Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Traffic Monsoon - Charles Prayer Call

Charles is continuing his ludicrous defence by Social Media with this
call to prayer.

' TM Days of Prayer Oct 30 & 31
You are invited to fast and pray at least 1 of these days calling upon the Almighty Creator to bring resolution to this case in our favor. If you're able, we also recommend donating to a charity or giving to the poor with the intention of calling upon the Almighty to help us as we beg for his help.
As you already know: Traffic Monsoon truly isn't offering any investment, there's no interest rates, and there's no offer to manage anyone's money in such a way that brings about gains. Traffic Monsoon has more than enough money to pay everyone what they have earned, so it's not a ponzi.
Traffic Monsoon pays commissions for referring customers to buy the services, and pays commissions from sales to adpack customers when they click a qualifying number of ads. Earning is effort related, and only comes from sales of advertising service.
Traffic Monsoon also pays people who never purchased anything for clicking on ads, and rewards them for people who they refer when they click on ads. There's no purchase requirement in order to do this.
Traffic Monsoon also rewards surfing credits for people to earn free advertising to get visitors to their websites.
We are praying the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth to help the judge recognize the truth behind Traffic Monsoon, and resolve this case in our favor so we can get back to work, and finally recover the business fully after having had funds withheld by PayPal for 6+ months, and now being stopped up by the SEC.'

Pretty sure the 'Creator of Heaven and Earth' won't look too kindly on the 'Serial Creator of Ponzi Scams'.
These are all the Ponzis Charles has created so far:

Wealthenginex .com
Traffic Monsoon
Every single one of these has closed.

Read the rest of Charles defence posts here:

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Traffic Monsoon - Amin Forati and Another Newspaper Article

A newspaper article has appeared today in 'LeMatinDimanche' 
concerning Amin Forati and more of his business dealings.

As many of you already know, Amin Forati was employed by Charles Scoville as Traffic Monsoons Chief Financial Officer in January 2016 and Charles publicly announced his departure from Traffic Monsoon in June 2016.

We don't know what happened in those intervening months but there are many rumours and unsubstantiated claims still to be made public (more to follow on that soon).

The story centres on an Italian businessman called Fabiano who has contacted the Swiss Police with a complaint that he was swindled out of 400,000 swiss francs ($409,000 USD) by Amin Forati.

Some extracts of the article are here, reproduced with kind permission:

'... the bank guarantee of Axios Credit Bank, provided by Amin F. S3 March 29th . According to a survey of HandelsZeitung, this bank is a ghost establishment that appears only on the Web...'

'...furthermore D & B, Amin F. administers another company in Dubai, one in Italy, two in Switzerland (with no activity) and one in Canada Daria & Bardia Group, whose address is on the site of an agency renting virtual offices. The latter company was dissolved on September 11th 2016 by Canadian authorities for having "failed to file its annual reports..'

'Shortly after (Forati and Fabiano) first meeting in September 2013 in his Dubai-based apartment - "there as office multispace at its Emirati company, D & B Groups," says Fabiano - Amin F. and would open his laptop to show off his new Italian friend an account in his name in a Hong Kong bank with several million euros. "I realized then that he was handling large sums of money...'

'Fabiano...told the police he was threatened by the Iranian because he was trying to get his money and fear for their physical integrity "for what happened to Pascal Jaussi."
'....a reason believed to have amassed some $207 million using the pyramid system of Ponzi, Charles Scoville and his company are the subject of a complaint lodged on 26th July 2016 by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), the regulatory body of US markets. "If Amin was CFO Traffic Monsoon for four months, as claimed by Charles Scoville, that means managing money in this company at a crucial point, namely when all the investors demanded their money." The survey still being in its infancy, it is difficult at this stage to specify the exact links between Amin Forati and Traffic Monsoon, which proposed to his victims to invest in Internet advertising. A raise in particular that, in January 2016, in a video posted on YouTube, said Charles Scoville want to open a "global bank" in Dubai to spend PayPal services...'

'One thing is certain: Amin Forati is in the sights of some defrauded investors by Traffic Monsoon - people have lost more than $100,000 - who track it on the Web. In recent weeks, the website of the UAE company, D & B Groups, has continued to disappear and reappear. Following the article published Sept 11th 2016 in "Le Matin Dimanche,"  Amin Forati had already been removed (certificates) from his biographical presentation.'

The article also speculates about the 30million Bank guarantee that Amin gave to S3 to prevent it going into Bankruptcy:

'Deportation proceedings resumed for S3

While the investigation of Freiburg public prosecutor is ongoing in the greatest secrecy, Pascal Jaussi was readmitted this week, "Le Matin", to complications from his injuries. S3 society, we requested many times, did not respond to the questions we sent him this week by email. Does she still trust Amin F, described by Pascal Jaussi as "an intermediary" in an interview to 24 hours on September 14? 30 million bank guarantee have they finally been paid? Mystery.

While bankruptcy deferment enjoyed by the Swiss holding company Space Systems has recently been extended to March 31, the owner of S3 premises in Payerne has restarted deportation proceedings, as confirmed by his lawyer, Laurence Noble . Rents have not been paid since the end of 2015.'

'In May this year, shortly after the recapitalization of S3, announced Pascal Jaussi also buying an Airbus A340-300 for the tourist flights ZeroG. In fact, the plane was not purchased but was to be leased to the airline Hi Fly, based in Portugal. The deal was made via a Geneva intermediary Sparfell & Partners. Joined it two weeks ago, Philip G. Queffelec, president of S & P explained that the lease contract of sale was to begin last week and be followed by the payment of rent. Contacted Friday he no longer wishes to speak on this issue'. 

