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Dr. Amin Forati (Traffic Monsoon) - Swiss Newspaper Article

(updated 14th September 2016)
An article has appeared today(Sunday 11th September) in the Swiss newspaper 'Le Matin Dimanche' with information about Dr. Amin Forati who was previously employed by Charles Scoville at Traffic Monsoon as his Chief Financial Officer.

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The background to the story is that a company director at 'S3' (Swiss Space Systems) was mugged a few weeks ago and had reported that he felt under threat.

Dr. Amin Forati gave this company a guarantee of *30 million Swiss Francs to stop it going into bankruptcy.
(* todays exchange rate is 1 Swiss Franc = 1.03 US Dollars)

This is the full story reproduced in English (translated from Swiss) by kind permission of a journalist at the Le Matin Dimanche:
(Camille Krafft (collaboration Valentin Schnorhk)

The 30 million that would save 'S3' rest on the shoulders of the strange Dr. F.
Payerne A man of Iranian origin including officiating business in Dubai has invested in the company of Pascal Jaussi, found burned on 26 August.

On August 26, the director of the Vaud Swiss Space Systems Company, Pascal Jaussi, was found beaten and burned near his car in the woods of Aumont (FR). Hospitalized at the University Hospital, he announced this weekend in a statement that his injuries were "healing current". Founded in 2012, the company aims to become the world leader of the launch of small satellites and also emerging in the field of space tourism.

The recent media coverage of the case has highlighted the liquidity problems faced by start-up. On March 30, the share capital of the company S3 Solutions, daughter company of Swiss Space Systems, is nevertheless rose from 100 000 fr. to 29 million francs, with a bank guarantee issued by the bank Axios Credit Bank in Singapore. According to the statement sent Friday by S3, who refuses to answer questions from the media directly, part of that capital is being transferred to the holding company, which enabled the latter to request an adjournment of bankruptcy.

F. Amin, the man who provided the bank guarantee for $ 30 million and received in return some 2.9 million shares at 10 francs, shows a profile for the least surprising. On his website, he is described as the founder and president of D & B Group, a company based in Dubai, particularly active in the gas and oil. Originally from Iran, where he studied medicine, he would have started his business career in Toronto, before founding his company in the UAE in 1999. We find the rest its name in the Commercial Register to Toronto alongside that of a Chinese businessman, who also happens to be incorporated into the "management team" D & B Group. The latter boasts the 34% of a factory located in Shenzhen, and belonging to AVIC Group, a Chinese state company specializing in aircraft construction and defense.

In September, Swiss Space Systems announced the signing of a "major investment and partnership" with D & B Group to "provide the Middle East with access to space" thanks to its small satellites. F. Amin stated in this press release "wanting modestly enable UAE to become the first Arab nation to have its own space technology." The press release in question has apparently disappeared from the S3 Web site.

On the Internet side of his profile, Amin F. displays his many degrees, many of which were delivered to him by the Oxford College for PhD Studies, an institution with no connection with the University of Oxford, as confirmed the press service of the latter. This establishment, which emphasizes its ties with Arab princes, aims, according to its website, "publish the hidden secrets of the world" and mentioned in his introductory gibberish, a "hermaphrodite known today as the Queen Elizabeth I ".

Elsewhere on the Web, many people apply to warn against Amin F., presented earlier this year as the financial director of Traffic Monsoon, a website which boasted to offer its customers an advertising platform with very competitive compensation plans. Soon, it seems that the founder of Traffic Monsoon, American Charles Scoville, sought to distance Amin F. Since then the site has been closed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the US regulator and control of financial markets. He is accused of using the pyramid system of Ponzi - the same pattern that allowed Madoff to steal its customers.

These warnings have reached the ears of the International organization for diplomatic relations, a Maltese NGO Amin F. was approached to become a member, according to its president, Catello Marra: "Amin F. assured us he could organize a meeting in Dubai to support a school project in Kinshasa. He became a member at a ceremony in Rome, during which we handed him documents stating that he was one of our ambassadors. When we heard that he was accused of being linked to suspicious financial activities, we tried to contact him, but he had disappeared from circulation. "

In Switzerland, Amin F. administers D & B Finance SA in Fribourg, a company supposed to be active in real estate and construction. But we find no trace in the customer database of the Fribourg Chamber of real estate, according to its Secretary General, Louis Bertschy. He is also director of King Steed Financial SA in Lausanne. Recorded in November 2014, this company has been inactive since its inception. She expects the funds promised by Amin F, which are still not arrived. The other director of King Steed Financial admits registered company to "serve" Amin F.

