Traffic Monsoon - SCAM

Traffic Monsoon has been permanently closed down and Official Receivers appointed:
Peggy Hunt @ Dorsey & Whitney.

Charles Scoville has now been found guilty of running a ponzi scam:

The deadline for claims expired on April 10th 2020 but the receiver will still let you file a claim, you just may not receive any money.

This is their Official Email address for any queries:

This is our Facebook page link if you wish to contact us personally:

For your Information:
1/You can only claim for your ORIGINAL SEED MONEY and not 'earnings'.
2/ You will only get back a percentage of the money you put in, not all of it.
3/ Claims most likely won't be settled for months/years, so you'll have to be patient.


Peggy Hunt, Esq
Traffic Monsoon Receiver
Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Kearns Building
136 South Main Street, Suite 1000
Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1685

Traffic Monsoon Receivership Hotline
Toll-free in North America 888-522-8926 or outside of North America +1-503-520-4483


This information is my research on Traffic Monsoon and its owner Charles Scoville which has been gathered from publicly released material. 

Traffic Monsoon was launched on the 10th October 2014 and is another 'Click Ten Ads a day and Get Rich' ponzi scheme which has exactly the same business model as 'My Advertising Pays':  
Spend $50 on an Adpack and get back $55 - so it's losing $5 on every pack you buy.

Traffic Monsoon is run by Charles Scoville.

Charles Previous Business History:

December 2009  -  TVIPTC.COM

April 2010 
His facebook page states he was working as a 'business owner'.


For translation: ' I own a group of websites which sell advertising service to internet marketeers'

 December 2010 INFINITYBUX.COM

This is what Charles has to say publicly about Infinitybux:

Good ol' InfinityBux days, even after a PayPal limitation still brought in a lot of visitors and page views. Losing PayPal might wreck your bottom line in most cases, like it did for my poor ptc network.. for 6 months I was unable to payout as quickly as I wanted to because of a limitation from PayPal. It's true that PayPal does impact businesses for either good or bad, and my bad reputation online truly started because PayPal limited my ptc network, and from that moment forward people through the internet thought I was lying, even though the limitation was real, and people did get paid after 6 months of waiting.. those who decided to quit never got paid because according to terms of service, after inactivity of a certain amount of time their accounts automatically closed, equal to how Neobux does it.. yet I was called a scammer while neobux with the same terms and keeping PayPal was getting all the praise... what did I do to lose PayPal? nothing.. I was a victim of a fraud attack against my PayPal account, and PayPal chose to part ways due to my business attracting too much fraud. That's where the haters jumped for joy- seeing me lose PayPal and be unable to payout because of a paypal limitation. Stupid people online steering people's beliefs against me, even though I was innocent of the PayPal decision to limit my paid to click websites, and losing PayPal literally destroyed my income online.. anyone who has had this happen to them know that losing PayPal destroys your income and reputation at the same time.



November 2011 Wealthenginex .com
February 2012 -

February 2012: Ads CashFast

March 2012 FreeHitXchange

May 2013 AdHit Profits

And all these:

All of these businesses have closed down, owing hundreds of thousands of pounds to affiliates.
And in November 2013, the US Court of Justice seized the funds in Charles Payza accounts. None of this money has been returned to him yet. 

So what is Traffic Monsoon?
This is Charles explanation:

Explanation from the Traffic Monsoon website:
'...These are paid-to-click links which appear on your dashboard, and reward you with extra cash!Cash links are a great way to show other members what else you're involved with, and invite them to join you.
$1.00 => 50 visitors = $0.02 per click. $0.01 goes to clicker, and $0.01 goes to sponsorVisitor remains on your site 30 seconds
$1.00 => 25 visitors = $0.04 per click. $0.02 goes to clicker, and $0.02 goes to sponsor
Visitor remains on your site 60 seconds
To qualify for referral click earnings from these links, you must have clicked a minimum of 10 ads in the traffic exchange within the last 24 hours.

Only 1 of the services we offer includes a revenue sharing position. We do not sell "shares." We only sell advertising services. It's from the sales of all our services that we share revenues.
When our members purchase a service from TrafficMonsoon, the revenues from that purchase are held by the company. Then, you can qualify to receive share of the profits! Naturally there is cost associated with providing services. Each service provided generates a profit margin. We share those profits with you!
When you purchase an AdPack combo advertising campaign for $50, you'll receive 20 clicks to your banner, 1,000 traffic exchange credits, and a revenue sharing position.
When you click a minimum of 10 ads in our traffic exchange and remain on the websites for 20 seconds each, you'll qualify yourself for 24 hours to share in site profits.
As long as you are qualified, each sharing position you receive with your AdPack Combo purchase will continue to share in revenues up to $55.00. Reaching this maximum is not guaranteed, or affixed to any time frame. It's completely reliant upon sales of services, and you being qualified.
Earn Traffic Exchange Credits:
Any purchase turns your account into a life-time paid member. Each ad view in our traffic exchange will reward you 1 visitor credit in the traffic exchange.
FREE members can surf ads, and receive 1 visitor credit for every 2 sites you view in the traffic exchange.
There is no requirement to refer to share in site profits.
We share profits from all of the following services.
Pay-Per-Click Banner Ad Campaigns
Pay-Per-Click Text Ad Campaigns
Traffic Exchange Start Pages
Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases
Monsoon Traffic Packages
Login Ads
Pay-Per-Click Campaigns are $0.25 per click and allow you to target your ads to specific countries for $0.50 per click. Every click on your banners ads is worth a lot - those users who click on your ads may become your referrals or even clients. Users click simply because they are interested in the topic of your ads!
Traffic Exchange Start Pages is an offer we have for your site to be the first site viewed by all members. This is priced at $35 per day. You'll receive a lot more attention to your ad this way and stand out first in people's minds...'
And look at the affiliate programme.
10% COMMISSION:10% Affiliate Program
You've got the opportunity to invite your friends, family, or other groups to enjoy our services & benefit from our lucrative affiliate program. For each purchase of service (except cash links) one of your referrals makes, you'll gain an instant 10% commission. This alone can help you build a constant cash-flow...'

So Charles is saying that he will refund your $50 in Ad pack sales plus give you an extra $5 and
 give you a 10% commission on any new people you sign up.
So he's losing $10 on every sale, how is that sustainable?
His business relies on new people joining to pay the older affiliates their withdrawals. This only works as long as new sign-ups keep joining or the scheme will collapse.

'...a specialized advertising and revenue sharing company..'
There are dozens of 'Click ten ads a day and get rich' schemes out there, so
 Traffic Monsoon is hardly 'specialized'. 

Advertisers buy ads? NO. You are the advertiser. It's a closed loop system so only members can access it, only members place the ads, and only members click on the ad links.

So how much do these packs cost? $50. That buys you 20 visitors and 1000 exchange credits, which isn't great value for money but you can get back every penny, by referring.

So... to get your money back, you just have to click on ten ads, on ten different sites,
per day, and then you get your money back plus a $5 bonus.

And with all this money that you 'earn', what do you think the majority of affiliates do? 
 Do they withdraw it all? No, they can't physically withdraw it in one go but the majority don't want to, they prefer to go and buy more Ad packs with their 'earnings' which in turn produces more 'earnings' that go straight into their 'account'.
So in reality, Charles is holding your real money in his bank account and you're holding fake money in your traffic monsoon account, that just looks like it's growing.

And how do these earnings actually work? 
Charles says you make about a dollar a day and they expire in around 55 days. 
55 days = 55 dollars.
So a dollar a day divided by TEN ads = 10 cents per click right? 

Not according to their PTC list of earnings:

2 cents at 60 seconds it says above. 
So to earn a dollar a day, according to this, you would need to sit watching ads for...

2 cents per minute.
10 cents per five minutes.
100 cents  = 50 minutes. 
That's less than a dollar an hour! 
So how do people make so much money?

Just look at these earnings examples:

             'Turn $1000 into $5100!!'

                 And '$5000 into $26000!'

So to make this much money clicking ads, the ads must be from main stream advertisers right? Wrong.


This ad is for 'My Advertising Pays' - another company with the same business model as Traffic Monsoon.

This ad is for 'Rev Up Your Income' - another company with the same business model as Traffic Monsoon.

Clicking on ads for other companies with the same business model is not going to make you rich. So where do all your earnings come from? Where is the real money made?


You get 100% commissions for Cash Link clicks and 10% commission on ad packs that your referral makes= $5.
So, based on this, how on earth is Charles making any money?
He gives you back the $50 you give him. Then he gives you an additional $5 on top of that and then you get another $5 if your referral buys a pack.

This means that Charles is losing  $10 on every pack he sells, so how on earth can he share the 'profits' with you when there aren't any?
The answer is: he doesn't! He keeps the majority of the money himself and can afford to pay out any withdrawal requests out of the new money that people are giving him for new packs which by definition, is a ponzi scheme.

These are some affiliate comments about the scheme:


– Suspending accounts of big earners with a lot of direct referrals, then selling their direct referrals to other members. Changing Terms of Service so they can “legally” suspend users accounts for “breaking” the new points of the terms. Charging $25 fee to remove the suspension.

– Charging $100 for support tickets, later the Support System was removed entirely.

– Converting pending cashouts to membership upgrades and main balances to purchase balance, in other words, not paying what members have rightfully earned.

– Filtering posts and removing forum threads to hide complaints and negative feedback. Later the forum was removed.

15th November 2015

The PAYPAL 180 day extended protection plan:

'PayPal extend UK buyer protection to 180 days
PayPal has announced new terms to their Buyer Protection scheme that will take effect from 17th June this year (2014)
Buyer protection will be extended to cover services, digital goods, travel tickets and other intangible items. Needless to say, tangible goods have been covered for a number of years.
From the same date, PayPal is also extending the time for buyers to open a dispute from 45 to 180 days. This brings it inline with similar protections offered by credit card companies. The extended buyer protection applies to people who use a UK PayPal account to make a purchase from a UK or overseas seller on and off-eBay.
As PayPal’s statement notes: “From 17 June 2014 PayPal will reimburse UK buyers if they do not receive these items or services or if the goods or services provided do not match the seller’s description.”
Cameron McLean, PayPal’s UK managing director, commented, “PayPal is delighted to give people in the UK even greater reassurance when they’re buying goods and services. These changes follow feedback from customers who have asked us to extend buyer protection to cover services and items such as travel tickets and digital goods. They underline PayPal’s reputation as the faster, safer way to pay online, on smartphones and in-store.”

So what does this mean for Traffic Monsoon (or any other 'online opportunity')? It means that within 180 days, if you pay Traffic Monsoon 'X' amount of money, and Traffic Monsoon go bust, then the 'X' amount of money will be returned to you.

But remember these vital factors:
Firstly, Paypal will only return 'X' to you, not anything over and above the amount you pay them or have withdrawn. Your 'earnings' from Traffic Monsoon will not count.
Secondly, this may cover 6 months, but as the ad packs expire in around 60 days, this means that you have had the service that you paid for and can NOT request a Chargeback after the (sixty) day period.
And thirdly,  if Paypal suspect that Traffic Monsoon is an illegal ponzi your accounts will be frozen.
Look at this section of their Terms and Conditions:

 '10.2 Actions by PayPal. If we have reason to believe that you have engaged in any Restricted Activities, we may take various actions to protect PayPal, a User, a third party, or you from Reversals, Chargebacks, Claims, fees, fines, penalties and any other liability. The actions we may take include but are not limited to the following:
We may, at any time and without liability, suspend, block, limit, close or cancel your right to use your Payment Instrument or Account entirely or for any particular transaction, which may in turn suspend, block, limit, close or cancel access to your Account or the Services (such as limiting access to any of your Funding Sources, and your ability to send money, make withdrawals, or remove financial Information). We will normally give you advance notice of any suspension or cancellation but we may, if it is reasonable to do so (for example if you are in breach of this Agreement or we consider it advisable for security reasons), suspend or cancel your right to use your Payment Instrument or Account without prior notice to you;
Block your Account and/or hold any funds in the Reserve Account (including, without limitation, for more than 180 days if so required by PayPal, where PayPal’s rights under section 10.2 arise from your engagement in the Restricted Activity set out in section 9.1 ag.);

30th November 2015

Traffic Monsoons latest Alexa ranking.

16th December 2015
Reports of Accounts being blocked, money confiscated and no re-dress.

'...Michael on TM with Sharon today ----------------- VERY IMPORTANT - This is official If you have posted information out of yesterdays leaders meeting then remove it immediately. People there were told not to record anything, that did mean to not post on facebook or anywhere else either. Anyone found to be posting the info around will have their account blocked. I have removed the posts from in here that i shared from seeing around. Please ensure you pass this on. -----------------

17th December 2015

This is what fellow affiliates are saying:

Dear Mr.Charles Scoville,

This is quite surprising that your back office team do not respond to the queries sent to them, recently I come to know that they work only from Monday to Friday and they reply or take care of the issues during those period probably. Quite surprising, you running traffic exchange business and such a poor support...............
Your website notify various issues related matters to the members on their page but when we look for that issues, we don't see where that issues are.
When we contact your back office team, they don't reply, may be they are not bothered or too overloaded with work or something that they don't have time or intent to reply and sort out the issues.
I will list out some or my problem which I shared with your back office and hardly received their reply or anything which they have done for the issues.
Do we think its going well, or gonna be proved to be another ponzi scheme?

Please see the below queries posted for your back office team............

Posted on 04 Dec 2015 05:30 PM
Which one is Inactive banner on my account? I can't find any such.
Admin Posted on 04 Dec 2015 06:20 PM

It will be the banner which does not have any clicks assigned to it
Posted on 05 Dec 2015 04:02 AM

But I can't see any such banner showing inactive or unapproved etc mentioned on it.
osted on 06 Dec 2015 02:19 PM
Hello there, have not received any reply or support.
Posted on 07 Dec 2015 01:58 PM

Dear TM Team
Please guide, as what best possible uses can be done with More then 1700 unassigned Credits I have in my Account.
Secondly, I notices that I have ID No. #798339, #902859, #926097, #932662, #938798, #944816, #958367, #964457, #971064, #977023, #986323, #991674, #998403 all are showing as Disapproved and has many nos of visitors Left against them and it says that it can be managed, by Assign/Transfer or Unassigned, what does this mean and why all these are Disapproved? How those No.s of visitors can be managed? What benefit will I get on my Account by Managing them.
I have only 1 ID #1009190 showing as Approved. Why only 1 is approved and what does it mean? All other ID\ s shown as Disapproved are gone in vein? I have been clicking many ads everyday but you are not approving my Banners you mean?
Please clarify, step by step and what best I should do to manage it effectively.
I don' t get reply from your team on time, one of my earlier Ticket/query was not replied/resolved.

Admin Posted on 07 Dec 2015 09:39 PM
Please resubmit your ads. We have been working on improving our banner system.
When you resubmit your banners they should get approved now.

Posted on 08 Dec 2015 03:57 AM

Please guide where to go(which link) to resubmit those ads.
I don't find the proper links from where I can resubmit them again.
Will I be charged for resubmitting them again?
Please help with the link from where I can do this.
I can only see the 4 options, i,e, Pause/Add Clicks/Edit URL and Remove.
Posted on 08 Dec 2015 04:33 PM

Thanks My Friends at TM, I did get the link and place where I did the resubmitting and now all these banners/IDS are approved.

Now which 1 or my banner is inactive, which shows on my page. Now please tell me which 1 banner is inactive and where its showing?
Posted on 09 Dec 2015 04:57 AM

Please tell me which 1 of my banner is inactive, which is mentioned on my page. Now please tell me which one banner is inactive and where its showing?

Posted on 09 Dec 2015 02:02 PM
Please reply to my queries.

Also why all my 3 new banners created in last 2 days are still in pending condition.

Posted on 10 Dec 2015 01:02 PM

Are you people not working these days, is it holidays there?

Posted on 11 Dec 2015 04:05 AM
Hello Team TM,

What is the problem with Traffic Mansoon team, that no one reply to any queries since 8th Dec? Why all 4 banners I created and paid for are still pending for approval till now?

Do I have to write to Mr.Charles Scoville for these queries?

What do I consider about non-reply and non-cooperation??
Posted on 12 Dec 2015 03:56 AM
Is there Christmas Holidays, TM team not working these days?
It seems everybody enjoying their holidays and no one is available to take care of the Members concerns.
Admin Posted on 12 Dec 2015 06:00 AM
Ads are approved Monday - Friday during business hours 8am-6pm. Normally ads are all reviewed within 72hrs but can take a few days sometimes depending on how many have been submitted recently.

If you notice your ad is not approved, pending or the incorrect banner.
You can resubmit your ads, if your site goes offline, does not load in a frame, or is a frame breaker they will be suspended, or not approved. You can edit the details for re approval.

Also note if you are advertising a Traffic Monsoon link to (TM) members your ad will not be approved since your ad serves no purpose since they are already members, we want you to get the most out of your purchase so correct your link and re submit.
Posted on 12 Dec 2015 06:46 AM
Thanks for your valuable reply.

Here it is saying that 2 of my banners are inactive, but when I go the see the banners in details I don't see which one are inactive.

 Posted on 13 Dec 2015 06:37 PM
Tell me please
Posted on 14 Dec 2015 06:16 AM
Team TM,
Please approve my pending banners immediately now, as per your reply you approve them during Monday to Friday only and all the 5 pending Banners need to be approved as its due since last week.

Also, please help me to find which 2 Banners are Inactive, as I can't find them on my page. Please tell me which 2 are inactive and need to be re-activated by refreshing the URL.

Please help urgently.

Posted on 14 Dec 2015 04:25 PM
Hello Team TM,

What is the problem with back office that they don't reply and sort out the problem, now its Monday, if you work between Monday to Friday, then please look, today is Monday, sort out the problem now.

Well, you can see yourself, how effective your team are and their working, reply etc.

They says that Banners are inactive which does not have clicks assigned to it. When we ask which one such, coz without assigning the click and paying the ad fee no URL/Banners can be created.

Then they says that system is down or under the up gradation or other issues? Is this the proper way or reply?

Mr. Scoville, is this real or something which people call scams?

I will not let a single penny/cent to go like this. You have to be serious about it please.


1st January 2016

There seems to be a major problem developing with BLOCKED accounts:
The posts below are from the Traffic Monsoon Facebook page:

'New problem rising while surfing.Showing "click cheater" and blocked account.I am a member who referred more than 120 members to your site and stayed 1 year with TF. I know very well about the rules.But why this punishment?Even I can't create support ticket also.Please solve.Thanks. USER NAME: *******
Like · Reply · 8 · 23 December 2015 at 04:08

Vanessa ******
' they don't help you. Do you write them again?
Like · Reply · 23 December 2015 at 04:39

Hi, I have a similar problem. I was surfing when my account was blocked (click cheater), it was on 10 December. I use only a browser and I know the rules. Also, I can't create a support ticket. I hope you can help me, my username is *******, thanks.
Like · Reply · 3 · 23 December 2015 at 05:03

Paulo ******
Hi.. not gettibg my referral payment.. got an email frm traffic monsoon saying congratulation your referral earned you ...... but when i go into my account the money is not showing.. please TM solve this matter. Raised ticket aswell n got email back saying provide username so it could be transferrd dne that nothing happend .. send them several message byt did not get any reply back.... please admin sort it out. Thanks
Like · Reply · 1 · 23 December 2015 at 08:38

Awal *****
Traffic Monsoon i have one account.. but my id was blocked for telling double account but i have one laptop and one connection.. never use double account.. i have more than 50 referl.. i send support ticket but they tell me that they get double account activities but me don't do email : *********
Like · Reply · 1 · 23 December 2015 at 18:01

Muhammad *******
i get same trouble ads,get wrong click then logout.i try login againt and get cash link cheater.i already send ticket.please help username ****. thanks.
Like · Reply · 24 December 2015 at 09:04

Hans ******
someone use same network connection or wifi (same router IP) as you. No one of my family members couldn´t have trafficmosoon account .Their accounts is blocked as a double account.
Like · Reply · 25 December 2015 at 14:26

Manuel *****
Traffic Monsoon Hi, I have the same problem (Click Cheater), I already sent a ticket to the support Staff, I hope you can help me... my username is ******.
Like · Reply · 26 December 2015 at 01:38

Muh *****
I have same problem ..please help me my username : ******
Like · Reply · 26 December 2015 at 08:52

Edvardo *****
I have same problem ..please help me my username : *******
Like · Reply · 26 December 2015 at 14:39

Raj *****
please help me someone , i am having also same problem , my username is - *****. Whenever i try to login its shows blocked account. plz help me...
Like · Reply · 27 December 2015 at 15:19

Andrรฉ ****
Hi, same problem, click cheater, my username: *****, please help me. tks!
Like · Reply · 28 December 2015 at 01:20 · Edited

Benjamin ****
Hello, my account with the username *****was blocked after watching about 30 ads. I was still new in the system but after sometime I got the error message blocked account click cheater... Kindly help
Username: ********
Like · Reply · 28 December 2015 at 02:06

Nomase ********
My account has been blocked nearly a month please help MY USER NAME*********
Like · Reply · 28 December 2015 at 21:06

Nirjon ******
Traffic Monsoon hello my id ******was showing blocked and i sent message to support team but no response. kindly unblock my id and clarify the irregularities.
Like · Reply · 29 December 2015 at 10:50

Abdull ******
Hi, I've also been blocked with click cheater message, please help resolve, username *****
Like · Reply · 23 hrs

Ariful ****
Traffic Monsoon hi , you have blocked my account for the following reason ...(cash link cheater)
which I consider a system error , because this occurred after the system logout me,incorrectly...
when trying to reenter the system lock me! please help me with this... username : *****
Like · Reply · 44 mins

5th January 2016

I've had some news this morning from an affiliate who is a member of both My Paying Ads and Traffic Monsoon. He reported them to the FBI. The FBI have gone through his Paypal transactions and discovered a major red flag with both businesses.
'you are unable to Contact the Owner Through Paypal to Resolve an Issue'.

12th January 2016

Charles has announced today that Traffic Monsoon are no longer using Paypal.
Many of us have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, talking to Paypal about Traffic Monsoon and it certainly looks like they now agree with us that TM is indeed a ponzi.
The fact that this occurred so quickly is a really good indication that his hand was forced.
Charles says he is starting his own bank. I have no idea how the Banking system works in Dubai but I doubt this process will be instant. And in the meantime h
e's telling you to put money into his personal account

This is his message in full:

'As you already know from the video, I'm currently in Dubai. One reason for that is to setup an office in the World Trade Center Dubai. Part of this process is also setting up a bank here, and having an additional business registration here in the UAE. We're transitioning from using PayPal to opening our own TM World Bank. VIDEO: Processor Account Balances For Transition: Our goal with opening our bank is to send you TM MasterCards for easier access to your earnings! We'll also have complete control over the funds received by the company for revenue sharing, without any worry about the payment processors taking control of funds. This will also increase quality of our services and reduce risk of click cheating, because with the bank we'll need to verify "Know Your Customer" documents to ensure that each member getting paid is uniquely different from all other members. What this means for you if you use PayPal: For the next 30 days you'll be able to still make purchases with PayPal. We're unable to process withdrawals through PayPal because funds will begin moving into Payza and our own TM World bank account to support withdrawal requests. We do recommend that you start using Payza for purchases for now until we get the TM World Bank completed. If you used PayPal for withdrawals, you'll be able to gain access to your funds with Payza instead during this transition. There will be a space provided for you to enter your payza email address and begin making withdrawals of your earnings through Payza. If you don't have a Payza account, get signed up for FREE here: 
(Payza details)
We'll be moving funds from PayPal to Payza, then to our own TM Worldwide Bank. Until the bank is finished getting setup, if you wish to make larger purchases unable to be processed through Payza or SolidTrustPay, you're welcomed to wire the funds to the following bank details: 
(Charles bank and home address details)
Best Regards, Charles Scoville Owner - TrafficMonsoon

13th January 2016
From the Traffic Monsoon facebook page.
Traffic Monsoon There's another company which used payment processors and sold millions of their products/services.. When they setup their own bank, they became a billion dollar company; generating billions in sales, instead of millions. Sales increased. Their ability to penetrate additional markets increased. They could provide their services to more countries the processors didn't accept sending/receiving money to. The same team which setup that bank for this other company is the same team working on setting up TM World Bank. It's an honor working with these individuals. For the long term, this is going to be a greater benefit for traffic monsoon members than anyone might be able to imagine right now. Yes, it's a bit of a frustration -- just like it would be to move from one hosting company to another -- we're moving to our own bank, so I respect that some will find this a bit frustrating .. but in the long-run, this will be so much better for each member, and so much better for the company as a whole.
Not only does this give us the ability to sell more services to more people.. but it also will make it a lot easier for our members to get paid, and use their money faster without a middleman. It also protects the company over the long-term from sudden decisions a processor like paypal might make without warning. We'll have full control over the assets of the company, which is exactly the best way forward to make this company stand strong for years to come.
If you knew of the exciting things happening right now with amazing Emirates I'm meeting while here in Dubai, no one would think this is even close to being over. We're just getting started!..'

16th January 2016

Facebook reports are surfacing that Payza and STP are now paying out. But this only applies if you've already put money IN to these processors and this doesn't help all the thousands of people stuck in limbo with Paypal OR the many thousands of people who have had their accounts blocked for no reason.
A Bank in Dubai takes around six months to set up - assuming Charles can open one.
So what are all you people going to do in the meantime? Just keep pouring money IN to his personal account with no way of getting anything out?
Check out these T&C's. They make really interesting reading. 

A. By participation in TrafficMonsoon program, you must acknowledge and agree to the following terms:
1a. You agree to be of legal age in your country, and in all the cases your minimal age is 18 years of age.
2a. TrafficMonsoon service is only available to qualified members & individuals personally invited by them.
3a. Every transaction made between TrafficMonsoon and its members, is considered to be private.
4a. All members information, financial reports, account balances, messages and other info displayed and / or stored by TrafficMonsoon are of private nature, and will not be disclosed to third parties.

B. TrafficMonsoon registered as a limited liability company and not a bank nor a security firm. A purchase of advertising service with us is not considered a deposit, nor investment.

C. You are under the money laundering prevention law and other such international laws, therefore it is illegal to conduct or attempt to conduct a financial transaction with proceeds known to be from specified unlawful activity. Such an activity may include the intent to promote the carrying of unlawful activity, to evade taxes, and / or to conceal or disguise the nature of the proceeds and reporting requirements.

1c. You accept sole responsibility for any and all appropriate taxes as charged in your country, and hereby indemnify TrafficMonsoon and its owners of such liability.
2c. All transactions are deemed final. Any refund of any payment we send you will be ignored and it won't be added back to your account nor sent again. In addition, we reserve the right to change our members payment method as deemed necessary for accomplishing their withdraw requests.
3c. You agree that our past performance does not guarantee you the same results in the future.
4c. You agree to hold TrafficMonsoon harmless from any loss and / or liability to your purchase, therefore do not purchase services that you can not afford to pay for, as you are spending it at your own risk.
5c. TrafficMonsoon is not responsible and / or liable for any internal or external loss of funds due to password sharing and / or Identity theft.


