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Traffic Monsoon, PayPal Refunds and Charles Scoville.

(last updated 8th  August 2016 - scroll to bottom of page)

How to get your funds back from PayPal:

Step 1
Navigate to PayPal’s Resolution Center Web page and click the “Dispute a Transaction” button.
Step 2
Check the box next to the reason why you are requesting a refund, and then click “Continue.”
Step 3
Enter the transaction ID for the item or service you dispute, and then click “Continue.” If you don’t know the number, click the “Find Transaction ID” button.
Step 4
Review the transaction information and indicate the reason you are disputing the transaction. Click the “Continue” button to submit your request. After you submit your request, the seller receives the dispute information and can respond directly through the Resolution Center.
Step 5
Escalate the claim if you and the seller are unable to resolve the issue within 20 days of opening the dispute. If a case is not escalated within 20 days of opening a dispute, PayPal automatically closes the case. To escalate a claim, hover your mouse over the Resolution Center link on the PayPal toolbar and select the “View Open Cases” option.
Step 6
Click “View” next to the open dispute you want to escalate, and then click “Escalate this dispute to a PayPal claim.”
Step 7
Follow the on-screen instructions to provide PayPal with further evidence, and then click “Escalate to a claim” to submit your request and activate the claim. While PayPal tries to resolve a claim within 30 days, the process may exceed 30 days depending on the complexity of the case. PayPal will notify you after reaching a decision and may issue a refund based on the investigation.'


'Compose your message to seller' is a message to Charles. Tempting through it might be to call him a lying scumbag, it won't get you very far!

I suggest something along the lines of:
'I have just found out that Traffic Monsoon is an illegal Ponzi scam and I would like my money back.'

Traffic Monsoon is not defending these refund requests so, by default, you should get your money back.

The funds are readily available for you to claim.
If you've had a claim refused, we suggest you try again and escalate the claim to Paypals fraud department.

Helpful Tips from other affiliates:

'How to get your funds back from PAYZA:

I had bought only one adpack thankfully and bought it trough PayZa right before this unraveled. I just got off a Chat with PayZa and they instructed me how to file a dispute, there is a 45 day window for disputes with Payza.
It is as follows:

Sanjay / Customer Support: If you are not satisfied with a good or service purchased, the option to file a dispute through the Resolution Center is available so long as the transaction is within 45 days. If the transaction is beyond this time frame the status for filing the dispute will read as “Expired” and the option to dispute this transaction will cease.

13:34Sanjay / Customer Support: To file a dispute simply follow these simple steps:
13:34Sanjay / Customer Support: 1. Log in to your Payza account
13:34Sanjay / Customer Support: 2. Click on the “Account" tab in the navigation menu to the left
13:34Sanjay / Customer Support: 3. Click on "Resolution Center"
13:34Sanjay / Customer Support: 4. Locate the transaction to dispute against and click on File dispute”
13:34Sanjay / Customer Support: 5. Fill in the required information and click on “Next step”
13:34Sanjay / Customer Support: 6. Confirm the information and click on “Next step”
13:34Sanjay / Customer Support: 7. Read and agree to Payza’s User Agreement and the seller’s terms of service (if applicable) and click on “Finish”
13:34Sanjay / Customer Support: Once the dispute has been filed please allow the seller up to 7 days to reply through the Resolution Center. Ideally the seller will reply to a message the buyer leaves within 7 days to resolve this issue or vice versa.
Please pass this on. '
'1/Log in to your account.
2/Find the transaction you'd like refunded.
3/Click on 'Contact owner'.
4/ Select 'service not provided' or ' not received', or ' not as described'.
The 'reason to Escalate' is 'Fraudulent Vendor'.'
Ivan Medvedev

'In your Paypal account, click on "Proceed to Account Activity" At the bottom of the resulting page, click on "View all" In the resulting page at the top left hand side click on the arrow next to "LAST 90 DAYS", then choose "2015" in the dropdown box.'
Steve Garf.

