Thursday, 29 September 2016

Click Intensity - The Traffic Monsoon Effect

The SEC 's closure of Traffic Monsoon is having repercussions for the whole 'Rev Share'/ Ponzi Industry.
First 'My Advertising Pays' closes withdrawals and stops 'profit share',  and now Click Intensity are having withdrawal problems too. Currently two weeks according to it's owner, Nick Johnson, but could be up to 30 days:

'Super Excited for upcoming 3 Big Announcements

1. Paypal should be back in next 24-48 hours

2.Sales of hourly login ads will be going live next which everyone has been asking for

3.FB share product is 99.9 % ready and final stage of testing has already started - That product alone has the power to double up existing revenue share and dominate the industry !

A lot of people have been recently asking us that what happened with 2 Big Revenue Share Companies - Will the same thing happen to us or does it affect us in any way and my reply always remains the same

Even though our business model has similarities but there is no similarity between the way we operate things here at the management level and the way they operated themselves...

Whether it's the way we handle payouts , whether it's the way we shift our corporate registrations from UK to USA to Hongkong for a longer vision and growth , whether it's the way we build our marketing systems right from day 1 which resulted in 120k members in 5 months alone etc etc

I always say this and will say again - we are just getting started with 125k+ members strong , the next phase of growth will be super strong

Our tech team is almost finalied with development of tons of codes for making the system super tight and secure and in about 30 days you will see very fast payout processing times of less than 72 hours ...

For now we still need to manually verify each transaction and with so many transactions , I know it does increases the backlogand hence the delay of about 2 weeks processing time....

But things are improving on the code and security level and not even $10 loss has been reported by finance team in last 45 days.....which is great to know.....

So have patience for about 30 more days and you will see less than 72 hour processing times for withdrawl requests and also increased withdrawl requests of about $200/day or more....

Kindly restrain from posting anything which sounds negative , which is of complain based nature as you will be banned instantly from the group.
I hate to do this but it is important to protect the interest of everyone here on a bigger level.
You sending 100 mails to finance department will not speed up the withdrawl process neither will you get any preferential treatment.
All it will do is waste time of finance team to reply you back which will slow down the response time..

There is a reason for everything we do and at corporate level we have to think differently from affiliates in order for us to run CI for many years to come....

The best is yet to come
Stay focussed on what you need to do i.e clicking your ads , buying more packs and sharing the message of CI with the world and we will do whatever it takes to make sure Ci lasts for another 5 years , 10 years and 20 years and beyond..
Long Live CI
Tag your teams to this post and share it so we all are at same page...
Nick Johnson.'

So what's happening? Why are these Ponzi's suddenly dropping like flies?
It's very simple really. 'Traffic Monsoon' has been the catalyst for the sudden withdrawal 
of vast amounts of affiliates money from many similiar scams. 

The problem with so many withdrawals, in such a short space of time, is that the money has long gone. 

So the owners have to stall payments and make endless speeches to encourage MORE people to join and bring in fresh money - so that payments may commence again and the rising panic of its members can be quelled. 

Fortunately for us, people are getting wise to these schemes now. They see the SEC taking down Traffic Monsoon and realise that the business models of 'My Advertising Pays' AND 'Click Intensity ( and many, many more) are identical and they want their money out -quickly.  They know full well that once the payment excuses start, it's GAME OVER.

More Ponzi's will undoubtably crash as soon as the 'Traffic Monsoon' case goes to court.
 'My Advertising Pays' and 'Click Intensity' are just the tip of a massive Ponzi iceberg.


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