17th January 2016
The latest post on the Traffic Monsoon  Facebook page states that screenshots don't lie. 
So true:
'Screenshots don't lie - PART 1

$31,259,465.00 + $20,246,413.89 = $51,505,878.89
We're in transition to move these funds out of PayPal. I have a meeting today, and if all goes well then we'll have 13 million to cover all member account balances moved into the bank, ...'

So Paypal are holding $51 million which is made up of an available balance of $31 million and a 'withheld' balance of $20 million.
So out of that $50 million he can only move $13 million OUT?
Why not all of it?
Even if he does achieve this, $13 million divided by 2 Million members isn't really going to go that far is it?

Screen shots don't lie PART 2

Look at the figure for 'EXCEEDED RELEASE AMOUNT'.

It says $18,445,403.44.
So what does this mean? This is what Paypal have to say:

'You may need to verify your account to lift your withdrawal limit. When you open a PayPal account there's a limit to the amount of money you can withdraw to your bank.

In order to lift your withdrawal limit you will need to add and confirm your bank account. If you click on the option "lift limits" next to your name on your account overview screen it will guide you through what you need to do to verify your account.'

So it looks like Charles has gone overdrawn. But all he has to do is verify his bank account details? Sounds like a simple enough request.

January 18th 2016

News from an affiliate in Australia called Jane who phoned PayPal directly and was told that they had FROZEN TM's account, not voluntarily withdrawn.

January 20th 2016

'Announcement:. Charles Scoville
I would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Amin forati as our new CFO (Chief Financial Officer) .It is the president of the group of D&B & Ambassador of Malta, and has a lot of experience with banking and financial systems.
Dr. Amin. Forati is very famous for its exceptional character, his integrity and his willingness to help the needy and give everyone an equal chance to grow, regardless of their position.
Those who have had the chance to work with him knew he was a man who respected his word and held its importance above any contract.
He was a devoted family man who always applies his family based on concepts of how he managed his own company.
Dr. Amin. Forati was born in 1969 and earned his MD from the University of Shiraz Medical Sciences in 1995, then the study of the quality management system by SGS and passed all the training and courses traveled to Toronto and continue his studies in management system of quality and became the principal auditor registered in the quality management system (ISO 9000) and recorded in the accounts of lead (OHSAS 18001) and sme and appointed as the manager for qmi in Middle East region.
This led to his appointment as advisor youngest head of industry in 1998, however, in 1998, he decided to be more hands on the market and worked as a consultant for a financial company. In 1998 he was appointed as Secretary General for the chamber of commerce and become a VIP member of the European Foundation of Arab and directors of the local association of financial and commercial company.
In 1999, he created the group & B with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates was a bold move, since they were troubled times, when the market was monopolized by companies managed internationally. Yet he managed to become one of the largest Financial and commercial group in the world.
In 2007 he received his PhD in Economics honored and college business management system of Oxford for Higher Education and doctoral studies and high education committee with reference number 11116776 and b was appointed economic advisor for the oil companies. She quickly multiplied its profits and became known on the international scene.
He was appointed in 2008 as a senior consultant for the eabaff development program), EU-Arab States Economic and Groupement D'European interest in Arab affairs and scholarships of the foundation with the International registration number eu356563.'

January 21st 2016

Dr Amin's certificate of authentication:

24th January 2016

The Paypal Merchant Risk Team have assessed Traffic Monsoon and pulled the plug.
They feel that Traffic Monsoon is TOO MUCH RISK to carry on.

'The reason for Paypals decision to part ways with your organisation is due to the size of growth in a very short time frame. Due to the amount of growth in the short amount of time, this creates too much risk for Paypal'

26th January 2016

News regarding Payza and a criminal investigation:

"The United States government, including Homeland Security Investigations and the Washington, D.C. Financial Crimes Task Force, is currently conducting a criminal investigation. As part of that investigation, the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia has requested a United States District Judge to pause current civil litigation relating to Payza and Obopay. The Judge has paused the litigation until January 22, 2016. Shortly after that date, additional information will be made available on this website about the status of this investigation.

If you have questions or concerns about your Obopay or Payza account, please email **

Updated October 21, 2015'

January 28th 2016
TRAFFIC MONSOON SCAM EXPOSED IN THE DAILY MIRROR!…/online-rich-quick-scheme-traffic-…

January 30th 2016

Charles says he is opening a bank account in Dubai but he is an American citizen so is covered by the US Tax Laws: 

This rule makes it virtually impossible for Amerian citizens to open a Bank ACCOUNT, let alone an actual BANK in the United Arab Emirates.
This rule has been in place since January 1st 2013

'Americans find it difficult to open bank accounts
Some banks might even cease to provide banking to American residents
By Majorie van Leijen

Published Monday, February 18, 2013

Some banks might cease to provide banking services to their American customers, while others are reported to refuse new customers based on their American nationality.
Supposedly, the recently enacted Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca) by the US government is the reason for banks to close its doors to US citizens.

Since January 1 this year, all foreign financial institutions must report or disclose financial accounts and investments, balances, receipts, and withdrawals held by US persons/taxpayers or held by foreign entities in which US persons/taxpayers hold an ownership interest directly to the US Inland Revenue Service (IRS).

When institutions fail to report or disclose information the consequences can be grave, one of the penalties being the withdrawal of US Dollar clearing rights in New York, a penalty feared by banks.
“For a bank which operates in the United Arab Emirates which has its currency linked to the US dollar this would be nothing short of catastrophic,” wrote a bank in a letter to its American account holders.
In the same letter, it implies that the recently enacted law might lead the bank to decide to cease operating bank accounts for US citizens: “While we await further clarification from the IRS regarding reporting requirements, it appears on the face, that these will be onerous and will involve substantial costs for [the] bank in terms of people, process and systems.

“The bank is currently reviewing its options - one of which is to cease banking for individuals who fall under Fatca regulations. We are hopeful that it will not be necessary to adopt this course of action but it will depend a great deal on the requirement placed on the bank in continuing to maintain accounts for individuals covered by Fatca.”

Meanwhile, US citizens are reported to have been refused by banks when they wanted to open a new bank account. A woman speaking on an online forum for expats living in the UAE said that she, being an American citizen, tried to open an account at a bank but was flatly refused without a reason being given.

Emirates 24|7 tested the theory by having an American citizen call 10 banks, with the question if he could open a bank account being a US citizen.
One bank employee promptly said she had to consult her boss. However, all seemed to be fine.

Another employee at a regional bank avoided answering the questions of the caller once he had revealed his nationality and said he would return the phone call, which he never did.

An employee at the third bank said that the account could not be opened because the company of the caller was not listed with the bank, and claimed this had nothing to do with the nationality of the caller...'

1st February 2016

PayPal have frozen Traffic Monsoons account and notified the authorities, as they are required to do by law

3rd February 2016
(Special thanks to Ajay for sending in this info! )

Admin Posted on 29 Jan 2016 03:49 PM
Hello, thank you for being a valued Traffic Monsoon member!
We're currently transitioning from using PayPal to opening our own TM World Bank.
Our goal with opening our bank is to send you TM MasterCards for easier access to your earnings! We'll also have complete control over the funds received by the company for revenue sharing, without any worry about the payment processors taking control of funds.

This will also increase quality of our services and reduce risk of click cheating, because with the bank we'll need to verify "Know Your Customer" documents to ensure that each member getting paid is uniquely different from all other members.

What this means for you if you use PayPal:
We're unable to process withdrawals through PayPal because funds will begin moving into Payza and our own TM World bank account to support withdrawal requests.
We do recommend that you start using Payza for purchases for now until we get the TM World Bank completed.
If you used PayPal for withdrawals, you'll be able to gain access to your funds with Payza instead during this transition.
There will be a space provided for you to enter your Payza email address and begin making withdrawals of your earnings through Payza.

If you don't have a Payza account, get signed up for FREE via Payza website.

We'll be moving funds from PayPal to Payza, then to our own TM Worldwide Bank.
Until the bank is finished getting setup, if you wish to make larger purchases unable to be processed through Payza or SolidTrustPay, you're welcomed to wire the funds if the minimum is of $7500/£5000 (please ask for wire transfer details)
Also please be aware, if your banners/sites are currently not showing or you are having issues logging in; this will be sorted as we are going through the transition. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Best Regards,
CEO - Charles Scoville 

Wire transfers are extremely dangerous! My advise is not to do this.

4th February 2016

From the Official Traffic Monsoon Facebook page:
'PayPal is now up to $58,553,217.77 -- Please get the word around to start using Payza for purchases. This balance has grown by more than $10 Million since this announcement was made. If that amount was inside Payza instead we'd have no pending payouts through Payza'

Why doesn't Charles STOP deposits? It makes no sense to accept money into an account that you can't withdraw from.

And news that the Traffic Monsoon bank is apparently open:

'Well folks as promissed an UPDATE from Immy A. I have just spoke to him in Dubai And yes wait for it the Dubai Bank is OPEN yes that is trading from next week we will have our own system to take payments and the System will box off all the awaiting l in process payments so guys and girls be patients payment on debit and master cards still in testing as we want no glitches. I would like to congratulate Charles and Immy on their HUGE MISSION is almost complete. Please do not ask when we will get our cards as this will be the next phase So lets sit a little longer and give credit for this mission'.

5th February 2016

News that the bank is delayed but Charles says he is accepting credit cards SOON! 
So if you're still daft  enough to give him money, at least you can go on the long, painful CHARGEBACK journey!

Some research on Charles new CFO:

6th February 2016

Truth or Lie?

'I pay for services at Traffic Monsoon and I get what I paid for.'
The 'services' you pay for are Advertisements seen by OTHER members in a closed loop system, that only they can see. You may indeed get sales from those adverts.

'I've withdrawn loads more money than I've put in,'
Some affiliates certainly HAVE withdrawn more than they put in.

'Traffic Monsoon is not an investment, it's a revenue share'.
This is the definition of investment:
'the action or process of investing money for profit'.
You haven't brought your Ad packs just for the pleasure of advertising your business on the Traffic Monsoon Traffic Exchange. You've brought your packs with the expectation of a full pack refund plus a little bit extra. Would you pay for Advertising at Traffic Monsoon if you had NO chance of getting any money back? 

'I see loads of Major Corporation ads on the Traffic Monsoon site'.
That's TRUE, you DO see them. But they're placed there via Affiliate Links, NOT direct company advertising.

'Traffic Monsoon is about to open a Bank'.
Traffic Monsoon is owned by an American - Charles Scoville. Americans aren't allowed to open Banks in Dubai.

'Everybody is getting paid, it just takes a little longer now, have patience'
Charles could easily make payments directly to affiliates if he wanted to via B.A.C.S (Bacs Direct Credit (also known as “Bacs transfer” or "Direct Deposit") is a secure service enabling organisations to make payments directly into another bank or building society account) which is how the majority of employees/affiliates get paid today.
The work of a Payment Processor is to process said payment from seller to buyer as an added layer of security in case 'packages' go missing.

'Traffic Monsoon will soon have it's own credit/debit card'.
No, it won't. For the same reason that Americans can't open Banks. It may, through have a PRE-PAID card which is totally different.

All the above is easily checked on the Internet, so you don't have to take our word for it - Google it yourselves.

February 8th  2016

Charles has brought a property in the UK.
Traffic Monsoon have now stopped using Payza and are requesting you open a STP account instead.

9th February 2016

Just to remind you of this post from Charles on January 12th 2016:

'We'll be moving funds from PayPal to Payza, then to our own TM Worldwide Bank. Until the bank is finished getting setup, if you wish to make larger purchases unable to be processed through Payza or SolidTrustPay, you're welcomed to wire the funds to the following bank details: ******

Best Regards, Charles Scoville Owner - TrafficMonsoon'


Paypal have withheld all of  Traffic Monsoon funds and Charles has hired a top lawyer to try and get the funds returned.

'Everyone knows what the situation is. We're in a position where most of the funds are inside paypal and paypal is not allowing funds to go out. We've retained one of the top attorneys in the USA to help with this matter. Their only reasoning for holding onto funds is because we grew too fast in a short amount of time. We have a group of people here in Dubai who have been working on resolution towards making sure members get paid right away using a new payment gateway. We're getting closer to finishing the resolution to the matter. #1 goal is paying members asap while we resolve getting funds out of paypal. What PayPal is doing is not fair on our members, me, or the company as a whole. In fact, we believe it's illegal what PayPal is doing. We're doing our best given the situation, and I don't know why anyone would say B.S. when I've always been honest and open with our members.
Just know we are working on the best outcome for all members asap, which means payouts, not just payments for purchases. We have made some very incredible connections I can't even describe or release who they are, but I will just say that we are very close to the resolution of the matter at hand, and that there are plans in development for taking TM to a whole new level structurally and commercially...'

Charles now has withheld funds in both Paypal and Payza, so where is the money going to come from for withdrawals?

12th February 2016

Paypal are a payment processor, not a Bank, which means they are not covered by the rules of Chargeback that protect your Credit/Debit cards. PayPals refund criteria is therefore very strict.
Some of you have been lucky enough to receive a full refund from PayPal, others have not been so lucky.
Our advice to you is to CLAIM a PAYPAL REFUND NOW.
DON'T WAIT OR IT REALLY WILL BE TOO LATE and we won't be able to help you.

On that note, this is Charles latest post.
We draw you to one particular bit where he says this:
'...If all the sales which have been going into PayPal these last few weeks went into Payza & Solid Trust Pay, then we wouldn't have any issues with paying anyone...'  So Charles is admitting that it is only new sales that mean he can pay out older customers withdrawals.

Charles post in full:
I truly am doing all that I can to get this situation resolved, and have met with so many people discussing ways to overcome it, including individuals who are in position to help in significant ways. PayPal is promising to send the balance in full within 180 days.
We're working through many solutions, including retaining one of the best attorneys to resolve this situation. This attorney has worked with the Department of Justice, has connections who are in the FBI, and a friend of his also is friends with the CEO of PayPal. We're working all possible channels to get this resolved amicably and quickly.
Please know that I recognize fully the position this is placing each of you in, and I am working so very hard to get this resolved for you and all members as soon as humanly possible.
Worse case scenario, PayPal will release the funds in a max of 180 days and everyone's pending withdrawals will be paid. I've always been honest with you, so I at least hope you stick with me through this journey as we face what PayPal has done to YOUR business together and get through it together, and keep going for years and years to come.
Best case sceneario, we'll have a new payment gateway added to the system in a matter of days and our solutions we've been working on will be in full force and within the next 3 weeks or so we'll have all the pending payouts caught up and withdrawals instant again. If all the sales which have been going into PayPal these last few weeks went into Payza & Solid Trust Pay, then we wouldn't have any issues with paying anyone.. So let's focus on having everyone use Payza or Solid Trust Pay.
The best thing for everyone to do is setup Payza, or SolidTrustPay while we complete work adding an additional method of payment and get it built into the system. PayPal is no longer a method of payment on the website.
The trajectory of the business has been upwards, so keep doing all you have been doing to grow the business and take this to the next level (like you always have) then we'll make it through this challenge in a shorter time.'

13th February 2016

The general rules of Chargeback only apply if you've paid for a service DIRECTLY through your Bank Debit or Credit Card.
If you go through a Payment Processor like PayPal, their own specific Refund (Chargeback) policy applies. This has a strict time limit so you need to request a refund ASAP.
Your first contact for a refund should be the Payment Processor.
If the processor refuses, you should THEN contact your Bank and/or credit company. They MAY help you, but are not obliged to.
When Traffic Monsoon closes down, your case for a Bank Chargeback is stronger.
We recommend you contact the Police or Authorities in your Country immediately to report Charles and Traffic Monsoon as a PONZI scam.
If the Authorities close Traffic Monsoon, they will likely seize Charles money so it can be returned to the affiliates affected.
More detail is available here:

14th February 2016

Interesting info on a new company Charles has just been made Director of called

 'Traffic Monsoon Global Ltd'
The other Directors recently resigned.  
He was made Director on Feb 11th 2016 and has his Office address registered as 
Imperial Offices 2 Heigham Road, East Ham, London, United Kingdom, E6 2JG
(which is a solicitors office)

15th February 2016

Did you wire money into Charles personal account? Has that been credited to your Traffic Monsoon account?

From the Traffic Monsoon FB page today:
'I have heard that people who have wire transferred funds to Charles to purchase Ad Packs have not had their TM accounts credited with the Ad Packs. Some have been waiting weeks for this to happen. I wonder what reasons Charles has for this delay. How can people trust him when he is hanging onto their funds in a very blatant manner. The above wire transferred funds have nothing to do with the issues he is experiencing with PayPal. All he has got to do is to credit the members accounts with the Ad Packs and there should be no delays or excuses. It is about time Charles tells every one what his intentions are because at the moment it is looking very dodgy.'

We are incredibly busy on our Facebook page tonight answering PayPal queries.
I have put together a comprehensive post with advice on getting your money back:

16th February 2016

Latest post from Charles:

'While We Wait PayPal Funds
Plan Moving Forward:
We know for certain the funds inside PayPal will be released. Exactly when that is we do not know, but we are working on getting them released ASAP.
While we wait for the funds to be released, the earnings which are backed up by those funds will be placed into PENDING status.
Sharing positions from adpacks purchased 11 Feb 2016 or before which are active will be placed into PENDING.
Reason being, they have shared in revenues which came in mostly from PayPal purchases.
Pending Withdrawal Requests have been returned to your balance.
Earnings from 11 Feb 2016 or before will be placed into PENDING also. Reason is because earnings before this date mostly came to members from PayPal purchases.
Once PayPal releases the funds and we have them available for payouts, all pending balances and positions will be restored into Active status.
This will make it so you can get paid instantly on the new commissions and earnings generated by the new purchases of services.
In other words, all the business which has been impacted by PayPal is placed into pending while we await for those funds to be released.'

What this statement is saying is that without NEW funds, Traffic Monsoon can't continue. 
So much for clicking those ten ads a day to create revenue!
We've always said that NEW funds paid OLDER withdrawal requests so we've  been proved correct by Charles himself!

17th February 2016


This info from an affiliate came in today:
Michelle 16 February 02:07
I called paypal again and requested to speak with a higher up. I asked them why some people are getting refunds and I'm not. They said those who managed to get back their money could do so because TM did not respond and paypal would automatically transfer the money back. The manager finally agreed to let me have about 300usd back, and advised me to report Charles to the authorities as well, in particular:

This is your BEST hope of recovering your money. If the Authorities close Traffic Monsoon down, they could eventually re-distrubute funds back to affiliates and CLAW BACK money that the big Ponzi promoters made - including Charles!


How to get your funds back from PayPal:

Step 1
Navigate to PayPal’s Resolution Center Web page and click the “Dispute a Transaction” button.
Step 2
Check the box next to the reason why you are requesting a refund, and then click “Continue.”
Step 3
Enter the transaction ID for the item or service you dispute, and then click “Continue.” If you don’t know the number, click the “Find Transaction ID” button.
Step 4
Review the transaction information and indicate the reason you are disputing the transaction. Click the “Continue” button to submit your request. After you submit your request, the seller receives the dispute information and can respond directly through the Resolution Center.
Step 5
Escalate the claim if you and the seller are unable to resolve the issue within 20 days of opening the dispute. If a case is not escalated within 20 days of opening a dispute, PayPal automatically closes the case. To escalate a claim, hover your mouse over the Resolution Center link on the PayPal toolbar and select the “View Open Cases” option.
Step 6
Click “View” next to the open dispute you want to escalate, and then click “Escalate this dispute to a PayPal claim.”
Step 7
Follow the on-screen instructions to provide PayPal with further evidence, and then click “Escalate to a claim” to submit your request and activate the claim. While PayPal tries to resolve a claim within 30 days, the process may exceed 30 days depending on the complexity of the case. PayPal will notify you after reaching a decision and may issue a refund based on the investigation.

Select 'service not provided' or ' not received', or ' not as described'.
The 'reason to Escalate' is 'Fraudulent Vendor'.

Traffic Monsoon is not defending these refund requests so, by default, you should get your money back.
The funds are readily available for you to claim. 

19th February 2016

The latest ruse to get you to put MORE money into defunct Traffic Monsoon:

'Traffic Monsoon is back! Before the PayPal fiasco revenue sharing was running at 2.1%. It is now running at 14 to 15%. Long story short in the last few hours members are getting paid 7 times what they used too. Even the mighty PayPal couldn't bring down TM. Back under your rocks Trolls. TM is here to stay.'

So Traffic Monsoon have manually adjusted their programme (when the website went down presumably) to make it look like you're earning staggering amounts of money!

From 2.1% to 14-15% in 24 hours. That's a 700% Increase!

20th February 2016

From the latest webinar:
What is happening with the TM Bank? Is it being put on hold?

'Charles: '...the World Wide TM Bank is ON HOLD for a little bit especially as we need to release those funds out of PayPal. At what stage we might pick those plans up in the future, I don't know. Or if we might take a different direction altogether, I don't know. There's definitely alot there that needs to be sorted out...
...or will it just benefit the members most to just open up a bank account somewhere and handle some types of merchant services. And it probably wouldn't be in Dubai, we'd have the Bank account in the US...'

21st February 2016


Transaction disputes between the customer and the seller are managed within the Resolution Center within the members’ account. Payza member’s may only submit one dispute per transaction. Disputes must be filed within 45 days of the completed payment transaction.

About Chargebacks and Associated Fees:
The customer is not permitted to initiate a chargeback (the return of funds to the customer, forcibly initiated by the customer's credit/debit card issuer, from the seller). If the customer does initiate a chargeback, then the customer’s Payza account will be immediately limited and the customer will be subject to a $25 non-refundable penalty fee.

Buyer Beware - SolidTrust Pay assumes absolutely no responsibility for any purchases made or received through the system. Any time you join, or offer, any Income Opportunity, MLM program, Matrix Website, make a purchase online or offer a product or Service for sale online, you are doing so at your own risk ...'

' the event an account has been suspended due to retrieval or reclaimation of funds is possible. The following activities will result in Account suspension or termination:
REAL or SUSPECTED fraudulent activity of any kind.'
Can I get a refund of credit card payments made for products or services?

If you have not received the product you purchased from a verified SolidTrust Pay merchant, please contact the merchant for support first. If you are unable to contact the merchant, you are welcome to contact us for resolution. We will contact the merchant on your behalf, and we will do our best to ensure that the situation is taken care of.

IMPORTANT: when you made your original purchase, you agreed to our NO REFUND policy. Therefore, calling your card company and attempting to acquire a refund, or to reverse the charge to your credit card, constitutes intentional credit card fraud, and we will report this fraud appropriately. All credit card complaints must come through our support department.'

Information from STP regarding refund requests:

'Please note that all entry into an income opportunity programs is done so at your own risk. Note that there is no guarantee of a refund from an income opportunity website or a website which states explicitly in their terms that there is no guarantee of earnings. We are not responsible for the merchants who utilize our services. If you have a problem with the merchant we ask that you try to resolve it with them'


22nd February 2016

Charles tells us that he has (approx) $60 million tied up in PayPal.
Why would anybody keep $60 million in a payment processor account that doesn't need to be there? The figure kept rising didn't it?
Which means that deposits must have always been higher than withdrawals. He was never going to go overdrawn.
And even if the amount did 'dip' sometimes, a Bank Transfer these days, takes minutes to do.
So why not put a huge chunk of that money into a bank account that pays interest?
Do you know how much interest you get at just 1% on $60 MILLION?
$600,000! PER YEAR!
Which works out at $50,000 per month.
Just imagine how many people could have got paid on the interest alone!
Traffic Monsoon must surely have a BUSINESS bank account as well as Charles personal account? How much money is in that one? Why can't Charles just do BACS to affiliate accounts in the short-term? And how is he still paying the Traffic Monsoon readers?


Many messages are coming through telling us about disputes that have been won. One gentleman received back $7,500 because of the information he got from this page (Traffic Monsoon Scam Facebook)!
If you win ( or lose) a dispute, please post it here!

DEFINITIVE PAYPAL STEPS from an affiliate:
Go to your transaction > contact seller > item dispute > item not received and select service > click next > select again service not received, category > service > select the amount you want to get refunded > put the traffic monsoon web link > in description just say item not received > click next > reason to escalate : fraudulent vendor > click full refund > check provide paypal with info > say again item not received > finish. Doesn't matter what you write really since TM doesn't defend disputes and in 11 days you get full refund.


Dr. Amin Forati says he is
not Traffic Monsoons CFO.
'First of all I suppose to be CFO on his new Dubai company which he did with one local guy with the name Mohamad ****** and this guy is responsible for Dubai company and I don't have any responsibility in this company and I use to collaborate with him but when I knew he was a scammer and has alot of debt so I reject this position and even I'm going to open case against him because he did (this) without my permission. Anyhow if you need my advice don't put money and push him to return back your money because he has alot of debt from his previous business and even we dont know he has 14 company which have all closed...'

27th February

I've had many messages from people over the last 24 hours saying that PayPal have refused their refunds. This seems to be the standard reply at the moment:

'After further review of the claim you filed against Traffic Monsoon, we've determined that the issue you described or the item or service associated with this transaction isn't covered by our Buyer Protection. As a result, this claim has been closed and we're unable to take any further action'

It seems that most of the refusals by PayPal have come from claims saying 'Item not as described' instead of 'item not received' but PayPal seem to have closed the drawbridge on refunds now.

You may try for a Chargeback, but see this information regarding third party processors:

' some cases we see, the consumer has bought online, using a credit card on a website that uses a secure third-party payment system to process credit card payments.

Section 75 may not always apply to transactions made this way, because this payment mechanism can break the chain of arrangements that must be in place between the consumer, the lender and the supplier.

But there are many different types of payment mechanisms used on suppliers' websites and not all of them prevent section 75 from applying. Where there is a dispute on this point, we look at the specific payment mechanism used and decide whether section 75 applies in the particular case...'

I can't stress highly enough how important it is to REPORT CHARLES to these authorities:

FBI: The Internet Crime Complaint Centre: 

If the AUTHORITIES close down Traffic Monsoon then you have a good chance of EVENTUALLY recovering your money.

March 1st 2016
It's now been seven weeks since PayPal froze Traffic Monsoons account. So where are the payment solutions? No bank? We knew that was impossible. But a bank account? That's easy to open. Charles lives in England now. He can pop down to his local bank and just open a business account. He can then pay all of his members in Europe in a matter of hours, days at the most. And for the rest of the world, he has Payza and STP.
 And before he tells you he hasn't got the funds, he HAS got the funds. He has (so he said) $18 odd million in a reserve fund and over a million in Payza.

Charles told you, way back in January that Paypal would release $10 million every 30 thirty days. They haven't. Now he is telling everybody that PayPal will release funds in 180 days - if at all. So I'm thinking his high powered lawyers aren't having much luck with recovering PayPal funds are they? Why aren't they taking PayPal to court?


We've had a very interesting message about PayPal today, that puts to rest the lie about the 180 day Buyer protection guarantee.
It never existed!

Thank you for contacting PayPal.
Unfortunately, we are unable to take any action on this claim because the item purchased or the transaction is not eligible for PayPal Purchase Protection.