'GREAT NEWS PAYPAL ARE ACCEPTING CLAIMS AGAINST TM FROM TODAY 18 Feb 2016. They said they are getting too many calls from Tm members to dispute and TM is reported to FBI . CALL THEM NOW and ask for CLAIMS AND DISPUTES TEAM'
Noman Musharaf
A Time-Line of recent events:

11th January 2016
PayPal froze Traffic Monsoons account. Initially, Charles denied this had happened, stating:
'(Traffic Monsoon will) ...setup an office in the World Trade Center Dubai. Part of this process is also setting up a bank here, and having an additional business registration here in the UAE. We're transitioning from using PayPal to opening our own TM World Bank. Our goal with opening our bank is to send you TM MasterCards for easier access to your earnings!'

Americans are not allowed to open Banks in the UAE due to the USA Tax laws. But even if he COULD get round those laws, he has to apply to the Dubai Financial Services Authority - which takes a minimum of four months.
A useful guide explaining this procedure is here:

17th January:
Charles posted:
'...$31,259,465.00 + $20,246,413.89 = $51,505,878.89
We're in transition to move these funds out of PayPal. I have a meeting today, and if all goes well then we'll have 13 million to cover all member account balances moved into the bank, ...'

The funds were NOT released into Payza, so you can assume the meeting did NOT go well.

22nd January:
Charles released this email from PayPal stating:
'The reason for Paypals decision to part ways with your organisation is due to the size of growth in a very short time frame, this creates too much risk for Paypal.'

This means that PAYPAL parted ways with Traffic Monsoon, NOT the other way round as Charles had stated. 

25th January:
From a video Charles and Immy released:
 '...they're (TM) also going to open a bank account with Emirates NBD which can supply Business Debit cards.'
So now they're saying that they plan to open a Bank ACCOUNT, in Dubai.

29th January:
Charles now wants you to use PAYZA to deposit money into:
'PayPal is now up to $58,553,217.77 -- Please get the word around to start using Payza for purchases...'
Paypal has withheld funds of around $60 Million.
Traffic Monsoon claims to have over Two million members. 
That works out at around $30 per member.

4th February:
From Sharon James Facebook page:
News just in Via Sharon James
Well folks as promised an UPDATE from Immy Aslam I have just spoke to him in Dubai and yes wait for it the Dubai Bank is OPEN yes that is trading from next week we will have our own system to take payments and the System will box off all the awaiting in process payments so guys and girls be patients payment on debit and master cards still in testing as we want no glitches.
I would like to congratulate Charles and Immy on their HUGE MISSION.'

5th February:
'We're about to enter the next phase as we've moved away from PayPal.
Next week we expect to have our own credit card processing system built into the website so our members can begin making purchases for our services directly.
The TM World Bank is still in progress. In the meantime we'll be processing withdrawal requests through payza...'

Charles now says he is opening his own PAYMENT PROCESSOR that you can purchase i.e DEPOSIT money INTO, but you must still WITHDRAW using PAYZA.

7th February:
Charles released a You Tube video stating that he is now in partnership with the MSBC group which offers 'banking solutions'.
This video has now been removed.

8th February:
Sharon James posted a You Tube video stating that she had spoken to Charles and there were now problems with PAYZA and everybody should open an account with STP instead.

9th February:
Charles quote:
'...We're in a position where most of the funds that belong to members are inside paypal and paypal is not allowing funds to go out. We've retained one of the top attorneys in the USA to help with this matter. Their only reasoning for holding onto funds is because we grew too fast in a short amount of time...'

We have yet to know who this attorney is?

11th February:
Charles quote:
'...Worse case scenario, PayPal will release the funds in a max of 180 days
(six months) and everyone's pending withdrawals will be paid...'

