts are going out today. Our staff are working on it now to get payments out and you should see that within the next few hours. On the topic of payouts. I know that some people were upset that they didn't get a legacy payout on the last run. I've seen on some of the Skype chats that it was promised that if you didn't get a legacy payout the first time that you would get one on the second time. Unfortunately, that was never promised. Things are getting better with some of our other corporate initiatives, we are working on making the business itself better. With the payout queue, not everyone is going to get paid every time. We are working through the queue, which is determined by your request date If you don't get paid on this payout, then your name is higher up for the next run. It doesn't mean that you will get a payout the next time but it does mean you are further along in the queue.

Friday 16th May

Payouts are in the process of going out as I am speaking. The payouts will be out shortly, for both Version 3, Mobile and the Legacy eWallet.

Friday 9th May
Updates - we are continuing with our weekly payouts every Friday. We are going through the standard queue in date order. Monthly for the queue for Legacy. We are going through in date order, and there is a payout every Friday, but every single person doesn't get paid every time.
Friday 3rd May.
V3 and Banners Mobile payouts have gone out today.

Saturday 26th April
From the BB blog:

BBv3 Payouts

There has been some confusion over payouts now that BBv3 has been launched.

eWallet payouts have gone out weekly since the beginning of April 2014 for earnings in BBv3. Many people that started in BBv3 and had never received a payment got paid with these first few payouts and Banners Broker will ensure that payments continue to go out weekly. For the time being, each affiliate has the ability to create a withdrawal request for $250 but this is only a temporary restriction.
A Legacy Payment also went out on Apr 17th. Legacy payments will be processed once a month on or around the middle of the month. The amount that an affiliate can withdraw is based on a few factors but can be anywhere from $100 to $400.

Banners Mobile has also been paid out now and Mobile affiliates have seen panels cap and funds withdrawn from their advertising efforts in the mobile advertising channel.

As promised, the improvements in BBv3 have made payouts simpler to process and they have become more regular and predictable. Banners Broker is committed to continuing to pay out affiliates the revenues that they have earned through their advertising efforts. The launch of BBv3 and the enhancements of the system have not solved every issue and though Banners Broker is still paying out earnings, not everyone is going to receive all of their profits all at once.
In an effort to ensure fairness among all affiliates, a new system of withdrawals has been set up; each affiliate is able to have one pending withdraw per eWallet (BBv3, Mobile & Legacy) and cannot create another withdrawal request until the previous one has been paid. This will keep the queue shorter and create a more equitable policy to benefit all affiliates.

Banners Broker is continuing to grow and develop new products and services that will mean greater growth for Banners Broker and more benefits for affiliates. We are constantly creating strategic alliances with other companies that share our vision, as well as seeking out new clients and avenues of evolution. With this emphasis on corporate growth and coupled with the efforts of affiliates to promote their own businesses and increase the flow of traffic through the advertising channels, Banners Broker will continue to expand into an even more prosperous company, resulting in greater amounts of revenue to be shared among the affiliate base.

So many affiliates are constantly showing their support and commitment to Banners Broker and for that, we are greatly appreciative. We will continue to strive to provide a program that allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things through the power of the Internet and the shared desire to create something that has never been seen before.

Thank you for joining us.

Thursday 17th April
Let's start off with payments. This is Easter weekend, tomorrow is a holiday, so we will have the payout today. That is for the v3 eWallet, as well as our first Legacy Wallet and BannersMobile. Legacy will be monthly around the 18th of the month. The v3 eWallet will happen weekly. Payouts will be out shortly. The order of the v3 account will be the date order of when you created the request. Legacy is not only date order but also the amount you have received in the past. 

Friday 11th April
The first thing I want to touch on is the biggest thing on your minds - payouts! As of this moment, the payouts are being processed and will be going out before the end of "our" day. Payouts today are v3 payouts. These will be going out weekly on Fridays. Next week is a holiday, so we will be doing payouts on Thursday. We will be doing v3 payouts and Legacy payouts next week. We want to make sure that everyone who has started a v3 account will receive a payout. Payouts did go out last week, and will go out again today and next week on Thursday.

World eWallet has put out a press release that they are upgrading their systems. This has postponed their launch so the systems can be integrated. This is unfortunate, but we here at BB support World eWallet and we will keep you up to date as to when WeW is ready for launch. On that note, all WeW payouts requests are being REVERSED. It will be reversed automatically, and you can make withdrawals to Payza or STP in the meantime. We hope this will be resolved soon, but we cannot speak for WeW.

Friday 4th April 2014
Chris is working on those payouts right now and they will be going out today.

The  FOUR WEEK GAP between payment updates is correct.

Friday 7th March
A Payza payout will be sent out today. It's almost ready to go.
Friday 28th February
No payment updates were posted.

Friday 22nd February
Payouts? We will do one more Payza payout before we go live. We already had an STP payout last week. In v3 the queue will be automated, so it will be much easier and smooth. There will be a v3 eWallet queue and then a different queue for the Legacy eWallet. The legacy queue will be based on the date of your earliest reversed withdrawal, as well as how much you have earned so far in BB. 

Friday 14th February
A small STP payout went out last week. We will have another one for Payza before we go forward with the blackout.

Friday 7th February 2014
Yesterday we received the new banking coordinates for Payza, so that is on the way. The wire is being sent now, so it may take a few days or a week. STP is also being prepared. By that time we will know the dates for the blackout and the launch.

Friday 31st January 2014
Payout update? We need to go through the banking system with wires to Payza and STP. Payza recently changes where to send wire, I am waiting for this info from Payza. I will be sending a wire to STP also, so we can do an STP payout also. I will be doing one more Payza and one more STP prior to blackout.
Max withdrawals: $250/week for now until we are good to go.