To be eligible for PayPal Purchase Protection you must pay for the full amount of the item with one payment. Items purchased with multiple payments are not eligible.

Payments for the following are not eligible for reimbursement under PayPal Purchase Protection:
- Real estate, including residential property
- Businesses
- Vehicles, including motor vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, aircraft and boats
- Significantly Not As Described claims on custom-made items
- Items prohibited by the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy
- Item not received claims for items which you collect in person, or arrange to be collected on your behalf.
- Industrial machinery used in manufacturing
- Items equivalent to cash, including prepaid or gift cards or money revenue sites.
- PayPal Direct Payments
- Virtual Terminal Payments
- Personal Payments
- A single amount split into multiple payments to pay for one order or item.

To learn more about PayPal Purchase Protection, simply click "Legal" at the bottom of any PayPal page and then click "PayPal User Agreement."
We encourage you to continue to work with the seller for a mutual resolution. Although this claim is closed, the dispute is noted in the seller's account records...'

2nd March

Thanks Huz for this reminder!

'Another thing people have forgotten... when TM literally forced everyone to open a Payza or STP account (in Jan) and said you will be paid through there. (Some people were but that has completely stopped now)
BUT everyone had to purchase a cash link or an ad pack in order to link it to their TM account. You can imagine the nice cash injection for Charles if a million people did this. They could have allowed people to link their accounts without having to purchase!'

3rd March

'Update About Traffic Monsoon's Bank and Credit Card Processing: Charles Scoville

As you know we released news that we were moving away from PayPal and opening our own bank.

The problem we bumped into is PayPal is holding onto the funds. To complete the opening of our bank we need an initial deposit. The required deposit amount is currently held by PayPal'.
We're waiting for PayPal to release these funds, then we can complete the plans of opening our own bank.
We're reviewing concerns members have submitted for us to review relating to opening our own bank, and whether it would be better to simply use a bank account in the USA rather than place funds supporting member balances into our own bank. This is still something under review, even though our original desire was to have our own bank.

We have setup Allied Wallet for processing credit cards directly on the site. The reason it's not live on the site is simply because when the sales come in through this gateway, we want to first have the ability to pay members through Allied Wallet cards. Setting up these cards will take just a little more time. We wanted to have them branded as Traffic Monsoon cards, which may take a couple of months to complete.

It may be decided to use unbranded cards while the branded cards get completed. This is something I have a conference call today to discuss with Allied Wallet.

4th March 2016

'New Update About Traffic Monsoon's Bank'

As you know, we are working to release funds held by PayPal so we can timely honor all of our commitments to you.

We also are considering a number of payment plans and gateways, including private-labeling a credit card or otherwise arranging for issuance of a credit card.
We may even consider acquiring an interest in, or venturing with, a bank that has the right to issue credit cards. However, for now, we are focused on solving the PayPal situation and rapidly providing to all of you a secure, efficient means of paying for services and sharing revenues.
We already offer a number of alternative payment methods: Payza and Solid Trust Pay
We also are in working with Allied Wallet to process credit cards directly on the site. We hope to complete that process within a few weeks, but we do not yet know the exact timing.
In short, we are diligently working to ensure that each and every one of you can continue to receive the service and benefits traditionally provided by Traffic Monsoon. We are also developing innovative new content and programs that will serve your needs. Bare with us for just a short while and we believe the results very likely will meet or exceed all of your objectives.'

10th MARCH 2016



11th March 2016

Statement from Charles Scoville

'73,077 unique members have clicked on ads within Traffic Monsoon TODAY!
That's up from 63,903 a week ago. Many people are realizing, that we're continuing forward as normal.
Yes, PayPal has limited Traffic Monsoon's account and they are holding funds.. all the funds will be transferred to TrafficMonsoon after waiting 180 days, and then placed in other payment processors for withdrawals.
One of the greatest tests you'll have in life, is whether you'll give up on what you believe in when the storms of challenges roll in. It's not only to withstand the storm, or wait the storm out.. but choose to persist forward and advance to new ground while the storm of struggles beat down hard upon you. I'm amazed, and inspired by the many Traffic Monsoon members who aren't giving up.. Those who aren't just waiting for "something" to happen.. but are rising up, and taking their own TM business to new heights.. advancing towards higher and better grounds. Thank you all for your support. I'm with you.. and you're with me. Together we're a force to be reckoned with!'

12th March.

I asked Charles some questions over on the MMG forum:


Where is the $28 Million RESERVE fund held? 
How much money is in (your) account?
Is (your) address still being used as the Official location of Traffic Monsoon (and AdHitProfits)?
 ...when you are registered at (your) address in England?
Is your CFO, Dr. Amin Forati, still working for Traffic Monsoon?

What has been the outcome of the 30 day meetings you have been having with PayPal? 

What is their reason for not releasing funds?

Charles reply:

PayPal truly did limit my account simply due to the amount of growth in such a short time.

Quoting Jason Gardner (my PayPal account manager), "The reason for PayPal’s decision to part ways with your organization is due to the size of growth in a very short time frame. Due to the amount of growth in the short amount of time this creates too much risk for PayPal."

PayPal isn't asking me for documents. Not this time. Through a previous review from their underwriting team, they did ask me for all the documents, and I provided them. This was back in Oct 2015.. and I was given the news that PayPal has chosen to do business with me long-term.

Dec 22, 2015 I had another conference with them, and an additional risk review specialist named Michael .. they congratulated me on all areas of the business, and actually said that with my volume, I had the lowest dispute/chargebacks when compared with other accounts with similar volume. They told me the disputes/chargebacks were less than 1/2 a percent.. and they said they didn't know how I was doing it, but keep up the good work! They encouraged me, and made me feel I would never have to worry about losing paypal.

I know the truth, PayPal knows the truth, and God knows the truth. What these silly people in forums are saying, and accusing me of.. I know is not true. At the end of life, I'll stand before the great judge and creator of all mankind clean from having done anything wrong in this situation.. and will be rewarded for having had to go through such attacks from mean individuals. I leave it with God. He knows best.

It was designed this way as a test. I didn't do anything wrong. There's a paypal limitation. I can't touch those funds, and neither can the members who want to get paid.. it's causing people to feel frustrated because they want to get paid.. and they read words from people who are casting doubt upon my character.. doubt whether the money is really there.. doubt whether paypal is really temporarily holding the funds.. and doubt that they will actually ever get paid... They will. Especially people in my PTC sites would know that after the money was released and it was loaded in Payza, they got paid! Just like I told them they would be..

21 Feb 2014 (as recorded in this forum) I said this about potential of ever losing PayPal:

"if something were to happen, we'd continue as normal.. we'd do our best to supply any info to PayPal to help resolve anything, but worse case scenario all the funds would be transferred to TrafficMonsoon after waiting 180 days, and then placed in other payment processors for withdrawals. That's the worse case scenario. In other words, nothing to worry about."


That's exactly what we're doing. Continuing as normal. The funds inside PayPal are temporarily being held by PayPal, and placed into pending within Traffic Monsoon.

When PayPal releases the funds, they'll be placed in other payment processors for members to withdraw. There truly is nothing to worry about.

75,201 unique members have clicked on ads within Traffic Monsoon TODAY!

That's up from 63,903 March 4. Many people are realizing that we're continuing forward!

Yes, PayPal has limited Traffic Monsoon's account and they are temporarily holding funds. Our other payment processors, Payza and SolidTrustPay are doing business with us as usual and we expect to add another payment processor within about two weeks. We are demanding that PayPal immediately release payments to our members and affiliates. No matter what, PayPal has confirmed that it will release all funds no later than 180 days from 11 Feb 2016 and that it may start releasing funds sooner.

One of the greatest tests you'll have in life, is whether you'll give up on what you believe in when the storms of challenges roll in. It's not only to withstand the storm, or wait the storm out.. but choose to persist forward and advance to new ground while the storm of struggles beat down hard upon you. I'm amazed, and inspired by the many Traffic Monsoon members who aren't giving up.. Those who aren't just waiting for "something" to happen.. but are rising up, and taking their own TM business to new heights.. advancing towards higher and better grounds. Thank you all for your support. I'm with you.. and you're with me. Together we're a force to be reckoned with!

Not one question has been answered. 

March 13th
Charles has answered ONE of my questions on the MMG forum.
'Is your CFO, Dr. Amin Forati, still working for Traffic Monsoon?'
Charles replied:
'Who cares about the CFO ? Why does this matter to so many who wish to bring hate upon the business? Does it impact PayPal? no... Does it impact regular day-to-day functions of the site? No.. I will just say that regarding Dr Amin Forati there was a task for him to work on.. actually about 3 different tasks assigned to him.. and there was a conflict between Dr Amin Forati and someone else.. Due to that conflict between him and someone else, the tasks weren't completed.. and there have been discussions between Dr Amin Forati and I for how he will work with TM long-term. His goal is to make money with me through Traffic Monsoon. Discussions are yet to be resolved exactly his role in the company. When I released he was CFO, he was asked to gain approval before officially making it public that he's working with me. He and I have a good understanding between us, but still need to sort out some details relating our business relationship.
I showed him a screenshot someone shared with me about something it appears he said online. His response to this screenshot was, "Very funny bro my face book is not dr Amin Forati nor any social media. It's 200 percent fake."

15th March 2016
Charles has released this Paypal communication.

Translation: Thank-you for contacting PayPal regarding your traffic monsoon payments.

As suggested I am forwarding this message to you to confirm we do not cover Traffic Monsoon payments. We have never covered pay-per-click schemes/business investments.
Secondly, Traffic Monsoon are being investigated by a higher authority and for that reason we have decided to remove ourselves from there site as we no longer care to do business with this company. Thirdly, if Traffic Monsoon ever wanted to refund a customer they have always had the ability to do so'.


Summary of Traffic Monsoon

There is a company called Traffic Monsoon, which is an online company that specializes in online advertising and provides advertising services to businesses. It helps increase the awareness of businesses to the world by not only advertising for companies but by also providing "traffic", which is viewers who could be potential customers. They offer a range of different services.

Service type 1: Pay-Per-Click Banner Ad Campaigns & Pay-Per-Click Text Ad Campaigns. This is where you pay $0.25 per click to your website. If you want to target your ads to specific countries then you will pay up to $0.50 per click.

Service type 2: Traffic Exchange Start Pages and Login Ads. Traffic Exchange Start Pages is whereone's website will be the first site viewed by all members of Traffic Monsoon. The price is set at $35 per day. Login Ads places your website in a pop-up window upon login. This is also priced at $35 per day. This is limited to only 1 space of availability.

Service type 3: Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases: This is where you buy a certain amount of traffic exchange visitors to your website for a set price. For example, packages include: 1000 visitor credits costs $5.95, 10,000 visitor credits costs $49.95, and 50,000 visitor credits costs $229.95.

Service type 4: Monsoon Traffic Packages. This gives someone the ability to promote his website
through many advertising websites to help you gain exposure, recognition, and generate better overall results in gaining sign-ups, leads, and referrals. The price is based on the number of visitors that will come to someone's site. For example, packages include:2500 visitors costs $5.00, 50,000 visitors costs $70, and 500,000 visitors costs $600.

There are several ways for people to earn money through Traffic Monsoon.

The 1st way is through Cash Links. This is where one clicks on a link to view a webpage and gets paid the value of the link. If a member clicks a cash link worth $0.01 he must click on a given advertisement and stay on the page for 20-30 seconds. If a member clicks a cash link worth $0.02 he must click on a given advertisement and stay on the page for 60 seconds. A member is not required to pay anything to earn money through cash links. These cash links are not always available for members to click on.

The 2nd way to make money is through buying AdPacks. When you purchase an AdPack combo advertising campaign for $50, you will receive:
- 20 clicks to your banner
- And 1000 traffic exchange credits (visitors to your website).
- And it gives you a revenue sharing position. Usually, a member will earn $55 for each AdPack that he buys, and this is the maximum amount he can receive, and it could be less than that. Usually, he will earn this total within 55 days, so his account will increase gradually a dollar a day, until he reaches the maximum amount of $55 dollars, or less than that, based on the performance of the company.
To be eligible for revenue sharing, one must click on 10 ads every 24 hours and remain on each website for 20 seconds, regardless of how many active AdPacks the person buys, whether he buys a pack, 100 packs, or 1000 packs. If a person fails to click 10 times every 24 hours, he loses the opportunity to share in revenue.Profits are shared hourly so if a person's 24 hour period elapses and he didn't do his 10 clicks, the company will stop sharing revenue until he resumes his 10 clicks.
- There is no fixed time frame in which you can receive up to the maximum of $55.
- The duration is based upon the company's performance. If profits from its sales of services are high then the company shares on average $1 a day and if the profits are low then they share less.
- Once the $55 maximum has been reached, the revenue sharing stops, and the AdPack expires but the service (of traffic owed) continues if the quota has not been reached.
- To buy an AdPack one must have a website to advertise, even if it's a personal Facebook page or Twitter page. If he doesn't have a webpage, Traffic Monsoon will offer him a free webpage in which he becomes an affiliate of Traffic Monsoon.
- If one choses not to participate in the revenue sharing and wants to buy the 1000 visitors and 20 clicks to his banner separately, it would cost only $10.95 or $15.95.
- There is no guarantee that one will get any money even though he qualifies for sharing revenue, because when one buys an AdPack he is paying for a service (traffic to his site) and NOT making an investment.
- The profit share is not fixed to time or amount.
- The maximum amount can be reached in more or less than 55 days. 55 days is just a given average from track record.

Here are examples of how someone can make money by buying AdPacks.
- A person buys one ad pack for $50, and fulfills the 10 clicks per day requirement. He can usually earn up to $55 within 55 days, and his account increases daily by about $1. Of course by contract, he is owed 1,000 visitors and 20 clicks to his banner, and the revenue is not guaranteed.
- A person buys 100 AdPacks for $5000 (50 x 100), and fulfills the 10 clicks per day requirement. He can earn up to $5500 within 55 days. Of course by contract, he is owed 100,000 visitors (1000 visitors per pack) and 2000 clicks to his banner (20 clicks per AdPack), and the revenue is not guaranteed.
- If a person quits Traffic Monsoon services, there will be no refunds.

The 3rd way to earn money is through referrals:
- If you invite friends, family, or other people to buy Traffic Monsoon services you will instantly get 10% of whatever service your referral buys, except for money he makes through cash links. For example, if someone refers a friend to TM, and he buys 100 AdPacks for $50 each, you will make 10% of $5,000, which is $500. If he buys 2500 visitors for $5.00, he will make $0.50.
The following is the way revenue from Traffic Monsoon reaches its members:
- Traffic Monsoon site shows each person how much earnings he has made. This stays in Traffic Monsoon accounts, and a person can choose to transfer it to his own personal account, after putting in a request to Traffic Monsoon of wanting to withdraw and the amount.
- It will take Traffic Monsoon time to process the withdrawal request
- Note: There is a maximum daily withdrawal limit from a person's Traffic Monsoon account to his personal account.

The following advertisements are not allowed on Traffic Monsoon: Adult content, gambling, interest/usury, illegal content, hate, racism, drugs, and alcohol.'

18th March

Another Chargeback success today for £7500! What are you waiting for? Go claim!

If PayPal refuse you, go to your bank or Credit card company.
Contact their FRAUD DEPARTMENT. Not customer services - THIS IS NOT A RETAIL DISPUTE!
Tell them you are a member of Traffic Monsoon and would like to claim a Chargeback because they are PONZI SCAM. 
They will listen! Traffic Monsoon is now well known by the banks/banking authorities.

The power of chargeback. Believe in your card issuer/bank. They will get your money back from Traffic Monsoon via paypal and take up the issue from there.
Traffic monsoon are unable to provide the evidence required to challenge chargebacks via PayPal. They aren't co-operating with paypal on anything. A paypal operator told me that my chargeback would be successful and that TM have no seller protection. Here's the proof that Paypal are not the bad guys...I've got my money back. Go get yours.

19th March 2016
Some more refund successes:

21st March 2016

This is Charles trying to explain how Traffic Monsoon works:

'How To *Correctly* Explain How Traffic Monsoon Works

Basically, people can click through the traffic exchange to earn free adverting credits. People can click on cash links to earn money, and refer others to click on cash links and earn referral cash from each referral click as long as the sponsor has clicked a minimum of 10 ads in the traffic exchange to qualify for referral cash link click earnings. There's no purchase requirement for earning from referral cash links clicks, and no purchase & no click requirement for earning referral purchase commissions. Anyone can surf and never purchase anything and still receive unlimited advertising credits for clicking through the traffic exchange.

If people don't want to surf to earn credits, they can spend money to receive ad service. The revenue from the purchase gets shared with people who have purchased adpacks and qualify through clicking ads to share in revenues. An adpack gives visitor credits through the traffic exchange, banner click credits, and a sharing position. Sharing positions will receive a max of $55.00. There is no set amount these positions receive in a day, and no guarantee the positiosn would ever reach their max. It's completely related to sales of services, and only revenue which has come from advertising sales get shared with those who have qualified. There are multiple services being offered which provide the buyer an ad service, and the revenues from each of these purchases are shared.. and a portion of each purchase goes into reserve.

Get Visitors To Your Website
Advertising your website can increase visitors. If you are a blogger it can increase the number of readers you have. If you are selling something online it can increase the number of potential customers you have.
Earn an income by telling others about the services
Earn an income by telling people to sign-up free and click on cash links.
With AdPacks you receive sharing positions. You can qualify to share in site revenues through clicking a minimum of 10 ads in the traffic exchange.
You can surf an unlimited number of sites and receive an unlimited number of ad credits to be assigned to your ad campaigns.

If you are telling people to "put in" $50 and get out "$55" in ANY time frame-- this is absolutely WRONG. It's not how it works. No one is "putting in" money or "depositing" money. The services we offer are for SALE if people PURCHASE the services. Please DO NOT position traffic monsoon as any sort of investment, because that is NOT what Traffic Monsoon offers. Traffic Monsoon ONLY offers ad services, and since the VALUE of our advertising is membership driven, the revenues from the ad purchases are shared with the members. When you qualify for sharing, there is no guaranteed amount you will receive in a day, and no guarantee (implied or otherwise) that your positions will receive a max of $55. In fact, our ad plans page specifically informs the buyer, "Reaching this maximum is not guaranteed, or affixed to any time frame. It's completely reliant upon sales of services, and you being qualified."

But this is what the website says:

March 23rd 2016

Photo ID required for Allied Wallet account.

'Allied Wallet Update => => We're almost ready! Things you need to know:
First of all, there is NO need for you to sign-up for Allied Wallet. None. Payments are NOT going to be sent to your Allied Wallet account. Payouts WILL be sent to your CARD which you will order through Traffic Monsoon directly.
When you enter your credit card details for making a purchase, your card information will NOT be stored by Traffic Monsoon for future purchases.
We're working on the order form for sending you cards for payouts to be built into the site when things are completely setup for this to take place.
To make purchases with your credit card you'll first need to upload a photo ID.
We'll also be adding requirement to upload a photo ID to view cash links. This will help strengthen the effectiveness of this form of advertising.
Make sure your Traffic Monsoon account name and address matches what you have on your government issued ID.
If you are uploading your passport, there isn't an address. It's up to you to ensure your address on your Traffic Monsoon account reflects your correct physical address, otherwise if you order an Allied Wallet card to receive payout, your card will not be sent to the correct address.'

March 31st 2016

Uploading difficulties reported.

For translation:'There's been SO many uploaded ID's. Right now there are 52930 ID awaiting to be reviewed. We've already done so many. More keep getting submitted all the time. We're not asleep on the job. We just have alot of work to do. We'll make it through this queue, but it will take time. Thank you for your patience.'

15th April 2016

Charles has server problems and has released this video to explain the issues:

'Revenue sharing is being fixed. We have run out of space on our servers due to the amount of files being uploaded (both banners and ID cards). We have mounted NAS (Network Attached Storage) onto server 1, which was instantly overloaded due to the processing of so much data. Server 1 crashed. It's being replaced right now. We're also setting up a separate storage site for the data. We're working on resolution which will allow us to fix the revenue sharing as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. When it's fixed, the hours missed will be caught up'.

18th April 2016

From Charles last update:
'Matters sent directly to Charles will NOT be addressed as he will ONLY be dealing with issues directed to him by Ernie Ganz...' 

26th April

Payza seems to be having problems paying out. Cashlinks aren't working and the Alexa rankings are off a cliff edge.

27th April 2016

The PAYZA website is currently DOWN. Is it anything to do with this lawsuit currently going through the USA courts?

“The United States government, including Homeland Security Investigations and the Washington, D.C. F[i]nancial Crimes Task Force, is currently conducting a criminal investigation. As part of that investigation, the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia has requested a United States District Judge to pause curr[en]t civil litigation relating to Payza and Obopay. The Judge has paused the litigation until January 22, 2016. Shortly after that date, additional information will be made available on this website about the status of this investigation.”

29th April 2016

Official Confirmation that Amin Forati diplomatic credentials in I.O.D.R. (International Organization for Diplomatic Relations) have been revoked. 

'Hello ********,

yes, Mr. Amin Forati is no longer member of our International Organization since last February 20.

Some of IODR fundamental canons are honesty, integrity and good name, whom all the Members of our Organization are called to.
The calibre of the relations we have been developing for years worldwide does not allow us to see our good reputation associated to subjects and/or ambiguous situations.

For this reason and in compliance with the legislation of IODR itself, we had to cancel immediately Mr. Forati’s diplomatic credentials (passport, plaques, cards) which he was invited to be returned to us as well as provide immediate elimination of all references on the Internet (articles and videos) linked to IODR events, not authorizing him from using them.

We also informed him that, in order to protect our good name, we are obliged to inform the competent Maltese and the UAE Authorities, to clear any confusion about his statement as Ambassador to / from Malta.

I hope this mail has been helpful

Kind regards


4th May 2016

The most powerful TrafficMonsoon tool you can have! As used by some of the top TM earners and leaders. Recommend by online experts…

This unique and powerful tool will aim to work out your earnings, according to the number of add packs your business has. Its accuracy and efficiency builds confidence in your TM business by allowing you to calculate & strategise your packs. With its advance formulas, we have managed to simplify the ease of calculating add packs for all of our trafficmonsooners. So seize this great Opportunity with the TM tool, and start implementing the powerful compounding strategy that is earning most trafficmonsoons thousands globally.

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The best part is it’s a one-off payment of $7. Start building a better business today!

To Your Success
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9th June 2016:

Reports on Facebook suggest that many accounts are being blocked.

 Dear Charles Scoville, my username is retprasad, my account is blocked last 12 days, its showing payment Problem, i bought adpack after 2 month, I have 135 adpack 91 adpack is running. I paid the bill my credit cards company too. I called my credit cards company, my credit cards company did not reverse any money from TM. I did not get any refund from my credit cards company. I did not do anything wrong. why did my account do bloucked? I know, your are is great, Pls unblock my account.
Thanks Retprasad'

'Jawadali1 is blocked as payment problem. It has been more than 10 days. Nobody is helping. Please can you unblock it. thanks'

'Hi Charles, i would be grateful if you can help me with my ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY BLOCKED as replied by your support ticket (by Blake) it been days now, can you help me for a reply why or reason been blocked and how do I go from here as your tele customer service can't assist me when I call them. My username: googles.'

'Charles Scoville my its been almost t two weeks that my account is been blocked, my username is mdnoorna I don't know what's been happening to my account and earning. I have been trying to reach out no one is responding and my issue is hanging. Please unblock my account. Thanks'

'My username is eughiepughie and i have been blocked since 29th may and i have sent tickets in and on reply they said charles will be looking into fraudlent credit card problems that was over aweek ago, then phoned TM support and they said waiting for charles to look into these blocked accounts but i am still waiting. Please can you inform me what am i supposed to do now that i have went down all the right channels to no avail. Charles i am not a rich man i am less than working class but i put all that i have into this business to give me a bit of financial freedom and now when i want support there is none. PLEASE HELP. Why treat me like this i have ran out of ideas what more can i do. Helpless from your support programme.'

'Dear Charles, i really did not deserve this, as one of Your most loyal members from the very beginning - I have over 1000 referrals . My account is already more than 10 days (May 29) blocked - reason Payment Problem. I have verified all accounts : paypal, stp and payza that i use for deposits and withdrawals from twenty other programs with over 6000 direct referrals - and no one ever suspended my account. i tried to get in direct contact with You through my friend tanguy hubner as well as sharon james but without success.'

.Hi Charles Scoville My account has been blocked for then a week since then I have been trying to contact Traffic Monsoon through Chat, direst call to and support ticket, Everyone keep saying "This blockage will remain until Charles Scoville has determined all the fraudulant activity that has happened is solved with the credit cards" I want to know why am I being victimised what did I do. I have put so much of trust on you and put so much money. and now. I am so disappointed and exhausted with this entire process of waiting and not being answered properly. I really hope you can fix this problem as soon as possible get back to normal. I hope you maintain your trust and a healthy record.'

' I had great confidence in making Trafficmonsoon, but unfortunately are very disappointed, we account trafficmonsoon blocked a week without any explanation, my account was verified and approved by trafficmonsoon and yet my account is locked, I sent countless messages to support, I talked to people from chat who are made only form that does not help anything and in the end I got a mail in which I was informed that the password has been changed and still formally asks sorry for the inconvenience, but surprise I tried to login with the new password and my account is still blocked, heaven can not understand this situation, you mock us we who put money into this business and treat us with contempt. Do you think you can remedy this totally disappointing Don Charles Scoville, very quickly and professionally, that's what you want to be this business that you creeato, a serious and lasting. Thank you in advance and I hope that this message is not without a serious resolution as you present yourself as a man of integrity, seriously.'

'charles am very grateful for you because I unblocked my account but I trafficmonsoon Account Status shows: Refused. I have already sent 2 times my ID to verify my account and nothing. I appreciate what I can do since I sent the only identity I have. Please excuse my insistence.'

'Dear Charles scoville. My downline username is10008pks. He is trying to make his first withdrawal through payza and his money is stuck in Traffic monsoon. Please can you intervene because support is not giving a straight answer.'

18th June 2016

Charles latest statements:

"Are people still earning in Traffic Monsoon? YES! Are people still getting paid instantly? YES!!

Haters will only try to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt within you.

In case you have missed the answers previously to these questions:

1. Where is the bank? - The Traffic Monsoon bank was planned before the PayPal limitation. After it was limited, plans continued and it was made known to me after news of the bank was released that an initial deposit was required to complete the plans. With the funds temporarily held by PayPal for 180 days, the plans couldn't continue further until PayPal releases the funds.

With this additional time given to us before completing plans with opening a bank, it's given me a chance to evaluate whether this is truly in the best interest of the company as a whole, or whether simply using an established company such as Allied Wallet, STP, and Payza would be better.

2. What about the bank account in Dubai? - There is a bank account opened there, but there is no need to use it because there is a bank account in the USA. There were some who shared potential that having the bank account in Dubai could create issues for the company. No funds were ever placed in that account.
The bank account in Dubai was only intended to make it easier for people in that region to send wire transfers. Now that there is a business bank account setup in the USA, we are seeing this solution also is working just fine.

