Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Traffic Monsoon - Amin Forati , D&B and a Dubious Bank

D&B Group, the company that Dr. Amin Forati ran, has suddenly closed its website**:

*update 21.09.2016. The website briefly re-opened with Amin's certificates removed. It has now closed again with this notice:
** 23.09.2016 D&B Group website is now back up and running.   
The D&B Group and Swiss Space Systems have a joint company called 'S3'.

'S3' is back in the Swiss media with this information concerning the Bank involved in the guarantee of $30 Million:

Trade newspaper online; 09/17/2016

Space pioneer with 30 million dollars from a bank Phantom affair

By Christian B├╝tikofer
The battered space pioneer Jaussi wants to save his company S3 from bankruptcy, with a bank guarantee of 30 million dollars. Research shows: The bank apparently exists only on the Web.

No date on which not show the self-proclaimed space pioneer Pascal Jaussi and his company Swiss Space Systems (S3) in the media. Jaussi was attacked and set on fire by unknown persons. Why, it puzzled the public.

One thing is certain: His company S3 is in serious trouble. Million prosecutions weigh heavily on the startup. That made early September publicized. Meanwhile Jaussi blows to media counterattack. He claimed approximately opposite "24 heures", his company is so well positioned as the last 18 months no longer. He had to reach an even greater motivation to his goal of cheap space flight since the attack. In a West Schweizer Illustrierte, he presented his burns.

Not even in the Commercial Register
Again and again, Pascal Jaussi relies on a new capital infusion of 30 million US dollars. Indeed: S3 received on 30th March 2016 bank guarantee to this amount. it was exhibited by Messrs Anthony Kuntz and Lawrence Cheah from the Axios Credit Bank Ltd. with address in Singapore (see picture gallery).

The bankers give themselves secretive: Man was not pleased with the attack against Jaussi, but they could not make the deal details, yet one wants to say who owns the bank or where they have exactly headquartered. In Singapore, the bank is not even listed in the register. The local financial market supervision Monetary Authority of Singapore does not regulate the bank, said an official against and not regulated by any authority.

The Axios Credit Bank says it is a private bank, regulated by the rules of the ECCB ( "We are Category B Private Bank registered under ECCB Regulations"). With ECCB the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank is meant. The Axios claiming so, they subject to the directives of the Central Bank of the six Caribbean small states and two British colonies Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Anguilla and Montserrat.

But claims to know neither the ECCB nor the national financial authorities of the eight islands that Axios Credit Bank - let alone monitor. Neither current nor registers in already deleted databases appeared on the institute. has obtained relevant information from all authorities. Even more, the experts of national Banking Supervision of St. Kitts and Nevis warned explicitly Axios. The retention of basic information (where the bank has its real seat who their shareholders, etc.), is an important warning signal. In transactions with this bank, one should exercise extreme caution (see picture gallery).

Website exists since January

Further research also show: The Bank website has been registered through this January. For whom the website belongs, is concealed by an anonymizer service. And on Facebook, the company also exists only since this year.

As director of the Bank is acting a certain ngul Ming Thang. On his personal website and on Linkedin, it presents itself as a visionary young entrepreneur. he has not voted on Google in August the same five star Seine Bank. This certainly can not hide the fact that the Axios Credit Bank apparently operated in a vacuum, unregulated stands and exists primarily on the Internet.

(This newspaper article was translated from German to English, so please forgive the Translation)
The basics of this article appear to be that Swiss Space Systems and the D&B Groups company S3 had a $30 million Bank guarantee (from Dr. Amin Forati) in March 2016 when Forati was still working for Charles at Traffic Monsoon.
The problem is, the bank: Axios Credit Bank, doesn't appear to be regulated by any financial authority and is only available on the internet.

The obvious conclusions of this information are that funds from Traffic Monsoon (via Amin Forati) were channelled via a dubious bank. This is purely speculation at this stage but the story is ongoing and is currently being investigated by the Swiss media.

Much more to follow. Watch this space! 


  1. May I have your email as I have more info for how Forati do business

    1. All comments are moderated anon, so you can write to me safely here as a comment. It won't get published. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Not sure my reply reached you. But I will feed you later on a fraud case he has been involved. Apart from that if I was you I would have investigated where he got the 30 Mill USD to inject to Swiss Space Systems program last year thru that unknown bank from Singapore.

  3. Also note, Forati has now removed all copies of his documents and diplomas from his homepage. S3 has also removed all information about their directors and shareholders.

  4. A bank guarantee(BG) requires a collateral amount which will be frozen in the issue bank for one year.At the end of the year the borrower has to settle by depositing the whole of the loan amount and make a new BG. It is usually 7% of the loan each time, thus for 30 Mil USD, Forati should have had a minimum of 2.1 MUSD upfront to deposit. And his life saving and what he owns(which is close to zero) is not even close to this size. So be sure he has been involved in both money laundry + money from TM + swindling innocent people like the Italian guy and many others in UAE, Iran and else where.


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