Sunday 26th January 2014

Saturday 25th January 2014

Friday 24th January 2014

From the BB Blog:
The New Payout Process
With the release of BBv3 and Banners Mobile, we have created a system that will make payouts more regular and simpler to process.
In the past, when payouts were being processed, information had to be pulled from the system and sorted manually. I had the opportunity to assist Chris one night and we were still awake at 3:30am (after a full day’s work and with another day starting shortly), trying to get all of the information compiled and sorted for the payment to go out.
With the release of BBv3, it will be easier to pull and sort the information, thanks to the new system that has been created; the manual aspect will no longer be an issue. This will not mean that all of the payouts will be caught up with the release of BBv3, there are a great many of payouts to process and there are still issues. We are committed to having payouts happen more consistently.

Friday 17th January
Payouts - we did a large STP payout. Payza has been que'd up and we will do that very, very soon. We know payouts are very important, and at the end of the day you are here to make money. We know this is important and we will stay on top of the payouts to the best of our ability. WeW is the step in the right direction. But V3 does NOT mean on day 1 that all BB payouts will be paid. V3 is a step in the right direction to make payouts easier, faster and more timely. The sky will not open up and pour out money. But v3 and WeW will definitely help. The v2.9 manual process was very complicated. We have outlived v2.9 and v3 will deal with all those problems and make payouts much simpler and faster.

Friday 10th January

We are doing both Payza and STP. We want to do STP over the weekend. I do apologize that we are behind. Alot of this happens because of the manual process. This will be a large payout, as well as Payza will be also.

Payza is only gone for the USA. We did reverse all those withdrawals. STP is still available for the USA

Version 3 payouts - the queue will be automatic. The queue has to be done manually because of many factors. (I was not sure what he was saying about the queue in BB3.0, sorry)

The refresh your screen page people are getting is because of the 2.9 platform and the reason we have created Version 3.0.

Monday 16th December.
A small  STP payout went out.

Friday 13th December.
Will payouts in the future be manual or automated? So the difference is this, one of the problems with Version 2 is that in order to do the actual "queue", the order of who is to get paid, the system cannot handle the calculation in order to deliver that order. The order is doing manually, but the payout is automated. But in Version 3 that component will be automated, so this will be good. So we will upload the CSV file and the payout will happen quicker. In Version 3 we are looking forward to having a more regular schedule. So in Version 2 the delays are because of the manual part of it. 
Do we need to upload ID's again? The new system will be similar to how you did with Allied Wallet or STP, so you will have to upload info.

Payout to India? India is not segmented or different from the rest of the world. There was a time when we were paying India separately, but those days have long gone. India is back into the fold and treated the same as other countries for payouts.

Will payouts in the future be manual or automated? So the difference is this, one of the problems with Version 2 is that in order to do the actual "queue", the order of who is to get paid, the system cannot handle the calculation in order to deliver that order. The order is doing manually, but the payout is automated. But in Version 3 that component will be automated, so this will be good. So we will upload the CSV file and the payout will happen quicker. In Version 3 we are looking forward to having a more regular schedule. So in Version 2 the delays are because of the manual part of it. 
Do we need to upload ID's again? The new system will be similar to how you did with Allied Wallet or STP, so you will have to upload info.

Payout to India? India is not segmented or different from the rest of the world. There was a time when we were paying India separately, but those days have long gone. India is back into the fold and treated the same as other countries for payouts.

Facebook Official page Info:
We appreciate all the positive comments of Affiliates receiving STP payments over the last few days. Please keep sharing your experience if you have received a payment.

There are too, a number of questions being asked that we will try to address here;

** What is the payout order?

While BB process the long overdue payments, the payout order is temporarily as follows -

Affiliates that have never had a payment OR affiliates that had a partial payment from April AND those affiliates where 'the amount of total funded is less than the total received'. In date order.

There is only a certain number of affiliates who can be paid at any one time and not all affiliates will be paid on each payment run.

Affiliates who has a negative balance or who has a locked account will not be paid.

** Why have I not been paid?

We do not have access to your account and are unable to answer individual support or payment questions here.

We understand that it is frustrating to see other affiliates receive payment and you miss out this time, but please understand that there are only so many transactions that BB can process at any one time. This will improve with the new processor and the release of v3.

** When will the new card be released?

The new payment processor will be released when v3 goes live.

** Please post your withdrawal date and ID

We have seen a number of questions posted by other affiliates asking for this information – as we have outlined above, knowing the withdrawal date or ID number is useless because the temporary payout order is not based solely on this information.

** Will BB pay withdrawal requests larger than the current withdrawal limit of $250?

Yes, as you will see from some of the comments, payments are being sent out for withdrawal requests that are larger than $250.

** What about my country?

Providing you country can receive STP or Payza payments, your withdrawal will go into the order that we have outlined above.

We will post more information when it is available.

Friday December 6th
We are doing a payout for STP & Payza this weekend. There will be a large payout before Christmas. We want to warn you that we won't be able to pay ALL outstanding requests before Christmas but we will do as many as we can. They will be done in priority order in the queue.

Friday, November 29, 2013
Information on Payouts

We know that affiliates are interested in choice network campaigns, qualifying panels and getting traffic but, at the end of the day, affiliates care about these things because they are running a business. Why does someone go into business? To make money. It's why we go to work or start our own business.