3. What happened to Amin Forati? - There were circumstances which caused doubt to fall upon whether this man was doing the things he said he was going to do for the company. It's now spread throughout forums that he is not a Maltese Ambassador any longer. He was dismissed and is currently being investigated for fraud. Amin Forati was let go without pay.

4. What about PayPal releasing funds each 30 days? - I agree. PayPal did say that they would evaluate each 30 days, but they haven't released anything yet.

5. What about debit cards being released? - Allied Wallet cards would be done if it was up to me, but there are APIs and coding details being ironed out. I have been discussing these things with my developer and with Allied Wallet, and I have pressed them to finalize whatever needs to get done, and get these cards released. Both Allied Wallet and our members wish to have these cards released, so we are trying to sort out whatever needs to get done in order to release them.

Obviously everyone is getting paid without problems with STP and Payza. We have improved support so if you haven't received a purchase or withdrawal, our support team is better equip to handle solving things for you."


Latest Alexa rankings.

26th June 2016.

More happy Traffic Monsooner posts! 


THEN £2.25

28th June 2016

Charles has just announced that he is launching a pre-paid Allied Wallet card which will cost you $6. Unfortunately for Charles, Allied Wallet have a 'live chat' option and I've just had a very interesting chat with them!

Charles announcement:
'Today is the day! We are finally ready to release the option to be paid out on your Allied Wallet prepaid debit cards!
Button can be found on the withdrawal page, and add a card page for ordering your Allied Wallet card.
Just make sure your name and address information are correct before processing the order, because once ordered and paid for, there's no way to make a change and we want you to receive your cards!
* Card delivery may take up to 2 weeks.
We're also integrating 3D Secure credit card processing at check out.
We've also implemented the "Add Card" feature which will help protect you from having anyone else use your card with Traffic Monsoon.
This means you'll need to upload front/back of your ID cards, and a recent utility bill to help us ensure you are the rightful card holder. This requirement is being placed on us by Allied Wallet, and we aim to comply and keep our business strong for years to come!
When you order your Allied Wallet card, you'll first pay a 1-time $6 for the card. When requesting funds from Traffic Monsoon to your card, there is only a $0.50 fee.'

Allied Wallet Chat:

Please wait for a site operator to respond...
Operator Alicia has joined the chat.
Thank you for contacting Allied Wallet . How may i assist you ?
07:41 PM
Ticket S31283****** is created. The chat transcript will be attached to this ticket after the transcript is saved by system.
Hello, can you please tell me why you charge $6 for a pre-paid card? Thanks.
07:42 PM
Well, in that case you may contact Traffic Monsoon directly and check with them.
07:44 PM
How do you know I was talking about Traffic Monsoon?
07:45 PM
It costs you nothing to receive and activate a card. We also have eliminated many fees that other companies charge, like; annual fees, monthly maintenance, online access, customer service, and activation fees. We do have reasonable fees for usage that are described in detail in the Cardholder Agreement, available at:
07:46 PM
Because currently they are offering prepaid cards from Allied Wallet. Not every merchant with us doing that.
07:47 PM
So the $6 charge is not from you?
07:48 PM
Tara you will have to contact Traffic Monsoon directly to get that information.
07:48 PM
But they are saying that YOU are charging this amount. They are also saying that you want the back and front of bank (*) cards AND a utility bill as proof of address. Is this your policy or Traffic Monsoons?
07:50 PM
If you need additional help understanding any part of the Cardholder Agreement or the Privacy Policy,
please contact us through the website at
07:53 PM
I don't need additional help, thank you. Just to confirm. Traffic Monsoon are lying when they say YOU require the $6 charge(**). And you haven't answered my question regarding the card information?
07:55 PM
Tara , regarding the documents if traffic monsoon is requiring you to send the documentation then ideally user's will have to submit it as per their request which is applicable for every user.
07:56 PM
And since the card is being sent by Traffic Monsoon and regarding the charges you will have to check with them.
07:57 PM
*The ID card mentioned in this transcript was previously mentioned in a Traffic Monsoon post as meaning a bank card. This hasn't been confirmed.
**The $6 fee has been imposed by Traffic Monsoon only. This is not an Allied Wallet policy.

July 7th 2016

Great news this morning! Lots of people are reporting that PayPal have been refunding previously refused Chargebacks!

...and Charles has announced you now need to click 50 ads a day instead of 10!

July 21st 2016

Remember those Allied Wallet cards that Charles promised you, the ones he made you pay $6 for? 
Well now there are no cards! And to add insult to injury, the $6 you paid will be refunded to your account balances only and not directly to your bank account.

'After getting the green light to allow our members to order Allied Wallet pre-paid cards, Allied Wallet bumped into some complications which resulted in them not being quite ready for these orders yet.

Instead of making you wait until things are resolved, I've decided it is best to refund you $6 for your purchase. The $6 is being returned to your Traffic Monsoon account balance, and can be viewed within your account balance history labeled, "Allied Wallet Card Purchase Refund"
So if there is any question whether you have received refund for this purchase, please check your balance history and look for "Allied Wallet Card Purchase Refund" on today's date.
I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.
My recommendation for now is to use the Payza card instead rather than waiting on Allied Wallet to resolve things.
On a more positive note: Payza cards are being sent out very quickly, and people are experiencing fast withdrawals to their cards. Ernie Ganz has been in communication with Firoz Patel at Payza to organize additional benefits, such as a credit card gateway through Payza which will accept both Visa and MasterCard.

After studying into bitcoin and coinbase, I've found it possible to accept bitcoin in USD and ensure a zero loss situation due to volatility of the bitcoin exchange rate when accepting bitcoin. In the near future I expect to begin accepting bitcoin as a method of payment on Traffic Monsoon.'

27th July 2016


The SEC has frozen Charles accounts and will seize his assets once a receiver has been appointed. 
'Federal regulators are trying to halt the operation of a Utah company that purports to share profits from online advertising services, but that regulators claim is a Ponzi scheme that took in $207 million from more than 160,000 investors around the world.
The Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit Tuesday in federal court in Salt Lake City and asked for a temporary restraining order against a company called Traffic Monsoon and owner Charles David Scoville, 36, of Murray. U.S. District Judge Jill Parrish granted the restraining order Tuesday evening, freezing the assets of Scoville and Traffic Monsoon, which is sitting on about $60 million in cash in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Regulators seek appointment of a receiver to find and protect the assets of Scoville and the company.'

The facts we know so far are:

On January 11th 2016, PayPal froze outgoing funds from Traffic Monsoon. This freeze ended on July 11th 2016. But instead of releasing funds to affiliates, Charles transferred $25.6 MILLION to his Traffic Monsoon account and then instantly transferred $21 million into his PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT.

The SEC have effectively closed Traffic Monsoon down. Its accounts will be frozen and its assets seized. This is GOOD news for the affiliates who have lost money, so please don't despair entirely. There is a really good chance that EVENTUALLY you may get some (or all) of your ORIGINAL SEED money back through legal RECEIVERSHIP process.
For those of you that haven't already tried for a Bank or Credit Card Chargeback, it would definitely be worth a try now. You would have a very strong case. All the information you need is here:

This is Charles latest message regarding the US Securities and Exchange Commission:

'Charles Scoville Good news. I spoke with the SEC this evening, and they have been so kind and wonderful. They have recognized I have been very honest and open with them about everything, and they recognize my pure intentions behind this business. They know and can confirm that the reason I moved funds to my personal account previously to coming to the USA was to protect people's money from these fraudulent checks circulating. They feel we can work something out that allows Traffic Monsoon to move forward through restructuring. More discussions will follow, but I have expressed to them that I want to find through creativity working together with the SEC a way to make everyone happy, or at least say: "oh, it's not that bad!" Additional conversations and meetings with them will follow. More updates to come when they're made available'

July 29th

Latest news in:
The SEC has requested the court date to be re-scheduled to September 23rd.
Charles has been posting lots of messages telling affiliates that everything is ok and that Traffic Monsoon will somehow rise and be reformed etc etc. 
His company has been put into the hands of the Receivers, his assets have been frozen and he has NO access to his bank accounts.
Your accounts will by now have STOPPED working and NO pay outs will happen ever again.
News on the Receiver details will be posted asap.

'Traffic Monsoon preliminary injunction hearing rescheduled for 23 September:

Earlier today a joint stipulation was filed by the SEC and Charles Scoville, requesting the upcoming August 5th preliminary injunction hearing be rescheduled.

The parties also requested the current TRO in place be extended until the rescheduled hearing.
An order passed a few hours after the filing granted the request, with the preliminary injunction rescheduled until September 23rd.
The TRO has also been extended till then. The Receiver remains in control of Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville’s assets as ordered on the 27th.
No reason for the request for a reschedule is provided in the joint-filing. Of note is Scoville personally signed the joint-filing, suggesting he has yet to acquire legal representation in the matter.'

31st July 2016

Charles explaination why Traffic Monsoon can't be a PONZI. 

'Regardless of what you think. Traffic Monsoon has more money to pay everyone what they have earned .. More money exists in the payment processors than is owed on member accounts for earnings.. No matter what, there are profit margins .. So even if everyone was buying adpacks, the profit margin was the only thing being shared on all the services anyway. Plus, the service purchased is labeled as a service, not an investment .. And further in terms of service everyone agreed to upon signup, says that buying any service with traffic monsoon is not any form of an investment of any kind. Full disclosure of expectation always provided that qualifying to share in revenues by clicking minimum number of ads does not guarantee any amount you would receive .. but whatever profits generated by processing the sales of services you can surf and qualify to receive. Yes, a max of $55 was set, but there wasn't ever a guarantee it would be reached. No time frame ever given.
I have always done things to help and benefit everyone in this company. The hurt came from PayPal limiting funds. I have always done everything to help lift people, benefit people, and help people achieve something more.. Even the services themselves rank among the best advertising services online.
Just remember I have always worked for the good of members. Always.. Even if plans I released didn't work out and I was called a liar.. it was me who at least tried hard to work for all of you every step of the way since day 1.
When people wonder why I didn't release news that paypal released funds. It took time to request all the funds. July 11th I learned. So I tested it out by sending $100,000 to my bank. I waited to see if it actually came. A few days later I found that they came. I started withdrawing more from PayPal. It took 255 requests to request the total I was able to withdraw. I didn't request it all out in 1 sitting. It took some time. Because I knew it would take time to move the funds out of PayPal, I didn't release that this was happening. I wanted to first get them into Payza then release to the public that PayPal had released some funds. I wanted it to be "BOOM" it's there. I didn't want to tell people PayPal released funds but not be able to do anything. I wanted to tell people this had happened when I could do something, and actually have the balances released!
I didn't have statistics to show me which services revenue came from. to me it didn't matter. Reason is because what was shared was profit margin regardless of service purchased.
Revenue was there and more money existed than was on member balances.
I definitely have shown what was in processors and how much more was there compared to member balances. Ponzis DO NOT have enough money to pay people what they have earned. Traffic Monsoon DOES.
Today 31 July 2016.'

3rd  August 2016 
 Latest update:
Since Charles is not currently in the United States, the receiver has offered to pay for him, his wife and son to return to Utah. This motion is currently going through the court

4th August
This motion has now been granted.This means that the receivers will give Charles enough money to fly into the USA with his wife and son.

5th August 2016

6th August

Charles is asking: What is really going on here?

'I've spoken with a few lawyers lately. One thing is clear. Traffic Monsoon is not offering a security. It's not offering an investment. That is one thing very certain through these communications. A security is when someone makes a deposit or investment, and walks away. Does nothing. They rely upon the market to do its thing, and hopefully make a profit. There is no service provided to these "investors". Traffic Monsoon sells services. One service is the adpack. It provides a service. The company also is in need of service: surfers. Surfers are paid when they provide a service to traffic monsoon. Paid with money which actual money already exists and received by the company from the sales of ad services. Money paid from advertisers who made purchases 24 hours ago or more, the surfers provide a service to the company and view other people's websites. Every lawyer I've spoken to about this situation all believe the SEC is wrong in their findings, and especially wrong when they learn that there is more money available than what people have earned!

So why did the SEC file this lawsuit? Why have so many judges been recused from the case after being assigned? The SEC is getting paid. Are you? The receiver is being paid. Are you?

What is their intention here? Is it really to protect you? Or to grab the money? If multiple lawyers all say there is no investment here or any security... and the State of Utah Securities Division closed their file in the past finding no security.. what is truly going on here?

8th August 2016

Fund raising sites have sprung up for Charles legal bills:

9th August

Charles has handed over the whole TM database to a mysterious anonymous person who has now set up another 'NEW TM' site. 

10th August
This is the Official Traffic Monsoon Receivers page for you to contact Peggy Hunt @ Dorsey & Whitney.
and this is her Official Email address:

11th August

A UK paper 'The Daily Mirror' has picked up on the Traffic Monsoon story. Very few papers report these Ponzi's so it's great that Andrew Penman is doing so.

12th August

Court subpoenas have been issued to specific banks requesting documents about Charles numerous other companies and his immediate family. It's especially interesting that his son is mentioned. 

17th August
Charles donation page to his legal bills states this:
THE ASSUMPTION WITH YOUR DONATION: Contributions less than $14,000 a year will be a classified as a gift. Contributions greater than or equal to $14,000 a year will be classified as an interest-free loan. It is unlikely Charles will be able to repay this loan, so it should be considered a bad debt for tax purposes.
Thank you!"


Remember Amin Forati, the CFO that Charles took on?

This is what Charles had to say on the subject:

Since plans were already in motion to open a bank and secure company assets there to avoid this sort of thing, it was decided to turn this situation into a positive. Inform people of the bank plans, and time expectation for this to be completed as given to me by this group of people already working on the plans. I knew it would take 6 months to get all money out from PayPal, but also relied upon PayPal releasing some funds each 30 days. We could transition those funds into the bank, and payout members on cards issued by Traffic Monsoon.

After releasing the news, I went to work trying to help ensure members didn't have to wait 6 months to get paid. Among all the people we met with, there were a few people who seemed genuinely that they could help. Amin Forati positioned himself as someone who could help with PayPal. He believed he could get all the money out with the help of his international contacts within the UN, senators, and various other connections he has within the banking world. The only way he could pull this off was if he was made CFO of the company. Contract was drawn up to include percentage of revenues of the company, he was made CFO, and then time passed. It didn't appear anything was going on. It didn't appear he was doing anything. Time was of the essence, and we needed to find solution urgenty. Since he was bombarded by emails.. and many people contacting me accusing him of lying about his ambassadorship for Malta, and picking into the claims presented by Mr Amin Forati about his background-- plus in additional nothing actually being done to resolve the PayPal issue, but a lie he created about $3 million being released in a month; which never happened.. I had to let him go without pay, and felt the contract was null and void since he truly didn't do anything he was contracted to do... and therefore I was not obligated to pay him anything at all.'

17th August

Charles is now saying that he doesn't need all of his money and he has donated much of it to charity:

'Many of you have not read the full deposition. If you did you would come to a question asked of me about an amount of money removed from my Traffic Monsoon account totaling around $80 million. The SEC wanted to know why I would remove this amount from my account. The SEC was so confused WHY. I told them this was too much money for me. I didn't need that. So I chose to put it in queue for sharing to members, and through time the amount of money I had earned as a personal income from Traffic Monsoon was shared with members instead. I also had my programmer reduce my personal income and place more of it automatically into being shared with members so I wouldn't have to remove it as often.

The SEC's report does not report how much money I had donated to charities. The SEC's report does not report on how much FREE members had withdrawn from clicking on cashlinks and referral commissions.

The SEC's report also does not indicate that millions had already been sent to Payza from my personal account AND HAD BEEN paid out to members. $150,000 per day combined between personal and business account had been sent to Payza Monday-Friday for quite some time. $100,000 from personal and $50,000 from the business account. Having company funds moved over to my personal account to be moved to Payza was quite typical, because I could move more from my personal account because of the account type than the business account type allowed.

Interestingly enough, the SEC's report DOES recognize that Traffic Monsoon website was not selling any investments, and also none of the promotional tools provided by Traffic Monsoon contained anything about investing. The purchase page displays the service a buyer would receive, and also clearly indicates the purchase is not an investment. They also recognize that through the site there is no income guarantees, no refunds, and customer's agreement that their purchase of advertising service is NOT an investment. So why in their report are they calling customers investors?'

August 21st
Traffic Monsoon is trying to  get around the SEC closure by changing it's name to Traffic Hurricane.

25th August 2016
What about Charles OTHER company AdHitsProfit?

Charles has been quoted as saying that the SEC have frozen his money there too, but the site is still up. For how much longer I wonder?

Meanwhile...Charles latest statement.
'Let's put things into perspective so you can see how ridiculous this is. I sell ad service. I reward non-paying customers to click on ads. I chose to reward people who buy an adpack service to click ads from profit margins. I have advised potential customers this is not an investment and only by the service if they want ad service, just like I had in the terms of service. Every effort was made to communicate with the potential customer what it is being offered on my website, and that the offer was not for any sort of investment. No income guarantee. Nothing the definition of investment would warrant had been offered or guaranteed to customers.
In contrast: Hillary Clinton used a personal unsecured email to send/receive confidential information, which is a breach to national security protocols and could have placed our country at significant risk. She lied under oath in her deposition to the FBI.
The Department of Justice looks at what Hillary Clinton did and says, "that was careless." No charges filed. Even though confidential information which was transmitted through an unsecured email address could have placed our nations security at risk!
But me-- PayPal has crippled my business, and because of PayPal's actions people claimed to have been scammed but they fail to understand that I couldn't pay people or deliver the purchased traffic when PayPal was holding onto over $60 million of my company's money. Instead of people understanding that the PayPal limitation blocked my ability to deliver traffic and pay people, heartless people attack my personal integrity because of misunderstanding and twisting things to make me look bad.
Telling the TRUTH in my deposition to the SEC.. selling an ad service and choosing to give my profit margins away is suddenly so terrible there's groups of people who organized who believe I should go to jail for the rest of my life. The SEC has taken away everything I own; making me basically homeless and penniless and powerless to act.'


And in the UK , Mr.  Patel has organised a Traffic Monsoon REVOLUTION DAY on Brighton beach this Saturday and has encouraged affilites to sign an affidavit form.

28th August 2016

Around 50 people joined the Revolution protest and paid a lawyer to notarise documents stating that they didn't feel that Traffic Monsoon was an investment.

More pics and vids on our Facebook page:

8th September 2016

Subpeonas have been served on Payza, Payment World and Pay World by the Official Receivers, requesting information on:

Charles Scoville
Traffic Monsoon UK Limited
Traffic Monsoon UK

Ultimate Power Boost
WealthEngineX and
U Launch Formula
(close family members and top leaders)

and the Law firms:
Katten Muchin Roseman LLP
The Law Offices of William I. Rothbard.

13th September 2016

The hearing on the 23rd September has been postponed to November 1st due to Charles changing lawyers.

24th September 2016

Charles has filed a Court injunction to try and stop the preliminary hearing on November 1st citing:
  • AdPacks are not securities.
  • Affiliates are not investors.
  • Traffic Monsoon is not a Ponzi scam.
  • Since 90% of TM's affiliates are not US based, the US security laws do not apply.
  • Scoville resided outside the US.
  • Traffic Monsoon is the same as Google Adsense.

6th October 2016
Some more Chargeback successes posted today.
It ISN'T too late if you're prepared to make the effort:

"Hi guys I just want to say a big fat thankyou for the valuable info you guys have shared on how to get a chargeback.

We purchased over 9 thousand dollars worth of adpacks in September of last year. When the SEC saga happened we thought, crap, we gotta get out quick. I thought my chances were very slim as it had been well and truly past 180 days since we purchased them but thought I'd try my luck with the info you guys have kindly shared on your page.

We tried with PayPal first and that was horrible dealing with them. We opened our case but As soon as they see how old your case is (past 180 days)they close it instantly without even looking into it or notifying you. We didn't take no for an answer but after a tonne of emails with a tonne of automatic/generic responses we gave up on PayPal. I'm convinced they have monkeys & robots working for them.

Anyway We moved onto trying a chargeback with our bank ANZ. We filled out a disputes form & sent it in. They replied saying it was outside of their usual timeframe to deal with disputes & that they were sorry and all that other carry on. We then replied to them with all the information you recommend on your website including the 120 day rule covered by international visa laws and a bunch of other stuff. They replied saying that out of good will they will contact the merchants bank for a refund. We were asked to provide more info on the matter and then to leave it with them.

While this process was going on we noticed PayPal had reopened our case, this was due to our bank initiating the chargeback with them. After 10 or so days the case was closed with an outcome of "case closed due to insufficient evidence to dispute chargeback". What on earth does that mean!? We learnt Basically that means there is not enough evidence to decline our request for a refund of our money, yay! Although a good outcome we still had to wait to see the response of our bank to see if they would agree with/uphold that decision & refund our money.

Also on a side note PayPal are quite slack with notifying customers of an update, so we were always checking our PayPal account for updates, they never sent emails to say there was an update on our case.

Fast forward to now and we have just received a full refund of our money! We were notified two days ago that our chargeback was successful & the money is now sitting back in our account. It took less than 3 months to get our money back. So It is possible to still get a refund even past the 180 days, even after a year! Do it, there is no harm in trying and never take no for an answer, believe that you will eventually get a refund and you will get it. It definitely helps now that traffic monsoon has actually been shut down by the SEC as that makes your case stronger!
I can't thank Tara talks and this page enough, we are so very grateful and the money could not have come at a better time, thank you thank you thank you '

8th October 2016

Latest updates:
The SEC has refuted Charles accusations by stating that he DOESN'T have the funds to pay everybody.
The SEC has also stated that Charles  constant rants on Facebook are 'legally meaningless' and 'without merit'

'...It involved (1) an investment of money, (2) in a common enterprise, (3) with a profit derived from the efforts of others.

Neither Scoville’s attempt to embed $11 worth of imaginary “advertising services” within the $50 investment, nor his requirement that investors click on other banner ads for 4 minutes per day irrespective of the number of AdPacks purchased, changed the nature of what he was selling – the opportunity to receive a return.

'Scoville’s comparison of AdPacks to breakfast cereal or Happy Meals, while perhaps clever, is nevertheless legally meaningless.'

'Scoville’s argument that the anti-fraud provisions of the federal securities laws do not apply to his fraudulent conduct relating to Traffic Monsoon investors who reside outside of the United States is without merit.

Moreover, even if Morrison did apply in this case, the Traffic Monsoon Ponzi scheme would still be subject to the federal securities laws. Traffic Monsoon was a Utah registered business being run out of Murray, Utah.

Its Utah address was included on its website. Scoville was a U.S. citizen who resided (by his own admission) in Utah, irrespective of time he may have spent in the United Kingdom.

Traffic Monsoon was operated exclusively through computer servers housed entirely in North Carolina, which facilitated all of the transactions conducted by Traffic Monsoon investors, wherever situated.

Because the transactions were effected with a U.S. Company, through U.S.-based servers, they were “domestic securities transactions” under Morrison, regardless of where the investors resided at the time of the transaction.'

5th November 2016
The original order has been extended and the assets placed under court control.

30th November 2016

The case has been heard and Judge Parish is now considering whether to send this to the Supreme Court. More details to follow when available.  

1st January 2017

I had notification of a chargeback this morning from Barclays, so it isn't too late!

hi, tara i had made 3 transaction to trafficmonsoon via paypal so i have made 3 chargeback claim through barclays bank on 
14 oct 2016. case ref no 1******oct16 :- £35.51   case ref no 1*****oct16 :- £1729.60 
case ref no 1***** oct16 :- £1758.37 

now last week i got a letter from barclays for case ref no 1***** oct16 saying:
' Since your initial dispute was raised for £1729.60 to paypal *trafmonsoon, they have challenged your claim. on your behalf we have rejected their challenge and we have advised them accordingly. visa regulation require us now to give the company and their bank a further 60 days to review and respond. they are only likely to do this if they can prove there was a valid reason to have debited your account. if this is the case, we will contact you accordingly. your barclays team.'
now yesterday i received a text from barclays saying you are been credited £1758.37 for case ref no ********** 14oct16. i have also checked my barclays account yes its been credited, i am very happy'

It still isn't too late to make a claim as long as you are within the 540 day limit. 

26th January 2017
Charles has filed another Motion to Dismiss:

9th February 2017

Charles latest statement regarding the SEC.

There are many who ask questions about the future. When will something happen? What will it be?
I recognize this comes from a place of pain and stress. We just want to be relieved of the injustice which has fallen upon all of us because of PayPal's sudden turn against our business, and the SEC twisting things around to paint an image of something that truly doesn't exist.
It's been proven that there is more than enough money to pay everyone what they have already earned, deliver the services, and have money to spare. There was no ponzi and that's plain and clear to see. New sales weren't needed to meet current obligations.
Those who have been involved in TM for a while certainly have seen results in their advertising, and learned first hand that our services are not an illusion. When PayPal limited TM, certainly all who were involved for a while noticed a drop in visitors to their sites. This is something I don't have to prove to anyone, because each of you experienced it for yourselves.
All along I have always positioned the offers on TM as strictly advertising services. Video clips of me at meetings have been shared and spread to show most undoubtedly that I explained that when someone makes a purchase of an adpack, they receive the service they paid for. The transaction is complete. The money they spent was exchanged with the company for the service they paid for. Now that the money is held by the company, it was used to deliver the services, pay commissions to the sponsor, and from the remaining amount left over amounts were rewarded to people surfing ads in the traffic exchange.
I've always been clear what is offered on TM. Anyone who thought TM was an investment were mistaken, plain and simple. TM never worked as an investment. it's always worked as a business which sells ad services, and rewards people sales commissions for selling the services, and rewards people with cash and advertising credits for viewing other people's websites. The money always came from the sales of services, meaning money the company ALREADY HAD in hand BEFORE issuing any commission or reward for surfing.
Pretty much everyone can see already that TM isn't a ponzi and never offered any investment. So why did the SEC get involved?
To protect people? They wanted to make sure people weren't harmed from some ponzi scheme? How many people feel protected by how slow this is moving? Scheduling a hearing the SEC was so busy with so many other things, including vacation. So while you're all suffering, they're off enjoying themselves. They care about you?
Simple. THEY WANT THE MONEY. All they had to do is freeze all the assets, get a temporary restraining order, and make it so it would be nearly impossible for us to defend ourselves!
The image I've uploaded along with this post clearly indicates that part of the funds obtained by the SEC will go to the whistle-blower. PayPal. What benefit does PayPal have to work with the SEC to make TM look bad? They get a PAY OFF from the SEC.
What does the SEC get for winning against TM? Well, looking at the image it's clear. Only SOME of the money would go to the people involved in TM. The rest goes to the SEC's treasury.
The SEC plan to setup a website for members to submit a claim for money. It isn't going to be found or even used by 100% of the people who's money this is. Low percentage of people will know about it, and low percentage of people will even use it. The rest goes to the SEC.
The receiver benefits from the money while she holds onto it. So you can imagine why she wants to work towards making TM look bad. She wants this case to last a long time too. Longer it lasts, the more she gets to use the money.
In a system where the SEC and receiver benefit from seized assets, the motivations behind enforcement become questionable. They appear to be manipulating the system for their own gain! If the receiver and SEC didn't benefit from seized or frozen assets, I believe they would be more likely to be honest and fair. Probably by now they would have already admitted they were wrong, or never even opened this case to begin with.

