Friday, 16 September 2016

My Advertising Pays - Is This The End?

Three pieces of Breaking News tonight that questions how long 'My Advertising Pays' can go on:

Firstly, the planned Event in Germany this weekend has been cancelled.
This email has been sent out this afternoon:
'Dear participants of the Berlin events, the Event Team has been informed shortly of the Executive Committee of MyAdvertisingPays that it is -in person of Tony and Lynne Booth not appear despite a firm commitment to the event. Simon Stepsys also canceled his participation in the event. The aim of the event team was with the event: -. To generate confidence in MAP 2.0 . - To provide important information about the business - it was a value for each Mapper sought. the event schedule was focused on four essential confidence-building program points to convey the above objectives. the fact that now all that should inspire confidence, has been withdrawn, it is the team no longer possible to stand on the stage and the rest the program as planned "uncoil". It is certain that can answer the all-important for all Mapper questions NOT. the organizing team strives feverishly to obtain more information about the background and keeps you more up to date. We beseech you already now cancel your prospects for tomorrow because there will definitely be with the current state of play no presentation. the welcome dinner at Novotel place from 19 pm as planned.'

This is major news. Germany had driven the upturn in My Advertising Pays over the last few months,
Both Tony Booth and Simon Stepsys were due to attend. But with the payments now suspended and the Profit Share halted due to 'technical issues' the prospect of a room full of angry German affiliates was obviously not to appealing.

Secondly, Tony, Lynne AND Mike have wiped their Facebook pages clean:

And lastly, a huge advocate of MAPS, Clare Hartman James, has also deserted MAPS and gone onto other 'ventures'. 
But with her dismal record of business failures, you'd be wise to steer clear of her 'recommendations' in the future.
She sent this email out to all the loyal suckers on her list:

Claire H
15/09/2016 08:32
Something I've learnt recently and I felt I had to share with you...

Its not wise to put all your eggs in one basket.

If you have been following me and are on my list, then you will know for the last 2.5 years ive been focused on one business online. However, due to circumstances out of our control,
this business hasn't been paying us for over two weeks now...
If you are also in this business (MAP) you will realise how much of a difficult situation this puts you in. It's definitely a testing time..
... I pray that MAP is back soon, however, I will now encourage people to spread their risk online...'

Claire goes on to recommend MORE Ponzis! She has no shame and no morals. 

The final nail in MAPS coffin will be when Simon Stepsys drops this space!

p.s ActionFraudUK are eagerly waiting for complaints from affiliates who have lost money with My Advertising Pays.

This is the page you need to report them:

or phone: 0300 1232040

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