Banners Broker was created as a way for people to generate extra income online and it has done that for a lot of people. There have been issues in the past and we acknowledge that the payouts have not been as regular as they should have been. We are working hard to remedy that and it is important to us that payments go out regularly and consistently.
But here is some more information to help you understand the payout process:
Last week's payouts:
In our going intent to ensure that affiliates get paid, two very large payouts were made to affiliates all over the world last week. An STP payout went out on 21/11 and a Payza payout went out on 23/11. More payouts will be coming out next week.
SolidTrustPay's upgrade:
Banners Broker has developed a system that works with STP so that affiliates can use it simply and seamlessly. When STP upgraded their system, our two systems couldn’t communicate. We had to work with them to develop something so that we could continue to offer integration with STP.
It took some time and hard work but we were able to make the changes and get the payments out.
Potential reasons for a failed STP withdrawal -
You may not have received a payout from Banners Broker if:
· Your account is in the negative
· Your account is locked
· You did not enter your account information correctly (STP – username, Payza – email)
You may not have been able to receive your funds from STP because:
· You entered your account information incorrectly (remember that your STP username is case sensitive).
· You are trying to withdraw more than your STP account allows
o “Active” - $500 by cheque
o “Card Verified” - $500 by cheque, $250 to Credit Card
o “Standard Verified” - $1000 by cheque, $500 to Credit Card, $2000 to STP debit cards
o Bank Verified - $10,000 Bank Options, $10,000 Bank Transfers, $1000 by Cheque, $1000 to Credit Card, $2000 to STP Debit Cards
Pay Order:
This has been a point of much debate and speculation so I am going to try and clarify a few things. Some people may have received payouts dated later (for example, in October) when they had other withdrawals dated from March. The reason for this is that an affiliate’s place in the queue is based on when they made their first withdrawal request.
For example:
Annie Affiliate makes a withdrawal request on March 15 for $2500
She makes another on May 15 for $2500
And another on July 15 for $1000
And again on October 15 for $250
Annie would then have a place in the queue that takes her back to March but she gets her payout for $250 from October. She will receive a payment based on where she was in the queue but she got the October withdrawal so that more people will receive a payout.
There are other factors, like not having been paid yet, but this is one of the biggest factors in payouts. We also ask that you remember, there are a limited number of payouts that can be made at any one time and there are over 400,000 affiliates! We are grateful that you, the affiliates, have been so busy referring people to this program, sharing something that we hope will help to change the lives around the world. We are working hard to live up to the faith that you have in us but it will take time.
But we aren't going anywhere.

India Withdrawals

Banners Broker strives to ensure that all affiliates all over the world receive payouts. If you are a registered affiliate, then Banners Broker is able to send you money. India, as a country, has certain rules about money coming in from outside of the country. Because of this, it can make be harder for Indian affiliates to withdraw the money once they have received it. Banners Broker ensures that affiliates get paid, no matter where they are in the world. We made sure that payouts have gone out to affiliates in India in these last two batches.

November 22nd 2013
First, a Payza (he meant to say STP) payment went out yesterday. We were happy to get that going. Chris is working on a Payza payment, and that will be coming out soon.

Payouts - You mentioned that the STP payout went out yesterday. The Payza payout is going out later today. It is a large payout. We are trying to keep these payouts going leading up to Version 3. 

I wanted to touch on the payouts. I know you guys are very anxious for payouts and I hope you are included in the list. We are going in proper order - date order and a few other criteria, also we are trying not to have double payouts in STP and Payza. 

November 21st
A small STP PAYMENT went out. 

November 16th
Mostly the questions are about pay-outs. Chris is working on them. We hope to have them out soon.

November 8th
We are looking to make this much more regular. We want people to receive their payouts on a more regular basis. We are following our queue and all payout notices will be on the dashboard.. Payza is next then STP.
STP and the lastest update on their end. We have now retrofitted our system to match their changes. We are now up to speed with that, not only for payouts but for pay-ins. Payouts, please remember it is now "case sensitive" so be sure of that. Also, you need to be "verified" at STP if you want to receive more than $250 each time. If you do not make sure that you are able to receive the w/d request, then that payout will be sent back.
INDIA payouts --
India is completely different - once we payout in India it will be different. The new system in Version 3 will make that much easier. I know Payza and STP has been okay in some area and some areas it is not. Please be sure of that on your side. I believe we will have the best solution in place when the new payment provider comes on board in Version 3.

November 2nd
There have been a lot of people that have had trouble with their STP payments recently so here are some tips to fix it. Problems on the Banners Broker side You may not have received a payment because: • Your account is in the negative – if it is, fund your account to be able to make withdrawal requests • Your account is locked – depending on the reason why your account is locked, contact support and you may be able to get it unlocked and to make withdrawal requests • Your information is wrong, e.g. Payza email incorrect, STP username incorrect – ensure that your information is correct • The “Queue” – the queue is affected by a number of factors but date order and the amount that you have already received are weighted heavily. Problems on the Solid Trust Pay side A payment may have been sent to STP from Banners Broker and rejected by STP because: • Your username was entered incorrectly – remember that the usernames are case sensitive and need to be entered exactly e.g. sallycox • Withdrawal amount exceeded what you can withdraw through STP – make sure to log in and provide and verify the appropriate information so that you can withdraw the amount sent by Banners Broker. If STP rejected your withdrawal, simply fix the error and resubmit your withdrawal to Banners Broker.

November 1st

Solid Trust Pay - the last mass payout, those who received payments you are still seeing "pending" in your log. We still need to updaet the script from STP to update these results. The ones that failed were several reasons. The main reason is that now STP usernames are "case sensitive". It didn't used to be, but is now. Also it could be the status of your STP account. If you want to receive over $250 to STP you must be Bank or Card Verified with proper ID uploaded, so please check your STP account and fix all of those. Once you do that, please "resubmit" your payout request and you will be in the same place you were in the queue.

We are working on Payza payout to go out very soon, followed by another STP.

One more thing about STP. I understand that when STP upgraded some of their IDs were not tranferred over, so please double check with STP and verifiy that everything on that side is up to date and in place, then resubmit.

October 31st
STP withdrawal complications
October 31, 2013, 2:34 pm
There have been a lot of people that have had trouble with their STP payments recently so here are some tips to fix it. Problems on the Banners Broker side You may not have received a payment because: • Your account is in the negative – if it is, fund your account to be able to make withdrawal requests • Your account is locked – depending on the reason why your account is locked, contact support and you may be able to get it unlocked and to make withdrawal requests • Your information is wrong, e.g. Payza email incorrect, STP username incorrect – ensure that your information is correct • The “Queue” – the queue is affected by a number of factors but date order and the amount that you have already received are weighted heavily. Problems on the Solid Trust Pay side A payment may have been sent to STP from Banners Broker and rejected by STP because: • Your username was entered incorrectly – remember that the usernames are case sensitive and need to be entered exactly e.g. sallycox( • Withdrawal amount exceeded what you can withdraw through STP – make sure to log in and provide and verify the appropriate information so that you can withdraw the amount sent by Banners Broker. If STP rejected your withdrawal, simply fix the error and resubmit your withdrawal to Banners Broker.

