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Friday 22nd August 2014

BB Friday Q&A Webinar 8/22/14

Chris Smith speaking:

Welcome to the Friday webinar. Let's go over a few updates. Ron is on holidays and will be back next week, so I'm covering for him today.

Let's talk about the newsletter that was supposed to go out last week. It hasn't gone out becasue of the large size of the userlist, which required opt-in verification. Previous ones have gone out with a smaller list size, but our list is large, which has delayed the sending of the newsletter. I have it in front of me, and we'll go over a few points:

New focus on social media. (Chris explains this - please see the replay) This will generate more traffic, which will generate more ad revenue. This will be mentioned in the new presentation.

Compression has been completed, so we are now looking at the next era. It is unfortunate that we have not been able to pay the payouts to go along with this.

We have passed compliance with our new payout processor. This will take a little bit of time due to the complexity of this. We do need to be very careful with this. The partner that has agreed to work with us, we are very grateful and happy with them. We will give you updates as soon as we can as to the timeline.

There was a mini video put together about the Trinidad tour. It is in your back office now.

Admin fees have been waived for another 30 days, during the time we are waiting on the payment processor is brought on board. We are doing what we can on our end to make this easier for all members.

Let's take a look at the questions today.

I normally don't do this, but I will take a couple of LIVE calls for questions, if you want to raise your hand. Please keep your questions short.

Geneology of BB Mobile. BB Mobile was not subject to the opt-in period, it is a stand-alone system. Everyone had a chance to start off with BB Mobile and utilize it with their team. If the team didn't opt-in or start BB Mobile, they would be removed from your downline, but could join at any time. So that all happened before BB v3. So there is no compression to do there.

Payment provider? has the legal department given their blessing? the answer is yes to that.

Lots of questions about timeframes. You know the danger of timeframes. There is a list of items that needs to be completed. Items on our side and on the other side. We have no control over the item on the processor side, so it's not easy to give a timeline. It is NOT going to be several months. I'm hoping for it to be sooner rather than later. We just need to make sure it's ready to go and tested and everything done according to spec and a smooth operation.

Will there be a card with the new processor? The primary mechanism will not be a card. It will be a direct bank deposit.

Does new partner has a proven track record? it has been in business for 10 to 13 years. Over 40,000 different merchants are onboard with that processor, other programs, other network marketing programs, other payroll, etc. they have a good track record.

Couple questions on World eWallet. Unfortunately they have their own challenges. In hindsight, at the time it looked like a good time to make our announcement about WeW, but there is nothing against the WeW team, we just need to put another processor in motion. WeW may be an option at a later date. We had high hopes, but this is out of our control.

We are delighted with our new processor and we are moving forward..

Lots of positive comments being posted, so thank you. It does help to see that amid all the hoopla. We have 100's of people on the call and it's delightful to see good comments. We are not sugarcoating anything. We are happy to have our new provider, but we are making sure everything is ready before proceeding. Please help us out with the comments on the Internet. We are here for a very long time. I am here, week after week, making sure we are able to get through. There's been alot of pressure, it has been challenging. Who knows, maybe this is a test. Whatever we do, we will do together.

Taking LIVE calls for questions (please see replay for this part, I will try to summarize if possible)

Question about Telephone support: Regarding this, the Belize number is available and LIVE. The UK and the US number have been removed for the moment, until we can find a more cost effective provider for this. We are sourcing out different providers. The cost was becoming astronommical, so we are looking for a better solution.

BB Mobile? For those who did not signup during the original signup period, is their BB username available still or should they use a new username? The previous accounts have been purged, so you can sign up as a new affiliate and use any username you want. But I think the program has blocked the "old" account so that a "new" account must be set up. I will verify this and put the answer in a Tweet.

Positive comment from Mark Ghobril about Chris' leadership and about BB (see replay for details)

What is being done to further protect us from the Internet noise as it relates to the new processor?

Chris speaking:

Great question, and thanks for your comment. A lot of leaders have reached out. I know I am not always able to be responsive, but I'm so thankful for the help of Ron Anderson. If I don't respond to emails and messages, please know that I am not ignoring you, I am just very busy with everything in the background.

The processor will be a "white label" solution for our protection. We will try as hard as we can to do this properly and switftly. We hope that we are prepared for everything that may happen down the line so that we can continue on. We have high hopes that this processor solution will work out. (please see replay for exact words)

Mark asked a question about how BB is prepared for the influx of new affiliates, etx.

Chris: We have people in place to handle this. We are also trying to attract new talent to be sure we are building a solid structure to be prepared for the future.

Just to touch on the communications standpoint, we have some assistance for Ron Anderson coming on board. Communication needs to be more robust. We know this, but we need to put this all together properly from a technical standpoint. Focusing on social media, as well as our support system. Staff has been updated with continual training to make sure the staff is up to speed.

Marlon (from Trinidad) made some very positive comments pertaining to BB's future. (Please see the replay for details and exact words)

Chris: We appreciate everyone. The faith and positivity coming from everyone is awesome. Have yourself an awesome weekend and keep up the good work.

(end of webinar)
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Friday 15th August
Ron Anderson speaking:

Good morning BB, welcome to our weekly webinar. Glad to see so many people here today from all parts of the world. We've got lots of information to share with you today.

I know everyone is looking for information on the processors, and Chris will be here in a moment to give that to you. Later today we will be sending out our first newsletter with things that have happened this week, links to the webinars and everything you need. All affiliates will receive the newsletter. You may unsubscribe, but we hope you will use it to stay up to date with BB and share it with your team.

Chris Smith speaking:
Obviously the top topic is the payment processors. The information today is actually good news. Of the ones that we were in progress with, one of the providers already has compliance, and one we are moving forward with. We are now in the timeframe of doing the actual integration required on the website. For obvious reasons I will not be mentioning the name of the provider. You will be notified soon. As far as the timeframe for doing the integration, I know everyone is wanting to know that. I have thought much about that, I know it is a touchy subject. You may not be happy with the timeline, but we are doing as much as possible as fast as possible, and we will be giving you an update as to the timeline as soon as we can.

Ron speaking:
As many of you know the compression has completed. If you opted in for v3, you know that those who decided not to opt in have been compressed up to the person above them. (Ron explained how the compression was done - please see the replay video for more information). In your back office you will see those who decided to continue with v3.

The World Tour overview video from Trinidad is also available.

Because the payment processor is not ready, we will not be collecting admin fees for the next 30 days. We suspended them for 30 days already, and we are now suspending them for another 30 days.
World eWallet is not dead, we are still working with them and hoping to have them as a processor in the future.
For specific questions about your account, please contact support.

Will we need new ID's and proof of address for the new processor? Please wait for further information. This processor has passed the compliance check, and as we continue to work toward integration, we will notify you of what is needed.

If you are still seeing the popup about the winner of the car, please be sure to check "do not show this again" before X'ing out that popup and you will not see it again.

Newsletters - all affiliates will get the newsletter in the beginning. Please let us know if you do not get it.

Weekly tasks? These are almost completed and will be rolled out very, very soon. We appreciate your patience. This will allow you to earn incentive traffic and do more with your advertising.
How much incentive for each task? this will vary per task. We will announce that information when they are ready to be rolled out.

Looks like that is most of the questions today. I am seeing a lot of "congratulations" from members about getting the payment processor done. Thank you for all the support from all the affiliates. We're glad to see everyone working hard.

On behalf of Chris and everyone here at BB, we wish you a wonderful weekend. I look forward to speaking to you again next week.

Friday 8th August
BB Friday Q&A Webinar 8/8/2014

Ron Anderson speaking:
Hello everyone and welcome to our weekly webinar. It's great to have everyone here from all over the world. This may be one of our farthest reaching webinars to date! Great to know that people are participating from all over the world.

Chris Smith speaking:
Thank you and welcome to the call. The number one topic and number one question is the payment processors, and I fully understand the urgency and the need for us to get things together to make the payouts. The update is that we are still tied up with compliance. They still need to go through all the documents and make sure everything is clean and ready to go. I know this is not great news, but it is not bad news either. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the green light. We are working with several processors, and they need to make sure that the "internet chatter" is not true, and they go through the checklist and make sure everything is as it should be. We are now simply waiting.

I know another topic is the compression for the organization. That will be happening shortly. We did extend that time a little bit, but it will happen shortly. We will also be bringing back the fast start. I will read some questions and answer some of them.

Ron Anderson speaking:
The payment processors has been the main focus over the past few weeks.

Is BannersMobile also getting a break from the monthly admin fees? Yes, both BannersMobile and BannersBroker. As of right now we are still waiting for more information on the payment processors. If this is an ongoing concern, then we will suspend the subscription fees for another month.

The latest webinars will be posted in the back office.

Some are asking about specific accounts. This is not the forum for those questions, please contact support to help you resolve these issues. Support is the best place to deal with your particular account. The webinar is for general updates for BB world in general.

Is WeW still an option? As of now they are still in the process of completing what they need to do. We do have a great relationship with them and we would like to work with them, but we are looking at alternative options in the meantime.

Chris speaking:

People are asking about Version 3.1. There's been a few items that have been released. 3.1 is more of a package of bug fixes and a few additional features. The big feature coming out is the social media campaign and weekly tasks. We are still working on this. A few items have been released. The site stability and speed has greatly improved since the launch of v3. We are right around the corner from 3.1 and it will all be coming up very shortly.

Ron speaking:
Impressions on social media sites? There will be other advertising packages that you will be able to purchase that will allow you to promote your business outside of BB - Twitter packages, for example, views for YouTube, likes for your Facebook page. The more traffic you can generate, the more people that will be exposed to your ad and the higher the ranking will be. These should be ready to go very soon.

Chris speaking:

Article incentive? That is all part of 3.1 package. It is ready to go and will be released at the same time. We know this will dramatically increase the activity for the various sites and increased ad revenue.

Ron speaking:

Weekly newsletter? It is still in the process of being built. By next week you will see it in your back office. This will help you create a dialogue with your team so they can run a successful BB business.

All right, looks like we have a lot of the questions covered.

Chris speaking:

There are a lot of account specific questions. We've covered all the updates.

I want to leave you with this: the Internet business is a new area, new arena. It is challenging. We grew too fast for manageability but we are now up to the challenge. We are making sure we do everything we can do in our power to bring you the next version of BB. We are proud of that. We appreciate all your support, appreciate all the members who are still here. I know a lot of people have moved on, but I am happy that you guys are here. Thank you for all the positive comments on the webinar. We will definitely keep at this. Have a fantastic weekend!! Take care!

(end of webinar)
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Friday 1st August
Ron Anderson speaking:

Welcome to our BB weekly update and Q&A webinar. Thanks for being on the call. Tons of cool information to go over today, lots to share with you.

It's been another busy week here, and we're working hard to make sure everything is looking good. Chris will not be on the all today, as he is busy in meetings, most importantly finding a payout source for all of us. I have no further information on this, but I can tell you that Chris is in communication with three other providers for our payouts. I know you are all frustrated, but these are complex negotiations, and once I have more information I will share this with you through the blog, Facebook, Twitter.

Other updates -- BB receives lots of traffic, about 6 million page views per month. One idea we are developing is to allow you as affiliates and other companies to advertise on the BB website itself. Some of the ads on the site now are from our advertising network, but we are now introducing our own ads. As affiliates you will be able to sell an advertisement package to any third party company and receive 10% commission on that sale. This is an opportunity for you to earn income as an advertising broker. We are developing a Press Kit that will have all information required for companies looking to advertise.

We are also developing a newsletter that will go out once a week, probably on Fridays after the webinar. You will need to opt-in to this newsletter. They will have a recap of what's happened during the week. The idea with this is so that all the affiliates will get the updates they need to keep track of what's happening, what's changing, and what's coming up. These newsletters will be translated into other languages as well. I have discussed this with some of the leaders and gotten some great feedback. This is in development and hopefully the newsletters will begin going out in the next few weeks.

Presentations -- the introductory presentation is almost complete. I have given it to a few people to help me tweak it. Once it's ready it will be posted in the back office, it will come with a script and with notes in the PowerPoint so that you will hit the main points when you use the presentation. You can feel free to share your own stories about BB and get out there and begin sharing BB in meetings.

I know some are having issues with the campaigns. Be sure you have "cookies" and Java script enabled and "ad block" off. Also remember that it can take up to 24 hours for information to be shown in your back office. If you have problems beyond this, please submit a ticket to support to get it resolved.

Those are all my updates, so I'll read through the questions.
List 121 is coming soon for all BB members to use for other streams of revenue.

BB World Tour page will be updated very soon.

Announced last week -- All members who were Premium in 2.9 and downgraded to Standard in 3.0, you will now remain a standard member unless you upgrade yourself. This should help many members with their accounts.

Premium network adverts - they are now actually live, but like in version 2.9, the engine that updates the site is behind. The advertisements are going out through the premium blind network, but has not been updated in your back office.

Compression will be happening next week. Those who have not activated their BB accounts will be compressed out of the system.

Training videos - are in the process of development. Many things are going on right now in BB. These videos are high priority but so are many other things, so we will get them completed as soon as possible.

Please remember that this call is for general information, so questions that affect your personal account, please contact support to resolve your issue. Support is working hard to be sure everyone's tickets are being handled as quickly as possible.

Can affiliates advertise on the BB site? Yes. You would pay the market price and would receive the commission for your own sale.

WeW - Chris is still working with this valuable relationship, but is working on alternative options in the meantime.

STP funding - if you have used STP to fund your account, the claim STP button is still available and can be used as always for funding your BB account. However, STP, of course, is not an option for "payouts".

Question about a guide on the website as to banner sizes. There are 10 sizes that can be used, so you can upload in those sizes and they will be reviewed. FAQ shows all the banner sizes for your review.

The BB intro presentation is coming soon, and we will have other presentations, such as Social Media use. I am developing a network of people who will be helping to translate the Introductory presentation and eventually the training videos, as well, into several other languages. We are working on this, and I appreciate your patience. It will be an incredible asset to your business.
We are looking to have our webinars in different languages at different times. We will have a weekly schedule for this. It's a huge undertaking, but we are excited about this and will be beneficial once completed.

That's all for today. Thank you for participating. It's great to see so many affiliates working their accounts, asking questions, etc. Thank you to the support staff at BB for working to help everyone.
On behalf of Bannersbroker, I want to say that we hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and we'll see you next week.
(end of webinar)

Friday 26th July
Ron Anderson speaking:

Welcome to our weekly Friday call. Glad to see everyone here today. It's been an exciting week at BB.

Chris Smith speaking:

Welcome everyone. Let's go over a few items as to where we are with BB and with the payout option which is our number one priority here at corporate. We are in the process of finalizing a couple of different options, and also a backup to those options.

The update for WeW, unfortunately they are at the mercy of their partners and have not come to a final solution in terms of moving forward. This is not great news. We were hoping to have WeW go live soon, but we are still waiting. If you are still waiting for a refund, please contact WeW support.

We are working with our other payout options and we hope that by next Friday we will be able to announce more details. Because of this unfortunate setback we have suspended the admin fee for one month. Everyone will have one free month. If you have paid for July, you will not pay for August. There will be one month for free for everyone.

The other thing we have done is the option for the migration, all Premium members were to have 120 days as Standard to have time to get rolling with v3. Then after 120 days we were going to move everyone back to Premium.

The new update is that now that option to upgrade to Premium will be optional, it will be your choice to upgrade, it will not be automated!! This will help affiliates who have been concerned about this. We tried to come to a decision that would be palatable for everyone.

Fast Start signup method - we are now finalizing the compression of the organization. Anyone who hasn't paid to begin their BB v3, that's fine, but now they will be removed from the system and compressed upward. Moving forward the sales credits will go to the new inviter. There is no retroactive for this, only going forward. We waited to implement this due to several support tickets asking for us to delay this due to some special circumstances. Once the compression happens it is done, so we didn't want anyone to be left out. This should happen within a week to 10 days.

We are working hard for the future. We have an enormous amount of new registrations. Many have registered for List 121. We are grateful and happy everyone is here and working towards a brighter future with BB.

Ron Anderson:

We had our designers create an Independent Affiliate BB logo, for you to put on your business cards, Facebook, Twitter or other promotional material. You will find this under Invitation Tools. The leaders requested this, and I am glad to be able to present this to you. It is there right now.

If you have money in your Legacy Wallet less than $30, you can transfer this to your Ad credits. If the amount is more than $30, you may withdraw this in your next legacy withdrawal.

Please contact support for individual questions, specific to your account.

We are excited about all the new products and services coming out, so that you can monetize your website and become a part of the advertising channel.

I see a couple questions on the Legacy and a few other things. Please follow our blog, as we post updates there, with details on current situations and happenings (

Lots of happy affiliates on the call today. It was a great opportunity to give so much good news.

Chris Smith:

I think we have covered everything we need. We are up to date on the questions. Let's close the session. Thank you everyone for being an affiliate here at BB. Onward and upward, we have a bright future ahead of us. We have a great team. We have our priority number one on getting the payout options in place for you as soon as possible. Everyone take care and have a good weekend.

(end of webinar)
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Friday 18th July

BB Webinar notes

Main Points:

Ron Anderson:
Welcome to our weekly webinar.
Marlon: local organiser of Trinidad event.
We had a fantastic time, thanks to all the team that helped. The new presentation is fantastic. Mike Kraemer did a fabulous job. Social Marketing explanation was exciting.
New presentation business opportunity, currently in English but to be translated into other languages.
Importance of communication. It's important as a whole to give updates on what's going on. The downside is mentioning information that is premature. We could be jeopardising our partnerships and our relationships. We don't just have the BB public but WorldeWallet the banking partners and the compliance department. It's a tricky tightrope we have to walk in how we deliver information. We need to have all the information properly vetted through our legal team to make sure that what we are saying is not being misconstrued.

World eWallet
Yes there are a couple of hiccups with the WeW solution. However, the deal is not dead and that's the important part. The other important part is time at this point. That's why as of now, no administration fee will be charged. If you've already paid this month, you won't pay next month. We are finalising a few other payment options too so we have a back up plan in place. We don't want the problem to go on too long because we don't have a mechanism for payout and that's the main reason why you're here of course.

Social Media
The future of BB is with social media. With V3.1 you will be able to see a lot of different social components in place along with your weekly tasks that will soon be mandated, along with a few new items that are in the back office. The great thing about having the social media expert, Patrick, to come to speak is because of his background and knowledge and he was able to give his wisdom in the area. We'll have him give us a hand in the region of social media as we get deeper into it.

Premium Blind Network
What is this? It's one of our new advertising partners. We've worked with them for the past couple of months. We have seen in our test that the results have been outstanding. The reason it's called premium is because there a cost factor that is significantly higher than the previous blind network that we have. Therefore, there will be a 50/1 ratio. So for every 50 impressions used up out of your impressions bank, one will go towards the premium blind network. For example, if you want 1,000 impressions out there on the premium blind network, it will cost you 50,000 impressions from your impressions bank. Some of you people have millions and tens of millions in your impressions bank, go ahead, use the premium blind network and I'm sure you will find the results you are looking for. This should be live as we speak and you will be able to use it. So take a look in your back office and you can start using this right away.

Create my suite
These are easy to use tools for the novice. If you're not that proficient in photoshop this site is for you.
We have Create My Banners and there is now V2 for that.
Create My Social Profile. This is to have your Twitter, Face Book, You Tube accounts to match your website, to match colours and look professional. It will help you to sell whatever you're selling.
Business Cards: You will be able to create cards, have the actual file sent to you, get them designed.
Create My Mark. To create logo's. Create your own logo.
Flyers. Your own printed flyers.
Invoices: If you have customers, you may want to send out invoices.
Loyalty Cards: For repeat buyers, you may want to give these to your customers.
Personal Avatar for your own uses. On social sites you can have a picture of yourself uploaded or a cartoon.
QR codes – the next generation of marketing. People will flash their phone over it and direct them to your website.
Everything together is called create my suite. These are all in Apps. They are easy tools that saves you money.

List 121
Go to and register. This is where you can list your product or service. Affiliates are able to choose any product or service within this site and market it and make money. If you have your own product or service, you can add it to this 121 and you will have thousands of people marketing it for you. It will be ready in about a month.

Please bear in mind there are dedicated BB people and not BB people who are working on our sister sites so it's a much larger operation than it was a few years back.

Please listen to the recording for full details
Notes by Helen Wright. These are not official BB notes. Please post this section when sending out the notes.

Friday 11th July
Ron Anderson speaking:
Welcome to the webinar. We are talking to you from beautiful Trinidad. We arrived this morning. I'm glad you're on the call today to share the excitement.
In less than two days we will be starting our World Tour!

Chris Smith speaking:
It's fantastic being down here in Trinidad. We're going to have fun speaking to all the BB affiliates. We'll be seeing you guys very soon.

Okay, I know the hot topic right now is World eWallet, let's give you the update. It's going to be a brief but important update. Here are the facts. World eWallet has mentioned to me that there were some challenges and a couple of setbacks. Right now there's two independent challenges, one is the credit card processing, which is independent from the actual banking system. So two separate problems.

With regards to the credit card processing, WorldeWallet will be refunding the $59.99 to those who have paid, so that will be coming back to you. There will be a different method to pay once all is sorted out.

The other issue is with the system itself. It's more of a hiccup. It's unfortunate, because we've waited so long for this to go live, so we were hoping for it to be one of our multiple payment mechanisms. but now it's coincided with not having Payza and STP, so the delay feels alot more, it hurts alot more than if we had other options.

So while WeW figures all this out, we will be suspending Admin fees for one month. No admin fees for the month of July. This is only fair since we have no way to payout. Everything else will be moving along as usual inside BB. You will still have full access to the system. We feel this is a good step for the delay that is outside of our control. We have chosen World eWallet and we are sticking with them.

I have not heard yet what the solution will be. I am hoping this solution is one we can move forward with,. Worst case scenario, we do have other options lined up and ready to go. We will not be long without a payout option. So once again, we look forward to the official news release from WeW to see what the solution will be. We were hoping for today, but we are waiting just like you.

I have passed all the information over to you. We have not posted anything more because we only know there is a hiccup and are waiting for it to be smoothed out. So that's the news for WeW.


WeW: I'm sure everyone will get that refund. You may have already gotten it.

Keep in mind that the back end functionality and the banking network has been around for over a decade. No we are not the only customer of WeW. I've heard that said here and there, but that is not true. WeW has a new front end for companies like us.

Ron speaking:
You will all get one month with no admin fee. this has not been implemented yet, but will be very soon.

Chris speaking:
So I think that does it for the WeW situation. A couple of you are asking for STP, but no we are no longer working with STP or Payza. The pay-in options are still the same as before.

I know a few people are offering other suggestions of other options to use. Keep in mind that our choice of WeW is because of our relationship with them. I cannot say the same for the providers you are suggesting to me. We could look at several different options. I'm not saying WeW are the best solution, but overall it was the best choice for Bannersbroker. Everyone knows the challenges we have faced over the years with the chatter on the Internet, and we have a partner now that is going to be working with us despite all the Internet rumors and nonsense, which says alot. As you know some other partners have gotten cold feet because of the chatter, but WeW is standing with us.

We are here, we are plugging along business as usual, so take what you read out there with a grain of salt.

Ron Speaking:
Thank you for being with us. We still have alot of work to do to prepare for the Tour on Sunday. If you're interested with what's going on at the Tour, please follow us at Twitter.

We will keep you updated, stay involved and retweet our tweets.

Chris Speaking:
That's a wrap for today. We will be giving you updates over the next week, so keep connected with our social channels and your back office. Happy to be in Trinidad and looking forward to the Tour. Have yourself a fantastic weekend, we're looking forward to meeting up with all you guys who are down here!

(end of webinar)

Friday 4th July
Friday BB Q&A Webinar 7/4/14
Ron Anderson speaking:

Thanks for joining us on our Friday webinar call. The BB World Tour is just around the corner, and in a few more days we'll be down in Trinidad. We are looking forward to meeting all of you and sharing BB.
Happy Fourth of July, if you celebrate that holiday.

(Audio is breaking up)

Chris Smith speaking:

I'll take it from here. Counting down the days for the World Tour. Definitely an exciting time. We've done a lot of planning over the past months. Lots of things planned for the event, great speakers, and we're happy to be doing this for you. This is another milestone for BB.

There is some new information on the Internet... Please remember that this information is relating to BBIL. To clarify, I set this action going , and filed to wind up BBIL because that company entity was not being used. You have a contract with BB Belize, not BBIL. Rest assured we are here to stay, everything is A-OK and we are here to stay.

A lot of people have been waiting for WeW to get going. We had Mike Kraemer, the President of WeW on our call last week. This shows the level of involvement that we have with them, the personal connection we have with WeW is very important and we expect to work with them for a long time in the future.

After you get your WeW username, come back to the BB site and enter that username in your Bank Information. This will assure that your place in the queue is maintained. We will be doing the payouts in the natural order of the queue.


Payouts: When? Everyone will be shipped a Visa Debit Card from WeW. Once you have these cards in your hand, we will begin payouts to those cards.
Make sure your WeW account is set up, be sure to upload fresh information, current address verification and a current photo ID. This must be approved by WeW. Also you can now order your Visa card on the WeW site.
I registered in Feb, do I register again? No, just log in to that account and make sure you have updated verifications.
Please remember that BB support cannot help you with WeW matters. Please contact WeW.
Also, if you have a specific question about your BB account, we cannot answer those on the webinar, please contact support.
Question about Subscription Fees in USA: Allied Wallet is available for that from your back office.
Irish passports are in Black and White, WeW is asking for colored passports. Chris will ask that question and get the answer.

Many questions about when payouts are starting again. Payouts are every Friday, and if there are verified accounts with WeW I can make those payouts. Keep in mind that you need to have your card in hand to get to and use those funds. It could take a couple of weeks to receive your card. We will definitely do payouts for all those members who have completed the WeW process.

Questions about using PayPal: PayPal is not an option for BannersBroker to use for several reasons.

Ron speaking:

The tour is starting in just under 9 days from today. If you have not purchased your ticket, please do that right away. Ticket sales close this coming Sunday at midnight EDT. If you do not have a ticket, you cannot get into the event. Please be sure the name on the ticket is the person attending the event. There will be no exceptions.

The tour is going to be held at the Hilton Trinidad Conference Center. I've been told this is a beautiful place to hold the tour and we are looking forward to seeing you there. (Lady Young Road, Port of Spain 442, Trinidad and Tobago
+1 868-624-3211)

Sunday night midnight EDT, ticket sales for Trinidad event will close.

Lot of prizes and giveaways at the event. Meet everyone and put names to the faces. Meet folks from around the world and share your energy about BB.

I think that handles most of the questions.

Chris Smith speaking:

We do have support personnel here on the call, and some answers are being answered in the text chat.

80% of all the questions have been answered, so I think we're good.

As Ron said, we are counting down the days for the World Tour. Get fully set up with World eWallet, get bank verified - go over to the WeW website for more info.

That's it for today, thank you for coming on the call. We will see most of you in Trinidad and the rest on the next call.

(end of webinar)

Friday 27th June

Welcome. Ron Anderson here.
We have a particularly exciting call. We have a very special guest. We have Mike Kraemer from World e Wallet and he's going to be talking to us about the integration with Banners Broker and all that that entails.
Hello Everyone.
Mike, welcome to the call.
Right, well, thanks for having me everyone. Chris and his team have graciously welcomed me to this call. Its a privilege talking to a fine group of people looking to do business.
Hello, well I'm Mike Kraemer, the founder and CEO of World e Wallet.
A little bit about myself. I have about twenty years experience working in the banking and technology industry and our team that we've assembled at World e Wallet have decades of experience starting up companies from the ground up mostly in the payments, technology and banking industries and we've been working with Chris over the last half a year or year trying to deliver an international top notch payment system for you guys as a network. And we've been looking at how do we deliver best of breed technology but make it easy for everybody to get their payments in a quick, efficient manner.
Thinking of which, when we were thinking of starting up World e Wallet a number of years ago, we were looking at the inefficiencies of the global payment industry. Things like the cost of transactions, the time to send and receive money, all the red tape and all the KYC compliance and regulatory enviroment that you have to consider. So, since the start of the global financial crisis, we've seen a number of changes, some good, some not so good. On the positive side, technology is making it easier for us to make global payments for instance, companies like Pay Pal. On the negative side, we see the challenges that the financial crisis has introduced to making global payments. And that's the introduction of heavy regulations, stringent KYC processes, that's 'know your customer' and what I mean by that is it makes it very difficult for people to move money globally, access their-e money and, at a moments notice, you'll find competitors in the market place where you run into issues. Networks being shut down, denial of payments, all those sorts of things. So when WeW was establishing itself it took into account all those things and said to itself: How can we work with clients like Banners Broker and deliver quality service, ensuring people can get there money in a timely fashion, they can access there money in a timely fashion, make it easy and most importantly, cost effective. So where does that leave WeW and clients like BB today? Well, we've been working on two main areas.
The first project we were working on was how do we get it easier for companies like BB to make payments to there affiliates and to do that we are looking at bank to bank transfers so that BB can load up a WeW account for every one of there members and those members can easily access there funds by transferring it directly to a bank. That was our first priority.
Second priority was introducing a service where we have a global pre-paid card so on both of those fronts, we've been working on. But earlier on this year, we did run into a few issues mostly with our primary bank that we did have a good relationship with and that was going to provide the bank to bank transfer that we were going to launch earlier this year. Unfortunately, during some of our due diligent process, our bank actually didn't pass compliance and that's actually our compliance. we run a very rigorous regime here when it comes to looking at who our partners are, whose on our system, and that's to ensure that our system has 100% integrity, that its running 100% of the time and its not getting shut down at any time for any reason, whether that's technology, regulatory from country to country or just from a compliance standpoint.
So we had to shift gears and we are launching, and I'm happy to announce, that we are going to be launching on Monday June 30th, a global pre-paid card. And that's what were gonna launch with first. In the near future, a little later in 2014, we will launch the bank to bank transfer capability's, but for now, we've found a solution that we think works well for all our clients. We've been testing it, its a global pre-paid card, loadable to $20,000 US dollars maximum on the entire load. When you load that card, we have different limits and again we listen to our clients like BB to find out what kind of load the client base and affiliates are happy with.
So the pre-paid card is from one of the top two providers and can be used anywhere the major credit cards can be accepted. Milllions of retailers, millions of ATM's world wide. So, our goal is to launch this on Monday to BB and all our other clients and later in the year, we'll be launching our bank to bank capability's.
So just to review, I know I've been on a number of calls with the leaders at BB, talking to Chris and his team, and our team has been working very hard at how we can deliver this service in a fast, efficient manner. So, as you may or not know, WeW has a two tier system for getting signed up with WeW and being approved.
The first is signing up to WeW and getting a WeW account and then we ask you for KYC documentation, that's usually a passport or a drivers license, digital copy as well as address verification. Once our support time has a while to review it and run it through our various global databases we just want to make sure who we're dealing with and run it through the integrity of the system and our partners and our networks are also looking for those same things.
So once your approved, its always free to get a profile and a WeW account.
Then we move into the next stage. What we call 'Bank Verified Status'. And to get Bank Verified Status we are charging a fee of $59.99.
So what do you get for this fee?
Well, you do get the WeW profile, you get the world e wallet account, you also get the Global prepaid card again with all the benefits of that. It also covers the entire KYC process, the ID process, we also have to run it through our various networks and partners, the shipping of those pre-paid cards, access to card support and then of course you do get the various benefits of having a WeW bank verified account, a rewards programme - coming in the future -higher balanced cards in the future, higher transaction limits, personal loading to the prepaid card, conseiage service..I could go on and on but typically those are the added extra benefits and for some that may not be important but what you'll find, for $59.99 that is huge value, we know that the value we are delivering is in excess of $100, so when you do have this visa pre=paid card you know:
1/ you're going to get your funds in a timely manner, you know that
2/ our network will maintain 100% integrity because of our processes we ensure there is no shut down of the system, people will get paid timely and will have access to there funds.
In closing, WeW is very excited about working with BB and servicing the needs of the affiliates and the user base and we can't wait to get started. So thanks for having me and I look forward to going on another call soon.
Awesome, thanks Mike for being on this call.
On Monday June 30th, WeW is in full operation mode and we will get things rolling
BB will definitely stand the test of time.
If you can spare us a bit more time I have some questions for you:
A prepaid card. What company is it?
Its a (T24) Visa card personalised to you.
How is WeW going to handle support.
We have had phenomenal response from BB and our other clients. Support numbers will be published soon.
Is WeW open for USA customers.
What is max amount the card will hold?
$20.000 US dollars.
Chris explains the WeW process again.
Your withdrawal requests from STP and Allied wallet have all been transferred to WeW. Make sure your user name is correct or your load will fail.
Documents are defaulted to english but to accept non- english your documents have to be notarized in English.
How do people pay there $59.99?
By using a personal credit card after you are bank verified.
Some people may not have a credit card we are working on alternative payment solutions in the future .
Ron: we are excited to be moving in this new direction.
Thank you and goodbye.

