FutureNet/FutureAdPro - SCAM

(last updated 7th November 2018)
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FutureNet is an AdPack based PONZI SCAM that the 
Polish Authorities have issued a SCAM warning about:

And the Securities and Exchange Commission have issued a General warning about:

These are the details of their Ad Packs:

How to buy adpacks?
To buy AdPacks, log in to your FutureAdPro account, see the menu panel on the left side, choose Advertising / New AdPack / Buy. At the top there is your loaded amount and below you can purchase AdPacks directly. After choosing your payment processor, you will be redirected on the payment page. You will get your products automatically as we get our money.

Why after buying new adpacks, they didn't earn?

Probably with your number adpacks, you need a higher status. To earn the status I may just 50 adpacks 50$ and 10 adpacks 10$.

How much does one $50 adpack earn?

There is no guarantee how much the adpack will earn on a particular day. Each AdPack will earn $ 60 before it ends. To start earning, be qualified for commissions and withdraw the money you need at least 1 active Adpack. To get your share of the total company`s turnover you must click on adverts of other customers, 10 times each day, after watching you will get qualified for 24 hours.

How much does one $10 adpack earn?

The new $10 adpacks are similar to the old ones.
The difference is they are working slowly, with the 80% speed of the old ones.
Each $10 adpack earns $12. They should be working around 150 days but its not always exact amount of days as we never guarantee income of each day.
In addition, new accounts to become active have to get adpacks in order to start earning commissions from partners purchases. In case of buying $10 adpacks only, the commissions will be only generated from 10$ packs purchases.

This is their explanation of what they do:

'Our Vision:

We create the first social network platform, which has innovative tools for communicating and our own products to help people around the world realize their full potential on the internet.

Our mission:

We are the most innovative social networking platform that connects and inspires people around the world to pursue their potential on the internet, providing them with constantly new products and solutions.'

Are you any the wiser? Nope, me neither.

The Company was started in Summer 2012, but wasn't launched until 2014.

The FutureNet Office is based here*:


Looks like a real office doesn't it?
Unfortunately, it isn't. It's a house, in a quiet residential street, dressed up to look like a real office:

  And what have we got here? Looks like this isn't the first PONZI registered here:

'One-Line Online -GreenLine' was started in 2013 - now closed. And who used to run it? A gentleman called Stephan Morgenstern.

So TWO PONZIS have been run out of the SAME house! Don't you just LOVE Google Street view? I really love the 'real' staff photos, great touch. And a real (fake) office as well! Note the cosy Office fireplace, very cool. And the 'no expense spared' desks. I especially love all the files on the back wall. Nothing says, 'this is a real business' more than shelves full of files.

And this is their OTHER registered address:

(*office has been relocated October 2017)

Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake road, Majuro, Marshall Islands.

Which is nothing more than a Tax avoidance/Authority avoidance address shared with many other companies:

'The registered address of the Corporation in the Republic of the Marshall Islands is Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, P.O. Box 1405, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960. The name of the Corporation’s registered agent at such address is The Trust Company of the Marshall Islands, Inc. The Board of Directors of the Corporation (the “Board of Directors”) may establish branches, offices or agencies in any place in the world and may appoint legal representatives anywhere in the world.'

So who runs this Ponzi:

Stephan Morgenstern!

Stephan Morgenstern, the Founder and CEO:

'Stephan is 52 years old. He is German but he has been living in Poland for 2,5 years.
Stephan is an entrepreneur and a leader in MLM for over 25 years.
He builds Organisations with more than 500.000 people all over the world.
Stephan has been working in his career together with the biggest leaders of the network marketing industry.
He has been opening different companies in Germany, Austria and Europe.
In three companies he was involved in a management teams.
Stephan was a speaker on big events in Germany, Austria, Europe, Dubai, Turkey, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.
Stephan’s philosophy for success in network marketing is: “First you need to realize, that your network marketing business is like a family, traditional business. Work like it was a million dollar company. If you want to have a successful partners you need to help and teach them. ”
After over 2 years of preparations, Stephan has come into the market, in partnership of his best friend and business partner Roman Ziemian from the FutureNet.
Stephan: “With FutureNet all my business dreams come true. We are building a platform for people from all over the world. Take a look at our vision and our mission. Then you can see exactly what the FutureNet is.
I am inviting you to build your own company at the FutureNet platform.”

Roman Ziemian, the OTHER Founder and CEO 

'Roman was born in 1973 in Jelenia Góra and is a father of three children aged: 9, 21 and 23. He had lived in Poland until he was 19 years old. Roman is a graduate of a music school in Jelenia Gora and the School of Arts and Craft.
His story related to enterprise started at the age of 15 by establishing his first trading company. In 1992, he moved to the Netherlands for one-year internship in the company called Mamoth Antiek.

When he had returned to Poland, he was working as a manager of assembly department; he was also entrusted with responsibilities of a head of logistics and customs clearance department.
In 1994 he left for Germany, where he remained for 13 years accumulating knowledge and experience. He was studying at the International Institute of Higher Education in Zittau. He was acquiring knowledge and professional experience at the same time and after a year of having a full-time tenured job, he opened his first company under the name ‚ProfiBau‘. Having operated for 4 years on German market, Roman opened another company providing equipment for gastronomic outlets. In 2003 he bought a paper company. In the years 2006-2009 was the owner of Concrete Factory and Concrete Accessories.
In his previous professional career, he has cooperated with many European companies and corporations, such as: BASF, SIEMENS, RAIFAISEN BANK, Skanska, HEILIT + WOERNER and with many others seated in France, Austria, Cyprus, Poland, Sweden and the Netherlands. Over the past few years, he held the position of a president and board member in several companies.
By employing dozens of people, Roman has gained experience in managing an international team of people.
Roman is a great organizer, a treasury of ideas and an experienced manager who tries to find solution to each problem that stands in his way. He works with devotion and dedication to the cause and for the good of the company and its partners. His greatest passion, which takes most of his time and holds a special place in his heart is the FutureNet, What is more, he is actively and passionately engaged in horse riding and skiing.'

And, last but not least -

Marcelina Jachyra, the Management Team Assistant.

There's no information on her other than on her Facebook page.


So what IS FutureNet? This research comes from an Official Video. It takes ELEVEN minutes before they even mention 'products'. And what takes up the first ELEVEN minutes? What to do when you join!

First of all, you have to do a task.
Your first task find somebody else who wants to join!

'Your first task is to focus in 90% on building the distribution system and in 10% on forming a network of customers.'
And the next task?

'Your task for the next three months will be to continue sponsoring new distribution partner, in addition, you need to help your first partner sponsor his one new partner as well. Just show him the video and he will learn everything you have learnt.'

And what have you learnt? To SPONSOR! But you must start TODAY!

Fast forward three months and FutureNet are now assuming that you've sponsored THREE people. So what's your task now? You'll never guess?

'Your task for the next three months will be to sponsor another personal partner and provide assistance to your three current partners so that each of them could sponsor a new partner as well'.

Getting a bit repetitive isn't it? Maybe the next task will be easier?
Fast forward NINE months:

FutureNet are now assuming you've been working REALLY hard and managed to get SEVEN partners.

'Therefore, you have a team of seven distribution partners after nine months.
And what will happen in the next three months? Nothing new: you just keep sponsoring one new partner and help your current partners do the same.'

That sounds SO simple doesn't it! So what training do you need to help all your partners?

You'll never guess. You have to tell them - TO RECRUIT more people. And THOSE people recruit MORE people...who recruit MORE people!

AND, if you keep doing this amazing business strategy you'll become 'a very profitable business person'. Eat your heart out Mark Zuckerberg!

Fast forward FOUR years! You've followed the amazing FutureNet business strategy
and guess what? You've only managed to get an astonishing 65,535 partners!

Astonishing success rate isn't it - except...they spent six whole minutes on their Official Video explaining all of the above and then spent the next minute saying it's only THEORETICALLY possible! 

Darn it - I thought I could retire on FutureNet earnings! I'm gutted!

'So why won't all this work? Well, for a start. We are PEOPLE. And secondly, these figures are based on people who ACTUALLY join.

And thirdly? Well, some people will actually LEAVE...BUT, lots of people WILL stay! AND bring in others! They'll network, and make LOADS of money. HOW? '

I'll let them explain again:

'What exactly do the Networkers, who actually earn high Income, have to do? The answer is simple: 

They understand the principle behind network marketing idea and focus, without exception, on the power of duplication.' 

The power of duplication? Yup. To be successful with FutureNet, you have to get up twenty minutes earlier, EVERY DAY FOR ONE HUNDRED DAYS and watch their video!

THEN, you'll be COMPLETELY BRAINWASHED into believing this complete load of hogswash!

'Here is your first task: from now on watch this video EVERY DAY IN THE MORNING,

From Monday to Sunday, From Monday to Sunday, From Monday to Sunday, for the next 100 days.'

The video then goes on to say that you must also watch a webinar EVERY DAY. You can choose to watch it in the morning, afternoon or evening. And then you're tasked with getting just one of your partners to do the same!

So what on earth do FUTURENET actually DO? Finally, after listening to 11 minutes of repetitive nonsense, we get the answer:

'How does it work? In a very simple way:

Basically FutureNet offers fantastic products including our multimedia, the FutureNet Steering System, the Future-CLOUD, the Future BLOG system, our Future-Video emails and many many more'
So, to re-cap. You spend as much time as possible recruiting as many people as possible
who will also recruit as many people as possible who will also many people as possible.
So once you have all these people, what do they spend their money on? 

All these amazing 'products'.

1/ FutureNet Multi Media.
Every time you log in, depending on how much you give them - you get FREE money.
FutureNet are the ONLY company to do this! FACEBOOK don't do this because they keep all the money for themselves - while FUTURENET give it all away and STILL make tons of money! 

2/ Future Cloud.

No info on this yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar these clouds aren't the white fluffy variety!

3/ FutureBlog system.

Let me guess? You have to WRITE blogs to earn a few cents? You could write reams and reams on how to RECRUIT future suckers couldn't you? FutureNet give you LOADS of tips! Is there a prize for the best one? Maybe a book deal? A money???

4/Future Video Emails.

Well that one's easy. Make videos saying how AMAZING FutureNet is! 

So do you join FutureNet for all of this? Of course not!

What you REALLY join for is the lovely REFERRAL COMMISSION!

And boy, do FutureNet have a massive COMMISSION Structure!

(Apologies to 'Behind MLM' for borrowing their excellent FutureNet Referral Commission list, but if I have to listen to any more FutureNet videos, I'll probably throw myself off the nearest building.)

Unilevel Commissions

Residual commissions in FutureNet are paid out using a unilevel compensation structure.
A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate places directly under them (level 1):

If any of these level 1 affiliates go on to recruit new affiliates of their own, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.
If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

FutureNet pay out commissions starting at level 6, subject to the following affiliate recruitment criteria:
recruit 6 affiliates – 2% on level 6
recruit 7 affiliates – 2% on level 6 and 3% on level 7
recruit 8 affiliates – 2% on level 6, 3% on level 7 and 4% on level 8
recruit 9 affiliates – 2% on level 6, 3% on level 7, 4% on level 8 and 5% on level 9
recruit 10 affiliates – 2% on level 6, 3% on level 7, 4% on level 8, 5% on level 9 and 6% on level 10

Matrix Commissions
Matrix commissions in FutureNet use a 3×5 matrix compensation structure.
A 3×5 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a 3×5 matrix, with three positions directly under them (level 1).

Commissions are paid out as a percentage of the fees paid by affiliates purchasing positions in the matrix:
levels 1 and 2 – 5%
levels 3 and 4 – 10%
level 5 – 15%
There are five matrices a FutureNet affiliate can purchase positions in:
Tier 1 – $10
Tier 2 – $25
Tier 3 – $50
Tier 4 – $100
Tier 5 – $500
Tier 6 – $1000

Additional matrix positions are granted based on the commission payouts on levels three to five of a matrix.

Once an affiliate has generated the required amount to purchase a new position on any of these levels, they are awarded a new matrix position at that particular level.

Eg. Once $100 has been generated between levels 3 to 5 of a Tier 4 matrix, they receive a position in a new Tier 4 matrix.

After this initial position has been created that all subsequent matrix commissions on levels 3 to 5 are paid to the affiliate as a commission.
Matching Bonus

A FutureNet affiliate can earn a matching bonus on matrix earnings of their personally recruited affiliates.

The Matching Bonus is paid out as a percentage of these earnings, with how much of a percentage paid out determined by a FutureNet affiliate’s personal recruiting efforts:
recruit 1 affiliate – 20%
recruit 3 affiliates – 40%
recruit 5 affiliates – 60%
recruit 6 affiliates – 80%
recruit 8 affiliates – 100%


Help just 10 People Get to 50 Ad Packs and You Earn $1200 per month - $14,400 per year
Help just 10 People Get to 100 Ad Packs and You Earn $2400 per month - $28,800 per year
Help just 10 People Get to 200 Ad Packs and You Earn $4800 per month - $57,600 per year


Lets take this to the next level....
Help just 20 People Get to 50 Ad Packs and You Earn $2400 per month - $28,800 per year
Help just 20 People Get to 100 Ad Packs and You Earn $4800 per month - $57,600 per year
Help just 20 People Get to 200 Ad Packs and You Earn $9600 per month - $115,200 per year
Don't forget the calculation above is worked on just being paid Commissions on your 1st Level Only at 8%....
If the people that you recruit get to work you will be paid 4% on your 2nd you can Add another 50% uplift to those commissions above

Also we haven't taken into consideration above the Revenue you will be earning from your own Personally Purchased Ad Packs and also we are not taking in consideration all the bonuses you will be earning from the Matrix when that starts to grow....‪‎FutureNet‬ is a GOLDMINE !!!!!

No! It's a PONZI!
In conclusion:
FutureNet is 100% Ponzi- Scam. 
It's focus is on Recruitment and it's vast array of Commissions and Bonuses. It promises that same old tired, formula of a $10 profit on your $50 AdPack which means a LOSS on every pack it sells. And it's premises are just a house - dressed up to look real!

17th January 2017
COINS! The last way to squeeze out every last cent from long suffering affiliates. As long as you don't plan on using them for anything other than monopoly, they'll be at least partially useful.

2nd April 2017
Why don't FutureNet accept Visa and Mastercard?
So your money can't be refunded via Chargeback!

17th July 2017

FutureNet are now boasting they have one and half MILLION members! WOW!
Pity only 15,596* of them have liked the Official Facebook page:

*19th July 2018
Now has 34768 Facebook members, out of a possible claimed 5 million members

Maybe they could get all there 1.5 million members to do a special useless task and LIKE the page?

The reason for this update (apart from the ludicrous 1.5 million member claim!) is to draw your attention to the 'server issues'. This is standard PONZI speak for 'slowing down'.
In the real world, changing servers is relatively easy and takes hours, not DAYS and certainly doesn't have any impact on the day to day running of a legit organisation. 
PONZI'S on the othe hand....