Contacted, the latter did not respond to our requests. A relative of S3 who personally knows the man described as a "very friendly" and "great admirer of Switzerland". He adds, "be grateful" to "the gentleman who introduced himself as an investor before the judge who issued the adjournment of bankruptcy."

Known to be the president of the gas companies in western Switzerland, the Vaudois Philippe Petitpierre, also investor S3 says Amin F. also know with whom he nevertheless has "never done business."

The operation of the payernoise company continues to raise questions: "A guarantee from a bank a priori" exotic "as an active filler in a society, I have never seen this," notes the business economist Claude Romy, who does not know S3 but is based on extracts from the commercial Register. "I wonder how the attendant registry noted the existence of this asset." The expert also noted that "it is at least unusual, if not unusual to see a lifting of funds as important in a situation where there a single director. Generally, investors demand a board of directors, governance. "

This is the Announcement by Charles Scoville on January 20th 2016:

Announcement:. Charles Scoville
I would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Amin forati as our new CFO (Chief Financial Officer) .It is the president of the group of B & Ambassador of Malta, and has a lot of experience with banking and financial systems.
Dr. Amin. Forati is very famous for its exceptional character, his integrity and his willingness to help the needy and give everyone an equal chance to grow, regardless of their position.
Those who have had the chance to work with him knew he was a man who respected his word and held its importance above any contract.
He was a devoted family man who always applies his family based on concepts of how he managed his own company.
Dr. Amin. Forati was born in 1969 and earned his MD from the University of Shiraz Medical Sciences in 1995, then the study of the quality management system by SGS and passed all the training and courses traveled to Toronto and continue his studies in management system of quality and became the principal auditor registered in the quality management system (ISO 9000) and recorded in the accounts of lead (OHSAS 18001) and sme and appointed as the manager for qmi in Middle East region.
This led to his appointment as advisor youngest head of industry in 1998, however, in 1998, he decided to be more hands on the market and worked as a consultant for a financial company. In 1998 he was appointed as Secretary General for the chamber of commerce and become a VIP member of the European Foundation of Arab and directors of the local association of financial and commercial company.
In 1999, he created the group & B with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates was a bold move, since they were troubled times, when the market was monopolized by companies managed internationally. Yet he managed to become one of the largest Financial and commercial group in the world.
In 2007 he received his PhD in Economics honored and college business management system of Oxford for Higher Education and doctoral studies and high education committee with reference number 11116776 and b was appointed economic advisor for the oil companies. She quickly multiplied its profits and became known on the international scene.
He was appointed in 2008 as a senior consultant for the eabaff development program), EU-Arab States Economic and Groupement D'European interest in Arab affairs and scholarships of the foundation with the International registration number eu356563.'

The Wikipedia page on Swiss Space Systems states this information:

  • Swiss Space Systems (S3) is a company which plans to provide orbital launches of miniaturized satellites and manned suborbital spaceflights. 
  • In 2013, S3 also hoped to develop a manned version of its suborbital spaceplane, in order to provide supersonic intercontinental flights to paying customers. According to CEO Pascal Jaussi: "Far from wishing to launch into the space tourism market, we want rather to establish a new mode of air travel based on our satellite launch model that will allow spaceports on different continents to be reached in an hour."
  • As of March 2013, project partners included the European Space Agency, Dassault Aviation and the Von Karman Institute.
  • In addition to manned sub-orbital spaceflights, SOAR would also enable high-speed commercial flights (over Mach 3), allowing, for instance, passengers to reach Sydney from Geneva in only a few hours
  • 'On August 26 2016, Pascal Jaussi was abducted by unknown assailants, beaten, showered with a flammable liquid and badly burned. Swiss newspapers report that the company is heavily indebted. In the years 2015 and 2016, bailiffs collected between 3 and 4 Million Swiss Francs. Creditworthiness is deemed low. '

Some background information on Swiss Space Systems:

The fallout from the demise of Traffic Monsoon is going to have International repercussions. It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds.

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