Friday 21st June
BB Friday Q&A Webinar 6/20/14

Ron Anderson speaking:

Welcome to our Friday Q&A and update webinar. Great to have everyone here today.

Chris Smith speaking:

Hey guys. We see a lot of questions coming in. Just wanted to say there's a few things on the table. World eWallet is onboard and we have great communication with them. Because of this and the longstanding future we will have with them, WeW is our vendor of choice. They just need to wrap up a few things on their end.

Once you have your account set up, make sure you have the correct information in your BB back office (under "banking information") so we can begin processing your payments.

The Trinidad tour is coming up very soon, so make sure you have your tickets for that. We have everything lined up and speakers ready to go.

Ron speaking:

Convention in Trinidad begins in 22 days. Reminder: the name on your ticket must match the name on your photo ID. If this does not match, you will not be allowed into the event. The name on the ticket SHOULD NOT the person who purchased the ticket, but the person using the ticket. Your name on your ticket must match your ID.

Chris speaking:

Questions about WeW being a bit behind issuing usernames and passwords. We will definitely get in touch with them and check on this.

Legacy payment question - we do have two different queues, one for Legacy and one for v3 ewallet. We will do a payout for both queues on the first run.

Remember that you need to have proper ID and address ID uploaded on the BB site to be able to withdraw.

You also need to upload ID information for World eWallet.

If your ID is older than 3 months, you will need to have current information with World eWallet.

All Withdrawal requests have been converted over to World eWallet now.

We have now passed our opt-in period to activate your v3 BB account. This is the very end, but the door is still open, so make sure you get your account activated as soon as possible. We will be doing a compression soon. The doors are closing soon, so remind your friends and colleagues so they will not lose their BB account access.

World eWallet for the USA? Yes, they have confirmed that WeW will be open for the USA. This was planned all along for 3rd quarter of this year, but now that we are here, the USA will now be available for WeW. As far as we know, the doors are open for the USA right now.

Ron speaking:

Rapid Panels contest - you can see the winners in your back office. We are constantly contacting the winners so that they can submit their requirements and receive their $500 winning payout.

Remember, if you have a specific question about your own account, please contact support through your back office. We have a wonderful team working hard to answer all questions. This webinar is for general update questions.

Chris speaking:

Question: When will there be more ways to expand our accounts and earn traffic? We will be announcing new ways in Trinidad.

Ron speaking:

Thank you for attending. On behalf of Chris Smith and the entire team, thank you. Hopefully we will see all of you in Trinidad. Have a wonderful day and great weekend.

Friday 13th June
Ron Anderson speaking:

Welcome to our Friday Call. It's great to have so many here with us.
Chris Smith speaking:
First I want to go over a few updates. As you know we are no longer operating with Payza and STP. We are in the final phase of getting World eWallet onboard. We have not missed a payday yet, but today there will be no payouts today (June 13). World eWallet will be available in the month of June. The USA is now available in the dropdown, and the registration is open.

The other question is, can you have more than one BB account withdraw to the same WeW account. If it is the same address, and maximum of two (husband/wife, for example) you can use the same WeW account for withdrawal. To withdraw via WeW you will need to put that into your back office of BB. You will need your PIN number to change that at any point.
We are getting some support questions with reference to WeW. Please target those questions to WeW support.
I want to remind you that since WeW is now going to be the sole provider for BB. Please do NOT reverse your Payza or STP withdrawal requests. The system will automatically transfer your pending w/d's over to the same queue. To reserve your place in the queue, please do NOT reverse your withdrawal. Once that happens, we cannot retrieve that to see the date.

Deadline to sign in to BBv3 is fast approaching. June 18th is the last day to sign up for BB3, after that, all those accounts will be removed and we will run a genealogical compression to clear up the system. If you have team members waiting, please tell them now is the time to activate their account. You can use Allied Wallet or UseMyServices to fund your account to pay the $10 monthly fee to get started. You may need to add a few dollars to that to make sure the payment goes through satisfactorily.

WeW will be the better choice over STP and Payza because of the banking system. We have had challenges moving sizable amounts of money globally for STP and Payza. One of the major benefits is that we have the banking side of it worked out smoothly, and the system will be much easier. We are hanging our hat with WeW to move BB into the future. This is going to be a positive for sure.

The World Tour is coming around the corner. Make sure you get your tickets. I'd like for you to be there with us.

We will be announcing features of BB 3.1, new features and the patches that will tweak the system. As you know, the system is working better every day. There will be new features, new ways to earn incentive traffic, as well as new advertising platforms for your advertising banners, etcetera.

WeW will be based in US Currency and available in the USA.

For now WeW will be our sole mechanism for withdrawals. We believe we can grow with them, but we will always be open to other ideas along the way. The important thing in business is the actual relationship you have with your providers. If you have a tight relationship, you are that much further ahead.
We have had suggestions from members about using other systems. There may be other systems that are also good, but we have worked with WeW over the past year, and we feel good about our relationship for providing you better service. Once you sign up to WeW and get approved, you will have a great platform to use for BB or any program that chooses to use WeW in the future.
Questions about the country list at WeW. You can see what countries are on the dropdown list. If your country is not on the list, please submit a support ticket to ask when the country will be added.
In the near future I may ask a WeW representative to come to one of our webinars and speak to you. I will try to make that happen.
I think we've covered everything.

I remind everyone that we can only answer general questions on the webinar. If you have specific questions, please contact support. We are excited to get WeW as a partner to work with us to process these payments. We hope everyone is signing and registering for WeW so you'll be ready to go.

The last day to register your account for BB, we have given everyone 90 days. The question is, how can members tell if affiliates have activated their account?
This is already set up, you can see your direct referrals in the back office now.
You have until next Wednesday to get your BB account activated. WE want everyone to be with us. A large percentage have continued with us. If you are on the call and know people who are BB affiliates, please let them know about the deadline to activate their BB account for the small fee of $10.
It's been a good call. Thanks for being here. Thank you to all the leaders and support team. We want everyone onboard with us for BBv3.1 to be announced in Trinidad. Have a great weekend.

(end of webinar)

Friday 30th May

Ron Anderson speaking:

Hello and welcome to the Friday update call. We have some great stuff going on this week. We're working hard to make this program the best it can be. We have Chris with us today.

Chris Smith speaking:
Welcome everybody for the May 30th, 2014 call and update. As Ron mentioned, we're plugging away at quite a few things. To give you a bird's eye view, I've been very busy lately working on some partnership arrangements, several new options for earning incentives. These will be ready for BBv3.1. We have a list of items we will be giving you very soon.

With 3.1 we have a few larger patches in place to smooth out any problems you've seen with 3.0. 3.0 is a new release, and new releases need tweaking at times. These patches will be available in 3.1. There have been some things put in place for you now for your viewing pleasure. Some areas have been okay, but because of the new infrastructure, there have been some individual problems, which have been adjusted.

I've been very busy making sure we're able to have a very sustainable business, much more advertising revenue coming in. It's been exciting times.

WeW update - they should be ready in the month of June. They will also be able to offer most likely to the USA also. This was not in the first release, but because of their new connections to patch up the reason they were not able to open before, they will now be able to release it all at the same time, including the USA. This is awesome news.

Ron will give you some more details on the Trinidad trip. It will be a great time. We have some awesome speakers lined up for you. We want to make it a great world tour. Basically it's a new BB and we are going to showcase this at the world tour. We will be talking about the future and basically all the aspects of Bannersbroker, our sister sites to be able to have your full advertising platform connected together.


Payouts? We do payouts every single Friday, as promised. We have kept our promise. It has not gone out today yet. In a few hours the Friday payout will be completed. I am excited that WeW is coming onboard, so we can make these payouts easier and in a more regular way. We are glad you are still here with it. We have an awesome team. We've grown to a nice, comfortable, sizeable operation and the future is bright.

Ron Anderson:
Lots of things going on here.
The first one is that the publisher portal is now working. We've already had some people signed up for it and are using it. Go to your publisher page and submit your website. The sites must be approved, then you will be given a code for your site. This will only be for a site that you control, you own website. For example, if you own a pizzeria website, then you can place ads on that site. If you do have have control of the site, then you cannot host ads on that site.

Issue with the website last week. Over the weekend a number of affiliates were not able to access the site, with non-images on the left side of the screen. We were not able to solve the issue, but we did create a solution to allow everyone to access your account. If you still cannot access your account, please send a support ticket, so it can get resolved.

The site is closed for a few minutes. There was an issue with the impression log. for some reason there was an error there. We have closed the site and are fixing that issue, so you can keep track better going forward of your impressions.

Legacy panels - repurchased panels from Comp 2 have not been acting right. Please issue a ticket to support so this can be resolved. If you are affected, please contact support.

Last point is being able to downgrade your subscription level. There have been a few people saying their levels were upgraded by accident. There is nothing in the system outside of TP's that will upgrade you. If your account was upgraded in error, support is looking at those accounts individually. In the future, if you upgrade in error, please submit a ticket. You will have 30 days to do this.

Remember, you have 30 days. If it's beyond that, you cannot downgrade. Secondly, if you pay your admin fee already there will be no refund. If you have purchased TP's beyond your subscription level, but then want to cancel your TP's and downgrade, you cannot do that. This provision is only for people who's accounts were accidentally or erroneously upgraded.

There will be a notice coming out shortly, so that everyone understand the rules. After the 30 days, there will be no options to downgrade. Please make sure you manage your accounts and plan ahead.

World Tour is getting close. Please remember you have the opportunity to win your way to the world tour by submitting a testimonial. You can win up to $2,000 towards your trip. I want to remind you that the name on your ticket needs to match your ID. If the name on the ticket does not match your ID, you will not be allowed into the event. If someone bought your ticket for you, make sure the ticket has your name.

We hope everyone will join us in Trinidad. It will be a great way to meet with the team and members around the world.


Please remember to submit a ticket to support. The webinar is not a place to resolve support issues.

Rapid Panels - I have contacted some affiliates whose panels were randomly selected. As those complete the tasks required, sending in a photo and testimonial, once that is done you will be put in a queue to receive your $500.

We recommend that you use Chrome for Banners Brokers. That will give you the least number of errors.

In v2.9 if you were Exec, you were downgraded to Premium. This will stay in effect until you buy more TP's. If you were Premium in v2.9 you were downgraded to Standard for 120 days. After that, your account will return to $100/month.

Regular payouts - this is only a temporary situation. As we move forward the limitations will be removed.

IT has notified me that the site will only be down for a few more minutes.

Thank you for being here on the call. Thanks for all of your hard work. I know you are out there helping your teams and those not on your teams. We have a wonderful community of people working together, helping each other get ahead. A special thanks to those out there helping others, answering questions. It's an amazing thing how BB affiliates are helping each other with no reward expected.

Thanks to our IT team. I know support is working hard, too. We are working hard to make sure this program works the best it can. On behalf of everyone at corporate, thank you for being a part of our team and a part of our vision. Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday 23rd May

Ron Anderson speaking.

Welcome to everyone from around the world. I want to let you know that Chris won't be on the call today. He's working tirelessly and corporately with other groups so we can make Banners Broker bigger and stronger.

A couple of things to go over. The first one, I know there was a couple of issues last weekend with traffic packs and panels. There was a server hiccup but if you didn't get your traffic pack last weekend, you should have it now. If you haven't, please contact support and we will sort that for you.
Panels, because of the server issue, there was a lag on the panels but fear not. The panels are doing what they do. It's a different system that co-ordinates that and I believe the system has caught up or is in the process of catching up.

I've been speaking to the leaders' and understand that some people have had trouble logging in to the site. Some people see a lot of text down the left hand side. We've trying to isolate that and the problem is that some parts of the internet are not talking to other parts. I can try to explain to you in tech. what that is but I don't understand either. That's why we have great technical people to take care of that stuff. Some servers on the web are not updating as quickly as they should. If you are affected by this, I would recommend that you go to this web site (please watch the recording to see what Ron is explaining here). The DNS cache' needs clearing. The page will also be posted on face book and twitter for you to share. The problem is affecting N America, Caribbean, Europe. We thought at first that it may be a localized issue but we are realizing now that it's something different so we are working hard to get that fixed.

V3 Payouts are going out today. Our staff are working on it now to get payments out and you should see that within the next few hours. On the topic of payouts. I know that some people were upset that they didn't get a legacy payout on the last run. I've seen on some of the Skype chats that it was promised that if you didn't get a legacy payout the first time that you would get one on the second time. Unfortunately, that was never promised. Things are getting better with some of our other corporate initiatives, we are working on making the business itself better. With the payout queue, not everyone is going to get paid every time. We are working through the queue, which is determined by your request date If you don't get paid on this payout, then your name is higher up for the next run. It doesn't mean that you will get a payout the next time but it does mean you are further along in the queue.

I've also seen that people are asking about making your account 100% complete. We've posted something here about steps you can take to do that. (Please refer to the recording to see the document). There are three columns and some of the items are recommended and some are essential. We suggest that you complete all of the actions. I can say that with some of the things coming up, it will be beneficial to have your account 100% complete but that is your prerogative as business owners and affiliates of BB.

BB works with Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari but the issue right now is a server issue out in the net and that's what's causing some people to have issues with the site. It's not necessarily the browser that you're using. We are trying to come up with a resolution to help as many people as we can until it is resolved.

These webinars are being recorded and they will be posted under the learning centre for you to see. There's also a list of the past webinars that you can review and listen to again. The Learning Centre is on the left side of your back-office. There are multiple tabs where you can find the success manual, webinars and we will also be posting some tutorials there in other languages so you can share them with people in other countries.

To make it clear, Legacy payments will not go out today. Today there will be payments from V3. Legacy payments go out on the Friday closest to 18th of the month.

Weekly tasks are coming. We have developed some new programmes that will help to earn you more incentive traffic. We are just putting some finishing touches to that and we hope to release the weekly tasks very, very soon.

More questions asking about payouts. As I said, we are working through that so please keep your withdrawal requests coming. As we work through the list and BB develops and grows, we will work faster through that list.

We do know there is an issue with organic traffic and we are working on that.

Someone is asking if affiliates in the U.S. Are able to have payouts.
You need to have your payment processor. In the U.S., you payment processor is STP.

A question about what an avatar is:
An avatar is a picture you can upload for your account. It can be a picture of yourself, cartoon characters, images or whatever. It needs to be appropriate but it needs to be a picture of what is relevant to you.

We will be coming out with more information on V3.1 very soon. We want to make sure that everything is ready so that when we release it, everything works right, looks good and you are able to start using it right away. That's why we have been a little slow on giving out all the details as yet.

Thanks you everyone for being on the call today. I appreciate all the hard work that you as affiliates do to help your own businesses and for Banners Broker. On behalf of the support team, technical team and us as corporates, I hope you will all join us again next week on the webinar and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world.

Friday 16th May
Banners Broker Friday Q&A Webinar 5/16/14

Ron Anderson speaking:

Good morning, welcome to the Friday update call. Great to have you back today. Exciting week in the BB universe.

Chris Smith speaking:

Thank you and welcome to the call. We have a lot of great things happening. We are in version 3 and plugging away at the first 90 days. Be sure to log in, pay our admin fee and get your account going. Thank you to those who have already done that. We understand that everyone is different, but here at BB we have a lot of things coming, some new advertising channels and great things to be part of.

We are knee deep in our new program. We are working on a lot more ways for you to earn revenue. We have been in talks with several different clients and partners from the advertising world as well as other companies with products to offer you.

In Trinidad we will be explaining version 3.1 in detail, with multiple speakers, explaining how you can be successful with BB. Please be sure to be in Trinidad. We do have about 100 spots left, so please do purchase your ticket. You will need a ticket to get into the event.

I just wanted you to know that the business of BB has grown over the past 3-4 years. We have outlived many programs, and we are just about to complete 4 years. We are so happy to be here. We have been able to offer more, and when you see what's in 3.1, this will be a grand plan for us to continue with all the operations. You will have multiple other sites to round out your Banners Broker experience.

We appreciate all the efforts of all the leaders. So with that I'll hand it back over to Ron.

Ron Anderson:

We're really excited about getting Version 3.1 out to you and creating something that's never been seen before.

The BB tour is less than 2 months away. Please remember that if you have a ticket, it must have YOUR name on it. If the name does not match your ID, you will not be able to get in. We are also looking for testimonials in our contest to give away up to $2,000 for the BB Tour. Please go to the tour page and follow the instructions for submitting your testimonial.

BB Version 3 has been live for about 60 days. On June 15th it's the last day to get into Version 3 with your same account. So please log in and pay your $10 admin fee for your first month's fee, then access your account. This can be paid via STP, Allied Wallet, etc. so choose your option and get your account going today.

If you now go to your Team page, you will see a list of people that you have invited. On each person's spot, you will see a notification if that person has not signed into Version 3, so you can contact those on your team who haven't started their account yet.


Payouts are in the process of going out as I am speaking. The payouts will be out shortly, for both Version 3, Mobile and the Legacy eWallet.

I also have a good piece of news. We know that some people who have been managing their accounts and the subscripton wallet has gone into the negative. If this wallet has gone into the negative, you will lose your Traffic Packs subscription and will not be able to get more for 6 months. SO, we have decided that anyone who has lost their TP's due to this issue, this 6-month restriction has NOW BEEN WAIVED. So you will not have to wait 6 months.

Please know that this is for a limited time. But this is becuase the system is new and we want everyone to have a great chance for success.

If you are having any problems with your BB account, please contact support using a ticket or a phone call.

Question: If I cancel my TP subscription, can I buy them again later?

If you cancel your TP's, you will not be able to purchase TP's for 6 months. The above ONE TIME offer above is for those whose subscription eWallets went into the negative as they were trying to get their account going. This is NOT for those who just decide to cancel TP's.

There are lots of places to get help on your account. Visit the Learning Center in your account. You can contact support, they can answer all your questions. There are also Skype rooms and forums where people share their knowledge with others, so you might want to try those areas for help.

If ZERO considered negative in subscription eWallet? NO, it is not.

Tutorials? The tutorials are coming. We are trying to get these created and translated into multiple languages. This is slowing things down a little bit, but they will be out very soon.

How to learn about Twitter with BB? We will have some leaders do webinars about how to use Twitter and Facebook.

With the arrival of Version 3.1, you will be able to use social platforms to earn incentive traffic.

We have many good leaders who are offering to help other members. I'm amazed at how many people are offering to help. We will try to put this on the fast track to help you learn how to run your accounts.

I see alot of questions, but I'm trying to answer the more general ones.

External traffic packs - these are traffic packs you can purchase to send people to your own website. Send 50,000 people to your site. Great way to advertise and share your product or service.

Specifics about Version 3.1, we are not ready to give all the details, but there are lots of new ways to promote your BB business and your other businesses. You can use BB to improve your other businesses by using the tools available in BB. We will release these details very soon.

Thank you for being here today, for sharing this dream that is Bannersbroker that will last for years to come.

Friday 9th May
Ron Anderson speaking:

Good day, welcome to the Friday call. It's great to have you here. We've had another busy week here at Bannersbroker.

Chris Smith speaking:

Thank you so much, Ron. Great to be here. Great to progress with our version 3 of BB. I have been extremely busy on the corporate side with a few deals on the advertising side. Exciting times.

I know the site has been slow at times. It should be okay now. Remember version 3 was built from the ground up. Let us know if you see anything that needs tweaking.

We hope you are planning to be in Trinidad with us. We have a lot in store for you. We have a new site up showing some video imagery of Trinidad.

Updates - we are continuing with our weekly payouts every Friday. We are going through the standard queue in date order. Monthly for the queue for Legacy. We are going through in date order, and there is a payout every Friday, but every single person doesn't get paid every time.

Now over to Ron Anderson:

A couple things on the programming. As you know there was originally a slight error in the Ad Creds. This put some people into the negative. This week we have adjusted that and returned the Ad creds that were removed and have taken those funds out of your Legacy Wallet.

In some cases people's Legacy wallet was not big enough. (Ron explained this, please see the video replay)

Be sure when you purchase tickets for Trinidad that you put in the correct names for the people who will be using the ticket. The name on the ticket must match the name on the person's ID. No purchasing of tickets at the door. Sale of tickets will end one week before the event. So purchase your tickets as soon as you can.

We are running a promotion for one lucky affiliate to win up to $2,000 toward their air travel to Trinidad. The rules for entering are on found on the website. You will be uploading a video testimonial to enter. (please see the video replay for details or visit the tour website)

We have a couple of rapid panel affiliates who have been selected to receive a $500 payout. Ernst Tuider and Duncan Wood are are two affiliates so far.

We have been doing work on the learning centre. That will be going up today - postings for our webinars, manual, tutorials, presentations as they are developed.


People are seeing that your ID was approved and then was rejected. If you change anything in your personal information this will invalidate your ID, and you will need to upload a new ID. this is for compliance and to avoid fraud. Please make sure your ID matches your personal information.

Traffic Packs that have been cancelled? The system is set up to cancel your Traffic Pack if your subscription wallet is in the negative. Please keep your subscription wallets in the positive.

We are aware of an issue with the organic traffic and that is being looked at and worked on.

If you have an issue, please submit a ticket to support. Also there are lots of forums out there who are helping people resolve general questions. Tutorials are coming up soon to help everyone understand everything about Bannersbroker.

Be sure to CLAIM your Organic Traffic. (Ron showed how to do this on the video, please see the replay)

The 90 days to log in and register for Version 3 will end in June.

Some questions can be solved by contacting support

Thank you for being on the call today and helping us build this business that is unlike anything on the web today.

(end of webinar)

Friday 3rd May

Ron is on the call today.
The site is down for Maintenance to improve the site. 

Payouts are going out weekly.
Today is V3 and Mobile.

Weve had a busy week doing tweaks.
We are changing the re-purchase settings so they stay changed but not all panels will be able to be changed due to the 10% rule.

We have removed pending from the Credit Card authorisation form.
This form prevents Chargebacks without your knowledge.
Any Chargeback will lock your account.

The first affiliate has been announced as a winner of the Rapid panel.

The site is now running again.

Reminder that if you change your personal info you must re-upload your ID.
It is now working perfectly.

A special treat. John Barrett is on our call today.
He went for the cash option rather than the car.
He has introduced forty of his family and friends to Banners Broker.
He is happy to accept all the changes in BB for the longevity of the company. 
He and his family and friends went to all the Events. They were great and he is looking forward to Trinidad and Tobago.

When you buy your ticket to the BB Tour you must assign it to the right person.
Submit a testimonial to win $2000. Affiliates who vote for the best testimonial will win.

The weekly tasks are coming out soon. They are not ready yet.
Notarised forms are not necessary if your form is English.

There are issues with Organic Traffic. They are being worked on.
Your leaders and inviters are a good source of information for you.

Thank you for being on the call.
These webinars are a great source of information.
Thank you to the large team who is helping answer these questions.
Thank you John.

See you next week.

Friday 17th April
Ron Anderson speaking:

Good morning, welcome to the Friday call even though we are doing it on Thursday this week. It's been another busy week, a lot of good things happening.

Chris Smith speaking:

I know we have on the screen the World Tour info. Exciting things are coming up, so if you can make it to the World Tour, you should come out and meet and greet the team and have a personal touch of the operation.

Let's start off with payments. This is Easter weekend, tomorrow is a holiday, so we will have the payout today. That is for the v3 eWallet, as well as our first Legacy Wallet and BannersMobile. Legacy will be monthly around the 18th of the month. The v3 eWallet will happen weekly. Payouts will be out shortly. The order of the v3 account will be the date order of when you created the request. Legacy is not only date order but also the amount you have received in the past.

Ron Anderson speaking:

Tickets to the World Tour will be available next week. If you have funds in your eWallet you can use that, or you can purchase through the various payment processors. Get your tickets soon for a discount. We have a promotion going where people will be able to win their trip to Trinidad. The instructions are on the website... (please see the website) We hope to be able to shake your hand and congratulate you on stage.

Payouts are going out today for v3, Mobile and Legacy. v3 will be going out weekly, and Legacy once a month. Make sure that you have your withdrawal requests in so that you can be part of the queue.

Panels - people are saying they seem to be a little behind where they should be. Don't worry, although we cannot say an exact time, historically there is a time during which panels should complete and this will remain basically the same.

ProRating of Admin fees: (please see the video replay for this explanation, as it was detailed as to how and why this happened and how it will be processed) It will be shown on your Legacy Wallet display in the summary. Your refunds/prorating will show up here. Also, if you had not paid your admin fees at some point, this will now be caught up and will also show in this area.


$10 monthly admin fee: Depending on your payment processor it may require a bit more, try adding a couple of dollars to the amount and this should resolve the issue.

Panel speeds will be in line with Version 2.

Weekly tasks are coming. We have a number of tasks that we will implement all at the same time.

If your panels are not moving, please remember you must have an organic campaign active for your panels to move.

Legacy correction- We realize what happened and we are trying to come up with an equitable way to resolve this, so that we can get this resolved in a way that is both beneficial to BB and to the affiliates.

Payout Queue? We are still working through the queue. Not everyone will receive a payment, but if you don't receive one this time, you are more likely to receive it the next run.

We know there are still tweaks that need to be made to the website. If you see an issue, please contact support. We are working on everything being resolved.

Where does the money go as panels complete. Legacy panels, as they complete those funds go into your legacy wallet. V3 panels complete and go into your eWallet.

Viewboard - hope every has had time to sign up for this. If you log in using your BB info, you will be able to see your panels and other widgets are available to see lots of different things. If you haven't been on to, please do that. If you log in using your BB email and password, you can sync Viewboard with your account and see your panels.

Organic links - we are in the process of adding more links.

We still have lots of things we want to add to BB v3, but the majority of it has been done first, and we are able to now work on other facets and assets to make v3 more exciting and interesting.

A lot of people are enjoying the new site. That is great to see that so many people are using it and liking it.

Webinars are coming - executives will have an opportunity to do these webinars. We will have different types - some on how to use social media and some on how to use BB. These will be in multiple languages. Different schedules will be posted on the BB home page. You will be able to listen to all sorts of different topics in various languages. Multiple topics, multiple languages and in multiple timezones. We hope with these new webinars we will be able to communicate with people in their own language to help you and your teams.

If you send in a support ticket through the back office, there is no fee for that.

Thank you for being here today. Our attendance is getting much bigger, and we are glad a lot of people are becoming more involved. It's exciting to see and to be a member of such a great team. Thank you to support for all the hard work they do. On behalf of Chris and the team here, thank you all for being here today.

If you celebrate Easter, I hope you have a wonderful Easter, and if you don't, then I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

(end of webinar)
(summary notes prepared by Linda Lane and are not official BB transcripts. Please include this with all repostings.)

Friday 11th April
Ron Anderson speaking:

Welcome to the webinar. Hello to everyone around the world. Great to have such a big turnout today. Lots of updates for you. I also have a great staff answering questions as they can.

The first thing I want to touch on is the biggest thing on your minds - payouts! As of this moment, the payouts are being processed and will be going out before the end of "our" day. Payouts today are v3 payouts. These will be going out weekly on Fridays. Next week is a holiday, so we will be doing payouts on Thursday. We will be doing v3 payouts and Legacy payouts next week. We want to make sure that everyone who has started a v3 account will receive a payout. Payouts did go out last week, and will go out again today and next week on Thursday.

World eWallet has put out a press release that they are upgrading their systems. This has postponed their launch so the systems can be integrated. This is unfortunate, but we here at BB support World eWallet and we will keep you up to date as to when WeW is ready for launch. On that note, all WeW payouts requests are being REVERSED. It will be reversed automatically, and you can make withdrawals to Payza or STP in the meantime. We hope this will be resolved soon, but we cannot speak for WeW.

A NEW product that the team has been working on is ready. This is called ViewBoard ( This is a new page that you can start all of your Internet searches from. (Please see the video replay for screenshots of this tool) You can also see your BB panel summaries on this page. We are hoping everyone will set this as your homepage. All the BB news and updates will be on this page. New widgets can be added to your page. We will also add incentive items to this page, i.e. a search bar. We have a team working on developing new methods of getting incentive traffic for you to earn more traffic doing so.

Panel Movement: We know that some people like to calculate "when" your panels will cap. We have always said we cannot guarantee when panels will cap. We know that banners do tend to complete in an approximately same amount of time. People have noticed that in v3 these panels seem to be set to cap in a longer period of time, but please know that the time periods should be similar to BB2.9. One of the reasons for the slowness of the site is because there was no cache (Ron explained this - please see video) Therefore this slowed everything down. A similar thing happened with your panels, and the timeframe was slowed down a little bit. Many panels being submitted at once created a slight bottleneck. Panels bought in the first few days seem to be completing slower than panels bought more recently. But, it's just a matter of math. The panels are now regular, as you were used to, and panel times should be similar to version 2.9.

Question about Viewboard: You do need to sign up for You do not need to use your BB sign in, as Viewboard is for everyone. If you want access to your BB tools, please login with your same BB details (username/password).

Legacy correction: Many saw funds removed from the AdCredits. There is some confusion over this. (it's explained on the blog - Ron explained again - please see the video replay for that explanation) (summary only here) There was one wrong number in the code during the migration. Everyone got a credit for their package they started BB with. The system was supposed to look at affiliates who had unactivated packages (when you could still purchase multiple packages for transfer) these were to be liquidated and you should have received credits for these unactivated packages. Instead, you received credit for your package, but not for unactivated packages. When the programmers found this issue with the legacy panel credits, they resolved it, and that's why the announcement came after the transition occurred. The team is working hard to make sure everything is done properly. Any changes from now on, I will be notified and you will get info in advance.

BB World Tour: Some info coming out today, ticket prices will be posted, and you will be able to purchase tickets from your eWallet. We are having a promotion where one affiliate will get their trip paid for FREE. You can submit a testimonial (instructions will be on the these will be reviewed and the affiliate who gets the most votes will win $2,000 towards their trip to Trinidad and Tobago. You will be invited on stage to celebrate being the winner.

Those are all my notes for today.


Weekly tasks: these are coming. We are in the process of developing this, coming very soon. Just make sure you complete your initial tasks when you register.

World Tour tickets: Can we purchase from Legacy Wallet? (Ron showed the ticket page, please see the video replay) Please purchase your ticket well in advance. You can purchase the ticket and you will be sent a BarCode representing your ticket (print or on your smartphone)

Thank you to the team who is answering questions. We appreciate your support. We appreciate all your effort and time that you are putting into your BB account. We are so humbled to see people from all over the world joining us on the webinars. I am looking forward to meeting you in Trinidad. On behalf of the team and Chris, thank you for being with us today.