'Dear FutureNet & FutureAdPro users - You are over 1,500,000! (Yes, a over
1,5 million of people !!! :) )💪 It’s a great achievement, but also a big challenge for our team. In order to allow such a huge amount of user using FutureNet efficiently, we’re moving our platform to new, high-speed servers 🚀.Unfortunately, everything have pros and cons - while working on FutureNet’s servers, some temporary problems with access to them may appear. However it’s really worthy to be patient, IT works are on last stage, and the effects you will see by yourself ;) !

Update: 20th October 2017

Futurenet have been so busy since my last post, I thought it was time for an update.
So what have they been up to? 
Well, they're holding BIG events, claiming to be in partnership with BMW.
Futurenet Leasing says you can lease cars, boats and machinery...all with 'FutureNet' written all over it! 

They've opened up a cafe:

Sponsored some sports:

 and they've got themselves a new spanking office!

But underneath all the glitter, it's still a ponzi with a capital 'P'.

These are Stephen's latest claims of earnings on a 3x3, 10 level matrix:

Product Member:
Member:   $10 into $44,000
Basic:     $25 into $150,000
Gold:      $50 into $373,000
...and that's just personal! Just look at the business claims:

Exclusive: $100 into $819,000
Sapphire:  $500 into $3,000,000
Royal:       $1000 into $7,400,000

How the hell does he say that with a straight face? $1000 into $7.4 MILLION?
I can barely write it without laughing, let alone sell it to anybody, but then, I'm honest.
This is the video in full:

Six Steps to FutureNet heaven:


Which again, means what exactly?

'FutureNet is a modern social and multimedia platform the purpose of which is providing Users a place to make contacts and making it possible to set up their own business. Publish posts, make comments, add likes, express your opinions, share files - do what you did so far for free and FutureNet will share with you their profits for being active and implementing marketing plan in a manner suitable for the terms and conditions set forth in these Regulations.'

or, if you prefer...

'The main purpose of FutureNet Portal is giving Users the possibility of using social networking platform, however, the developed earnings model is an additional functionality which is not indispensable in using the Portal but it gives the possibility t create own business.'

And for doing whatever that is, you get all these bonuses!
( From Terms And Conditions:) 

6. Earnings Model
6.3. Social Media Bonus
By typical activities performed in networking Portal (adding posts, commenting, giving likes, sharing files....) Users receive Social Media Bonus which may be later exchanged into FutureNet product packages. By purchasing a particular product package, the User receives an equivalent in the form of Media Point for which he/she can buy specific products Online and physical products.

6.6. Advertising Sales Bonus
A User may receive commission for each recruited customer (advertiser) on the Portal.

6.7. Friends Bonus
Each User by registering in the system is placed in so called matrix. This allows him/her to gain resources from the activity of other users in a passive way. Matrices are supplemented automatically (with the functioning of the platform) or in a targeted way (in case of inviting new users). Profits may be generated by active Users, therefore it is beneficial to have such persons in your matrix (co called Friends Bonus). Although, inviting is not necessary to gain passive income from the matrix.

6.8. Matching Bonus
From each invited user (partner) who buys a specific product package (Platform products) the Portal User additionally gets so called matching bonus. The aim of FutureNet is building active community which renders mutual assistance in starting activity within the platform and further development of the business. In spite of the existing service and bonus, Service Provider emphasizes that inviting new Users is the exclusive decision of the Contractors.

6.9. Leader Bonus (Infinity)
From Leader Bonus the User, within matrices, may achieve percentage income with no limitations further on, from 1st level into infinity. The amount of income depends on the qualifications held. If a User's personal Partner also qualifies to a particular level of Leader Bonus then the income constitutes a specific percentage of the difference. that's how you can make $7,000,000! Silly me! 

25th October 2017

'AlterBusiness' an MLM magazine with an online readership of 500 per day, has splashed FutureNet all over it's front page. Must be hard finding a good story about MLM...
This is what they say about them:

“Innovative vision, effectively realised for the past few years, gives members of FutureNet a guarantee of high profits and stability of the business”.

Yer, right. What about the absurd claim from FutureNet that you can turn $1000 into
 $7.4 million? Was that in the article? What do you think?

6th November 2017

And so it begins...

'Technical issues' with payment processors: 

'Dear users,
Due to technical issues, by the end of the week, AdvCash payment processor will be inactive. We suggest to use other available payment options on the platform. All transactions with AdvCash will be resumed in Next Week.
FutureNet team'

...and here we have a 'special offer':

'3 years in the online market, 3 years with all of you and we have plans to be 3 times better, stronger and bigger in 3 years from now!
With special occasion comes special promotions, that’s why 1st until 25th November:
Sponsor new 1 Royal - get extra 3 Futuro!
Sponsor 2 new Royals - get extra 5 Futuro!
Sponsor 3 new Royals - get extra 7 Futuro!
Sponsor 4 or more Royals - get extra 10 Futuro each!
Sponsor 5 or more Frontline Royals and win one of 5 travel vouchers, one of 2 Rolex watches or BMW 318i!!!'

It's the scam equivalent of a BOGOF supermarket offer, they must be getting desperate for new money!

9th November 2017
This time is those dastardly servers that won't work...have you tried WD40 Stephan?

'Dear members,

We would like to inform you that there are temporary technical difficulties in the data center, where our servers are located. Currently, engineers are about to determine the cause of this problem and will be working on a resolution. Please be patient until the issue is clarified - we hope it will happen as soon as possible.

FutureNet Team'

..and just when you opened these classy offices in Tel Aviv as well:

13th November 2017

Futurenet really are having problems. This was posted on the Official FB page this morning:

'I made a bitcoin payment of 50 adpacks on Futureadpro but I never received. This is USD2,500 It took 2 weeks and support email just tells me to wait. I don’t even understand the reason why I just have to wait such a long time. It’s my partner’s money please send me back or give me adpacks.
My partner made the first payment she is starting to doubt .. and take actions on this issue
Please help this is very serious I’m losing trust and cannot continue business.'

29th November 2017
Tell'll get caught out.
Futurenet were happy to show slides of numerous currency exchanges that they said would have their fake coin on it, but it was just for show to get people to join!
The slide they showed is attached and this is what they have to say about the 'mistake':
'It was a example slide with popular logos of cryptocurrencies exchanges platforms. We're sorry for missuderstand.'

We didn't misunderstand! You lied!

Dear Users - We are happy that the event in Macau received with so much interest and feedback from our online society. Unfortunately, there are misleading information, provided by individuals, that #FutureNet has presented the names of online exchanges others than BitBay on which FuturoCoin will appear. We want to inform you, that FutureNet has not published any cryptocurrencies exchanges other than #BitBay on which #FuturoCoin will appear first. Just as our coin was audited by BitBay, our company also wants to make sure that the exchanges where Futuro will be, meets all our expectations and standards. Now, the company is discussing with many online exchanges owners, but we do not provide any information before the final decision to introduce Futuro to another exchange platform.

Kind regards
FutureNet team

30th November 2017
When is a Lottery, not a Lottery?
When you don't want to give away any prizes!

'...we had two lotteries in Macau and of course we cant make the lottery live in Macau on the stage because we were in a casino city and Futurenet has no license to do a lottery in Macau, that was the reason that we dont, that we cant do that in Macau.

Next week, live, we will make the lottery. Maybe you are the winner of the BMW of the Rolexes,  of the travels or of one of these Bitcoins. Maybe you saw the price of these Bitcoins today they are almost at $11,000. Its incredible...' 

Bet you thought those prizes were rewards for being a Presidential, Diamond, Gold, Ruby etc etc etc? Nope! They didn't give away anything! China won't let them have a lottery license apparently. Except it WASN'T a lottery, they were supposed to be just giving them away!
So now they claim to be holding a lottery next week where all these prizes will be given away - which will have to be shipped all over the world...yer right!

2nd December 2017
The latest Cypto currency news - its being tested folks!

December 14th 2017

FutureNet have drawn out the prize winners names. 
But for some unexplained reason, FUTURENET won't be notifying the winners of their good fortune, they have to claim the prizes themselves!
And there certainly does seem to be an awful lot of Chinese winners!

'Birthday lottery has just ended! Congratulations to everyone who have qualified to this lottery and also to everyone who has won one of our prizes. We have also given out BTC prize for FutureNet event participants. Check this list and find out if you have won one of our prizes.
If you have found your name on this list, please contact us on ➡️ via e-mail address which you have put while registration on FutureNet platform
Watch re-transmision of prize drawing:

➡️login: ls8760 ➡️name: Seungok Lee
➡️login: sgd9788888 ➡️name: Seung Geeduk
➡️login: xingwei0828 ➡️name: Xing Wei
➡️login: huyanjiao ➡️name: Yanjiao Hu
➡️login: yuantai2009 ➡️name: Jing Chi
➡️login: khynet88 ➡️name: Hengyuan Ke
➡️login: mmmm5555 ➡️name: Chung Moh Yong
➡️login: pa3262 ➡️name: Hyewon Park
➡️login: son3035 ➡️name: Jimin Son
➡️login: yangshuqing88 ➡️name: Hailian Yuan
➡️login: mirkaorlovska ➡️name: Mirka Orlovska
➡️login: aa2008 ➡️name: Gyeongnan Jang
➡️login: hongyi ➡️name: Zhenhong Zhao
➡️login: seireire ➡️name: Sayuri Onakahar
➡️login: ww9219 ➡️name: Sugja Lee
➡️login: linxy168 ➡️name: Xiao Ying Lin
➡️login: ms2873 ➡️name: Mi Sook Lee
➡️login: ww2868 ➡️name: Kil Ja Choi
➡️login: kimjy2181 ➡️name: Jiyun Kim'

Funniest Ponzi video ever! I especially like the 'Independent Observers':

Since when are employees 'Independent Observers' FUTURENET?

December 19th
WARNING issued from the Polish Authorities about FUTURENET:
'The President of UOKiK conducts proceedings in connection with the activities of the following entities:

1. FutureNet, FutureAdPro in the Marshall Islands - these are portals offering, in exchange for a fee, the purchase of advertising packages. According to the information on the company's website, you must buy the package and persuade other people to participate.

In a letter from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) dated 13/02/2017 we received a signal about the functioning of the system called FutureAdPro, which may mislead consumers and constitute an unfair market practice by establishing and operating a pyramid promotional system.

On 28/06/2017, the President of UOKiK notified the public prosecutor's office about the possibility of committing a crime. Proceedings in the case are conducted by the District Prosecutor's Office in Wrocław (reference PO 2 Ds. 63.2016).'

January 4th 2018
Roll up! Roll up Folks! Free useless coin giveaway!

12th January 2018.

FutureNet have finally launched their fake coin offering.
This is there promotional blurb...

The FutureNet company was founded in 2012 by two owners – Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern. The owners have many years of experience in both business and marketing, so they are still expanding it successfully. FutureNet began its operations from Poland, but now has its headquarters in other parts of the world such as: Wroclaw, Warsaw, USA, Brazil, UK, Germany, Ukraine, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and still the new ones are being set up. Currently, the company is registered in Dubai at FutureNet LLC, Abdulla AL Fahed-4, Office No. 210, Al Quisais second, United Arab Emirates with a share capital of $ 50,000 and entered in the register book under the number 781893.

FutureNet is a modern social and multimedia platform whose mission is to create a place for users to make contacts and enable them to set up their own business. FutureNet, for being active on the social media platform and implementing the marketing plan, shares its profits.
The company consists of 5 main sectors, such as: online earning, social platform, online advertising, games and complete novelty – own cryptocurrency FuturoCoin.
FuturoCoin is a coin that has all the features of a cryptocurrency. The features that certainly distinguish it on the market are its own blockchain and open source code. It gives you the opportunity to mine it with your own mining software, so the company will not have any controllability, which means a decentralized system. Wallets have also been created for storing and transferring funds between users connected to the FutureNet platform. For those not registered in FutureNet, there are external wallets with both desktop and smartphone version. An undoubted advantage is also transaction time of less than 4 seconds. You can check the technology on your own by looking at White Paper and tracing the source code. The total supply is 100,000,000 coins and until the start of the Futuro blockchain, 30,000,000 coins have already been mined and  designed for partners with the Royal matrices and participants of the Macau conference.
FuturoCoin payments will include shops, portals, cafes and any products appearing in the store. Each user will be free to offer their own goods and accept payments in FuturoCoin. It will also create additional interest for people who do not really know about FutureNet and FuturoCoin yet, but would like to trade on the platform. Another brand are also FutureNet cafés and restaurants. The possibility of paying with cryptocurrency will certainly intrigue the community around the world. If you are interested in such a project, you can buy a franchise in 2018.
The community at the start of this cryptocurrency is more than 2,500,000 people, which effectively affects its demand and willingness to own it. Imagine an increase in potential when at least 10% of this number will buy it.
The cryptocurrency will be able to be exchanged on many stock markets. For the first time, they will appear on one of the world’s top stock exchanges for cryptocurrencies – Bitbay. It will also be accepted on other major stock exchanges of cryptocurrencies such as: Binance, Coinbase, Bleutrade, OKEX, EtherDelta, Bifinex, Poloniex, HitBTC, GDAX, Kraken, KuCoin, Bittrex, Bithumb, Liqui, Coinone, BitFlyer. FutureNet also has its own crypto exchange on which we can exchange and purchase FuturoCoin and other cryptocurrencies.
The company offers the purchase of mining packages of different value and computing power: $100, $250, $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000, $25,000. Each of them will work for us for two years and there will be a possibility to buy them anytime we want.
Promotion! By January, we can receive 50 FuturoCoin for the purchase of the matrix in the Royal position, 5 coins for each direct partner in this position, and 1 coin for every person who has the Royal position in the structure.'

Just one observation.
Since Futurenet have NO idea what these coins are worth, how do they know how many to give away?
Below are all the levels/bonuses that they claim you can make from buying their fake coins.
And we all know what levels mean don't we...SCAM!

27th January 2018

Launch date of FuturoCoin is 1st February 2018.
But you can't just buy these bad boys, oh no - you have to be QUALIFIED for these mining 
packages first. 
Which means you have to have your own start up package and be qualified to these stages:

And don't worry if your team qualifies before you do! You have 21 days to upgrade so you don't lose out on any of those lovely referral commissions !

So to cut a long, boring story short, you have to give FUTURENET MORE money before they can even SELL you these fake mining packs to begin with. And thats not the best bit! Look how much you have to THEN shell out for these scam coins:

'We have prepared 7 mining packages with different power factor in prices: $100, $200, $500, $1000, $5000, $10000 or $25000. Higher power factor means more coins amount you can get. Every minute, 6,65905632 FTO will be shared between every purchased mining packages, according to your power factor.'

Which basically means SEVEN more ways to lose your money folks!

