Sunday, 17 March 2019

F1 - Still Being Sponsored by Ponzi Scams!

Formula One are rich and successful. They should have no problems getting legitimate businesses as sponsors.
So why do they take Ponzi money?

FuturoCoin is owned by Futurenet - 100% Ponzi scam.

MyWorld is owned by Lyoness - 100% Ponzi scam.

A childs search on the internet of both these companies would bring up numerous references to both companies being ponzi scams. 
And yet a giant like F1 seems to have done zero due diligence on either company.

A  Futurenet event that was due to take place in Dubai, has just been cancelled by the Dubai authorities who don't much care for Crypto scams on their doorstep.
Kudos to Dubai for taking some much needed direct action against these scammers. 

And 'myWorld' is just a long line of companies morphed from Lyoness who are currently being banned in numerous countries and use name changes to stay one step ahead of the authorities.

To have an International Brand like Formula One endorsing these scams and promoting them to millions of people through the logos on its racers cars and jackets, borders on criminal negligence and needs to be stopped!