14th February 2016:
Todays post from Charles:
'In time the bank will be ready. In time we'll get the funds out of paypal. In time all things will come about. It's not always our time, or within our frame of patience. This is a test from the almighty. Who we are at our core will be proven to our creator through this test.
PayPal was everyone's favorite way to pay, so what we're seeing is a drop in revenues because people preferred PayPal for making purchases ... I feel confident that when we get the funds out of PayPal to pay people... and an easy way to make purchases, things will become back to normal. That's why our #1 focus right now is getting the bank finished, build our payment gateway, and get the legal help to release the funds from PayPal.'

Which means the Bank won't be opening any time soon, despite the earlier announcements. 

20th February 2016
From Charles webinar today:
'...the World Wide TM Bank is ON HOLD for a little bit especially as we need to release those funds out of PayPal. At what stage we might pick those plans up in the future, I don't know. Or if we might take a different direction altogether, I don't know. There's definitely alot there that needs to be sorted out...

...or will it just benefit the members most to just open up a bank account somewhere and handle some types of merchant services. And it probably wouldn't be in Dubai, we'd have the Bank account in the US...'

So there is NO TM Worldwide Bank.

NO payment processor.
NO Bank account...and your accounts are still pending!

Chargeback Clarification:

The general rules of Chargeback only apply if you've paid for a service DIRECTLY through your Bank Debit or Credit Card.
If you go through a Payment Processor like PayPal, their own specific Refund (Chargeback) policy applies. This has a strict time limit so you need to request a refund ASAP.
Your first contact for a refund should be the Payment Processor you used.
If the processor refuses, you should THEN contact your Bank and/or credit company. They MAY help you, but are not obliged to.

When Traffic Monsoon closes down, your case for a Bank Chargeback is stronger.

I recommend you contact:

ActionFraudUK :

The FBI:

and the Police and Authorities in your Country immediately to report Charles and Traffic Monsoon as a PONZI scam.

If the Authorities close Traffic Monsoon, they will likely seize Charles money so it can be returned to the affiliates affected.

Specific PayPal Refund/Chargeback Information: 

Why are some people getting Refunds/Chargebacks and others are being refused?
Because Charles is the 'seller' and YOU are the 'buyer'.
You have supposedly brought a 'service' from Charles, advertising. You can't, therefore, argue that you haven't received the service you paid for, if Charles has already given you money back when you requested withdrawals.
You would have a Chargeback case only if you HADN'T been paid -ever. A Chargeback from a Credit Card company or debit card via a third party processor is rare. Some banks and Credit Cards ( Barclaycard is very good) will certainly help you. Most, unfortunately, will not. So try PAYPAL first for a refund of your deposited funds, and if that fails, then you can certainly try your Bank/ Credit card. (You have 540 days to do this). 

Some information regarding third party processors:
'In some cases we see, the consumer has bought online, using a credit card on a website that uses a secure third-party payment system to process credit card payments.

Section 75 may not always apply to transactions made this way, because this payment mechanism can break the chain of arrangements that must be in place between the consumer, the lender and the supplier.

But there are many different types of payment mechanisms used on suppliers' websites and not all of them prevent section 75 from applying. Where there is a dispute on this point, we look at the specific payment mechanism used and decide whether section 75 applies in the particular case.'

General Chargeback Information is here:

Many people have contacted us saying that they won't request a refund or Chargeback from Charles because they're afraid their account will be closed. The truth is, your account is now worthless. The lies Charles have told are documented above. And he has previous failed PONZI's that have all gone the same way.

Accounts were frozen, companies were closed and affiliates lost thousands of dollars.
Charles is now stalling for time because he knows that PayPal have a time limit on refunds.
If you want your money back - you MUST contact PAYPAL immediately.


29th April
To all those people who are waiting for the 180 days when PayPal will magically release their money - forget it!
It WON'T happen. 

Hi Tara,
Thank you so much for your advice . The bank told me to write to PayPal first which I did . I got my money back from PayPal. TM doesn't respond to letters from PayPal .
I adviced six of my friends to do the same and they too have received their monies EXCEPT for the ones which has exceeded the 120 day duration. I feel sorry for the people who are being told to wait for 180 days. They are in for a rude shock.
.keep up the good work.
NB: how does this guy get away with blatant thieving is a question I am left with.

