Sunday, 4 September 2016

My Advertising Pays - Profit Share Problems

Our Facebook page, My Advertising Pays Scam ,
had an alarming message recently from a lady who spent 1000 euros buying credit packs two weeks or so ago, that today are worth a staggering 6 Euros!
This is unproven, but many other messages on forums, facebook pages etc are telling similiar stories so we have taken this information seriously.
The profit share has been steadily falling over the last few weeks but this makes no sense.
Tony Booth himself has been trumpeting the fact the the Alexa ranking has risen, which indeed it has - driven by Germany.
So if so many more members are joining, and buying so many more Ad packs, then why are your share of profits being reduced?

Surely they should all be much higher?
And similiarly, when the Alexa ranking was dropping like a stone, indicating LESS affiliates buying packs, your profit share wasn't falling, but either increasing or staying the same.
It makes no sense does it? So what's been happening?

Traffic Monsoon is what's been happening.
Affiliates in general aren't stupid.
They know that Traffic Monsoon and My Advertising Pays have identical business models.
And if a mighty Ponzi like Traffic Monsoon can close so quickly, then so can My Advertising Pays.
So they've been visiting VXGATEWAY in droves trying to withdraw some money, which of course can't happen.
Mike hasn't got the money to pay all he owes. So the system has to be 'slowed down'.
This is done by manually reducing the 'earnings' and then stopping profit share altogether - which is what's happening right now.
Affiliates already have to wait thirty plus days for any withdrawals and this will only get worse.
The affiliates over at Traffic Monsoon are holding their breath for the court hearing on Friday 23rd September. The affiliates at My Advertising Pays certainly aren't.

And check out these Alexa rankings:
In April 2016, when MAPS was struggling, the VX GATEWAY Alexa rankings were high, indicating big withdrawal requests.

But when MAPS were climbing again, from MAY to JULY, the VXGATEWAY RANKINGS FELL.

Now MAPS have flat-lined and the VXGATEWAY visits have soared.

This is also further proof that the two companies are linked!

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