(end of webinar)

Friday 4th April 2014

Friday q&a webinar 4/4/14

ron anderson speaking:
Welcome to the friday call. Chris is busy working on the payouts making sure those go out today, so he asked me to handle the call. We have a ton of updates to talk about.

Chris is working on those payouts right now and they will be going out today.

I know people are worrying that panels have not been moving except for the yellows. I want to let you know that it has been planned this way for v3. We want to make sureu everything is working properly, and that means things will work slow. The yellows are working properly. The panels are being submitted to the ad networks, but you are just not seeing the movement. You will be able to see the movement very soon.

New legacy page:
If you go to your ewallet and legacy wallet, you will see your legacy wallet page. Down at the bottom there's a link for legacy summary.. Click there and you will see a ton of info about how your account looked in 2.9... Panels, packages, percentages transferred over, etc. Some people were afraid that inventory was lost in the transition, so we created this page so everyone will feel more confident.

Bb tv:
as some of you know we have uploaded some new promotional videos for you to use as you are talking to new referrals. There are a few short ones, and one longer one. These are really cool videos, short, concise and to the point. The intention was to give you new tools to talk to people. We also have additional videos being produced this week.

We've created capture pages, and a whole series of tools to make it easier for you to invite people.

Bank details (beneficiary info)

people have asked what does this mean. The banking details are there just to make sure your account is as robust as it can be. This is not required at the moment, but may need it in the future. The purpose of the "beneficiary" is not who you will leave your account to when you die, but will be used later for banking processes.
Shipping information is not needed at the moment but has also been included for future purposes.

Support is a fantastic team of eager individuals. They are a stellar group of people. They are working hard, doing their best to answer tickets, approving id's. They are working their best to answer everything.. They are very busy, and we appreciate your patience as support works through the tickets as quickly as they are able to do. There have been a ton of tickets submitted.

We are working on bugs. I am in contact with the leaders and with support. We monitor the facebook and other places. When we identify a bug, we get that straightened out as quickly as possible. If you have an issue, please contact support and from there we will get it worked out for you. 

The world tour:
As you know the next tour will be july 13th, 2014, in trinidad and tobago. And tickets will be going on sale very shortly. If you purchase before april 30th, you will get an early bird discount $15. May 1 - may 31 tickets will be $25, after that they will be $40. Please purchase your tickets, chris smith will be there, i will be there, and we are looking forward to actually being able to meet and connect with you.

Please share this info. Tickets will not be available at the door. We encourage you to purchase tickets as soon as possible so that we have an idea who will be coming.
You will be able to purchase tickets through your ewallet. Everyone will be glad for that.

Weekly tasks? The tasks are there but have been suspended for now other than the intial tasks of filling in your account information. The weekly tasks will begin shortly.

50% setting on panels? Right now legacy panels are all set to 50% because 50% will go into your legacy wallet. The 10% rule is also in effect. People are saying that they cannot set their new panels to 50%. This is because the legacy panels are included for calculating the 10%. As legacy panels cap, you will be able to change your new v3 panels to 50%.

V3 panel - time to complete? We cannot speak to exact times, but will probably take about the same amount of time as in v2.9.

Social media page problems? We are working on that and it will be resolved shortly.

Traffic pack allowance? This is the number of panels or amount of traffic pack traffic you can use to qualify your panels. If you have questions, ask your inviter, send a support ticket, ask in a skype room to get clarification. There is also info on that in bb guide.

Transferring funds - you do have to keep a positive balance in your subscription wallet for your panels to move. You can transfer free from adcredits to subscription, but there is a fee to transfer from ewallet to subscription wallet.

Webinars in multiple languages? We are working on that now and are in the process of being developed.

I see alot of questions today. I wish i could go through all of them, but that would take too long. Please submit a ticket. We are aware of alot of the bugs and are working on them to get them resolved. Within a week it should all be fine.

Just a reminder that payouts are going out today, so keep your eyes open for that. Thank you for being on the call today. Please know the corporate team is here working hard to make sure everything works well for you, so that you can grow your business.

Thanks for joining us today, have a great weekend.

Friday 29th March 2014
I would love to post these notes to you but BB won't release them.
The only information we have is that payments are supposed to begin next Friday.

Friday 21st March 2014
Ron Anderson speaking:

Good morning. Welcome to BB v3. We're happy it's out there and you seem to be enjoying it so much. This is our first webinar for v3. Glad to have you here.

Chris Smith speaking:

Guys, as Ron just mentioned, we are live and kicking. We've been plugging away for many months on this platform, and it's a pleasure to see you all on the site and joining us for this journey.

The opening was Tuesday, and we noticed the speed was not where it should be. We quickly realized where the bottleneck was and quickly addressed it. There is much room to grow with Version 3. The platform is modular and very adaptable to whatever the needs are.

Please read our newest blog post for an update.

We would like to formally announce the World Tour date! It will be Sunday, July 13th. Please visit the website for all the information:

BB World Tour | Just another WordPress site.

Trinidad is a wonderful place, and I can't wait to visit there again. There will be other activities going on that weekend for you to enjoy as well as the BB Tour event. Coming this summer, and we can't wait.

The Admin Fee - Your admin fee of $10 goes to BB, and different processors have a fee on top of that for the processing. That's why you may be seeing additional amount over $10. There was a problem with Payza but we are working on that. And I believe that the situation with STP has been resolved.

For withddrawals/payouts, make sure you have your valid ID uploaded to BB. Please make sure you have a fresh ID in our system. The guys are working hard to get them approved as quickly as possible.


Many comments about how fast and how well the site is reacting and working. Thank you.

If you have any problems logging in, there is a password section for recovering that.

I'll turn it back over to Ron now.

ID's: If you had your ID uploaded previously, then you have 3 months to upload your new ID's.

There was an issue with the allowance on the black panel. That has been corrected.

We have noticed that some affiliates profile strength is stuck on 40%. We are working on that now.

Organic Campaigns will be mandatory. There is a manual which is in the final stages of editing, and should be released in the next week or so.

Panels are moving and submitted to the networks, so once the engine runs you will see the movement.

Organic traffic should be operating at 100%.

A huge number of questions here. Please submit your question to support or ask in the Skype rooms or Facebook and see if affiliates can help you.

Legacy panels will all cap 50% into your Legacy eWallet and 100% of the impressions will go into your impression bank.

We are working on the new BB presentation, new promotional materials to help you with your inviting.
Please follow us at Twitter, Facebook and our blog. A lot of these questions are being answered and posted for you to see.

Some people are still seeing the funding page when logging in. This may be because the funding has not reached the processor yet. If it's taking you a little bit to get in, don't worry, all fundings will be processed soon.

I'm excited to have B3 out and flowing. it's been a labor of love for a long time. We are getting all the quirks worked out and the speed is up to par, so you can become more deeply involved with online revenue and earn income.

Thank you for joining us today. The future is bright.

Friday 7th March 2014
Chris Smith
Ron will do the majority of the webinar.
Today is an important day for BB as we will be able to do the migration into glorious v3.
A Payza payout will be sent out today. It's almost ready to go.

Welcome everyone to this very special webinar. I'm going to be walking you through the v3 platform. The site will go to blackout in approximately 1 hour. It means that at 12.00 EST. 5.00pm GMT, the site will be taken off line. You will not be able to go in and do anything on the BB website. It's like trying to clean up the house while you have 100,000 inside. We will close the doors until everything is ready to come back up again.

The BB World Tour will be in Trinidad and Tobago. We are still working on the dates and the information will be sent out via social media and the webinars.

Ron showed screen shots of how to log in and explained that it was faster and cleaner. He also showed and talked about the security features tab. You will need to remember your security questions and or pin for the first time you log in to v3. If you forget them, it will make it very difficult to get back into your account.

With the Id’s, unfortunately, there is too much data to migrate and we are asking everyone to reload their ID. If you have already had your ID approved, you will have 90 days to upload the ID again. If you haven't had your ID approved, you will have 30 days in which to do it. This is to prevent fraud.
Chris said here that the data formatting is completely different in v3 and that's why it needs to be done again. Some of the data is old and we are looking to get fresh data from everyone.

Social networking is going to be very important. When you go into v3, fill in your social media profile details (names for Twitter, fb, etc.)
V3 has been built from scratch and v3 is going to be much easier to use. It will be faster and more efficient.

There are lots of new options for incentive traffic including tweeting, watching you tube videos and face book postings. If you want to promote yourself, you can buy face book likes, etc.

This is v3. It's been a long time coming but we are excited to get it out.

We will give you time to set up your Twitter account. It needs to be 30 days old before you can use it for the weekly tasks and they will start on April 2nd

There is new promotional content. Webinar schedules in different languages. Educational tutorials on using social media.

Thanks you very much everyone. I hope everyone signs up for the other webinars.
Tesla draw a week on Monday. From myself and on behalf of the BB team, thank you for joining us here and we look forward to seeing you on Monday. Have a great weekend.

End of webinar. Synopsis of notes taken by Helen Wright. Not official BB notes.

Friday 28th February 2014
BB Webinar

Ron Anderson Speaking

World Tour:
The location of the BB World Tour, which will take place in a couple of months, is Trinidad and Tobago. More information will be posted soon. I'm told that it's paradise. We are excited to meet everyone and see you down there.

Yesterdays call:
Chris had an important address to the BB nation and the call has been posted in the back office. I would highly recommend that everyone watches the webinar and learn the true information.

Banners Mobile:
The opt-in period will come to a close soon. We will be giving away 5 smart phones and an iPad in a draw for the people who joined during the opt-in period. You have until March 17th to register and purchase your package. You can register after that date but you won't keep your existing team in BM. (your BB team will stay intact).

Blackout dates: From March 7th with launch March 18th. We will be having webinars every day during the blackout. The dates are posted in your back office. There will be a bit of a celebration/party in the lead up to the launch. There will be tutorials and we want to make sure that everyone has all the information they need.

Allied Wallet: The minimum amount for loading your AW account has been reduced to $10 to enable you to pay for v3. You can't pay until after 18th March and that will get your account rolling. All Execs will be bumped down to Premium and all Premium will be bumped down to Standard for 120 days. You will be able to upgrade at any time.

Traffic packs, admin fees and movement of panels have all stopped until v3.

Twitter is going to be an important part of v3. Some of your weekly tasks will involve using Twitter. You need 10 followers and your account needs to be 30 days old. If you don't have an account, go to and sign up.

If you want to follow BB on Twitter, you can follow us at We also have

In v3 we are going to have a brand new schedule of webinars each week, they will show how to use the tools for BB, and they will all be done in different languages, English, Portuguese, French, Hindi and any other languages we can present. It will be the same time every week and there will be a schedule posted with the dates. If you have someone new that you want to look at BB, you can give them the times to log on.

There will be a manual coming out for Bbv3 with everything you need to know about the new platform.

We are keeping this call short today because Chris did the main call yesterday. If you didn't get a chance to listen, please watch it in your back office.

On behalf of Chris and everyone here, we are grateful that you are all there. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Trinidad and Tobago. Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday 22nd February
Friday Q&A Webinar - 2/21/14

Ron Anderson speaking:

Welcome to the call. Lots of great things to talk about today. As you can see we are going to be winding down the BannersMobile opt-in period. This will be your last opportunity to opt-in. Opting in means you keep your current sponsor and your current team. If you want until the opt-in has closed, you will need to sign up under someone else. Once opt-in closes we will be doing the geneaology compression in BannersMobile.

Chris will be handling the annoucements of the closing opt-in date and blackout date.

Chris Smith speaking:

Good day everyone. We are sorry about the mixup of the gotomeeting time. We do have a full house here, so let's get rolling.

The timeline that we've decided upon is.. we now have a go-Live date of the 18th of March for BB v3. It will be somewhere around midday on the 18th. We will post the details. We need at least a week for the blackout, so the blackout will begin end of day on Friday, March the 7th. We will then open back up and go LIVE on Tuesday, March the 18th. It's a little longer than a week, but we are including the weekend, as requested by the programmers. Our test run took a while, but the good news is that the test was successful. All the migration scripts are working as intended, so we are looking forward to the blackout.

Another reason that we added time before the blackout is that we want to have everything ready, including sales tools, for you to be able to run the business. We want to have the webinars already set up and in place for training and presentation, in several languages. We will have capture pages, email templates, testimonial videos and everything to be prepared for the new BB. We also wanted to increase the items for incentive traffic generation. Alot of this will have to do with social media... facebook, twitter, pinterest, etcetera. As well as viewing certain links that we send you to. These will be part of the tasks that you will be asked to do to create traffic.

If you are not able to be a part of the advertising channel, then you may not want to be a part of the new BB. BB is not a passive investment, so there will be things to accomplish and you will be rewarded handsomely for that.

We will be coming out with a new BB3 guide for the business. We will have a new BB PowerPoint presentation for live training, etcetera. We will be bringing back our LIVE events around the world for trainers to present BB.

We had a server outage last Sunday night to Monday morning. What caused this was the last engine run. This was a catastrophe for the hardware, however we did not lose any data. we need to be spending time on BB 3.0. We are not sending out any advertising into the networks, so there is no income on the panels. We have stopped the monthly subscriptions to make it fair. This has also stopped the Traffic Packs. So there is really no activity for you to do in the system until the launch of V3.

We will have the Tesla draw during the blackout. We will also have webinars during the blackout. There will be lots of activity going on.

BB World Tour info -- Please visit and vote for where you want the next BB Tour. This voting will close very soon so that people can book their travel. Voting will be closed on Tuesday. Please vote for where you would like the next tour to be. We will announce the winning country next Friday.


What can we view in v3 when it opens? There will be a summary page to look at and then continue on from there to pay the $10.

Payouts? We will do one more Payza payout before we go live. We already had an STP payout last week. In v3 the queue will be automated, so it will be much easier and smooth. There will be a v3 eWallet queue and then a different queue for the Legacy eWallet. The legacy queue will be based on the date of your earliest reversed withdrawal, as well as how much you have earned so far in BB.

I am excited about version 3 going live. I know it's been a long haul. Thank you very much for your patience. Do know that there are real people behind Bannersbroker. We have had ups and downs, but we have a solid team working to get everything ready to go. To all the leaders, support team and affiliates worldwide who are with us day by day, we are still here and we are looking to the future. Have a great weekend.

(end of webinar)

[8:28:42 PM] Mark Kelly: (*) Since BB started in 2011 I have contributed but also watched as genuine members and fellow human beings who want the best for BB have been slated and abused in this room. Those of us who are positive have stood firm and resilient in faith even during difficult times more recently. Some people have left this room, after being found out, and others have been ejected. Can I remind everyone in here, before you go mentioning words like : lies, ponzi, degrading people, you should realise that there is an Admin in this room, and your words will never go unnoticed. BB Dream Team Room is here to accomodate everyone's views, which should be constructive and pro-active. Right now, things are what they are. It is what it is. Embrace the changes and we will all see what is around the corner real soon. For those that remain optimistic and hopeful about BB V3 I applaud you. What we will have left is a ship that's sailing in the right direction, with the right crew onboard! Have a great Saturday everybody - no matter what money we have put in this far, or how many withdrawals we have had.....good times are ahead - the advertising industry is worth $trillions each year, and even Facebook recently acquired more interest in Mobile advertising software development to be integrated with it's platform!! Yes indeed people mobile advertising is going to BOOM and the Ad Impressions industry is something that Facebook is now using within it's paid advertising services !!! Getting to Banners Broker V3 has been a massive journey so far, there have been lessons learned. We're affiliates, and I suggest if anyone is not happy with BB, then they can leave - simple. If you're prepared to wait, then do so with integrity and respect for this room and its members - act like the leader that your team expects of you. 

Friday 14th February
Friday Q&A Webinar - 2/14/14 Chris Smith speaking:

Good day everyone. Let's get started. First of all we're looking at the BB World Tour page. For the BB World Tour we are pretty excited about it. We will be having it in about 60 to 90 days. We are letting all members vote for the country that they would like for us to have the World Tour. You can go to this page and vote for the country where you want to have the BB world Tour. You may vote for any country on the list. It does not have to be the country you live in. We will be selecting this country very, very soon. Let's talk about the blog post,

"Helping to Clean up the Internet". We want to start fresh with BB3 and have a safe environment to work in. We want an opportunity to share our beautiful program. If we can do what we can on our side to clean up the negative posts on the Internet, it will be better for all of us. The BB Community Watch page has been there for many, many months. Help us strengthen our team by letting us know if anyone is posting negative things and we will get it taken down.

Blackout - we are plugging away at the timeline. We will give you one week notice. I wanted to announce it today, but I'm not able to do that and wanted to share the reason. We are testing the migration scripts and we are now on day eleven of the testing for transferring the migration. We not only have data to transfer, but also the new calculations, etc. This process (test migration) is still ongoing. We are hoping this finishes very soon, so that we can see the results of the migration. If everything is okay, then we will announce the date right away. So that is the status of the blackout. For everyone who is in the process of getting your accounts prepared for the migration, you will still have time. We will give you one weeks notice for the blackout date.

Presentations/Webinars for V3 - We will have a new presentation. We want to populate the webinar calendar right away. We want to have this presentation done in multiple languages. We also want to have a lot of tools, capture pages, testimonials, email templates for your auto responder. We want to support you as much as possible with all the marketing tools that you need. I think we are on the right track to move into the future with a great business.

We are very pleased with the progress of BannersMobile. The deadline for coming over to BM with your existing team is fast approaching. Keep in mind that BannersMobile is completely separate from BB. If you want until after the deadline passes, then you will begin fresh under anyone you want.

Migration Document - please download this very important document to be sure you are informed and up to date on what's happening in the migration to BB3. The link for download is on your dashboard and on the blog and on Facebook. This document is not a complete Version 3 document, it is the Migration Document, which explains how your account will migrate to the new version. The complete guide to Version 3 will be coming soon. We will be integrating all the social media services into the tasks we will be doing in BB3. This is the next era of advertising and we will be on the working side of this. That is how the new Version 3 will grow and be successful. (Please see the video replay for details)

Thank you very much to those of you who are here and with us. We are working hard for you and appreciate you very much. A small STP payout went out last week. We will have another one for Payza before we go forward with the blackout. I'm excited to be a part of BB, excited about Version 3, excited about the future. I'll talk to you soon. (end of webinar)

Friday 7th February 2014

Welcome everyone. As you know, the Migration Document has been posted in your Back office, so you will keep up to date as we migrate to BBv3.
We have not announced the Blackout date yet. We will announce that as soon as we know the exact date. Chris will be going over the Migration Document today. I am personally excited about what BBv3 holds for us all

Chris Smith speaking:
Let's get rolling. Let's start with the important announcement that is on the screen. What we are doing now is taking a look at where we are in the life span of BB. BBv3 is right around the corner. We want to make sure we get everything right before we launch. What we are going to do will coincide with the launch, we will be looking at anything on the Internet that is negative about BB. We want to be able to have an positive environment on the Internet.

There are 3 categories that we will be focusing on. If you have anything negative posted anywhere on the Internet, please do whatever you can do to remove it. You have until February 12, 2014. If you know of anyone who has anything negative posted about BB, please warn that that their account could be in danger if they do not remove it by Feb. 12, 2014. If you see anything negative posted online, please submit that to the Community Watch.

Please check your Dashboard for a detailed article entitled "Moving Forward". This document will explain this in detail.

Let's move on now and talk about the Migration. The Migration document is now available. The link for downloading this document is posted in your back office. Please download this document and follow along if you'd like. I will just be going over some high points today. This is not the full Version 3 Guide, but rather it is the details of the Migration only.

(Chris is showing the document on his screen as he goes over it - please see the replay of Webinar for details)

(I will be including only brief notes of his discussion here)

We will have a drastic reduction in Admin fees for Month #1. It will be $10 for everyone. When you log in for the first time you will need to pay your $10 first month's admin fee. Moving forward you will pay your the regular amount for your admin fee from your Subscription Wallet.

People are asking why we are doing this. The company wants to know who is active and moving forward with BBv3. Everyone will be set to inactive during the blackout. We want to know who is active and moving forward with us in BB3. You will have 90 days to pay your first month's admin fee of $10, until then your account will be inactive.

We will be pro-rating Admin Fees based on when you paid the month before the blackout. The pro-ration will be refunded to your eWallet.

(I am highlighting the changes only, please read the document for yourself)

Subscription Types

Standard will be remain Standard
Premium will begin as Standard and remain that for 120 days unless you manually upgrade.
Executive will begin as Premium.

Chris went over the 3 types in detail, so please see the webinar presentation.

Highlights for Executive:

Can earn incentive traffic for holding webinars for you team.

Multi-panel Qualification Tool (120 Panels at one time) will be provided for qualifying panels quickly

Traffic Pack Subscription Bonus:
Has been increased to "+6" for execs

Execs can withdraw $400 per week and up to $400 per month (Legacy, depending on the size of the account).

Subscription Protection:

premium and executive can purchase this protection so that your account will not stop if you go into the negative.

Determination Dates:

These dates will determine what percentage of your account inventory moves over to BB3 (please see the PDF or the webinar replay for details)

Nov 4, 2012
Feb 21, 2013
May 15, 2013

Incentive Programs:

This will be huge in V3. there are many ways to earn incentive traffic in BBv3. All of these items are listed on the PDF, so please see this list.

Sales Credit Generation:

panels will produce sales credits differently in BBv3.

Migrating Traffic Packs:

There are some choices that you need to make. This is a choice, so decide wisely for your account.

If you want to have the money you spent on TP's already liquified back to use that money for other items, then leave your TP's unactivated and unallocated. This money value will then be put into your Advertising Credit Wallet according to the percentages based on when you joined.

If you want to use your Traffic Pack Traffic in BBv3, then ACTIVATE them and allocate them into the color banks and they will transfer 100%.

Rapid Panel:

The Panel is quick moving. This will allow people to see money in their eWallet faster. This is also a way to be entered into the contest each week to receive $500. This is a sales tool for you to show this to new prospects. The affiliate that receives the $500 will submit a picture and a testimonial to be used for promotional purchases.

Panel Migration:

Complimentary packages/panels will migrate 100% and remain the same as in BBv3. All panels in the package will transfer over "as is". Any repurchased panels that have been generated from your complimentary 2 panels will also come over to BBv3. This is so that anyone who has joined recently will not see any change in their account.

Unqualified Panels

Purchased Panels - move over by percentage
Rollups - move over according to a smaller percentage
Repurchased Panels - do not move over

Qualified Panels will move over 100% and will be identified as legacy Panels and will cap into the Legacy Wallet.


We have 2 Queues.

Queue #1 is new earning from BBv3. You may have one w/d request at one time. Once that is paid you can put in another.
Standard $100
Premium - $250
Executive - $400

Queue #2 is the Legacy Wallet. Monthly withdrawals, $100-$400 depending in the size of your account

These limits are temporary and we hope to return to higher limits as soon as we can.

Conclusion - we've worked very hard to get to where we are. A lot of people have worked against us, i.e., hackers, smear campaigns, bashers. We now need to stick together to be able to move into the next era of BannersBroker.

What we will be doing, and I'm proud to announce this today. We are brining back the World Tour!! Yes, there will be a new BB World Tour. This is coming up shortly, in the next 2-3 months.

We will have a contest to pick which city gets to be host of the world tour. You will be able to vote on your country or any country you think is best for BB to have a tour. You can vote or you can submit a short video or you can upload pictures of the site you want to vote for.

I'm excited about this. Excited to have the leaders come down and the affiliates to make the trip. We can mix and mingle and show people firsthand the future of BB, talk about a few new upcoming things for the future. We are very excited about this. Voting will begin very soon.

We will not repeat the previous locations of our World Tours. Those are off the list. You can have any other country. The USA is excluded.


Yesterday we received the new banking coordinates for Payza, so that is on the way. The wire is being sent now, so it may take a few days or a week. STP is also being prepared. By that time we will know the dates for the blackout and the launch.

I am excited about this process and the new launch. We are going to get things back on track for BB, so please be involved and let's get on with Version 3.

Friday 31st January 2014

Good morning everyone. I'm setting up my screen so you can see it. In the meantime, please post your questions in the question box and we will get to those as soon as we can.

We are coming up to our launch timeframe. I want to make you aware of the amount of work that has to be done for the migration. A lot of tough decisions have been made. We are trying our best to be sure both sides are satisfied. This has been very difficult. We have had a lot of discussions. This week we are still making tweaks to the proposal for BBv3. We are first running it by our key leaders to make sure everyone is on board. We want them to buy into those ideas. They are given the opportunity to make their feelings known on the board. If we put something forth that is not going to be adopted by the affiliates, then why should we do that?

We are trying our best to get caught up on payouts. We are still plowing away and trying to make sure BB is here for the long term.

It is Friday, and we have already mentioned that we want to do the blackout next week. To be fair for the programmers, they are given a document with clear guidance of what to do. We did not realize that it would take this much programming effort for the migration. This is what is known as scoping. And because of the advice and discussions these things keep changing. Our programming team has asked for more time to accomplish this. Here we are now and we are trying to do this correct and not just release something because the date is here, but we want to do it properly. the team has asked for more time. We have decided to extend the timeframe. We still have items that are changing for the benefit of the membership, so you should welcome these changes that we are putting in place. We will announce and present a full completed document when all the changes are completed and finally decided upon.
(Having trouble getting the PowerPoint loaded)
(Chris will just read his notes instead)

A few things that we have agreed to:
We have decided that for people who are Premium now, they will have 120 days from the launch (or when you begin your membership again - pay your $10 for your first month, which you have 90 days to do). Let's say you pay on March 1st. That is your admin fee for one month, then you will have 90 days or 3 months as a Standard member - $15/month. This gives people a chance to feel out the system and make sure you are comfortable being a Premium member again.

For Premium affiliates
Month 1 - $10
Month 2-4 - $15

Executives will begin as Premium ($100/mo) (after 1st month paying $10) and decide later if they want to go to Exec.
Your new subscription date will be based on when you pay your $10. So the day before the blackout, we will retroactively go back and credit your accounts for any admin fee you have already paid recently. A pro-rated amount will be refunded to your account. You will continue to pay now up until blackout, then you will be pro-rated based on when the Blackout begins.

(Chris explained this in detail - please watch the video replay)
When will PDF be available? We were hoping to have it today, however there have been changes made as late as today, to we want to make it accurate and reflect all the changes before we release it to the membership.

Payout update? We need to go through the banking system with wires to Payza and STP. Payza recently changes where to send wire, I am waiting for this info from Payza. I will be sending a wire to STP also, so we can do an STP payout also. I will be doing one more Payza and one more STP prior to blackout.

Reversals of withdrawals - reverse it yourself or don't reverse it. All pending withdrawals will be reversed. If YOU reverse them, then a percentage will go into your Advertising Credits eWallet in BBv3 and a percentage into your Legacy eWallet (percentages based on when you joined). If you DO NOT reverse your withdrawals, then 100% will go into your Legacy eWallet. So if you want a percentage available in BBv3 to spend as cash for purchases, then you should reverse the withdrawals.

10%, 15%, 20%, 25% (based on sign up date - see last week's webinar)

We will have 2 Queue's in the system

#1 - This is money earned in BBv3 - weekly withdrawal requests. One pending withdrawal in the system - once that's paid out, you can create another one.

#2 - Legacy Wallet - system will generate the order based on the factors: 1) what was your earliest pending withdrawal date. Queue 2 will be paid out once a month. Once your payment is paid, you can create another one.

2 pending withdrawals maximum - one in each Queue.

Legacy Wallet is your BBv2.9 earnings.
BBv3 eWallet is money earned in BBv3

When can we buy a new package in version 3? As soon as it's live, NEW MEMBERS can register and purchase a new package. Existing affiliates already have a package and cannot purchase another one.

Can we pay with a credit card? Yes

Other ways:
Allied Wallet
World eWallet

PowerPoint slides? Yes we have updated this, and are sorry we have not been able to play it today. PowerPoint is informational and we want to make a live webinar with this.

PDF - a written document to reflect the changes with the rationale of why we are doing this.

Rationale: we are not doing this only for the corporate side. We truly are trying to make you happy, because if you are profitable then you will continue on with BB and the system will work for everyone. It would not make sense to not want to please our affiliates.

Max withdrawals: $250/week for now until we are good to go.

Blackout date will be announced shortly. We want to make sure all the changes are done and incorporated in the programming and on all documentation to you.

Thanks for your patience. Thanks for our support center and our programmers. thanks to everyone who is making BB come to live today and for tomorrow. Talk to you soon.

(end of webinar)

Friday January 25th 2014
Friday Q&A Webinar 01/24/14

Ron Anderson speaking:

Good Morning, welcome to the call. Opt-in period if winding down. If you are going to sign up for BannersMobile and be in the drawing for one of the prizes, please go in and purchase your package for BannersMobile.

Chris Smith speaking:

(Chris is doing a BB v3 PowerPoint presentation today, so please watch the Webinar replay to understand it completely)

Okay, let's get rolling. Sorry for the late start. Let's get started.

As you know Version 3 is upon us. We have already started off with a few items:
New Panel Purchases
New Traffic Boosters
New Traffic pack subs

Dates for Version 3:
Feb 4 - Blackout of BB2.9
Feb 5 - Tesla Giveaway
Feb 10 - End of opt=in for BannersMobile
Feb 10 - BM down for a bit
Feb 11 - BBv3 Launch

BannersMobile opt-in ends Feb 10th. Accounts that are not active will be purged. If you built a team, you should be in BM and have your team. otherwise you will be removed and not have your team anymore. Please make a decision wisely. Separate company, separate accounting, separate payouts. This is a easy way to be part of the mobile platform advertising world. Lots of prizes will be given away, so please join us.

The Rationale for BBv3
(see slide presentation)
We need to change. We need to recognize how we got here, what were the problems, plug up some holes. BB never was an investment program, however we do have investors inside BB. We were catering to them for a while based on what was available. Now you will have to do something to earn your payout and be part of the advertising channel. Buying packages, using the choice network, incentive tasks, monetizing websites. These are things you will have to do in order for your panels to move. We are trying very hard to be sure BB is here for a long time and no regulators can look at us and see anything wrong. Sometimes change is good. You guys on the call are the ones who are able to help out with the explanation to all the members what are the reasons for the change in order for BB to continue. We are asking for your help. We will be distributing a PDF with all the migration rules. We need your help to explain it to your team, so everyone knows what's happening.

Rapid Panel
$5 to purchase
$5 to cap
Max - 50 per account
No Repurchase

Each week someone receives a $500 payout (instant) as a winner
This is a promotional item for BB v3. There will be a showcase of the winners, with testimonials. This is the purpose fo the rapid panel. It is not to put money in your pocket. It is a selling tool for you to use.

Sales Credit Generation
(please see the slideshow for details)

3 Generations of sales credits.
Gen 1 - Complimentary 1 100%
Gen 2 - Complimentary 2 0%
Gen 3 - Repurchased panels 0%

Purchased Panels
4 Generations
Purchased Panel 100%
Repurchased Panel 50%
Repurchased Panel 25%
Repurchased Panel 0%

Rollups - 0%

3.0 Packages will be the SAME
Yellow $10
Purple $30
Blue $90

Admin Fee (3 months will be included in package price)
Impression pack included (25,000 impressions)
3x Rapid Panels

Total: Example
$215 Blue or $485 Green

Fast Start only available through a Red Package. Commissions given once the package is paid for

Sales commissions:
Impression Packs = 25% ($6.25)

Traffic packs = None
Traffic boosters - None

Referrals of affiliates with free accounts. With version3 we have finally recoded this process.
(please see the replay for this detail)

Subscription Level
Standard stays at Standard
Premium stays at Premium
Executive begins at Premium

First month admin fee is only $10 for everyone. After that $100 for Premium, $500 for Executive.