26th June 2016
News of refunds are still trickling through, we had another one today, so please don't delay. It isn't too late.
More successful refunds on here:

7th July 2016

Have you been refused a Chargeback from PayPal?
If so, check your PayPal account today. It seems that PayPal have started refunding previously refused Chargebacks:

'Hi Tara,
When PayPal first pulled the plug on TM, I applied for a refund and it was challenged, and ultimately not paid back to me. I just had an email about a cancelled payment from TM, logged in to my PayPal account and the full amount was in there and I have successfully transferred it to my bank account. Looks like PayPal are honouring all previously refused charge backs.'

'A couple of months ago, I disputed a payment to TM, thru Paypal. This was denied.
Today (the 7th of July), I got a pleasant surprise.
Paypal send me a mail that the payment was cancelled and it was indeed back on my Paypal-account. Almost $1500 back. Great! '

'PayPal had originally refused my claim too, although I had partial success claiming via my bank. I filed a complaint with the ombudsman, and then yesterday evening I received multiple refund payments from PayPal. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the ombudsmans involvement as I am yet to hear from them.'

'Check Paypal! I originally filed for a refund with paypal a few months ago and was rejected. Ive been going through the process with my bank when today this! According to other groups, alot of people got money refunded!'

Please let me know if you too, find some money in your account!

8th August 2016
Traffic Monsoon has been closed down and won't re-open.
The receivers have taken over the website and Charles
has no access to any funds.
You will no longer be able to withdraw money from your account.
This is a brief summary of the procedure to try and get your money back:
You need to first contact your payment processor (Paypal/Payza/STP etc) for a refund. If they refuse, try for a Chargeback from your Bank or Credit Card company. (Information on link attached). In summary, you are claiming for 'services not received' under the 540 day Chargeback rule. You need to contact the Banks Fraud department - NOT RETAIL DISPUTES -

All the information you need to help you is on this page:

Not all Chargebacks are successful so if your Chargeback application fails, the Receivers may eventually refund a percentage of any ORIGINAL SEED MONEY money you paid Traffic Monsoon but this may take months/years I'm afraid.
Details of the receivers and how to claim will follow at  a later date.


  1. Charles BS just getting bigger and bigger. Saw this today:

    Petitioning PAYPAL

    Paypal, release our Traffic Monsoon Funds

    As a matter of background, Traffic Monsoon's attorney is a former United States Attorney and before that had more than 20 years of experience as a government attorney and policy advisor, and a prosecutor with the United States Department of Justice and the Arizona Attorney General’ office as well as a Senior Advisor to the United States Secretary of Homeland Security.

    He is also a Principal and General Counsel to an international security consulting and investigative firm consisting of former senior level executives from key federal law enforcement agencies, including the Secret Service, Customs and Border Protection, and the Departments of Defense, State and Homeland Security. He has conducted due diligence and audits that have led to the opening of criminal investigations throughout the United States and globally.

    He says, "Based on our investigation of Mr. Scoville’s business practices, we found no violations by Mr. Scoville of the PayPal User Agreement. We interviewed Mr. Scoville, reviewed his business model, examined his financial statements and investigated his customer relationship with PayPal and other providers.

    "We found no issues with Mr. Scoville and conclude that he was in full compliance with the PayPal User Agreement"

    1. And yet...PayPal are now recommending that people contact the FBI to report Charles.

    2. Hi, could you give us a link with this Paypal's notification ?

  2. Dear Tara ! What about funds payed to TM via payza ? is there any chance to recover those funds ? should i follow the same path as with paypal ?

    1. Payza have a 45 day window, so contact them urgently.

  3. PayPal Refunds:
    I have to admit, I trapped in this shitty system. Did anyone try to get a refund from PayPal? How should I describe my problem there (TM froze my money?)?
    I read somewhere that PayPal does not give refunds for this kind of “business” is that true or wrong?
    Thank in advance for the answers!