Feb 1st 2018

Just in case you STILL think this company is genuine, pop on over to the pages 
about Banners Broker'. 
Everybody thought the panels they sold and the Blind Network was real as well.
But guess what?  LIES. SCAM. PONZI. Just like Futurenet.
Computer games can make you believe anything. Whether its' the belief you have
 advertising packs or Coins. 
But it's all just a game. And the house ALWAYS wins!

Feb 4th 2018
J. Ryan Conley, Americas N0.1 FutureNet Leader, bravely admits he has Alzheimers:

Feb 11th 2018
The coin has launched! Yay! 

But what's this? Oh dear...

16th February 2018

Well that didn't take long, did it. The fake coins are melting already:
'We observed that the mechanism responsible for new block validation has rejected too many 
blocks.The change is important, especially for mining nodes. 
We strongly recommend upgrading to this version'.

1st March 2018
There's a German Researcher who works for a German TV channel who obviously hasn't heard the words 'due diligence' 
and is going to have an ostrich size egg on his/her face one day very soon! 

Merzig is looking forward to the best in the world

He has been the best table tennis player in the world since 1st January.
Dimitrij Ovtcharov (29) is the first in the world ranking list - and as every year,
 "dima" will open in Saarland.
On March 17th at the 'FutureNet Masters' in the Merzig Zeltpalast!
Ovtcharov: 'Playing in the Saarland has long been a tradition. I think it was my 15th participation. I only won the title once. I could change that.'
In addition to the world ranking list first among others: Germany's table tennis legend Timo Boll (36), the French top player Simon Gauzy (23 / No.9 in the world) and Sweden bite Jorgen Persson (51) Ovtcharov: "Before the World Cup, the tournament in Saarland is a small gauge, because it is always heavily staffed."

3rd March 2018

Futurenets coin has launched on another exchange.
But look how much its crashed in 24 hours!

29 Turkish Lira has a value today of $7.62.
Which is considerably lower than the price they quoted just a few days ago on the Yobit exchange:

5th March 2018
Todays FTO price...25.55 Turkish Lira = $6.68 USD
Going down again!

6th March 
And STILL going down!

11th March 2018
FuturoCoin is definitely going to rival Bitcoin!
On the 12th of NEVER!🤣🤣🤣

13th March 2018
The saying goes: 'The proof is in the pudding'
Well the FuturoCoin pudding is burnt to a crisp!

15th March 2018
In just ten days, FUTUROCOIN has continually gone down.
The writing's (literally) on the wall for this PONZI!

29th March 2018
Ryan Conley, the American Futurenet Leader who is claims he has early onset DEMENTIA
but looks perfectly well to me, has been raving about how high FuturoCoin is going.
Except it isn't. It's worth less than when it was launched.

13th April 2018

Futurenet! The growing social media platform that pays in BITCOIN!
Well, in case you haven't noticed lately, BITCOIN has crashed from a record $20,000 to less 
than $7000!

So, if you didn't already have any BITCOIN, you're too late. That ship has sailed.
Government regulation is coming to the land of Crypto currency and the people that made it
big, have jumped ship and 'coined' it in!
Which leaves...lots of silly people buying worthless ICO's like FUTURENET COIN.
But don't take my word for it, look for yourselves. The FTO coins are worth less than when you
brought them on the exchange:

And are only worth $7.08 on the Piyasa, which is barely 50 cents movement in several weeks! 

So what else is happening in Futurenet land?
Well, they've launched FutureMusic! For the grand sum of $12.95 a month, you can listen to streamed music and get to keep
 FIVE tracks! Bargain!  Apple only costs $10 a month and it's not a ponzi, so Apple gets 
my vote!

Oh look! We have levels! What do levels make? PONZI SCAMS! 
It even LOOKS like a pyramid so you can't say you weren't warned!

And J. Ryan Conley , the American Futurenet Leader who is selling Futurenet by telling
 everybody he's dying from Early Onset Dementia:

... can be seen here looking very well and not a bit ill. 
But then he and his buddys have been smoking something, apparently:

5th May 2018
Ryan has been having a FUTURENET party, with some really gullible guests:

And their mighty FTO coin is still worth less than it's launch price!

6th May 2018
Todays price of the FTO coin on the Piyasa exchange is predictably down:

Some information about
It has referral commissions, on NINE levels:

14th May 2018

J.Ryan Conley has just posted this on his Facebook page:

Looks  impressive doesn't it!
But if you look a little deeper, it's easy to see whats happening.

Firstly, Ryan has clicked on the 24hours button.
If you click on the 6 month button, the picture is a bit different:

It's only slightly up on the original price when it was launched.
And look at all those large chunks of green.
Somebody (not to hard to guess who) is block buying FTO to make it look higher than it is.

Look at the highlighted time. 
All these coins are being purchased at the same time -
which indicates ONE buyer!
And it isn't the first time this has happened.
Futurenet are buying coins when the price goes down,
then selling when the price goes back up!
This is a snip from last month:

Look at the times of purchase and sale, there are blocks of identical times.
If all of the thousands of members that Futurenet claims to have 
are really buying/selling these coins, you would have a steady 
time block of different times, from different purchasers/sellers.
The only good news to deem from this deception is that if Futurenet 
need to buy coins, it proves they aren't as popular as they claim to be.

15th May 2018
Another day, another round of block buying/selling by Futurenet:

19th May 2018

This poor guy says he doesn't get it? 
He's brought loads of extra Ad Packs but he isn't getting any extra commission? 

'Don't get it anymore anyone explain? 
I had 17 adpacks till 14th..
14th i brought more i have 23 now...
and the money comissions are almost the same???? 
Comissions are not even same every day..
have level 4 for % comissions.'

The answer to his question is very simple.
The Ad packs are worthless. 
The money 'earned' is solely down to some other sucker buying ANOTHER ad pack with fresh money.
Which is the reason FUTURENET is a PONZI!

25th May 2018
The current round of emails concerning the new Data protection laws are basically about giving permission.
 Knowing what information companies hold about you, what you share with them, and what they share with others.
 What they are NOT, is an excuse to close your accounts and steal your money!:

New message from Futurenet:

'Please make sure you approve the required consents ( GDPR)
otherwise, on 1st of June 2018 you will lose
access to your account.'

2nd June 2018
The recent GDPR  legislation means that Futurenet affiliates have to consent to (Futurenet)
using/storing their personal data.
But the document they've issued has thrown up some useful information about FutureNet and
the companies it associates with.
This statement forms part of the new terms and conditions that Futurenet affiliate's have
to sign, in order to get access to their accounts:

'I also give my consent to receive from BCU Trading LLC of Abdulla Al Fahed-4 Office 
Number 210 Al Quasis second 96032 Dubai, company no.781893 which pursuant to art.27
of GDPR appointed a representation in the European Union, i.e a company of Coders House
Spoika.z.o.o. of ul. Nowogrodzka 31,00-511 Warszawa business information via electronic 
means to a given email address pursuant to the Act of 18th July 2002 on Providing Services
by Electronic Means (i.e Dz.U.) (the Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland), section 1219
as as amended). The consent is given freely.'

In all these months following Futurenet, I've never come across any mention of BCU Trading LLC.
So who are they? A quick google search threw up this information:
A news release from Rueters News agency in February 2018 states that DevoranSA
has signed a deal with BCU Trading LLC in Dubai for acquiring Advertisers for Futurenet.

 So 'BCU Trading LLC' want DevoranSA to acquire Advertisers for Futurenet?

DevoranSA is a Commercial Property Company based in Poland which seems to dabble in a range of other interests including:
The distribution of Liquefied Fuels, Non-Alcoholic Beverage Manufacture, Warehousing, Storage , Advertising, Power and other sectors...'

I've been unable to find any mention of BCU Trading LLC (as a separate company) anywhere on the internet. But they DO get a mention in the bottom right-hand corner of the Futurenet Flight Comparison Service:

The address for BCU Trading LLC is listed as:

 Abdulla Al Fahed-4 Office Number 210 Al Quasis second 96032 Dubai.
company no. 781893,'

Which ties in with this internet listing for Futurenet:

Which states: 
'in May our new company Futurenet LLC was established in Dubai...Abdulla Al Fahed -4 Office No. 210 Al Qusais second...'

And all of these:

 The conclusive proof that 'BCU Trading LLC' and FUTURENET are one and the same

7th June 2018
J.Ryan Conley - Americas Futurenet leader - says Futurenet is a Pyramid!

The Futurenet Coin has also flat-lined!

9th June 2018

Futurenet have a calculation tool:…/calculator/estim_simplified

It tells you how much money you could 'earn' depending on how many ad packs you have.
So if you brought 50 Adpacks, this is the choice you have for your 'investment':
Buying 50 Adpacks at $50 will cost you $2500.

Earning over thirty days will make you $712.50, but the account balance stays at $2500.

Earning over thirty days will make you $60.83
but increases your account balance to $3250.

So why would you not 're-invest'?
RE-INVESTING your 'earnings', on paper, can seemingly make you substantial amounts of money and you can still withdraw a tiny amount each month.
So FUTURENET can rightly claim they pay every month, affiliates can tell everybody how much money they make and that Futurenet pays regularly, and that hooks in more gullible people to this scam.


They give you a false impression of earning money when in reality, all you've done is give FUTURENET $2500 and they are generously giving you back just $60 per month,which will take THREE YEARS and SIX MONTHS to get back!

FUTURENET know that most people will 'reinvest' because it doesn't make sense, on paper, not to. But the money 'earned' in reality is just a computer programme telling you you're rich.

And if you still don't believe it's a scam, ask yourselves:

Why can't I withdraw the full amount of my 'earnings' in one go?

If the money was real, you'd be able to.
But it isn't, so you can't.

12th June 2018

Oh know! Disaster!
The Calculation System needs to be re-structured!
And this may take DAYS to fix!
Somebody buy a new calculator for Futurenet, quick, before, shock horror, payments are delayed!

13th June 2018
Futurenet have ATM machines! Yep! Genuine, bonefide bitcoin cash machines.
The funniest pics I've seen in a long time. I especially love the designer parcel tape
holding two boxes together! Hilarious!

6th July:
FTO coin is still going down:

 K2 will bitterly regret these pictures one day soon. 
Why didn't he do a google search of FUTURENET?

8th July 2018
So how popular is Futurenet? 
The wheels are coming off the ponzi wagon!

12th July

Down...down...down goes Futurenet.
In six days it's dropped 53 places!
And the FTO coin has dropped like a stone this month!

21st July
Futuro Coin is now on SEVEN exchanges. But it's still going nowhere!

29th July 2018

HERE WE GO! The beginning of the end! They're creating a Version 2!

'Dated 25 July -⚠️Urgent #FAP information:
Due to the continually increasing number of FutureAdpro users, there might be some system overloads, and, consequently, delays in FAP calculations. We are still working on solving all the problems, which may last until Friday.

Now we want to assure that our team of programmers is working on an entirely new, improved version of FutureAdpro 2.0, which will undoubtedly eliminate this type of issues. The premiere is coming soon!

We apologize and thank you for your patience.'

For people not initiated into the Ad pack scams, a new version simply means they are running out of money and need a way to stop earnings. A sort of 're-set' button to try and re-coup some of FN losses.

Read The My Advertising Pays page...or the Traffic Monsoon page...Banners Broker  page...all the same. New versions always mean the end is nigh - thank goodness.

31st July 2018
Looks like Futurenet is running on fumes folks. 
So if you haven't withdrawn any cash yet, it's probably too late...

2nd August 2018

Here's another 'no pay-out' post. The problem is, not enough new people are joining to pay out the vast number of people who are now taking withdrawals. That's the consequences of every Ponzi and there's only ever one outcome: LOSS and MISERY!

3rd August.
And another payout issue!

And the Polish press have done a feature on Futurenet: gonna look real stupid when it crashes!

11th August 2018
Some questions for you:

Why do Futurenet charge you higher fees when you buy more Ad packs? 
What do Futurenet do to earn that extra fee?
And why do you only click on ten ads a day regardless of how many packs you have? 

Think about it...

Multiple ad packs are supposed to earn you more money and yet you only click on ten ads a day?  So your click earnings should always be the same -  which in the real world is ten cents - and yet you supposedly earn more money? It makes no sense does it.
The Maths:
10 cents per day = 70 cents per week or approx $3 per month.

So if you have ONE pack or ONE hundred packs, you still only click on ten ads per day and earn $3.  And yet you 'earn' a lot more than that don't you? HOW?

This is how:
The Ads are just a smoke screen. You aren't 'earning' anything. How could you?
Futurenet at most would only be giving you back $3 per month, which is a full refund of all the money you paid them. How on earth can a company survive if it gives out 100% refunds and then pays commission to its members on top?

The answer of course is that it can't.

Futurenet pays you money based solely on the new money that comes in from new members.  

It charges you higher fees which you can pay out of your 'balance' purely to reduce the amount of money it supposedly owes.

Look at the whole balance in your accounts and ask yourself why you can't withdraw ALL of it?
Again, an easy question to answer - because it isn't real. The money isn't there.

You can expect more 'upgrades' or 'maintenance' issues on the website quite regularly now
because Futurenet need to slow 'earnings' down.

15th August 2018
Due to 'security issues', all withdrawals have been stopped! 
What a crock of 's**t Futurenet!
New members are drying up and Futurenet is getting low on money more like!

19th August 2018

How many companies do voluntary maintenance on a Sunday evening at 9.30pm?

Answer: The companies who don't want you to withdraw any money!

20th August 2018
K2Rhy has a responsibility to investigate the companies he associates with. 
What a complete plonker!

21st August

Futurenet are caught red handed in the most preposterous lie!
They have photo shopped their logo onto the popes gifted Lamborghini, claiming they sponsored it!!

22nd August
And another one!

25th August 2018
For the uninitiated, when Ponzi's start regularly using the 'P' word, you just know there's trouble-in-paradise:

'Hello everyone!
We are fully aware of the difficulties that some of you might be experiencing right now. We are talking about the issues with Sofort and Advcash. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and we assure you that the works will be finished soon and everything will start working again. We thank you for you patience and consideration.
P.S. We will give you an update as soon as everything goes back to normal!'

Some Facebook comments in response:
'...solidtrustpay told me they paid FN since August 15th, but they still haven't added my adpack, I contacted them 2 times, but no response'.

'It is not only advcash and Sofort. Also Solid Trustpay
I am waiting since the 17th of August.'

'I already make an ticket 5 days ago. But i didnt receive and feedback yet'

And as if payment problems weren't bad enough - commissions are ALSO behind:

'Commission is also behind again!'

'Yes u r right. It's just like 1 week, 1 trouble. Am just wondering if this issues can't be sorted out for good and we will be getting out full earnings.There are too many ad (coindeal) in adpro, apparently it's a system error!'

' right, I see also allot of coindeal ads too, exactly.'

'Exactly. And the ads of coindeal are really too slow...'

And what have we here? A VERY complicated way to get paid...

'Not sure if this method would work the same in your country as it does for us here in Australia, but I will try to explain how we do it here.

