Tuesday, 12 January 2016

PayPal and Traffic Monsoon

Paypal have parted company with Traffic Monsoon - AGAIN! Why else would Charles decide in just 24 hours to go to Dubai of all places and suddenly decide to open a Bank! 
And what if you want to make big purchases with Charles in the meantime?
He is being really generous and letting you put money into his PERSONAL account!
Good Luck getting that back!

ALL withdrawals from PayPal have now stopped. So not only are accounts being blocked on a daily basis but withdrawals have effectively ceased as well.
Traffic Monsoon is on the way out - and not a moment too soon!

Charles has stated that he voluntarily left Paypal because Traffic Monsoon had 'outgrown them'.
Leaving aside the ridiculous claim that an International Company like Paypal (who processes MILLIONS of dollars of transactions on a daily basis with NO problems) can't handle the odd million from Traffic Monsoon, Charles has released this email from PayPal stating that dealing with TM poses 'too much risk' so they dumped him! 
In other words, PayPal know full well that TM is a PONZI and has ZERO wish to be exposed to millions of dollars of losses. 

Add to this unfolding story the fact that Charles has also opened a BANK ACCOUNT that can also supply debit cards and has ZERO hope of opening a REAL bank and you have 
another recipe for a failed Ponzi.

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  1. THIS IS BULLSHIT!! NO WARNING SO SOMETHING ELSE IS UP WITH PAYPAL & THIS BANK B.S. IS A RUSE!! It cost me $25 for a Transfer to my Mexico Bank Account from Payza, the Bank Transfer from Paypal is Free!!

  2. is there anyway to get back my money?

    1. There are only two ways to get your money back from these scam companies.Firstly,if you paid directly by your credit/debit card, you can request a Chargeback , secondly you can just send a support ticket and request a refund. Good Luck with either, but I don't hold out much hope I'm afraid.

  3. Will i be able to pay my mortgage with ad packs at the bank of traffic moonsoon?

    1. Unlikely, but you may be able to put Charles Scoville's kid through college and help Charles retire in comfort.

  4. Charles has stitched us all. They will never get a banking licence. If you try and withdraw via payza it wont allow it unless you put in more then you did through paypal. So if you put 5000 through paypal you need to put 5001 through payza to withdraw. What a load of rubbish. He is trying to steal more off everyone and all you TM devotees keep believing this!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!. He will take your money and you will never get a penny back.

  5. I feel bad for all those poor people who got sucked into this.
    People from Venezuela, India, Egypt (and many others) are having issues with Payza. Either Payza doesn't work in their countries at all or it's refusing to pay out right now.

    For those who still believe, will Charles be sending out Mastercards to all his "3.7 million" members?
    Does he have the addresses of all members?
    How long will it take to set up TM Bank?
    How long for the creation of 3.7 million individual accounts? How long will it take to post and activate all these Mastercards (or other debit cards)?
    What security checks will the bank require?
    Proof of identity in the form of passport/national ids/bank slips/utility bills? (You don't want to give over more private details to scammers)

    1. Madoff hit the rich. Scoville hits the poor. Confidence tricksters don't lose sleep over who their victims are.

    2. I agree with you 100%. A lot of this is affinity fraud. The scheme incentivizes luring people in with lots of social validation tales.
      "My friend made money and he/she is a god person...let me put money in, let me get my parents involved, let me get other friends involved"

      This whole thing is very sad. Some people might be able to lose a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. Those who have ploughed in their entire savings....

      Meanwhile Charles is probably doing his money dance:

  6. Tara how much have you put in TM?

  7. Tara what do you say to people who call you a scammer? You throw the word around so much but a, scammed is one who lies. You lack the capacity to understand that a Ponza is a specific reference point of new people paying old people so your labeling Traffic Monsoon a scam when it sales real services that people buy outside the ad packs- your reference of TM as a scam fully reveals you as the he real scammer! You never address the services TM sales nor its deep reserves reported. You are a scsm!

  8. Hello TARA, how are you?
    I am Juan Isaza from Colombia, hope all is going well for you.
    The reason why I am writing you is that I would love to know about these 3 programs I am studying them, but not joined yet.
    1. Poker Automatics (PokerAm)
    2. Recyclix
    3. FortAdPays

    What do you know about them? Let me tell you that Recyclix accepts Paypal, but only for withdrawals, which is weird, ONLY withdrawals, not deposits.

    1. PokerAm, I don't know about. But gambling is NEVER a win, win every time so be careful of promised wins and high returns. Recyclix and FortAdPays? I know what they are. But you need to check for yourself. Google them. Are there any scam warnings? Do they make promises of high returns that can't possibly be true? Do they both have referral commissions? These things are easy to check.

  9. Replies
    1. The hearing is still ongoing. Full info will be released later today on the main board.


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