18th February 2017
Charles latest post about the Judge and the SEC.

Charles Scoville
13 hrs

Why is this case lasting so long? We have only theories and guesses. Here are some of them.
1. The judge is so busy with her schedule filled up with other cases she doesn't have time to make a decision.
2. There are much more pressing matters, and with TM not really being a ponzi nor is there any real fraud to worry about, she's placing priority in other matters.
3. The facts line up in our favor and she needs to be solid as she makes her decision.
4. Maybe the tough thing for her is that all the facts line up but the SEC was compelling in their arguments which caused her to step back and place it on hold so she can think about things while focusing on other matters.
5. She knows the case the SEC has brought against TM is weak, and thinks with a simple agreement the SEC and I could work this out among ourselves without her having to make a certain judgement which if aligning that decision with laws and how they are stated should resolve in our favor.
Judge Jill Parrish said, "...I don't know if there's a middle ground that you are advocating and you want to propose something for me to look at in that regard. I don't know if the SEC wants to, I mean, maybe take a hard look at what it's proposed and see if there are some things that are maybe overreaching in what was initially proposed given where we are."
(Transcript 30 Nov 2016 Page 114/146 lines 4-10)
So maybe the judge is hoping for both parties to take a hard look at our positions and come to some sort of agreement.
So the judge is balancing out the SEC's argument that there might be room to infere something different than what was actually offered and agreed to within the terms of service, but also having to look at the laws that protect consumers and companies through clicking agreement to the terms of service, and having the offer clearly described (as it was) on the website.
With such a busy schedule she might simply not have time to make a decision while focusing on much easier matters to resolve. She also might be hoping if this goes on long enough the SEC and I might feel compelled to work something out without having to dismantle the business.
I'm exploring with TM's attorneys the possibility of making a few small modifications which wouldn't overall change the business model, but add MORE value for the previous buyers of adpacks and improvements which may satisfy the SEC. Clearly the SEC made some comments during the last hearing which leads me to believe they don't really think TM is a ponzi.
A. They said originally that surf rewards issued from money paid for by adpack buyers makes TM a ponzi. However, in court they explained they didn't have a problem with that, only that the rewards cut off at an amount greater than $50. So they actually contradicted their original claim as to what makes something a ponzi.
B. They said the adpack is a security, but if priced differently it wouldn't have been. So yet again there is a contradiction in their original claim.
These 2 reasons certainly don't match up with the definition of ponzi and also don't match up with the definition of an investment.
Is something truly an investment based upon rewards cut off point and pricing? Do either of these things truly make something a ponzi? The clear and definite answer is no. However, as I said the SEC does infer something different than what was actually and factually offered.'

Charles Scoville I believe the judge knows we're right and the SEC is wrong, but she knows that when she makes a decision the SEC will appeal, and she wants to make sure her judgement when reviewed by the appeals court will display her ruling in a positive light. She was concerned that whatever she decides might be viewed differently on appeals.
... and that might be why she hopes we can just work this out on our own... because the SEC are stubborn, and maybe she's hoping the SEC will take a long hard look where they are actually overreaching in this case.
Charles What is the Judge's appeal turn over rate?

Charles Scoville I don't know. Maybe she's trying to keep it low... And this case is possibly going to hurt her stats.. So she's being careful not to allow any decision she makes get overturned .. So maybe she's taking the extra time to get things solid and lining up with law how laws are written.

1st March 2017
Charles statement regarding Traffic Hurricane:
'I'm not going to back-bite or spread false rumors with the intention to hurt anyone.
I'll only state the facts.
People ask me what's my take on Traffic Hurricane. I'll tell you. After the SEC filed their lawsuit people were surfing to show support. Suddenly the website went down. Ernie along with my programmer went into motion to bring the website back up. Ernie's intention was to support traffic monsoon members and give everyone traffic monsoon back so they could surf. He along with his programmer installed the site on
When we found out that TM was taken down by the receiver, I told Ernie at the time I don't think this is a very good idea. People started to forward the link to the site, and I told Ernie this really looks bad on me and I think he should take it down. He insisted nothing can be traced back to me and not to worry... So the site was there but people got upset their account info was on there... so he took it down because of the back-lash.
In private chats and leader group chats, We were struggling to get donations to help with the legal defense fund. We all knew all the assets were frozen and I couldn't defend myself against false allegations without the support of donations.
So Ernie had this idea. He said people aren't donating because they aren't benefiting from their donation. We all agreed that helping pay attorneys to defend TM and bring it back would indeed benefit everyone who donated. Ernie believed people didn't see it that way, and felt that if people could buy adpacks and get involved in a new business to help them earn money, then people would go for it. He was talking about using company profits from the sales of ad services in a new program would go towards the legal defense fund to support TM attorneys.
Ernie changed the name of to traffic hurricane and removed account details (mostly) and relaunched, and said it has nothing to do with TM because of legal reasons - he didn't want it to be connected with Traffic Monsoon because then it would be tied into the same lawsuit TM is facing.
He also knew I couldn't have anything to do with it because I was under a restraining order. He said TH is my site, and when I win this lawsuit TH will be handed over to me. TH is for my benefit, for TM, and for all the members. It was a place people could go and earn in the meantime. Company profits would go straight into paying the attorneys and we wouldn't have to worry about whether or not we could afford attorneys.
The website is exactly the same. A few minor modifications and possible site optimizations, but anyone with eyes can see it's the exact same thing. A copy of TM because it actually is the exact same script just renamed. All the work I put into the site is there. Ernie intended on this, because people already knew how to use TM and felt it would be a good way to help people jump back into business while at the same time raise funds for the legal defense.
The intention for traffic hurricane was said to help raise funds for TM because people weren't donating towards the cause. Ernie felt that if people got involved in traffic hurricane, they could help raise the needed funds to pay for TM's legal expenses. Ernie did donate some money to TM at the beginning of this lawsuit.
There are many people involved in TrafficHurricane believing it's secretly supporting TM's legal defense. People feel being involved with TrafficHurricane is the right thing to do, and believe that they are supporting me by being involved over there.
I just wanted everyone who thinks TrafficHurricane is helping me, helping with legal defense funds, or benefiting TM in anyway-- that it's not. Seems to me that Ernie has changed his mind.
It sure looks like TM was stolen from me and rebranded.. leading me to believe it was all for me.. all to support me.. all to support the members... all to help TM cover legal fees.. but in the end, we're struggling to meet legal expenses, TrafficHurricane moves on... Ernie is happy with "his" business, leaving me in the dust to sort all this out on my own without TrafficHurricane's help..
Ernie was someone I trusted with my life, obviously. Ernie and Dave were both selected as individuals who would take over TM if something were to happen to me. I believed Ernie was a close friend, and someone I could speak with in confidence about my personal life. He truly felt like he had been a very good friend, supporter, and someone I could trust due to his morals and ethics. What's happening with TrafficHurricane and how Ernie isn't using TH's company profits towards legal defense like he said he would at the beginning has me questioning whether I have simply placed my trust in someone who truly wasn't "trust worthy" like I thought.'

17th March 2017
'Why Traffic Monsoon isn't a Ponzi' by Charles Scoville.

'How do you keep yourself positive and motivated to keep pressing forward when TM has been paused for over 7 months?
For me it's been all of your unbelievable support. There has never been better members than the people who have been involved in TrafficMonsoon.
What I also do is pull-up the definition of ponzi. I've posted it many times, and I'm happy to do it many more times to help keep you all going. Then I compare what a ponzi is with how Traffic Monsoon actually operated. Then I feel renewed with a sense of vindication. Just waiting for the court system to exonerate me, and let us get back to work.
I also look at the definition of an investment and clearly can see that there truly wasn't an investment offered on Traffic Monsoon. So the SEC should have never gotten involved.
The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has defined a Ponzi scheme as:
"a scheme whereby a corporation operates and continues to operate at a loss. The cooperation gives the appearance of being profitable by obtaining new investors and using those investments to pay for the high premiums promised to earlier investors. The effect of such a scheme is to put the corporation farther and farther into debt by incurring more and more liability and to give the corporation the false appearance of profitability in order to obtain new investors. Hirsch v. Arthur Anderson & Co., 72 F.3d 1085, 1088 n.3 (2d Cir. 1995)"
When PayPal limited my account, my company experienced nearly $20 million in reversals and charge-backs through PayPal and other payment gateways due to the false rumors they started. Even with this -- there is more than enough money available to deliver all the services and pay everyone what they have earned. Every account balance can be cashed-out completely, and all services can be delivered through 3rd party advertising sites without needing more sales in order to do this.
Clearly not a ponzi! My business was not operating at a loss! You can't have $20 million in reversals and still be cash positive in a ponzi! It's impossible!
Definition of an investment:
"an investment contract means a contract, transaction, or scheme whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise and is led to expect profits solely from the efforts of the promoter or a third party, it being immaterial whether the shares in the enterprise are evidenced by formal certificates or by nominal interests in the physical assets employed in the enterprise." SEC v. Howey Co., 328 U.S. 293 (1946) Pp. 328 U. S. 298-299.

There was no common enterprise, and no representation that there was one. Certainly no solicitation for people to invest.
A ponzi is an investment offer without any actual common enterprise. In other words, the SEC are actually saying TrafficMonsoon isn't an investment by accusing TrafficMonsoon of being a ponzi. Because under the definition of what an investment is under the howey test is people investing in a common enterprise. So if there is no common enterprise, no offer for investing, and the company has more than enough to meet its commitments to its customers-- then it's neither an investment or a ponzi.
The fraud in a ponzi is offering an investment when there isn't actually any common enterprise, and because of that operates at a loss. A ponzi needs more investors to keep up their appearance of profitability when in fact they are near broke with massive debts of commitments they can't possibly keep.
TrafficMonsoon was not offering any investment, and clearly marked its offer as an advertising service. TrafficMonsoon operated on profits, and even with $20 million in reversals, the company still has more than enough money to meet its commitments.'

'I understand that some people have a hard time pin-pointing the cause of the troubles we're all facing. Blatantly and clearly obvious TrafficMonsoon was not breaking any of PayPal's terms of service. The root cause of the problems truly are PayPal and the SEC.

Some people aren't paying attention to what the definition of a ponzi is, and how TrafficMonsoon truly doesn't match the definition of a ponzi scheme.

There's been serious damages in people's lives within Traffic Monsoon due to PayPal and the SEC. People are upset at what has happened, and so am I. Many people have a hard time realizing that we're trying to fight back against these wrongs we have all been affected by. We're fighting back against them for what they have done to all of us.

Temporary Restraining order and an asset freeze means check-mate. Without financial support the attorneys go away. Without them we lose.

I can't get a job or earn any money because under this total asset freeze and temporary restraining order any money I earn goes straight into receivership. I can't earn anything otherwise that money is also seized and frozen.

This is why my mother along with others are seeking to gain support in raising funds for legal defense. We want to win because in all honest truth, no ponzi exists in TrafficMonsoon and certainly there was no fraud. How the business operates, what is offered, and everything to do with TrafficMonsoon had been clear, open, honest, transparent, and truly no wrong doing exists whatsoever.

Thank you all so much for your support in fighting back against those who have caused so much harm to come upon me, you, and traffic monsoon as a whole.'

29th March 2017
The Court decision is in and the SEC have won the first round:
In sum, all of Traffic Monsoon's arguments as to why it will win this case are without merit. Reviewing the evidence, the court concludes the SEC has made a clear showing that it will likely prevail on the merits.
The SEC has made a clear showing that it will prevail and that Mr. Scoville will continue to violate the law by operating a Ponzi scheme absent an injunction. The court therefore grants the SEC's request for a preliminary injunction.

..the court concludes that the SEC has demonstrated a strong likelihood that it will prove that Mr. Scoville operated an illegal Ponzi scheme, it denies his due process objection to the receivership order.

Traffic Monsoon's motion to set aside the receivership is DENIED. The SEC's request for a preliminary injunction is GRANTED. The court shall issue a separate preliminary injunction order and a revised receivership order,

28th March 2017

Jill N.Parrish

30th March 2017

The Court Order:


After conducting a 2-day evidentiary hearing and hearing legal argument in November 2016, the United States District Court for the District of Utah entered a Preliminary Injunction and Memorandum Decision and Order Granting Preliminary Injunction and Denying the Defendants’ Motions to Set Aside The Receivership. These documents were entered on March 28, 2017 and you should review them in their entirety. In summary, the Court granted the SEC’s request for a preliminary injunction against the Defendants, entered an Order Freezing Assets and a Stay of Litigation. As part of these rulings, the Court found that Traffic Monsoon, LLC operated as a Ponzi scheme.

Additionally, the Court entered an Amended Order Appointing Receiver.

As a result of the Court’s Orders, the Receiver will continue to administer the Receivership Estate. The Receiver’s sworn statements that were received as exhibits at the trial are as follows: Declaration of Receiver Peggy Hunt (Business Operations) and Declaration of Receiver Peggy Hunt (Communications).

4th April 2017

Charles right of reply:

What I think is the SEC are trying this case not because they believe there is a ponzi here at all. What they were probably seeing is 90% of the business was outside the USA, and they went for it.. twisted things around.. used 1/2 definitions.. and tried to persuade the judge there is some ponzi here... but there's really not.. what this is really about is the SEC wanting more power over more jurisdictions.. and failing on the supreme court level previously to this.. and believing Dodd-Frank granted them power which they have failed to exercise ever since, because no judge sided with their interpretation of the plainly written law.. and the SEC always said it wasn't what was written but the intention of the law.. so the judge in our case said it was about intention-- and the only way this case seems to be going on in the first place is so the SEC can gain more power and control over external to the usa jurisdictions... and the only way the case could continue is if the judge sided with the SEC on whether TM was a ponzi for it to go to appeals...
The judge in the last hearing said, "Because it seems to me that in almost all of those cases you have the classic situation where someone says I'm investing in real estate, I'm guaranteeing you 20 percent a year, and, in fact, there's no real estate investment at all, for example, which seems a bit different than we have in this case."
She also said, "Is there a distinction between those cases, which are I suppose admittedly pure investment schemes, and this case, which was marketed as the sale of an advertising product and a non-investment?"
She could clearly see there was no offer for any investment.. and she was basically saying it didn't look like a ponzi to her-- but maybe this case is more of a vehicle to get clarification about this jurisdictional issue for the SEC.
The judge also said in the last hearing, "Well, like I said, I think it's a fascinating issue. At this point I think that I'm not persuaded by the fact that Dodd-Frank was a fix, and I wish we had some guidance from the circuit on it. And maybe this will be a vehicle for obtaining that."
I believe her opinion that TM is a ponzi was only to keep the case alive to be carried to the higher courts as a vehicle to obtain guidance on whether Dodd-Frank was a fix like the SEC tried to persuade the judge. If she sided with TM not being a ponzi or an investment, then the vehicle to the higher courts would have been disintegrated. If you notice, the opinion from the judge sided completely with the SEC on all points but gave express permission to appeal-- almost as though it was a clear invitation to do so.
Looking at what the judge said she made a decision 180 degrees different from what she said in the hearing except on the point of maybe using this case as a vehicle to gain guidance from higher courts relating to Dodd-Frank. Her fascination with this appears to have influenced her decision, and virtually inviting us to take it to the appeals court.

At the start of our case with the SEC, there were many people who said THIS IS A MAJOR CASE THAT WILL CREATE PRECEDENT. People also said this case will make history.
Well, it's already making history. This judge said in her opinion that Dodd-Frank, a law passed by congress, was a fix to a supreme court ruling made in a case known as Morrison. This is the first time in history this has ever been made as an opinion by any district judge. It is making headlines.…/dodd-frank-lets-sec-sue-over-int-l…
It does appear our case is being used as a vehicle to gain clarification from the higher courts relating to this long-running argument Morrison vs. Dodd-Frank.
To be a major case that sets precedent, I can tell you right now that precedence isn't set by giving up and quitting along the way. We all are enduring situations caused by the SEC filing this lawsuit. Lost income, money spent on services not being delivered, damaged reputations, ruined relationships, losing friends, losing spouses, losing custody, losing property, losing medical coverage, losing hope, losing so many other things. Do you think I'm unaffected? I have experienced all these things too and more.
Some people can only see the situation from the perspective of its impact on their personal life. As bad as things are and how tempting it is to just give up and quit, I'm inviting you to see the big picture. Step back and be objective, and you'll see the bigger picture. You'll see unshakable and perservering lawyers and defendents like Erin Brokovitch hold onto the truth and the principles of justice. You'll see tenacious and steadfast defendents like Mark Cuban who held to their knowledge of the fact they had truly done nothing wrong! It was about the principle for him!
If you look at cases which the SEC lost in the end, you'll notice that every single one of them had a judge grant the SEC preliminary injunction, and make some sort of opinion that the SEC's case held merit. Ours is no different. Those cases took years to fight until winning in the end against the SEC.
In the higher courts, such as the appeals court, we stand a better chance of getting justice. We stand a better chance of getting justice in front of a jury. It's clear that Jill Parrish is a newly appointed judge who has been directed to pass the buck. She was fascinated by this Dodd-Frank argument and felt this case could be used as a vehicle to gain clarification on that.
During the hearing, conversation with the judge between the SEC made it quite clear that they felt this case should reach the 10th circuit court of appeals, or possibly even the Supreme Court to gain guidance on the Dodd-Frank vs Morrison issue. Judge Jill Parrish also said she didn't feel comfortable having either side gain access to the funds frozen without having the case appear before the appeals court.
She also said in the hearing some statements that appeared she wasn't convinced an investment was offered, that what a ponzi actually is doesn't appear to be the same as what we have in this case, and she most definitely said she wasn't persuaded that Dodd-Frank was a fix for Morrison like the SEC said because of how plainly written the law was. So how did she suddenly switch her opinion? Probably because she wanted the case to go to the appeals court anyway, which is why she practically invited us to appeal near the end of her opinion.
This is NOT the time in a case like this to simply give up, settle, quit, or abandon the cause. We've been together this far. We've all felt pain. Let's get a reward for that pain, and keep pressing through until we win! Every legal definition (when using the complete definition) of a ponzi actually and truly doesn't match what TM is. There was no solicitation for an investment. There was no commitments made which the company couldn't keep with its customers. We'll keep pressing through this until we get the outcome we deserve!

9th April 2017
Charles is appealing. 

'With TM.. We're going to press forward through the appeals process.
We feel we have solid ground to stand on.
-- 10th Circuit Court --
SEC vs Smart Assets & Brian J Smart. In this case, for example, the SEC illustrate the fraud was Brian J. Smart represented that investor money would be placed in low-risk financial instruments, but he used their money for his own personal expenses, pay earlier investors, and engage in high risk ventures.
In Traffic Monsoon's case, I never represented anything other than the sale of an ad service (on the website, youtube videos, or even in person).
Even the judge from 30 Nov 2016 Hearing said, "Is there a distinction between those cases, which are I suppose admittedly pure investment schemes, and this case, which was marketed as the sale of an advertising product and a non-investment?"
It appears, at least, during the 3rd and final hearing in the preliminary injunction that the judge recognized that the website was offering advertising services and not offering any investment.
Illustrating that within the traffic exchange industry and paid-to-click industry people commonly receive a reward of money or advertising credits for visiting ads-- which traffic monsoon offered to both free or paid members, however the adpack buyers received a reward for surfing which was variable based upon money the company already had received.
So, customer money was not represented to be placed into any financial instrument of any kind. The website fully disclosed that their ad service purchase would provide the company money to deliver the services through other websites, through its internal traffic exchange, 10% of the purchase would go to the person who referred them, and the remaining profit margin belonged to the company and could be used to reward people for surfing ads in the traffic exchange.
The website also disclosed that their purchase is not considered an investment or deposit, and did not promise any returns of any kind, however rewards for surfing as exists in the traffic exchange industry were made available from the money the company had already received in the sales of advertising services. These were expressly explained as rewards for surfing, and not any sort of returns of any kind-- and not to buy with the expectation of any returns because there might be no rewards for surfing at all.…/510527046-tenth-circuit-ponzi-sc…
Douglas F. Vaughan, The Vaughan Company, Realtors, Inc 2012 WL 4848964 (Bkrtcy. N. M.)
10th Circuit case involved a promissory note program that promised investors a rate of return of 20% per year.
Judge Jill Parrish said, "Because it seems to me that in almost all of those cases you have the classic situation where someone says I'm investing in real estate, I'm guaranteeing you 20 percent a year, and, in fact, there's no real estate investment at all, for example, which seems a bit different than we have in this case."
- She was right to explain that she wasn't seeing this sort of scenario in this case, and it is clear by definition established by precedent that a ponzi truly doesn't exist in traffic monsoon.
Judge Jenkins pointed out in his Management Solutions case indicated "new investor funds" to pay "earlier investors" -- situations like Charles Ponzi that was saying you're investing in "this" and there was no "this" there.
Also identifying debtor-transferor utilizing after-acquired investment funds to pay off previous investors.
The identifying and substantive concept here is there was no debtor-transferor situation here. Nothing was owed to anyone. The terms of the offer, the terms of service, and the messages seen at check-out clearly indicate that a purchase of service is not an investment, and there are no refunds. In other words, by the very terms of service the customers are agreeing to-- they are agreeing to the very offer of ad services, not investing, and not being owed any refund.. No Debt.. which means they are agreeing that after a purchase of service they are agreeing they are owed nothing other than the services they have paid for.
By the outline of ponzi; offering to invest in "this" and not having "this" actually be there, but using the invested funds to pay earlier investors rather than invest in "this" -- this sort of model does not actually exist within traffic monsoon.
I believe we have a real shot of asking the judge to over-turn the decision by Judge Jill Parrish based upon established precedent.
Based upon the precedent cases.. Impossible to have money to pay everyone their account balance in a ponzi. The fact that TM can certainly means it's not a ponzi.
We're hoping for a judge that rules according to the words as they are written in the statutes. Judge Jill Parrish did exactly the opposite in her decision. There is hope yet that justice can be achieved through appeal!

15th April 2017

Charles has appealed again.

'On April 14th Charles Scoville filed an interlocutory appeal against the recent granting of a preliminary injunction and denial of a motion to set aside the Traffic Monsoon Receivership."

23rd April 2017

Charles latest statement regarding the current legal situation:

This asset freeze situation is so hard it has beaten me down to my knees and will keep me there permanently if I let it. I'm still pretty stuck in a truly difficult situation due to the receiver letting things go and not helping with living allowances along the way to help me keep bills current, keep my car actively insured, among other things. So without money it's hard to sort out all these details.
This is definitely a situation Rocky spoke about life not being all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place. I've been hit down by this unjust situation, but I want to prove my inner drive to succeed is able to get hit and keep moving forward. I've taken a lot, and now I'm going to keep moving forward.
I haven't yet started earning an income for myself. I have been working on developing a new business. It's not going to have adpacks or sharing positions because the court order prohibits that while this case is going on. This is going to take a bit of time to get ready because I am starting from a place with all my assets frozen -- So it might take a bit of time as I work through some details.
I just want to thank all of you for your continued support. The more I study into what a ponzi scheme is-- the more off base I can see the SEC truly are, and I have no idea what's going on with this judge. Apparently she just wanted the appeals court to review the case and if she ruled in our favor it would have dismissed the case, so for appeals to review she had to give her initial answer in the SEC's favor. But this is such a crazy mess, and I am thoroughly disgusted by the legal system here in the USA and how they can take an innocent man, label his business as a ponzi (even when it's not one), and keep everything locked up and frozen while leaving that man to lose custody of his son, lose everything, and have everything else taken away while the courts take years to sort out what things actually are.
My goal is to make at least enough income for myself so I can live in my own place again, and discontinue needing donations. I am so grateful for your help, but I do want to get to a position within my life where donations aren't needed anymore to support this lawsuit.


The SEC and the court system in the USA seem to be filled with very dumb people, unless there is an evil agenda simply to grab the money that belongs to other people. Either they are very stupid, or very cunning evil people.
1. Traffic Monsoon was NEVER offering an investment. At all times Traffic Monsoon offered AD SERVICE. The company using money the company already received from sales within the PROFIT MARGIN to reward surfers is not a ponzi!
2. There is no offer of returns. Setting $55 as the maximum someone can receive in surf rewards is not the same as offering returns!
3. The offer is for ad service at cost savings over mainstream services.
4. Traffic Monsoon was ranked #1 out of hundreds or even thousands of Traffic Exchanges that exist.
On the SEC's own website, it says that a ponzi scheme promises high investment returns with little or no risk by simply handing over your money; often the investment does not exist or only a small percentage of incoming funds are actually invested. Funds from new investors are used to pay the purported returns to earlier investors.
1. Traffic Monsoon offered no investment and offered no returns. It offered ad services customers could receive by surfing for free or paying low and competitive prices.
2. An investment doesn't exist in reality.
3. Money the company already has received from sales are issued in sales commissions and rewards for surfing.
4. There is no purported returns. The word "purported" means, appear or claim to be or do something, especially falsely.
5. There's more money within the company than is needed to cash-out 100% of everyone's account balances, deliver all the services, and still leaves millions to spare.
6. Unpaid customers can click on links and also get paid to visit websites. 95% of the membership had never made a purchase.
- in other words, there are no false promises of returns, because there are no promises of returns
- there is no promise of any rewards for surfing
I find this whole situation unbelievable, and hopefully in the end the case resolves in our favor-- because it really should based upon facts, truth, law, definitions of things, and precedent.

30th April 2017

The good thing about this SEC case is they have at least confirmed my business works exactly as I described. It has also displayed that there truly were funds inside PayPal, even though PayPal said there wasn't. So the good thing is that this case has only shown more clearly that I have been honest this whole time.
The SEC aren't saying I misrepresented or lied to anyone.. so in that way there is no actual fraud. They are just in disagreement about whether TM offered any investment.
Surf rewards were being rewarded from money the company had received from services sold... so if money is being given to people as a surf reward-- is that a return on investment...? As described on the web site & videos, and in my opinion no, it's not "returns"... but the SEC believe it is. And since those "returns" (as they call them) are coming from customers all they had to do is switch the name customer to investor-- and surf rewards to "returns".. and then it says investors are being given returns from investors.. but transparently I was telling people that surf rewards come from money the company already had received and could continue as sales continue forward.
To put it bluntly, I sold ad service.. not investments like the SEC think.
At all times only using money the company already had received within the profit margin for issued rewards for surfing. So the SEC are saying that traffic monsoon is a fully disclosed ponzi, even though no investment was actually being offered. No returns actually promised. In my view they are twisting things, changing words, and therefore changing the very definition of what traffic monsoon was actually offering. Ad Service.
Even the judge in 30 Nov 2016 hearing noticed that Traffic Monsoon marketed its services as an advertising product and a non-investment, and she made mention of it. Therefore, investors truly weren't solicited. Full disclosure given on how things work including how the offer to potential customers is for ad service and not anything else.
Money from sales within the profit margin was used to reward surfers-- so there was an offer to surf to receive ad credits and potential reward of cash-- but it was clearly stated that the money aspect of rewards truly depends on sales (therefore not to expect it as a "given"). The customer received ad service for their payment, and if no surf rewards were issued to them they had the service they paid for, and the company would always be able to deliver that service without more sales or even surfers due to how services were delivered through 3rd party.