We have a team group of members some of whom have been doing AdPro for some time. When they are wanting to withdraw money from FN the member who wants to buy (put cash into their AdPro account) negotiates an acceptable exchange rate of the day. Then they transfer the agreed amount in AU$ to the member's Australian bank account. Once the funds are received (or a screenshot showing the successful transfer) the selling member makes a FN code to the equivalent amount in US$. The buying member then uses that code to purchase new AdPacks within his own FN AdPro account.

The reverse is true when you eventually want to withdraw money. You become a code seller and people who are currently buying up AdPacks will be your code buyers.'
Hide this
Other than the above you need to set up and validate a CoinDeal account. Then you can withdraw funds into your CoinDeal account using BitCoin (or other digital currency).
Normally because CoinDeal is not able to interface directly with too many actual bricks and mortar banks you will also need to set up another digital currency account in your own local country who can interface with your in-country banks. Then you transfer the BitCoin to your local account, then sell it into your own local currency and transfer to your local bank account.
The reverse can be done when you want to send money to your FN account.
The down side of going this way is there are fees involved both ways.'

Just a thought... but why don't Futurenet just pay your withdrawals straight into your bank account? 
Millions of people get paid that way every single day!
27th August 2018

Futurenet have actually replied to my tweet about the fake logo on the popes car!

30th August 2018

Proof that Futurenet is a ponzi is really easy to find.
Just look at this comment:
'The revenue from AdPacks is being slowed down by testing of AdPro II. This will be made up by extending AdPack life beyond the nominal 125 days until the revenue you earn from each pack still achieves $60.'

And yet...everybody is still clicking on those ads ten times a day. 
So why would revenue be slowing down?
 If anything it should be increasing surely? More members mean more Ad clicks? And yet they want to extend the Ad pack life?
What Futurenet are actually doing is extending the time limit before you can withdraw.
And what this ultimately means is that Futurenet are rapidly running out of money - just like all ponzis do.

4th September 2018
Vietnam are warning about Futurenet being a scam!
If anybody can translate this video, I'd love to hear from you!

5th September 2018

'Get paid for being on Social media!' says Futurenet.
Paid in what? Hot air?🤑🤑🤑

The guy who posted this picture in Facebook asks:
'Why i dont earn any cents from social media? but i got 1300 media points, i had it right after i bought the 10$.'

Knicole Burchett J. Ryan Conley my is zero as well on social media part any tips.

Knicole Burchett Points come with every upgrade. Social media points is an agrythum'

'Agrythum' Nicole? You mean 'algorithm' you dozy woman!
But she has got the meaning of the word right - the whole of Futurenet is just one big computer programme SCAM!

'To make a computer do anything, you have to write a computer program. To write a computer program, you have to tell the computer, step by step, exactly what you want it to do. The computer then "executes" the program, following each step mechanically, to accomplish the end goal.
When you are telling the computer what to do, you also get to choose how it's going to do it. That's where computer algorithms come in. The algorithm is the basic technique used to get the job done...'

6th September 2018

10th September

Futurenet are going to save the planet apparently. And they've made a great start by giving tons of shiny confetti and plastic balloons to landfill. Go, go, go Futurenet.
They are also launching a very unoriginal Version 2 of their scammy ad programme by having a competition.
Yep, to test this amazing new system they want every Futurenet member to click, click until their arms drop off. And the winner gets a BITCOIN!
Fab prize Futurenet, the lemmings fell for it.

So what happens to the revenue from all these thousands and thousands of clicks Futurenet?
And I'm presuming that withdrawals are also suspended for thirty days as well?
Go, go Futurenet!!

Some info from Macau that so far they haven't been shouting about:
1/You have to buy your Ad Packs now with Futuro Coin only. So instead of Futurenet purchasing large amounts of FTO to make the price rise and then dumping it - they're now getting their affiliates to do it for them.
2/ In order to earn the maximum amount of commission from your 'team' you have to have 100 Ad packs and to have the benefits you had previously in Version 1, you must have FIVE people under you.

What Futurenet is doing, is reducing withdrawals. The pot is drying up and they have to make believe everything is rosy and good, but the writing is on the wall now.

If Futurenet was still making lots of money it wouldn't hesitate in getting money to its members. But this way, it's members money is all tied up in Futuro coin which can fluctuate wildly. It isn't hard to see where this is going.

Look at Yobit today. Pump and Dump classic!
Large amounts of Coins were brought on the 7th September to artificially make the coin look good - but Futurenet can't afford to have all that money tied up - so today they sold it!

13th September 2018
In Macua, Futurenet said they were working with major companies like Amazon... yer, right Futurenet, in your dreams!    🤣🤣🤣🤣

'...Futurenet and Amazon are not working together and Amazon is not advertising with them.'

15th September 2018

The Emperor has no clothes!
Look what Futurenet is doing, letting people generate 'codes' so they can use them to sell to other people who want to buy ad packs! What the hell is that about?

'Another way to withdraw is to sell FN Codes to people who are trying to build up their active adpacks. This way they send you money in your own currency, and you make a code from your online balance once you receive their money. Then you pass the code to them to use to buy adpacks.'

This is wrong on so many levels. What's effectively happening is the direct transfer of new money into old. Futurenet aren't even trying to hide this fraudulent accounting practice.

If you think about it, you're just selling money to a complete stranger. No regulation. No legality. No refund. It's against every security law on the planet and will undoubtably end in tears.

16th September 2018

A Ponzi scam called Traffic Monsoon has been closed down by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is currently going though the court system.
This is an extract from the most recent Receivers report:

'The SEC claims, among other things, that between October 2014 and July 26th 2016, the defendants engaged in securities fraud and operated a ponzi scheme. It is alleged that the defendants took approximately $207 million from over 162,000 investors primarily through the solicitation of an investment known as an 'AdPack.'

The company may be different, but the business model is the same. An AdPack is a scam. You can't 'buy' a pack of advertising and then get your money back, plus a little bonus, just by clicking on ten ads a day. 
More proof that Futurenet is 100% Ponzi scam.

18th September 2018

(cough, cough...😂)
Just in case you didn't listen, or read, or see the posts about the Futurenet Macau Event - here is a spoiler:
They are testing the NEW AdPro programme - and guess what? Specially invited people are going to test it!
GOSH! 😮How exciting!🤗
But sh.h.h.h...don't tell anybody! It's a SECRET!

Top Secret Project!
We have something amazing for you! We have worked really hard on this and the results are astonishing! If you can see this message - congratulations! It means that you are a member of an exclusive and chosen group of users that can try out the demo version of New Future Adpro...TODAY!
It's a very early version of the platform, so don't be afraid if you see any announcements about maintenance breaks that might appear during this systems adjustment. Your opinion about the experience is very important to us. It will help create the best advertising platform on the whole internet!
In order to log in - you will need the data from your Futurenet account (not your Futurenet AdPro account) Please - do not share the access link. The rest of the FutureNet Community will get this information soon. '

So we can pretty much guarantee a couple of things:
Firstly, the site will be down ALOT over the next few weeks for 'maintenance' 😴
And secondly, you can bet your bottom dollar that the 'early' version will have to be updated! And then probably updated again!

In the real world folks, companies change software every day. Their IT departments test it independently and then, when they're happy with it, they just upgrade. Simple.

But the problem with scams like Futurenet is that eventually the new money starts to dry up and they need to find ways to delay payments in the hope that new members will join, and the greasy Ponzi wheels can run again.

The next few weeks will be hilarious, I can't wait to report it all!🤣🤣🤣🤣

22nd September 2018

The American Leader of Futurenet - Ryan Conley - has managed to sign up former American Presidential Candidate RON PAUL to Futurenet.
A little heads up to Ron Paul:
Google 'FUTURENET SCAM' and 'Ryan Conley' and you'll find out in less than a nano second that you've been well and truly had!

2nd October 2018

Nicole, in Futurenet USA, has a big downline who are scratching their heads because they have lots of packs but they aren't earning as much money!
 But Nicole has some helpful advice:

If these Ad packs brought REAL ad clicks, the revenue would go through the roof, not slow down!
This beta testing is going SO well! Especially for Futurenet since they haven't had to pay out any withdrawals.
But you gotta hand it to them - they've managed to stop withdrawals, stop the ads from earning commission, get all the members clicking on an infinite amount of ads AND get them to think it's a good idea!
But I think the penny is finally starting to drop:

4th October 2018

'Why are there only 60,000 people testing Futurenet when it claims to have 3,000,000 members?' asks a Futurenet affiliate.
The answer is very simple:

6th October 2018
This is the best part of my job. I don't have to do much more. I just sit. And wait. And watch the whole thing implode:
This chap has just brought some new ad packs. Wonder if he'll ask for a refund?

7th October 2018

Remember how I said that the new V2 was just an excuse to slow down your earnings?
Well just look at this...


This is very bad! Very, very bad!
Futurenet have issued a warning that your account can be hacked and your money will be stolen!

** your account is not safe, you need to activate the OTP (one-time password or two step verification to be safe)
What may happen if I don't do this?
Your account can get hacked and you can lose all your money- we will not be able to help you in such a situation.How can someone hack your account? By guessing your password.
(when it is too simple or you use the same password on multiple websites or you gave your password to anyone in the past), by hacking into your mailbox, by sending you malicious links on chat or malicious files via email.'
Explains how to download Banner App... Remember, if you don't activate the OTP and someone gets access to your account and for example makes a withdrawal - we can't help you, it will be too late!

12th October 2018

Futurenet says that because it can't pay EVERYBODY, it won't pay ANYBODY!
But why can't they pay EVERYBODY?
Their so called advertisers are supposed to pay for every click that Futurenet affiliates make. And there are millions of clicks - supposedly.
So where is the money Futurenet?

13th October

Futurenet have just re-invented the whole world of advertising with this amazing piece of nonsense!

'Dear users, due to the numerous queries on why 3.92 FND were accrued instead of 5 FND, we'd like to give you a detailed answer.
Let's start with how the pay-per-view advertising system works. The system automatically collects ad revenue and calculates how many banners have been viewed this week. Then, ad revenue is divided by the number of banner views, that's how we calculate the cost of 1 view.
After that, the system multiples the number of viewed banners by the cost of one view, resulting in your earnings for the week. For example, if the income for the entire ad campaign is $30,000, and the number of viewed ads world wide is ten million, then the price of one ad view will be 0.003 FND. Multiply 0.003 FND by a number of your views (eg 1400) and you'll get 4.2 FND per week.
We appreciate each of you and want our co-operation to be the most transparent.'

Futurenet has been paying its users over the last couple of years with no problems. But that's solely because so many people were joining and throwing in fresh money to pay the withdrawals.
But let's suppose for one minute that it WAS actually the advertisers that were paying Futurenet members for the clicks.
A click in advertising is worth approx 1penny/cent per click. That's a fact. Every time somebody clicks on an advertisement, the advertiser pays the company that hosts the banner approx 1p per click. That doesn't change.

Futurenet has always promised that your $50 ad pack will 'mature' and you will get your money back with a little bonus on top.
So do the maths:
Ten clicks a day is ten cents x 7 = 70 cents per week.
Or around $3 a week, or $12 per month. So just to get back your $50 would take around four months.

And yet, no matter how many ad packs you brought, you STILL only have to click on 10 ads per day? Makes no sense does it.
And remember, you've been paid over the last few months when there were less of you, and, presumably, fewer advertisers. 

So Futurenet is again talking nonsense.

And now you have banner ads on your mobile phone that you have click on upwards of 200 times a day. So in theory, you should be making a maximum of $2 PER DAY from the advertisers who are (presumably) paying you per click. 

So why can't Futurenet pay you what they owe?

14th October 2018

Just because Futurenet are testing the NEW programme, why does that mean the OLD programme now doesn't work?
It was working perfectly well before wasn't it??


Oh we have TWO competitions!
How many companies can you think of - now think REALLY hard - that run a competition to test how good their new software is? Are you thinking? Anybody... hello?


Popularity can turn on a pin head. One day they love you...the next:

'yeah it takes 20 minutes to surf 10 ads what a joke'

'yeah, then after surfing for 20 minutes it shows that you browsed your 10 ads and your browsing time also reset to 24 hrs. Then after few hours you come back to check how is it going then the RED LETTERS APPEAR that it says YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED for REVSHARE coz you didn’t browse. I’ve never seen a website that is on mentainance for MONTHS yet they keep putting up new products and services but SINGLE FUTURE ADPRO PLATFORM cannot get done for MONTHS! Customer service is quiet, I don’t know if they swallowed a pill that has SILENCER and also made their hands paralyzed so they can’t reply personally. 😬
'... it makes future net look really bad. They have sponsors on lambos, at football clubs etc but they have a website that doesn't even work. They have been going for 3 years and the website STILL doesn't work. Very very poor.'

' sounds as if you are having more difficulty then myself. i pray for all of us this gets corrected sooner rather than later!
'...yeah, i feel the same way here. They have new resto, and banner app that only works for android and new things keep on coming but poor thing future adpro people can’t move on. If your invite do some research about the platform, they wouldn’t want to get in coz website always shows #502 bad network...'

'The website is terrible considering how much money you have. Always gateway errors. Very very poor. I can't begin to try to get people to join when the website is so poor. It really let's future net down.'

'That is why I delete my account.'

'Futurenet adpro is a bulshit .commission is going down day by day...its just a flop program..never invest in future adpro'

'Is FutureNet's support even working? I am waiting 10 days on my ticket without nobody responding to it at all. If it is not about deposit by payment processor who even clarified to me that the transaction has been done and Future not adding the money to my account... Guess there is something wrong with your support platform too!'

18th October 2018

More unhappy people! 
Commissions not being added...Can't log support...on and on it goes!

'Does Futurenet really have to force this blo.dy CAPTHCA thing at login???
It keeps dropping us back and forth again and again to pictures and then back to login page that drops you back to capthca pictures that drops you back to login page again... and so on...
It is very annoying and useless!!! We cannot login to fulfill the daily ad watch commitments. Therefore, we will be punished despite it is not our fault. And YES!!!! THE LOGIN DETAILS ARE CORRECT AND THERE WAS NO PASSWORD CHANGE!'

'I tried to login from 3 devices (Android and Windows). None of them worked. I suppose, Futurenet have to fix this issue ASAP, not the members....We had a meeting yesterday in London. approx. 50% of us experienced this issue.Therfeore, it is not an isolated issue at all but general.'

'Hello, Any one face issue like me ??
I am using the FUTURENET since 1 year .... I am having 20 adpacks yesterday ...
Today morning when I get up to watch my ads it shows zero adpacks in my account ... I have few in my downline I was getting commissions from them also ... when I checked that it shows no data available... I don't know where is gone my commission as well as my adpacks ...
I sent a ticket to support team also ....'

19th October 2018

Roman says that BTC magazine have written about them.
LIE Roman😡😡😡
Futurenet have merely placed an ADVERT feature in it!