October 25th
 First I want to touch on the payout that went out. STP, soon to be followed by another STP and a Payza. Alot of positive feedback from this payout. If you were not included in this, you will be paid so please be patient. 
Next update, please look at the dashboard to see the messages on the News Board.

October 24th 
A small payout has been made to a handful of affiliates:

Pay-In and Pay-Out, via STP. As you know, they changed their system. We then changed our system. It didn't like the brackets!! We fixed it yesterday. People can now use that to pay money into your e wallet.
Mass pay-out. Every time we do a mass pay, I get a results file, which shows the success rates. Some peoples accounts aren't ready and they get a message of Invalid Record, but we're not sure what that means. We've been taking the same action as what we've been doing for the last few years. We have a mass payout ready to go. We will make an announcement on the dashboard.

Partial pay-outs are first in the queue and classified the same as people who have never been paid. There is now an option to do a reversal of partial pay-outs if people want to use the funds to build their accounts.

We have for STP an update we have to do on our end. STP redid their system, and we had to retrovit ours. So, loading STP funds to BB to load your eWallet - 2 changes. YOu have to type in your STP username and email address (Chris did this on the screen). 

Payouts - we did a small STP recently. One thing I noticed is that there are new error messages coming back from STP - for example, invalid account format. However, I am using the same format, and actually 70% of the payouts went through. But we will still attempt a large payout anyway. If you see an error message on your account you will know why. We need to do this to make sure it's working correctly. We will do this large payout very shortly. We will also do a Payza payout, same order as before. 

Regarding Solid Trust Pay (STP). As you know they recently upgraded their system. We are having challenging times getting things working on our end. Its not just BB, other companies are having problems with this new code needed. The Pay-in option, we are doing our part to get that code updated. Because of that we are extending the 30 days to get the money into BB, for those who used STP. So We are now extending the 30 days to 6 weeks for everyone. 

Paying out to STP, there is a mass-pay - and to be clear, I am not blaming STP. STP has been great over the years, however with the new update we are limited to the mass pay using their new feature....

** we lost Chris, mid sentence...

Chris had an update on STP. When he tried to upload the batch file, it did not work.
Numerous leaders on the call also verified that other affiliate programs are having same issue.
Chris did not want to blame STP as we need their cooperation, but that is where the issue is right now.
Chris is hoping to get the STP payouts done in the next day or two. But it all depends on whether STP fixes the problem or not.

We asked Chris to see if STP would post something, either in an email, or on their website to confirm the issues is on their end.

Chris said he would check. This is important for the affiliates to know, so that there is confirmation that it is not just a BB issue.

Due to the international banking procedures, Chris cannot move enough money at one time to take care of all backlogged payouts.

He has asked the leaders to assist with a solution (ideas). My thoughts are that the currently weekly withdrawal limit is $250.00 for everyone.
What I suggest is that Chris start paying out that money based on the $250.00 limit in place right now. That would provide up to $1,000.00 per month for every affiliate. Then when the new merchant card cames out in November, to keep the weekly $250.00 limit and allow affiliates to withdraw to the new merchant card. This would mean that between the "backlog" and the new merchant system, each affiliate could get up to $2,000.00 per month. We would keep this in place until the backlog is cleared. Again, this is a suggestion. Chris has not made a decision on what to do yet. Chris wants to get the money to affiliates and continues to encounter difficulties in getting it done. The money has been wired to STP, but the process to pay out thousands of affiliates is not working. This is an issue at STP, not with BB. Eventually, the goal is to get the monthly withdrawal limit back to $10,000.00, but do it through a managed process so that everyone starts seeing payouts on a regular basis.

We start beta testing Version 3 this week. Everything looks to be on track for that to happen.

This communications is for my team only and is not official Banners Broker communications.

September 27th 2013

Those who are using STP. They have changed their back office, some improvements. But some of those changes threw off our scripts that we had, and we are working with STP to help make sure this is working flawlessly especially for the upcoming BB 3.0. For payouts and pay-ins. Unfortunately there is a delay for getting out the STP payouts, as we update these scripts.

Version 3 will also have the new payout system for our site. So we will be smoother on the payouts, for sure. I know alot of people are disappointed with this and we understand the need and importance in this regard.

September 20th 2013
The next STP payout will be shortly. There will be a smaller one first, followed by a much larger one. Then there will be another Payza pay-out. 

September 13th 2013
Pay runs - the next one will be STP. I don't want to give deadlines. We are working on that now and will be able to have that out shortly. The Payza went out last weekend. Another Payza will be shortly after the STP payouts. We would like to stay on top of the payouts going forward, bringing us into the next phase.


September 6th 2013
I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I unfortunately broke my promise to be able to make the payouts last week. The good news is that with the new method of actually formulating the way for people to get paid has changed a bit, and we are just about ready to make the payout. It will be out this weekend. I apologize for that. I will post on the website when the payout goes out. I apologize, again. The delay is me personally. I take care of this personally, so it's all on me in terms of the delay. It was just due to the actual crunching of the numbers for the payout. I was looking forward to the automated process with the cards, and it was great while we had it. But unfortunately I am back to doing this myself now. Again, I do apologize for the delay.
Again, payouts will go out shortly. Those who have never received anything will receive first, then by date order. We will catch up and be able to satisfy all the payouts and get back on track.

September 5th (Facebook entry)
We sincerely apologise for the extended delay concerning the post we made on Tuesday regarding payments. As you know the process is a manual one and Chris has to work through each withdrawal request and cross reference this. Unfortunately this is taking much longer than expected and is therefore delayed. Chris never likes to give a time frame as the company are then held to account if that time frame is missed.
As has been previously advised on webinars the payout order is firstly for those affiliates who have not received a payment, in withdrawal date order, then those who have received a payment in date order. Naturally there is certain quantity that can be processed each batch run. Please be assured that everything that can be done, is being done.
On this page we are unable to answer specific 'When will I be paid' requests as this information is not available to us.
We share and understand your frustration and will endeavour to keep you as up to date as possible.