Your $10 can go toward whatever admin fee you choose. You have 90 days to pay this. All accounts that are not activated will be removed in 90 days from launch date.

Admin fee will be lower for some countries. Standard = $7.50 Premium $50.
(please watch the webinar for a full explanation and list of countries)

Migrating Accounts:

Negative accounts:
50% is credited by BB
50% will have to be paid by the affiliate
The Credit from BB will have to be paid within 120 days.

Affiliates whose accounts were managed by Account Coordinators and are now in the negative will receive a full 100% credit advanced.... and you will have 120 days to pay this.

This way everyone can begin bb3 with a zero balance and will have plenty of time to pay your negative balance.

Negative Accounts in bb3

We will be much more strict in BB3. Panels will not move, you will lose bonus traffic, many things will happen if you go negative.

Subscription Protection is available for $100 which covers you for 6 months and the above things will not happen if you have this. $500 for Executive (please see the webinar for detail explanation)

This way no one will be caught by surprise with a negative account

Traffic Packs


You can still have TP's with limits
Standard - 1 Pack
Premium - 9 packs
Executive - 30 packs

Traffic Pack stipulations - Each affiliate is allowed a basic amount, and can add more based on your referrals.
Standard +1
Premium +2
Exectuve +3

Traffic Packs - more TP's through incentives will be coming in the future.

(please see the slide for SUBSCRIPTION DIFFERENCES)
Standard, Premium and Executive benefits
For example, Executives can earn 10,000 credits for giving webinars weekly.

Multi-Panel Qualification Tool - this is NEW and will be available in the Executive Membership free of charge. Qualify 120 panels at the same time

TP Bonuses - Zero for Standard, 10,000 for Premium, 25,000 for Executive.
(see webinar for detail)

What is Transferring to 3.0?

V2.9 is "tangled and bloated" and we need to untangle it and unbloat it. We need a fresh start and good for all.

3 dates for how this will work for members based on when you joined:
Before Nov 4, 2012
Before Feb 21, 2013
Before May 15, 2013

(explanation as to why is on the webinar replay)

Your Logs will not be transferred, different coding, different system, so this will not be transferred, as to panels. I believe withdrawal logs will be transferred (double checking on this)

Impression Bank - `100%
Ad Campaigns - all cancelled, unused impressions will be back in your bank

TP subscriptions - none transferred

Traffic Pack traffic

if allocated 100%
if unallocated - a percentage will fall in line with percentages for panels (see below).

Sales Credits - 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%

Organic Traffic - 100%

Incentive Traffic - 10%
(because this included rollups, which is now deemed to be zero)

Purchased Panels - 30%, 45%, 60%, 75%

(value of the panels will go into your wallet, not the actual panel itself)

Repurchased Panels - 0% will transfer

NEW ACCOUNTS - Comp 1 and Comp 2 will transfer 100%, as well as repurchased from Comp 2.

Qualified panels - moving over 100%, however they will be deemed LEGACY PANELS, when they cap the money goes into LEGACY WALLET. 50% cash - 50% will be the value in impressions rather than a repurchased panel

(end of Part 1)
(to be continued)
[9:03:39 AM] beaches777:
Part 2 (continued)
BB Q&A Webinar 1/24/14

LEGACY WALLET - A new Wallet for bbv3 will be introduced. This will hold money earned in 2.9, based on your join date for BB.

eWallet transfer.

Separate queue for Legacy Wallet and eWallet. Separate payouts, separate withdrawals

Available to Withdraw - up to $200 cash
Advertising Credits - 10%
Legacy Wallets - 90%

Withdrawals requests - each Wallet will have only one request entered at one time.


Example: $1200 in eWallet BB2.9
(never withdrawn)
BBv3 - Available to Withdraw $200
Balance as follows:
10% to ad credits
90% to Legacy Wallet

If you have withdrawn before, $0 will go into Available to withdraw, 10% to ad credits and 90% to Legacy Wallet.

All pending withdrawal requests will be reversed and the system will take your earliest date and enter "generate" a new withdrawal for you. This queue will be in proper date order. this will be a HUGE IMPROVEMENT. It will be more transparent and you will know where you are in the queue in V3. This will be fair for everyone.

I am happy we have come this far. I love BannersBroker and I love the people and I love the concept and I love the advertising concept. I want to spend my future with BB. All I need is you. Our leaders are on board. WE have a great team, great support team, and great programming team. We have a great manager in Belize running our office down there. Thanks goes out to all involved.

We need to change for the better so that BB will continue for a long time. Ron is answering questions on the chat.

Ron - all is good. The webinar will be posted in the back office, so your teams can review this.


This is one of the largest webinars we have had in some time. I am glad to see you all here and your involvement. I am putting up the launch dates again. We are right around the corner. We want to make sure that you are prepared for BBv3.

BannersMobile, please check it out. After the blackout you will lose your spot with your team. Be a part of BB and continue on with us.

I could talk forever in terms of how much I appreciate all of your support. it's been so great. I am working with a group of fantastic people, leaders in the field, people who are making things happen. Keep up the great work. We are making sure we maintain and preserve BannersBroker. I am excited and pumped up. let's bring on Version 3! Have a GREAT weekend.

Friday January 17th 2014

Banners Broker Friday Q&A Webinar 01/17/14

Ron Anderson speaking:

Welcome to the Call, Chris will be with us shortly, and we will have some information regarding V3. Please post your questions in the question box. We will be answering as many questions as possible and getting clarification. We are pleased to announce that V3 is looking good. We still have some things to complete.

The BannersMobile opt-in period has been extended. Once the opt-in period ends, all accounts will be removed and the compression will happen.

Always cool to see members here from all over the world. We have more people here today than normal, so nice to see so many interested in what's going on.

Chris Smith speaking:

We can't see the PowerPoint but let's get started. Effective immediately a few things are in motion. We have to now stop the purchases of new panels, new boosters and new TP subscriptions and new fast start. Everything in the system will continue as is. Please wait for V3 to make purchases again.

As far as the timeline is concerned, I will be honest with you. We have a 38 page PowerPoint presentation to show you, but we have cut it down to 6 pages. The PowerPoint I showed to the Leaders, we have decided that we may not have it right yet, so there WILL BE changes. You know that changes are inevitable, but change must be good for the affiliate and for BB. If it doesn't work for the affiliate then it doesn't work for the business and vice versa. It must work on both sides. We spent alot of time going over and putting together the details for the migration to have a good flow for transferring to v3. We know that a major change is imminent, but the changes that we prestented to the leaders, there are some concerns. We have to make the right decision for the affiliates. We spent countless hours putting everything together, many meetings with programmers and leaders, to make sure what we have is good for everyone.

But I would not feel comfortable going through the 38 page PowerPoint with you, since there will be some tweaks to it. We want to have it right before we present it to the entire membership. We want the migration to go smoothly. We have some items that will migrate to V3, and some things will remain in V2.9. v2.9 will be limited to what you can do there. V3 is where you will be doing most all your transaction. The queue in v3 will be separate from v2.9. In order to move from one version to the other it will take a couple weeks to do the change and make it ready to do the change. Then it will take one week for the blackout. I do have the dates now, but if we are going to tweak the items in the migration, then I don't want to announce everything until we are 100% ready with all items. We will have a webinar to announce all changes

WorldeWallet will be our chosen gateway for version 3. Available in all countries throughout the world. (USA is not available but will be coming soon) There are some challenges on the payment processor side. USA is a different animal to deal with, but WeW is working on a solution for the USA. Everyone needs to register for WeW, upload your documents for them, so they can verify you directly.

World eWallet - Payment and Money Transfer Solutions

International registrations, there is another form for you to complete. You can register in a non-English speaking country, but the details are on the WeW side.


There is no Complimentary 2 panel. Only Complimentary 1. My reason is that the majority of people are existing BB members. To give away the complimentary would not make sense. The purpose of the complimentary is to introduce new people, but for current affiliates, one complimentary will be all we need. When Comp 1 panesl cap, they will create repurchased panels right away

Rational for BB v3

If you know of anyone that you have referred that were just "investors", BB will no longer cater to those people. You will no longer be able to throw money at the program as an investment and make a return. You must earn your income. One of the largest items that made "investment" possible was the TP's. TPs will be limited in BB3, so the business will be non-passive. We will be encouraging the use of impressions across the advertising channels.

BB v3 will emphasize:
* Inviting
* Advertising
* Choice Network


Payouts - we did a large STP payout. Payza has been que'd up and we will do that very, very soon. We know payouts are very important, and at the end of the day you are here to make money. We know this is important and we will stay on top of the payouts to the best of our ability. WeW is the step in the right direction. But V3 does NOT mean on day 1 that all BB payouts will be paid. V3 is a step in the right direction to make payouts easier, faster and more timely. The sky will not open up and pour out money. But v3 and WeW will definitely help. The v2.9 manual process was very complicated. We have outlived v2.9 and v3 will deal with all those problems and make payouts much simpler and faster.

I will be posting something very soon in terms of the special call for the membership to show the presentation for the new Version 3 items and details.

Thank you for being involved with BannersBroker. Take care and we will talk to you soon.

(end of webinar)
(Summary Notes prepared by Linda Lane and are not meant to be official BB transcripts. Please post this disclaimer with all repostings)

Friday January 10th 2014

Friday Q&A Webinar - 01/10/14

Ron Anderson speaking:

Welcome everyone. I wanted to talk for a moment about BannersMobile. The opt-in period has been extended. At the end of the promo we will be giving away an Apple iPod and 5 unlocked cell phones. We are also giving away lots of impressions. For every 5 people who purchase a package in BM, one of those people will receive 30,000. For every 100 people, one person will be awarded 300,000 impressions. Promo extended for a while, so encourage your team to sign up.

I see some support questions. Please contact support thru your back office. We have a great team ready to help with those issues.

We are going to be talking about the new Version 3 aspects.

Chris Smith speaking:

Thank you, Ron. I want to apologize for my voice. I have a cold. I am super excited about what we have in store for you. We have alot to do on our side with the programming and all of you out there in the field. We are in the process of BB3. we call it new because we are getting much deeper into the advertising revolution, and there is so much ad revenue out there. We are proud to be a part of it. The Mobile side opens up another avenue for all of us.

A few things to talk about today. We have a list completed in terms of the migration. However, a few things have been decided that we have not yet pass through the leaders in the field. The way it works when we make decisions. We internally come up with the ideas, along with feedback. We put it all together, look at what's best for the affiliate and for BB and combine everything to come up with a move forward plan. The items we have settled on today we are ready to share with the advisory board. There are a few things that have NOT been shared, so before we announce to the general public, we will do that. We do have a few things to share today. Everything is for the longevity of BB. You may not like it all, but I hope you understand why these changes are in place.


To begin... a new panel type. The Rapid Winner Panel - $5.00. The reason it caps at $5 is because there will be a winner every week for $500. You will either receive your $5 or win the $500. This is half the price of the yellow, so it will take half the time to cap (caps in 2-3 weeks). Every week there will be a winner, that's why it's called Rapid Winner Panel. We used the historical timeline to come up with the 2-3 weeks.

Panel Values - Will increase by 2, will cap with twice the revenue, traffic requirements are x2, take twice as long to cap. This is so there will be less panels in the system, but the value will be the same as buying 2 in BB2.

New Packages will include:

Impression packs (we want to make sure we are focusing heavily on our product) so you can receive an additional 25,000 impressions when you purchase a package

3 Rapid Winner Panels

3 Months Admin Fee (to make sure you have this covered while panels are moving)

(please see the replay for this screenshot/slide)

Review Incentive (new)

Banner Approval: You can now earn incentive traffic by reviewing the banners that people are uploading to approve or not allow. These are submitted by other affiliates. Multiple votes will determine whether the banner is approved or not.

World eWallet

New Payment gateway. Can pay out to most countries in the world. Not available for USA citizens, but there is a plan in motion to take on the US coming shortly. I know the USA is a large part of our operation, so we are hoping that will be very soon. WeW is the front end of a bank. We have had many negotiations with WeW to prepare for this. We needed to choose a partner that understands our business and will grow with us in the future. We will not make the same mistake twice, as happened with the BB debit card. We have carefully chosen WeW for our partner.

BB 3.0 blackout:

We will have a blackout soon. This will happen in January. This will be roughly a week or so. However, BannersMobile will be up and operating and available. So please participate with BM. This is a chance to double-dip by having BB and BM, so that when you are promoting BB you can bring people into both.


We are doing both Payza and STP. We want to do STP over the weekend. I do apologize that we are behind. Alot of this happens because of the manual process. This will be a large payout, as well as Payza will be also.

Payza is only gone for the USA. We did reverse all those withdrawals. STP is still available for the USA

Version 3 payouts - the queue will be automatic. The queue has to be done manually because of many factors. (I was not sure what he was saying about the queue in BB3.0, sorry)

The refresh your screen page people are getting is because of the 2.9 platform and the reason we have created Version 3.0.

Migration questions:

We have all of the aspects on paper, but there are a few items to clear up with the advisory board. We have a special meeting scheduled, then we will have a special webinar about the migration with the general membership. We do have some things decided. We do not want to make changes that will not fly with the affiliates or with the new program. We are working hard with what we have to deliver and with BB 3.0 to get it ready for you.

We will talk very soon about the migration into BB 3.0. Welcome to 2014. We will talk soon.

Friday December 20th

Ron Anderson:

Welcome everyone. We have some great news to share today. We will have a new promotion. You will be receiving an email. We will be Giving away smart phones, iPads, plus, millions of impressions - this is for those who have purchased a panel in BannersMobile.

Giving away impressions for every 5 people who register (30,000 each)

You do need to purchase an orange panel in BannersMobile. Everyone is already registered with your BB email and password. Go there, purchase package and you will be entered to win lots of prizes.

Chris Smith speaking:

Thanks, Ron. Thank you all for coming on the call. I see you are already in action. I have some exciting announcements.

I'm going to let you know where we are with our new payment gateway. I'm happy to announce that you will be able to start the process of registration. It will not be until January launch when they will accept w/d requests.

Announcing today - World eWallet, as our new provider. We have been in talks with them for many months. We have done all the back end paperwork, all the communications, all the agreements are in place. It is not just an eWallet - it's more of a front end of a banking platform. There's a huge difference. This is higher up, dealing directly with international banks in transferring money, etcetera.

This is one of the components on the road to recovery on the payout issue. Let me make this crystal clear, this does not mean that everyone will get paid on day one. I don't want to over-excite, but I want to make you aware that this is the step to getting us back on track.

One thing that I need to mention, unfortunately, World eWallet is NOT available for USA residents at this time. The US is getting very complicated to be able to service US citizens and do business in the USA, and World eWallet is working on that in the coming months. STP will remain as the only for USA.

STP and Payza will continue to be options for everyone in addition to World eWallet.

Money is sent from BB to World eWallet, then you send to your bank. Yes, WeW does work for India :)


Do we need to register right away? yes, you can begin registering today. This is different from our system, so since WeW is a separate entity, you do have to upload your ID documents when you register for WeW. At this point the documents do not have to be notarized.

Go to to register.

When is the STP payout? We are wrapping that up now, and our plan is to complete that before Christmas.

WeW excluded countries - there is a list of banned countries that cannot use WeW for global issues, war related, etc. You can find those on the website.

When will V3 go live? the schedule that we have is that we decided to wait until after the holidays. We were ready to go, but decided to wait until the New Year. We will have a timeline for the blackout period for doing the migration from V2.9 to V3.

During the blackout we will do the drawing for the Tesla car. We will do this live on a webinar. We will have several webinars during the blackout to talk about V3.

There are some changes in BB v3, but the changes are going to make BB more sound. There are some elements in BB that made it seem passive in the past, but we have corrected these issues. There will be ways to earn traffic other than exclusively buying TP's. you will be required to do work to earn income.

Please keep in mind that we have a lot going on. We have our holiday Promo going on for BannersMobile. Be a part of BannersMobile and the mobile industry. We are moving forward to include you guys as part of the advertising channel from the advertising industry in the mobile area and share those revenues with you.


World eWallet is headquartered in St. Lucia.

We will go over all these questions and include them in the FAQ. We cannot answer them all. Hopefully we have answered the important ones. I really appreciate your time here. A shout out to Belize and our people there who are doing a great job.

Lots going on, guys, so please see the holiday schedule, which will coincide with support. We also will post the webinar times for the holidays. Christmas is in 5 days - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We are closing out this year with BB. We are proud to be here and good times are around the corner, guys!!

(end of webinar)
(please see the video replay for full details, as there was alot of info)
(summary notes prepared by Linda Lane and are not official BB transcripts, please include this part when you repost)

Friday December 13th 2013

Chris Smith speaking:

Let's get rolling. Thanks for coming to the call. We are going over a few things today.

First, an STP payout went out on December the 11th. We have another one that will come before Christmas. I know STP has dates for deadlines for withdrawing to get to your bank before Christmas, so we will do one prior to those dates.

Payza run before Christmas, as well. Today a reversal of all of the Payza withdrawals that were set to go to the USA members. Payza is no longer available in the USA. Read all that info on Payza's blog for more details. However, I didn't just read about it, I contacted Payza and asked if it was true that we should not pay anyone in the USA, and they said, "yes, that is correct." Therefore, we have to do a reversal of those pending requests. It is unfortunate, but you will have to use STP or wait for the new payment provider for Version 3.

Banners Mobile, thank everyone who has registered and paid for your package. Your accounts are already there at Banners Mobile, so all members can log in and see your account. This is to keep your team in place, if you want to do so. The way this will work is, you must get your package in order to remain in the database with your team. AT the 30 day mark we will remove the database and start fresh. We may extend this time a little bit because of the Christmas holidays for the opt-in period. Allied Wallet is working better now. There was a hiccup, but it has been fixed.

Sales are doing very well with BannersMobile, so it's time to get involved. I know people are asking about the plans for the future, as I have said in other webinars, our BB family is growing and we are welcoming a new member, Banners Mobile, and the other siblings are welcoming our new member into the family. Mobile is a great opportunity and as a company we have made the decision to move into the mobile advertising industry with BannersMobile.

Over the Christmas break, we've had alot of discussion about the launch of Version 3. I know we stated that we would be ready to go live this year. We are ready, but we have decided not to release the new version over the holidays. One, the support team will be away on holidays. Two, we want you to be able to promote Version 3 properly, and trying to do this over the Christmas break would be more difficult. We are ready to go live in January, and we will be letting you know the actual breaks. We have gotten confirmation from our new Payment Provider that they will be ready, so you will be able to give your information to the new provider to get that set up,. We will be announcing this in the upcoming weeks, and announce steps for you to get rolling.

I don't want any false ideas with the new payment provider. I want to make it very clear and I am saying it here and now, the new payment provider will "help" with the problems of payouts, but it will not fix everything. This does not mean that everyone will suddenly be paid when the new system goes live. The new provider will help, it is the road to recovery, and it will be a process. There will be limitations in terms of traffic and what can be done at one time. There will be a process in place. We cannot bombard the system all at once.

I believe 2014 will be a great year for us as a company. For those of you who were at Niagara, we announced alot of new sister companies coming in the future.

A couple other things, the time line for the Telsa draw. We want to do this during the period of time when the BB site is off-line and we are doing a migration. There will be a blackout period for going live. All of the existing data will be transferred over to the new BB3 version. This will be from 3 days to a week. We will get more details on the migration time frame as time goes forward. In Version 2 we did it over the Christmas break and went live on January 2nd. We are doing something very similar, but not actually over the break. This time we will do it when we come back. The blackout period then will be in the beginning of the New Year when all programmers and support team are back and ready for this process.


Will payouts in the future be manual or automated? So the difference is this, one of the problems with Version 2 is that in order to do the actual "queue", the order of who is to get paid, the system cannot handle the calculation in order to deliver that order. The order is doing manually, but the payout is automated. But in Version 3 that component will be automated, so this will be good. So we will upload the CSV file and the payout will happen quicker. In Version 3 we are looking forward to having a more regular schedule. So in Version 2 the delays are because of the manual part of it.
Do we need to upload ID's again? The new system will be similar to how you did with Allied Wallet or STP, so you will have to upload info.

Payout to India? India is not segmented or different from the rest of the world. There was a time when we were paying India separately, but those days have long gone. India is back into the fold and treated the same as other countries for payouts.

How long does it take for Orange panel to complete? We've always gotten questions like this. It's simply based on INTERNET traffic. You can probably guesstimate based on historical data, so you can estimate based on it being a $300 panel, similar to the Green $270 panel, so use that for estimations.

Some are asking about Banners Mobile. It is the same company, but a separate division. Some are saying, if I'm not being paid from BB, why should I join Banners Mobile? Well, it is coming from our same main company, but is is a different division. If it makes economical sense to you and you believe money can be made, you should make your decision on that. It's an independent decision, independent from BB. There is a separate accounting system, separate money, so the decision is yours. We have looked at the system, we have good connections with the advertising network. We know there are billions of dollars in this mobile advertising industry, and we are tapping into that industry. Please choose wisely and make your decision. We have hundreds of people who are joining the Mobile site, so don't be left behind.

USA and place in the queue for reversed Payza withdrawals. We will earmark the dates of the withdrawals requests and try to maintain an order for the queue. I know this is important, so we will earmark the dates of the original withdrawals to be fair.

Withdrawals for India to bank accounts? You can also reverse those. This was a separate system and payouts are no longer going out in that manner. We will earmark the timeline to help you with your place in the queue.

Just a question about documents. BB already has your documents, but that was for the BB debit card system. the new system will be a separate eWallet so it's separated from us and you will need to do that again.

If you had issues paying out to BB, why are we spending our money on a new program? I want to be clear that the Banners Mobile platform is the new platform, same as Version 3. They will be separate, but we did not spend new money to do a new system. It was just tapping into the new brokers and using the BB3 version we already had developed. Up until now we were not making any money on mobile advertising. Now we are able to in a sense have a secondary source of income, more income, so we don't leave any money on the table.

I think I've answered most of the questions. Sorry for the fire alarm confusion. Let's close it off for now. Have yourself a fantastic weekend. I want to say I really appreciate you being here. I know the last few months have been trying. I know you are being pitched other programs. ...
[11:41:26 AM] Mark Kelly: I am in your shoes, as well. I am not on the other side of the fence. We try to understand your side and we are doing our best to handle the payouts. We spend countless hours on this and on Version 3. We are working hard for you. I know a lot of you see that. And I want you to know we are here for the future. I feel confident that 2014 will be a great year. Thank you and have a great weekend.

Friday December 6th
Chris Smith:
We have a huge crowd on the call today, almost at capacity. As you may know we have launched the mobile division of the company. We have made a decision to move forward. Advertising is a $500 million dollar industry.
There are a lot of questions. We want to give you the facts that you will need to know about Banners Mobile (BM)

Why was BM launched in the first place and why BB doesn't have mobile sites?
Mobile sites and apps are different in relation to how adverts appear on conventional websites. Many big companies have separated their marketing for web sites and mobile sites. They have different target markets. It inspired us to create a separate site to market on line. By signing up with Banners Mobile you are starting a second business to allow advertising on mobile devices and apps.
If you owned a restaurant and an electrical store, you couldn't pay expenses from one business for the other.
When getting started go to: and log in. If you are already an affiliate, do not register, you are already registered. Enter the e-mail and pass-word you use for BB. The account has already been brought over. You won't lose your BB account if you decide not to join Banners Mobile. You have 30 days to keep people in your team. Example: if affiliate A decides to join and affiliate C decides to join, but affiliate B doesn't, affiliate C will become affiliate A's referral.
Fast start is not available during the 30 day opt in period.
Banners Mobile has 1 package, (orange panel). $300, plus $25 monthly subs. x 3 included in package. So the purchase price is $375. It will need 150,000traffic hits to qualify. You will receive 30,000 impressions. You can advertise on conventional sites or opt to have adverts on mobile sites.
When you sign up, the account balance will be 0 so the package needs funding.
Support, click help tab, ticket information embedded on right side of page.
Methods of payment, STP PAYZA & ALLIED WALLET. STP no longer has a waiting period.
Log into banners mobile and can do the funding in that site. STP are allowing credit cards directly. There will be a 24 hour approval process to see money in e-wallet.

Q. How do you expect us to join if we're not getting paid from BB?
A. We are doing a payout for STP & Payza this weekend. There will be a large payout before Christmas. We want to warn you that we won't be able to pay ALL outstanding requests before Christmas but we will do as many as we can. They will be done in priority order in the queue.
Banners Mobile is the timing right, are we doing the right thing?
Bottom line, if you look at the shift of what's happening in the world with mobile devices, and the internet being used more on mobiles than desktops, there are more mobiles than humans(7 billion devices). You can see that progress is not stopping, this is the future.
We've used the v3 platform and taken advantage of using the same code. By launching with one panel, we had the luxury of doing that. V3 is right around corner but it is more complex and needs a larger application. Keep in mind 90% of the information (code) is the same and that's why we were able to release Banners Mobile first.
We do mention 30 days, however, delays with putting the credit card processing in place, delayed the opening. We will make a decision on day 25 whether a time extension is needed.
We have transferred over the entire BB data base to Banners Mobile. We want to clear it out when we know what people aren't. We are not forcing you to do this. You can join later. This is a choice for you to make. If you don't have the money or mobile advertising isn't for you, that's fine. However we would like to clean out the database on the mobile side and only work with the people who have decided to be part of it. We will be doing a purge of people who decide not to opt in.
Banners Mobile is a completely new division with different accounting. We will be able to pay mobile publishers and there will be no issues to pay everyone.
PAYZA OFFICIALLY NOT AVAILABLE IN US ANYMORE. Pending Payza payouts - find out on the Payza blog what to do. The last thing we want to do is send money to you if you are not able to access it. Before the Payza payout I will get information about what to do. India, everything open to withdraw.

Q:Why can't we use money in the BB e-wallet to pay for the Banners Mobile package?
A: Different accounting. W don't want to cross pollinate and mix up the books. We want to make sure we are doing everything accurately.
Q: Looks like you are shifting focus, what will happen to BB?
A: If a parent has one child and 3 years later there is a second child, it doesn't mean you love the first child any less. You give equal attention and love to everyone in the family. It's a separate division to move forward and not lose out on money available. We are growing as a company and moving forward. (We) means, everybody involved. Make the right choice for you. We've had an enormous amount of registrations and sales. Congratulations.
Q. Do we need to Notarize ID for Banners Mobile if already done with BB?
A:No, already done.

I hear the BB site has been timing out because of amount of traffic. We have a massive amount of people on both sites. V2.93 can't sustain the traffic that's why we are going for v3. It can take many more hits.

Q: Wouldn't it make more sense to launch Banners Mobile after we've been paid?
A: The industry and advertising revenue is not waiting for us. It's there and would be beneficial for all of us. If it's not going to us, it's going to someone else. We are involved with the advertising industry and if there's an opportunity to earn extra revenue, why would you want to wait? It doesn’t make sense.

Q: for opt in do you mean to buy the orange package?
A: Yes. After 30 days, anyone who decides not to purchase the package, they will be purged from Banners Mobile

Q: Pin codes
A: new pin codes will be needed for the Banners Mobile site.

Q: Are placements the same?
A: Yes they've all been transferred over. If you're not interested in that particular revenue you will be purged from that data base.

Q: Why is 3 months subscription being charged with Banners Mobile?
A: We made a decision to take 3 months in advance to keep the accounts out of negative so we don't have the same problems we had in BB.

Q: When did 30 days start from?
A: Launch date - December 4th, We will revisit this on day 25.

There are many repeat questions. I'm glad for the future of BB as a company. We are still one company but the family has grown larger. I invite you to come along for the ride and partake in brand new revenue available. Don't let it pass you by. We are here to stay. Thanks guys and take care.

End of webinar.

Friday November 22nd

Ron Anderson speaking:

Unfortunately Chris could not be on the call today. Something came up. I am glad to be on the call.

First, a Payza (he meant to say STP) payment went out yesterday. We were happy to get that going. Chris is working on a Payza payment, and that will be coming out soon.

There's a new blog post out, so please do take a look at that. We work hard to have a new blog post each week about different subjects.

A new feature on your panel summary screen. As you can see (showing his screen), you can see how many panels are at 50% and how many at 100%. There were some issues with members changing these settings. Now you can see if you have met the 10% rule.

Question: will this 10% rule change in BB 3.0? No, it will stay the same.

BB Version 3 - we know you are all excited to get this. OUr programmers are working hard to get this completed. The list of tasks completed is on the dashboard. This is going great. BB 3.0 will be good and ready to go soon. We do not have a specific date yet, but we are hoping soon.

Question: Calculator feature - yes there will be a new calculator in BB 3.0, which will always be on your screen for you to use while working on your panels.

BB 3.0 - we were hoping to do 75-125 per day. We have a great team, but we cannot guarantee any number per day. Maybe the 75-125 was a little ambitious.

India - we know that there are some affiliates who feel they have been ignored. We have found that there are different rules for India as to money in and money out. We are working hard on doing this. We have not forgotten you. We know you are waiting for your payouts and we are doing our best to get those to you.

I cannot speak to which months were paid or who was paid. Chris is going through the queue and getting people paid as quickly as he can.

Q - payment processor? Yes, there will be a new payment processor in BB 3.

We have not forgotten any country or any member. We are working hard to complete all pending payouts. There are many countries and many members. We are doing our best.

I am sorry I cannot answer some of the questions. There will be a new manual with BB 3.0.

Chris Smith is speaking now:

Sorry I'm tardy getting on here. I lost track of the time, but I am now on the call. Thanks for holding down the fort. I'm not sure what you covered, but I will talk about one quick thing.

Payouts - You mentioned that the STP payout went out yesterday. The Payza payout is going out later today. It is a large payout. We are trying to keep these payouts going leading up to Version 3.

The Tesla car give-away, some have asked about that. That will be very soon, probably at the onset of Version 3. We will have an actual process to decide the winner.

I wanted to touch on the payouts. I know you guys are very anxious for payouts and I hope you are included in the list. We are going in proper order - date order and a few other criteria, also we are trying not to have double payouts in STP and Payza.

Let's wrap up for the day. Exciting times around the corner. We are bubbling with a few great things in our toolbelt and are hoping to share these with you very, very soon. Thank you for being here and for being a part of this great company. Thank you so much.

That's all for today, we will talk soon.

Friday November 15th

Ron Anderson speaking:

There will be weekly tasks to carry out. These may include You tube videos, websites to view and clicking on banners. The purpose is to show that people are active on their accounts. This is a business and should be treated as such.

There will be a new, additional incentive programme called the Approval Incentive Programme. Some people have already submitted articles and websites, but these different things are ways for you as an affiliate to generate incentive traffic. With the new programme, we will have you, the affiliates, to approve these articles and websites. We will be able to open up these programmes to other languages. For instance, French speaking affiliates will have the opportunity to approve the articles etc. There will be very specific instructions. There will be an amount of incentive traffic given if a article is approved or rejected. Instructions will be in manual, which is currently being updated.

Another thing that is coming back is the Blind Network. There were some issues and it had to be limited in v2.9. You will be able to send your banners out into the world. Create campaigns with geo-targeting and contextual targeting. You will be able to decide which system you want your ad viewed by and what type of audience you want your ad to go to.

Traffic Packs will be available for purchase in v3.0. This is something that a lot of people have been worried about and questioning. There is also going to be a new method for tying together incentive and organic traffic when creating campaigns. You will create organic traffic campaigns, through social media. As they are viewed in different pages, there will be an opportunity to earn incentive traffic from them too. It's an exciting way to keep generating more traffic.