'FutureNet is a multifunctional platform specialized in innovative technologies for business online promotion. The project introduces an improved business model that unites the best of the blockchain and MLM worlds. FutureNet network was founded in 2014, the audience of the project already numbers over 3,5 mln users. FutureNet project founder Roman Ziemian shares his rules of doing business and explains how a life position of a leader affects the project results.

What rules should be followed by entrepreneurs who create a business from scratch?
First of all, you should always look at the business from a global and timing perspective. Create a product that will be in demand among society at any time and place in the world, develop it in accordance with market changes. Don’t be afraid to do something, but don’t forget about the risks – no matter how successful the project is, be ready to lose the money you’ve invested. Speaking of network business, I think that it should be treated as your own family. You grow and develop together with partners and you move towards the success for a common cause.

How did the history of the FutureNet project begin?
When I met my business partner Stephan Morgenstern, the blockchain topic was only at the start of its development. Besides, considering a great experience that Stephan has in network marketing we couldn’t pass by this sector and decided to create an improved and modern MLM business model that meets the challenges of today, opens up the potential of users on the Internet and gives them the opportunity to earn.

Why did you choose the EU for doing business, Poland in particularly?
I was born in Poland and when I met Stephan we’ve decided together that it will be the best place for the start. European legislative base is very strong and at the same time allows owners to freely conduct and develop their own business. Besides, the EU has a code of laws regarding frauds, corruption, money laundering, violation of which has serious consequences for the company. This way ensure the security of users personal information, their financial assets and show that our business is not a shallow but an honest project in which anyone can participate. Now we also have offices in England, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

The project audience already numbers over 3,5 mln users in 190 countries in the world. How did you manage to do it?
We’ve created a business platform that unites unique blockchain technologies and a classic MLM. It’s not a secret that it is possible to earn in MLM business. We went further and decided to improve the model of conducting network business and give users more opportunities to make additional money.

You can earn in network marketing. Let’s have a look at Mary Kay. Just think about it – the company was created in 1963 and already has over 3 mln employees! There are many stories of success in this company and other leaders in the network marketing and they are all true. It’s important to understand that any result depends only on you. The amount of earning in the project directly connected with the work made by a user. Projects that promise you million for nothing are scams. Nothing costs more than something that’s free.

How to distinguish MLM projects from financial pyramids?
Unfortunately, financial pyramids still exist and it’s most of the time difficult to distinguish worthwhile projects from frauds. Even though people can access great opportunities of the technological world and they are more cautious about startups that enter the market, most of them still can fall for shallow projects. MLM business has proved for years that anyone willing to earn can do so but certain efforts should be applied. Despite the fact that financial pyramids are developing and coming up with new fraud schemes, there are several indicators which can help to distinguish them from MLM projects. One of the main difference that network marketing has against financial pyramids is a product developed and produced by the company. The product should be in demand among users, bring benefits, help to build and develop existing business. In FutureNet we are mainly focused on our users. For example, crypto wallet FNWallet is used for safe transactions and storing cryptocurrencies. Users can assess 13 categories with thousands of products on online trading platform 24BAS. Cloud storage FutureCloud allows storing the information in the cloud and sharing it online. One of the latest product developed by FutureNet – an advertising network BannersApp where users see ads when unlocking their smartphones, while brands can customize their banners in accordance with the characteristics of potential clients. Besides, you should pay attention to the fact that financial pyramids usually appear in the market as fast as they will disappear afterwards and don’t offer any real products, only promise you enormous earnings from nothing. Such companies should be avoided.

What do you think about such popular topic as cryptocurrencies, FuturoCoin in particular? Do you think that founders have made the idea of “the coin of the future” to come true?

The cryptocurrency market was at the peak of its popularity in 2017, in particular, the leading coins Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple – this is when FutureNet team has thought of creating own cryptocurrency. It was a big step for FutureNet as with the launch of FuturoCoin they’ve opened a whole new range of opportunities for network users. A team of real professionals worked on creating the coin, its rate already exceeds $12 and holders are willingly trading it on cryptocurrency exchanges. Transactions in FuturoCoin take 4 seconds and an additional protection from double-spending was developed. Users can set up to 10 recipients within one transaction, the fee is fixed and doesn’t depend on the number of addresses. FuturoCoin holders can assess a wide range of opportunities for using the coin in the business and everyday lives. You can already pay with FuturoCoin in FutureNet cafes located in Kiev, Wroclaw, and Warsaw.

FutureNet is actively supporting sports. What does it mean to you?
Social responsibility of owners and participant is of the indicators of a successful business. Your business should participate in the life of society and be useful. FutureNet was created for people at the first place and the communication with them is very important to us – this is why the project has so many in common with the social network. Our new project – FutureNet Sport is a part of FutureNet network and is actively participating in the lives of sports teams and events. We’ve already become partners with a German football club VfB Stuttgart and a Polish basketball FutureNet WKS Śląsk Wrocław, and have also participated in such event like Shanghai International Legends Stars Tournaments 2018, Deutschland Tour 2018 on cycling and many others.

The project has not bypassed quite an important question of charity. What role does it play in FutureNet?
I and Stephan take charity very seriously and have founded an organization called FutureNet Foundation. Thanks to the participants we’ve recently managed to raise money on a surgery for an 8-years girl Wictoria from Poland and have already helped many other kids. Together with the foundation, we want to help as many kids as possible and to make the world brighter and better for them. In June, I and Stephan have become partners with IIMSAM organization and the United Nations. The main goal of IIMSAM is to fight against cancer and the global hunger problem. We can’t imagine how hard it can be for women to fight breast cancer but we want to do our best to support them in such a hard time and give them an opportunity to feel strong and confident. At the moment Stephan is the only IIMSAM ambassador in Germany and me – in Poland. This cooperation plays a great role in our lives and the life of the project. We believe that together FutureNet and IIMSAM can do more for people who really need help and support.'

Funny how he doesn't mention low/zero earnings and support that don't reply...guess that wouldn't make a great article eh Roman?

24th October 2018

Futurenet are telling so many lies now that they're making my job really easy!
BannerApp has announced a reduction in the amount of ads you can view from 200 down to 150. Or 15 per hour.
And they've done that supposedly to reduce unnecessary traffic!
This is what they said a couple of weeks ago about calculating your earnings:

'The system automatically collects ad revenue and calculates how many banners have been viewed this week. Then, ad revenue is divided by the number of banner views, that's how we calculate the cost of 1 view.
After that, the system multiples the number of viewed banners by the cost of one view, resulting in your earnings for the week. For example, if the income for the entire ad campaign is $30,000, and the number of viewed ads world wide is ten million, then the price of one ad view will be 0.003 FND. Multiply 0.003 FND by a number of your views (eg 1400) and you'll get 4.2 FND per week.'

Firstly, EVERY click on a Futurenet advert is unnecessary because there's ZERO intention to buy any products.
And secondly, same amount of money for a reduced number of clicks proves beyond any evidence that I can give you that Futurenet is a scam.

25th October 2018
The Alexa ranking at Futurenet is going UP. But that's only because they've got all of it's members clicking furiously on the website trying to get the most amount of clicks for the coin competition!
And speaking of coins. This is the REAL truth:
The FuturoCoin is only going one way...
down, down, down!! 

The first scam I helped expose was a company called Banners Broker which has now been closed down and the owners have been convicted of running an illegal pyramid scam.
Banners Broker had it's own website called 'Choice Network' which hosted banner adverts that only its affiliates could see, so was completely useless.
Fast forward Futurenet! They also have their own website called BAS24!

It has hilarious categories like 'wind instuments' and most of the products in these categories are 'products not found'.
And the few products that are there aren't even worth the site space:

But best of's run out of an apartment!

Georgia, Tbilisi City,
Vake district, Nutsubidze Plateau, M/R
IV, Building N10b, Apartment N42

28th October 2018

So Futurenet was down for maintenance and yet commission was STILL being earned?

NOW do you believe us when we say earning commission has ZERO to do with watching ads and EVERYTHING to do with Futurenet being PONZI scam!! 

30th October 2018

What IS happening at Futurenet?
Have all their staff taken a holiday? Have they run out of money for electric bill?
Comments from their facebook page:

'They've been fucked up for 5 days! A 502 error code is permanently displayed. This means the bug is in your server !!!'


'I bought the perfect money from the futurenet tree system 1000 **** and successfully traded $ 1000. But in my FutureAdPro account, I have not received 20 adpack packages.
I asked the futurenet administrators to check back for me. So I soon get the adpack back to work business along futurenet. I sincerely thank you!'

So...server isn't working properly. Money can come IN, but can't go OUT and support don't answer emails. 🤔🤔🤔 Mmmm...anybody with any common sense would think this was some kind of a scam? 🤑🤑🤑🤑

1st November 2018

What an absolute load of cobblers Futurenet!! Maximum withdrawal $1000

The end is near people!

'Dear users,
in order to increase the level of safety we have decided to introduce the process of verification and set the limit of withdrawals from the FutureAdPro platform (maximum withdrawal is $1000).
Our priority is the safety of all users of our platform. We truly appreciate your trust and we want to deliver services of the highest quality. The last hacking attempts and schemes that were meant to cheat people out of their money couldn’t be left unanswered.

We understand that this process of verification and the limits can be treated as a burden, however, these actions are meant to protect our users and improve our platform.

Thank you for your trust and for believing in our products,
AdPro Team'

And some more good news!
Another BIG nail in the Futurenet coffin!
It looks like the USA, Europe and Switzerland have banned Futurenet FTO !
This, in effect, means that these countries are aware of Futurenet and are clamping down on their activities.
We already knew that Futurenet has an official warning in Poland so it was only a matter of time before the party started!
Here are the balloons! The cake will come soon...!

'Dear FTO community,
As you may have already heard, we have an important update for this community. We would like to inform you that the FuturoNetwork service previously suspended in the European Union, Switzerland, and the United States will be ultimately suspended in these geographies. This is due to legal regulations in force in these areas, there will be no effect or changes to other areas!

As a company we are committed to 100% compliance to all legal regulations and to the safety and security of all of our community members. For members in the affected geographies, we are beginning to explore options regarding how you can participate in a fully compliant way.

We continue to make great progress scaling and educating on FTO. Last week the CEO of FuturoCoin presented at the largest crypto conference globally, the Blockchain Summit in Dubai UAE. We are continuing to roll-out our ATMs around the world and are working with companies - even now a property development company - to increase ways individuals can use FTO.

Finally, we are excited about the launch of our FTO Academy, which will be a professional training and education program on crypto generally and FTO specifically. You may have also heard of FutureNet's plans to introduce a trading application, on which FTO will also be included.
Best regards,

I remember 'Banners Broker' starting an 'academy' before they were closed down. And 'My Advertising Pays'...and look how well that turned out!🤣🤣🤣

7th November 2018
Futurenet are so desparate for funds they're actually asking people to send them money!

More to follow, watch this space!


  1. Lee oshea (a poor imitation of slimy Simon stepsys) is promoting this like crazy, just like he did with traffic monsoon (almost dead) and hq revshare (completely dead). Him being involved is enough proof that this is a scam!

    1. FutureNet is a new social media platform that pays you for chatting commenting and updating status just like you facebook it consist of three other businesses which is Matrix, Adpacks and futuro coin Mining.

      1. Matrix is your packages where you earn friends bonus and Matching bonuses when you introduce other ppl to the business....or if not you will earn spill overs from the work of your upliner

      2. Adpacks these an option of buying Ad packs whereby you can buy one for 50 dollars and watch your 10 ads daily and benefit 1% daily from your packs that you would have bought if you don't have time like me you have an option for the holiday where you select holiday and automatically the system watches ads for you and deduct a certain percentage

      3. These mining where one can buy a mining pool of minimum of 100$ and the mining mines a coin for every second and it will mines automatically for the next coming 2 years.

      Packages you can purchase:

      = $10 Membership
      = $35 Basic
      = $85 Gold
      = $185 Exclusive
      = $685 Sapphire
      = $1,685 Royal:

      This is a magic link where it all begins by registering for free


    2. You are probably right when you say that the system will collapse at some point, but so far I have already doubled my initial investment. If I had signed up 4 years ago, I would probably have earned it back a 100 times.

  2. I really admire the time you donate and the diligence you undertake in exposing and hounding these scammers.

    1. Thanks anon. Much appreciated.

    2. Hey dear, how much Facebook and all the rest of platform social media pay you for all the rubbish you write? I am with FutureNet and I can see my amazing results and I feel sorry for people like you that love put down other business. How do you think all the rest of the social media platform start from the bottom. I pray to the Lord that all the negative that people like you put in a company like FutureNet to come back to you and all your businesses. I use FutureNet and I am loving it and I wish that one day in the near future you will be asking us to let you be in it. I pet Facebook pay you shit lost of my to say all your rubbish.

    3. Hey Dear! Facebook pay me? Seriously hahahhahhaha! I wish they did, I could retire. Instead I have to read silly comments like yours. Come back in two years time dear, and we'll see whose right.

  3. Thanks Tara.

    I looked at this in detail earlier in the year and thought it was a scam and started warning people away from it in February.

    Will now start sharing this link.

  4. Brilliant article. Keep up the good work Tara. I read something about Lee Oshea here and its sadly true. This guy was an ex binary options trader wannabe who has lured new people into ponzi scams in the last year. Based in Dubai he works for a hospital as a marketing director. He is a highly dangerous individual and needs to be exposed. Tara maybe a full expose ''Stepsys style''? We are monitoring him closely and i will be passing on all information to the Dubai authorities in due course.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I have a JOB. An honest one. How do you make money???

    2. Well well well...look what we've got here...a censure...The very thing u proclaimed to be against...Ur not bugged...u r overtaken by Virus:-) No fixing for u...sorry :( u will be subject to deletion from The Matrix.But don't u worry. Since u r just a program there will be no pain ;-)

    3. Anon, the comment was removed BY THE AUTHOR, not me!

  6. I joined this and payed into the matrix twice first $10 then $25, found out if you message lots you get more cash bonus, which is pennies lol. Anyhoo found a system out for messaging lots from others on there, only to result in me being BANNED for 2 days WTF I put MY money into this and they stop me using it , CRAP !!!

  7. Hi Tara, thank you so much for this post!
    A couple of days ago one guy tried to talk me into it, tried all possible arguments including stuff like 'well if you don't want to make money, I understand', but I still refused to join. Too much experience with these scams - my father worked for Amway back in the 90s. The only two legitimate ways to make tons of money I know of is either to invest or roll up your sleeves, work your ass off and keep an eye on your budget.
    Your article is the best in depth analysis of this scam I have found on the web. Kudos to you! I'll keep my eye on your blog :)
    Mags, UK

    1. You're very welcome Anon, glad you like it, and VERY glad I saved you some money!

  8. Thank you so much for this article. I was contacted last night by a man claiming to be a co owner of this company. He was very pushy and mean, and refused to take no for an answer when he asked me to sign up on his page. Little did he know that I am also a blogger and have since written an article about our conversation. It is not live yet, but I wanted you to know that I did reference this article a lot and linked back! Thank you again I really appreciate this article.

