Saturday, 24 September 2016

Traffic Monsoon - SEC Targeting Sunil Patel

Sunil Patel has released a Testimonial video which has a number of affiliates stating that Traffic Monsoon is not an investment.

But the information that Sunil gives at the beginning of the video is the real interest here.
The SEC have been sending documents to Sunil and personally phoning him. What he says makes very interesting reading:

'...I'm not a fool. I can sniff out a Ponzi scheme any time. This is not a Ponzi scheme... you have targeted my personal addresses now, you have targeted my email, sending me letters, when all I am is a genuine Traffic Monsoon are invading my personal spaces, sending documents to my houses. You are in no jurisdiction to do that. There is not one part of evidence to say that I am part of Traffic Monsoon and you have invaded my personal space and I am deeply, deeply insulted by that. Since you froze our funds I have used my personal funds to arrange Revolution Day. Everything I do is from my heart and my soul and my passion, to not let down the thousands, and hundreds of thousands of people that I've inspired to do Traffic Monsoon. I have not made a penny of any profits from Traffic Monsoon have targeted 3.5 million members from all around the world, we have members from around 196 countries SEC, we grew so fast. Why did we grow so fast? Because in 2008 their was a recession which was orchestrated by the banks..the governments and the SEC...Charles devised a system from home where people with no money, can make money, thats never been heard of from the history on-line... That's the system that we created as an online business... I have a massive following in India, all coming through Traffic Monsoon...after the credit crunch that you created, we have just tried to do something from home where we can earn think you can write letters to properties that I own, when I've got nothing to do with Traffic Monsoon management, I'm just a member that loves other members. My credentials are not of the average person SEC, you have to look at my background to see where I've come from. I come from contribution and growth and thats something SEC that you can't understand. I do things unconditionally, I don't want nothing back... I was supposed to start a property development with my cousin who works in Los Angelos...I have postponed my development in Florida which was going to create jobs in America for about 100 people that my consortium was going to handle and it's very likely that job is off...we are in the top five companies in the world for our growth..(Traffic Monsoon) is not a Ponzi and its not a money team personally and the team that I recruited, we had a campaign where we were targeting all the shops in our local areas in London. We were offering traffic in business..and we recruited more people that way, that was my strategy in Traffic Monsoon. I became a triple Diamond because we were targeting businesses because we were saying ' can we increase your business, can we get more people through your door.We will prove it, we will pay $5 to $10 dollars for your advertising to prove what we can do. That's how I became the Top Ten earner in the world at Traffic Monsoon. I deserve every single dollar, every single cent that you're holding of mine, ok, I worked so hard for that, more than I did for my property business. My property business suffered because of my passion that I put into Traffic Monsoon...we are innocent until proven guilty... and I'm not going to stop until we get justice... 
My request to the Traffic Monsooners, don't insult the SEC, don't swear, don't abuse the SEC, lets work together with the SEC, lets work in conjunction with them, with Peggy, Daniel, Alison- who I've spoken to on the phone- lets work together and lets make a solution to this problem, before the 1st November. You have my phone number SEC, you can phone me any time. But my request to the Traffic Monsooners, stop the hate campaign, stop the swearing and the abuse ...I am one of the leaders that's been here from the beginning and all you leaders that have deserted Traffic Monsoon, shame on you because all you guys wanted was money...we will win... I WILL SEE YOU IN UTAH.'

Sunil says that the SEC don't know him. Maybe we should tell the SEC a little more about you then Sunil.    

Sunil is a Landlord who received a mention in his local paper

'They include Sunil Patel, who was prosecuted at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court in December, where he was given an 18-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of more than £8,600 after he failing to carry out a raft of checks and repairs at his flat in Australia Road, White City .'

And another mention here:

and here:

'A BENEFITS fraudster has been jailed for 15 months after falsely claiming more than £33,000.

Sunil Patel was caught out after claiming for a number of different benefits from both Hounslow and Ealing Councils, despite owning eight properties across west London.

He applied for housing benefits, council tax benefits and income support for renting an apartment in Wallis House, Brentford, for a year from October 2008 even though he had bought the property for £305,000 in July the same year.

Patel claimed the landlord, Serjit Singh, lived in a property in Burlington Road, Chiswick and charged Patel £1,300 a month, however Mr Singh has never been found and it transpired Patel actually owned the Chiswick property himself.

His web of deceit went even further in January 2010 when he made a new claim to Ealing Council for housing benefit, local housing allowance and council tax benefit while he lived at a property in Whellock Road, Chiswick, which is just inside Ealing.

Unknown to Patel, Hounslow Council were already investigating his claims following an anonymous tip off in September 2009 that he was claiming housing benefits for the Wallis House apartment.'

It will be interesting to see if Sunil really does attend the hearing on November 1st .
Watch this space...

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