Questions: There's a lot of them.
You do not have to buy traffic packs. You can refer people to generate traffic if you want to.
There will be no transferring of panels in v3.
Calculator? Our programmers have been very cleaver and inserted a calculator on the dashboard so it's a nice, cute little trick they've added and we hope you will appreciate it.
Translations of the manual. We are looking into it. There are a lot of people who don't speak English and would benefit from a manual in their own tongue.
A lot of great comments and questions
Someone suggested to give incentive traffic to translate the manual.
Traffic Packs will be a monthly commitment in v3.
Mostly the questions are about pay-outs. Chris is working on them. We hope to have them out soon.
Traffic packs can't be transferred.
Seems to be it for today. I would like to thank everyone for being on the call. We are excited to launch v3. We are working on the tasks and it will be out very shortly.
Have a great day, wherever you are in the world.

Synopsis of webinar notes taken by Helen Wright. These are not official Banners Broker notes. Please include this statement in any further postings you may make.

Friday November 8th

Chris Smith Speaking:

One little update -- we had a little glitch with organic traffic but that's good to go.

In terms of traffic packs for the future, we are going to be focused on social media, etc. Traffic Packs do not represent what BB actually is. We have made this less and and less attractive by reducing the bonus traffic packs. This has become a crutch for many people and we would like to wean people away from this as easily as possible to reduce the need for TP's in your life of BB.

Version 3:

We are pretty good with beta testing. People who do have beta versions, please do continue to do more, really hammer it to make sure we have covered everything. Qualify as many panels as you can. It is sped up, so it should move fast. we need to get good test data. Everything is looking good and little glitches have been cleaned up. Once we are comfortable with how it looks, we will set a date. Definitely before the Christmas break.


We are looking to make this much more regular. We want people to receive their payouts on a more regular basis. We are following our queue and all payout notices will be on the dashboard.. Payza is next then STP.


STP and the lastest update on their end. We have now retrofitted our system to match their changes. We are now up to speed with that, not only for payouts but for pay-ins. Payouts, please remember it is now "case sensitive" so be sure of that. Also, you need to be "verified" at STP if you want to receive more than $250 each time. If you do not make sure that you are able to receive the w/d request, then that payout will be sent back.

INDIA payouts --

India is completely different - once we payout in India it will be different. The new system in Version 3 will make that much easier. I know Payza and STP has been okay in some area and some areas it is not. Please be sure of that on your side. I believe we will have the best solution in place when the new payment provider comes on board in Version 3.

When is the Tesla Draw? We are coinciding that with the Version 3 Launch.

W/D Limits? Yes, $250, and that will remain when Version 3 launches. We will move it up from there later.

Partial payouts from March?? This was a massive payout request for that month. You may reverse your payout or you may wait in the queue. You are still in the queue with the original date. It is your choice if you want to wait or reverse.

I need to close off for the day. Lots of repeated questions. Thanks to the support system that we have in place. Support in Belize are doing a great job. Thank you to the social media guys, all helping to make BB a reality and a success.

Talk to you soon.

Friday November 1st 2013

Ron Anderson:

Chris will be on in a moment. I want to talk to you about the Facebook and Twitter. We have broken 25,000 LIKES on the Facebook page! Next goal is 40,000. We are at 9,483 and want to push that over 10,000.

This is a great way to communicate with us and with each other.

Version 3 is moving along nicely. Programmers are ironing out the kinks. We hope to have it soon and we will let you know as soon as we know.

Until Chris gets here, I will try to answer quetsions.

Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful things you are saying. We want everything to work well for you, and thank you for all the great feedback.

If you still want to be a beta tester, please submit your video testamonials and I will choose from that list of video testamonials.

Chris Smith speaking:

If you can show them the new BBTV please. We have revived this concept

Testamonials will be there. Corporate announcements and updates and promotional videos. This is now LIVE, so please visit, chime in and be part of the BB TV!!

Solid Trust Pay - the last mass payout, those who received payments you are still seeing "pending" in your log. We still need to updaet the script from STP to update these results. The ones that failed were several reasons. The main reason is that now STP usernames are "case sensitive". It didn't used to be, but is now. Also it could be the status of your STP account. If you want to receive over $250 to STP you must be Bank or Card Verified with proper ID uploaded, so please check your STP account and fix all of those. Once you do that, please "resubmit" your payout request and you will be in the same place you were in the queue.

We are working on Payza payout to go out very soon, followed by another STP.

Thank you to the beta testers for all the good work on Version 3 feedback. We are covering all the tweaks, so thank you for your feedback.

Thanks for the moderation on the Twitter and Facebook page. Thanks to Ron and to the support team down in Belize. They are responding quickly to all issues.

One more thing about STP. I understand that when STP upgraded some of their IDs were not tranferred over, so please double check with STP and verifiy that everything on that side is up to date and in place, then resubmit.


Lots of questions about STP. We will type this all up and make sure this is all clear and it will be in the back office.

Lots of repeat questions. We will be making sure all the details about STP is clear.

We will continue with the payout order that we have. Thank you for coming to the call. Stay tuned, stay involved, check out the blogs, check out the dashboard, Twitter and Facebook. Mention these details to your teams and other BB members. Thank you for being here! Onward and upward.

(end of webinar)
(summary notes prepared by Linda Lane and are not meant to be official BB transcripts. Please include this with all repostings!)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Chris Smith speaking:

Good day, guys. I'm glad you're here for the Friday Q&A Call. Let's get rolling. First I want to touch on the payout that went out. STP, soon to be followed by another STP and a Payza. Alot of positive feedback from this payout. If you were not included in this, you will be paid so please be patient.

Next update, please look at the dashboard to see the messages on the News Board. (Chris showed this on the screen). We have "STP Payment", "Partial Payment Reversal", "STP Funding" and many other things.

Also we have a News Archive section.

I'm going to change presenters now. Ron will be grabbing the screen for me. The great news is that with Facebook we are very close to getting to 25,000 "likes". That is awesome!! We will let you know when we hit that!

BB Blog - we have some great posts and articles up here now. (Chris showed the blog site on the screen). Please make sure you stay involved and updated so you can know where everything is with Bannersbroker. We are addressing the communication issue straight on and want to do a great job in that area.

Facebook page - is also going great and updated daily.

Beta testing is going great. Not everyone could be a beta tester, but that option is still open. You can do a video. Beta testing is to get feedback from actual users. Feedback thus far has been helpful and well written, and we are on track. Testing period should last three or four weeks, depending on the glitches we find. Remember, BB3.0 is completely new, written from scratch. We are trying to catch all "hiccups" during beta testing.


What is the pay time frame for payouts with the new processor? This is built into version 3.0 and we will be using the new payout provider. So we are good to go.

Lots of positive feedback that I'm reading today. That is great.

One person talking about the glowing banners. Ironically, as I was logging in I saw a glowing banner myself. It definitely works. I will talk to the guys about the frequency, but it is definitely working.

Lot of comments, really appreciate it. Lots of repeat questions.

We will have the Tesla closing. That draw is coming soon. We may coincide that with the launch.

Guys, alot of the questions are repeat. This is great feedback here. We will encapsulate some of these comments coming in to post on the blog. Thank you for coming to the call. I feel excited. I feel we are almost there.

A new page has been turned. IT's good to know we have all bases covered from the programming side. I believe we are right about there. Payouts are going strong. Have a fantastic weekend. Talk soon.

(end of webinar)
(summary notes prepared by Linda Lane and are not official BB transcripts. Please post this with any and all repostings)

OCTOBER 18th 2013

BB webinar notes

Ron Anderson speaking:

The Beta test rolling along fantastically. A number of affiliates are helping us. We're using the information they have to make sure that v3 works perfectly. Thank you to all the people helping us with that. We are also getting suggestions. I can't promise that we can answer them all or that we will be able to include them. We are still looking for beta testers. If you are interested, feel free to go to Traffic Bank/testimonial incentive. Make a video testimonial. Create a You-tube video, post it in the video testimonial link and wait for approval. We will send you an e-mail informing you if you've been selected. You can also earn article incentive traffic by going to Incentive Articles and then My Bb profile. Details are given on the page.

Thanks Ron for starting the call. I know that you're plugging away with the bt and thanks to all the people helping us thus far.

Pay-In and Pay-Out, via STP. As you know, they changed their system. We then changed our system. It didn't like the brackets!! We fixed it yesterday. People can now use that to pay money into your e wallet.

Mass pay-out. Every time we do a mass pay, I get a results file, which shows the success rates. Some peoples accounts aren't ready and they get a message of Invalid Record, but we're not sure what that means. We've been taking the same action as what we've been doing for the last few years. We have a mass payout ready to go. We will make an announcement on the dashboard.

Partial pay-outs are first in the queue and classified the same as people who have never been paid. There is now an option to do a reversal of partial pay-outs if people want to use the funds to build their accounts.

502 message. The current platform (2.x) is having a problem using new stuff. Version 3 will be the same platform as the big guys use. For the time being, when you see the 502 message, refresh the page. It's a pain but won't be for long.

For the testing phase, we have speeded up the panel capping times. It's just to see the actions and reactions of the system. It bears no relation on reality of panel speed whatsoever.

Good comments on STP. Good comments on v3. We do have a solid platform now.

Prize winner for Tesla car. There will be a draw in front of a BB audience. Either live or during a webinar. There will also be another contest soon. Sometime after the launch of v3. People are liking them.

I look forward to the future and thanks to you guys for being here.
End of webinar.
OCTOBER 11th 2013

Friday Q and A call for Friday October 11th Notes:

Thank you to Linda Lane for typing the notes below - please note they are notes written by an Independent BB Affiliate and are in no way endorsed as official transcripts. We share them here with you to be read while watching the webinar presentation to make it easier for you to follow.

Chris Smith speaking:

Good day, everyone. A couple of updates today. We have for STP an update we have to do on our end. STP redid their system, and we had to retrovit ours. So, loading STP funds to BB to load your eWallet - 2 changes. YOu have to type in your STP username and email address (Chris did this on the screen).

Payouts - we did a small STP recently. One thing I noticed is that there are new error messages coming back from STP - for example, invalid account format. However, I am using the same format, and actually 70% of the payouts went through. But we will still attempt a large payout anyway. If you see an error message on your account you will know why. We need to do this to make sure it's working correctly. We will do this large payout very shortly. We will also do a Payza payout, same order as before.

Deadline was extended for the Tesla panel contest. Please see your dashboard. I wanted to make this final announcement verbally that the deadline is close, so we need to have all panels purchased prior to 3:00 PM EST today. This will be the default page prior to your dashboard until that time. The Tesla is a state of the art car, with computer monitor and fully electronic. It's a six-figure car. It's one of the first prestigious models of energy efficient cars.

Other news - beta testing is ready to go. We will be ready to go on Tuesday after the long weekend. Beta will go live for those of you who were selected. If you still wish to submit a testimonial video you can be added to the list of being a beta tester.


One message in regards to the STP funding. I have this noted and I will check to make sure it is working okay.

A lot of questions regarding payouts. The good news is that we have sent a large bank wire to STP and we are ready to go on our end. The test payout went fine, and the mass payout is coming very soon.

Will the transfer button ever come back? The answer is NO. That feature was there for those who were not able to pay right away. We now have Fast Start, no more transfer feature.

Launch date for version 3.0? Beta starting on tuesday, and hoping it will not last longer than 30 days. After we see the results of that, we will go live.

A few asking about the partial payments and is there a possibility to reverse those? This could be tricky. I will find out if there is a simple way to do this. Partial payments are included in those who haven't been paid. You are in the same category, so we are not ignoring those or bypassing those.

Lots of repeat questions here. I think we have covered everything today. Thank you for coming to the call.

Thank you to the programming team who has been working hard on the next version. I'm glad to be working with them.

Thank you to the support staff in Belize. People are receiving much quicker response times, and we thank them for that.

Also, thanks to our new support communications expert, Ron Anderson. You are doing a great job, along with the guys on Facebook, to communicate with BB. The dashboard messages are more recent and TWitter is now on a daily basis. We want to keep our word about communicating and we're glad that has been taken care of.

Thanks to the affiliates worldwide, as we enter our third years. Good things to come for BB. We'll talk to you guys soon.

OCTOBER 4th 2013

Friday Q and A call for Friday October 4th Notes:

Thank you to Linda Lane for typing the notes below - please note they are notes written by an Independent BB Affiliate and are in no way endorsed as official transcripts. We share them here with you to be read while watching the webinar presentation to make it easier for you to follow.

Chris Smith speaking:

Good Morning. If you have a question, please put it in the question box. Some questions are repeated, but I will try to get to all of them.


Regarding Solid Trust Pay (STP). As you know they recently upgraded their system. We are having challenging times getting things working on our end. Its not just BB, other companies are having problems with this new code needed. The Pay-in option, we are doing our part to get that code updated. Because of that we are extending the 30 days to get the money into BB, for those who used STP. So We are now extending the 30 days to 6 weeks for everyone.

Paying out to STP, there is a mass-pay - and to be clear, I am not blaming STP. STP has been great over the years, however with the new update we are limited to the mass pay using their new feature....

** we lost Chris, mid sentence...

Ron Anderson:

We seem to have lost Chris and we are trying to get him back. Please wait just a moment.

Hi everyone, we do apologize for this, and we appreciate your understanding. We are trying to get Chris back on the line. It may be just a moment more. We appreciate your patience.

This is Ron again, please let me know you can hear me okay. Perfect. Unfortunately Chris is still having trouble with his connection. I do not have any information on the payouts, only Chris has that. but I can go over some new things that have been put out this week.

You will now have 6 weeks for Fast Start Pay, as Chris explained.

Support phone numbers -- Make sure you are calling the correct numbers and the corrects time. They work 2:00 to 11:00 GMT.

There is now a new PIN reset option, via email. There were some issues doing this over the phone, so a new option has been set up. If you click on FORGOT PASSWORD, it will take you to these instructions.

Tesla Panels are still available - only until October 10th. We will have the draw after that point.

I am looking through the questions.

We apologize for the site being down intermittently this week. We are transferring some things over in preparation for BB 3.0 launch, so thank you very much for your patience. Thank you to the Facebook page crew for keeping the members posted on those outages.
We will be looking for Beta testers, and information will be going up shortly about being a beta tester.
Testamonial incentive - go online, take a video of yourself talking about BB, upload to YouTube. Then submit to us under Traffic, Testimonial incentives. You will be awarded 1250 traffic. Do's and Don'ts. Please do not use any language that people associate with investments. Please do not discuss strategies or ideas how to manage your business. Do not include your referral link in the video description.
Languages - English or Spanish are the only two we can approve right now.
I apologize that Chris was unable to reconnect. If I can get more information, I will post it on Facebook, blog or Twitter.
Thank you on behalf of the BB team, for being a part of BB. thanks for attending the webinar, and have a good weekend.
(end of webinar)

Have a great weekend, BBFB Team

SEPTEMBER 27th 2013

Friday Q and A call for Friday September 27th is now online.
Thank you to Linda Lane for typing the notes below - please note they are notes written by an Independent BB Affiliate and are in no way endorsed as official transcripts. We share them here with you to be read while watching the webinar presentation to make it easier for you to follow.

Chris Smith speaking:

We are going to go over a few things this morning. You can see on the screen, the winner of the Blue Panel contest, Elke Waszmann. We are working to get that vehicle to her. Congratulations to Elke.

We are now having our Tesla contest, and are selling two different panels for that. We also have a glowing banner in the back office, which will earn you 5,000 traffic hits.

One thing I have mentioned several times before. The future of BB depends on you being more active. Survey, clicking on banners, etc. Many advertising companies pay for different demographics. For example, please LIKE this on Facebook, please retweet this, etc. I could be a new artist that wants to gain popularity, so people pay for this, more views on their music videos, retweets, etc. We are excited about BB 3.0, just around the corner.

We will have an official way for you to get yourself registered for Beta testing for BB 3.0, so that is coming soon.

We are always looking for feedback on all that we do. We want to hear from the BB Nation. If you want to add your opinions, please go to the feedback form and send in your comments.

Please visit the BB blog often. I know it was dormant for several months. But we now have the ideal person, who is also an writer, Mr. Ron Anderson, to handle keeping the communication open between BB and the world. He is doing a fantastic job. We appreciate the comments you are sending in concerning Ron.

We have cleaned up the dashboard a little bit and changed some icons. We will be putting up the BB Success Manual with all the updates.

I hope everyone has seen the new BB video as we move towards the launch of BB 3.0. Each webinar is going to be not only recorded, but transcribed and posted. We are all working together.


Those who are using STP. They have changed their back office, some improvements. But some of those changes threw off our scripts that we had, and we are working with STP to help make sure this is working flawlessly especially for the upcoming BB 3.0. For payouts and pay-ins. Unfortunately there is a delay for getting out the STP payouts, as we update these scripts.

Version 3 will also have the new payout system for our site. So we will be smoother on the payouts, for sure. I know alot of people are disappointed with this and we understand the need and importance in this regard.


Lots of great comments. I am reading the questions now.

People are asking about Payza. We did that a couple weeks ago, so we are now looking to do another payout in Payza as well. I hate to give exact dates. In version 3, payouts will have a standardized timeline for payouts.

I think we've covered all the payment questions.

All right guys, let's close it out for the day. Please keep up the good work on your end. Thanks again, Ron, for all your great work. I see lots of comments, some frustration. But this is where we are at. BB is here to stay, I am here to stay, and we are moving forward. BB is not going anywhere. Have a great day.

(end of webinar)

Have a great weekend,


SEPTEMBER 20th 2013


Ron Anderson speaking: I am the new communications officer for Banners Broker. My job is to keep you all in the loop and informed of everything you need to know. I'm looking forward to working with you around the world. I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure you have all the information you need. Version 3 has many new features including a calculator, new panel layout, and the dashboard one stop shop. I'm looking forward to getting it to you.

Chris Smith speaking:

We are really excited to have Ron on board. I am very confident that we now have the communications solution. I'm only sorry it took nearly three years. We don't only have Ron. the social media sites, have been kept up to date by the leaders via face book. We will also clean up the blog sites. We are days away from October and that's when Beta testing starts for v3. We will have a sizeable number of testers trying out the site. V3 has completely been re-written from the ground up. It's Ironic because when we released V2, we said the same thing. V2 was built for longevity however technology has moved so quickly. V2 started in 2011 and released January 2012. It was a couple of years old. We didn't want something brand new to avoid the glitches. It was a big step up from V1. We didn't think we would be able to have such a big step up and now V3 is a huge step up from V2.

We've have a lot of feedback from leaders. User flow, was one of the issues. We took everything into consideration. We take questions from these calls and the feedback and put it all together for V3. Everything is right around the corner; about 3 weeks or so.

Fire alarm goes off!

Question from audience:
I see a huge potential with BB, I would like to introduce BB in my country. How do we get translation material?
Answer: We don't have in-house translators. If you do have options, we could get it vetted and make it available on the site. There are some affiliate teams translating the site into other languages. It will get checked and authorised.

There will be new traffic booster calculations. All colours will be times three. Yellow will be 1 booster, purple will be 3 boosters and so on.

We will have a new subscription wallet. A surcharge will be added if you pay your subscription from the e-wallet. If you pay via credit card, it will be without a surcharge. We are trying to eliminate or eradicate negative balances. We are seeking a positive balance in all accounts. We want to make sure you have enough in your account to cover your monthly fees. The surcharge percentage will be structured for each membership type; standard, premium or executive. We will agree the surcharge with leaders so we have the right level.

The next STP payout will be shortly. There will be a smaller one first, followed by a much larger one. Then there will be another Payza pay-out.

STP-PAYING IN: STP have completely revamped their system. It's great for them but not for us. Unfortunately, it broke our code. We now need to make some changes. It will be another few days before you can pay in. It shouldn't be much longer. V3 STP will be automated, paying in will be instant.

Mark: Gave a testimonial to Chris's resolve, perseverance and thanked him. He also mentioned that inviters can help their affiliates if they are having trouble getting into their accounts. The inviter can call support giving them the username of the affiliate. Support will then send the affiliate a new pass-word via e-mail.

V3 will have automation in the system for things like banner approval, support, publisher websites, We want to utilise the large membership base that we have and focus of the bigger picture.

The picture is bright. Stay focused. Have a great weekend and take care.

End of webinar:
Synopsis of webinar call prepared by Helen Wright.

SEPTEMBER 13th  2013

Banners Broker weekly Q and A call for Friday September 13th is now online.
Thank you to Linda Lane for typing the notes below - please note they are notes written by an Independent BB Affiliate and are in no way endorsed as official transcripts. We share them here with you to be read while watching the webinar presentation to make it easier for you to follow.

Chris Smith speaking:

(Recording from Chris played in the room)


Corporate structure for BB itself. I'd like to clear that up. BB International is a Belize corporation, with head office in Belize. There has never been offices for BB International anywhere else. We did have resellers in other countries, BB-Ireland, BB-Portugal, etc, and we were growing in that respect. Due to the local compliance issues, we terminated the reseller program, and then had the independent contractor program, supported by Stellar Point for support services. The contract with the IC's was with Stellar Point. As of August 2013, BB no longer needed the contract with Stellar Point, so we ended that contract with Stellar Point. Today we have over 30 support tools which support uses and this helps with speeding up the process. So the need to have dozens of support personnal was no longer. Due to BB splitting with Stellar Point in August,

I mentioned in the last few weeks that we would be hitting the communication problem head on. We have tried several things in the past which did not work out well. I made announcement that our social media communications would improve. I know the importantance of this, and I am happy to announce that we have our new personnel starting with BB. They will get the info directly from me to add to social media. So I am happy for this next phase.

Timeline for October - Beta testing for 3.0 will begin. If you fit the criteria, then we will accept applications for that. Beta testers will be logging in, playing with play money and giving us feedback, so we can be sure 3.0 is solid. We have some sister sites coming onboard during October. After 3-4 weeks of beta testing, the live launch will be in November.

Pay runs - the next one will be STP. I don't want to give deadlines.

 We are working on that now and will be able to have that out shortly. The Payza went out last weekend. Another Payza will be shortly after the STP payouts. We would like to stay on top of the payouts going forward, brining us into the next phase.

Since this is a recording, I cannot see the questions today. So I will turn the all back over to Mark to close.

These are truly exciting times, guys! Have a great weekend.

(Chris then turned the call back over to Mark - I did not transcribe this part, please listen to the recording for that)

(end of webinar)

Have a great weekend,


Friday September 6th 2013

Chris Smith speaking...

Good day BB nation, this is the BB webinar for Friday, Sept. 6th.

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I unfortunately broke my promise to be able to make the payouts last week. The good news is that with the new method of actually formulating the way for people to get paid has changed a bit, and we are just about ready to make the payout. It will be out this weekend. I apologize for that. I will post on the website when the payout goes out. I apologize, again. The delay is me personally. I take care of this personally, so it's all on me in terms of the delay. It was just due to the actual crunching of the numbers for the payout. I was looking forward to the automated process with the cards, and it was great while we had it. But unfortunately I am back to doing this myself now. Again, I do apologize for the delay.

The other thing I mentioned last week is taht we are now beginning to communicate better with you guys. Thank you to the ones who are helping with the Facebook account. We are interviewing to get a new dedicated person who can take this challenge and do that role full time.

Other updates - the launch timeframe is for an October launch. We will have a beta testing for about a week or so, so this is something we look forward to for the new version BB 3.0. I will be making an announcement for when this will be, so people can make application to be a beta tester.

I'm reading thru some of the questions here.

Questions as to the manual was pulled down off the website. I just got confirmation that the reason is that it contained information with regards to our other contract and it was requested that we update this before we post it again. We're going to also have to put up a version 3.0 of our manual. That will be coming soon, but we will put up something soon for Version 2.9, that is updated with fresh information.

Some people are having access problems. Be patient with support. Please submit your ticket and it will be answered. Or call support -- the phone numbers have been updated on the website. All the numbers transfer over to the Belize office.

We have some good sister sites that will be accompanying the new launch. If you recall back in Niagra we discussed this. One of these if Create My Banners. This has been very successful. This system has been operating smoothly. There is a referral system within that to increase your income. Coming in October are a few other sites with referral systems also.

Bannersbroker is a full advertising company, and we want to get the word out for our advertisers. (please listen to the replay for this part)

We are right around the corner. We are getting there, guys!! Thank you for hanging in there with us!

Again, payouts will go out shortly. Those who have never received anything will receive first, then by date order. We will catch up and be able to satisfy all the payouts and get back on track.

Thank you guys for coming today.

(end of webinar)
(summary notes only and not an official BB transcript - please listen to replay for details)

August 30th 2013

Chris Smith speaking:

Good day! I apologize for the late start. Things are rocking and rolling over here.

A couple of announcements. We are aware of the panel movements. There has been a minor problem on our end. The way the engine works, an engine run, sort of a time. when it runs it is supposed to move the bar across and cap if it's time for that. At the end of the panel run sometimes it just doesn't move or "cap". There could be several reason why this has happened. We have over 70,000 people logged in every day and so every time the engine runs it's competing with those logins. There was a glitch this week, which prevented the engine from completing it's run. When we figure out why and fix this, you will see those panels move to where they should be.

Current payouts - I did promise last couple of weeks that we would try to do a payout. Then Mark was on last weeks call. We have been so busy that we are behind. But this weekend we will do a run. Those who have not gotten paid will be paid first, then we go back to date order.

Officially, we are looking at an October launch for BB 3.0. No specific date, but we believe and are confident that we will be ready to go within the month of October. This includes the new payout solution for BB.

I have mentioned that there are more changes coming. We will not be doing any type of business where you sit back and have money fall from the sky. This is not an investment. This is a business opportunity. If you want to work hard at it, you will be rewarded with your income, as such. You will be shown what you can do to make your business better. In the coming weeks we will have more official announcements. I do not want there to be any surprises. BB cannot be deemed as a passive income program, and most of you know why. We have to remain compliant in all countries.

This is a system that we have modeled after the Google program, adsense and adwords. Publisher/advertiser. Combine the two, with referrals, and you have the new BB. We combine all that together and we will have a very good affiliate program.

Because of the way we put the package together, we have come under some scrutiny. So one thing we need to make sure is that we are not feeding into the negativity out there. BB is not an investment.

On the screen Chris showed something new - Banner Click Incentive.
(he explained this in some detail - please listen to the replay for details) Basically, by clicking on the glowing banner you can earn additional traffic. This is just one aspect of adding more ways.. you will see more things like this in BB 3.0.


How many times can we click on the same banner? Only once as far as getting the bonus incentive traffic.

Pending payments will be honored? YEs. We have talked about the order in which we will do that.

I am getting a lot of positive emails. This is comforting to hear.

Version 3 - a change: Geneology compression. We have meant to do this over the years, however it is built into version 3. Person A brings in Person B, who brings in Person C. Person A pays and Person C pays, but Person B never does anything. Sales credits in the past have just sat in the account of Person B. So the way it will work is, Person B has 30 days from the time that Person C registers to upgrade. If Person B does not upgrade within 30 days, then Person C will then be linked to Person A. After 30 days, this change will be permanent, even if Person B later upgrades.

(he explained this in detail - please watch/listen to the replay video)

Engine Run question - someone suggested closing BB for one hour a day to run the engine. Chris said this only happens very rarely, so we do not want to do that. We are very close to BB 3.0 which will solve that problem.

Why do you have to put a PIN to use click incentive? To prevent multiple clicks (using bots) so we are trying to make sure it's really humans doing the click incentive. Many companies do this often, even Gmail, to make sure you are human.

Traffic Packs in Version 3.0? I will be honest, we will make an announcement. They may go and they may stay. There is a possibility they will not be there. Please keep in mind that one of the passive income indicators pointed to traffic packs. We will make an announcement on that shortly.

A lot of great comments in the question box.

How is BB support going in Belize? Support is going great. They are on the ball and thanks to our trainer in Belize making sure it's up to par. Tickets are being responded to, and are working great during the transition. Thanks to the support team in Belize. We have a North American number, a UK number, European number, all ringing in Belize. There is still a fee for standard and premium members for calling in. This has not been changed yet. Executive line is still available for those members in your back office.

There's a few questions I don't want to touch yet. We are formalizing in the final moments what will be in BB 3.0. We are getting this all completed now. Some components don't have a firm decision yet. We are making these decision together with the other BB leaders. We do not want to announce something that is not ready to be received. You may not be happy with everything, but I can assure you I am an open minded person and do have discussions with the key leaders of BB and we will be doign something that ensures we are here for a long time.

I am not going anywhere guys. It took a while to get here. Good Programmers are hard to find, but we did find very good ones. We have brought people together from other companies, and now we have a solid team. We are happy and proud with what we have. Version 3 is a result of all that hard work. A lot of the ideas weren't even my ideas, but were the ideas of the programmers. We have a great team. Not only the programming team, but the management team as well, all the leaders out there.

One final announcement. I am truly going to try to address the BB communication (or lack thereof). We are going to step it up one notch higher to get a dedicated person who is only on communication. I hear this all the time that we do not communicate.. not enough tweets, not enough Facebook, not enough dashboard commmunication. this is one thing we have been behind on. I want to announce that we want to in the next couple of weeks take on someone who is dedicated to this one task. I am aware that this needs to be stepped up to the plate and communicate better. I would like to address this and do much better in the future.

Thank you for coming to the call. The future is bright. Thank you for staying with BB. We have had some challenges, but it means alot to me that you are on the call and sticking with BB. I look forward to the next phase of BB.

(end of webinar)
(summary notes prepared by Linda Lane and are not official BB transcripts)

23rd August 2013

Friday Q&A Webinar - 

CEO Chris Smith not present today:

(I'm not sure who the Presenter was today. Sorry) (Most of what is below is the speaker's opinion based on notes from Chris)

Good morning. I was going to play a message from Chris. Unfortunately he is traveling and was unable to send that. He has forwarded a message to me which I will read.

Support has fully transitioned to the office in Belize. BB thanks the great people at Stellar Point for helping over the years. Just to quash any rumors, the management of BB and Stellar Point are still friends and colleagues. The decision to split was a business decision only.

All country support is now handled by head office. In the future BB may do country support.

Payouts --

A Payout will be made this week in priority order. First those who have never been paid, then date order. I know it seems like payouts have not gone out, but I can assure you payments have gone out. Chris has listened to feedback and will be posting payout status messages on the dashboard.

BB 3.0 is shaping up nicely. This will be a lot easier to navigate. Create My Banners is doign great in its first 2 weeks. It can now track referrals, so that's a good thing.

Version 3 is just around the corner. Along with 3.0 a new payout processor will be integrated with this.

(Speaker's opinion) The next few months heading into the Christmas season is usually the busiest time of the year.

2 Guest speakers:

(Please listen to the replay in your back office for these testimonial speeches)

Presenter: Sometimes we forget how great it is that our CEO speaks to us each week. Chris has been the sole CEO of BB International from day one. The company has never changed ownership. The vision has never changed. He would not be putting out Version 3, spending the money that he is to put this in place unless he was serious about getting everything straightened out.

I maintain faith in Chris and it's because of Chris that I am as confident as I am. I am proud to have him as a friend and business colleague.

(end of webinar)
(Notes prepared by Linda Lane - not official BB transcripts)
(Please listen to the replay of the webinar for detailed words/comments)

AUGUST 16th 2013
Friday Q and A and Updates,

Welcome to the call. I apologise for the delay, we've had some technical issues today hand over to Chris

A few updates about our support situation. BB started 2010 with just a couple of in-house individuals who handled support. Then we had a need to use a management company, Stellar-Point, to take on the support of BB because it grew so fast. In 2012 we had situations with the system and needed a large amount of support. We had 90 people, for different back office areas including ticketing and live chat. We know the importance of support. Over time, we have reduced the amount of people on board. As we gave our support personnel more tools to fix problems. These tools were very expensive and they will transfer to BBv3. In recent months, we further reduced the staff as there was no need for them. We have also been trying to tighten our belts and make sure that all the corporate spending is necessary. We have also cut down on the world tours. That brings us to the next phase. We are going to put support in house (Belize office). The BB and SP contract has come to an end. There are now new people being properly trained within the Belize office and we are trying to increase the speed of getting answers to you. Please continue to submit your support questions.

