*December 2020 update, Simon has been banned for seven years from holding a directorship. Good. 

Simon's Full Name is:

*He has two registered businesses called:
Simon Stepsys Success International Ltd and Master Key Associates Ltd.

As at February 2017, Master Key Associates is registered as 'dormant' and 'Simon Stepsys Success International Ltd' has been refused closure by Companies House. 

Companies Simon has promoted, owned or endorsed: 

PressWiseMarketing                 1998     CLOSED
WinStarDirect                         1999      CLOSED          2000      Simon's website
Leads4 income                        2000      Simon's website
Juiceboosted                          2004      Looks Closed
Host4Income              before   2006      Simon's website
Prosperity Automated System  2006      Looks Closed
MyVideoTalk                           2006      PONZI (still trading)
Monopolizer                            2006      Looks Closed
MoreThanTraffic             2006/2007     PONZI (still trading)
Extreme2ndIncome                 2007      Simon's website

Passport to Wealth                  2008     Looks Closed
Myinternet business                 2009     Looks Closed
YourNetBiz                              2009     Looks Closed
How to Market Expert              2009     Simon's website
My Shopping Genie                  2010      
still trading- caution required       2010      still trading- caution required
200kincome                            2011      Simon's website
Free Blog Factory                    2011     still trading
Traffic Explosion Formula        2011     Simon's website
100Free Ads .com                    2011     Looks Closed
Banners Broker                        2011-2012     CLOSED
Empower                                 2012     still trading- caution required
My Advertising Pays (MAP)        2012    CLOSED
Uvioo                                       2013    still trading - caution required
Pluginprofits                            2013    still trading - caution required

The Advert Platform(was MAP) 2016   now trading
GetMyAds24                              2017   now trading
 BetRobot                                   2017 (temporarily suspended)

Some of Simon's Websites:
(information courtesy of: ),

Unknown years:


The Office of Fair Trading accuses Simon of  'preying on the vulnerable'.

The Office of Fair Trading took out an Injunction against him.

Amazing 2nd Income

2001 Website created:





Daily Mirror article:



Passport to Wealth 


Your Net Biz

My shopping Genie


Free Blog Factory

2011 Traffic Explosion Formula






Registered 'Simon Stepsys Success International Ltd'

Plug in profits:

Traffic Explosion Formula 

June 2015
The Advertising Standards Authority have upheld a complaint against his Advertising practices. 

from a video he made:

'Exchange Enterpris Poole' is an Exchange and Mart payment to Poole Car Dealers:

Simon's cars:
July 2016
Currently boasting of buying a Rolls Royce Wraith - retailing at £235,000.

January 2016
Ferrari F12 


July 2014

'New Horizons Adver  Crewe' is an advertising Company:



It’s a tough decision to kiss the best part of $6k goodbye. I originally had intended to only sign up for the Fast Start but once I had I received the following email:

'My name is Julie Davies P.A. to Simon Stepsys
Welcome to EmpowerNetwork please contact me when it is suitable for a FREE get started Coaching Call
wondered once you have put your payment through if you could let me know
Either — or text/call on 07968 XXXXXX


Contact Simon Stepsys
07971 XXXXXX
Please also I would like to find out whether you have purchased ALL the packages..

If not then if ALL packages are purchased before midnight tonight Simon will not only include the Austin Event package (Jan 2013)

but also :-
$35,000 worth of products including £1,000 worth of leads for the next 3 months but also 1 year supply worth of 1 to 1 coaching with Simon Stepsys worth $25,000

I will also make sure you are added to Simon’s training site


Julie Davies P.A. – Simon Stepsys.'

Foolishly I made a rash decision and went “ALL IN” thinking that with the help of the self proclaimed ‘Internet Guru’ I would make my money back in no time.

Once I had paid for and been through the various packages and listened to some of Simon’s Saturday morning webinars I tried contacting him through Julie Davies (who I later discovered was actually his girlfriend), I didn’t receive replies to my emails. After a few attempts and a few weeks passed, I tried to contact Simon directly by email, phone, Skype, SMS. I got a reply to an email telling me to buy tickets for Chicago which I wasn’t prepared to do baring in mind I had just spend about $5k and had little to show for it, he also told me to call him. I tried to call but could not get a reply.