Hopefully the Court hearing on November 1st 2016 will shed some light on Forati's involvement in the Financial affairs of Traffic Monsoon.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Traffic Monsoon - How Ponzi's Hook Victims

I've always believed that 50% of affiliates know full well they sign up a Ponzi Scam when they join and the other 50% either get blinded by greed or genuinely believe with all their heart that this 'opportunity' is the scheme that will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Luckily, the majority see through the scam eventually.

Take this guy, Alfonse. This excellent story should be a warning to anybody tempted to join a 'RevShare'/ PONZI scam:

Just because it pays out - it doesn't mean it isn't a scam: 

'I first saw TM being mentioned on Facebook by a friend in the U.K. He regularly posted updates about how much money he was earning. I didn't even know what an AdPack was!
When I asked him about it, he showed me an 'AdPack compounding calculator' which showed how much money I would make depending on how many AdPacks I bought and then compounded the income.
At no time was advertising mentioned. In fact, I and many others used the pointless TM banner ad and link with my AdPacks.
I admit that I was a greedy idiot and ignored the 'haters' for months and even convinced 24 people to get involved.
Two key lies were the main reason why I believed in TM:
1. Charles and his dirtbag leader buddies, including the amazing disappearing Immy Aslam, said that only around 5% of TM revenue came from AdPack sales... and
2. PayPal offered 6 months buyer protection in case anything went wrong.
As soon as that last lie started spreading, TM had third world country hayseeds investing literally their house in TM.
But it wasn't just poor people who genuinely believed TM was their key to riches. TM had people like Sunil Patel and Sharon James convince victims to invest huge amounts of money.
These victims are the same poor fools who fill the pro TM groups with ridiculous declarations of love for Charles, and claiming that TM will 'prevail' and somehow magically become a legitimate business. It's tragic in my opinion...
It should also be a cause for concern for Charles and some of his inner circle of 'leader' Ponzi pimps. I've seen many messages posted in the TM groups threatening Charles. That was before he did a mass block of all the 'haters'.
I admit that the advertising did work for me for a couple of months last year prior to the suspicious and sudden drop off in traffic delivery experienced by others in this group around November/December. Lara can attest to this.
I started off just using the TM ad with my AdPacks but later learned how to setup ads for affiliate products on clickbank and got a few sales. I also promoted things like Bitcoin sites and my own blog.
The traffic worked and I believed the lies about the breakdown of revenue and the PayPal buyer protection cover.
I freely admit that I was blinded by greed. I soon started spending hours a day making user guides for TM, helping people setup ads, doing video calls with new prospects etc..
By December I was regularly making over $100 a day just in commissions. I was on cloud nine! I withdrew money regularly and bought things like the latest iPad, jewellery for my wife etc. I paid off some debts and gave money to friends and family.
My aunt died and left me some money. I didn't hesitate and invested US$5,000 into Traffic Monsoon. The next day I quit my job and moved to Thailand, where it's possible to live VERY comfortably on $100 a day which I was making from commissions.
I started withdrawing $100 a day to payza and it worked for December, but then it all came crashing down...
Charles and his friend Immy announced the TM world bank and then casually mentioned that TM had decided to 'move away' from PayPal.
My heart sank. Suddenly I started looking at TM critically. I had noticed that my signups for offers advertised on TM had dropped to zero almost overnight. Some of my downline noticed the dead traffic too.
Something was not right. I could feel it.
I sent an email to my downline and told everyone to get out of TM as soon as possible. I researched how to do *chargeback claims through PayPal and banks and offered my help.
Unfortunately, many of my downline trusted what Charles said and ignored my advice. Some of these people were lifelong friends and family members who now think i'm a crook for getting them involved in TM.
I was still withdrawing the $100 a day from commissions and the instant withdrawals from TM to payza stared taking a day, then 2 days and finally weeks. The Facebook TM groups were full of people posting withdrawal updates and worrying about it.
I started worrying.. I didn't have enough money to return to the country where I was working before and the job options in Thailand were very limited.
Eventually I had almost $3k in pending withdrawals to payza, which would have been my 'salary' for January.
Then Charles announced TM 2.0 and told members that all pending withdrawals would be placed into pending status until PayPal released the funds after 6 months.
That's when my life started falling apart. I started drinking every day. I couldn't sleep with worry. My wife was furious that I had put $5k into TM and quit my job. She was right - it was a very stupid thing to do, but I was greedy and believed all the lies that Charles and his friends told us.
I'm thankful that most of my referrals got their money back, but there are a handful that are now facing a long wait to get some of their investment back from the receiver.
So, that's my story with TM and I'm sure there are many worse ones out there. TM cost me a good job, friends, my marriage and respect of my family who all warned me that it was a scam when I first joined.
I hope and believe that justice will be delivered by the SEC. I also believe that you're wasting money on legal options that will be fruitless.
The facts are black and white. Only 0.4% of TM income came from 'products' that weren't the revenue shares (AdPacks). Charles was present at many meetings and presentations where the key message was 'get 10% growth every 55 days. Compound this income into buying more revenue shares'.
I don't care how many times he spouts the pseudo compliance drivel about TM not being an investment. It's just another lie to add to the very long list..'

*Just to proof that a Chargeback IS still possible, I got this message this morning:

Hey Tara,
I have been reading through your articles and finally decided to put through a complaint with Natwest. and after refusing the first few time and contacting the ombudsman, they finally decided to charge back my initial investment with TM (£1600) plus compensation (£300) and any extra cost. I dont know how to thank you or pay you back but God Bless!