Banners Broker - 'Talking BB' Forum Posts

The 'Talking BB forum' has been run by
Iain Sherriff, Jamie Waters (and others).

They have deleted all the old threads but fortunately,we still have the evidence! 
The snips below are a small selection that I and others have collected over the months and are a very good indication of the Banners Broker mindset. Others will be added in the near future as I sift through them all.
There are no printable words that I can use to describe Iain Sherriff. But in my mind he is as guilty as Chris Smith in this PONZI and will hopefully be held accountable one day.

He didn't like this question and locked the account soon afterwards! 
(Maybe he saw through the sarcasm?) 

            If a thread was full of questions he didn't want to answer, he locked them! 

He is talking about me in this one. Surprisingly enough Iain, we do all talk to each other! 

The thread below is a whole one (mostly) condeming not only myself, but others like me who do a great job exposing not just Banners Broker, but many other scams to. 


     The 'BB Temporary Closure' Thread.

(Please note that the replies don't run in numbered order because so many have been deleted by the Forums admin team. Luckily, we managed to snip most of the deleted ones)




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