I emailed again asking how to claim my incentives for going all in and eventually 3 months after signing up I got to speak to Simon. The coaching call had very little substance, just telling me to try promoting on Facebook and telling me how well people were doing with Empower. I put things into action and got about 40 people signed up to my list, none of which have converted to sales.

I have never received the $35k worth of products, leads or anything else and now realise that it was just a ploy to get me to buy all of the products as nearly all of the commission would go to Simon. I know I am not the only one that has fallen for this, I have since been in contact with at least another 6 people that signed up as I did and did not get what they were promised.

I really cannot justify continuing with my monthly fees as I have no return, looking into this further there are only a very small amount of people that actually make any money with Empower. 97% of affiliates earn less than $100 per month (source: Empower Network income disclaimer).

Simon is still sending out these emails containing empty promises just to get money out of you. If you do sign up under him be prepared to be disappointed, you will not get what you have been offered.



From: Simon Stepsys <>
Date: Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 10:17 PM
Subject: Hi ******, Munich, MANCHESTER & Birmingham Maps Hotel Presentations

Hi ********
Quick update,

Maps Training day in Nantwich was phenomenal, minds were blown of what's
happening here with maps.
Life changing, Inspirational, motivating, enlightening.
I'm off to Munich this week for the German MyAdvertisingPays
Hotel Presentation & Fast Start Training. It's already sold out however I can still
meet you if your in the area. I am there for the weekend so should be great FUN!
The German Maps Leaders Team is nothing short of sensational. The German Leaders have
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Moving on...
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Just take action.
MyAdvertisingPays Hotel Events coming up...
Your Invited!
Manchester MyAdvertisingPays Business Opportunity Presentation
Followed by Fast Start Training.
This coming MONDAY 23rd March 2015
Registration 7.30pm for 8pm Prompt Start for 9pm FInish.
Outwood Lane
M90 4WP
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Learn the system that I personally use to earn over 40K per WEEK. (that is not a misprint)
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Maps Million Dollar Earner Simon Stepsys Presenting & Training!
WARNING! You won't be able to sleep!!!
Birmingham MyAdvertingPays Presentation followed by
Fast Start Training event
THIS Coming THURSDAY 26th March 2015 at
Holiday Inn Walsall M6 Jct. 10
20 Wolverhampton Road West,
Bentley, Walsall.
Tel: 01922 618800.
Registration: 7.30pm For Prompt 8pm Start
event ends at 9pm.
Invite all your Prospects/Team members, friends and family.
Abz Mohier Jalil & MILLION DOLLAR EARNER Simon Stepsys Presenting
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Simon Stepsys
Maps Top Earner & Top Referrer
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Skype: mentofofmillionaires
Quick Links:
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20th April 2015

Simon uses the 'Daily Mail' and the 'Mail on Sunday' to advertise his 'millionaire' status.
Does he earn £1000 a month or £5000 a month? Quite a difference! He couldn't be LYING could he? The Advertising Standards Authority will have to work that one out!


28th April.
Simon has been so busy gallivanting around Europe scamming people that he forgot to file his latest accounts. Not a good idea Simon - you can't escape HMRC!

Take a look at his 'millionaire' status folks. Barely enough to pay his new Bentley's insurance !

21st May
Simons You Tube channel was banned, so now he has this one: No idea why he's hiding behind those glasses, we'd know that face anywhere!

24th May 2015
This snip was taken a couple of years ago when Simon was promoting the Ponzi scheme Banners Broker:

June 2015
Simon has a CCJ to his name:

18th June 2015
 A complaint was made to The Advertising Standards Authority about Simon Stepsys and his misleading advertisements. The complaint has been UPHELD:

'The recommendation is that your complaint is UPHELD. Simon Stepsys's ads must not appear in their current form, earnings claims cannot be made unless they can be substantiated, and he cannot claim selling is not involved if that is not the case...'

The next stage in the process is that the case will be heard by the Advertising Standards Council.

20th June 2015

Simon has two registered companies:

'Simon Stepsys Success International Ltd' and
'Master Key Associates Ltd'.

