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Hello everyone!
And another one bites the dust…Are you tired of seeing companies that promise easy income then disappear overnight?
In case you missed the news, in the past year the following companies went bust:
Zeek Rewards – August  2012
Fortune High Tech Marketing – May 2013
Profitable Sunrise – March 2013
And these were the big ones with several hundred thousand members or more at their peaks!  But, they are just the tip of the iceberg.  While the big boys went down in the public spotlight, several smaller “overnight” businesses came, took people’s money and disappeared like a thief in the night.
Why did these businesses fail?
Simple math.  If you looked at the numbers, they just didn’t add up.  They made HUGE income promises that the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) determined were based on recruitment verses the sale of products. (i.e. classic case of a pyramid scheme).
This is one major challenge many start-ups have.  What happens is, they create a business model that only thrives when new members are coming in.  When the number of people signing-up slows down their business model can’t afford the high income promises they used to get people in.  The typical model just doesn’t work for the long-term.  The product they sell, usually can’t afford to keep the business afloat on its own.  That’s when the company disappears and takes as much money as they can.
Put an end to the tricks, lies and hype!
When I decided to build a business from scratch, the first thing I did was my homework.  I spent months studying successful business models, working with mathematicians, and consulting attorneys.  I wanted to create an income model that could help people, like me, who needed a second income stream that was simple and easy to create and had a solid foundation for longevity.  As a disabled veteran, I know intimately the challenges of trying to find a good income source when your options are limited.
The results of my preparation was this…
I understood that in order to create a source of stable online income that I needed to accomplish the following:
1) Find an income source in an industry that will last and
2) Offer a tangible product that will last far beyond the instant growth most online businesses such as traffic exchanges experience.
This is why I built My Advertising Pays in one of the online industries that will continue to grow and provide income opportunities for millions of people.
In the first quarter of 2013 online advertising grew by 26.3%    In 2013 US Online Advertising Spending will go over $100 Billion Dollars. 
Total *
US Advertising Spending in millions
Share of total adspend by medium (%)
Online advertising is quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon and it’s just getting started.  The global market is currently at around $500 Billion dollars.  That is almost $80 for every man woman and child on this planet and around $350 dollars for every human with internet access.  With countries in South America just coming online and entire nations in the waiting, online advertising is poised to be the income source of today and far in the future.
How will My Advertising Pays compete for the billions of online advertising dollars spent all over the world?  Simple, I am positioning My Advertising Pays ahead of the trend that is projected to continue steady growth for years to come by initially providing the platform from which to earn money, then strategically branching out into different markets with the My Advertising Pays brand, all funneling profits to our core site.
The My Advertising Pays Income Model is also based on a real product – advertising.  Our system was built to help our advertisers do the #1 thing they must do – find customers.  We have created a professional platform with programmers who worked with companies like eBay.  They concentrated on making MAP 1) secure and 2) easy to use.  This means that advertisers can trust MAP to deliver and they can choose the solutions they need in minutes.
Here is what this means to you… if you are looking for a stable and secure way to create income in minutes a day, this system is right for you.    If you want a piece of the millions of dollars spent every day on online in advertising… MAP is your ticket.  MAP has the system that effectively solves a crucial need for business owners  – more customers who spend money.
If you are interested in being one of the first to enjoy MAP, please sign up for email updates on this blog and after September 13, 2013, sign up to our site f.ree of charge.
No Gimmicks, no games, no recruiting required. Just a straight forward system that unleashes the power of advertising by sharing our profits with you just for viewing 10 ads a day, and helps you (if you choose) to build your second business on auto-pilot.
We are 100% transparent, we don’t hide from you, instead we strive to help you. Don’t gamble your money with shady fly-by-night companies ever again.
Many Blessings,
Mike Deese
Chief Executive Officer
It PAYS to be on the MAP!

PS. For more details about what makes our business unique, be sure to check out some of our other blog posts.