    1. Lots of people have had both PayPal refunds AND Bank chargebacks. GO GET YOURS! Don't wait!

  4. Thanks for your updated TM information. Yesterday without any prior notice my account was put into "PENDING". Which I now understand means I am unable to access any of my previous Available Balance. Also, ALL my Adpacks previously brought up to 11th February 2016 are now PENDING too and not generating any revenue share. Please can you advise as to how I go about recovering my previous Available Balance which is now "Pending" direct from TM. Surely TM must have their own Business Account with reserves we were told of company reserves weeks ago. I look forward to your urgent reply.

  5. Hi Anon, you can't recover your 'previous available balance' because Charles has effectively closed up shop.
    As for business reserves, he has his own bank account certainly. Is he paying people out of it? NO. Your best hope is to contact the payment processor you used and ask for a refund of all the money you paid them.

  6. I called paypal and told them that i did not recieve any of the traffic i was promised, which is true.

    After 10 days without any response from TM they reviewed that case and guess what...

    They did not even reply to this case !

    iam puzzled

  7. I asked why all accounts are now PENDING and told TM could not afford to pay our available balance and revenue share from adpacks. This we were told was until Paypal releases the funds it has frozen in its account (which could take up to 180 days/6 months)? Any idea why Paypal is not releasing these funds at this time? My Available Balance was not transfered to a Payment Processor but still with TM since were told not to use Paypal anymore and to use Payza which I and many others were not able to set up due to its protocol and verification process. I asked about company reserves and was told this was also with with Paypal? Please clarify why you say Charles has "effectively closed up shop" since while our accounts were put into PENDING we were told this was only until Paypal released the funds being held? Please confirm any course of action to recover the PENDING Available Balance direct from TM?

  8. Paypal are not releasing funds because they know Traffic Monsoon is a scam. They are recommending that affiliates contact the FBI with complaints. Your pending balance will never be recovered. Charles is now stalling for time before he closes Traffic Monsoon for good. If you doubt this is true, ask yourself why ALL of Charles money appears to be stuck in PayPal and not in his Business Company account?

  9. Hi Tara,
    I fear there is no hope of me ever recovering the money that was in my tm account, I want to file a dispute with PayPal but unsure of the reasons to put. Although I will file a dispute however don't think it will be successful as I have previously received money from tm, is there anyway I can have a successful claim having previously taken money out of tm through PayPal?

  10. No, there is no guarantee, but you have nothing to lose by trying. Your reason is you didn't receive the service you paid for.

  11. Thank you for your response, exactly nothing to lose! Have u heard of anyone who had previously withdrawn money having successful PayPal claims? Fingers crossed.
    When filing the claim PayPal ask what category the item comes under, all I can think to put from the list is 'service' or 'other non physical goods' and then have not a clue as to what I should write in the box 'message to seller'! Sigh! Wish I trusted my instinct to begin with.

    1. No, I haven't. But you can't ask for a refund of MORE than you put in. And the category is non-receipt of goods or services. As for message to seller, tell him he's a low life scumbag and you want your money back!

  12. Hello Tara, in december i spent 500 dollars on this scam. I paid for it over paypal and have had no money made through traffic monsoon. Can i still get a refund from traffic monsoon from paypal uk?

    1. You can certainly try unknown. Many people are getting back their money.

  13. If so many people gilet there money back why isn't anybody commenting how they did it?

  14. Many people are currently in the dispute stage. If Charles doesn't defend the disputes - which currently he isn't - people get there money back by default. Many people have already got back money and comments are on the TM Facebook page and here as well. Equally, many people have told us they HAVENT got their money back. Nothing is guaranteed.

  15. My claim now has status "a claimspecialist is looking into it" since a day.
    If we need any more information, we will contact you before March 11th.

  16. Hi, I'm from germany
    I disputed my transaction to Trafficmonsoon on 15.02. Yesterday i recieved the message that PayPal declined my request after a specialist checked the case.