Master Key Associates was registered on June 2nd 2015

15th July 2015
Simon Stepsys now has a second ruling made about him from The Advertising Standards Authority.

This was the first one which was informally resolved.:

This is the second one.The complaints against him were upheld:

Summary of Council decision:

Two issues were investigated, both of which were Upheld.

A press ad in the "business opportunities" section of a national newspaper, and claims on two websites:

a. The press ad stated, "HOW TO EARN £5,000+ DAILY! Internet MILLIONAIRE Reveals Secrets for FREE!".

b. Claims on several pages of Text on one page stated, "100% Make Money Daily ... If You Can Click A Mouse You Will Make Money ... No Selling or Sponsoring Required. Impossible Not To Make Money! ... Make Money in the Next Hour Guaranteed!". Text on another page stated, "How To EARN £1,000+ DAILY! ... Get Paid up to 72 times DAILY! Get PAID Every 20 Minutes! NO SELLING! NO RECRUITING! NO SPONSORING! ... It's IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO MAKE MONEY WITHIN THE HOUR THEN EVERY 20 minutes 7 days per week GUARANTEED!!! ... IT'S TIME TO FINALLY TAKE A STAND And Start Living The Life You've Always Dreamed Of".

c. Claims on several pages of Text within a video on one page stated, "Get Paid Every 20 Minutes! ... If YOU Can Click a Mouse YOU Can Get Paid up to 72 times a day!". Text within a video on another page stated, "click on 10 Ads Daily ... This qualifies you to earn up to 72 payouts every day until you've $60 in return". Text within a video on a third page stated, "Click 10 ads Per Day Earn Profit Share (Paid every 20 Minutes)".

Three complainants challenged whether:
1. the earnings claims in ads (a), (b) and (c) were misleading and could be substantiated; and
2. the claim "no selling" in ad (b) was misleading and could be substantiated.
CAP Code (Edition 12)

Simon Stepsys Success International Ltd said the ads were designed to generate interest in an affiliate programme, and that there was no personal selling required to make money. They said that the My Advertising Pays (MAP) programme shared its profits every 20 minutes with all members who had purchased a 'Credit Pack' and clicked on ten sites in the MAP Traffic Exchange.

They said that members earned money either by participating in their free referral programme or through profit-sharing by purchasing one or more Credit Packs. Each Credit Pack qualified members for a share in the profits. Members had to click on ten ads each day in the Traffic Exchange to qualify for profit-shares that day. They said that consumers did not have to purchase credit packs, nor recruit or sponsor others to earn. They told us that they would remove the ads.

1. Upheld
The ASA noted that a number of claims in the ads suggested that significant amounts of money could be made. For example, "Internet MILLIONAIRE Reveals Secrets for FREE", and the web address "" in ad (a) and "Start Living The Life You've Always Dreamed Of" in ad (b). In addition, ad (b) "guaranteed" that consumers would make money, and stated that it was impossible not to do so. Ads (b) and (c) both included claims that consumers would get paid every 20 minutes, and 72 times a day, and we considered that those claims, as well as claims such as "If you can click a mouse you can make money" in ad (b) suggested that money could be made easily.

Ad (a) specifically claimed that consumers could earn "£5,000+" daily and ad (b) claimed that they could earn "£1000+ DAILY". Therefore, we needed to see evidence that showed that respondents could routinely expect to earn that amount of money. However, we had not seen any evidence to demonstrate that consumers would earn any money. Because Simon Stepsys had not provided any evidence to substantiate the claims, we concluded that they were misleading and had breached the Code.

On that point, the ads breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 (Misleading advertising) and 3.7 (Substantiation).

2. Upheld

We noted Simon Stepsys' assertion that no personal selling was required to make money. However, we noted that the My Advertising Pays website stated that it offered an "opportunity that rewards you for selling cost-effective online advertisements" and that results would vary depending on the "sales skills of each participant".

We considered that consumers would understand from ad (b) that no selling would be involved. Because we understood that selling was involved, and because we had not seen any evidence to demonstrate that that was not the case, we concluded that the ad was misleading and had breached the Code.