Independent Contractors (IC's). BB does not have any offices worldwide. The IC's had their own offices and their contract was with SP. Therefore, the IC's will no longer handle support for BB. In the future we may look at the situation with IC's again.

Pay-outs: I've received feedback from leaders' that they would like to see when payouts happen. More visibility. We will be looking at that.

Version 3 will make sure that BB lives on. There will be activities for the affiliates to do, such as: Surveys, videos, helping other advertising agencies. We will be part of the advertising channel.

Mark: We've been through some trying times. Patience is wearing thin with some affiliates. Be rest assured that BB is making great strides to put things in place. Not only does Chris have the plan, we are coming up to four of the biggest months of the year for advertising. With this and all the new changes with V3, it will make a big difference. We are in a situation where all of us are in this together. We can sit and point fingers and get into that negative mode of thinking. All of the affiliates need to come together. There are 3 or 4 negative bloggers doing damage. There are 400,000 of us and if we focus our energy as a united front, think of what we could do. Chris is still there, he's not hiding. This company is strong, we will come out winners. The problem is not the problem, it's your attitude that's the problem.
There were a couple of questions about pay-outs. Fraser explained that the only person who could answer those questions was Chris himself who had left the webinar to go to a meeting.

August 9th 2013

BB Friday Q&A Webinar 
We have a strong team working behind the scenes.
Payouts are going out according to the schedule, with people who haven't been paid first and then in date order.
We are working on Version 3 and things are going well with that.

Martin Wilde: I work the business from my heart. I can't work any business unless I have complete belief. I have been with BB for 22 months. I've been a big supporter, and that's because when I first saw BB I did my due diligence and quickly got a strong feeling that it was good. My background was in advertising, so I had some insight into buying online traffic. Alot of the people have never gotten their heads around it. When any company grows as fast as BB did, there will be challenges. Fast growth is difficult to handle. There are issues with the company at the moment. I am only still here supporting Chris, because I know that if this company was looking for a way to run away, that would have happened a long time ago. I have spent time with Chris and I believe in his character and in his vision. He's done something that not many people do. He took an idea and ran with it and made a company that has paid out over $18 Million over time.

The company has made mistakes and the affiliate have made mistakes. We have to pull together and work as a team if we want to get to this. I'm not privy to all the information but I know some of the things that are coming. I'm here until the fat lady sings, and Chris has promised me that she won't be singing. With all the new changes, remember, you don't need to rely on traffic packs to build your business. If you speak to new people about BB, as long as you tell them everything honestly. I didnt' know 2 years ago if BB would still be here today, so there always is a risk, but there is less risk now than when I joined.

This company has proved itself, because BB is still here. There is alot of work happening behind the scenes that wouldn't be happening if Chris didn't believe in the future of BB. BB has done alot for me and my family. I want to do my part. I have reversed my withdrawals and begun using the new lower withdrawal system. It's our responsibility to get through this. There are always challenges, but this is what busienss is all about. It doesn't always go perfectly. If BB can get things back to normal, then everyone here on this call will be in a great place.


Thank you very much. I appreciate Martin's passion. I'm glad to have him on the team.
What are some of the items or things that you need to do to help BB? Promote and generate your own traffic through your social networks, emailing etcetera. We're going to be giving you some marketing tips for using social networks. Surveys is one of the things. Watching videos, etc. (please watch the replay to get all of this word for word) Driving traffic, watching videos, surveys, etc.

Duncan Woods:
I'd just like to say I've been in BB for 2 years. I was the most sceptical person. I've been scammed and everything else. When I started BB I can honestly say, it is the best business I have ever done. BB has changed more lives than any other business. I came out to Canada to meet Chris. I came away with 100% belief that Chris can turn this company around. I can't wait for Version 3.

Chris: Thank you for your support and for being with us.
Paul McCarthy: My history with BB goes back to 2011. My background is in mechanics. I tried many other businesses which didn't last more than 3-6 months. I started BB and just watched. I got 10 people from Ireland and we believed in everything we saw. I traveled to Canada to meet Chris in Nov. 2011. I finally met Chris in person. The bloggers are always negative. People come to me and ask is the company going to last next month or next year. I tell them, if Chris was goign to go, he would have gone in March when all the problems started happening. I believe Chris is goign to turn this around. Its frustrating, it's tough. When everything was fantastic, we were here. So when things go wrong, we should also be here. We have the responsibility to our teams. If the leader leaves, the team is left alone. We are going thru tough times, but hang in there. It's going to take some time. But we will then experience the same growth we did in the first 3 years.


There are more leaders who have helped BB build the company to where it is. We can overcome these challenges and get to the next phase.

I wanted this call to be different. Please listen to the recording and share it with others. I've tried to give you updates on payouts and Version 3. Alot of things are happening in the background. We are cooking. We are working hard. Keep the feedback coming. I do read this. I am not doing this alone. it is with you and with your feedback. To see what changes need to be made. I don't want to make changes that are intolerable. I want the affiliates happy and to stay with us as we move forward.
(NOTE: please watch the replay, as this is just brief notes, not all that was said by Chris or others)

Have a great weekend. Take Care.

August 2nd, 2013

BB Friday Q&A Webinar 

Chris Smith speaking:

Ok, we have it working. Sorry, GotoMeeting updated and something wasn't working right. I apologize.

On the screen you do see the Create My Banners website. This is LIVE since last week. We are accepting registrations for it. This is non related to BB, so you need to create a separate account. Everyone has asked what they can do to help BB, this is an inexpensive tool, so you can help by registering for Create My Banners. We store your banners, so you cvan use on other sites. The fee is $25/yr or $3/month.

We are coming up with other sites to help your business, as well.

One update for India: India is separate in terms of how business is operated. The rules and corporate structure is different. We tried having StellarPoint India do the support for India and faciliate payouts. We have now ended that relationsihp for India only. BB will now be handling payouts for India. STarting today, the StellarPoint office will no longer be used for India. Please use BB.

Update for payment solution. As we said, these things take time. On the postivie side, it is looking good for what we can accomplish.

We made an announcement in Niagara. First will be people who have seen no money at all. Those who have seen 10, 20 times their money will be farther down the list. For those people, yes you well deserve your payout and worked hard for it, and we appreciate everyone who is with us. Those who have not yet received anything on the publishing side yet will be first. then we will go by date order.

We have reduced the withdrawal to $250/wk or $1,000/mo. This is temporary. We are coming out with BB 3.0, with a new 2013 style of webiste and application. We will be using the new technology to sustain the amount of traffic that we have. We will be getting this new system in place moving away from passive earning.


BB 3.0 and new payout processor, will it be before Christmas? We will not go into 2014 in this condition, so this should be early Fall, definitely not end of the year.
Trouble accessing the website? The site is optimized for Firefox. Other browsers will work, but IE does have problems. Please try using Firefox.
BB manual update with BB 3.0? Yes most things will be new and a complete rebuild, so there will be new tutorials, new manual and new webinars as guides for the next version.
There are good comments in the scroll. There are also negative comments, but alot of people are being supportive of BB and will continue to be here and do what is asked of them to be part of BB. We have been here for almost 3 years, and we will get through what we're doing on our end and move forward into the next phase of BB!!

One last thing, last couple of days there were problems logging in. there has been no change. The speed of the site is now good, but we implemented server-side cache. (Chris explained this - please see replay) On our end we can clear the server-side cache - I can do this from my iPhone. Please communicate with your leaders and I will clear the server-side cache, if needed. Version 3.0 will take care of all these issues.

That's all for today. There are 500 questions, alot repeated, alot about payouts. Hold tight. It's coming. If you haven't been paid yet, you will be getting something.

BB 3.0 is just around the corner, stick with us. And thank you for being here today.

July 26th, 2013

BB Friday Q&A Webinar Notes, 
Chris Smith speaking:

I'd like to thank everyone for coming on to the call today. A couple things, first of all we just finished our Niagara tour last weekend. Thanks to all who came to the event. We began on Saturday with two speakers, Grant did a great job. Then Mark Ghobril (sp) spoke. He's a great leader and we were proud to have him. Next we heard from Lorenzo. He really connected with the audience. Saturday night we had a meet and greet and I was able to talk to each group of members from around the world. It was a good group. I wasn't sure what to expect about the atmosphere, but every one of the members were supportive and took time to tell me they are behind BB. Yes BB has had issues, but knowing they were all supportive, it made Sunday's presentation much better.

I went over the milestones and history of BB, then went into the upcoming changes for BB. One temporary change is that we will be doing a temporary $1,000/month withdrawal limit. We will be changing the order to make sure all who have withdrawals and have never been paid will be first.

We will be stopping the panel and package transfer. I understand that many have used this for good reasons, but many have used it for not so good reasons. The initial intention was so that you could transfer a package to a new member to get started fast. But now we have the Fast Start Program, where new members can begin and have 30 days to pay, and this is working very well. So this will replace the package/panel transfer in the future.

The new look and feel for BB was also discussed. BannersBroker Version 3.0 (Chris then went through some screen shots showing the new version coming soon)

(I will not transcribe this, as you need to watch the replay to understand what he's showing on the screen)

(*) - (My Opinion the new BB 3.0 is very impressive - I like it a lot! - everyone needs to watch the replay)

Sneak Peek of Version 3.0 - keep it to yourselves for now.

Create My Banners software is LIVE! A new site to create banners. Go ahead and start your subscriptiosn for this site. It's $25/year or $3/month. This makes it simple and easy to create your own banners. I urge you to start using this site!
(Chris showed screenshots of the site and explained it)
This site is available to anyone on the Internet, it is not specific to BB. (very nice site)

VivoStock - a new website you can populate with photos from around the world. Then anyone in the world can download these photos and you get paid for these sales. Online solution for quality stock photos. Contributors will earn money on sales, and there is also a 10% lifetime commission - Affiliate referral program.

Promo 121 - we talked about this next. Yellow pages meets social network. Here you can promote yourself, promote your products, or promote your BB business.
(Chris showed screenshots and an overview)
You will earn 50% of the generated revenue from this site.
Promo 121 is coming back very soon!

List 121 - This one is where you actually can sell your own products. An online ecommerce website. Revenue share - 40% to seller - 40% to affiliate - 20% to company. So you could make from 40% to 80% of the proceeds. (my opinion: a Really Cool site, great idea!)

A lot of great comments are begin typed into chat! Everyone seems to like Create My Banners site. Guys now you can be part of the solution.

We know that we have a slow payout problem. We have some payouts going out now and over the next little while STP and Payza. With the new banking solutions you will have other ways for getting paid.

Thanks for still being here! Thanks for your Support! A lot of changes coming down the pipe, but we are looking forward to it. The future is bright, it truly is! We have alot of opportunity with different ad brokers.

Announcement - this week, right after the convention we were contacted by another ad broker, and we just signed the deal this week, so their ads are now being shown on our sites. People understand the power of traffic, in spite of all the negative press out there.. we still have a new ad broker!! This is great news!

We are on the right track for the ad side of things. We've learned alot over the years, and we are sharpening our efforts to increase our ad revenue to bring us into verion 3.0.

Guys, we are here to stay. BB is not going anywhere. We are getting stronger every day and have a great team! We have a great future ahead!

Have a fantastic weekend.

19th July, 2013

BB Friday Q&A Webinar, 

Chris Smith speaking:

Sorry we're a little late. We are getting settled into Niagara Falls for our conference here in Canada! We have quite a few people here and it's looking great for the weekend!


Mercedes Panel Draw will take place this weekend. How we're going to do it? We will get random people to give us a number, take 10 numbers, divide it by 10, and that number will choose the winner. It will be LIVE draw. No matter where you are, we will purchase the car in that country for you.

Saturday there's alot of different speeches and whatnot by staff. You will learn lots through training. Sunday I will speak about our plans for the future and some new stuff coming. People here will have firsthand view of all that!!


#1 is regarding the payouts. The good news is that I mentioned we have our new solution in place. It is a long process, however we are making good strides to get that done. That will be ready shortly. We are sending out payments, and those who get them, please share the news. These are not scheduled, but are indeed going out. The order is heavily on the date, but with some fairness, so, for example, you will get 1 from your batch of withdrawals, then others will get theirs, then back to your second one. This is based on a point system as explained several times.

We have had many people offer to help us to get BB back in shape. Some have offerred ideas. One idea is to have a $1,000 max payout. Some have suggested having a clean slate where we would start fresh. We are looking at all of the above. I'm glad we are here in Niagara with all the IC's so we can discuss all these ideas. we will definitely hear from the IC's. They are frontline in their field and they know what will fly and what will not. Before any decision is made, we will get their feedback. Please also submit your feedback, as I look at every feedback, so make your suggestions that may help with our company. It is our company together. Without you there is no company. We look at all ideas on the table and welcome them.

What's the relationship between BB and STellar Point. Stellar Point has a worldwide contract to do support for BB. So that's the relationship. It's a contract between us. Stellar Point has nothing to do with your withdrawal requests, and has nothing to do with BB corporate.

We've had some pepole talk on the last few webinars. I get a lot of feedback and comments and that has been successful and I appreciate it.

I apologize for last Friday's webinar. I wasn't in front of a computer or a proper phone line to do a webinar. I seldom miss the webinar, so I do apologize for last week.

Please call the event line for more info on whether this event is still open. We welcome you if you decide to come.

One thing I'd like to mention about the future for BB. We are moving in the direction for alot of activity for the affiliates to create traffic. We're going to call upon you guys to share with this traffic generation.

I will close it off today! Thank you for the Niagara Falls trip. I've been shaking lots of hands and it's good to see people come out.

We'll talk to you soon!

(end of webinar)

"The webinar was short today, but I was on the leader's call yesterday and I can tell you that Chris is very upbeat, confident and passionate about BB's future! So are the IC's that are there with him, a few of which spoke on the leader's call. They are there to discuss the issues and work out solutions and share the future plans with the attendees in Niagara! BB isn't going anywhere! BB is here to stay. The payout issues will be solved and we will move forward!"

July 5th, 2013 

(please listen to the replay to hear every word - this is just summary notes of what was said)

Chris Smith Speaking

Let's start off with the ads on the website again. (showing his dashboard) I know we've had some inappropriate ads appear and we are sorry for that. We have contacted our ad broker and asked how to remove certain sites. We are going to submit all the sites that are showing inappropriate ads. Please help us by clicking on that and getting the URL, then submit that to us via the FEEDBACK & COMMENTS form. We will submit that to our broker and they will remove them from their database.

BB contract with Stellar Point. we have reduced our contract with Stellar Point, so we have less staff for support. You may notice a slower response time to your support requests. This is not Stellar Point's fault, it is because we've reduced our contract with them. Please remember that the offices in other countries are not officially BB offices, so please direct your questions to our main office.

As of Monday, make sure you have an active choice campaign running for your panels to move. All panels, not just complimentary panels.

Confusion from last week's call. I'm not sure why, but it seems I need to clear some thigns up. Last week I mentioned that we are increasing our scope for what BB'ers can do to keep the panels rolling. I mentioned that there was a slowdown in ad revenue, especially during March. Lower ad revenue equals lower buying power. With Net 45, lower ad revenue in March means that beginning 45 days later we are seeing the slower panel movement. Couple that with the banking issues, and those 2 reasons are why you are seeing the payout issue.

Payouts. We are going in the order of oldest to newest, except if you have several withdrawals. (he gave an example of how that works) You also gain more points if you have never, ever withdrawn before. Those are the three factors. So when I announce a certain payday, doesn't mean all are getting paid on the same day. We are paying out on a regular basis, so based on where you are in the queue, you will get your payout.

Niagara conference - July 20,21. This is coming soon.. For those who are coming out, we have some fun things planned and you will learn alot about the future of BB. YOu can buy the ticket from your eWallet or using a Credit Card.

Guests on the call today:

Paul McCarthy (Ireland):
I want to say a few words about BB and the journey. I started on April 6, 2011. I tried a few other things and come from a conventional background. Chris has pioneered this company and for over 2 years everything was on track. The company has had some challenges, but I'm asking everyone with our 3rd anniversary coming up to join us in helping BB stay around for the long haul. So if Chris asked us to do anything, click on links or whatever it is -- we have over 300,000 members, so please everyone join in when Chris asks us to help. I know that Chris has one thing in mind - the longevity of the company.

Chris again -
We are moving into a new era with BB, a non-passive one. we are moving away from a passive program. Everyone will be mandated to do "something", so the business is not passive. The overall "perception" of BB is that it is a passive program, so we are cleaning up our act to make sure that perception is cleared up and we are here for a long time.

Mark Ghobril:
I'm at an airport, so bear with me. What I want to share is that BB at the moment is having some challenges, but I have no doubt, and I have full faith in Chris and BB. BB will survive and will thrive. Chris is taking steps to address all the issues. Please do not listen to the doom and gloom out there. At this point you are either in this or not. I choose to be in this and draw a line in the sand. Tell the world that BB is here and will be here for a very long time. BB is just unique. I would ask every affiliate to look at giving BB the breathing room they need - a clear agreement - so that we give them latitude they need to fix the issues, and limit our withdrawals. Instead of coming from a position of fear, we should be coming from a position of trust in our leaders and in BB. This would make it so much easier for BB. Don't be driven by fear, but remember what BB has done for all of you in the past and what BB can be for you in the future. Thank you to Chris and the entire team.

Chris again:
Mark is a wonderful leader. There are many of you throughout the world. This is a time for us to be together to get a solution to our problems. I know there is a payout problem and that we are behind. Soon we will be beginning Phase 2 of BB, we are coming up to our 3rd annivarsary, this is a milestone. This is a testament to all of you and a strong team behind the scenes. Many companies do not make it through their first year. Now we must get through these challenging times. We are excited about our future.

This has been a good call. The comments are very good. BElieve in BB, stay with us, and long live BB.

June 29th, 2013,
 BB Q&A Webinar

Chris Smith speaking:

Inappropriate Advertisements that are being displayed on the website:

We want to put advertising on our website to capitalize on the traffic that BB has already. We decided to go ahead with this with our new broker. The positive is that we are able to bring in more ad revenue, but the negative is that we aren't able to filter the ads well enough. It's embarrassing to see that ads of a pornagraphic nature have appeared on our website. we do not select the ads that appear. This is all done through our partner network. So we simply submit our site to be a receive of the ads, and the system automatically places ads on our site. The unfortunate part is that we were not able to filter good enough. It may have something to do with the country, because I don't see those ads where I am. On mine I see a TransUnion and a Bingo one, for example. So depending on what country you are in, you may see different types of ads. Some of the inappropriate ads have slipped through the cracks. I want to make a public apology for that.

That being said, some of the ads that may appear are based on the cookies on your own computer. so if you have visited sites like that, it's picked up by the system and those ads may pop up. Some of these ads have been quite bad, so I apologize for this. We will try to minimize this as much as we can.

Some people want to opt-out of these ads, and we will be setting this up in your back office. Remember that this system is here to increase our ad revenue, and the more that opt out, the less revenue. The less ad revenue, the harder it is to pay out.

The one thing that we have experienced over the last little while is a deccrease in ad revenue. that's the reason we have looked at other avenues to increase our ad revenue to facilitate with the payouts. YOu may also have notice a longer time span for your panels, and that is directly related to the decrease in ad revenue. It is lower now than it was before. It's not good news, but it is news you need to hear. And yet another reason why we have had slower payouts and why we are trying to display ads on our site and move forward into the next generation of our application.

The last couple of weeks we released a new sales engine. this is what determines your panels to move and have a relationship to the ad network. the one thing that we put into the new engine is that if your account is locked, your panel revenue is stopped until your account is unlocked. It also stops if you do not have a campaign running. Your complimentary panel will not move until campaign is in place. Nor will your panels jump to where you should have been based on the date of the panel, but now that will not happen anymore, but will begin when you start your campaign. This now applies to complimentary panels, but This rule will soon apply to all panels. That is coming soon. So definitely be sure your campaigns are in place.


How can we help with the revenue? we are open to suggestions. We have a group of experts who are working on new ideas. We have some new things coming soon. We are moving away from a passive program. Everyone would love to have money fall from the sky. Government agencies do not like this, and we want to be here for a long time.

We are coming up on our 3rd birthday, and we want to be around for a long time. We are making sure we are compliant across the board, so that it will be obvious we aren't doing things that we shouldn't be doing.

Some new announcements will be coming out. We will be asking you guys to do something that is fair and reasonable, and that we should have been doing from the beginning. We has learned more about what we need to be doing. There's no roadmap for this program, and we are building upon it and perfecting it based on suggestions from different agencies that have taken a look at our program. We are not an investment program, and are making sure that is not the perception by anyone.

We are going ahead with our conference BB Tour in Niagara. This will be the smallest one we have had. BB is very large in Ireland and Portugal and have seen thousands of people come out. In Niagara Falls region we have a smaller membership. If you can make it, you will get a sneak peek at things that are coming. So if you can come, please do. There's a limited amount of space. You won't be sorry that you made the trip.

We will close off the Mercedes Panel contest shortly because the winner will be announced at the event. You do not have to be present to win. We will do the draw in front of you, so you can see it's a real drawing, not computer generated.

Our 3rd anniversary contest will be a grand prize of a Tesla car, valued in the 6-figure range. We will have a slew of smaller prizes as well. It's a great deal, so please enter that contest.

Payouts - I touched on this a little bit. Over the last few months I've mentioned the banking issues. We also have experienced a smaller amount of revenue from the advertising network. When you have a smaller buying power, the revenue is diminished. The next update of our program will kill 2 birds with 1 stone. One being giving you guys certain activities to do that will increase the ad revenue. IN addition to our new payout solution, this will be the ultimate solution.

We are super behind in payouts and this is unfortunate, because we have a good thing going. We want to do a payout in this upcoming week. WE want to try to do one every couple of weeks. Weekly is better, but our hands are tied as to when they can actually go out. I know you want dates, but I can't give specific dates. Please bear with us. Stick with us, you won't be sorry. We have alot of things in store. We are going to be able to increase our ad revenue and increase the joy of our program and have something that you've never seen before.

So yes, we've been going through a tough time with the slow payouts. I know it's hard to stick with us and to refer others. However, we are here, we have a solid team working in the background, alot of training going on, and are looking for a great future with what we have going on.

I think I've addressed most of the questions. A lot of questions here, and I apologize if I missed your question. Have yourselves a great weekend and stay with BB. We will be able to come out of this and have a brighter tomorrow.

(end of webinar)

June 21st, 2013

BB Q&A Webinar

Chris Smith speaking:

Thanks for joining us today. First the updates.

BB's 3-year anniversary coming up in October with the Tesla Promo Panel contest. We are happy to still be here after 3 years. We are currently experienced payout challenges. We have lost partners and forged new partners.

Trust me, I hope you are with me in terms of sticking with the plan. I know it is tough at times. It may be extremely frustrated to not be paid on time. I get all the messages, Skype, email and text. I hear it from everyone close to me. But we are here. We are still doing our information sessions. We have ramped up our IT division. We have many more admin tools to help with support. The experience of the website has been greatly improved. So with regards to the application itself, we have made great strides. We have passed all the website problems and slowdowns and are working towards the next version of BB, with some important new features.

You will now be able to be much more active with BB. We are moving away from BB being a passive income. We are not an investment program. Our model has proven to work and we are looking to improve it even further. We have now ramped up our support for improving article submissions. We want to be sure to do multiple languages and satisfy as many countries as possible. A lot of great things coming to BB. We're spent alot of time and effort to improve our program to make sure that if any agencies or compliance authorities were looking at us, it would not appear that we are something its not.

Next Payday - we were hoping to get Payza out last weekend. we cannot send it out if it's not accurate. I am very confident that if it's not today, then it will this weekend. I will make it a point to see that it goes out. STP will be shortly after that. We want to keep people satisfied. We are going in a point system order, predominantly by date, so everyone will not get a payment. However, everyone will get paid so please be patient.

Tesla Panel Contest has been very successful. The purchaser and the seller gets the entries (member and the inviter) Green Panel and yellow panel to fit everyone's budget. The reason we have chosen this car is that it is unique. Electric car, monitor in the center console, a very cool car. In addition we are giving aways many other prizes. Drawing in October. You do not have to be in a location of teh world tour to win the prize. But we will announce the winner at one of our events coming up.


Movement of panels? There was a large jump which was corrected. We released a new "engine". Because we have millions of panels there were a couple of tweaks we had to make. There is a message on your screen notifying you of that. It is now 98% smoothed out, and easier to monitor in the LIVE environment.
I see some bad comments in the scroll and some good comments.

The cost of the yellow promo panel is $40, but it will still show up as normal at $20 value.

India payment system is completely different. The BB there is totally separate. The activities there are different. So the payouts are different also.

Looks like we've covered most of these questions. Let's end the session here. I wish you all a great weekend. Keep supporting BB. You will not regret it. Thank you for staying with us during these tough times. The team is still here and stronger than ever. We are adding to our team to bring us into the next era of BB.

Talk to you soon.

June 14th 2013

Chris Smith speaking...

A few updates today.

Dashboard - we have a new banner promoting our $1/month web hosting. If you register for this and pay for 1 year in advance, you will receive 5,000 External Traffic Hits. We will put up a page specifically telling you how to do this. For now, once you order, send an email to:
to receive your 5,000 hits.

Targeted traffic is coming soon, specific countries, etc. It will be more expensive, as it is targeted.

Article writing will be beefed up. Some have suggested that we have a place for people to write a paragraph about BB and you will receive your article incentive traffic. You can now get a profile page for BB. (showed one for executive members) This is included in your Executive fee. This is a page/blog that you own. Now this is redirected to BB only. We are now making this available to earn traffic.

BB is moving towards an active program, less passive. We are working on something big that you guys can do. Once finalized we will release it to you. You will love it. It will be beneficial to you to receive more hits, and to BB also.

Success Manual is now LIVE. Please download it and tune into our webinars with Grant each week for more training to go along with the Success Guide. Use it to be successful at BB.

New log for automatic rollups. This will be displayed in the traffic logs.

Update about panel movements. You may have seen a spike in the movement that was inadvertant. This is because of a new release of the engine, so we are continually upgrading this. If you experienced an unexpected jump, it will be corrected and go back to where it was before.

We do have a point system for payouts. It's not alot different than before. Let's say if you have a $2K w/d on Jan 1st, than another on Jan 2nd, same person. Person B does a request on Jan 5th for same $2K. Order is Person A gets w/d, then person B, then Person A, in that order. Points are assigned by order. Your first request will get more points than your next requests. More points are awarded if this is your first withdrawal.

Payza Payout coming shortly.

Another STP payout next week.

We are having alot of feedback coming in about how we can improve BB. Great suggestions! We are taking it all back to our team to see what we can do.

We are moving heavily toward incentive component of our program.

Today is a short webinar. Thank you for tuning in.

(end of webinar)

Friday June 7th, 2013  

Chris Smith speaking:

Let's get rolling. Please look at the dashboard. We are starting to put some ads in the back office. The reason is that our site should also be able to earn ad revenue to add funds into the system. Also ads will show on the login page.

Click Incentive: We've edited it a little bit. People were using robots to click on the links and not giving the site enough time to be looked at. We have put something in place that does not allow robots. Only actual hits by you.

Articles: We do have software that will immediately detect if you have any text, paragraph etc that is already on the Internet. If you are caught plagurizing you will be banned for life from using article incentive.

Changing 50%/100% - Now you cannot change this percentage until the panel is qualified.

STP payout yesterday. It took longer than anticipated, but did go out. We have alot of positive comments from members. If you haven't received yours you will be on the next run.

Payza is coming up shortly. I hate to give definitive dates. But it will be soon.

Additional provider that we have contacted with for a new payout system. The new provider is aware of all the negative bloggers and have signed off on us and will be with us for a long term solution. We have strong leaders, BB is actually growing. BB is not going anywhere.. So we needed a long term solution for payouts.

Question: With the new reduction in TP bonuses, are people going to be able to use purely TP's? <My answer is, I hope not. We need to move away from anything that seems to be passive income. The term for that is called "investment". Of course, in order to sell investments you must be licensed. So we need to continually upgrade the program so it's less and less passive. That is why we are focusing on new ways to earn traffic.

Feedback and Comments on the dashboard. We want to hear from you.

Referrals are good for you and the company, but you do not have to do that. You can use other methods to earn traffic.

Question: There's a rumor that we said STP was the problem. I want to clear that up. STP has always been good to us and we have no problem. When STP receives our payout list, payouts go out right away. The problem was on the banking side, getting the 7 figure and 8 figure amounts transferred. The last few days STP contacted me and asked if we were saying STP was the problem, and we absolutely have not been saying that, so I wanted to make that clear. We have a very good relationship with STP.

Question: why do we have Google ads? I'm not sure waht you mean. We are not partnered with Google and do not get ads from Google.

Question: Niagara Falls - will BB Millionaire rings be given out? Yes.

Question: Someone saw an ad about a dating site and have complained. We do not allow porn, gambling, but dating sites are allowed. We apologize is any of you are offended by ladies in bikinis on the ads. We are constantly filtering the ads to remove any unwanted.

Questions: Panel speed? I will ask our programmer about that and see if anything has changed on that side.

Most of the questions have been covered already.

I want to leave you with this. I see alot of positive comments in the scroll. We haver a solid team working hard behind the scenes. Sometimes this may be invisible to you guys, but we are doing everyting we can to grow and we will be here for a long time. Change is never easy but can be good is it's for the better. We will continue to morph into what we need to be. We are delving more into the advertising side to help you with your marketing efforts.

Have a great weekend!!

May 31st, 2013

Friday Banners Broker Q&A Webinar - 

Chris Smith speaking:

Good day! I like to start off with the most popular question.

Payouts - I mentioned on Friday that we were doing STP last weekend, but it was not completed. We will be doing that this weekend. It is a batch upload, so there must be an Excel file that must be done correctly. In the past there were errors with that batch file, so now have to make sure everything is correct. There is alot of important data in that file and it invoves alot of money.

Payza should be shortly thereafter. We are awaiting the payment to arrive at Payza.

We do have a new platform coming onboard for payouts. we are working hard to make sure it's properly integrated, all lawyer documents are signed off on, ect. The important thing is that M/C dropped us becuase of all the negative internet chatter. But with our new platform, they are fully aware, have read everything and done their research on our business model and are moving forward with us. So no possibility of it being ripped away becasue of the Internet. I cannot give any dates. Not happening in the next few weeks, in the meantime we are doing the best we can via STP and Payza.

We went LIVE with purchase of external TP's. My expectations were blown out of the water. I am happy to see the huge sales. and the click incentive has capulted to the #1 visited page on the BB website. So a huge success on both sides. If you want incentive traffic, click away, and if you want traffic to your website, you can purchase it. There is no set timeframe, but in actuality, people are going through 50,000 within days. It's a very good product. Some people said that traffic from Russia was hitting their site and asked if they could have targeted traffic.. USA visitors to USA sites, for example. So there will be a tiered product that will cost more for targeted traffic. Facebook charges $1 per click (hits to your website). We are selling clicks, visitors to your website for $50 for 50,000. A great deal.

Articles Denial -- the reason these are denied is shown on the page. Plagurism is the highest reason. If you do this you will be banned for life to use incentive traffic. We have softward that can detect whether the article has been published before on the Internet and whether you "copied" it, which is plagurism, and will not be tolerated.

Prestige Panels are at the same rate as the other panels? Yes, they all go at the same rate. One is not slower than the other, just different sizes of inventory.