    Do you have any idea what to do now? Is anyone from germany here with similar experience?

  17. I have also been denied a refund by Paypal, same with everybody else I know.
    I rang them and they said Traffic Monsoon are refusing to pay the money back and Paypal do not cover these websites under the buyer protection

  18. I normally don't pay any attention to scams like this but in this case , I have a more or less personal interest because a close friend of mine has dumped almost $20,000 into MAP's and is thinking of adding another $10,000 or so trying to reach that 1,200 credit pack limit. This is money she can't afford to lose!! No one seems to be able to talk any sense into her (and she's not a stupid person by any means) and she considers all negative comments about MAP's to be lies. I would just like to see this travesty ended ASAP and hopefully before she loses any more dollars.

    1. Sorry Dooley, you sound like a great friend, but she won't listen. They are all mesmerized by the 1200 packs and can't see the truth. All you can do is warn her.

    2. Thanks Tara..and keep up the good work. Too late for my friend I guess but hopefully others will take heed and avoid these scams.

  19. I have put in for a refund today for $550. from paypal. I know I should have done earlier after visiting your blog about 2 weeks ago, but the friend who got me in to this completely believes in this and telling me its all internet lies. I thought i will try anyway. No harm in it. I will update you.

    1. Good Luck Newby. Don't forget to report Charles as well : FBI: The Internet Crime Complaint Centre:

      If the AUTHORITIES close down Traffic Monsoon then you have a good chance of EVENTUALLY recovering your money.

  20. Today I tried to refund 237 euros. But paypal refused becuase they said that what TM sells isn't covered by warranty. Bullshit right? Because my friend did get his money back. Eventually I sended them an mail at the
    And I got same response! What do i need to do??? I told them I didn't got the services received from TM.

    1. PayPal are not legally obliged to refund you but they have refund criteria that they strictly follow. Many people have been refused refunds but have gone on to successfully claim a bank/credit card chargeback.

  21. I have got my full refund from paypal of 4000 dollars, Thanks Tara

  22. Hi Tara,

    I have invested a considerable sum with TM through PayPal and it has been over 6 months. I joined TM in September. Is there any way I can get my money back?

    1. The formula for getting back your money is tried and tested and well documented. You contact Paypal first for a refund. If that fails, you contact your bank or CC companys FRAUD dept and tell them you've been scammed and would like to claim a Chargeback under the 540 day for 'services not received'. Then contact ACTION FRAUD UK and the SEC and file a complaint against TM. Good Luck.

  23. Hi Tara I want to ask for refund to paypal I made 4 purchases the same day should I put those 4 transactions ID´S I purchase the same day to Trafficmonsoon ? When paypal ask me for? or it only accepts one I spend 2k in four different purchases the same day.Thanks

    1. There is no limit to the transactions you can claim for.

  24. I have withdraw 100 dollars already since I joined Trafficmonsoon can I still ask for refund to paypal?

    1. That would depend how much you gave TM in the first place? You can only claim back your seed money minus your withdrawals.

  25. Hi Tara,

    Hoping you can help me...back in April I requested a refund as per your instructions/template via paypal but this was refused, paypal stated this was not protected under they're term and conditions etc etc. I also spoke to my bank account requesting a charge back...they stated because I transferred monies in to my paypal account and then purchased addpacks using my paypal account and not directly from my debit card then there is not much that they can do, please can you advise there anything else I can do? Thanks

  26. I'm sorry to hear that but unfortunately both of them are correct. You can try again to contact your bank and ask to speak to somebody higher. PERSISTANCE does off. You can also report TM to Action Fraud UK. VERY important.


  28. A couple of months ago, I disputed a payment to TM, thru Paypal. This was denied.
    Today (the 7th of July), I got a pleasant surprise.
    Paypal send me a mail that the payment was cancelled and it was indeed back on my Paypal-account. Almost $1500 back. Great!

  29. Why are PayPal refunding? I'm not complain just got 2k back fu cs.

    1. We're not sure why they suddenly decided to do this but it must be for something big to have happened. I'll update as soon as I hear anything.