On that point, ad (b) breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 (Misleading advertising) and 3.7 (Substantiation).


'The ads must not appear again in their current form. We told Simon Stepsys Success International Ltd to ensure that they did not make earnings claims unless they could be substantiated, and not to claim that selling was not involved in an opportunity if that was not the case.'

23rd July 2015
Simon has been exposed in a UK National newspaper, the Daily Mirror:

24th September 2015
Once again Simon has made the newspapers:

3rd October 2015
Simon posted this news that he's made $20 MILLION in personal sales! 

8th November 2015
Simon is just about to release a book - how he came from 'road sweeper' to multi-millionaire. His promotional release:

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’ (Charles Dickens)
It was a punishingly hot day in August, and looking up from the ground I noticed the town’s workforce spilling into the streets for their lunch breaks. Sweat dripped from my eyebrows to my lashes, blurring my vision. As I wiped them dry I saw him in the distance, cutting a purposeful line across the busy road.
Something about him captivated me; I watched as he drew closer. Clearly something about me had caught his attention too, and although I didn’t know it at the time, my older self would regularly question what it was he saw in me that day. What made him choose me over any of the other lads sweeping the streets?
His words as he approached were my only clue: ‘You look like a smart guy, do you keep your options open?’
Covered in tarmac, ‘smart’ wasn’t quite the word I would have chosen. The ache in my lower back from such intense manual labour belied my 23 years, however I pulled myself straight to receive the small, neatly wrapped package from his right hand without question.
Great journeys can start even before we know we’ve taken a step. It could have been fate, coincidence, luck, destiny, or cosmic alignment. Call it what you will. I didn’t know it at the time, but that envelope contained something that was going to change my life’s direction in an unimaginable way...'

This is his promotional picture of him in his 'road sweeper' days - in his council-issued boxer shorts!

July 2016

Current earnings boast this year $30 MILLION:

October 2016
Now heavily pushing 'UVIOO'.  'My Advertising Pays' has been 'paused'.

23rd December 2016
My Advertising Pays is closing and will be replaced with
'The Advert Platform' in January 2017

Simons new Video;

4th January 2017
Simon is now pushing The Advert Platform - which is the same company as My Advertising Pays - now closed by the owner Mike Deese.

31st January 2017
Simon is now pushing 'GetMyAds24'

10th February 2017
Simon has posted on Facebook that he lost $1,000,000
with My Advertising Pays and that he was just an 'ordinary affiliate'. 

24th March 2017:
Simon is no longer pushing The Advert Platform. 
This is an extract of a recently sent email:
'I don't promote TAP anymore they even stopped me from hosting events for them. Unbelievable I know! We disagreed on many things. Time to move on, I'm now promoting GetMyAds (tour GET PAID DAILY! ) they have a great app on the App Store in German but not English!
Other than that I'm also moving into Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency which is developing to the big time.
Keep in touch. All the very best with the future

June 2017
Simon has been pushing BetRobot which is currently unavailable:

BetRobot website is currently down. 

 This is the refund notice that has been issued:

Dear Clients, BetRobot is now officially down from 'DDOS' attacks. My team are trying to fix about this problem but we can't handle this time for this big problem on our database are already full traffic of errors so we decided to make safe all your deposit (MONEY) before the (DDOS'er)  get all the money. We are get your attention right now please stop investing on or BetRobot its not our team operating right now inside. They are now trying to take some money for new invest. We are here to refund all the money until June 4 2017.'

16th June 2017
Simon has now jumped into 'Coins' and claims to have made 100 Bitcoins in 7 days with Jet Coin:

10th August 2017
Simons book at Amazon has been withdrawn from sale. But with reviews like these, it's not surprising:

17th January 2018
Simon is now pushing cryptocurrencys.
It's safe to assume that if Simon's involved, it'll be a scam for sure.

September 2020
A leopard never changes it's spots!

Watch this space....more to follow.
(Many thanks to my good friend Della who helped me put this information together!)


  1. Blimey, he's a busy boy!

    Has he ever done a "proper" job? Does anyone know? I've seen claims - from him - that he was a road sweeper at one point, is this true?

