Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Traffic Monsoon - What now?

If you're an affiliate of Traffic Monsoon, what happens now?

This is the stage we're now at:

The Securities and Exchange Commission applied to the courts to have both Traffic Monsoon's and Charles personal bank accounts frozen and this was granted:
Both STP and Payza are also forbidden by the courts to pay you any withdrawals.

The action against Traffic Monsoon is currently a civil action but since operating a Ponzi is illegal, we fully expect criminal charges to be brought against Charles very soon.

The SEC has been interviewing Charles since May 2016 so Charles has been fully aware of these investigations.

These are the interviews held between Charles and the SEC;…/0B6fqGyKC6WsbSUtWY0RSZVZVMnM/view

Paypal released funds held by them in July 2016 and Charles paid that money into the Traffic Monsoon bank account. The vast majority of that money was then siphoned off into Charles personal bank account.

The Court also appointed a Receiver who will investigate all of Traffic Monsoons accounts and try and recover as much money as possible for creditors i.e affiliates.

When the Receivers details are fully known and correct contact information for them has been confirmed, we will let you know what you need to do and how to apply to be a creditor.

The website is still up and will probably remain for some weeks/months yet, but only the Official Receivers have access to it.

Getting Your Money Back.

Our advice to you is not to wait for the Receivers to pay you, but to try for a Chargeback if you can.

This is the precedure:

You need to first contact Paypal/Payza/STP for a refund. If they refuse, try for a Chargeback from your Bank or Credit Card company. (Information on link attached). In summary, you are claiming for 'services not received' under the 540 day Chargeback rule. You need to contact the Banks Fraud department - NOT RETAIL DISPUTES -

All the information you need to help you is on this page:

Not all Chargebacks are successful so if your Chargeback application fails, the Receivers may eventually refund a percentage of any ORIGINAL SEED MONEY money you paid Traffic Monsoon but this may take months/years I'm afraid.

The next Court date is September 23rd 2016 and any new updates will posted when we have news.


  1. After running so many smaller Ponzi schemes Scoville has finally flown too close to the sun.

    I guess the question now is not whether he will receive jail time but just how much jail time. And how much of that will be attributed to simple tax evasion. He's so screwed.

    1. Thanks for the great info and updates.
      Has the TM website ( been taken down this morning? I am unable to open it?
      With gratitude

    2. Hi Alistair, it's all gone! Finally!

  2. Hi Tara! 2 questions for U. 1. Do U know what happened to BannerBrokers Owners? Did they go to a jail finally? Cause i can't find any info about this in net. 2. What happened to all money? Did BB members recieve any money back from this case? I'm afraid same situation can happen to TM members. Thank U

    1. Hi Anon, we're still waiting for a court date for Banners Broker. But I promise, when it happens, I will be letting you all know!

    2. Thank u for knowing, but why is taking so long? The site was closed like what, 2 years ago? Is that normal?

    3. It is, yes. This can take many, many years.

  3. Hi Tara,

    Do you know if there will be class action law-suit against traffic monsoon? if so, how soon and how do we as affiliates make contact?

  4. There is no class action that I know off and would be surprised if there was. If a Chargeback isn't an option for you, then contact the receiver directly.

  5. I was sucked into Banners Broker, they got a few hundred quid, and I didn't feel right about it, before it went down, and tried to withdraw my money, they made it nigh impossible to withdraw, and would never contact you! Is there any way to get this money back then?

    1. There is, yes. Go onto this site and register:


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