Internet chatter -- someone sent me a message about the negative Internet chatter. I usually don't comment on this. But I know it is important to you. I want everyone to know that it's no secret that sales of ads and what's purchased inside the packages are lower now. The positive thing is that sales are steady. We are looking with alot of things to increase and get back to where we were before. Like any application, there are always new versions, and we continue to give you a proper product. We are not going anywhere. We've hired more staff. We've hired more programmers. We've hired more administrative staff. We want to make sure no one is overwhelmed, so lately we put in place a few key people to assist us. Those that were not producing are no longer with us. It's an ongoing process, as the company grows and continue to get strong. We appreciate all of you on the call and in the field who are doing trainings and helping new people. We are hoping to put together a training program for certification. So if you are training new people, you can go through a program to be certified and you can join us in our travels. We are working on these plans. We know there are some BB people who know the system inside and out who can stand with us to present the new features and the core of BB. We will formalize this shortly.

There are alot of questions. Some of these I will take with me and use next week so I can have the correct answer for you next week.

Thank you for all your suggestions. We do read them all and all the questions here. Have a great weekend.

(end of webinar)

May 24th, 2013
BB Friday Q&A Webinar 

Waiting on Chris.. he is delayed. Grant will begin the webinar.

Wanted to mention something before chris gets here. With regards to the Fast Track program.. we change this to Fast Start program. we are getting some great response on this. I want to encourage the inviters to ensure that when someone does the Fast Start program, please map out time to be with that affiliate so you can train them and expose them to webinars and other materials. Worst thing to do is to sign them up and give them no plan to work with. Meet with them once a week to be sure they are trained. Plan a time to help them upload their ID. A plan is important so I wanted to emphasize that, in order to maximize this feature.

Caribbean tour is underway. Lorenzo is traveling to do presentations in Jamaica then on to the other meetings. Most meetings are filled to capacity. Looking for those reports on the exciting things happening there.

I mentioned in Manchester about an affiliate training manual. Was hoping to have it sooner, but with the updates and upgrades with 2.9.3 and Fast Start, we elected to hold off until now. It is now updated and will be available in the back office soon. 55 page, step-by-step of BB program from beginning. Everything is in there from traffic to allowance -- alot of pictures with screenshots. Some will download it and print it and use it as a training source. We encourage you to use that. I cannot give you an exact date, but in the next week or two.

BB World Tour Niagara Falls, please join us, buy your tickets and be a part of the BB world in a beautiful setting. Don't forget the Mercedes Blue Panel contest.

Please use the presentations and recorded webinars on your dashboard. We're doing our best to communicate with you on all fronts.

While waiting on Chris, Grant went over the dashboard and all the things there we should be using.

Chris Smith speaking:

I'm calling in from my phone. Sorry for the delay.


the last payout from Payza, alot of people happy, some confused. There was a slight order mixup and some of the newer ones got paid instead of the older ones. We have to upload an Excel and there was a mixup on the sorting. the next run we will get that straightened out.

STP - funds are in place and ready to go. I'm hoping for this weekend or early next week.

Next Payza is 10 days from now.

We are trying to do these weekly to get caught up.

New Solution - we're plugging away on the integration of the new system. When we know the timing we will let you know. Hopefully we will be able to have that complete as soon as possible.

Fast Start has been a great idea and lots of people are doing it. So we have alot of brand new affiliates. That is definitely a good way to have people register and give them time to get their ID's uploaded, approved and be able to use their credit card and pay. There are no delays with using STP or Payza.


I can't see any questions, so Grant will send me those so I can answer them.

When is STP going out - this weekend is the plan or early next week.

I'm not seeing the questions other than payouts, which was already covered.

We will talk again soon.

(end of webinar)

May 17th, 2013

Friday Q&A Webinar 
Chris Smith speaking:

(sorry I was a couple minutes late today- something about my JAVA lol)

(speaking about the new payment processor) ...Any challenges that come up in the future, we believe that we will be inseparable. We believe that this new system will not drop us if something doesn't look right.

As of the 15th we have the TP cancellation. We are allowing people to cancel up to 2 TP's for a limited time. Chris showed the page and encouraged everyone to read all the info before doing a cancellation. BE SURE NOT TO USE THE RED BUTTON, as it will cancel all your TP's.. Use the ORANGE button - NO PENALTY CANCELLATION. So you wan't have any penalty for the 1 or 2 TP cancellation.

We know that since the bonus was reduced, we listened to the field and so are offering this 2 TP cancellation to help those who want to do this. Only available until June the 7th, and only available for TP's purchased prior to April 30th.

Your level of membership will not change due to this cancellation opportunity.

New -- If you are upgrading to Executive, all you ahve to have is a "locked" black panel. No longer do you need to have a qualified black panel.

Fast Start Program - people are able to register, choose and select a package (up to black) and get the standard subscription (can always upgrade). You can begin your account and have up to 30 days to pay. The reasons are that because of a lot of credit card fraud in some countries, we needed to have ID's on file before you could use your credit card. This can be a long process, so we didn't want new members to lose their momentum and to go ahead and get started. Absolutely NO EXTENSIONS on this whatsoever. 30 days is the maximum time allowed for payment. If not paid, that package is removed from the account, all panels are removed, and the account goes back to FREE status. The accounts will not be locked, but will basically start over. We are not kicking people out of the program, but they will be able to join at another time. So please don't choose a package you cannot afford.


Niagara Falls? has been downgraded to a mini-tour. For people looking for refunds for the convention, there is a phone number on the website that you can call for refunds on your credit

Will a 3:1 ration rule be released? No, instead we have the new TP rule with reduced bonus and the offer to cancel TP's. We are getting away from those who used only TP's and were making money without doing anything which could be deemed an investment by authorities.

How do we get on the new Leader's Call? It's for leaders of the country. Leaders are selected by the IC's of each country. They are hand picked by them, those who are instrumental in helping operate BB in that country. Contact your IC if you feel you should be included in that category.

Click Incentive? Yes, this is new and people are giving good feedback on this.

Questions on the BB card, the withdrawals that were made to the card. If you are on a list that you need to log in and acknowledge that the funds that were on your card are now in your eWallet. Please do this if you haven't already, so we can send this to the card company.

I'm seeing a lot of positive comments. I am happy to see that!!

Sales are up for BB. The Fast Start is doing incredible, but Paid sales are up as well. Kudos to you and to the leaders, people who have believed in us. the programmers are doing a great job. The site is stable now and with the amount of hits to our website, it's phenomenal the amount of things we have to do to keep the site stable. We have tweaked our 2011 platform as much as possible, to bring our affiliate level into the million mark.

The future is bright. A lot of cool things we are working on. We are pretty excited about things on all fronts.

Thank you for being here and continuing to spread the word and refer others. Have a lovely long weekend (for some) and have a beautiful day.

(end of webinar)

(Linda Lane):

Payouts were mentioned right at the beginning of the call. Chris said that the next money had already been sent to STP and should be released within the next 10 days. He is planning a Payza payment this weekend. Working in date order they are clearing the back lock in full now. If you had a partial payment, the remainder of the pending payment will be paid up in full. I'm sure there will be more notes from someone soon to confirm this.

Friday May 10th 2013

1/ Version 2.9.3 has been launched with a new membership scheme called FastStart.
2/ All partial payments for January/February have now been cleared. We anticipate a money transfer of $10,000,000 to come through our payment processor very soon. Payments will be ‘selective’ based on previous history.
3/ We have cancelled Niagra because we don’t want to waste affiliates money ‘on shiny things‘.
4/ We are holding business seminars in the Carribean at the end of May/June. You can buy tickets for these events (online only) for between $10 and $50.
END OF WEBINAR.             

BB Leadership Call - May 16th, 2013
Chris Smith Speaking:
Thanks for being here. I wanted to go over some of the updates.
Did an STP a couple of nights ago. Doing them in date order. Just so you are not confused. Last time I mentioned March 14th, but if any account was in the negative or ID was not uploaded it would not be paid - if you miss a pay run it catches it on the next run. We clean up the older ones first then get into the more recent dates.
We will do anohter STP in hopefully under 10 days from now. Our wire should hit by Tuesday and we are hoping to do payout end of week.

Payza - we are doing a smaller one this weekend and a larger one next time the wire hits about 10 days from now. Payza there were partials last time, so we will go in and do a combination of date order and completing partials.

I have rec'd positive feedback about the payouts lately.


India - new bank withdrawal for India affiliates. We are looking to get that finished this month with new payout to go out next month. India is looking up to date for withdrawals getting caught up.

New Payout Processor - we have selected a provider. The timing is out of our control in terms of development for the integration of our system. It's taking much longer than we anticipated, but we have to be patient. It will be a great solution moving forward. The previous M/C integration took 10 months before 1st card was shipped out. I don't believe this time it will take that long. But not a quick process.

Updates: …………

Update on investigation by Ontario Securities Commission - No news, so no news is good news.
Independent Audit? Yes, we are still doing that. The company we hired to do that is an American company. This should begin soon.
Fast Start Program? Fast Start program has been a new sucess. We hAve tripled the amount of new packages. We believe there will be favorable percentage of those that will actually pay for those within 30 days. Please remember, in the past in a free account you would pay first then buy package. With the Fast Start program, you just choose to go through the Fast Start Program, but this is not the only choice. You can still fund your account first as in the past, then use your eWallet to purchase new package. Fast Start will automatically give you an IOU. There is a $10 convenience fee. We feel this is fair. So if you have the money, load your account and use eWallet - if not, then use the Fast Start Program.
Fast Start is up to the black package, but you can still upgrade at any time.

Friday May 3rd, 2013 

Chris Smith Speaking:

Good day, this is Chris Smith for BB, Friday, May 3rd. Please excuse my voice, as I am a little under the weather.

Happy to be here. Let's go over the updates. Let's talk about the second annual convention in Niagara Falls. Due to the current sitaution and current challenges, I felt it was irresponsible for us as a company to have such an extravagant event. We have cancelled the actual event, but we don't want to be seen as spending this much money on the event while we have these payout challenges. We will have a scaled back event, a BB Tour on Sunday. The refunds for the Gala dinner will be sent out. The price for the Sunday Gala is now $100. Since this is a BB World tour, we will be able to do that via the eWallet. This is just for Sunday. Maximum capacity is 350 persons, so please if you are still coming or are planning on coming, please secure your seat. These tickets will go on sale on Monday.

Traffic Pack announcement - We announced a rule a couple months ago, the 3:1 rule. After dealing with gov't agencies and legal advice, we do not want to have anything that could be viewed as passive income. We have listened to the feedback and have looked at other ways to accomplish the same goal. So the final decision is that rule will not be in place. that rule is cancelled. Waht we will do is to provide external traffic to a website of your choosing. How that works for external, you can either buy TP subscriptions for internal (to qualify panels) or external for any website of your choice. We will send traffic to those external websites. A new way for incentive traffic, people will go to these websites and can earn incentive traffic.

To make sure we are using other methods, we deciced to restructure the bonus that comes wiht TP's. We were giving you 50K bonus. We have not removed that bonus, and replace with 5,000 (standard), 10,000 (premium) and 15,000 (executive).
Standard will get 55,000, premium will get 60,000 and exevutive will get 65,000. Cancellation rules and penalties are still in effect, but we will allow a maximum of 2 TP's with no penalty. There will be 2 buttons to choose from. This will not affect your membership type. YOur membership cannot be reverted down, only up.

TP subscriptions - if you bought a TP when you were already in the negative, we were still paying a commission to your inviter. That has stopped as of 2 days ago. If you are in the negative no commission will be received by your inviter. In order to make that commission, your referral has to have a positive balance at the time of generating the commission. If your referral is in the negative, that commission is lost.

With all of the changes over the months, we are not prepared to lable all these changes as Version 2.9.3. We will have a list of all these items for your information so that all understand all the updates.

Exciting news is that with 2.9.3 we will be releasing a new membership type. Fast Start Membership - this means you are able to click on a button for a package (if you are brand new) if you want to get started right away, we will allow you to buy a package to get started without any money in your account - you have 30 days to fund your account. You are not able to transfer and no commissions are generated, but as soon as you fund your account, you will havce a full blown account with all benefits. We feel this will benefit everyone to get started with BB fast - and your panels will start earning. We are very excited about this, and we think sales will be favorable as a result. For example, you bring a new person to an information session and they want to begin, then can not start right away. This is coming shortly.

New category in the choice network - online gaming. We are opening up new ways to earn revenue through the gaming industry. As a promoter of these sites, you can also earn.

I mentioned that the first week of may we would be doing a partial for STP. Money has landed and we are now prepared to do another payout over this weekend. Payza is going to be a little longer. We are still waiting on the money transfer for Payza.


Regarding STP - partial or full? We are doing a combination of partial and full based on the time of when the withdrawal request happened. Remember when people had to cancel their BB card, we decided to put them back into the queue, so now we are doing payouts based on date range to accommodate more people.
(sorry did not get all this exactly while he was speaking, may need clarifying)

New payout solution: As I mentioned last week -- some think I'm too far removed from people and do not understand the pain and comments of the members, but I do understand completely. We are definitley moving along to get something in place quickly. I cannot name any companies at this point in time, but we have selected a new solution. We are working hard to get it in place as quickly as possible. For now we continue with STP and Payza to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Alot of good comments in the question area. Thank you for all who are being supportive and who have been with us from the beginning.

Can I get a refund for my VIP tickets? yes we are doing refunds.

Policy and Procedures - there is an update on the website to make it easier to understand - please view those.

Thank you for your comments, both positive and "abrupt" -- I do read them all and I understand your frustration. All I can say is we are here, and we have a solid team in place and will make future announcements in time.

Have a great weekend

(end of webinar)

Friday 26th April 2013
 Q&A Webinar Notes

David Hooker speaking:

Welcome to the call. We are waiting for Chris to get online this morning. We just had a call with him and he is in transit, but will be here in just a few minutes.

Good things are happening here. We are very excited about that. Raj is jumping on the call today also. We know you have many questions. If we don't answer your question today, we always print off the list of questions and have Chris answer them and then send you the answers. Get your people on this call today. We appreciate the "transcribers" who take these webinar notes to the Skype Rooms (that's me LOL )

Raj Speaking:

It's been a while and its nice to be on the call. Chris asked me to do some updates for BB.

Account Coordinator. WE have officially ended this. Anyone who signed up in April will be cancelled and you can have your account back now. When you log in, you should see the cancel button on your dashboard.. please cancel your account coordinator service and take back your account.. There will be no penalty.

In India we are happy to announce that we are set up to do direct deposits. there will be a notice for you to accept in your back office. Upload your banking ID and that information.

First Payout for India Bank Deposits will be May 15th. Stellar Point has taken over the payouts for India, and going forward it will be direct deposits.

Whatever withdrawals are done in one calendar monnth will be paid the following the month. In April we will not make you wait the 30 days. Any withdrawaal request before April 30th will be paid May 15th YAY!!

Please cancel your STP and Payza withdrawal and put your bank deposit in [by April 30 to receive your May 15th payout]. [emohasis added to be more clear]

Traffic Pack Restriction rule will not go into effect on May 1st.. that has been postponed.

Those are all my updates.

Chris speaking:

Sorry, I just came on the call. Thanks Raj. I will answer questions.

Payout Update - big question.

Let me word it this way. People are looking for comfort and solutions or an announcement of a solution. Apart from my words, that I do assure you that you will get paid. I know you want more evidence of these payouts. Or a new solution for payouts. I know everyone is dying to see that. We are working on a few avenues but nothing is ready yet.

I thank you for your patience. I understand your frustration. Sometimes I feel that some people may think I don't know the situation or how bad it looks. I hear everything and I see all the comments in this forum and in Skype and on the Internet. I get your personal emails. I talk to the leaders and IC's. I do hear everything that's going on. this has been somewhat of a new - as far as the banking world is concerned, we have been getting a very quick lesson on international banking and those challenges when you get into 7 figures of money to move around. WE are working diligently on this challenge. Please have the assurance that BB will be here for a long time. We are working on this and we understand your frustration. We are working on everything in the background.

We are excited about the new India potentials and the new offices around the world we have opened.

Partial STP on the 1st of May. We are waiting on that wire.

Last week we did a partial Payza. We will be doing more Payza soon.

We understand it was marked paid, but the stats will change to paid/partial. It was marked as paid so no one would mistakenly use the reverse option during payouts. Some of these were full payouts and some were partial.

Payza - we used to take the report and do the payout. This has changed now, so we have to retrofit our script for future payouts to Payza.
India (additional) you cannot do a withdrawal without your ID uploaded.. All info for you is in your back office.. read it thoroughly.

Raj has been quite busy with the Stellar Point offices worldwide. Thank you for being here.

I talked about the payouts. I know it's not exactly what you want to hear. We have made strides. The next STP and Payza will be beginning of May. We are waiting on money to hit our accounts to then do those payouts.

I will be in Poland for those sessions, I look forward to that. That's all for today. We will talk soon. Thank you for attending.

(end of webinar)

Friday 19th April 2013

Chris Smith speaking:

Hello, this is Chris Smith for your Friday Q&A webinar.


One, we have a new negative ewallet balance rule. Just to clarify, what happens is if you have a negative balance you cannot qualify panels. If you are below your monthly commitment, your monthly threshold, let's say your monthly is $500, so you cannot go below that. What's new is, you can buy a package with the money. If you are below your threshold, you can "transfer" that package, but you cannot transfer panels if you are below threshhold. This is bevause it was not fair to make the new member wait because your ewallet was too low.

Transferring panels. You cannot transfer panels to an account where there is no active package. You always need to have a package first before you can have panels.

2.9 introduced 4 streams of qualification. So now, if it's a purchased panel and you lock it, your inviter gets a sales credit. Now, your inviter will always get a sales credit no matter how that newly purchased panel is qualified.
This is another change.

Balance on BB Card: Most took all the money off the card. Smaller amounts were left on the card. As of yesterday, those balances were put into your eWallet. For people who received this, there is an acknowledgement page. Vector needs to know that you know you got your money back.

Alot of talk on the 1/3 traffic pack rule. The original date was April 1st. During March there were times we had some challenges. So we thought the timing was not right to introduce the new rule. However, we have listened to all the feedback, and we are re-evaluating that rule. It is now still on for May 1st, but we are looking for alternatives for that rule! It is not currently in place, and before it goes live, "if" it does go live, we will make an announcement. End of the month we will let you know. Thank you for all the feedback.

We have a new feedback and comment page in your back office. You can provide any comments, suggestions, broken links. We are definitely listening to you. We want you to speak out. We want your comments. Lots of events coming up in Ireland. If you are in Ireland, please come to those event. Lorenzo will be there, he will be continuing on the BB tour. I will join him in Poland, and we are looking forward to it. Please look at the event page and attend if you can. The Big Event in Niagara Falls this summer. If you need a letter of qualification to come to Canada, please let us know and we will provide that. Make sure you book your flights, and accommodations early.

David Hooker:

To all the Irish afffiliates, make sure you get everyone you can to the Ireland events with Lorenzo. The Poland event will be around 1,000 people. If you have an contacts in Ireland or Poland, please let them know about the events.

The tickets to Niagara are going very fast. This will definitely be one of the largest events ever for BB. This will be exciting. This event will be full of training - many training packages released on Saturday. Chris and Raj will be sharing their visions for the future. Information session on Friday night are always powerful. Tremendous amount going on for this event, big plans!! Please attend if you can.

Chris Speaking:

Payouts: There was an STP partial payout last week. The next payout for STP will be the beginning of May. We want to do these as often as possible, but we need to move money into STP, and then the payouts are done instantly. The delay is not STP, it is the banking system sending money across.

Payza payout is scheduled to happen today.. Partial payout. Good news with Payza, that one will be larger, as there were less payouts pending to Payza. Please check your Payza info in your back office.

Additional items:

We have cleaned up the dashboard. We have a news page, with news archives. Webinar schedule.

Some people are asking for the updates and new rules to be posted. All updates are there. You must go there and read it. Most people just bypass the NEWS ARCHIVE section of your account. Please use it and read it. WE have a Twitter account, a Blogsspot, dashboard and webinars, please use these communication tools.

All I have covered today is on your dashboard under News Archives..


Alot of repeat questions. We've talked about updates, payouts, the 1/3, 2/3 rule, Niagara Falls. Most of the questions were about those things.

Please visit and tune in and stay in touch.

Let's rock BB.. Sales for BB are up quite a bit. We are having a 7 Week High right now. Guys, thank you so much. Have a great weekend.

(end of webinar)

(notes prepared by Linda Lane)

Friday 12th April 2013 
Q&A Webinar Notes:

Chris Smith speaking:

Hello guys, sorry about the time, had Internet problems. I know there are alot of questions in here. Let's get rolling.

First is the partial payouts with STP. there will be some partial payouts for Payza. this is something we've talked about on the webinars. Because of the limitations we do have sending large amounts country to country, we now have a large number of affiliates across the world. In order to faciliate that, while we're looking to the long term solution in terms of our payouts. We do have something in place that we will be showing you very soon.

If you're wondering about the amount, it will be 90 to 150 for STP and Payza for this run. It will be based on a calculation. Some people with a small withdrawal will have the full amount paid. Larger withdrawals will be up to $150 for now, for the next couple of runs, then we will be able to clear this all up.

Back office it will show partial payout. This explains why and how this is happening.

Card Account Refund:

Shipping and handling fee for BB card was $35. that was charged the moment of activation. People who have the card activated, there was a cost for us, however, for those people who have never rec'd a payout to their card, BB decided to eat that fee, and to refund to those members. Everyone who had not rec'd a commission payment to your card will receive a refund. If you did receive payouts to your cards, then you will not be refunded.

Other refund for the cards is people who had balance remaining. We asked you to all withdraw all the money off the card. Deadline came and there is still money on the card. We decided to do a reversal back into your eWallet if you had any balance on your BB Card. This will be done over the next little while. There is more info in the back office. There is a Vector URL login where you can get more information on this.

Mercedes Blue Panel contest:

For this contest we are giving away a brand new Mercedes. To qualify for it, you must buy a Mercedes panel. It is twice the price, you get twice the ad impressions. You get the entry and your inviter receives an entry. IT's a fully qualified panel. Sales are going crazy for this panel. It's fantastic to see. It's coming along better than planned.

2nd Annual BB Convention in Niagara Falls. Tickets are on sale. We are offering tickets via Credit card. Click on the banner in your back office and you will see all the info on the convention. It's shaping up very nicely. We've scoped out the venue and location and hotels in the area. Everything is coming together. It will be a spectacular event. tickets are going fast. It will sell out, so get your tickets soon.


Blogs that were rejected, denied? It is a good point that there should be a reason for the denial, and we should put this in place. If you spend the time to do this, you need to have your effort rewarded. I will get this up to date with a reason box why it was denied.

Payouts? ID is mandatory for all payouts. If you did not receive your payout, you may not have had your ID uploaded or your account may have been in the negative.

Payza for withdrawals? Yes, you can use Payza.

BB site, is it stable now? Yes, it has been doing very good now. We were down several times due to the server attacks throughout the world. many companies including ours were affected about internet outages due to these attacks.

USA Direct Deposit payouts? That has now stopped as of last week. Now we are doing STP or Payza only until the new method is implemented.

BB TV -- keep up to date on this. We are glad to have that launched.

A lot of the questions are repeated. We will close for today. Thank you for being a part of BB. Last week has been fantastic for sales. We are in a new era, and sales are going great. Keep up the good work. Talk to you soon.

(end of webinar)

5th April 2013

(*) Friday Q&A Webinar 

Chris Smith speaking:

Thanks you so much for attending. Sorry I am a little late. Lots going on, lots to go over. David Hooker will be on to discuss Niagara.

We did a major server move to a new hosting environment. The main reason is that there was a large internet attacks around the world and BB was not excluded from that. So security was part of the reason. With the server move came a few quirks. Application is alive and breathing. Elements that were working with the old hardware were not working well with the new.

A couple things - TP's were not being shown, that is now rectified. The panel movement was not working correctly, the visual representation. Even though you weren't seeing it on your screen, in the background everything was moving fine. Information is stored.

There was a slight problem with Payza funding (march 20 to a couple days ago) anyone who paid with Payza were not seeing the funding. Now this has been rectified and you will now see your funding in eWallet.

Serverside caching - results were that there was weird things happening when you qualified panels. Because of the amount of traffic that is hitting the site, we are using this technique to increase the speed of the webiste, so your experience would be better. With the move, serverside caching was acting up. That has been tweeked and adjusted.

The site on the whole is working well. If you see it go down for a few minutes, don't worry. try again in few minutes.


I did promise last week that we were going to start doing partial payouts. The unfortunate part is that we have not received the bank wires yet. We are moving money from country to country so that we can do the STP payout. One reason for the delay was the Easter weekend and banks closed. The money has left the source bank and should be to us any time. As soon as this wire arrives, then we will do payout over the weekend. I really appreciate the patience. I want to be open and honest with you. We will get it done as soon as humanly possible.


502 Gateway - this is due to traffic

1/3 New Rule Traffic - this has been postponed. Now is not the right time. We will give you updates when we are ready to go live with that.

Whitelisting - Canada, UK, US, Australia and Austria. When you are paying Allied Wallet, they want to have ID on file. This is due to high fraud over the Internet. Please upload your ID.

(*) Announcement:
New Product Launch

We are proud to bring to you....

BBTv - 
We will be bringing you videos and shows throughout the week. We are proud to have this as a new mode of communication!!

David Hooker speaking to discuss the Niagara Convention and other updates:

We are proud of BB TV! We have been recording videos for you, and we think this is a very great medium. Many BB Leaders will be recording videos and doing interviews with some of our ICs.

No matter where you are or what you do, there are so many good things happening here at BB. Many things you don't know about. We are doing many things with legal authorities, setting up bank accounts, meeting the compliance issues head on. Many good things are happening with BB.

Keep up to date with all this on BB TV.. new content added often.

Niagara Falls -

We are expecting to see all USA members come up to the Canada side of Niagara. Beautiful accommodations... $34/night right up to the Penthouse veiws of Niagara, there is something for every budget. If you are looking to expand your business, make sure you come to meet thousands of others.

Scotia Bank Convention Centre. A stunning place. A perfect place for BB to have their annual convention.

BB Gala Night - come dressed in your best - a stunning tuxedo, a beautiful gown. If you don't have a tuxedo, that's okay.. just dress your best.

Friday night and Saturday presentations will be amazing. Come meet Chris and Raj and all the BB team. We have gone through alot this year.. come celebrate our journey and our victories.

Please get your tickets (?)

(sorry, hard for me to understand David -- I'm doing my best)

July 19-21 - Niagara Convention.

IC Summit on the 18th.

Please watch BB TV for upcoming news about BB, about Niagara and meet the leaders, learn about BB.


I am excited. I am in the Scotia Bank Convention Center right now, putting the final touches on. This convention center is looking fabulous. We are putting our ideas on paper creating this. You are all going to be wow-ed!!

Go into your back office which will take you to the website to buy tickets. We only have a certain number of VIP tickets available. VIP tickets are selling out fast.

2000 tickets available for Gala Dinner. Those are selling out fast.

Letter Invites - if you need a letter of invite, please submit this request. If you have an IC or a Stellar Point office send to them. If you are not in one of those countries, submit to our office in Canada. Someone in our office will be handling that. Please submit all inforation that is required for that letter for that country.

If you have any questions about the convention. One of the support staff members will answer your questions. You can call Stellar Point directly for answers to your questions about the Niagara Contention: 289-316-0507

Buying Tickets - right now use the methods on the website. By end of day today we will be making this easier for members to purchase tickets. You may use your Credit Card.

David Hooker:

Go to BB TV and enjoy the content.

Thanks for being on the call. We appreaciate all your hard work.

God Bless.

29th March 2013:

Friday Q&A Webinar 

Chris Smith speaking:

Payout Update:

(Sorry I joined 2 minutes late)

Chris was mid-sentence.
... Raises red flags when you try to send over 8 figures in small period of time. We can't send a wire without raising eyebrows. Because of these lmitations, before we were using the BB card.. now we are behind in payouts. Its no secret. What we decided to do is, based on the money sitting in the eWallets, rather than continuing the way we've done and being 8 weeks late.. we have decided to do partial payouts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, until we get caught up. This will give people a chance to get caught up.

For example, if you withdrew $1,000 and you get a partial payment, this will appear in the log as a partial payment. the theory behind this is the best we have right now, to get the payouts all caught up and get payouts going on a more frequent payment schedule.
This will begin this week. Payza will be first, STP will be next, beginning this week.

We appreciate your patientce. we know people are in need of payouts, and we know this. We understand. Please understand that there are emails that I cannot possibly personally respond to, there are only so many hours in the day.

I understand your problems and we are addressing them as quickly as we can. We are doing all we can do on our side to facilitate this.

Panel Movement:

Last week and this week we had some server problems, and we were able to migrate to a new server. the problem with the new server has to do with how the engine was structured. The BB application (software) version 2.9, there are several components. the sales engine is kind of separated, and once we did the port to the new server, we need to reconnect everythng to work in harmony. this reconnection has not been completed, that's why you have not seen the visal display of the movement. Your ad space sales are moving forward. Your visual display will JUMP to where it needs to be when you are able to see the display visually. Do not worry. The programmers are working on this as fast as they can, and this should be completed at the beginning of the week.
Caching of the System:

You may see weird/strange results. Example: if you qualify a panel and cannot see it properly yet. This is due to server caching. In order to display everything quicker for you, we store this on the server. Server site caching (techy stuff). The negative side of this is that what you may be seeing may not be fresh. It works well on all the other pages, but the panel pages are not working as we planned. We need to adjust this so you can see fresher data as quickly as possible. this is all a load on the server. So if you see anything that doesn't look normal, we are aware of this. I have just explained the global answer to this. We will be relaxing the caching and the display problem will be fixed
Server uptime:

We are now more stable in our new server. We did have a few blips, caused by the enormous amount of traffic. We should be more stable now and be able to stay up more.

Tickets for Niagara:

Ticket purchases should be available this week coming.

BB Millionaires club awards at the convention. We are looking forward to all the festivities we have planned for you.

Make sure you get your tickets and travel plans and passport taken care of in time to attend.

We mentioned that we will be going live April 1st with the TP allotment, the 1:3 ratio. This has been POSTPONED..


Seeing odd things on your screen: explained the "caching" above.

Bank Deposits for US?? That is available at this point.

Panel movement? explained above.

In order for the complimentary panels to move you have to have active campaigns. You can use a BB campaign and banners
Is there training on campaigns? we will be having webinars throughout the week for training. Watch your website for these and register.

What is the partial payout? We will divide it out among all waiting payouts.. No set percentage.

Can we buy tickets through eWallet? No, only Credit Card or STP

We want more communication? This is necesary on our part. We attempt to do this as often as possible. This webinar was originally cancelled due to the holiday, but I decided to do it anyway. We are trying to communicate more with members.
Alternative card programs: we are looking at many options. Please send in your suggestions if you have a good option. WE know this needs to happen and will be doing this shortly.

Lots of repeat questions.

Thank you so much. We still have a full house here. we appreciate your time and effort with BB. I wish you all a Happy Easter. STay strong.. keep promoting BB. We love all of you.

end of webinar

22nd March 2013

David Hooker speaking:

Chris is traveling and tied up with corporate things. A tremendous amount happening. I've been in Paris, and have now arrived here in Spain meeting tremendous leaders and members later tonight.

Blue Mercedes promotion. Blue mercedes panel. Someone will be driving a beautiful Mercedes which will be given away in Niagara Falls in July.

You need to be present in Niagara Falls to be eligible to win.

WEbsite has been down for maintenance due to problems with major cyber attacks which have affected our service provider, so we have now decided to change service providers and will be back up soon. There is a new maintenance message up. The website will be back up soon.

Stephanie spoke about the upcoming convention in July at Niagara Falls, Canada. When the site comes back up, please see the information about buying your tickets.

