Saturday, 17 September 2016

My Advertising Pays - Who Is Ron Smith?

Ron Smith has been a member of  'My Advertising Pays' since December 2013.
My Advertising Pays was launched on Dec 4th 2013

Here is a little background on him:
He was an affiliate at Empower Network in March 2012:

He then went onto Banners Broker, where he states here (May 2012) that Simon (Stepsys) was his mentor:

He first announced his membership of MAPS on 18th December 2013:

 But not everybody was impressed with his sales pitch!

Ron certainly seems very keen on the 'My Advertising Pays' concept:

But Mike was so impressed with him , Ron got to be Admin on the 
Official MAPS Facebook page!

And Simon was so impressed with him, he made Ron a 'business partner'!

You would have thought then, that seeing as how Ron and Simon were such good buddies,
that Simon would have joined under Ron, and not under Mark Ghobril?

Think of all those juicy Referral Commission payments from Simon that Ron missed out on!

Lets look at those dates again:

Simon joined in January 2014.
Ron joined in December 2013.
But Mark Ghobril was Simon's sponsor, so Mark presumably joined earlier than both of them? Because if Mark hadn't joined before Ron, then Simon would have joined under Ron, rather than Mark?

What a pickle...

Which brings me back to my original question.
Who is Ron Smith? 

'I don't know' is the honest answer. But I can tell you this:
Ron Smith is the most famous Mapper after Mike Deese that nobody has ever heard of.
He is on so many MAPS affiliate Facebook pages  - Leaders or not -  that I actually lost count. 
Try it for yourself - how many can you find?

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