Saturday, 17 September 2016

My Advertising Pays - Corporate Announcement Explained

Alot has happened over the last couple of days so we want to clarify exactly what the message Mike sent out, actually means.
This is the Announcement again in full:

Hello Everyone,
First and foremost, let me apologize for the lack of communication lately; and simultaneously thank you for your patience.
Four (4) years ago MAP evolved out of a simple sketch and, since then, has blossomed into a financial phenomenon. More than anything, however, MyAdvertisingPays has provided each and every one of us with an exciting journey and changed thousands of lives all across the globe. Together we have navigated through rough and calm seas, always with our sights focused on the continuing growth and prosperity of our members.
The last few weeks have seen technical issues not previously experienced and credit card processing issues that we are still grappling with. Thankfully these technical issues (resulting mainly from a large data transfer) have all but resolved themselves, and after a brief forty-eight (48) hour shut down on this upcoming Monday (09/19/2016), we plan to be fully operational on Wednesday (9/21/2016).
This being said, however, the credit card processing issues still persist. For reasons that continue to be withheld from us,our credit card processor has elected to place a hold on our USD Reserve Fund, limiting our ability to transact business and greatly hindering members profit share distributions.
Simultaneously, despite heavy pressure, our credit card processor has unilaterally elected to withhold Euro funds for undisclosed and unanticipated periods of time – sometimes upwards of six (6) months. Needless to say, we have consulted with our attorney and – without immediate action on the part of the credit card processor – we look to institute legal action in order to recoup these funds immediately.
Consequently, while our technical solutions allow for business-as-usual to begin on Wednesday (9/21/2016), our credit card processing issues provide no immediate deadline for solution.
Accordingly, we are forced to suspend MAP transactions, both financial and otherwise, until these credit card processing issues can effectively be brought to a close. It goes without saying that this will be a shock to you as it has been for all of us here at MAP. We have put our all into building this amazing product and now are being choked into submission by outside sources.
This all being said, while slowly and painfully trudging through the effects of our credit card processing woes, we do have some fantastic developments. During the course of our expansion and growth, we have been lucky enough to garner the attention of a number of large corporate partners. As luck would have it, we have begun discussions with a number of blue chip corporations that, through partnership with the existing MAP executive team, would greatly influence MAP’s international reach and – as a result – your bottom line.
It goes without saying that, while we are making our way through our existing credit card processing issues, we have remained truly excited about sharing this development with our loyal members!
The upcoming two (2) weeks will be loaded with updates as they become available to us, and – as always – we thank you for your commitment and patience.
'..after a brief 48 hour shutdown this Monday 19th...'
sounds like 'My Advertising Pays' is completely shutting down for 48 hours and will apparently re-open on Wednesday 21st . There  is absolutely no reason for a total shutdown, it makes no sense and is highly suspicious. We'll be watching that one closely.

Secondly '...our credit card processor has elected to place a hold on our USD Reserve Fund, limiting our ability to transact business and greatly hindering members profit share distributions.Simultaneously, despite heavy pressure, our credit card processor has unilaterally elected to withhold Euro funds for undisclosed and unanticipated periods of time – sometimes upwards of six (6) months.'

Mike is saying that the processor is 'withholding funds', rather than 'a freeze on processing', this makes a big difference. 

'A hold on funds generally refers to the procedure by which a processor withholds X amount of a merchant’s processing volume due to “suspicious” transactions. Once held, those funds will not be deposited to the merchant’s checking account, and can be held indefinitely pending an investigation. Moreover, funds from open authorizations (i.e. recently processed transactions) may be withheld as well.
A hold may occur in unison with a processing freeze (when a merchant temporarily shuts down payment processing abilities), but not in every case. Sometimes the processor may allow the merchant to continue processing new transactions, so as to prevent them from having to shut down their ability to accept credit cards completely.'

So  'Withholding Funds'  means that the payment processor suspects My Advertising Pays of  'SUSPICIOUS' transactions -which means they legally  have to report these suspicions to the relevant authorities.

This is bad enough, but why does Mike have to shut down the whole of  'My Advertising Pays'?
 He has TWO payment processors, VX GATEWAY and SOLID  TRUST PAY .
If  VX GATEWAY  have frozen funds, why not just use Solid Trust Pay? 

This is further proof that MAPS and VX GATEWAY are the same,
look at these identical addresses on their websites:

There is no need to 'to suspend MAP transactions, both financial and otherwise..,'

unless of course, Mike is lying, which wouldn't be the first time, would it?


  1. Tara, I make no comment on MAPS in general, except to say that MAP and VX are absolutely not one and the same. That will become clear over the next days, weeks, or months.

    Also, I have a question for you:

    If everyone gets paid back in full, will you retract what you have said? If in fact MAP was a ponzi scheme, there would not be enough money to pay everyone back.

    1. They share the same representative office addresses - both now deleted on their pages, explain that one! And nobody will get paid back in full, the money has been siphoned off to only god (sorry Mike) knows where!

    2. They agreed to cross-sell in those locations. They are not the same. No need to believe me, that will be made clear. I'm just getting it on record. Now, you didn't answer my question: If everyone gets paid back will you apologize? Since you are so certain nobody will get paid back you should have no problem saying "yes".

    3. 'cross-sell'? Well that's an interesting excuse for somebody posting anonymously.
      So how did it work exactly? Three sites, sharing the same costs, sharing the same staff, having the same leases? So MAPS and VX GATEWAY must have really good lawyers to work out the details of this entanglement. Are they the same lawyers who are now fighting VX for the return of all those funds that have been 'frozen'?


  3. why are you using anonymous , why using a third party for payment processing in the first place , MAP is a disappointment , i need my money back , am calling the police tomorrow , if its not fraud then its operating like one !


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