Hello each and all!
I hope you are having a wonderful week thus far :). Today I would like to begin sharing with you our Vision for MAP and beyond. As I stated in my last blog post, rev shares are doomed to fail. Its just that simple because the math wont allow it. I am not in the ‘here today gone tomorrow’ business. I have been down that path and all it did was hurt me and those that followed me. Hence the creation of MAP.
Just using general figures to keep it simple, rev shares give out 90% of their profit to members, and expect that 10% will be sufficient to support expansion and sustainability. That’s if they even have plans to expand. As a matter of fact, very little have business plans at all or at most, poorly execute their plans.
So, if they give out 90% and offer ‘Ad Packs’ or the equivalent that promise to cap out at 125%, they are left to fill the gap between 90% and 125%, or, 35%. It doesn’t take much sense to know that to owe 35% of $x,xxx,xxx program wide, is a doom business structure. That means that the program has to grow at a rate of 35% proportionate to the current rate of growth in order to sustain its payouts. At the sign of a system like this slowing, people begin withdrawing, affecting growth, which creates a snowball effect, ultimately making the program an unviable model that has failed.
MAP will not be a get rich quick scheme, nor will you see the immediate wild profits you may have seen in other short lived programs. What we will provide is a safe and steady long term income stream. We are getting really close to releasing the exact details of MAP and how she will operate. But rest assured we are set up for the long haul.
Another key factor is taking advantage of momentum, and branching out into other businesses, sister sites if you will, the profits of which are funneled to MAP. Here, the profit tables are flipped. Instead of paying out 90% of profits, these other businesses will funnel 35% to MAP, fulfilling ‘Ad Packs’, with the other funds being used yet again for expansion operations. will only be the first of many subsidiaries (sister sites). Per our business plan, they will be rolled out in phases. Our objective, make the MAP brand a one stop shop for all of your online needs, whereby increasing our visibility and approach ever closer to making MAP a household name. I want to share something with you that I sent to my staff earlier today. It is an excerpt from an email and business plan synopsis, here are the excerpts;
“We are NOT just another ‘rev share’. Far from it. We are a brand, its footprint of which will become increasingly larger as we expand our operations. There is no comparison to MAP and what we will become. PERIOD. To put us in the class of ‘rev share’ is deplorable. Folks, get ready for something huge and I mean it. I want each of you to really get a grip on my Vision to make MAP a household name. We wont get there with just It will take a combination of innovative subsidiaries, services, and niches to reach household status. I wont rest until we’re there. is the first of MANY sister sites to follow, encompassing many different niche’s, all flowing to our core site, systematically laying the groundwork for an up and coming Empire that is MAP and its network of sites. This is the beginning of something huge, and you are all essential for it to become a reality. I need hard work and dedication from each and everyone of you. Its not going to be easy, but I know together, we will succeed. If you could buy stock in MAP, I would highly advise you load up(!) because we are all in for quite the ride upwards and onwards. Take care of our members and they will take care of us. Let’s unite together and keep our noses to the grindstone, until all of our dreams become reality.”
I share this with you because I want each of to know, I am serious, I am ready, and I have a plan, a Vision, and will not rest until we get there. If you’re looking to make a quick buck on some overnight program, look elsewhere. If you want to be part of a Company that is going to revolutionize how people think about making serious money online…stick around, you’re in for a treat!
Stay tuned to more posts on this subject and other announcements, till then, take care and God bless!
Be on Purpose!
Mike Deese
Chief Executive Officer
It PAYS to be on the MAP!
PS. My picture is displayed on the right so you can see the man behind the words. Nice to meet you!


Hello all!
Yep, you read that right…the structure of current rev shares in the marketplace are doomed to fail, as evidenced by many that have come and gone. All of them. This is what the owners are not telling you!
I’ve done the math…I’ve had professional mathematicians do the math. A system set up to sell “Ad Packs” or the equivalent, and MLM advertisements alone, would have to sustain MASSIVE growth in order to keep the system paying satisfactorily. There comes a tipping point where revenue is not sufficient to fulfill “Ad Packs” in the system at a satisfactory speed, then the snowball effect takes over and suddenly *pOoF*, another one bites the dust.
You may be asking yourself why the owner of an up and coming “Rev Share” or so they’ve been labeled in the industry, why I would be telling you this. There are several answers to that question, and I will list a couple here.
#1. I want you to know that I am AWARE of the problems facing this model and when one is aware of a problem, then one can address it so that it can be resolved. And #2., with a high level of personal Integrity, you should know that I am not afraid to speak the truth.
What I have openly brought to light here is not new knowledge, as can be verified by the many that got into a program at a later stage and paid the price. But what is new here and you wont find in the industry, is the owners actually admitting to the truth!
So, what then? Know this, MyAdvertisingPays will not be a here today gone tomorrow program. Stay tuned to a new post coming soon titled “Why MAP will succeed where many other fail.” Till then, take care…
Many Blessings,
Mike Deese
Chief Executive Officer
It PAYS to be on the MAP!