6th May 2017
Letter to investors and Receivers Status report:

Full transcript is here:

10th May 2017
'Traffic Monsoon Investors Represented by Peiffer Rosca Wolf Attorneys File Lawsuit Against Payment Processor to Seek Compensation for Losses'

CLEVELAND, May 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Traffic Monsoon investors represented by the investor right lawyers at Peiffer Rosca Wolf filed suit against California's PayPal Holdings, Inc. on Thursday, May 4, 2017, seeking compensation for the losses they suffered as a result of their investment in the Traffic Monsoon alleged Ponzi scheme.

Charles Scoville-organized Traffic Monsoon marketed Internet "AdPacks" to investors and assured them that the AdPacks were part of a "pay-to-click" program, and not investments. In reality, as alleged by the Securities and Exchange Commission in its 2016 lawsuit, Traffic Monsoon was a Ponzi-like scheme that redirected some of the money into its organizers' pockets and pushed new AdPack investors' money to earlier investors to keep all investors unaware of the alleged scam at the heart of the venture.

The lawsuit filed by the Peiffer Rosca Wolf attorneys Alan Rosca, Lydia Floyd and Adam Wolf, which seeks compensation for the losses suffered by certain Traffic Monsoon investors, focuses on PayPal's role as payment processor for Traffic Monsoon.

The Peiffer Rosca Wolf lawyers are continuing to receive inquiries from numerous Traffic Monsoon investors around the world.

If you purchased Traffic Monsoon AdPacks between September, 2014 and February, 2016, inclusive, you may contact attorneys James Booker, Alan Rosca or Lydia Floyd at 888-998-0520, or via email at for a free evaluation of your potential options regarding your Traffic Monsoon investment. For more information about the Peiffer Rosca Wolf law firm visit For more information about the Traffic Monsoon case maintained by the Peiffer Rosca Wolf law firm visit

Attorney Advertising. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Please visit our website,, for important disclosures, office locations, and lawyer admissions. Peiffer Rosca Wolf Abdullah Carr & Kane, A Professional Law Corporation.

Contact: James Booker, 1-216-589-9280,
This news is also on Bloomsberg:

PayPal Holdings Inc. was accused by victims of an alleged Ponzi scheme of failing to detect the fraud while processing more than $100 million in investments.
Even after the company had banned the operator of the internet advertising “pay-to-click” program from using its services in 2011 over his involvement in a similar scheme, PayPal played “a crucial –- indeed, indispensable –- role” in letting him siphon and steal investor money, according to Thursday’s complaint in federal court in San Jose, California.

The operator, Charles David Scoville, was sued last year for fraud by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over claims that he and his business, Traffic Monsoon, took in $207 million from more than 162,000 investors worldwide. The investors bought internet advertising products from Traffic Monsoon. In exchange, they were promised visits to their websites and and clicks on banners on their websites.

The agency won an injunction in Utah federal court freezing Traffic Monsoon’s assets. Traffic Monsoon is appealing the order and argues that because it was selling advertising rather than securities, it couldn’t have violated securities laws, according to a court filing.

The investors suing PayPal, who seek class-action status, say the company served as the payment processor for about $134 million in investments in Traffic Monsoon. They’re seeking at least $5 million in damages.

“We look forward to refuting these claims,” PayPal spokeswoman Ellen Hayes said. “Beyond that, we do not have any further comment on this pending litigation.”

By knowingly allowing the fraud, “PayPal departed from its own policy that prohibits the use of its services for ‘transactions that support pyramid or ponzi schemes,”’ according to the complaint.

The case is Ezeude v. PayPal Inc., 5:17-cv-02558, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California (San Jose).
The Law Firm named are not allowed to directly interfere with the current legal proceedings going through court, so they've taken a different route.'

It will be really interesting to see what the repercussions of this suit will be...

10th May 2017
Charles latest statement:
'The reason Traffic Monsoon had instant withdrawals for any amount you wanted to take from your account balance is because the money rewarded for surfing only came from money the company already received in sales of an advertising service. So that's the reason why there was more money available in the payment processors than existed on member account balances. Since no investment was offered, no amount of surf rewards promised, and the offer was for ad service and a non-investment-- there is no ponzi that exists within Traffic Monsoon. It doesn't matter which service was sold the most-- sales revenue is sales revenue, and it was only from real money the company already had received in sales of its services that it rewarded the surfers. Commissions were only paid from real sales.
When PayPal limited Traffic Monsoon, they said it was because of a sudden spike in sales. They actually tried to get Traffic Monsoon moved over to "Braintree," which I believe is because they wanted to make Braintree more popularly used and they saw that Traffic Monsoon was a big merchant.. they probably simply wanted to add a big merchant to Braintree because of the turn-over involved with Traffic Monsoon. That's how companies like Braintree make money-- the turn-over.
I wouldn't use Braintree because of what PayPal had done to my business, and the impact it had on my members-- I told members money was being held by PayPal and would be released in 6 months, and their limitation was because of a spike in sales. PayPal decided to turn against me because I wouldn't use braintree. They made members believe there was no money being held inside PayPal, and instructed members that Traffic Monsoon didn't have money to pay them-- and therefore made members believe that Traffic Monsoon was a ponzi. They instructed callers how to complain to the SEC and FBI. They told members as well as the SEC that their limitation came because they suspected Traffic Monsoon was operating as a ponzi. However, why would they have kept sales turned on for 30 days but turn off payouts during that initial period? If they thought I was doing something illegal, wouldn't they have turned off all pay-ins? If they thought I was doing something terrible, why did they try to get me setup with Braintree?
Attached is an email from Jason Gardner, my PayPal account manager at the time, where is indicated he was working hard to get me setup with Braintree on the SAME DAY they just told me they were going to transition Traffic Monsoon away from using PayPal by first turning off payouts but keeping payments in turned on for 30 days.
Court documents in the SEC case confirm that PayPal truly was holding onto the money, and there currently is more money being held in receivership than is owed on member account balances. So is there really a ponzi? No, of course not. We did not depend upon new sales in order to cover current member account balances or withdraw requests. Money was already there.
So the SEC have simply twisted some facts, and made it appear as though Traffic Monsoon WAS offering an investment, even though we weren't-- and are trying to make it appear as though surf rewards are returns on investment, even though they are not. Even though $55 is a maximum and not a guaranteed amount of rewards anyone would receive, the SEC is trying to paint a picture that this amount is guaranteed and promised, and therefore a liability-- it actually is not a liability. The company is not in debt owing anything to anyone other than their current account balance, and the services they had paid for-- which the company can fully deliver if it weren't for this crazy lawsuit, and the unjust PayPal limitation.
The impact on members has been so hard-- and it's hard to see through the pain to see where the pain is coming from-- and it truly is directly from what PayPal has done, and the SEC picking up on a case which shouldn't have ever been filed.'

20th May 2017

If the judge was confident in her opinion she wouldn't have invited appeal within her opinion.
Judge Jill Parrish said, "You need an initial answer from me. I understand that and I'm obligated to give you the initial answer. But I also am cognizant of the fact that my initial answer might not be the way the Tenth Circuit sees it."
(Transcript of Hearing 30 Nov 2016 page 113 lines 7-11)
She also said, "I understand that, but we also can't get to a point where the assets are distributed before we have some appellate review."
(Transcript of Hearing 30 Nov 2016 page 135 lines 10-12)
So this opinion from the judge is apparently a place holder for the appeals court to make the decision because Judge Jill Parrish wasn't confident in any decision she might have made.
Let's also look at the fact that this judge took the longest amount of time anyone has ever seen to release an opinion after a preliminary injunction. No one in the SEC or even my attorneys have seen it last as long as it did in this case. She was obviously on the fence, but felt more "safe" siding with the SEC at this stage, to allow litigation to progress forward.
We have strong reasons based upon real legal definitions why we should win. That's more than just hope. Thank you all for your continued support!'

23rd May 2017
PayPal did a very bad thing against Traffic Monsoon and all its members. The best way to make a bad story go away is to come up with a better story.. Like telling people TM didn't have money inside the PayPal account (even though money was there), and tell people that TM is a scam... and sell it hard. So when you look at what the SEC are doing now, they sure have presented distorted visions of reality, twisted to appear differently than what it actually is to fit into the agenda.. and they work hard to get the masses on board with that agenda.
PayPal definitely has an agenda, to cover their own butt after what they did. So does the SEC & Receiver, grab the money. I've truly done everything right within TrafficMonsoon. I didn't break a single PayPal term of service... and based upon all the existing definitions of a ponzi scheme, TrafficMonsoon truly doesn't match up with any of the definitions. I've posted them several times to help you all understand what's really going on here. There's been a major injustice. You, me, everyone in TM is a victim to the real crime-- and it's begun with PayPal, and followed through with the SEC, and stamped with approval by a federal judge-- who created a new definition of ponzi scheme because the existing ones don't fit.
Her definition also doesn't completely fit, because adpacks are not worthless. The intrinsic value of the advertising services purchased actually is above $50 people were paying for 1,000 visitors to their website and 20 clicks on their banners. The same type of services through multiple advertising options in today's world cost people far more. She ignored the reality of the advertising services and how well they actually ranked among traffic exchanges. She didn't dig deeper into the services offered and their value, but wrote off the value of the services completely.

LikeShow More Reactions

10th June 2017

Latest Court Docket Information:

Order on Motion for Miscellaneous Relief Wed 1:28 PM
ORDER granting 93 Motion for Receiver and Receiver's Professionals for Services Rendered from 7/27/16 to 3/31/17. The Receiver is ALLOWED a claim in the total amount of $139,747.05 for fees;
Dorsey is ALLOWED a claim in the amount of $341,762.50 for fees and $9,221.73 for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, for a total sum of $350,984.23;
BRG is ALLOWED a claim in the amount of $351,216.50 for fees and $519.25 for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, for a total sum of $351,735.75; and
The Receiver is AUTHORIZED to pay all fees and expenses as allowed herein. Signed by Judge Jill N. Parrish on 6/7/17. (jlw)

3rd August 2017

The Receivers second report has been released: 

The primary work of the receiver has been to recreate Traffic Monsoons business records. This will help identify investors, and investors with claims.

The receiver has an 'Operating Account' which does not earn interest and has a balance of $98,586.90
The receiver also has an 'Money Market Account' that earns interest and currently has a balance of $48,593,011.34. 

This case is complicated by Charles Scovilles inability to keep financial records.
Significant progress has been made in recreating these accounts.
The receiver is working diligently towards a goal of proposing a 'plan of distrubution' .

16th August 2017

Please go onto the receivers website to fill in a questionaire;

18th August 2017

"Here's an example of the receiver's lies.. She says that Traffic Monsoon offered $50 packages that return $55. I'm sure you can find a way to view the website as it appeared before it was taken down.. and you will not find any offer for $55 returns on any $50 purchase...'

Charles is saying that Traffic Monsoon DID have records, so why hasn't he complied with the Court Order and handed them over to the Receiver?

27th September 2017
Charles has issued a Case Status Update. But if he wants the case over and done with quickly, why does he keep appealing? 

Case Status Update:
We've filed our appeals brief, the SEC have until the 16 of Oct to reply.. after they file something it'll be our turn to file something again, and then after that we'll receive a date/time for our appeal hearing. We're going down this path in hopes to avoid a long road before trial years from now. Keeping fingers crossed!
Have you seen the appeals brief?
What the brief basically said was: Using money the company already has to reward surfers does not constitute a ponzi, especially when there is no contractual obligation for those rewards to be anything at all. Without obligation for surf rewards to be anything there is no investment. There is no obligation to payout more than the company has, so by law there not only isn't a security but also no ponzi.

The references used were to places where laws and definitions are found which give credibility and weight to our words. One of the references was a dictionary, to show just how plainly simple this case really is, that it should resolve in our favor by definition of law.'

17th October 2017
The SEC have filed their response to Charles appeal. Now we just have to wait for the outcome.

8th November 2017

The Securities and Exchange Commission have issued Ponzi warnings with specific reference to Traffic Monsoon:

18th November 2017
The receivers have closed down the Traffic Monsoon Facebook page.

12th December 2017

The Third Receivers Report has just been published:

In summary:

The receiver now has access to all of Charles Paypal accounts and is responding to numerous claims for 'chargebacks'.

Charles has incorrectly named himself and Traffic Monsoon as 'appellants' and this is being dealt with during the appeal process.

$4.2 million has been recovered from Allied Wallet.

The receiver holds two bank accounts for TM members, one earning interest;
And one that doesn't:
The Money Account holds $48,636,096
and has earned interest of $43,085.
The Operating Account holds $96,063
The Receiver also put in a request for fees and details will be published soon.

13th December 2017

Charles latest post:
'Fact: about 1 in 3 people can get hypnotized and fall victim to hypnotic suggestions.
People can pay these people with blank bills and have them be believed to be $100 bills. Honest truth.
Case and point: Traffic Monsoon sold ad service. Each page makes that clear. TM sold ad service which delivered service through the internal traffic exchange and external sources too. That's what was for sale, and that's what was delivered. Fraud in this? No'.

'TM promised to deliver a service in exchange for the payment of money by customers. PayPal hindered this ability by placing a limitation on TM's account. All money was stuck, and so the money couldn't be used to deliver the service as quickly as TM had been able to previously.'

'Then the SEC came. What was the allegation? They said a ponzi scheme was going on. WHY?
Because I said adpack buyers can click through other people's ads, and be rewarded using money paid for by other advertisers. They would not be able to receive money if there was no money, but if there was money their rewards would stop at $55.
Is this an investment? No, not by definition of law. Is it a security? No. So why is the SEC involved?'

'Because of hypnotic and manipulation techniques handled and used by people like Taratalks, PayPal department heads, SEC investigators, and even the SEC attorneys and receiver.'

'But if you truly inspect the website, and what was offered in my content and videos-- none offer anything which resembles an investment, but clearly indicate that there is only ad service and NOT an investment being offered.'

'So how and where did this case originate from? EVIL liars and deceivers. What makes you want to attack ME because of your advertising service purchase you spent too much of your own money on, especially when the delivery of your services were blocked by PayPal and the SEC? Why are you not mad at them instead of me? Think that through... you've been hypnotized.
Just read the words of the case and the words of the website. These people are selling $100 bills but they are really blank pieces of paper.. no ponzi exists.. no security exists... so why is there a case.. and why are so many people suffering... and why are the haters so keen at attacking me about it, and who are you to listen to them when the words are all in the text which say the complete opposite.'

'The truth is: TM needs to be set free from the lies, and the pain people are experiencing needs to be set free also. Everyone needs freedom from these terrible lies. Take time to discover this.. what I'm saying here is true.
The case against TM itself is a fraud before God and all mankind. Look to the people who started this case and limited TM in PayPal, and before all them is the source.. who is digging into the cause of this case when there is no security involved, only blank pieces of paper... or in other words.. just a website selling ad service, and rewarding people for surfing ads using money the company already had received, and never made a single promise of anything other than delivery of service, which PayPal and the SEC themselves stand in the way of completing.. yet the blame is where-- in your eyes... who holds the blame? I'll let you answer that, but realize how easily 1/3 of the people are deceived.'

12th January 2018
Shirley Scoville has announced the next Court Date:

'ORAL ARGUMENTS ANNOUNCED: Oral arguments for the Traffic Monsoon appeal will take place on March 21, 2018, at 9 a.m. in Courtroom III of the Byron White United States Courthouse at 1823 Stout Street, Denver, Colo. This is a great privilege and responsibility to be sure our attorneys can count on what they need to best present our side.
See their strong arguments ( website link)
Agreements to take no wage until after we win are still in place by two attorneys of three, not just one. However, legal expenses not covered by this agreement are expected to range from $10,000 to $15,000. These are expenses we must cover. Donations so far for the appeal expenses total $1,429.03. Whatever you donate will be gratefully accepted. Thank you in advance! 

6th February 2018
Charles just loves his videos. He messages everybody. This one's been made especially for me:

21st February 2018

Hidden away in the SEC interviews are these interesting bits of conversation. It seems that PayPal were willing to let Charles refund people the money they paid in, but Charles refused. 

27th February 2018

Traffic Monsoon Facebook pages are asking affiliates to stay positive in the face of huge financial losses.

"How do you expect one to be positive when one has lost his house and 450k?" says a TM affiliate?

Charles mum replies:
"I appreciate your question because it actually can be hard to be positive with so much loss.
Your loss is great. I am so sorry. My husband and I have loss, too.
As of Jan. 4, 2018, my husband and I have paid $112,428.28 in legal fees for this case and have helped Charles with more funds for his personal needs. Still your loss is greater.
Charles has lost more than money and a house. Every aspect of Charles' life has been affected by serious losses by this court case. He is struggling and yet tries to help others in whatever ways he can, which are limited. I'm trying to do the same.
Some things we can give to lift others don't cost us a thing.
Our losses cannot define us. Lift another, and you can be happy.

7th March 2018

The 4th Receivers Report Information:
$4 million has been recovered from Allied Wallet.
101,840 people have claims against the TM estate.
442,992 made money from TM of which 95 people made profits in excess of $50,000 - which the receiver is looking to recover.

The Receiver now has $52,949,602.87 in recovered funds.
The receiver has gone through hundreds of millions of records involving transactions of approximately 1 billion dollars.

The receiver now has sufficient information to identify investors and start the claims procedure so hopefully this process will be started soon.

March 16th 2018
Charles has decided to launch ANOTHER APPEAL.

Did you join Traffic Monsoon under Frank C? Then this may interest you?
The Cease and Desist is an 'Administrative Law' ( like a Civil Law) from a regulatory authority. In North Carolina the Department of the Secretary of State has Special Agents with law enforcement authority who conduct the Criminal investigations. So ,there's an administrative investigation and a criminal investigation. They run "parallel" to each other but are, in fact, separate and apart.
All funds that are recovered in the Securities Fraud Investigation are usually returned to investors (if found that they suffered a loss) and are returned through a Receiver appointed by a Judge. The Government will not profit from any assets seized.

So, if you've lost money through Frank, watch this space, you may be in line for a return of funds!

22nd March 2018
No news yet from the Appeal Court yesterday, except a comment from Shirley, Charles mum:
'Oral arguments went well. We don't know how the three-judge panel will decide, however. Their decision will be given in about 4 months.'

24th March 2018

The argument for this appeal seems to hinge on where Charles scamming activities took place, not whether it's a scam or not.
Most of the thirty minute hearing was taken up with both lawyers citing previous cases, not whether a promise of a $60 return for a $55 purchase was clearly a scam.
And what one of the Judges seemed to be saying, was that if people knew they were participating in a (Ponzi) scam, did that mean the owner could be prosecuted if he knowingly disclosed it beforehand?
My personal opinion, is that people who knowingly participate and promote these scams knowing full well what they are, deserve to lose every penny. But unfortunately, there are thousands and thousands of people who had no idea they were being scammed and they're the reason I want justice.

The audio tape of the full hearing is here:

8th June 2018
We're still waiting for the Court Appeal decision, but it shouldn't be much longer now. Charles has been absent for many months and claims that he's been on a 'long road trip'.

14th June 2018
Current reports are that Charles has been in and out of mental hospitals for treatment over the last few weeks.

16th June 2018
Charles has been arrested and charged with
His bond is $100,000.

Charles is being held in custody:

21st June 2018

This photo is taken from a Court Document on the Receivers Website entitled 'Declaration of Shirley Scoville.'

In this document Shirley states that Charles signature and the signature on the sale of the Manchester Flat Deeds are not the same.
She provides four examples of Charles signature to prove this, as well as his phone records at around the time the flat was sold to prove he was not in the UK, but in the USA all along.

So could somebody have forged Charles signature on the flat sale documents?

16th September 2018
A Summary of the Sixth Receivers Report :

Manchester Flat:
The Receiver has issued subpoenas to discover information related to the unauthorized transfer, and made requests of solicitors in the United Kingdom involved in the transaction'
This investigation is ongoing.

The Claims Process:
...the receiver has sufficient information to identify investors and determine claims, thus allowing her to take the next steps in administering the Receivership Estate.'

'The receiver has been interviewing agents, and expects to file a motion in the next reporting period seeking the authority to employ an agent. Once the agent is employed and a claims process procedure is developed in conjunction with the agent, the Receiver will file papers related to the commencement of the claims process.'

Asset Recovery:
'... the receiver determined that she should commence work involving investigating and identifying certain claims of the receivership estate that may exist against, among others, those who profited from their investments in Traffic Monsoon...the work is ongoing'.

The Receiver has so far recovered $52,929,094.

2nd November 2018

Charles has another Court case scheduled on November 9th regarding the Aggravated Child Sexual Abuse case. 

8th November 2018

Tomorrow morning (9th November) at 8.30am Utah time, Charles has a 'disposition hearing' in relation to his criminal charges for 'Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child'.
This is the definition of a 'Disposition Hearing':

'A dispositional hearing in adult criminal court is a hearing at which a plea is entered on the record before the judge. A dispositional hearing in a civil case is usually set when the parties have a proposed agreement and want to settle the case without going to trial. In both cases, the judge must rule on the proposed case disposition, as explained by the the United States District Court for the District of Colorado.

Whether the case on the docket is civil or criminal, the Court usually enters official orders on the record at a dispositional hearing, making it one of the most important hearings in the legal process.

In an adult criminal court case, there are many court hearings. The dispositional hearing is usually the last hearing (or one of the last hearings) in a series of court dates one is entitled to throughout the criminal process. First, a defendant is charged and then must decide if he or she would like to go to trial... if the defendant chooses not to go to trial, a dispositional hearing will be set so that the defendant can plead guilty on the record...'

9th November 2018
Charles -'Guilty' of Child Sexual Abuse!

2nd December 2018
From Shirley:
'This was a filing on November 29, 2018, for Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. It’s basically a status report requesting the court continue the abatement/stay of the second appeal pending the outcome of the first appeal. The Court has agreed to continue the abatement, and our next status report is due on January 29 unless we get a decision in the first appeal prior to then.'

24th January 2018

FINALLY!!!! Appeal Verdict In!!
Traffic Monsoon has been judged AGAIN to be a PONZI SCAM!!
The verdict is long and I haven't fully read it yet, but the attached post tells us all we need to know!

26th January 2018

Financial Facts from the Court Documents:

The receivers reports state that $207 million was taken from 162,000 people.

The appeal court documents say that $175.9 million was paid in and $88 million of that was paid back to members leaving a surplus of $87.4 million.

Between $50 and $60 million has been recovered by the receivers.

So in theory there is at least around $30 million still missing.

Hundreds of affiliates withdrew more than they paid in. Thousands never withdrew a penny.

The Appeal documents state that only $34million is owed to affiliates, but that is only the ones they know about - there were no financial records kept by Charles.

Everyday we're contacted by people who still haven't contacted the receivers and there are thousands more I'm sure who have also made no contact with the receivers.

Charles has spent millions maintaining Traffic Monsoon and on himself.

This case will take many more months/years to conclude and no refunds have been issued or will be issued for many months yet.

It is therefore vital that you contact the receiver, stating your name and as many details about payments/dates etc that you can remember so they can get an accurate picture of how much money is owed to individuals.

You can WRITE:
Peggy Hunt, Esq
Traffic Monsoon Receiver
Dorsey & Whitney LLP
111 S. Main Street, Suite 2100
Salt Lake City, UT 84111-2176

Traffic Monsoon Receivership Hotline
Toll-free in North America 888-522-8926 or outside of North America +1-503-520-4483

Traffic Monsoon Receivership Email

Visit the Receivers website:
and there's a questionaire for you to fill out as well.
if you have any queries, the above contacts will advise you directly.

You will NOT get 100% of your money back but it's fair to say you will definitely get SOMETHING back - eventually.

19th February 2019

And still it goes on...

From Shirley:
The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals filed a decision on Feb. 12 allowing Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville to file an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court by April 24. The Tenth Circuit said there were two “substantial questions” worth the review of the highest court in the U.S. The Utah district court’s preliminary orders are still enforced. Traffic Monsoon’s assets are still seized, so the business cannot be carried on, and the receiver still has control. While this appeal could take roughly a year and the U.S. Supreme Court can choose not to hear the case, the benefits are worth making the efforts.

You can read the Tenth Circuit’s decision on my blog. Click on the date, Feb. 12, 2019.

4th March 2019

The Official Claims portal is one step nearer to completion and has been submitted to the court for approval.
Thousands of you have already contacted the receiver to register, but you will eventually have to submit a detailed claim. 

7th March 2019

If you made more than $1000 from TM the receivers may be coming after you for clawbacks. This affects 4800 people from around the world and will hopefully recover up to $42 MILLION for the pot!

On March 5th a motion was filed by the Receiver seeking to recover Traffic Monsoon funds and assets, via ‘clawback actions, turnover actions, and other litigation‘. Receiver is setting the clawback bar at $1000 or more.
Based on the Receivers investigation, there are over 4,800 Net Winners who received $1,000 or more in false profits from Traffic Monsoon while it operated under the control of Scoville. Collectively, these Net Winners profited in amounts exceeding $42,000,000.
The Receiver currently anticipates filing a class action against the Net Winners for avoidance and recovery of fraudulent transfers under the Utah Uniform Voidable Transactions Act, common law fraudulent transfer, unjust enrichment, and imposition of constructive trusts.
The Receiver also currently anticipates bringing suit for turnover of certain funds that may not be returned upon demand. Targeted net-winners will include offshore investors.

21st April 2019

Update from Shirley:

'On April 18, the United States Court of Appeals Tenth Circuit granted TM and Charles Scoville a stay (a hold) from complying to it mandate (decision) for 30 days until May 24, 2019, while TM and Charles appeal (Writ of Certiorari) to the U.S. Supreme Court.'

 24th April 2019

$48 MILLION law suit announced by the receivers!

The receiver has released this information: 

Imtiaz Aslam from the UK – invested $10,825 and withdrew $5,095,096
Piotr Chajkowski from Poland – invested $45,751 and withdrew $874,820
Vincent Boutin from Canada – invested $207,124 and withdrew $968,665
Maurizio Longo from Italy – invested $52.65 and withdrew $607,174
Ernest Ganz from Florida in the US – invested $344 and withdrew $448,369
David Barker from North Carolina in the US – invested $23,177 and withdrew $363,596
Mohammed Yasin from the UK – invested $9,850 and withdrew $349,529
Adil Khan from the UK – invested $12,272 and withdrew $328,663
Javediqbal Naeem from the UK – invested $67,793 and withdrew $355,332
Limited By Invitation (a UK limited partnership) – invested $8588 and withdrew $260,519
Sharon James from the UK – invested $2254 and withdrew $249,758 anybody who withdrew $1000 over and above their original purchase.