August 30th 2013
Version 3 - a change: Geneology compression. We have meant to do this over the years, however it is built into version 3. Person A brings in Person B, who brings in Person C. Person A pays and Person C pays, but Person B never does anything. Sales credits in the past have just sat in the account of Person B. So the way it will work is, Person B has 30 days from the time that Person C registers to upgrade. If Person B does not upgrade within 30 days, then Person C will then be linked to Person A. After 30 days, this change will be permanent, even if Person B later upgrades.
Current payouts - I did promise last couple of weeks that we would try to do a payout. Then Mark was on last weeks call. We have been so busy that we are behind. But this weekend we will do a run. Those who have not gotten paid will be paid first, then we go back to date order. 

23rd August 2013
A Payout will be made this week in priority order. First those who have never been paid, then date order. I know it seems like payouts have not gone out, but I can assure you payments have gone out. Chris has listened to feedback and will be posting payout status messages on the dashboard. 

August 16th 2013

Pay-outs: I've received feedback from leaders' that they would like to see when payouts happen. More visibility. We will be looking at that.

August 9th 2013

Payouts are going out according to the schedule, with people who haven't been paid first and then in date order.
We are working on Version 3 and things are going well with that.

August 2, 2013
Update for payment solution. As we said, these things take time. On the postivie side, it is looking good for what we can accomplish.
We made an announcement in Niagara. First will be people who have seen no money at all. Those who have seen 10, 20 times their money will be farther down the list. For those people, yes you well deserve your payout and worked hard for it, and we appreciate everyone who is with us. Those who have not yet received anything on the publishing side yet will be first. then we will go by date order.

BB 3.0 and new payout processor, will it be before Christmas? We will not go into 2014 in this condition, so this should be early Fall, definitely not end of the year.

July 26, 2013

One temporary change is that we will be doing a temporary $1,000/month withdrawal limit. We will be changing the order to make sure all who have withdrawals and have never been paid will be first.

We know that we have a slow payout problem. We have some payouts going out now and over the next little while STP and Payza. With the new banking solutions you will have other ways for getting paid.

19 July, 2013

The good news is that I mentioned we have our new solution in place. It is a long process, however we are making good strides to get that done. That will be ready shortly. We are sending out payments, and those who get them, please share the news. These are not scheduled, but are indeed going out. The order is heavily on the date, but with some fairness, so, for example, you will get 1 from your batch of withdrawals, then others will get theirs, then back to your second one. This is based on a point system as explained several times.

July 5, 2013

Payouts. We are going in the order of oldest to newest, except if you have several withdrawals. (he gave an example of how that works) You also gain more points if you have never, ever withdrawn before. Those are the three factors. So when I announce a certain payday, doesn't mean all are getting paid on the same day. We are paying out on a regular basis, so based on where you are in the queue, you will get your payout.

June 29, 2013,
Payouts - I touched on this a little bit. Over the last few months I've mentioned the banking issues. We also have experienced a smaller amount of revenue from the advertising network. When you have a smaller buying power, the revenue is diminished. The next update of our program will kill 2 birds with 1 stone. One being giving you guys certain activities to do that will increase the ad revenue. IN addition to our new payout solution, this will be the ultimate solution.

We are super behind in payouts and this is unfortunate, because we have a good thing going. We want to do a payout in this upcoming week. WE want to try to do one every couple of weeks. Weekly is better, but our hands are tied as to when they can actually go out. I know you want dates, but I can't give specific dates. Please bear with us. Stick with us, you won't be sorry. We have alot of things in store. We are going to be able to increase our ad revenue and increase the joy of our program and have something that you've never seen before.

So yes, we've been going through a tough time with the slow payouts. I know it's hard to stick with us and to refer others. However, we are here, we have a solid team working in the background, alot of training going on, and are looking for a great future with what we have going on.

June 21, 2013
Next Payday - we were hoping to get Payza out last weekend. we cannot send it out if it's not accurate. I am very confident that if it's not today, then it will this weekend. I will make it a point to see that it goes out. STP will be shortly after that. We want to keep people satisfied. We are going in a point system order, predominantly by date, so everyone will not get a payment. However, everyone will get paid so please be patient.

June 14, 2013

We do have a point system for payouts. It's not alot different than before. Let's say if you have a $2K w/d on Jan 1st, than another on Jan 2nd, same person. Person B does a request on Jan 5th for same $2K. Order is Person A gets w/d, then person B, then Person A, in that order. Points are assigned by order. Your first request will get more points than your next requests. More points are awarded if this is your first withdrawal.

Payza Payout coming shortly.

Another STP payout next week.

June 7, 2013

STP payout yesterday. It took longer than anticipated, but did go out. We have alot of positive comments from members. If you haven't received yours you will be on the next run.
Payza is coming up shortly. I hate to give definitive dates. But it will be soon.

Additional provider that we have contacted with for a new payout system. The new provider is aware of all the negative bloggers and have signed off on us and will be with us for a long term solution. We have strong leaders, BB is actually growing. BB is not going anywhere.. So we needed a long term solution for payouts.

There's a rumor that we said STP was the problem. I want to clear that up. STP has always been good to us and we have no problem. When STP receives our payout list, payouts go out right away. The problem was on the banking side, getting the 7 figure and 8 figure amounts transferred. The last few days STP contacted me and asked if we were saying STP was the problem, and we absolutely have not been saying that, so I wanted to make that clear. We have a very good relationship with STP.

May 31, 2013

Payouts - I mentioned on Friday that we were doing STP last weekend, but it was not completed. We will be doing that this weekend. It is a batch upload, so there must be an Excel file that must be done correctly. In the past there were errors with that batch file, so now have to make sure everything is correct. There is alot of important data in that file and it invoves alot of money.

Payza should be shortly thereafter. We are awaiting the payment to arrive at Payza.

We do have a new platform coming onboard for payouts. we are working hard to make sure it's properly integrated, all lawyer documents are signed off on, ect. The important thing is that M/C dropped us becuase of all the negative internet chatter. But with our new platform, they are fully aware, have read everything and done their research on our business model and are moving forward with us. So no possibility of it being ripped away becasue of the Internet. I cannot give any dates. Not happening in the next few weeks, in the meantime we are doing the best we can via STP and Payza.