  2. Don't Like Scammers, But one thing i do know about this guy is that he's a Prick...

  3. Simon here lol...keep up the good work, see you on the beaches of the world...BUY MORE. lets rock this

  4. Has anyone ever reported him to the tax man? There he is, boasting online about having made over £1.3million with MAPs; is the taxman aware of this millionaire in our midst? He's so fabulously rich and making money so fast, he could support an NHS hospital all on his own!
    Doesn't he know that HMRC watch people online for evidence of unpaid tax? Either he doesn't know; or he doers know and doesn't care; or he's lying about the money he makes......

  5. Isagenix? Really? Is he jumping ship to that? In my opinion, once he moves to another venture, then My Advertising Pays is dead in the water. This man always manages to move seamlessly from one program to another; always moving before the first one falters and falls. If he starts promoting something else, Maps members should heed the warning!

  6. SIMON STEPSYS......avoid avoid avoid!!! This man cost me alot of money in the Banners Broker scam, the minute he sponsored me, got his money, never heard from him again. When you mentioned his name at the BB conference I was surprised how many people were looking for have a word!!!

  7. He is hiding his ill gotten gains through his girlfriend bank account her name is Julie and he is also laundering money in accounts in Anguilla along with Tony and Lynne Booth

  8. Pay attention people so you dont lose more of your money in the future with programs endorsed by:
    SIMON STEPSYS - a well known Empower network affilliate
    and more..
    These people are scammers trying to take our hard earned cash by promoting fraudulent programs all over youtube, facebook and ads. So be aware these guys should all face prison and i do believe in karma, and it willl come back to put their asses on jail
    Thats all im hoping for

  9. Master Key Associates Ltd? Now that is a new one. What on earth will that peddle - apart from more nonsense about the "Master Key System"? Keep us posted, Tara!

  10. So Simon has created another business. It's a CLEAR sign he is ready dump MAPS and move onto another SCAM leaving all his downline in the lurch. He is desperately trying get more referrals as a last ditch attempt to make money before MAPS crashes

  11. What about Mike Deese? He started MAPS not Simon Stepsys. If Simon left others would carry on. Not everyone is in his "team".

  12. I have followed Simon's activity over the last few years & was unfortunate to lose money in Banners Broker. He hops from one scam to another is very good at dragging vulnerable people in with photos of his new cars etc. There is no doubt that he has made a lot of money from MAPS but at the expense of a lot of desperate people that will never make a penny. If it proves to be a Ponzi scheme, he might have to pay it all back so will have to sell his new Bentley! I am sure that like his "victims" the Tax Man never receives a penny from him too!

  13. Just what is it about this CROOK Simon Stepsys that Britain's major newspapers COMPLETELY GET ...
    ... yet the authorities with the power to LOCK HIM UP seemingly do not?

  14. Re/ Simon Stepsys being one step ahead of the authorities. It's coming, he knows it, a lot of us on here know it too. The ice has been melting beneath his feet for a while now. When he does go down don't hold your breath for any payout either ~ it won't happen.

    For what it's worth ~ I actually know where Mr Stepsys really lives (it's not The Old Police Station in Nantwich btw) and to be honest it's not really the type of property you'd be living in if you really were making 'multiple six figure income streams'. A bit naff to be frank.

    1. He does live at the Old Police Station, 3 bedroom semi part of the Old police station. Right opposite the pub :-) I know, I've been there

    2. Can you list his address?

    3. I could but as you're also posting anonymously I'm not going to. It's not actually that difficult to find tbh. Needless to say his claimed $20m in earnings aren't apparent when you see where this shyster actually lives.