    1. Many thanks Lazy Mom. Let me know when your articles published, I'd really like to read it!

  9. Hi TARA,

    Sound like MyAdvertisingPays which is still on the market and people are still earning lots of money from it. Am I right that you have lost the court case with MAP and you were forced to take all the bulls***t that you wrote about them of your blog?
    Is there any online marketing company on the market that you have not classified as SCAM???

    Why don't you classify twitter or facebook as a SCAM?

    1. 'people are still earning lots of money from it'.
      Firstly, no they aren't, its all fake numbers that people like you believe are real.
      Secondly, the court case was thrown out months ago and Mike managed to commit a Class 3 felony in the process by lying on the court documents. Thirdly, all 'click ten ads a day and get rich' schemes are SCAMS. And lastly, Twitter and Facebook? Seriously lol...

  10. Tara Hi, I notice that the third party advertising and games packages etc are not being taken into consideration here This is what feeds the REAL TIME rev share that is paid out via the "click ten ads a day" system. It is not a fly by night get rich quick system. Once earning enough daily income to withdraw 5% is held back to go into the auto upgrade for your matrix.There is also a fantastic support system via team members and upline ...I wish you the best of luck in your choices and it saddens me that you haven't grasped the concept of teamwork

    1. My personal opinion is that Tara has grasped the concept of teamwork as she is helping an enormous amount of people to not get brainwashed! Are you Siobhan listening to "webinars" everyday? Paying a "fee" every month to earn? If you are then unfortunately you have, along with thousands of others, been and being brainwashed! Unless it's your money going into your business (which it isnt as you are paying a third party) then you are paying to be paid!
      Then you, Siobhan are also extracting money from people the same way as it's being extracted from you by signing up innocent people who just want to make some money. How do you sleep at night? Taking money from people where they will never see a return? Of course you can't see this as clearly the brainwashing has worked on you!
      I've looked into these schemes along with some professional and extremely successful people and find it absolutely amazing that people still fall for the trap, desperate times they must be in!

  11. Hi Tara, you've written a good article. I came on this page to see what your take on FutureNet is. However, unfortunately I found that it's inaccurate and misleading on numerous points about the compensation plan. Instead of watching outdated videos and third party information you are better off doing your own research. You are able to join as a free member and have access to all the compensation plan in numerous languages. I'm sure there'll be at least one that you will understand. If after that you are still unable to see where you've gone wrong then post here and I will help you. As long as you agree to share some of your advertising earnings you get from such misleading blogs with Autism Awareness Charity.

    1. exactly, Tara has no idea how to write an actual unbiased review. Pathetic really..

    2. But I'm not reviewing it Mike, I'm 'telling' you its a Ponzi. And if, after reading all of the above, you STILL think it's legit, there's no hope for you.

  12. Hey Tara, whilst these businesses are often not sustainable, many people DO make money for a while, often way more than their principal. Whilst ethically, it may be that some will not make money if they come in late, many do make money that is why they are popular. I agree with you that in many ways these are scams in the sense that they are unsustainable businesses, however, many people dip in make lots of money before it comes down - that is why they are so popular. Normal working people can earn some big money but there are hazards, risks, warnings and it is not a sustainable business model and some will not profit but that is a risk everyone needs to weigh up before taking a punt. I thik your research and detail is superb , I just think you are a little bit unbalanced in saying people dont make money - I know many have made and taken out 3, 4 or 5 times their initial sum. Like it or not, that is the attraction.

    1. Firstly anon, these aren't 'businesses', they're scams which ruin peoples lives. Secondly, the majority of people THINK they've made money, but actually haven't. The earnings are never withdrawn. Thirdly, a 'punt' is a bet with odds you can count on. Scams are scams, no matter how you dress them up. The small minority of people who make money out of these scams are just taking it from people who've lost it. Its disgusting, pure and simple.

    2. Not one to spoil a party but my dear friend has started this futueradpro. He paid 1000€ for however many adpack. In 4 months his balance on futurenetpro is at 9.500 $. He recently withdrew 1000 €. ANyway, it is a pyramid scheme, at currently, he is making money. Itsjust the way you go about it that makes it interesting. If you cant look beyond your plate, then this might not be for you.

    3. @ anon do you not see how freaking silly that is? Your "friend" gave these guys 1k. Then was able to get it back in 4 months because they showed him they owed him a large number on a screen. ITS A SCAM

  13. Thanks TARA, I'm telling EVERYONE I know about your site. There's a massive netwrok of these dodgy daves about... for instance that Asian Pakistani fellah in the UK and that Adrian Hibbert fellah.

  14. Firstly I want to say I know many people who are with this company and are doing really well and I have seen proof that they are getting thier money from futurenet and making good money every one sees this different and has thier options on this but I know this works

    1. Sherri, every ponzi pays out at first. If it didn't, it couldn't recruit NEW suckers. It's when the well runs dry that the trouble starts.

    2. The only sucker is you TARA. It's not nice to be jealous.

    3. No Anonymous , we are the ones that futurenet ads pro is sucking the money out of , i have gone two weeks already with no payout from this company , and i still havnt receive my withdrawl so far in my neteller account as of yet, So im sure Tara is way far from being Jealous. Im just saying!

    4. Have they really already ran into payment issues? It seems a lot of MLM/scams are bottoming out as the economy starts to stumble and creditors are tightening up.

    5. Adpacks are for advertising your businesses

    6. Advertising to who? A closed shop of a few thousand Futurenet members? That's not even a drop in the ocean in advertising terms. And a click on an advert is worth just 1 cent in the real world. Yet you buy a $50 ad pack which is the equivalent of about 5000 clicks, which divided by ten clicks daily = 500 days, or a year and three months to get back any money. So how come you can recoup your money in 50 odd days? 100% PONZI scam Meekin.

  15. How about visiting the "fake office", which is opened for everyone (and you can easily find multiple movies from common people in internet) and talk to "fake employees", "fake CEO", drink "fake coffee there", etc...

    1. Drinking coffee with scammers is indeed tempting..but I'd rather watch paint dry in the Artic. But thanks for the offer Anon!

    2. Virtual coffe.. remember..

      There is no offer. You simply lie in the beginning of article... so why to bother reading the rest?

    3. Anon, the 'coffee' is fake. The 'office' is fake. The 'business' is fake. Its a PONZI. 100%. And I've never lied about anything in my life...not since I was five anyway lol, so do please tell me which part of my post you think I've lied about?

  16. 1. Looks like a real office doesn't it?
    2. 'real' staff photos.

    Trying to be ironic? Coool... but why to lie? :)

    1. 1. LOOKS like a real office - IT ISN'T...IT'S A PONZI!
      2. 'REAL' staff photos - they aren't REAL staff, they run a PONZI scam!

      Good grief! The 'OFFICE' has already been used for another PONZI, and the 'OFFICE' is in the middle of a RESIDENTIAL STREET! Wake up you silly you'll be telling me ' I make money, so it can't be a PONZI!'

  17. Hi Tara,
    You analysis about futurenet is wonderfull. A lady on my facebook advertised this scam. So i contacted her for more information and i got the video. After watching,i got more confused and suspicious. The fact that de head office is based in poland-europe and transactions is in dollars bothers me. SO i decided to do more research; de first site i came across claimed that it is a scam but the analysis and facts were not detailed like yours. I was glad to read yours and really appreciate all your efforts to warn people. It is very sad dat despite your good analysis, that some people still want to believe in this castle build of sands...
    Dont get wary or deter, keep the good work going.

    1. Many thanks Anon, so glad I've saved you some money!

    2. What currency should be used then in your opinion? Polish zloty (PLN)? Pretty strange thinking. Dollar is more common for worldwide community in my opinion :)

    3. Anon/FutureNet Insider, I'm not here to discuss with you the finer points of why you think FutureNet is real. It isn't. End of. If you don't like it. Tough.

  18. I am withdrawing from them every 2 weeks for 3 months already, everything ok and fast. Not even a single complain in our Whatsapp group and we are hundreds there

    1. All ponzis pay out in the beginning. But the money you're getting is just from new referrals. New money in, pays older members withdraws. That's how ponzis work. And you won't see many or any 'negative' or bad comments about FutureNet in your groups because if somebody posts the truth, the comments get deleted and the affiliate gets banned.

    2. I'm sorry but I've to disagree completely on your that reason there isn't a bad comment on her WhatsApp group... Please comments don't get deleted on WhatsApp. If you delete it from your end it still not deleted in the other end of the chat. Only on telegram secret chat feature is that possible. Please get that right.
      About your I'm not totally in agreement, some facts are right and others are really misplaced. That an office is a residential building or district doesn't automatically make it a scam regardless of what you might think. I've never ran a ponzi company but even when I was starting my business firm I started in my house, just like many other businesses that started at home or in a residential district. Even Steve Jobs Apple company started in his father's garage, right in their basement. It's also wrong to think that a small handful of staff in a photo, even if some of them are family members and friends, simply makes a strong case for fake staff. Honestly it's insulting to young business start-ups. I came from a family of small start-ups and I being a graphic designer and photographer and to work for my two elder sisters who also had young startup companies without money to push their company but dreams of a better future. My two elder sisters were a makeup artist and a fashion designer respectively and my younger sister is an amateur model and a dancer and she had pose with my sister's designs while I shoot the photographs and my eldest sister handles the makeup. And this was just to make sure we don't give up on our dreams. Occasionally friends will come in to lend a hand. In your analysis we should also be regarded as a fake staff. Remember I was paid no matter how little. Which qualifies as a job.
      I have said a lot and won't want continue stressing my point. I respect your view but I don't agree to sense of objectiveness.

    3. You can write as many words as you like PG, it's still a SCAM.

  19. OK, time will tell ofc as for now they are paying fast and I am half way through to get back my investment

  20. Whether Ponzi or not. This is one of the best innovation on online business. You people say, once its based on recruiting more members, then its a scam.Futurenet is here to stay and change peoples lives. Why call it scam when owners are genuine and doing everything to make this a longterm and sustainable business. With alot of prospects from the owners, am ready to do this business. There is nothing link ponzi here.If you are not interested in doing Futurenet, stop blacklisting it.

    1. It isn't an 'innovation' its a Ponzi Scam. And it only changes peoples lives by leaving them in debt and possibly homeless/penniless/friendless.

  21. Hello, Thanks for the article I have warned my friends about this for slightly different reasons to yours ie what are you actually paying for and the whole matrix setup just doesn't seem 100% correct from an Islamic perspective however its difficult to convince anyone when they've invested so much into it. They actually know that it cant last but they're hoping that it will last long enough to get their original money out and then anything they lose will not hurt as much. I discussed this with another friend of mine who thankfully agreed not to join after almost joining them. In his investigation he told me about another person who had lost their house in the trafficmonsoon scam so this is playing with peoples lives. They're gambling on the idea that it won't happen to them but when they get comfortable that's when they'll get hit and it will be too late with no comebacks.

    To any fellow muslims who read my comment Rizq is fixed so find another way to provide for your family , if its written for you then you will find it in another way, getting rich or accumulating wealth is not the purpose of life nor is it the purpose of earning money but it is to provide for your family, solve your problems and help those in need in order to gain reward for the akhirah.

    Thanks again for writing the article.

    1. Very well put anon. I'm glad you didn't lose any money.

  22. I came across this Review while checking FutureNet and FutureNet Pro. I have to say from start to Finish this whole review is slated towards it being a Ponzi. A big part is made out of slating the past of the founders and the so called office, as we all know a lot of successful business man have a history of failure and bankruptcy, take for example Donald Trump! The concepts of Multi Level Marketing and revenue share is seen as a scam, while there are loads of ethical companies that use those concepts, they are not illegal and not inherently wrong.

    Lets take a just one thing that you have said that are just not true and not properly researched, one of them is that you state it is a LIE that a adpack increases over time to the value of $60, while everybody whose has purchased the adpack will tell you that they do increase to $60 an increase of 20% a lot better than putting my money in the bank while the interest is almost negative, and an extremely good reason to join this opportunity!

    So your response will probably be even it is true (Yes it is) how do they get the money? Well again if you had bothered to really investigate you would have found out that FutureNet already receives a lot of external advertising revenues, it develops games and other software also for other companies, and even has a shopping platform. This is by no means all of the revenue stream and more are always added making sure that the company can continue to pay the members revenue shares and commissions.

    You mention Facebook, what do you think is more ethical making billions on the back of people using YOUR likes and dislikes, ages, country and region, spending patterns for selling adverts, or FutureNet that rewards people who are active or introduce people with revenue shares and commissions? As you said Facebook makes billions, but does not give them away, FutureNet makes revenue as well but chooses to share it with there members.

    So in my opinion the review was biased and not based upon for example "scammed users" people who have actually lost money, I know as I have been unable to find any.

    IF anybody likes to know the truth about FutureNet, get in touch with me.

  23. Blogger Rock. Facebook is a REAL company. It has a REAL product and pays REAL taxes. FutureNet is a PONZI that is run in the front of someones living room. You might want to check out one of the Ten Commandments that says 'thou shalt not steal.'

  24. if something is to good to be true then it definitely is too good to be true.

    stay away guys there is no such thing as free money.

    ive been to the seminar in Birmingham they tried to convince me i wasn't impressed at all.

    they call each other Leaders and the fools who get convinced feel like proud leaders lol wake up peeps u getting hustled.

  25. Hey dear, how much Facebook and all the rest of platform social media pay you for all the rubbish you write? I am with FutureNet and I can see my amazing results and I feel sorry for people like you that love put down other business. How do you think all the rest of the social media platform start from the bottom. I pray to the Lord that all the negative that people like you put in a company like FutureNet to come back to you and all your businesses. I use FutureNet and I am loving it and I wish that one day in the near future you will be asking us to let you be in it. I pet Facebook pay you shit lost of my to say all your rubbish.

  26. Sorry guys, but do you know what is the lifespan of those kind of scams? You can call me cynical, but if my calculations are right and if they will stay on the market for x days (I'm right aprox 160 days) after your initial investment you will get your money back.

    Is there someone who could estimate the collapse time for FN?

  27. Sorry? You want me to tell you how long I think this scam will last so you can make as much money as you possibly can before it collapses? I can think of many words for you, but cynical isn't one of them.

  28. I also think that FutureNet isn't a very good business idea, but the way you Tara are talking about it is totally disgusting. I am looking around how to find the place to report your blog. Hopefully I will find this option soon.

    1. Futurennet isn't a business, it's a PONZI. And the only disgusting things are scammers.

    2. i am also looking report ur fucking blog wht fuck u taking abt tara ur a big idoit 100% futurenet is a not a scam

    3. Why don't you try taking your foul mouth to the Polish authoritys who have issued a WARNING about FUTURENET, and see how far that gets you. And while you're at it, perhaps you could explain to me without using disgusting language how FUTURENET manage to pay out $7.4 MILLION for a $1000 INVESTMENT? I'll give you a clue to help you, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy all help.