May 24, 2013

the last payout from Payza, alot of people happy, some confused. There was a slight order mixup and some of the newer ones got paid instead of the older ones. We have to upload an Excel and there was a mixup on the sorting. the next run we will get that straightened out.

STP - funds are in place and ready to go. I'm hoping for this weekend or early next week.

Next Payza is 10 days from now.

We are trying to do these weekly to get caught up.

New Solution - we're plugging away on the integration of the new system. When we know the timing we will let you know. Hopefully we will be able to have that complete as soon as possible.

When is STP going out - this weekend is the plan or early next week.

21st May 2013
Thank you for contacting support.

We sincerely apologize for the delays you have been receiving with your pending withdrawals. Please note that we are a little back-logged with pending withdrawals, and we are paying out based on the date of the request in an attempt to catch up which is resulting in a delays. Also note that Banners Broker has a limit on how much funds can be sent to various countries, and in order not to exceed this limit and still be fair to all our affiliates, we are currently paying out in a combination of full and partial installments depending on how much the affiliate requested. If you receive only a partial payment, note that as long as your account is not locked, and your e-wallet is not negative, you will continue to receive these partial payments with each payout scheduled until you have received your FULL withdrawal amount.
Yes we will be sending out payments during the month of May, but at this time we do not have any set dates for these payment cycles. As per the May 10th Webinar by Chris Smith, we do now have a new full time payment solution in the works, but we cannot release a date yet. This new payment solution will help clear up any issues with current payments. Please listen to the Webinars posted each Friday by Chris Smith, as this will have the most up to date information regarding any payout information.
We sincerely apologize for the delays you might encounter in receiving your funds. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Kelly_BB Team

May 17, 2013
Payouts were mentioned right at the beginning of the call. Chris said that the next money had already been sent to STP and should be released within the next 10 days. He is planning a Payza payment this weekend. Working in date order they are clearing the back lock in full now. If you had a partial payment, the remainder of the pending payment will be paid up in full. I'm sure there will be more notes from someone soon to confirm this.

May 8th
They have now agreed a deal with an alternative payment company (replacing Mastercard) and are working hard in the background to bring this into use. On the subject of payments, most members received payments (many in full) over the weekend via STP. They appear to now be getting on top of this and when the new / additional method comes in, this will be easier for us in the UK. One of the reasons for the recent payment issues were that BB hit problems with banking / government red tape when doing very large international transfers. It appears there are restrictions on the amount of monies a business can transfer without first meeting plies of information / compliance details.

May 3, 2013 
I mentioned that the first week of may we would be doing a partial for STP. Money has landed and we are now prepared to do another payout over this weekend. Payza is going to be a little longer. We are still waiting on the money transfer for Payza.

Regarding STP - partial or full? We are doing a combination of partial and full based on the time of when the withdrawal request happened. Remember when people had to cancel their BB card, we decided to put them back into the queue, so now we are doing payouts based on date range to accommodate more people.
(sorry did not get all this exactly while he was speaking, may need clarifying)

New payout solution: As I mentioned last week -- some think I'm too far removed from people and do not understand the pain and comments of the members, but I do understand completely. We are definitley moving along to get something in place quickly. I cannot name any companies at this point in time, but we have selected a new solution. We are working hard to get it in place as quickly as possible. For now we continue with STP and Payza to make sure everyone is taken care of.

26 April 2013 

First Payout for India Bank Deposits will be May 15th. Stellar Point has taken over the payouts for India, and going forward it will be direct deposits.

Whatever withdrawals are done in one calendar monnth will be paid the following the month. In April we will not make you wait the 30 days. Any withdrawaal request before April 30th will be paid May 15th YAY!!

Please cancel your STP and Payza withdrawal and put your bank deposit in [by April 30 to receive your May 15th payout].

Payout Update - big question.

Let me word it this way. People are looking for comfort and solutions or an announcement of a solution. Apart from my words, that I do assure you that you will get paid. I know you want more evidence of these payouts. Or a new solution for payouts. I know everyone is dying to see that. We are working on a few avenues but nothing is ready yet.

Partial STP on the 1st of May. We are waiting on that wire.

Last week we did a partial Payza. We will be doing more Payza soon.
We understand it was marked paid, but the stats will change to paid/partial. It was marked as paid so no one would mistakenly use the reverse option during payouts. Some of these were full payouts and some were partial.
Payza - we used to take the report and do the payout. This has changed now, so we have to retrofit our script for future payouts to Payza.
India (additional) you cannot do a withdrawal without your ID uploaded.. All info for you is in your back office.. read it thoroughly.
I talked about the payouts. I know it's not exactly what you want to hear. We have made strides. The next STP and Payza will be beginning of May. We are waiting on money to hit our accounts to then do those payouts.

19 April 2013

Payouts: There was an STP partial payout last week. The next payout for STP will be the beginning of May. We want to do these as often as possible, but we need to move money into STP, and then the payouts are done instantly. The delay is not STP, it is the banking system sending money across.

Payza payout is scheduled to happen today.. Partial payout. Good news with Payza, that one will be larger, as there were less payouts pending to Payza. Please check your Payza info in your back office.

12 April 2013

First is the partial payouts with STP. there will be some partial payouts for Payza. this is something we've talked about on the webinars. Because of the limitations we do have sending large amounts country to country, we now have a large number of affiliates across the world. In order to faciliate that, while we're looking to the long term solution in terms of our payouts. We do have something in place that we will be showing you very soon.

If you're wondering about the amount, it will be 90 to 150 for STP and Payza for this run. It will be based on a calculation. Some people with a small withdrawal will have the full amount paid. Larger withdrawals will be up to $150 for now, for the next couple of runs, then we will be able to clear this all up.

5 April 2013

I did promise last week that we were going to start doing partial payouts. The unfortunate part is that we have not received the bank wires yet. We are moving money from country to country so that we can do the STP payout. One reason for the delay was the Easter weekend and banks closed. The money has left the source bank and should be to us any time. As soon as this wire arrives, then we will do payout over the weekend. I really appreciate the patience. I want to be open and honest with you. We will get it done as soon as humanly possible.