  15. We are watching this creep and he will go down. Just a matter of time.


    Ihr kennt viel Fakten über MAP , und wisst was bei Facebook geschrieben wird ( werden darf). Leider sind dies zensierte Artikel. Kritische Beiträge werden nicht freigegeben bzw. gelöscht.
    Grundsätzlich ist die IDEE von Mike Deese lobenswert, jedoch läuft eine Entwicklung in Hintergrund, die nicht mehr zu überbieten ist. Ich bezweifle, dass MD darüber informiert ist.
    Ich habe hier Fakten zusammengetragen :

    Ihr wisst, dass es viel fleißige Regionalteams gibt bzw. gab. Die Menschen machen das ohne Entgelt und ohne persönlichen Vorteil. Viele Top – Leute haben mit Herzblut die
    Regionaltreffen gestaltet .Nur , nach einigen Monaten hörst Du von vielen nichts mehr. Besonders auffällig das usprüngliche Schweizer Team um Tom Pfiffner , Manuel Kaelin , das alte Frankfurter Team , ein Teil des Niedersachsenteams und jetzt ein Süddeutsches Team . …. weggebrochen, verschwunden, mundtot. Sie leisten ehrenamtliche Arbeit, werden jedoch observiert und gescannt. ( ganz einfach möglich über kleine Programme , die auf Deinen Rechner zugreifen (Spyprogramme), wenn Du Dich mit Sicherheitskennwort einloggstund danach gefragt wurdest (ab und zu ).Begründung: „IP-Check“. Es werden Gerüchte geschürt, dass diese Menschen abwerben würden, die Accounts gesperrt, aus allen FB-Gruppen verbannt und von den Events ausgeladen und Tickets zurückgebucht.
    Keiner von denen hat einen Vertrag unterschrieben einer Ausschliesslichkeit wie ein Versicherungsvertreter gegenüber MAP.
    Diese Menschen, die etwas für MAP wirklich geleistet haben, werden bestraft wie Verbrecher, obwohl es weder Verträge noch sonst was gibt. Sie werden schlechter gestellt , als normale User.
    Wer auf dem 2. Geburtstag in Köln war, weiss dass dort ein Mensch auf der Bühne war, von dem man keine Fotos machen dürfte. Es ist einer , der überduchschnittlich viele Diamonds aufgebaut hat und wurde wie ein deutscher Simon Stepsys als Vorbild für die Mapper angepriesen und vor den Karren gespannt. Dieser Vorbildmapper ist kein anderer als ein Top-Leader aus einem anderen Netzwerk , nämlich die Nr. 8 dieser Liste mit 105.000 € Monatsverdienst bei One Coin.
    Es ist bewiesen, dass diese Leute auf dem Diamondtreffen usw. massivst abwerben und dann als Vorbild auf der Bühne stehen. Regioteams aber sofort der Account dicht gemacht wird von RB, diese ausgeladen und geext werden . RB storniert sofort die Tickets.

    Fazit: Nicht vor den Karren spannen lassen. Du machst Arbeit für lau, Kosten ohne Ende und am Ende wirst Du schlechter als jeder 0815Mapper behandelt als Dank !

    Eventkosten:. Wer dabei war, weiss und hat gesehen, dass bei der Abendveranstaltung Menschen im Stehen essen mussten, wenn sie Glück hatten auf Heizkörpern saßen. Für 72.-€ ein NOGO.

    Wer das Leadershipmeeting noch gebucht hatte: Im Kölner Döm ist der Weihrauch umsonst.
    Hat sich jemand schon mal gefragt, warum Mike Deese nicht einmal wie angekündigt per Skype zugeschaltet wurde? Selbst an einem Mini-Event wie in Nürnberg vor 13 Monaten war das der Fall. Zum 2-jährigen: weder anwesend noch eine Skypeschaltung . Sehr bedenklich in der heutigen Zeit der Technik.

    Ursprünglich sollte das Event im Kristallsaal am Dorinthotel stattfinden. Die offizielle Version ist die Begründung einer Überbuchung.
    Nun, wenn ich so ein Event Monate im Voraus buche, macht man das persönlich nicht gerade mal mit dem Azubi des Hotels. Man muss wissen, dass Simon Stepsys in England nicht gerade beliebt ist (Google: taratalk ) und in England viele Hotels Veranstaltungen dort cancelten , wenn sein Name damit in Verbindung steht. Hotels sind vernetzt und wollen ihren Ruf nicht schaden.
    Ein Schelm, wer Böses dabei denkt :)

    Wundert Euch nicht, wenn Menschen plötzlich von der Bildfläche und FB-Gruppen verschwinden . Diese kennen die Wahrheit….