  29. So when my mom and 2 of her friends is withdrawing about 500 dollars each day its a scam? -_-

    1. Where does the '$500' a day come from? It comes from NEW investors fresh money. And when Futurenet dries up - as they all do - those new investors will have lost everything. Added to which, if this ponzi is closed down Officially, illegal gains made by individuals will have to be repaid.

  30. Thank you for this article. I'm from Poland (although currently studying in Scotland) and yesterday my boyfriend's brother tried to convince my bf to try this "business"... I smelled scam since the beginning, but my bf was like "c'mon my brother wouldn't like to con me... It has to work well if he's telling me about it". Fortunately, he changed his mind later, he realised that it was a ponzi. But his brother is mad at me now :D cause I stole him the potential affiliate xD It's so funny (and scary at the same time), the guy has two successful shops and had a café earlier so it seemed to me that he knew some basic rules about economics, entrepreneurship etc. but nope, I was wrong.

  31. A year later and platform is still on.... in fact, they are about to start visa and mastrcard.... such a shame... some people could have actually make some money in last year but thanks to you they wont . Well done.

  32. Just a year? Still a while to go before it crashes then! As for Visa and Mastercard, that just means people will be able to claim for Chargebacks. And thanks for the 'well done', excellent news!

  33. What sad people like you......Nothing else to say. If people go against your comments you abuse them. Isn't that sad? Yet right against others. You expose the picture of people but you hide your face. For me if you hide I can't trust you or your comments.

    1. I have plenty to say about scams Unknown, and if you don't trust the truth just because you can't see the person telling it, I feel sad for you.

  34. The energy you used in replying every single commenter would have been channeled into futurenet and you get paid for it! Hahahaha how do you see yourself after a full blown year that you called futurenet a ponzi and a scam and you are still here on a blogspot while those who went on to work for futurenet are making BIG MONEY BY THE MINUTE! Shame on you Tara! What an opportunity you lost! Tisk tisk tisk! I just joined futurenet may this year and oh la la it has paid me real good! There's nothing in life that's free! You must work for it and if recruiting is the work to one million dollars oh please excuse me let me lead the way! Upgrading to the matrix is not by force you upgrade if you want to earn more or earn from spill overs you can as well stay on the social platform and have fun! While you make your 5 cents daily from your activity. I have been in Facebook for 10 years and not a dime did it pay me for all the volunteers recruiting I did for it rather I helped make mark Zuckerberg one of the richest people on earth! Because where there are plenty people there are markets as companies flood there to advertise on it! Hate futurenet all you want but the idea of social media platform is solid while you hate others are making big buck! Shame you must be so embarrassed with your hate to join now even if you want to! Sorry Tara! Your tongue or rather fingers was faster than you this time calling something scam that could actually change your life for good financially! Show me a Business devoid of recruiting and I will show you that the business is dead! Let Facebook stop gaining huge members tomorrow and see if mark Zuckerberg don't go poor except he made some really good investments before hard! With that said where is MySpace? Hahahaha!

    1. Networking Queen? Really? You recruit other people into this ponzi for a living and call yourself somebody important? I don't think so.

  35. Thanks Everyone who has defended Futurenet. No matter what rubbish being written about Futurenet, nobody has any issues with Withdrawal. More over, this business was built to last long with external products, sources of income position to bring the revenue for all Partners to share. As long as this business continue to shape and change lives, those who are mislead by this blog will regret why they didn't join. In Future Net, you can decide to grow back all your EARNINGS and withdraw everything. It means that you have taken your money and no revenue sharing for you. Futurenet keep on opening more and more income generation to make more money which will be shared with their Partners. Contact me if you want to know about the truth. The Owners of this business is not hiding in all their events as well as connection across the world but the owner of this useless blog is hiding. You lied about Traffic Monsoon by misleading people from what TM stand for. When Traffic Monsoon comes back from Appeal, tell me what you are going to do. People like you are good for nothing with no achievement. If you are saying the truth, unmasked yourself. Futurenet has phone and other products position to bring more revenue for people to earn a living. What do you have to offer the world - hatred!!!, Pulling down Startup Business like you have ever started a business that put food on people table. Nobody is scamming anyone because everything is there to check out how this system works before making a decision to invest money into it. Work is involved to earn so if you are not ready to work, then don't join. Your end of rubbish blogging is coming. Unmasked yourself like Owners of Traffic Monsoon and Futurenet while writing your blog about this business because you know nothing about this business and it's future as the business expand.

    1. Hello Donven Dotnet. Interesting name you have there, not anonymous at all.
      Firstly Donven, all Ponzis pay out in the beginning, they wouldn't be any good if they didn't. I'll be back to report on FutureNet when the new suckers stop joining.
      Secondly, what lies have I told about Traffic Monsoon? The SEC have closed TM and charged Charles with Security violations - no way in hell is TM coming back.
      Thirdly, what do I have to offer the world? I have truth. I've never lied about anything.
      And sorry to disappoint you, but I'm staying until scams like TM and FutureNet are gone forever.

  36. now .i am in the middle of recruting from a fried of mine to join futurenet. i am not interested at all. but my friend says she has been making money for months.but i like your artice

    1. Very glad you aren't joining, your friend gets paid from new money into the scheme, so when new people stop joining, this ponzi will collapse.

  37. After they changed the servers the commission shot thru the roof for a couple of days to reimburse for lost commission, but off course you lack the knowledge of that like you do with a lot of the stuff you write about. There is a lot of people that started in AdPro in 2016 who's at 1000 ad packs now and taking out money every day. How do you explain that?

    1. Which proves it's a ponzi you silly man! If they can manually overide commission payments instead of crediting payouts per click, the programmes a SCAM! And as for AdPro, ALL ponzis payout in the beginning!

    2. I find it hard to reply because 1) I am a member at Futurenet and I do use AdPro but 2) I do understand Tara's points also. So, let's agree we will not go into any debate about FutureNet being a ponzi or not because for the sake of my response it does not even matter.

      Tara's point about signs of a ponzi for at least FutureAdPro could be valid in the first place if not....

      You see, many many years ago there was this very popular autosurf program called 12dailypro.
      You had to sign up, upgrade for a desired amound on which then you would earn 12 % daily for 12 days hence being a profit of 144%. You had to watch ads every day to earn your daily 12%.
      After that you could either re-invest or withdraw.

      As almost all those opportunities one could recruit new members and earn commissions.
      As I said, it was the MOST popular program amongst many of those autosurf programs.
      I was a member over there and I had my team and all of us earned a lot of money (ten fold)

      However, at some point, when students began to recruit on their campusses the US governement tok action and the program was brought down in the end accused of being a ponzi scheme.

      And in the end to be honest, it WAS a ponzi scheme. The thing is, most of the participants knew this and there were even complete guidelines to find in many of the major forums out there about how to deal with these kind of programs. Most people I knew considered these kind of programs to be like a game only risking what they could afford to lose.

      Now what is the difference then with FutureAdPro?

      In FutureAdPro you buy AdPacks which entitle you to benefit from the companies revenues.
      You have to click your 10 ads a day. That is true but it is not basde on THTAT for you to earn.

      I noticed that once I am qualified for the day the revenue process goes on during that day.
      Buying an AdPack is more to be considered like taking part in the company as a kind of stakeholder which entitles you to receive revenue shares based on the amounts of adpacks.
      Yes, you must do your daily 10 ads job but this is most probably done to make sure these ads are actualy being watched. i see a clear difference between this concept and the old autosurf programs out there.

      About being ethical. As I said most people back then KNEW what they were joining and I believe it is only fair to point out the possibility of being a ponzi. On the other hand, like in any investment it is like taking calculated risk. If you invest, you don't know the outcome either and therefore my advice always would be: if you want to join such an opportunity (FutureNet or any other opportunity) invest what you can afford to loose. Have fun. Recruit if you like and by all means don't recruit if you don't like that part. Most important: grow you investment until a certain amount and take your initial investment out of the program as soon as possible. In that way, even if it would turn out to be a ponzi you will have at least your initial capital back. This was the main advice back then as it is my advices nowadays.

      At Tara: I do appreciate your blog and your article. You are trying to warn people and safe them for a disaster. I applaud for you. I did the very same thing in the past only to find out that many, if not most people turned their back on me. A person who does not want to get help cannot be helped I learned. You put a lot of energy in exposing possible scams but my dear friend, have you calculated your lost of energy against your gains? I am not suggesting you should stop doing what you do, but think about it for a minute. Is this really what you want? To put so much effort in it only to receive so many responses containing negativism?

      It is good to speak and share. Let us listen, let us speak and let us remain respectful towards eachother. All of us

  38. Where can I find the article regarding Green Line? I could not find one in Google, it would be very helpful if you can provide me with the link related to Green Line so that I can better evaluate this scheme.

    1. The article came from a forum post but sorry, I don't have the link. The forum will still have it somewhere. Sometimes you just have to use a little common sense, the pictures tell you a story, you just have to read it.

    2. Hey Tara, one good information even though it was very obvious from the start. I contacted Amazon to ask whether Futurenet is actually receiving money from Amazon for putting Amazon's product on Futurenet Website. The asnwer I got was that Amazon does not have any single affiliation with Futurenet which makes their claim that they receive money false.

  39. If you look a google and youtube you can find alot of people who are into futureadpro. It must be quite big by now. I can also find alot of people who are into this kind of business who are reviewing many of the different rev-share-programs and most of them conclude that Futureadpro looks as a healthy program. Can you mention other systems af this magnitude who are visible with so much debate, a founder, an address etc that has collapsed?

    1. They said the same about ZEEK REWARDS. Look how that turned out. And Banners Broker were supposed to be the next 'google', but the owners admitted they were running a ponzi all along. FutureNet WILL collapse, eventually.

    2. lmao no it will not. We are going on 3 years without an issue. After the 4th year, i look forward to your update since the whole concept of it been a ponzi you clearly dont understand. Business models that createw 100% of there revenue from ecommerce, affiliate portals and some mlm are not ponzis lol

    3. Don't you worry Anon, I'll certainly be here in a year to report all the fun!

    4. Where is your update now Tara. FutureNet is stronger than ever

    5. Stronger than ever? Have you not seen the coin exchanges lately? I'll update everyone, thanks Anon!

  40. Dear Tara
    How do you calculate this?
    Help just 10 People Get to 50 Ad Packs and You Earn $1200 per month - $14,400 per year
    Please explain me.

    1. I haven't calculated it, they have. But I can explain it - PONZI.

  41. Heres how PONZIS can be labeled PONZIS. When a company launches 100% of there funds need to be generated in a way that pays out other investors. Since future net is not an investment, where is the ponzi aspect located?

    Future net created revenue 100% of the time from affiliate portals, eCommerce, social network advertising, and party from the affiliate mlm aspect.

    Future net then launched future ad pro which is a revenue share. The revenue aspect can be constituted or in characteristics of a ponzi as adpacks tend to pay out other adpack purchases. However, FUTURE AD PRO is a branch of future net, since future net created 100% of its revenue model from everything other than future ad pro, it clears future ad pro of all ponzi indicators. The only way it can be a ponzi is if 95% of the revenue made from future was from adpack purcahses which it is not.

    Future net is a social network with many eCommerce and affiliate portals that create many streams of income for the coporate entity.

    Again, you will never win this battle in court, future net is going on 3 years without a single issue from any government entities because the business model is legit.

    You howerver are just blowing smoke in areas where nothing exits. Good luck with that. lol

    1. Wow! Thanks so much for putting me straight! You seem very knowledgeable about FutureNet so maybe you can explain to me how FutureNet make all their money? How exactly do they turn $1000 into $7.4 MILLION?

  42. Tara, what is you prediction on Future net, how long they will exist? It looks they get some money from advertising, that's why this is taking so long????

    1. Its impossible to predict the end of a Ponzi. Who knows what will happen?

  43. Hi Tara, interesting article. How does it work, when all the people who are in FutureNet are getting all these large monthly commissions? In my thinking, a Ponzi scheme can only work if you take out less than you put in? And after all these months and months, it seems obvious that the outgoings way outweigh the income from new users? I don't think they have a great strategy and seem to overpromise, but your Ponzi point doesn't seem to be valid either. Unless you can elaborate and shed some light on this? Peace

    1. My ponzi point doesn't seem to be valid? Which point is that? The Ad Packs that make a loss on every sale? The warning from the Securities and Exchange Commisssion about Ad Pack scams? The new money coming in from recruitment? The ludicrous claim that you can make 7.4 MILLON dollars from a $1000 INVESTMENT? The list goes on. And as for monthly commission payments, as soon as new money in dries up, or everybody starts withdrawing instead of compounding, this ponzi will crash.

  44. But it may take a long time... a long long time. People are into this ponzi big... I wouldn+t be surprised to take 5 or more years!

    1. Judging by the odd comments around now about non-payment, I very much doubt it will last as long as five years! If it's still around in two, I'd be surprised!



  47. they plan to go onlinw in cryptocurrency FuturoCoin on 8.1.2018 in We will se how much they will be worth at start :)

  48. Futuro Coin still not online.., hm hm... any news?


  50. now they say futurocoin will come by the end of this month. Serious company, ha ?

    1. The coins are as fake as they are. What happened to the 8th January launch?

  51. Looks like you get paid a lot to put so many bad words regarding FutureNet. Despite all this information you gathered above you're still so daft to understand how it really works.
    Haters gonna hate, but FN already trading over 3 years online now. A lot of people including me are making money online except you daft creature!! :)

    1. I get paid? Do I? How exactly? Are you referring to the 1p I get every time you click on an ad? Yer, I'm stonking rich lol...And I know how it works. But you don't yet. Have no fear though, you certainly will soon.

    2. Interesting read. I signed up as a free member to have a look but I didn't invest as I just didn't get it!!! I've done as much googling as I can and your post struck a chord. Yes it may make people some money at some point but at some point the wheels will fall off. Not sure how anyone can think other wise really 🤔

  52. Hi Tara,

    Futurocoin, FTO succesfully launched at !!! check it.

    1. I did check it anon! Many thanks for the tip-off!!

  53. futurrnet is fake and its a scam here in belgium the police and gouvernement is looking to block it so there are no victims any more

    1. Don't worry. It's not a scam. When the police conclude their investigation they will see that FutureNet is not a scam.

    2. The police have probably read the official warning from the POLISH authorities, so if they are investigating, it can only go one way!