9th May 2019

Penman has an article in the Mirror today:

Link to the Clawback Court Document:
Clawback Information

16th May 2019

Charles Court deadline has been extended to 21st June 2019:

Filed May 13 2019

ORDER of USCA Supreme Court Circuit as to 85 Notice of Appeal - Interlocutory, filed by Traffic Monsoon, Charles David Scoville. The application for a further extension of time has been presented to Justice Sotomayor, who on 5/9/19, extended the time to 6/21/2019. Served on 05/09/2019. (jmr) (Entered: 05/15/2019)

13th June 2019
Interesting timing for this article, and Traffic Monsoon gets a mention!…/can-sec-bring-enforcement-ac…

Can the SEC Bring Enforcement Actions Against International Schemes?
Wednesday, June 12, 2019
The SEC’s International Reach Against Fraudsters
Yes. The antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws apply extraterritorially:
When the wrongful conduct occurred in the United States; or
When the conduct outside the United States had a substantial effect in the United States or upon United States citizens.....

22nd June 2019
Yesterdays deadline passed with no docket updates to say Charles has more time to appeal, and no notice of an appeal lodged with the Supreme Court.

25th June 2019
Charles has filed an appeal to the Supreme Court.

25th August 2019
Charles is asking the receivers to pay his court fees because he is unable to work due to his incarceration for Child Abuse.

'Charles Scoville hereby moves the Court for an order directing the Receiver to pay attorney fees he incurred in appealing this Courts order from the assets of the Receiver Estate. Due to the difficulties Mr. Scoville has experienced , a previously documented in various filings including his motion to Excuse Appearance of Defendant Charles Scoville at upcoming Evidentiary Hearing and Motion to Excuse Compliance with Subpoena, he has been unable to work to raise funds to pay his own attorneys fees.'

7th September 2019

Charles is still denying all knowledge of the Manchester flat sale and his lawyers, Premier Property Lawyers, have refused to hand over all the necessary documents to prove otherwise.
The receivers asked for, and have just been granted, a request from the Hague Convention to force Charles lawyers to comply with demands for every document relating to the sale.

4th November 2019
Charles has lost his appeal to the Supreme Court and the last Court judgement stands.

26th November 2019
Charles applied to the Utah Court to have his appeal dismissed and this has been granted.

7th December 2019
Swiss Space systems are in the news again:
For background to this news article, see the related posts regarding Traffic Monsoons previous CFO Amin Forati below.

17th December 2019

Court Action to approve the Claims process has begun.

AFFIDAVIT/DECLARATION of Peggy Hunt, Receiver in Support re227 Amended MOTION Receiver's Renewed and Amended Motion Seeking Approval of (1) Claims Process; (2) Setting Claims Bar Date; and (3) Certain Notice Procedures re178 MOTION Approval of (1) Claims Process; (2) Setting Claims Bar Date; and (3) C filed by Receiver Peggy Hunt. (Hunt, Peggy)

7th January 2020
The Claims Portal is now live. Full information here:

4th April 2020
A Default Judgement has been filed by the SEC :

2nd June 2020
Charles application to the Court to have his attorney fees paid has been REJECTED.
Also, we're now just waiting for the Court Clerk to file the final Default Judgement against Charles and then the process of refunds can begin. 

11th September 2020
Unfortunately, probably due to Covid, we're still waiting for the Default Judgement to be recorded. 
But there is news on the sale of the Manchester Flat. Here is an update of proceedings so far:
Scovilles Flat Sale- Brief Summary:
Charles brought his flat in Manchester, England in August 2015.
The Receivers took over Traffic Monsoon in July 2016 and a Court Order was granted, forbidding Charles from selling the flat and keeping the proceeds.
But in March 2018, the receiver discovered that Charles had sold the property and put the proceeds of sale into his personal Bank Account and the receivers demanded that this money be returned to them.
May 2018 - Charles responded by stating that he had no knowledge of the sale, did not have the proceeds of that sale and that all documents relating to the sale of the Flat had his forged signature on them.
June 2018 - Charles signed a letter to Premier Property Services, authorising them to provide all documentation relating to the sale but Premier refused to turn over ALL  the documents.
 August 30th 2019, the Receivers applied to the English Courts for a 'Premier Letter of Request' which they granted on October 22nd 2019.
On November 1st Premier complied with this request.
The documents confirmed that Scoville (or someone pretending to be him) had indeed sold the flat and transferred the proceeds into his account.
On December 3rd 2019, Santander USA  was ordered by the Utah Court to produce documentation relating to the sale proceeds but refused - stating that it was a Third Party in the UK who held the account and that the receiver should obtain the documentation directly from them.
September 2020 - Another 'Letter of Request' has been filed with the English Courts so that the documents of the Third Party can be released.

September (August) 2020
Criminal Charges Filed for Tax Evasion:

January 6th 2021
Finally some good news! 

Related posts regarding Amin Forati - (Traffic Monsoon previous CFO)


  1. Thanks Tara, you have just convinced me not to sign up to TM. I was due to meet a Guy I used to work with tonight, however just the way he has hounded me obsessively has been enough to make me look into this further! Why if so much can be made, are people so keen to sign up new members?! This backs up your claim that New members are paying Old members! This cannot be sustainable long term, and as they say on Dragon's Den for that reason I'm out! Thanks for your advice. All you idiots thinking your gona make a million should try hard work!

  2. Awale:

    Thanks Tara for this noble activism. For the past few weeks many of my friends either joined or were thinking about joining it. Although I didn't have sufficient information about this company simply the information and the way I'd make money through investing TM sounded too good to be true. I once read a quote said by Warren Buffet who said when "when considering investing in business, if it sounds too good to be true than you better find other ways to invest".

    keep up the good work, I share your views with those TM enthusiasts who lack how it works.

  3. So there are some points you have completely failed to mention. First off AdHitProfits did not fail. The company is still open and doing business. Second, the money was frozen and the FTC was alerted in the USA and AdHitProfits business model was cleared to do business. 11 and a half months laters some of the money was returned and some of the affiliates were paid. I was one of those affiliates so I know this to be true.

    While Charles may have owned the business I truly believe in my heart he was not to blame. Yes, I am now in Traffic Monsoon but it appears to me that you are truly clueless as to how an Ad Network works so let me explain but first let me tell you my credentials. I am both a Super Advertiser and a Super Publisher on several CPA Networks. I have been in this market for many, many years.

    With Traffic Monsoon, Charles has over 1 million ADVERTISERS purchasing retail advertising package both on site and off site. These profits are shared with the members that have purchased AdPacks. Traffic Monsoon does not just make money - it makes thousands and thousands of dollars per day if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is highly profitable and not some Ponzi. This separates itself from any and all other RevShare platforms as it is the ONLY one with retail advertising. Look at My Advertising Pays, LikesXL, My Paying Ads, HQ RevShare, and many more and you will find none have retail products available for purchase while Traffic Monsoon clearly has those available for purchase by anyone and everyone corporate clients included. And yes there are indeed some big name companies on the platform not expired ads being reran from ad agencies as others do.

    While you make not like the model that does not mean it is illegal. I suggest you do as I have an consult an attorney to find the legality of something before you bash it in the future. Yes, I spoke to two - one being one of the most respected MLM Attorneys in the world and the other my personal attorney that specializes in investment and corporate law.

    I appreciate you and your posts and the fact you are looking out for people because I am that same way. Took me 6 months to signup for Traffic Monsoon as I did not want to be part of anything that went down again because I did not want it to affect my name and my online businesses. You in good faith should stop bashing companies and get to know the model clearly and understand it and how it makes revenues before you assume and make an ass out of yourself any further.

  4. Tara can I suggest you do your homework? You keep saying the same thing! The adpack side of the business is tiny! Have a look at the other 8 areas of the company were people purchase advertising and "don't"get a revenue share. That is how TM can afford to do this. I personally have seen Virgin Money, Virgin Airways, Easyjet, BMW, Boots, and Goldsmiths Jewellers advertising on there. That is just the ones I have seen. This is where the big money comes from. .... PLUS TM pays the revenue share on its previous day's sales. So it is never paying out money it hasnt got. I suggest you do your homework... or get a life. I personally have put in $2200 of my own money since I started less than 4 months ago. Since then I have taken out slightly more than that to pay for a trip away for my birthday, a lovely lobster meal, Train tickets and hotel to go away for 3 days at Christmas and to put down a deposit on a Quayside Apartment which we move into in the New Year. This is fact! I have taken out more money than I have put in. I have also earned $4400 in commissions. I will be withdrawing another $500 the week before Christmas do we can eat and drink where we like whilst we are away at Christmas. Given that me and my hubby havent been able to buy each other a lresent for the last 8 years, I would say TM is definitely working. At present I have 280 adpacks... the majority of them now purchased from revenue share and commissions from other people who I have referred to TM who are either purchasing adpacks or advertising services for their businesses. If I was to let all my adpacks expire, at present I would get back around $9500 as they are due to expire at different times over the next 2 months. After only spending $2200 on adpacks (which I might add, has got me more customers for my business which I advertise through TM), I would love to know how you can call this a Ponzi???? Lol

  5. You're Brave Tara - it's a touch gig to shine the light out there in the world of darkness to those who are blind. Whether people believe TM is a scam or not, is now irrelevant. You've shared that valuable info for them to be educated, and once done, it's now up to the reader to make the call. After loosing my shirt, house & family in BB, I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot taser.
    Merry Christmas to you all, and to all, be careful.

  6. I wholey agree with you Tara. I got called up by a friend who is into these get rich quick or make a buck for doing next to nothing kind of thing and wanted to recruit me into this TM concept.

    At first sounded like a doddle but my sceptical side always told me to be aware.

    Your right in saying these scams pay at the very beginning and I can see how and why people and their greed gets the better of them.

    But ultimately someone has to pay for this and it's either them for believing the hype or the poor guys putting hard earned cash thinking they will get rich easy and by then the system is flat on its arse and they've lost it all!

    Thank you so much for proving my own doubts right!

    Your the man! And anyone who thinks this Is right needs a check up from the neck up! Peace out b*#ches X

  7. Keep up the good work dude!

  8. I invested a £1000 in Traffic Monsoon but i wasnt really aware of it when I signed up. when i did some research,I realised it sounds too good to be true. But luckily I have managed to get around £850 back so far. Once i get all my money back, I will be leaving it far behind. I was thnking about leaving but your blog finally convinced me

  9. Hi Tara, your blog is very interesting, thanks for all the information that u spread to us.
    It is a good report that reflects the good work done by you.
    Good luck for the future.


  11. Hi Tara

    I am so glad that I found your site I was forced by my mate to join now I know why so that he can withdraw his money.

  12. I see the post I uploaded ages ago has not been confirmed by yourself. You are a weak female who is looking to sabotage competitors. I want you to know YOU will NEVER succeed with your stinky attitude.

    You do NOT have an answer for my questions to you, you will always stay in fear. Shame on you. People like you do not deserve happiness when you're destroying other companies so you can grow yours fast. Your emotions are weak and possibly have had your fingers burnt hence your against all these companies. You're easy to read and are extremely weak.

    Grow up and get a grip woman...

  13. Instead of listening to Tara's diatribe, listen to the man himself.

  14. These affiliates KNOW that this is a Ponzi scheme, they just hope that they'll make a buck or two before it gets shut down or crashes.
    What they are not aware of is that other Ponzi schemes like zeekrewards and banners brokers which were closed down by the government, the government went after the net winnners and forced them to pay this illegal income back in order to pay back the people who lost out.

  15. Only one scammer here... Tara and her useless bullshit trying to discredit a honest business. By the way, how is your TM account going? Oh, you don't have one? Well, don't diss something you know nothing about!!

    TM has NINE products, AdPacks (with revenue sharing) are only 5% of the business, the other EIGHT products are covering the cost of AdPack returns and there is a $43m back-up in TM's PayPal, Payza and SolidTrust Pay accounts!!

    You quote all the bad stuff about Charles Scoville inc. your unbelieveable claim that the US Government seized $1.2m for his Payza account. Get your facts right... The US Government froze Payza entirely in the US, not individual member's accounts and that led to Charles having $1.2m unavailable to pay for the running of InfinityBux leading to it's downfall.

    Tara, I see you are UK based, so is Charles now... prehaps you could get your ass to a TM presentation and learn the truth!!

  16. haha yes I must admit I got suckered into it myself...more fool me.. luckily I only purchased 2 adpacks to test the water and see how things went , well clearly I wasn't willing to sink in enough money because after to weeks for no reason my account was blocked and then closed, trying to get some support from the site received no come back what so ever, so contacted paypal requested a refund of my funds, aswell as stating quite strongly that paypal should perhaps investigate the operation of traffic monsoon and believed they would only cause damage to PayPal's reputation!! needless to say within the week paypal had had refunded the money I paid to traffic monsoon :) glad however I didn't risk to much money to this useless venture... get rich quick on the internet... isn't going to happen!!
    going to take time, effort and a bit of education. came across some good free information which hopefully can guide me in the right direction :)
    feel free to have a look and see what you think

  17. Tara, I thank you deeply for your post. I was presented by a guy i knew from Philippine, we were 4 when he talked us through the process, we were all willing to pay $2500 in total to speed things up. we even came up with an idea to create an account as a mother account and buy only 1 adpack, then create another account and refer to the previous one, then buy all the adpacks from the second one in order to optimize the profit to 20% from 10%.
    But then i slept on it and when i woke up came to look for people like you to dissuade me. thank you for doing what you are doing Tara and know that people out there are actually saved by your actions.

  18. Great job Tara. Hopefully a decisive battle in this war. I wonder why it took Paypal so long to wake the hell up.

  19. Yhhh i already decided to get my head around the money aspect to be fair. In terms of reporting there's no concrete proof to make a solid case that it's a scam. There's red flags yes but as of yet there still isn't any concrete evidence as it still appears there doing buisness with the exchange of traffic services for money and claim to be setting up a bank with some logical as well as illogical reasons. Unless your saying just ask them to investigate or raise awareness on the subject.

  20. PayPal is not responsible for money you put in, go see your bank and go to the police. all you can do.

  21. I'm glad I found this blog Tara. I had about $1100 tied up in this bulls#@t site. I had a feeling in my gut there was something fishy about this whole thing from the start, but it's hard to ignore all those screen shots of earnings from those affiliates! After reading this blog post I started withdrawing cash as fast as I could, and I've managed to withdraw $925 over the last 8 weeks before Paypal stopped being a processor for withdrawal.
    Thank you for putting this information out there, I owe you a drink, as I've only lost a fraction of what I naively deposited.
    Keep you the good work!

  22. Wish I had stumbled upon this blog sooner than I did. Going through the blog convinced me to start withdrawing my money as fast as I could however I'm still at a loss of just over £100 at the moment. Tried to withdraw today but just like everyone is mentioning, PayPal is no longer an option.

    Now to be able to withdraw, you must open an account with Payza and then purchase something on the TM site using Payza to be able to transfer your funds from TM to Payza.. I knew this was probably just an extension to this ponzi scheme to produce more money but I though let me buy a cash link (costed me $1.66) which is probably the cheapest thing available and then see for myself if I'm able to withdraw. Almost 12 hours later and my withdraw request is still 'pending' whereas through PayPal I found myself withdrawing in less than a minute.

    I think it's safe to say that this site is a complete scam and anyone thinking of joining should steer clear. If it wasn't for this blog I would have probably kept investing and lost way more money than I did so I really appreciate Tara's dedication to running this blog! Peace

    1. Thanks Anon. At least you got most of it out. Some people are down thousands..

  23. Thank you Tara for everything your doing, I hope more people come across your blog before signing up to these scams. I was unlucky too not have seen your blog before I fell for this scam.

    I too naively brought $2000 worth of adpacks a couple of days ago. I honestly don't know what I was thinking. A few of my friends managed to break even and are now operating on pure profit, so I just assumed that I would be able to aswell.
    However given my luck, just a few minutes after purchasing the adpacks.Traffic monsoon stopped allowing withdrawals through paypal.

    I want to open a paypal dispute, but I honestly don't know what to say, I paid for advertising services and that's what I'm getting technically. Do you think it's reason enough for a refund, that traffic monsoon stopped using paypal as a payment processor without any prior warning. like many others, being able to use paypal was a major reason why I trusted Traffic monsoon. ( the paypal logo is still on the home page may I add)

    Has anyone been successful in getting there money back with paypal and does anyone have any suggestions. Any help will be greatly appreciated, and I'm sure it would not only help me but also many others who are in a similar position.

  24. I filled a dispute to regain the $1000+ I had put into the system, only to find out that my dispute with Paypal was useless. I was told by Paypal this type of service was not covered by buyer protection, meaning my money is stuck with Traffic Monsoon. I have since tried to withdraw upto $300 dollars and the transaction has been pending for 3 days.

  25. Hi Tara you r doing a great job.Dont listen to the scumbags.You gave them a warning but a fool is always a fool now the have lost the so called investments

  26. Great stuff Tara. Doing the Lord's work :)

    These scammers cause misery and ruin people. A couple of hundred pounds or even a thousand is not the end of the world to someone in the West. Now imagine, a poor guy from the Philippines who took his savings and put $3k in there.


  27. I know a person who put a lot of money -6000$ in Traffic Monsoon and that person still think that from this site will be milioner and site never crash down. Even know - how people can be so dumb? Beleving in Bank i Dubai and all of that? Traffic Monsoon is scam, was scam and will be soon scam with thousans of people who lost a lots of money.

  28. Thanks Tara for the information. I didn't know how this business work and my wife and I were going to join this scam as a friend recommended it. The friend I'm talking about has withdrawn money from her credit card and invested in this scam. I'm truly sorry that she has done this and I tried to explain the truth to her but as someone here mentioned before she just believes the balance on her screen nothing else. Thanks again for the information you shared.

  29. Hi Tara,
    great info... ive just signed up for TM and Paypal but not invested any money yet... may be a silly question but i have entered my bank and card details to register, is there a risk with providing these details ? as i dont wish to invest after reading your info about TM. thank you.

  30. Thanks Anon, very glad you haven't contributed to Charles pension fund! You may wish to contact your bank and explain about TM. They will advise you what to do and can put extra security checks in place.

  31. If TM is a scam then how are we the members able to withdraw the money we earned? Scams don't PAY the members. It's a shame you went through all this trouble creating this blog post that's really full of lies. Ignorant people will always stay poor.

  32. Another post for you NOT to publish, but I sincerely hope you thoroughly read it before binning it!

    TM is not a Scam
    10th December 2015 by admin

    What Traffic Monsoon is NOT…

    Not a get rich quick scheme!

    Not an investment bank!

    Not a money tree!

    Not going to turn lead into gold!

    Not a goose laying golden eggs!

    And nowhere on Traffic Monsoon’s website does it in anyway allude to any of the above.

    Under section D of the terms of service, which are not invisible, or secreted away in some inaccessible section of the website it clearly states:

    5d. You agree to recognize Traffic Monsoon as a true advertising company which shares its revenues, and not as any form of investment of any kind.
    As the CEO himself constantly states, “Traffic Monsoon is an advertising service, not an investment bank”

    Unfortunately, the above has not stopped unscrupulous Traffic Monsoon affiliates selling TM as an investment service, in the hope of extracting commissions from Traffic Monsoon if new members make a purchase.

    Is Traffic Monsoon simply a “pyramid” selling scheme?

    So, what is a pyramid/Ponzi scheme?

    In a nutshell;

    A pyramid is a fraudulent money making scheme in which earlier participants are paid out of money received from later recruits, with the final recruits putting money in and getting mothing back.

    There are no products or services for sale in a pyramid scheme. The only way to make money is to recruit others and make money from them. It is impossible for a pyramid scheme to keep going in the long term, by their very nature.

    A pyramid business scheme is illegal in many countries of the world including in the United States.

    How do we know TM is not a pyramid?

    Company revenues are not generated from new recruits. In fact, members can use Traffic Monsoon for free, and earn for free without paying anyone any commissions.
    If a member has no recruits below him and has purchased ad packs, that member is still able to earn money (assuming TM is generating profits) without having to recruit others. in other words if you are on the lowest rung of the ladder, you can still earn without recruiting!!

    You do no have to recruit any new members to enable yourself to earn money with Traffic Monsoon.
    At least on two occasions Ad Hit Profits (TM’s sister company using as similar business model) and Charles Scoville were investigated by US authorities and given a clean bill of health.

  33. Hi Tara, thank you for continually raising this issue. You mention that we should file disputes with PayPal ASAP however I did this 2 weeks ago, shortly after joining TM and like some mentioned, PayPal denied the claim and said they couldn't help.

    What's changing? Do PayPal have a duty to help us? I'm well within the 180 day time limit but how should we be phrasing our claims so PayPal don't just hold the money they claim they want to use to resolve disputes? I fear PayPal are not being helpful with this even though they surely should have enough in TM's held funds to reimburse people who now realise this is a scam. Unfortunately I think many people are continuing to purchase.

    Thanks again for all your work to raise awareness. I wish I saw your blog earlier.

    1. Unfortunately Paypal aren't accepting ALL disputes but they certainly are accepting SOME of them. If you paid Paypal via your Credit Card, then you may be entitled to a Chargeback. It is certainly worth inquiring.

  34. they were just in Toronto yesterday lol I know a few ppl who are using traffic monsoon. I asked them about the change from paypal to payza she told me she waited a few weeks for her money to switch over ...she just received it yesterday. my mother went to the seminar and they were telling ppl not to put there mortgage up lol All in All I like your blog .From one side everyone is happy and then the other side im hearing its a scam lets see what happens ... take care tara!!! and God Bless

  35. So if you file with paypal you have a chance to get your money back? I only put in a few hundred to test and will not put more though i still click daily in case.... But you dropped too much knowledge for any reasonable person bot to be concerned...thanks

  36. Thank you TARA for keep updating us with TM Scam, I wish I have listened to you earlier, on the other hand I have not invested tons of hard earned cash as others

    As per current situation TM is pretty much dead I don't think it will be back in action and start paying their investor very soon

  37. HI Tara
    This is a great blog and very useful for people to make their decision, However it maybe that you could be eating your own words soon.
    "If anybody seriously believes that Charles will be able to open a BANK with his track record of failed Ponzi's they need psychiatric help!"
    Well do my research i have seen that charles and team are half there to opening TM bank. they are currently testing their new credit card payment system, and this should be up and running in the next few days.
    TO me this seems possitive! their profits are growing since you last reviewed them in this blog.

  38. Thanks for all this, I was looking to join TM but I have cancelled my plan.
    Traffic mansoon is new concept to give allure and cheal the people.

    1. You made a great decision not to join. The concept is not new. I was scammed by a similar program a few years ago which woke me up to these stupid ponzi schemes.

  39. You are right Tara, this dude is not changing his T shirt. I think he made all these videos on the same day. Now he is just feeding everyone from the same content over and over.

  40. Notice how the owners of these ponzi's always blame the payment processor and none of it is their own fault when they can't keep paying out? I can't believe how many people are addicted to these schemes. They just jump from one to another, never caring about the poor people's lives that have been ruined. It makes me sick!

  41. Didn't notice this before, but just seen that TM have listed their UK registered office on the website.

    Looking at companies house...they also filed their annual returns recently (11th feb), and Charles is now listed as the sole director (two others have been removed/resigned).

    Not sure what this means, but maybe someone in the know can do some digging.

  42. has payza replaced paypal: we are confused now?

    1. Payza DID replace Paypal. Then Payza had problems, so now you are being asked to open a STP account. But all you're doing is given Charles more money. Withdrawals are still only trickling.

  43. Hi Tara

    What is the best bet we can get the money back ? I have raised claims with Paypal, please let me know what more can be done.

  44. Omar and Wanderer. Contact Paypal first if you think they owe you money. Please also REPORT CHARLES TO THE AUTHORITIES. If Traffic Monsoon gets closed down Officially then the assets will be frozen and the money re-distrubuted to affiliates who have lost it. DON'T DELAY!

  45. Hi Tara.

    Good work you are doing here.
    Unfortunately, i am one of the many that has money tied up in TM. But you say hurry up and claim before it is too late? What exactly can i claim for? I bought and received the advertising packs, so on what basis do i make my claim? that it is/was a scam?

    1. You can only claim for money you actually paid PayPal, not the fake earnings in your account.If Charles hasn't paid you, you can claim for 'services not received'.

  46. Charles released a new video on youtube about decreasing revenue sharing so I guess you can open a dispute with PayPal inform them that the services you have paid for is misleading and not as described and you want the money to be refunded...

  47. i started asking these questions after joining as a member. now i have my funds stuck with TM, bank seems to be unwilling to do a chargeback as TM is currently still functioning. Unfortunately, it seems like until TM really closed down, theres no way i can get my money back :(

    1. Report TM Melissa. To the Police. To ActionFraudUK. If TM gets closed down Officially, you have a greater chance of recovering your money.

  48. Hello, I wonder if the PayPal dispute regarding the service not provided with TrafficMonsoon works in all countries (including France?) if we have not exceeded the 180 days of delay ?

  49. I am in one of their groups on whats app, teh admin of the group delete users for asking questions, they keep on banging on about "taking the business to the next level" they send these videos of charles talking shit about paypal holding up the funds, and saying they are placing the funds in pending in Traffic Monsoon to mirror Paypal, (This doesn't make any sense) they have a power house lawyer doesn't say who?

    These people are brain washed, it's a full blown ponzi scheme! the whole TM will crash and people will lose their money and the likely hood that you will get it back form paypal is slim.

    All this get rich business is not worth your money or time.

    But hay, people will only live and learn!

  50. I don't get it. So has paypal frozen individual accounts with them to do with TM. Once it is in your own papypal account what has it got to do with TM?

  51. The funds have to come from the TM account. If the fund is frozen, no withdrawals can be processed.

  52. PayPal have been refusing my disputes under the basis that the transaction is not covered by their purchase protection policy.
    How do we get round this?.

    1. It isn't a given that PayPal will refund you. But if you persevere, you may get lucky. Try again. Ask to speak to a MANAGER or their FRAUD department. Tell PayPal you've been SCAMMED. Be a 'polite pain in the ass'. Good Luck!

  53. I still have friends who believe it is all going to be alright and are waiting for their bank cards from TM!!

  54. Hi Tara thanks for your insight into TM. I have not invested much only £170 but now since it looks like TM has gone bust I'm a bit lost as to if I can get a refund. I paid via Payza...... any advice? If it's all gone I'm not fussed just goes to say that I have literally paid to become a muppet lol

    1. It's very doubtful I'm afraid. There's always hope through, so do try.

  55. GREAT NEWS PAYPAL ARE ACCEPTING CLAIMS AGAINST TM FROM TODAY 18 Feb 2016. They said they are getting too many calls from Tm members to dispute and TM is reported to FBI . CALL THEM NOW

  56. Thank you TARA, I have received my chargedback from my bank. I never knew i can claim chargeback just saw from your website and follow your instruction ask my bank for charge back and By the Grace of ALLAH i got it back all money which i paid to traffic monsoon ponzi scheme. By the way I paid through Solid trust pay they refuse to refund but bank refund it.:) Thank you for helping us and providing guidance :). I request all affected members to react as soon as possible and claim refund

    1. THAT'S WONDERFUL NEWS! So pleased for you!

    2. Can i as which bank you used and how the process worked?

  57. I am terribly conflicted, I have read all the posts here and I am sure that traffic monsoon will fail or has failed. on the other side I have been following the leaders like sunil, leroy, sharon, hibbert etc. and they all have this positive energy that this is just a bump in the road and traffic monsoon will come back bigger and better and if we hang on we shall be making even more. Who to believe? Is there any real information? If I make a chargeback and get my money and in a few months traffic monsoon is bigger can I go back?