29 March 2013:

Payout Update:

...raises red flags when you try to send over 8 figures in small period of time. We can't send a wire without raising eyebrows. Because of these lmitations, before we were using the BB card.. now we are behind in payouts. Its no secret. What we decided to do is, based on the money sitting in the eWallets, rather than continuing the way we've done and being 8 weeks late.. we have decided to do partial payouts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, until we get caught up. This will give people a chance to get caught up.

For example, if you withdrew $1,000 and you get a partial payment, this will appear in the log as a partial payment. the theory behind this is the best we have right now, to get the payouts all caught up and get payouts going on a more frequent payment schedule.

This will begin this week. Payza will be first, STP will be next, beginning this week.

What is the partial payout? We will divide it out among all waiting payouts.. No set percentage.

Friday Webinar 22 March 2013

no payment notes


MARCH 13, 2013   
(mastercard withdrawal notes)
Unfortunate news that Mastercard has ceased to want to operate with us with our Prepaid Card option. As you know we have been promoting this specifically, as we truly believed this was the best option. Unfortunately Mastercard has the option in their contract to cancel the contract anytime. The email I received said that because of bad publicity surrounding Banner Brokers, they would not want to be associated with BB any longer.
What does this mean for you? If you are currently a card holder, you have 10 days, March 22nd, to use the card. Limit is $1,000 day to withdraw, $2500/day to spend.. please empty your card by March 22nd. If you still have a balance, Vector will mail out checks and it could take another 90 days, so please unload your card as quickly as possible.
Anyone who has recently paid for their card, we will be refunding that. For people who have not yet received card, it will not be shipped. If you have a payment pending to your BB Card, those payments will not be made. So please do a REVERSAL. If you do not do it, BB will do a global reversal of all pending payouts.

The card being gone does not affect BB at all for the future. We will put other payout options in place and you are able to use STP and Payza in the interim as we look for other solutions.

STP and Payza - how long will these withdrawals take? I will be honest, we were moving away from these processors and moving toward the card platform because of delays in these ways. We do not have an instantaneous solution for these methods. We will try to respect the timeline for being in line for your withdrawals. If you are reversing your BB Card withdrawals, we will try to still respect the time line of your original withdrawal.

We are looking for other solutions.

PayPal? PayPal has some strict guidelines and it is not the best platform to use, so we will not be using PayPal.

Card Limitations for withdrawals. You can withdraw $1,000/day to ATM and $2500/day using POS transactions. USD. 10 days is plenty of time to do this.

After the 22nd of March, the card will cease to work. Please de-load the card ASAP.

March 1st  2013 

We are up to the February 16th for the BB card. If your due date was prior, you have been paid. If 17th or after we are paying on a daily basis. we are still behind but catching up. In order to reduce support calls.. we removed Due Date and put TBD, to be determined, until we are caught up. Becasue we are behind we are tryign to reduce support calls. we know the dates you are due to be paid, but no longer displaying it.

Payza and STP, we are looking for the next run this weekend. Payza went out last week. STP 10 days ago. Next ones are this weekend. We are tryign to wrap up to the end of January and then through February. We are working hard on this.

USA - via bank deposit is no longer available. Pending withdrawals will be paid. the option is no longer available so you will have to use BB debit card in the future. Busienss accounts - contact support and we can contact Payza and STP for you.

If you have more than $10,000 w/d for the month, first do that to BB card, then we will arrange a further payment for you.

22nd Feb 2013


Payouts - getting closer and closer to being real time with BB debit Card. Only week and a half behind schedule now. STP has been paid to mid-January, Payza to end of January. If you are still waiting, most likely there is something wrong with the account, for example, if the acccount was in the negative, or if there is a situation on the STP end. If you have any payouts dated December, please contact support to get it cleared up.

10% Rule - Previous Webinars we did not cover all the aspects of 2.9. Programmers have done a great job. With out new partners for the media purchasing, in order to supply higher numbers, what we are asking of you is your help. For only one out of 10 that you qualify, we want this set to 100%. This gives us a bigger buying position with our supplier. We need to add this to What's New to 2.9.
If you have not received your BB Card, please contact Vector.
How to upload ID? You can even use your phone to do this, take a picture and upload. or Scan a picture and upload.
USA Bank - We have caught up December, and we will be catching up january soonl.

USA will get a 1099 for all bank withdrawals that went to your US Bank via G Cube Media - Wells Fargo. These will be sent out.

India Payouts - Bank payouts to India are all completed to end of January. Option was removed after that. STP to end of January was completed. These options are not available again. It was removed briefly, but is back.

15 Feb 2013

Payouts - all pending requests through December has been cleared up. anyone whose account was in the negative were not paid. If your account was locked, your payout was not paid. These requests were put on hold. We have now paid out to all pending from 2012 or we have reversed it back into your eWallet.

Allied Wallet - any missing fundings have been reversed and should be nback on your card.

January Payouts for the BB Card, you will see payouts over the weekend and we will be close to getting 100% close. The sync you see when you log in is BB syncing with Vector to make sure all cards are properly ordered, activated, etcetera.

We are not caught up through end of December for all over the world. We are now catching up for January and then you will begin seeing the payouts done within the correct timeframe.

The BB cards are the future. Once this is all synced, it will work great.

Payza - we have cleaned up all accounts for everyone. Now we will make the payouts happen over the weekend.

US BANK DEPOSITS == sent out on a daily basis. Each one is handled separately, each bank has a different process. These are happening daily. This option is now removed, as well as STP and Payza. BB Card will be used in the future.

8th Feb 2013

Payouts -
India itself has challenges because of strict government rules. Good news is we now have a proper foothold inside the country. We have a payout solution for India. Exciting news!! We have worked hard to make this happen.

STP in India has been caught up thru end of January. As well as bank wires are caught up, have been submitted a couple weeks ago.

STP payouts had a little problem. There was a slight mistake that was quickly corrected. February 5th date was the mistake. Feb. 6th date payout is the correct one. Back office has been updated. Large STP payouts have now all been made. We are caught up through end of Dec. We will get caught up for January as quickly a possible.