  30. I disputed back in April 2016 but this was refused by paypal! people are saying paypal are refunding now? is this true and will they refund me?

  31. Hi guys,

    This is a message for the guys that have had money refunded after PayPal initially refused it....did you guys request this refund again? Or was this automatically awarded?

    1. In all honesty, I have no idea why PayPal have suddenly decided to pay Chargebacks that were previously refused. Phone them and ask them? Please let me know what they say. Thanks.

  32. Will i still be able to get my money back from a transaction in November 2015.

    1. You need to ask PayPal that question Sufyaan. It's definitely worth a try.

    2. I also paid money in Nov 2015. Did you have any luck?

  33. I disputed in januari at that time paypal denied my request. july 7th i received a mail that my transaction to traffic monsoon has been cancelled.i checked my paypal and i got full refund.
    but it took 6 month. i dont know why they refunded.I dont think traffic monsoon is going to pay anyone back so if the beste thing you can do is file a complaint. i hope you still have some time because you need to fill a complaint before 180 days.
    good luck

  34. hi guys can you help to write please how to get money back (if is possible ) from trafficmonsoon with payza account? thank you

    1. Hi Massimo, it's very simple. You contact Payza in the first instance,and then your Bank or Credit Card company's fraud dept and tell them that you've been scammed. I'll be releasing a new post soon with more instructions for clarification.

  35. Hi Tara

    Can we still get money pay pal or do we have to use payza

    1. Neither Unknown. The site has been closed down. See the main home page for all the recent news and information on how to try and recover your money.

  36. Hi Tara

    how to get money back from trafficmonsoon with stp account?

    1. I doubt you will, you just have to ask. You'd be best to contact the the receivers.

  37. I paid in Bitcoin so can't go down the fraud route with the bank.

  38. But you CAN report them to ACTION FRAUD UK and I URGE you to do this immediately. If MAPS gets closed down by the authorities, you have a good chance of recovering at least some of your money. THE UK POLICE ARE WAITING FOR YOUR COMPLAINT.

  39. Hi there, thank you so much for keeping this page updated with all the latest information. Its been a great source to refer to. Unfortunately, my husband was stung by Traffic Monsoon, even though I told him several times that it was too good to be true. So he transferred money from his bank to PayPal on 30 Dec 2015 and then made several single payments to TM. I called PayPal today to raise a dispute and they say I have gone over the 180 day limit so neither their dispute or fraud team will be able to do anything. They told me to contact the bank. I called the bank and they say that since the money was willingly withdrawan from the bank account and put into PayPal account, the bank cant do anything. I then called Trading Standards, explained the situation and told them that some banks are willing to refund the money. Trading Standards told me that banks are not obliged to adopt the 540 day rule, its more of a good will gesture on their part. I don't know what step to next now.....please can you advise.

    1. Sorry to hear that Anon. Unfortunately the bank is correct. If you paid by Credit Card, the 540 day rule applies for 'services not received', but the banks have a voluntary use of this rule. Many have honoured it, many have not. Your only recourse is to contact the receivers. It is highly likely you will receive a percentage of the money you gave TM but this may take many months/years to see I'm afraid. Peggy Hunt @ Dorsey & Whitney
      On a personal level, I know first hand how close relatives/friends get dragged into these schemes. The '£' signs light up in their eyes and nothing anybody says will persuade them that these schemes aren't real. I sincerely hope you didn't lose too much.
      Best wishes to both of you.

  40. Hi, has anyone got their funds back from Solid Trust Pay?

  41. Hi, this is coming in 2018! but, better now than never.

    I have only just come to the knowledge of charge backs and refunds. i was told that TM members would get refunds (that never came).

    so, i want to find out if there is any possible way to reclaim my money at this present time.

    1. It's too late to claim a Chargeback but you can definitely still put in a claim with the Receivers. Please see the main Traffic Monsoon page for details.


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