    1. Hi David, the likes of Sharon and Immy join these 'opportunitys' for a living. They make money referring people such as yourself, so it's in their interest to tell you everything will be ok and to KEEP BUYING THOSE PACKS because they get paid to do it. They also have BIG downlines who they have no wish to upset or lose (ready for the next 'opportunity'). In your heart you must realise that TM is finished? Common sense must tell you that this was a scam all along. So CONTACT PAYPAL NOW. Don't wait another minute or it WILL be too late.

  58. Hi guys,
    Thank you Tara for your awesome job.
    Can you please enlighten me how can I get my money back via PayPal?
    I purchased those adPacks using all my saving that I had...
    I read above that PAyPal is refusing to refund.
    What is the chargeback? I'm not really familiar with that and how it works.
    I'm based in the UK.
    Many thanks.

  59. Hello Artur, Paypal are not obliged to give you back your money if you dont fall into there strict refund policy but they seem to be giving alot of money back at the moment so try them first. If that fails, you may try and request a Chargeback from your Bank or Credit card company, which is basically a return of any money you paid TM (through Paypal) but again it is not guaranteed. More information on Chargeback is available here:

    1. Thank you Tara for your reply.
      People above are saying "call now", "start a dispute" in regards to PayPal. What do you think, call and do it online?

    2. EITHER. But online may be quicker.

  60. Can I get back my money if I buy AdPack from Payza? Tara, can You tell me how?

    1. You have a 45 day window with payza from your initial payment. After that it is lost I'm afraid. Please report Charles asap to the FBI.

  61. Please suggest me what to say in "Compose message to seller" section. I'm not very good in English.

    1. Something along the lines off...'I believe that Traffic Monsoon is a scam and I would like my money back.' Through since he isn't contesting any refunds, you can say what you like!

    2. I've spoken to PayPal again today and have been told that Traffic Mansson team is actually replying back to these sort of disputes.
      The customer representative wasn't answering my question first about whether Traffic Mansson replies to claims. Only telling me like "I can't reveal this information to you". But after spending sometime on the phone and explaining everything I have been told that they are replying to claims. But not all of them.
      So if Traffic Mansson has responded to your claim then it is 50/50 you'll get refunded. If no response has been received, then you have a good chance of having refund. But it is NOT guaranteed at all.

    3. artur thats strange, becasue 99% of rejected disputes aare closed when they reach 10 days from when vendor not respond, even if vendor responds should be able to let you answer and not closed dispute automaticaly. My disputes are not solved yet even if the 10 days passed since it seems paypal not review disputs on sunday or satorday. I called 2 times spanish paypal this weekend and they ashure me if vendor not respond system automaticaly wins you the dispute and also they confirmed me the "digital service" is covered by the protection.

  62. Hi Tara

    Thanks for all your invaluable information on TM.

    Without any prior warning in last few days TM put my account balance and all adpacks on Pending. Both of these are with TM directly my account balance is not in any payment processor but held directly with them. (tried unsuccessfully to set up Payza account/due to protocol/verification)

    Please advise as to how I can claim my account balance and the cost of all outstanding adpacks purchased (if possible) and both now Pending until whenever? TM has said these are Pending until Paypal releases funds.

    I look forward to your reply, just not sure what I can now to make these claims directly.

    Please can you advice as to how I can

    1. Unfortunately Anon, you can't. What you CAN do is report TM to the authorities as this is now the only realistic way to get any money back.

  63. if TM respond on your dispute you have 50/50 chance to win. maybe even les than that! paypal told me that thay can't make any guarantees on wining or loosing disputes over the phone.
    So if you are disputing do it profesionally. don't write things like i think thay are scam. write concrete reason like you usualy do when you meke disputes. and once again think about everything because nobody guarantees you anything!! even TM didn't guaranteed you earnings and paypal also don't throw money thrue window just because you make some regrets. bye

  64. I have phoned Paypal today and asked them to attach my crime ref number to my claim that I got from action fraud. Hopefully that may help my claim if there is any manual input.

    On my claim it says 'Fraudulant vendor - Please help me obtain my money back'

  65. I want to say to everyone, that I won my 20 disputes and got fully refunded. Maybe ppl who used asociated cards into their pp account or used their cards ouside paypal got rejected. Or maybe it differs from countrie to countrie. Since from what PayPal operatords told me each dispute is managed in the countrie from where customer is, in my case Spanish paypal. This is just my imagination : maybe in some lower ranking countries like Poland, PayPal admins might manualy rejecting all disputes so they dont have problems with main PayPal central ofices in Luxenburg, common tactic in countries with coruption problems.

  66. What angers me most about TM is how Charles infiltrated the muslim community with the help of imtiaz.
    Both of them gained the trust of thousands and thousands of muslims they use Gods name to scam people.

    I myself trusted the wrong person who. Told me that charles is a changed man and is God fearing. And then I stupidly invested 20,000 US dollars and i had never withdrawn.
    I came to realise that pyramid schemes are forbidden in islam.

    Last week I filed a dispute with little hope but to my surpirse paypal refunded the full 20,000 dollars.
    And I thank God and hope that everyone gets their money back. No amount is t0o small.

    I dont know how to post screenshots of proof of refund.

  67. Thanks D. Before I start explaining the long Chargeback questions, please wait until you hear from Paypal about your refund first. They will be much quicker to refund your money than the banks are. Let me know how you get on? Good Luck.

  68. Hi tara
    Please help, i wired a massive amount to his account in jan 2016, all my add packs are pending, really stressed out is there a way for a refund , charge back ect,

    1. Sorry Anon, but if you wired him cash I'm afraid your only hope of recovering this money is to report him to these authorities and hope they close TM down. FBI: The Internet Crime Complaint Centre:

    2. Thanks tara
      If they close the website, will i get my money back?

    3. by wire you mean bank transfer? I belive bank transfers have 30 days for chargeback. Ask your bank, it may differ from bank to bank.

    4. Bank Transfers are effectively cash. I have never-to date- heard of a wire transfer Chargeback.

  69. Tara don't believe Amin Forati words.... He is playing side with Scoville. Make it simple ask paypal directly if Amin Forati has an account and if receiving funds from TM paypal.

  70. hi Tara what happens in a case where multiple payments where sent to Traffic Monsoon via Paypal, and a withdrawal of $3300 was recieved, multiple payments started last year september and last payment was sent last month.

    1. You can only claim for the amount you paid in minus the amount you drew out.

  71. How can people be so stupid? How will Charles Scoville and his leaders escape the raging mob when this all collapses? Im pretty sure someone will get hurt if this business turns out to be a scam!

  72. What will happen when TM collapses? Are the people running this scheme dont understand that will be angry and want revenge!

  73. I was approached by someone regarding this as on the surface it sounded like a good idea but I meet all things with scepticism till they are proven. there is an abundance of bad news regarding TM online so why are people not doing their research before buying packs? I wouldn't even buy $100 set of headphones without reading a few online reviews so why are people happy to throw big dollars at this? I'm surprised a scam like this works so well in the west where people are supposedly educated.
    I think the hardcore followers (who wake up looking at their balances proud and happy) will still not blame TM when it eventually implodes. They will blame everything and everyone including Tara who has probably saved more marriages and suicides than any of us can appreciate.
    If you've read this blog and you STILL join TM you are an utter fool beyond all help. you are better off gambling in a casino where you might actually win and you get a buzz from the fun.

  74. Hi Tara, i posted here about a week ago, and i got my refund from the bank back today! i really hope people start to wake up from this because i know there are people who put in alot of money in TM.

    1. Hi - Which bank do you use? I am with nationwide. Did your bank refund easily. What did they ask for from yourself and Paypal?

  75. HI Tara,
    Paypal refused a refund for me saying the seller acknowledge my claim and paypal doesnt cover TM services as it thinks it is an investment . They say they cannot reopen the case . What is the next step , can i reopen a new dispute ? or am I to assume my money is gone now ?


  76. If paypal said no, try your bank. I used my debit card. I rang the fraud department and he told me I should get a refund. I will keep you posted.

  77. Hi. I used my mastercard to buy adpacks via paypal. To whom shall I file the request for refund?

  78. Hi Tara I have invested 2500 dollet's on 30th January through PayPal via barclays debit card and now is 60 days pls help me how can I get refund from PayPal or my bank pls help me

  79. Anon and need to try PayPal first and then the bank. All the information you need is on these pages.

  80. I blindly bought 10 AdPacks about two weeks ago coz a friend told me he really made money with TM last year. I could bite my own a.. now that i didnt check TM before doing this transaction. Is there any chance to get the money back? Or is it already too late now?

  81. There is, yes. All the info you need is on this page.

  82. hi tara

    please help. i put in 3k in December using debit card. last week paypal refused to refund me saying TM refused to authorise my refund. ive got in touch with my bank ( hsbc) and they said they will send me a form to fill in where I have to give reason why i should get refund. what do u advice? shall i say because its a ponzi ( they may say tough luck i chose to invest) or shall i say because they have frozen my money?

  83. You tell them its a PONZI scam and PayPal have frozen their account.

  84. Hi Tara,

    What exactly should I say to my banks fraud department to get a refund?

  85. Hi tara, you saved me . I was convinced by sponsor to buy adpacks and I kept clicking on the shitty links, thinking I wil earn 50 $ and buy adpack, I cud make 9 $ and wasted one full month after TM, finally came across ur blog and to my surprise u just dint tel every single thing about the past right but also about TM's future. You are a genius, an amazing person. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, God bless you.

  86. Hi all,
    I have got my chargeback of $7000 yesterday through my credit card company.
    Thnx Tara

  87. Hi Tara,

    Great website and pleased you are helping so many. I fell for his tactics and scam, but fotunately only for £600. I have puta claim in to paypal and will let yo know what happens. What I wonder is if paypal say no, has anybody taken paypal to teh small claims court in the UK and were they successful.


  88. Thanks dude you illuminate all the aspects.

  89. Hi Tara,
    Thank you so much for your advice . The bank told me to write to PayPal first which I did . I got my money back from PayPal. TM doesn't respond to letters from PayPal .
    I adviced six of my friends to do the same and they too have received their monies EXCEPT for the ones which has exceeded the 120 day duration. I feel sorry for the people who are being told to wait for 180 days. They are in for a rude shock.
    .keep up the good work.
    NB: how does this guy get away with blatant thieving is a question I am left with.

  90. ive just had $300 refunded by paypal

  91. Dear Tara,
    I am so happy to tell you; I have my money back from TM scum.
    I would like to thank you for setting up this blog. Like a lot of other people, I was also in Traffic Monsoon trap. I have invested around £2,500 hard earned cash in this Ponzi scheme. Early this year when they suspended all ad packs for no reason, I followed your advice and opened the case with Paypal. Initially, Paypal refused the claim but now I can confirm, yesterday I have all my money back and also for the two other people have their money back whom I recommended on the TM.
    TM is the biggest Ponzi of, this time, ruining a lot of people life. You are doing a great job, and I would like to say a big thank you for all the guidance you have given us to get our money back.
    Wishing you very best and hats off for you

  92. Yesterday I recived 468,59$ from paypal. I heard that at least 10 people from Poland also recived their refund. Thanks a lot Tara, without your blog, I wouldn't open dispute.

  93. I am so confused, my good friend joined TM in Apr/May and tells me he is earning well, and tells me to invest £1800
    Lots of feedback online is very positive, saying it has been running since October 2014, and paying its members, and its sister scheme the same for four years.
    How can I ever know the truth about this????

  94. I have my money back. Yeaaa

  95. I understand how you are calling Traffic Monsoon and My Advertising Pays as scams. I have been on line for two years now and was scammed by several companies like Traffic Monsoon and My Advertising Pays. However I feel these two companies are legitimate and long term companies. I think you mean well but are totally wrong of your opinion. I understand My Adverting Pays is suing your company and fully understand why. I am a firm believer of these two companies and earning a passive income over the past two years. I respect your opinion but disagree with your company.

    1. Roger, neither MAPS or TM are legitimate, they are both PONZIS. MAPS tried to sue me but the case was thrown out of court and Mike LIED on the court papers. And I don't have a 'company'. Just this little blog and a full time, honest, job.

    2. Who decides whether an online business is a PONZI or not?

      Do you want to argue your case with this organisation Roger?

      I personally tested the traffic only and results were not worth speaking of, which quite frankly is not great for and advertising platform!

    3. Keep up the good work Tara. Honestly, what your doing is beyond fantastic. Without you most of us a) would be lost and b) would not have found the advice we needed to get our money back. We really appreciate it.

    4. You're very welcome Eden, many thanks.


  97. Hi Tara, I joined TM back in Noverber 2015 is it too late for me to make a claim for my money back? I should have taken your advice, feel like an idiot. please help

    1. Hi Adam. Your best option for now is to try for a Bank or Credit Card Chargeback. Details on my Chargeback page.

    2. but i paid using paypal. Can i still request a bank chargeback?

    3. Yes Adam, you need to first contact Paypal for a refund, if they refuse, try for a Chargeback from your Bank or Credit Card company. (Information on link attached).If that fails, the Receivers may eventually refund a percentage of any money you paid Traffic Monsoon but this will take months/years I'm afraid.

  98. i am using TM since last month, i was getting paid regularly, but since yesterday 10 am London time money has stopped coming in, do you know what is going on

    1. Traffic Monsoon has been closed down by the authorities for being a PONZI. The Receivers details will be published asap.

  99. Dear Tara,

    I hope you are okay. The newspapers are full of TM scam.

    On reuters -

    On Bloomberg -

    Courthouse News -

    Please read TM revenue details from page 7, it shows the TM is a scam. As there is money to pay such a high deficit.

    Thank you for saving us from this SCAM artist. CS still denies the fact he is busted, and there is no more TM anymore.

    Thank you


  100. Shut down and not before time. The only way people are ever going to learn to avoid these schemes is if the SEC starts clawback litigation and I know a fair few who have made hundreds of thousands from an initial $5k deposit. These are the people who need to learn that easy money is a painful one when you have to pay it all back! Good work Tara :)

    1. Thanks Jay. I think this is a turning point for these types of schemes. Zeek rewards has led the way with clawbacks from the major players and I hope we'll see this with Banners Broker soon as well.

  101. I spent almost USD 189000.00 to purchase adpacks. On advice of tara, I wrote to Paypal fraud department on 31 July, 2016 but they say the case is time barred now. Please advise next action, how can I get back the hard earned money of my complete life's effort which has gone in this ponzi scheme. How to get it back. Please help me out.

    1. Then try for a Chargeback from your Bank or Credit Card company. (Information on link attached).If that fails, the Receivers may eventually refund a percentage of any money you paid Traffic Monsoon but this will take months/years I'm afraid.

    2. Seriously you put in nearly $200,000? How in the hell did you ever hope to get that back with the ROI?

  102. Dear Tara,

    One interesting video from Scum master Charles Scoville, feeding the same story.



  103. Do you think it's possible that if TM will be closed people will get their seed money back?

    1. A percentage maybe, yes. See the home page for the latest updates.

  104. Hi Tara, I am from India, I have purchase 15 add pack from TM through Bank & Credit Card. Can i recover my money and how to recover ?

    1. You need to first contact Paypal/Payza/STP for a refund. If they refuse, try for a Chargeback from your Bank or Credit Card company. (Information on link attached). In summary, you are claiming for 'services not received' under the 540 day Chargeback rule. You need to contact the Banks Fraud department - NOT RETAIL DISPUTES -

      All the information you need to help you is on this page:

      Not all Chargebacks are successful so if your Chargeback application fails, the Receivers may eventually refund a percentage of any ORIGINAL SEED MONEY money you paid Traffic Monsoon but this may take months/years I'm afraid.

  105. The scary thing about TM are the blind followers. Lucky I only started with a single adpack, but I do feel for the many who poured their lifes savings into it. The dribble that is being spewed about everything being okay, and hackers must have hit out website are preposterous. Please educate people about these type of scams, there is no such thing as easy money.

  106. Hi, Tara. I've been coming here for all of your updates. I just wanted to say thanks and well done. I'm sure you can see from your blogger stats how much reach you've had and how many people you've potentially helped. I imagine the people working the case at the SEC have come come across this data as well. You should consult for them! All the best.

  107. I started TM in November after my work friends boasted about it. I have invested £1000 in November. Recently I messaged PayPal 3 times but no luck with getting my money back. Can I still do 540 day charge back?

    1. You can certainly try Anon. New post on the home page should help you.

  108. I have been recently approached regarding My Paying Ads. I wanted to know if this is still a scam because people have told me about the issues they had but now I have been told that they are back up and running and stronger than before and that they are legal. I need to know if this is true or not. I have seen a friends account and my paying ads has credited their account from the money released from PayPal. Can anyone help? is this now a good company to join?

    1. It was a scam and still is. Stay away is my advice.

  109. I find out TM was SCAM at end of july so first of August I open dispute with paypal, they closed my dispute right away. they told me because I invested the money in TM longer than six month ago and paypal will not covered.


    1. You can still try for a Chargeback - see home page for new post.

  110. Hi does Sec gives money retun, how they return money those are outside us? Please explain thank you

    1. The SEC won't return your money. The Liquidators they've appointed will, but it will take months/years before you see any back and will only be cents on the dollar. Which is why we're pushing Chargeback. See the home page for more info and the Chargeback page.

  111. Hi tara can you please tell me that will TM will be back and pay to their member.......

    1. It won't be back Unknown, TM is now dead and over. To get your money back:
      You need to first contact Paypal/Payza/STP for a refund. If they refuse, try for a Chargeback from your Bank or Credit Card company. (Information on link attached). In summary, you are claiming for 'services not received' under the 540 day Chargeback rule. You need to contact the Banks Fraud department - NOT RETAIL DISPUTES -

      All the information you need to help you is on this page:

      Not all Chargebacks are successful so if your Chargeback application fails, the Receivers

      may eventually refund a percentage of any ORIGINAL SEED MONEY money you paid Traffic Monsoon but this may take months/years I'm afraid.

  112. Hi Tara
    I am following your advice, regards to Chargeback Bank asked me to provide proof that Traffic Monsoon in liquidaton, also does Bank accept claim when they find out we buy service from ponzi company,thank you

    Thank you

    1. Proof? You just send the website link and the address etc.
      Peggy Hunt @ Dorsey & Whitney

  113. Hi Tara
    I appreciate ,Bank keep asking what did we buy from Traffic monsoon, as you know we bought Ad pack, advertising for our business, to be honest we didn't have any business,we bought Ad pack were getting money regular basis, what to tell them please help me thank you

    1. You tell them its a scam that has now been liquidated, and the receivers have been called in.

  114. I'm donating charles make him win.

    1. Then you have more money than sense my friend...

  115. HI Tara

    I have lost $50 in TM and only what left was about $25 and didn't earn much there. I read it all and couldn't believe it one big scam of Traffic Monsoon and he try to get away with millions of dollars. How can victims not able to get money back that was lost in Traffic Monsoon.

    1. You need to apply directly to the receivers anon.

  116. Thank you for your email dated in relation to your Debit Card Dispute.

    After reviewing the letter you have sent in I can advise that we require further details as to why you wish to dispute these transactions. Unfortunately we are unable to review this as Fraud due to the fact you whiling gave your card details to the merchant.

    Therefore please can you give a detailed description of why you wish to dispute these transactions.

    Should you need further help in the future please contact us on any of the below methods or you can email us.
    That's from Bank if you could hep on this please thanks

    1. You tell them that the merchant is a ponzi operator who has just been closed down by the SEC and the Receivers have been called in. You might also wish to point out that all 'scams' wouldn't be 'scams' if people didn't voluntarily part with their money.

  117. Anon, all these questions are concerning a retail dispute. You do not have a retail dispute, you've been scammed and need to contact the banks FRAUD dept. Tell them that TM has been liquidated and official receivers have been appointed by the courts.

  118. How can I get to the revolution day for traffic moonsoon

    1. That would depend where you live Anon. If you live outside of the UK, a plane might help you get there? Or maybe a boat? If, on the other hand, you live inside the UK, a train or a car would be most helpful. It's very easy to find. Go to Brighton and ask for directions to the pier. When you see lots of silly people waving even sillier banners you know you've arrived! Have a lovely time and don't forget your brolley and your sun cream.

  119. I'm so thankful you've been posting about this scam. I've been following you on here since January to see the outcome. I was very interested in Traffic Monsoon until I read your blog. Thank you for speaking up. I feel bad for the idiots who didn't listen to you. I wonder if they're listening now? Great job Tara!

  120. I just came across your blog. I'm both satisfied and sad right now. My friend was caught by TM. He was so stupid, he took a bank loan worth three time his yearly salary to "invest" and quit his job to be "succesful businessman" on TM. He tried to pull everyone to it, so in the end I had to cut contact with him, because I didn't want to hear his constant babbling over it and how I am loser to have low paid, legal job and not getting rich on TM instead.
    So now he is left without the job and with crazy amount of debth. I tried to persuade to him so many times, that this is obvious classic ponzi scam and that he should take all money back when it's still possible but no.... It's unbelievable to me that so many people fall for something so obviously bullshit. Like seemingly smart people refuse to aknowledge that there is no "free" in life, they want to believe so bad that they can get rich by just sitting in chair and clicking...

  121. You were a good friend and warned him, but nothing you said would have changed his mind. I've seen it time and time again. I hope, when he sees sense, he will try and get some back. It is still possible via Chargeback.

  122. Hi Tara has any one had refunded via Chargeback Traffic monsoon money recently I mean after SEC freeze their fund.cheers

    1. The SEC proceedings have nothing to do with Bank and Credit Card chargebacks, so I urge you to try for a Chargeback asap if you haven't already done so. The Receivers, appointed by the SEC will take months /years to partially refund any creditors.

  123. Hi Tara I received a letter saying I am not eligable for Chargeback because 120days time frame it's over but they not mentioned 540 days , what should I tell them please

    1. The 120 day rule is for Retail disputes. We claim under the 540 day rule for 'services not received' and always go through the banks FRAUD dept. More tips and advice is available on my Chargeback page.

  124. Do you think any final decisions will be taken during the court hearing on September 23rd, or will it be just one of many court hearings?

    1. The first of many. But alot of questions will be certainly be answered.

  125. Hi Bank not taking 540 days Chargeback claim, they refused what's your advice thanks

    1. My advise is to follow the advice given on my Chargeback page. Banks mostly refuse the first time because they aren't aware of the rule.The tips on my page should help you go further.

  126. No luck Tara they not taking Chargeback claim 540 days rule, I spoke to few member of Staff all reply same , is there any rule and regulations that they are bound to take my claim thanks

    1. Banks,no. Credit card companies, yes. Banks usually argue their case against strongly and mostly say 'no' the first time. You just have to argue your case stronger than they do.

  127. Hi, I called my bank's fraud department and requested for a chargeback based on the 540 day rule but they insisted that they know only about 120 day rule and my payments were made in October and November 2015. So they declined and said that it is past 120 days.

    1. Many banks don't know this rule. I suggest you show them my Chargeback page.

  128. Hi Tara, i invested about £5000 in Traffic Monsoon just before it disappeared. I paid through Payza and quickly logged the disputes with Payza (based on your advice for goods not received) as it was within 45 days. Its been over 2 months since i logged this with Payza and heard nothing, when i contact them they just tell me "A resolutions specialist is working on the matter and will mediate a resolution, and there is no time frame when this dispute is resolved as it's dependent on the case". How long do i have to wait for? Are they legally allowed to make me wait this long? Do they legally have to pay me back? If not, what result or information am i hoping Payza will get that will allow them to return the funds back to me? My heads a mess with this please help.

  129. It sounds like Payza are waiting for the outcome of the court case on the 23rd September. If Payza's terms and conditions state 45 days, then that is what they should do. But if they don't, how are you going to enforce it? I suggest you go down the Chargeback route instead and apply to the Bank or Credit card company that you paid Payza with.

  130. Hi Tara, What result are Payza hoping for on 23rd September? What result do i need for payza to pay me back? Do payza have insurance that pays out for their customers who don't receive goods/services? or do they hold onto funds of Traffic Monsoon that they can release back or would it simply be a loss that Payza themselves would take hence their delay?
    p.s. i spoke to my bank i used for Payza payments and they told me that its the payment processor's responsibility, they try hard to distance themselves from it.

  131. I don't know Natan, sounds like stalling to me, so just wait and see.
    Remember, you still have the receivers to fall back on, so make sure you contact them.

  132. Hi Tara
    When we should contact them for our moneyes is it after court hearing ?

    1. I'd do it now, before it gets too busy. But you have plenty of time.

  133. Hey Tara,
    I have been reading through your articles and finally decided to put through a complaint with Natwest. and after refusing the first few time and contacting the ombudsman, they finally decided to charge back my initial investment with TM (£1600) plus compensation (£300) and any extra cost. I dont know how to thank you or pay you back but God Bless!

    1. That's great news Omar, I keep saying that persistance pays and you've just proved it!

  134. Dear Tara,

    I hope you are doing great; I found this video on the where Sunil Patel is scratching the wall and trying to explain that Traffic Monsoon is not a Ponzi scheme.

    Please see the direct video link below. This guy just makes me laugh.



  135. Dear Tara
    I am following your advice, regards to Chargeback Bank and raised SRs, bank processed and paid me after 50 days. Thanks a lot my fried.

  136. hi Tara just want to thank you for being here for the people who need your help and foresight.
    I claimed a chargeback from my bank after using your template 5 months ago what was required was
    snapshots of bank transactions , paypal transactions , traffic monsoon balances , traffic monsoon terms of conditions , dates and times of purchases , explanation of paypal 180 day protection limit and why it wasn't used , explanation on services not received , traffic monsoon dead website link The receivers address email and contact number and courtesy and Patience.
    a brief explanation as to what happened and what you want .
    best to get advice from a cutomer rep at your bank they can show you the right way ... Keep fighting your fight you are in the right just don't give up !!!

    1. Many thanks anon, really hope you get your money back!

  137. Some people are still convinced TM have enough evidence to prove this is a legitimate business and the funds will eventually be released. The madness needs to stop so people can begin picking up the pieces.

    Is the verdict on 30th Nov? The sham needs to end.

  138. dear Tara I have just realised that you was helping and advising people about TM SO I DONT KNOW IF ITS TOO LATE TO SPEAK TO MY BANK AS I JOINED TM IN IN September 2015 AND DIDNT GET TO MAKE A WITHDRAWAL.

  139. Hello Tara

    Thank you for your help, I did a bank recharge 120 days, I got all of my money back. I realised it was a scam Jan 2016 when I ready your posts.


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