By Monday the 11th, all lingering BB card payouts will be completed thru December. We are working hard to get this going and get everyone paid. January will be caught up soon.

23 Jan 2013

India - good news in reference to payouts in India. We have a new provider that can wrap up the previous bank deposit situation. anyone expeccting bank deposits, you will soon see them in your acccounts. We gave them all info today. Hopefully within one week. Bank option will be removed today as we are replacing it with something else. In a couple weeks time you will have a new method of withdrawal and will be quicker. India is challenging, but we are glad to have a solution.

We are definitely behind but are catching up rapidly with BB Cards, STP, Payza and Bank deposits. You will see activity over the weekend and in the coming week.

We apologize for the delay. No excuses, except that we have alot going on from our side, 2.9 coming out soon. There is no excuse and we apologize very much, and we want to get you paid more quickly in the future.

BB Card now has a separate area for withdrawal. This is part of the new process. We are slightly behind, about a week behind, but we are catching up quickly. February you will see a smooth process of 15 calendar days for Premium and Standard 20 calendar days. It used to be "business day", 7 and 15 days. Business days if Mon-Friday, so 7 days could be 9-11 calendar days. What we noticed is that we want a more realistic payout time, so now it is 15 Calendar days (Premium) and 20 for Standard. New membership type is Executive and that will be faster payout times.

18th January 2013


Transition from manual to automated is almost finished. We are getting that process sorted out for you. You will see changes in the Withdrawal logs.

Payouts are going out on a daily basis to the BB CArd.

STP and USA Bank - we are slightly behind on these. We are moving large amounts of money. Due to this,

Next payout to STP/Payza will be Jan. 23rd.

He discussed some issues as to why some payouts are not being paid.

Incorrect information,

accounts being locked (for being out of compliance)
a negative balance in your eWallet,
also there may be country restrictions,
another reason is your BB card may be full, may have reached the maximum on the card.

11th January 2013


BB Debit Cards - we have updated this process and we are getting into the payouts alot smoother. We some some internal features -- we did a payout a couple days ago. Doing them in batches. You will now see the exact time as to when you will be paid. We tried to do 7 business days and tried other scenarios.

Now it will be
20 ccalendar days for Standard
15 calendar days for Premium

Payza - Next Payout Jan 17

STP - Next Payout Jan 17
USA Bank - Next Payout Jan 17

9th Nov 2012    


We are up to date on all.

STP is paid up to this point.
Payza was done earlier this week.
BB Prepaid Cards - all info sent to Vector. If you had pending withdrawals, they have been done and you will have a PAID status and a DEPOSIT date (future) when it will land on your card, depending on your batch.


  1. Viele schreiben was nicht kommt aber keiner wenn etwas kommt.
    Am 09.09.2013 hat BB gezahlt !!!

    1. This is the translation:
      Many write what not but none comes when something comes up. On 09/09/2013 BB has paid!

      My answer is:
      Yes, you are correct. BB have paid a FEW people SMALL amounts. But ONCE in NINE months is NOT regular payments. And you still HAVEN'T been given a date for FUTURE payments.
      Chris also PROMISED you OCTOBER for the new processer but then changed his mind to NOVEMBER. AGAIN.

  2. It's wonderful to see someone went to the effort of collecting all of BB's payout delays/excuses.

    My payments are overdue by 8 months.

    _TWENTY FIVE_ webinars where Chris gives various reasons why we didn't get paid have gone by, and not a single of the ~30 or so outstanding payments in our network have been paid.

    There is no defensable excuse for that level of incompetence, and anyone still promoting or defending BB are just as culpable as the BB leadership in the fraud that's happening here.

    Nothing BB says in the webinar matters, until you receive an email saying you get paid. Nothing else matters, and everything said is a suspicious and inexcusable stall, while monthly $15/$100/$500 membership & traffic pack fees fly out on a regular basis without missing a beat.

    1. Thank you Draconic. It isn't until you actually see all the comments in black and white that you realise no legitimate business could ever operate this way.

  3. Great words and up to a certain extend also understandable. But it's hard to understand that people don't get paid since March 2013 (now it's October)...

    All these excuses are great PR but do not talk about the truth - lack of money in the system.

  4. You hit the nail on the head anon, there is NO MONEY LEFT.

  5. BB is long dead...nothing function there any more...just a fiction of something that once was in action..the only real thing existing now is finding ways or way how to end the crap and go home and move into a new scam - both Chris and affilaites - a funeral without funeral..or...scam as usual

  6. ive been affiliate for 1 year..ive had withdrawal requests pending for 6 mths im showing earnings of $60,000 and not one single penny has come back to me.....a definite scam...but what can we do...ive invested $5000...

  7. How did you pay for that, Credit/debit card?cHave you tried 'Chargeback'? It works I promise...

  8. Is there Any chance of getting my money cash back at all from the swindlers at Banners Broker. I have medical problems and BB took advantage of Poor people.

    1. There certainly is! You can apply to the Liquidators. Details on the Liquidation page.

  9. TORONTO - Toronto police have charged two men in an alleged multimillion-dollar pyramid scheme that involved thousands of participants around the world.
    Police say the scheme — known as "Banners Broker" — was operated out of a Toronto address between October 2010 and March 2013.
    They say it offered participants the opportunity to double their money by investing in an advertising company that had access to a "globally renowned network."
    The scheme's participants were led to believe their investments were being applied towards a program offering payment for the direction of web traffic via referral links.
    Police say the program's existence was entirely dependant on the fee-based entry of new members to the scheme, and that little or no real product or service was actually provided.
    They say new investors were drawn into the scheme by false or misleading representations.
    By the end of 2012, police say more than US$93 million was obtained from thousands of participants, of which about $45 million was paid back to participants in the scheme.
    The remaining funds were funnelled to a number of offshore accounts in Belize, St. Lucia, Cyprus and other locations.
    Police say Christopher George Smith, 45, of Toronto, and Rajiv Dixit, 45, of Vancouver, have been arrested.
    They have been charged with defrauding the public, possession of proceeds of crime and laundering proceeds of crime. They have also been charged under the Competition Act with operating a pyramid scheme and making false or misleading representations.


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