  17. I actually wonder what he is really up to. I've just been looking on the Companies House website. As of 30th June 2016, his new business, Master Key Associates, is registered as a "dormant account, with net assets of £100 - the £100 in shares I think you need to set up a company. It's entitled to exemption under the Companies Act 2006 related to dormant companies. So not doing too well.
    His other venture, Simon Stepsys Success International is still going, although there was a move to strike this company off at the end of June 2016. That didn't happen though. However, his balance sheet for 30th June 2015 (the latest available) shows debtors of £234,677 and cash at the bank of £314,555. It shows creditors of £538, 586. He has tangible assets of £6,005 and "intangible assets" of £86,400.
    Considering his boasts about being an internet millionaire, I was surprised by what he claims to have, to owe, and to be owed. Considering he has not had a job, he has not done badly to have over £300k cash at the bank. Of course that is the company's cash, not his.
    This presumably is what he declares to the tax man. Where do the funds for the Bentley and the Rolls Royce, the big rented house and the first class plane tickets come into it all, I wonder? Has he got money under the mattress?

  18. Immy Aslam top earner of Traffic Monsoon seems to be big friends with Simon Stepsys also he seem to love advertising - I dont know but I just have a GUT feeling and im always right. This shit stinks SEC / FED must check him as well

  19. I have a sneaking suspicion that this Stepsys scumbag is nothing more than a Car Salesman with access to vehicles he can get his pics with. :P I've been hearing this guy owns Global Moneyline. If anyone has any sense then avoid like the plague!

  20. How about the next time this asshole has one of his London happy crappy jollys a bunch of us turn up & put him on the spot? Serious request btw, I'd like to put something together to get this guy off the rails.

  21. This guy is a complete a******e. He has no morals whatsoever, just keeps promoting ponzi after ponzi. Anyone thinking of joining or getting involved with anything he promotes needs their head testing.

  22. This cunt lives down Welsh Row in Nantwich Cheshire. The old fire station near Malbank School.

  23. He lives down Welsh Row in Nantwich, Cheshire. Used to be the old police station, it's near Malbank school. Hope these creeps get what's coming to them and yes that includes his girlfriend who's bank account all your money is in.

  24. I have taken all my evidence against Simon Stepsys to a local Police Station. I spent 2 hours passing on info/documents that will nail this Vermin once and for all. What good is that looted money in Prison? I have made it my mission in life to get justice. With the voice recordings, website data, emails and other vital info I cannot disclose, this is one RAT that will never scam people again. Bad Karma RAT!

    1. He is still going strong, Ponzi to Ponzi! How far did you get with this.

  25. Avoid, got taken for well over 6k on one of his scams, talks the talk then cons you knowingly it's a scam, he is a con man ... Avoid avoid avoid

  26. This is his address where he lives with his wife. 96 Welsh Row, Nantwich CW5 5ET Cheshire, England. I hope you all get your money back soon. He's scummier than scum.

  27. Still pushing some bullshit crypto & forex ponzi scam. Interesting that 12 months ago he knew zero about FX trading yet there he is now getting all excited about it & pushing it with some serious gusto. He knows absolutely NOTHING about trading & needs to get railed in on this sooner rather than later.

  28. He has just got into yet another Ponzi Scam called Cloud Token & is pushing it really hard on Facebook to poor unsuspecting fools so will be taking as much from them in a short space of time before it collapses. I really don't know how he sleeps at night but does live in a big house, drives a Rolls Royce, Bentley & Ferrari & rides an expensive Ducati...sometimes I wish I didn't have a conscience or morals like him...I might be very rich by now on the back of hundreds of other people's shattered dreams!!!

  29. Such a total low life but I do feel sorry for his kid - he's going grow up one day seeing what an absolute scumbag his father was.

  30. How this guy gets away with what he does is beyond me. Hes now moving onto yet another Ponzi scheme called Mind Capital. Please people stay away from this company (unless you like to lose all your money) and this wanker.

  31. His company Simon Stepsys Success International Ltd has now been struck off and is with the Administers, Cloud Token has stopped paying out and he now jumps on to Mind Capital another ponzi


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