    3. How is results of the survey, guy?

  54. i think the thiefs and when the steal my monny i kill them

  55. Thank you Tara for putting so much time and effort into exposing this scam. I was approached by a friend a few months ago to join but I turned her down after looking into it. Today, I wanted to check out the new progress of this scam and found your blog. I agree with you when new blood runs out, the whole scheme will fall.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Anon. So very glad you didn't join :)

  56. Looks like you're right about this being a scam Tara. I took a punt on it last month and I've just tried to transfer some money from it now and it's asking for me to upload identification in order to verify my account. I did this and it's currently pending, who knows for how long... Also, the payment options don't seem to include bank transfers, at least I can't find that option, instead there are dodgy payment sites such as Neteller listed as payment options which, if you do a cursory Google search on it, you can see has a less than stellar reputation. Maybe I'm missing something, but this seems to have scam written all over it.

  57. see fto price drop :) from31 to 13 :)))

  58. You are right Tara about futurenet ads pro , i have not receive my payout as of yet it has been two weeks and still nothing i send them message they have been doing nothing but lying so now they are ignoring my message i send them now that there lies has ran out for them, and others realize they have been scammed they start leaving one by one , and futurenet ads pro will lose way more money than what they have stolen from me

    1. That's interesting Anon, thanks for letting me know. Can you keep us posted? Many thanks.

  59. How futurenet generate their income?

    1. From people giving them money for 'Adpacks' that aren't actually ad packs at all. It's just a name - all fake.

  60. How do Futurenet generate their income? by stealing and robbing their victims

  61. Had to share this with you tara you dont have to be too tech savvy to get it. Futurocoin is a complete ripoff of Dash coin. Just look at the edits and additions in their code. The frauds havent even posted a commit on the coin since February!

  62. Thanks, Tara, for giving so much effort in revealing this scam. One of my friend also tried to get me in, but I didn't believe in it from the beginning. And after I read your post, I firmly believed that it's scam. Now my friend and I don't talk any more. I failed to talk her out of it. As far as I know, she has invested $55,000 into it and is still making good money with it. And she keeps telling all and all of her friends and acquaintances to join in. Every day, she and her downlines post lots of compliments for FutureNet on facebook. They do believe that FutureNet is a real new trend of business.

    1. Hello anon, sincere apologies for not replying earlier. So your friend has given Futurenet $55000? WOW! She'll never get that back, so you had a lucky escape. The Alexa ranking for Futurenet is going down further each day, which means fewer people are viewing their useless ads. You did the best you could for your friend, I hope she realises that one day.

  63. When do you think futurenet will colapse?

    1. I can't even guess at that. But Futurenet are spreading themselves very thin with the sports sponserships/cafes etc and when the new members dry up, FN will crash. Alexa ranking is already going down and the FTO is doing nothing special.

  64. I've a few friends who are really into this scam and it pains me to say that they've been brainwashed and can't be reasoned with.

    I've since searched the internet for loopholes in their scheme and found something that might help expose them:
    For the top 5 website in alexa rank, their 2017 revenue are (in US dollar):
    1&2 combine: Alphabet (Google and facebook) 110.65 billion
    3. Facebook 40.7 billion
    4. Baidu 13.03 billion
    5. yahoo 5.17 billion

    For Futurenet, they claim they have 2.5 million users, lets say that number is bloated by 100% and they only have 1.25 million users. If each user has an average of 100 adpacks (I know people with lots more and quite a few with the maximum 1000), they'd be earning $3000 usd each year from adpacks alone. For that to happen, Futurenet would have to generate a revenue of more than 3.75 billion usd, in fact, quite a lot more if you factor in those bonuses they have to pay and the money they are spending. And their revenue is almost in the territory of the 5 most visited sites on the internet! Is that even logically possible?

    1. No way have Futurenet got 2.5 million members. They barely have 35000 Facebook members! And as for the revenue, it will always be a guess because so many people buy other ad packs with the 'profit' they make. But you're right, the numbers just don't add up - another good indication of a ponzi.

    2. Yes, the total number of futurenet users is only a guess. But on a per user basis, facebook revenue per user is only $20 usd for 2017 (whole year), their highest ever. I have a few friends saying they are earning about $480 usd from 1000 ad packs per day for just clicking on 10 ads a day!

      But I have to admit, these guys have a quite well thought out plan. My friends are re-investing their money earned into their cloud mining scam. So they'll again generate some money/delay some payout for a while. And they can dump their pre-mined 30million futurocoin for extra cash to prevent their scam from collapsing early. Also, they are now tapping into the Chinese market, which can be make or break for them. Chinese are very susceptible to fast money making scam, so I believe there will be quite a lot of people pouring money into their company in the short-term. But MLM is illegal in China, so once their government is involved, I think that'll be the end for them.

  65. More adpack commission issues

  66. ANOTHER compensation/system change! Two in the week now. Any moment Futurenet will be belly up

  67. They are changing the commission currency to FND (futurenet dollar)! LOL, they say the value is 1:1 USD, but that also means they can change it to any value at any time! From now on, you pay USD to them, and you earn FND! good luck to all futurenet users.

  68. It's just come to Vietnam and some of my friends fall for this. Too bad, unlike China we don't have an effective law to regulate these pyramid schemes. It'll prolong their collapsing for some time but many more people will suffer. I'm sad.

    1. So sorry to hear that An. I hope they won't lose too much money.

  69. Just wondering : why doesn't some Polish gov. authority ask FN to open up their financial books to show that their income of selling products can cover their (future) obligations? It would be a clear negative indicator when FN is not willing to do so.

    1. I ask myself the same question. The Polish authorities have issued a warning about Futurenet and yet they let Futurenet sponser a number of Polish sports and open Cafes in Poland, yet they do nothing? It's the same everywhere, unbelievable really.

  70. Can I translate your article? I want to show my friends to stay away.

    1. That's great Minhthang. There's a translate button at the top of this page so you can translate it in most languages. Hope you have success!

    2. Please share here when you're done @minhthang.
      @Tara: Ftn growing so fast in Vietnam now, my friends don't listen to me to stay away from this scam. I'm sad.

    3. I'm sad for you to. It's always the people who can least afford to lose money, that always do.

  71. I told my friends it was a scam, one of them cursed at me and said she lied on the bed and did nothing yet so much money came in, she said that I was jealous that they made so much money. So sad that they are selfish and naïve. Thanks for your article.

  72. Pope Francis given a Lamborghini sports car by Lamborghini company but FutureNet made a fake picture with their logo on the car claiming the car was FutureNet's donation to the Pope. That fraud alone could get futureNet in trouble. Soccer player Lionel Messi also had FutureNet logo on his uniform with a online picture shot? Tara, is it real that Lionel Messi and German soccer ball team endorse FutureNet?

    1. Can you send a picture of that to our Facebook page - Futurenet Scam - please? I'd love to see it, thanks! As for the German Football team, I have no idea? But I wouldn't put anything past them!

  73. A simple calculation: when 1 mio members would have 1000 Ad Packs (what eventually will happen when clicking every day and when compounding), FN needs to pay out $10.000 each 4 months, that is 10 BILLLION in 4 months. When everybody would retract their "invested" money when their Ad Packs expire, this would be 60 BILLION in 4 months.
    When 2 mio users per year: it would be 360 BILLION.
    Dear reader: do you realise how much money this is?
    Consider the 2 billion members of Facebook ...
    Are you still spending time to convince your friends to join FN?

  74. You still don't get it Tara. The #1 rule in investing is "INVEST WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE." Anyway, thanks for your updated review.

    1. Futurenet isn't an 'investment'. Clicking Ads ten times a day doesn't constitute an investment opportunity, how could it? The money generated would barely cover 10 cents and would take over a year in the real world to ever be repaid. Its complete nonsense, 100% SCAM.

  75. Now you are missing the point completely .. It's not about the word "investment" (between quotation marks).
    People have to pay $50,- for one Ad Pack that grows into $60,- within 126 days. So people pay with the expectation to make more money. How do you call this?
    The main point is:
    It's not about just 1 Ad Pack. Over time 1 Ad Pack could grow into max a 1000 Ad Packs when compounding (or people can "buy" more than 1 Ad Pack that will grow into a 1000 Ad Packs a lot quicker). Now take into mind that at a certain moment in time all members "own" 1000 Ad Packs ... The amount FutureNet needs to pay out to its members is INSANE. And whatever products they "sell", their income will not be covering those humongous amounts. It's a dead end street.
    When people realize this, the question will come up : "But what will happen with my money when FN is not able to pay out any more?". The simple answer to this would be: read the terms and conditions and learn about guarantees. And after that ... Don't you think the owners already have a very nice exit strategy in place for themselves?

    Sure, it's wise to purchase Ad Packs with money you can afford to lose. But wouldn't it be more ethical to just donate this money to charity or to give it to a beggar? This would also save you a couple of minutes a day that needs to be spent on stupid Ad clicking.

    Good luck!

  76. I have read your whole blog post. I also think this is a scam, because we can look at this like this:
    When a user gets to maximum 1000 ad packets, he will receive a daily pay of 480$. Now let's look at a scenario, where in 5-10 years about 1 million users will be able to get to 1000 Ad packets, that means each will get 480$ per day. That means about 14.400$ a month, but let's round this down to 10.000$ for better number. With 1 million users, this means that FutureNet will have to pay out to customers $ each month FOR WATCHING ADS! In 1 year, that will make it to $ (that is 120 trillion dolars). A yearly revenue of Apple is 50 trillion... and Micosoft 100 trillion. That means that FutureNet would have to be more successful then that! IMPOSSIBLE!

    1. Exactly! It's not real, how could it be? They could solve world poverty with ten clicks a day! Laughable!!

    2. Tara, I gotta say thank you for your blog, it got me thinking a lot into not investing. I think I would not invest anyway, but thanks to you, I can be sure I'm making the right decision in staying the hell away from them :D (the owner of the post above)

    3. Oh and keep up the good work updating your posts, I will keep reading them :D

    4. So very pleased to hear that, it makes my job worthwhile. Stay safe.

  77. I was almost lured into this scam. Fortunately, I was smart and did not "invest". But I did some investigation. And its weird. Who are those people working for Futurenet? Miss Marcelina is not the Marcelina as projected in there management overview. I found a Linkedin account of her, but no mentioning of Futurenet. I think she gets paid to just have her face up there, or that she does not even know she is used for this purpose. Look for: Marcelina Maryszczak.

    Also Karolina Gorska (Futurenet Global Marketing director) can only be found on Facebook. On her timeline, there is no mentioning of Futurenet but she runs another company named Colway.

    Are these ladies being used only for the purpose of reflecting trust and to show that there are women in Futurenet management? Or are they actually working for the company? I go with the first idea: only used to reflect trust.

    I understood that there are a lot of payment issues (when you want to get money out of your Futurenet account). So the ending is in sight. I am sorry for all the poor people that were dragged into this and lost their valuable money.

    1. Just a small question: did anybody lose money?

    2. Why don't you ask the people who have been refused withdrawals when the system goes in for 'maintenance'? or who can no longer log in? or have to produce MORE I.D's before they can withdraw? Or whose support tickets get ignored? Come back and ask me that question when Version 2 is launched and we'll see how many people lose money then, shall we?

  78. Tara, can you explain more on what you means in your latest post? What will happen to your commission if you don't have 5 people under you?

    / In order to earn the maximum amount of commission from your 'team' you have to have 100 Ad packs and to have the benefits you had previously in Version 1, you must have FIVE people under you.

    1. This information has just come from a Futurenet group so I have no further details at this time. There is alot of info around to sift through and as soon as I know more, I will certainly share it.

  79. Futurenet has moved a lot of their recruiting to China. I had a contact in China who asked me about this new ad programme which is being promoted in China and what my thoughts on it are. It had all the hallmarks of a classic scam so I told her to stay clear of it.

    So you might want to update the post with that info :)

  80. I live in the Netherlands and know 3 people who earn money with Futurenet. One of them earns $30.000 a month! The others between $600-$3000 a month. I'm thinking about investing in Futurenet myself. I know they probably pay people from the money new members pay, but if the site attracts members and if it goes on for years, you can still make some money out of it.

    1. Firstly, what people 'earn' and what they can withdraw are very different. If this money was real they'd be able to withdraw all of it. Secondly, you don't care if it's a scam as long as you make money? It's idiots like you that let these scams thrive.

  81. Im in FN but unlikely other members In not a maniac type(only put small amount of money without expecting to become millionare). Got to say that you are
    100% right about them. Only one thing is wrong in my opinion-collapse day. I think that "project" will last for longer becouse people rely on futurocoin. Bad idea...Once you can withdraw money only in Futurocoins it will be worth nothing so all "investments"will be gone. They are in possesion of masternodes so price can be easly regulated. Soon they will have to pay money to plenty people who achive own set targets(number of packs), so try to imagine what will happen if price of futuro goes higher? Now trending about$6.5. What if that doubles?. Money will come from selling pens on webside or maybe from lease(in fact avilable only in poland and not even belongs to them). Maybe from three .caffes wit two futurocoin machines that allows you tu put money into but not withdraws? Its impossible to explain this to most fanatics. Im just hoping this scam die sooner asap as it will be disaster to watch it expands. It will ruin more and more lifes. Ps. sorry for my writing, I never learnt english and I only know this language from listening and living in UK. Stay away!

  82. Latest BTC article is in fact almost one to one copy from polish magazine, same advertisement type of article.

  83. One of the common trick in this kind of Ponzi Scam is when they migrate to so call a new platform, all the existing package will "disappear" due to server migration and software bugs, the tech support will ask you to wait if you open the ticket .. and you know what, you will wait forever because they are gone.

    Let see what happen when they go to AdPro 2.

  84. Since yesterday adpro.futurenet login is in SYSTEM MAINTENANCE : "we will be back soon!"

  85. Moving to AdPro2 since yesterday (!) the adpro login page is in SYSTEM MAINTENANCE!

  86. I have read all of the comments above, I have entered FutureNet ad pro.
    I have managed to recover my money, but funny enough last week when I questioned why I couldn't login on to my account and if it was the end of it, I got kicked out from the group chat and the do called leader don't want to talk to me.
    As I have spooked people of with my question....
    I'm in it but it is a tottaly Ponzi Scheme....
    Let's take a few $$$ more

  87. Firstly futurenet is not a scam.secondly you are not even a woman,you are a man therefore if your theory of FN being a scam is built on lies then you are the scam...thirdly you said in the past that this platform wouldnt last 2 years and here we are...forthly i withdraw everyweak and it comes through faithfully (people that comment that withdraws dont come through are either working with you or they made a mistake on there side)...and lastly mlm companies close down within two long has futurenet being up and running now,and how long has others being around for...we are busy doing our best to change our lives.all i see you doing is convinsing people that futurenet is a scam because you have nothing else to do...well i dont blame you because that is your only way of making money buy all of us fools by viewing this stupid post and commenting on it...i bet you probably getting $1000 just for me viewing and commenting...lady/man/transgender what ever the f@#k you are....please get a life

    1. is.
      Secondly...let me just double-check? Yep..still a woman.
      Thirdly...$1000 for viewing this post...? Nope 1 cent lol. And only if you click on an ad so just make sure you don't lol!

  88. Tara, I have been following your investigation, keep it updated please...

  89. exit scam started? limit on payouts :)


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