Hello everyone! (MAP) headquarters are heating up! I am more excited than ever as I am watching the site grow from the ground up. I stayed on the phone with the lead programmer today for two hours discussing functionality and the internal layouts. I have to say, its really coming together nicely, just the way I dreamed.
Allow me to share a little about the evolution of MAP.
The MAP vision began about 8 month ago, though its evolved enormously since its conception. I have a college notebook slam full of notes, graphs, matrices and ideas to prove it! Just to quickly thumb through its pages would certainly leave one feeling quite confused haha. I look at it from time to time and scratch my own head sometimes, but relish it because it symbolizes the birth of an empire in the making.
I first contacted my production company about 7 months ago and told them I was working on something big and to be ready. Then towards the end of June, production finally commenced. And what a joy it has been working with leaders from around the globe, alongside the production company and marketing agency, watching MAP develop before my very eyes.
Ladies and gentlemen, is going to be huge…and I have the roadmap that will make it happen. This is not an empty promise, more like a heads up. I have devoted the last 8 months of my life to MAP and we will succeed!
Ever since I made my first dollar online in 2004, I have dreamed of this moment and always believed it would be a reality one day. And here we are, just 28 days away from the launch of what I plan to be a Billion dollar advertising agency.
I know, that’s a grand vision. But it’s about time someone steps up to the plate and does right by its members. I am a disabled United States Air Force Veteran and have continued to live by its Motto ever since joining;
• Integrity First
• Service Before Self
• Excellence in All We Do
Over the next 28 days, more and more details will be released, along with my story, values and vision for MAP. I hope you decide to join us, its going to be a fun ride indeed!
“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
— Thomas Edison
Mike Deese
Chief Executive Officer
It PAYS to be on the MAP!


Hello and welcome everyone!
If you don’t understand the value of real advertising and what it can afford you, take a quick look at Google. They have systematically built an empire from their advertising revenues. Revenues mind you, that are not shared with the general public but instead provide the backing of enormous corporate checks written to their executives.
What if the tables were flipped? What if instead of a few getting large checks, USERS of their services received many smaller checks to help pay for, if not completely pay for the advertising services they used, and then some?
Folks, that’s exactly what seeks to accomplish. Imagine for a second that you could ‘cast your net’ if you will, plug in to the near trillion dollar advertising market via a group of likeminded individuals all seeking financial independence? Do you know what a trillion dollars looks like? Let me help you understand the gravity of this market.
We all know the good ole Franklin right?
Here’s a packet of $100 bills less than 1/2 inch thick and contains $10,000, more than enough for a really nice vacation for the entire family.
Believe it or not, this next little pile is $1 million dollars (100 packets of $10,000). You could stuff that into a grocery bag and walk around with it (don’t do this!)
I know, a bit unimpressive isn’t it? Now, $100 Million is a bit more impressive…
Here’s one billion American smackers…
Next and finally, we have that magic number, 1 Trillion bucks…that’s a million million, or a thousand billion!
You ready for this?
Go ahead, scroll down…

And I present to you…
See the little man in the bottom left hand corner? Click on the picture if you cant see him. HA! Now while the advertising industry has not yet reached 1 trillion, it is well on its way. Advertising agencies are growing by leaps and bounds every quarter. Year ago results generally pale in comparison to this years market growth, as is the case year after year.
Download a free app and what supports it? Advertising. Go nearly ANYWHERE online and what surrounds you? Advertising. Down the road you go, see the billboards? You get the point. This is the world in which we live, where online services are getting cheaper or becoming free as long as you agree to look at their advertisements.
We are no different with one MAJOR exception. Instead of writing big corporate checks, we give our profits to you! As the Chief Executive Officer of, I have footed the bill, covered the cost of production from the ground up, to build a system that will systematically grow by leaps and bounds, turning the advertising market on its head!
This is the first of many exciting new updates, as we approach September 13th, 2013, the launch of a revolutionary new advertising system that will soon become a household name,! Stay tuned!
Many Blessings,
Mike Deese
Chief Executive Officer
It PAYS to be on the MAP!


  1. Hi is it too late to claim cashback for MAP? I didn'

    t know about this , only just found out

    1. I'm afraid so, yes. Your only hope of recovering your money is to report them to the Securities nd Exchange Commission:


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