If you need a letter of invite for this convention in order to get a visa to attend, please contact your IC in your country. If you are in a country that does not have an IC, please send email: to request the invitation letter and one of our team will get back to you.

Tickets for the event will be on sale early next week. If you have any further questions, please call Stellar Point for more detailed information. Stellar Point is hosting our wonderful event and can give you all the detailed information.

If you are serious about your business, you really should attend the invention. It will help grow your business in the future.

We are anxious to get back online for a faster and smoother experience on the website.

Thank you.

end of webinar

MARCH 13th, 2013

Chris speaking:

Unfortunate news that Mastercard has ceased to want to operate with us with our Prepaid Card option. As you know we have been promoting this specifically, as we truly believed this was the best option. Unfortunately Mastercard has the option in their contract to cancel the contract anytime. The email I received said that because of bad publicity surrounding Banner Brokers, they would not want to be associated with BB any longer.

What does this mean for you? If you are currently a card holder, you have 10 days, March 22nd, to use the card. Limit is $1,000 day to withdraw, $2500/day to spend.. please empty your card by March 22nd. If you still have a balance, Vector will mail out checks and it could take another 90 days, so please unload your card as quickly as possible.

Anyone who has recently paid for their card, we will be refunding that. For people who have not yet received card, it will not be shipped. If you have a payment pending to your BB Card, those payments will not be made. So please do a REVERSAL. If you do not do it, BB will do a global reversal of all pending payouts.

So, again, what does this mean for Banners Broker? The card was definitely a plus to have. I felt good about it. And I'm sure you did, too. Banners Broker is more than just a card. Banners Broker is here and we are moving on. The card being gone does not affect BB at all for the future. We will put other payout options in place and you are able to use STP and Payza in the interim as we look for other solutions.

Today I have CEO and President of Vector Card Services with us. This is to give you another perspective and the background of what has happened over the past few days and how we move forward. Vector is the provider of the BB Card.

CEO of Vector: Ted Nam (sp)

Hi everyone. I may have met you in the UK and I apologize my first address is under these circumstances. I wanted to participate in this webinar to lay out the facts of what has happened, as I'm sure Chris and you guys are. I wanted to address you as the rep of the program. I want to outline the facts. I'm goign to endeavor to explain what has expired and to make sure that the right decision has been made. Facts are, there has been a growing number of online campaigns originating from bloggers, independent and disgruntled BB'er and just plain bloggers, and unfortunatley this has caused quite a stir. I thought we had a handle on them by implementing a online task force to go after these "counter-information" bloggers and with threats of legal proceedings. Unfoertunately, the noise became louder. Despite what has happened, we believe this is a good business, and Chris has agreed to move forward to invite an independent auditor to come in and audit BB and prove this is a great company.

Unfortunately, this online "noise" and bad publicity has come to the attnetion of Mastercard, and even though there is no logic or reason, Mastercard has decided to close the program. This is not what I wished, and as a company, we apologize to all who have supported our great program.

(continued on part 2)
WEBINAR notes (Part 2)

Chris Smith speaking:

I will answer some questions. I am seeing alot of positive support here on the webinar and I do appreciate it. We are sticking together and we will prevail. This is a big challenge and I realize it does not look good and may feed into some of the negative bloggers, but we are strong and we will survive this and move forward. We are here for the long term. We are going to be very strict with our compliance rules. I applaud the compliance department on a great job they have done to comb through the internet and cleaned up hundreds of blogs and sites and YouTube videos that were non-compliant.

The internet can do wonderful things and can also be very harmful. The negative press was not good, and Mastercard has warned us a few times about things we are not allowed to say about the BB Mastercard.


STP and Payza - how long will these withdrawals take? I will be honest, we were moving away from these processors and moving toward the card platform because of delays in these ways. We do not have an instantaneous solution for these methods. We will try to respect the timeline for being in line for your withdrawals. If you are reversing your BB Card withdrawals, we will try to still respect the time line of your original withdrawal.

We are looking for other solutions.

CEO of Vector again:

You will see additional info come to you from Vector as this program is wound down. We will be forthcoming with all these communicatons. I encourage all cardholders to take advantage of the card to draw down on your card, either ATM withdrawals or use for POS transaction. The fastest way is to draw down your balance in the next 10 days.

Chris Smith:

One other thing, we are sticking to the max withdrawal of $10,000 per month to STP.

I am pleasantly surprised. I am looking for questions, but I am seeing so many wonderful comments of support from all the members. We will be posting these positive comments for all to see. Thank you for your support.

PayPal? PayPal has some strict guidelines and it is not the best platform to use, so we will not be using PayPal.

Reversals - you can do this manually or wait for the global reverse coming within the week.

Card Limitations for withdrawals. You can withdraw $1,000/day to ATM and $2500/day using POS transactions. USD. 10 days is plenty of time to do this.

After the 22nd of March, the card will cease to work. Please de-load the card ASAP.

This marks a milestone for BB, which is not particularly positive, but we will come together and come up with solutions.

BB is here to stay!! Take Care, guys

End of Webinar

Banners Broker Iceland
6 March
Review of BB v2.9 with Raj - Webinar notes 6 March 2013

Raj speaking

Good morning. When we were in Manchester, we went over the new v2.9, we recorded it, but the recording is not ready. Some leaders were spreading the news, but there were misconceptions, so I am repeating it:

I am the CEO for Stellar Point International. I also serve as a senior advisor for BB CEO Chris Smith. My role is to ensure that BB is in compliance.

This webinar is being recorded, so I am not typing Raj's presentation word-for-word today

(But I will summarize)

History of BB

Everything we do must be good for BB, good for the longevity. Must be good for compliance:

* Marketing guideline of terminology
* Complliance Department (June 2011)
now headed by David Hooker
* Began Training of affiliates (July 2011)
* Created a new website (Jan. 2012)
* Stopped allowing multiple accts. (Jan.2012 - BB2)
* Created IC program to ensure our growth.
* Stellar Point contracted (April 2012)
* KYC - "know your customer" protocol (July 2012)
* Brand ambassador - Lorenzo Guarini (Oct. 2012)
* Support improved
* BB 2.9 - (Feb 2013)

Challenges - Yes we have had challenges. Is this unique to us? No. Microsoft, each version has upgrades multiple times. You cannot have a problem free program. Even new games released have firmware upgrades constantly after launch.

We have an entire team of programmers working on these upgrades constantly.

Banners Broker - Why Change?

Most of us do not like change. I am the same way. But from a compliance point of view and the longevity of BB, change has been necessary.

I helped write the original terms and conditions. I am helping him write the new terms of conditions which will be released over the weekeend.

#1 terms & conditions - this is a living document.. you accepted that there will be change as needed.

1. Exec. membership (covered in back office)
2. New Package and Panel - Prestige.
3. New types of traffic hits
(described allocation)
(Organic Traffic)
Choice network is being revamped. We brought on a new broker and their network. Currently the network is down but will be back in business next week.
Incentive traffic - we have alot of customers in our network and you will be writing articles for blogs on their websites to earn traffic.
4. Traffic Banks
(showed how to qualify panels in the new system)
5. Qualification
(showed this on screen)

COMPLIANCE AND LONGEVITY are the 2 most important things to BB. They work hand in hand and dictate changes:

You cannot promote BB as 100% passive program. Our affiliates have been advertising BB as an investment. We have had to answer questions from many agencies throughout the world. We are proactively monitoring affiliates to be sure you are promoting BB properly, to ensure longevity.

ZERO tolerence for non-compliance. Your account will be locked.. You have a chance to correct it, if you do not, you will be banned from BB.

New Policy effective March 1st. Account Coordinator service can only be used for 6 months. Longer than this would look like an investment advisor. You have time to get familiar with the program.

New members can use the AC service for 6 months. during that time we will be holding training seminars and webinars so that you have an opportunity to learn the program.

Existing customers - Account Coordinator service will continue until August 1st. At that time it will end with no cancellation fee. Let me make it clear. If you are using this service today, you are committed to this service until August 1st.

If you choose to cancel before August 1st - regular cancellation fees will apply.

This gives all members time to learn how to build their business. David and Grant are putting together some amazing training materials.

Minimum Floor Enforced - Withdrawals. Many people have withdrawn to ZERO. Leaving not enough money for monthly committments. Now you must have your monthly committment in your account as a "floor" as a "float". You may withdraw over and above that figure.

BB has $32 million negative accounts. If you do not have a minimum floor, you cannot withdraw or do transfers of panels or packages.

Example: Prem. $100, TP's $500, total $600. If you have $1000 in eWallet, then you can withdraw $400. $600 must remain in your account.

Traffic packs - April 1st 2013

Allowance or Ratio

You cannot use strictly Traffic Packs. This makes BB an passive program.

1/3rd ratio

Our of every 3 panels, 1 must be qualified by other types of traffic.

April 1st... example 100 panels

1st 10 colors have no restrictions.

Next 60 I can qualify using TP's, remainging 30 must be qualified with sales credits, organic traffic or incentive traffic.

Grandfather clause - all existing panels are NOT affected.

THERE WILL BE A SOLUTION FOR TRAFFIC PACK COMMITMENTS - you will be allowed to reduce your Traffic Pack commitment - we will announce this as april 1st gets closer.

INCENTIVE TRAFFIC - no referring needed. but it is not passive.
Write blogs
example - write 36 blogs, you would earn enough to qualify a blue panel.
This is not alot of writing. Is it worth spending one hour or a few hours a day to earn traffic? Yes.

You can qualify your panels via incentive traffic. It is not a requirement to recruit.


You can earn traffic in several diferent ways. Incentive traffic is one of them.

Your success is directly related to the effort you put into this.

Please do not promote BB as passive.

April 1st - ACTIVE CAMPAIGNS are now required. For complimentary panels and regular panels you must have one active campaign.

We are not an investment or a passive program.


1 out of every 10 panels per color must be set to 100%. Our new brokers are requiring more impressions being purchased, this will enable this to happen. Setting to 100% you will get twice the product and twice the impressions. We appreciate your help in this matter.

COMPLIANCE and LONGEVITY will dictate the following:

Is it good for BB
Is it good for the affiliates
Is it good for the longevity of BB

Annual withdrawal limit: $500,000
per calendar year.

1st $500,000 no restriction
2nd $500,000 - 50% sales qualifier triggered.

Official info sessions will only be done by BB Officials.

This does not mean that affiliates cannot do presentations or info sessions. It means you must state that your session is not an official BB session. But you must use the BB presentation.

As we travel the world, we will be doing official BB information session. IC's will be doing private information sessions, and the audience must understand that the session is not sanctioned by BB. We want the same sessions and information communicated throughout the world.

There are no official BB offices anywhere other than Isle of Man and India. The IC offices and other offices all over the world are not BB offices. These are companies that have been given the contract to provide support or training.
(please watch the recording for details of this)

Longevity of BB is the #1 priority. We want BB around for many, many years.

2nd Annual World Convention will be held July 19-21 - Ontario, Canada - Scotiabank Convention Center.
Niagara Falls. Tickets go on sale next week!

We will be giving away a Mercedes Benz. New Panel - Mercedes Panel. Each purchase will give you one entry in the drawing. You must be present at the convention to win!!

These are very brief notes of Raj's presentation - please watch the recorded webinar for details and to hear Raj directly go over the presentation of all the new 2.9 changes!! Please watch the video to understand the changes in BB and why they were made to ensure the longevity of BB!

BB is solid, is growing, and will be here for years to come!

This webinar is being recorded.

(end of webinar)

March 1st  2013 
Friday Q&A Webinar Notes

We are up to the February 16th for the BB card. If your due date was prior, you have been paid. If 17th or after we are paying on a daily basis. we are still behind but catching up. In order to reduce support calls.. we removed Due Date and put TBD, to be determined, until we are caught up. Becasue we are behind we are tryign to reduce support calls. we know the dates you are due to be paid, but no longer displaying it.

Payza and STP, we are looking for the next run this weekend. Payza went out last week. STP 10 days ago. Next ones are this weekend. We are tryign to wrap up to the end of January and then through February. We are working hard on this.

USA - via bank deposit is no longer available. Pending withdrawals will be paid. the option is no longer available so you will have to use BB debit card in the future. Busienss accounts - contact support and we can contact Payza and STP for you.

If you have more than $10,000 w/d for the month, first do that to BB card, then we will arrange a further payment for you.

Chris Smith speaking:

Sorry for the late start. Had some issues here on my end. Hope it sounds okay. (we can't hear him too good from my end)

Today is March 1st and we just wrapped up the UK event and it was a success. A few people will say a few words here.

Martin Wild and David Hooker will speak for a moment.

David Hooker: while Chris comes out of his fish tank. We've just returned from the UK. It was an amazing experience. Over 1500 people, a tremendous response from the UK and from all over the world. Amazing event. 700 on Friday, tremendous training program on Saturday. Sunday it was a session with Chris and Raj for an outline for the future of BB and Stella Point, going through how it will be. Highlights on Sunday was the fact that reseller from India, Ana, guest appearance on Sunday. She is now back in India to help us run the business over there, which has never stopped running.

Saturday night was wonderful, dancing, dinner. We originally doubted 1500 would actually come, but they did and it was a phenomenal event. Even though we had not enough room on Saturday, it turned out great. It was phenomenal.

POland is next towards the end of April. Venue dates will be there very soon. Poland promises 2000 people. They said, "you haven't seen nothing yet" so it will be fantastic in Poland.

Martin Wilde update:

I'd like to congratulate POland if they beat what we did in the UK. I was blown away. Not everything went as planned but it was exceptional. All feedback has been positive. I'd like to thank everyone who came to support the event. I promised 2 things, that everyone who came on the Gala would have an unforgettable evening. It exceeded my expectations. I promised a new confidence in BB and you should start to see that now. YOur business will never be the same. We are entering a new chapter in our journey. I am excited for everyone in BB, being in Manchester will be an asset in the future. I am proud to be associated with a company like BB. It is a phenomenal concept. BB is the best vehicle to allow you to make a difference in your life. Thank Chris and the team personally for having the vision to take BB from an idea to what it is today. Chris, you should be proud.

Chris speaking - audio better!!!

We are looking for your feedback from those who went to the tour. Go to and at the bottom, you can tell us about your experience. This goes over to our FollowBB site also. You can upload pictures to the FollowBB site.. this will be a spot where you can see past events and future events.
World Tour website will be focused ont the upcoming and current world tours.


We are up to the February 16th for the BB card. If your due date was prior, you have been paid. If 17th or after we are paying on a daily basis. we are still behind but catching up. In order to reduce support calls.. we removed Due Date and put TBD, to be determined, until we are caught up. Becasue we are behind we are tryign to reduce support calls. we know the dates you are due to be paid, but no longer displaying it.

Payza and STP, we are looking for the next run this weekend. Payza went out last week. STP 10 days ago. Next ones are this weekend. We are tryign to wrap up to the end of January and then through February. We are working hard on this.

USA - via bank deposit is no longer available. Pending withdrawals will be paid. the option is no longer available so you will have to use BB debit card in the future. Busienss accounts - contact support and we can contact Payza and STP for you.

If you have more than $10,000 w/d for the month, first do that to BB card, then we will arrange a further payment for you.

New on the Website:

Banner on dashboard to send your comments and feedback. Pleas do not abuse the email address there, it is for UK experience only, not support.

Credit Card Authorization - NEW PAGE.

Trying to combat fraud. Alot of stolen credit cards create problems. I have been a victim of this in the past. People are stealing info from cards and this can create a problem with fraud. So, go here and fill out this form.. all members with BB card. Your signature needs to be on file, in case of future fraud activity. This will help with the bank to prove it was an authorization transactions. This is to protect you. This has been mandated by Allied Wallet.

All members must fill out this form!!

Help us, so we can help you be secure!

Next BB Tour is Poland. We will start ticket sales earlier. Expecting an enormous amount of people.

For people who came on Saturday in the UK, we ran out of space. What happened was another event was happening at same time, and they wanted the amount of people capped. Some people who had a ticket were not allowed in. Some of these things were out of our control. we will definitley issue a REFUND. We have a list of those who require a refund. We need a written notice on file that you need a refund.

Send your notice for a refund to

It was crazy and fantastic, but unfortunate that some did not get in. We are sorry and will be issuing refunds.

Our ANNUAL EVENT will be at end of July in Niagara Falls. Please get tickets well in advance. Capacity is for 2,000 people only, so get your tickets early for this event.


Executive members - you now have a VIP support line available for you and your BB profile. On left side of dashboard -- Social Profile. You may fill in your social profile and be able to get your info on the net. We will demo this next week.

He showed Martin Wilde's social profile (not completed yet) There is a link to your own personal page. You can promote your site on social networks. You can upload your photo, then write something about yourself and your BB experience.. complete all areas the UPDATE your profile. Once it is completed it will be shown on this site is not populated yet, but will be soon as people fill otu their profiles. Comments will be allowed on these profiles, and owners will have control of the comments.

Please fill out your profile if you are Execvutive Member

Q: Do BB card holders have to fill out the form? Do not confuse Allied Wallet with Vector. So, yes, all members must do the card authorization form.

Q: UPGRADE subscription page? We will look at this and make sure it's active and correct.

Some of the questions will be posted on the website. We are wrapping it up. Please have a nice weekend. Thank you for being a part of BB.

End of webinar

 22nd Feb 2013

Friday Q&A Webinar
Chris Smith Speaking YAY

I am sitting in Manchester for the BB World Tour. Alot of excitement. Events planned and will get rolling tonight with the info session. it is a SOLD OUT event!!! Workshops tomorrow, Sunday is the Presentation with details on 2.9

Short webinar today..


Payouts - getting closer and closer to being real time with BB debit Card. Only week and a half behind schedule now. STP has been paid to mid-January, Payza to end of January. If you are still waiting, most likely there is something wrong with the account, for example, if the acccount was in the negative, or if there is a situation on the STP end. If you have any payouts dated December, please contact support to get it cleared up.
10% Rule - Previous Webinars we did not cover all the aspects of 2.9. Programmers have done a great job. With out new partners for the media purchasing, in order to supply higher numbers, what we are asking of you is your help. For only one out of 10 that you qualify, we want this set to 100%. This gives us a bigger buying position with our supplier. We need to add this to What's New to 2.9.
If you have not received your BB Card, please contact Vector.
How to upload ID? You can even use your phone to do this, take a picture and upload. or Scan a picture and upload.
USA Bank - We have caught up December, and we will be catching up january soonl.

USA will get a 1099 for all bank withdrawals that went to your US Bank via G Cube Media - Wells Fargo. These will be sent out.
India Payouts - Bank payouts to India are all completed to end of January. Option was removed after that. STP to end of January was completed. These options are not available again. It was removed briefly, but is back.

ID approvals should be as soon as 24 hours, same day, max 72 hours. We ar processing them same day for most of them.

Alot of good questions, alot of sesssions going on in the UK. Gotta run. Talk soon

End of webinar!!!

15th Feb 2013

Chris Smith speaking:

Exciting times. UK Tour coming soon. Lots of hard work to make this happen. We appreciate this. Introduce again, Martin Wilde.

Martin Wilde speaking:

Only 32 tickets left for the Gala. When those are gone, no more tickets. Thank you all for your support. Did the menu tasting yesterday, and I was very impressed.
Saturday begins at 10:00 AM. Parking may be limited on that day. There are many reserved places, but Sunday will be more available. Get there early to register for parking. There is parking close to the grounds if the grounds are full
Friday is a FREE event to bring your guests along. Hope to see lots of you at the UK Tour.

Chris speaking again:


Payouts - all pending requests through December has been cleared up. anyone whose account was in the negative were not paid. If your account was locked, your payout was not paid. These requests were put on hold. We have now paid out to all pending from 2012 or we have reversed it back into your eWallet.
Allied Wallet - any missing fundings have been reversed and should be nback on your card.
January Payouts for the BB Card, you will see payouts over the weekend and we will be close to getting 100% close. The sync you see when you log in is BB syncing with Vector to make sure all cards are properly ordered, activated, etcetera.
We are not caught up through end of December for all over the world. We are now catching up for January and then you will begin seeing the payouts done within the correct timeframe.
The BB cards are the future. Once this is all synced, it will work great.

Payza - we have cleaned up all accounts for everyone. Now we will make the payouts happen over the weekend.
US BANK DEPOSITS == sent out on a daily basis. Each one is handled separately, each bank has a different process. These are happening daily. This option is now removed, as well as STP and Payza. BB Card will be used in the future.

Exciting times ahead for BB.

Version 2.9 updates:

Launch date is still Feb. 19th
at 10:00 AM site will go down for the switchover for several hours. This will be on your dashboard. When site comes back, it will be Version 2.9.

New Membership type - Executive
New Package for sale
New Panel for sale
Traffic Boosters price lowered for Executive
Phone support for Executives will begin.. this will be a new and separate number.
New fees for Phone Support will be in effect:
standard - $7 per question
premium - 1 free/week - $5 additional
executive - FREE on new Line, $25 if you call the old line.

These fees are not to penalize you, but to encourage people to use the ticket system and only use phone for very important matters.

Our support tickets are now on a daily turnaround basis. Worst case scenario is 48 hours. Same day or next day for all tickets.

Grandfather Clause -

10-29 Traffic Packs

1. If you add any TP's you will auto upgrade to Executive.

If you don't have a black panel, then you will need to get one, in this case, and be upgraded to Executive.

2. If you withdraw over $10,000 in any calendar month.

Allocation of traffic explained.

What happens to current traffic?? Very important. If you currently havce actual sales credits, then your sales credit banks will be the same, split into 7 colors. i.e., if you had enough to qualify 10 greens, that will still be there.

For Purchased traffic, you will see a table for allocating. This is for ALL NON-SALES TRAFFIC. You will need to allocate it into the banks. This is so the traffic will sit in the correct color bank. you will see this when you log in for 2.9

Q: if I have 3 million in General traffic, will I have to allocate when I first log in?

You are not forced to do it immediately, and go to any page within back office, but cannot use your traffic until it's allocated.

Q: Purpose of allocated traffic?

We are going to 28 traffic banks.. 7 colors, 4 types of traffic, so in order to use it, you need to put it in the bank then withdraw it to qualify panels. Before it was just one bank, now they are separate. There will be 4 different banks for each color.. total 28

Q: I don't understand how to guess where we will need it?

Just let it sit until you need it, then allocate it wherever you want and use it.

Q: What happens with members over 10 TPs wil they now pay $500?

you will fall into the grandfather clause under 30, until you add more.


Your sales credits will not affect your allowance any longer. It is limitless. Has no limits. This is now totally separate,

only Traffic Pack credits will affect your limits. It can also be split half and half. Traffic limit increases and decreases based on Traffic Pack credits only.

Organic does not affect the limit.
It is limitless also.

Q: How do we get profile on internet for Executive? it will all be in your back office.

Q: Can we add banners on our new profiles? Yes, you can.

Q: Is there anything you cannot disclose? We will give you the rules to do or not do.

Q: Can we write our own content? Yes.

Profiles will be live on the Internet.

Q: Organic traffic hits not working? Version 2.9 has addressed this issue.

Q: Should we use sales credits now? it will not matter. Your sales credits will not change.

Q: Panels are very slow.

Depends on Internet traffic, so waht are you comparing this to? There is no timeframe for any particular color panel.

Support is answering tickets very rapidly. This is improving daily.

We will have another webinar and training and videos for 2.9 and how it works, so expect those online or we will post them on your dashboard.

All leaders, IC's, the people making BB work and the people who work for BB, we are changing a lot on the internet, we are changing people's lives. It has been touching to hear all the stories. I am proud to be a part of this. Please join us in the UK.

Have a fantastic weekend. Talk soon

end of webinar

8th Feb 2013:

Chris Smith speaking:

Update on this snow storm day thank you being a part of BB, this wonderful ride, and all the support you've shown over the years. We are now in our 3rd year.

Good announcements!
Manchester UK meeting - EWallet sales for tickets are SOLD OUT! tickets are still available but not through your eWallet.

Special guest - He has been a super star for BB and he is spearheading the event in the UK

Martin Wilde speaking:
Hi everyone. A few updates about Manchester event. I've been with BB for 14 months now. I am one of teh latest BB millionaires. I'm privileged to be a part of BB for me and my team. It was a pleasure for me to help put together this BB UK event. Everyone should come to the event if possible! I went to the event in Ireland, and that team has now taken their BB business to another level. You will learn so much.. be a part of our UK Event. We will cover version BB 2.9. The Gala dinner will be wonderful. Saturday evening 23rd. There is a link to the event. Tickets are going quickly. Please get your tickets early for the event and the Gala dinner. When we are sold out for the dinner, we are sold out. Dinner is 45 pounds. 55 Euros. This is not a black tie event, but shirts/ties, dress clothes. Tickets will come down on Sunday night. We need final numbers for the caterer. A wonderful dinner. Everyone will be pleased. We have a DJ.. dance floor until 1:00 AM. Chris and all the corporate team will be there and will speak to the guests. Hotel rooms are selling out quickly. 2 closest ones are sold out. At there are more hotels listed.

Tell your teams to be there!! Must have Gala Dinner tickets by Sunday night. Event tickets will remain on sale until we sell out.

Chris speaking:

Look forward to seeing you in the UK


Payouts -
India itself has challenges because of strict government rules. Good news is we now have a proper foothold inside the country. We have a payout solution for India. Exciting news!! We have worked hard to make this happen.

STP in India has been caught up thru end of January. As well as bank wires are caught up, have been submitted a couple weeks ago.

STP payouts had a little problem. There was a slight mistake that was quickly corrected. February 5th date was the mistake. Feb. 6th date payout is the correct one. Back office has been updated. Large STP payouts have now all been made. We are caught up through end of Dec. We will get caught up for January as quickly a possible.

By Monday the 11th, all lingering BB card payouts will be completed thru December. We are working hard to get this going and get everyone paid. January will be caught up soon.

USA BANK - December to January. Banking system for US every bank is different. Every day money is being sent out. Dozens of payments have been made, and your turn will come shortly if you have not been paid yet for US Bank.

BB Version 2.9 (Chris showing a PowerPoint for 2.9)

We are ready to go. Team is testing it out now. There is a testing team and things are looking great.

(*) Date for the officiallaunch is February 19th, 2013

Training will happen at the UK Tour, as 2.9 will be live. We will have discussion and overview of 2.9 at the UK event.


Reason for 2.9: We listen, we get feedback and we have tried to put in place features to alleviate confusion, and to implement fairness in accordance with our business model.

(*) Executive Membership - We have listened to feedback, and for fairness we have decided about the grandfather clause to be explained in a minute.

-Executive Membership will be $500/month.
-You must have a black panel or Prestige panel
-10 or more TP's for those who are new or do not have 10.
-Traffic Boosters will be $4
-Withdrawal BB Debit Card will be 10 calendar days ($35 fee for card)
We have not charged everyone for the card, who were not charged originally.
- ZERO fee for Support - Dedicated Personalized VIP support line.
$7 per call for Standard
Free 1 call a week for Premium, $5 per call after that.
Standard and Premium will have a different support line than Executice
- BB Business Profile on Special BB Blog Site.

(*) Grandfather clause - Feb. 19th
30 or more TP's you will automatically be upgraded to Executive type.
10-29 TP's you are grandfathered in as Premium members.. So..
When you add additional subscriptions you will automatically become Executive. OR if you have a pending withdrawal of $10,000 or more within a calendar month you will automatically become Executive.

Prestige Package (only Premium or Exectuive) (did not get cost, sorry)
Panel is $7290
REvenue cap $14,580

Sales credits are the same - 2 credits per panel to qualify.

Traffic Packs - NOTE: (*)you will now need to allocate your traffic when you get your subscription.

Incentive Traffic - blogs, videos testimonials, surveys - you will be rewarded with incentive traffic. You will have a content management console to manage your blog and video submission.
(*) Please NOTE: rollup credits will now be included in this traffic bank

Blogs, websites will be monitored and approved. One strike policy. if you go against the rules, you are banned from using Incentive Traffic.

HE showed a picture of the new traffic bank allocation in your back office.

This will not affect your Traffic allowance/limit

He described how this will work, how each of your traffic banks will go up or down according to your allocation and use.

4 banks per color - 28 different traffic banks.

It appears that whether you're using any of the traffic banks, your inviter gets 1/2 credit.


Why is the traffic pack fee coming one of two days earlier? Calendar days are being used - easier to do it every 30 days, rather than same date each month. Count 30 days and that's the next date due. Not necessarily the same date/day each month.

Can we carry over traffic? You have to now allocate it into each color bank. Prior to 2.9 you have one bank for general traffic. Now you need to put your traffic into proper bank from your traffic packs. Then you use it to qualify those specific color panels.

This will definitley be easier. Visually it will be easier, and easier to explain to new BB members. If you are already used to the old system, this will take some adjustments.

Chris showed a slide for how the Inviter credits work and are allocated. The type of credit you use will determine the type of credits your inviter gets.

(*) Chris showed the New BB Profile page. Executive Membership Type only!! It's a blog that's geared to you. You can put video there, comments. You are the administrator of this blog that BB is providing. We want to populate the Internet with thousands of BB Blogs to communicate with your people. The BB Profile page looks GREAT!

Support is now caught up, and all types are now live. Within the same day you will get a response for ticketing system. 24-48 hours would be worst case scenario. WE are glad to say we are now caught up and support will be much quicker and responsive to your needs.

In closing, I want to say that I am looking forward to the UK tour. Do not wait to the last minute. I cannot believe the response, it's like a Rock Concert Only a few seats left. You do not want to be left out!! all info there.

Dashboard messages are there. Be sure to read all messages. Agree to the compliance, this is very important.

Thank you, again, we appreciate your effort and time, all the leaders who help to make this happen worldwide. From the team at BB and Stellar Point, we wish you a good weekend and see you in the UK.

Questions from Audience:

Audience Question
Q: why dont you pay us in time? my only income is BB and this is not working when the money doesent come in time!!!!!!
A: We are grateful for your patience, it's because of the duplicate requests made my affiliates. The system will not allow the withdrawal if an affiliate makes multilple withdrawals requests, and so we have to go in and reset it. Lately we've had to do it for thousands of accounts, and so this has delayed our payment schedule. Your payment should be received shortly. Thank you so much.

Audience Question
Q: 1-Why Quebec is the only province in Canada to not be allowed to be in business with Banners Broker?
A: Thank you for your question. It's actually because the Quebec laws are different than the rest of Canada

Audience Question
Q: I would like to know where does it happen the next payment to STP I'm waitting ?
A: It is on the way, thank you

Audience Question
Q: We need help on strategies on growing our account. Will you be doing training on strategies on 23 rd Saturday
A: We are working on training seminars, although the webinars should assist

Audience Question
Q: I miss sales credit and I submitted a ticket but it was deleted!!
A: Okay Support will be able to help you with what went wrong, if you contact them with your contact info we'll find out what happened

Audience Question
Q: panel speed become very slow
A: We are aware. Things slow down after Christmas. Thank you.

Audience Question
Q: Thanks to all BannersBroker staff.
A: Thank you also.

Audience Question
Q: When campagins OT will work again?
A: We are working on it. Please be patient.

Audience Question
Q: Please honour the payza payouts thanks
A: Sorry, we are behind, you should be seeing action shortly.

Audience Question
Q: where can I find your answer to my tickets?
A: Support should be contacting you.

Audience Question
Q: Why are payments to the preferred choice (BB Mastercard) still taking in my own case 3 days short of 1 Month.
Why are we being charged $100 admin fee, for propossed payments in 14 working days, as a Premium Member, when the most important factor that causes so much negative chat online is "Late, or Non Payment in due time"??
A: Please be patient. We are a touch behind.

Audience Question
Q: where can I find your answer to my tickets?
A: Please contact support by telephone… 905-233-2351

Audience Question
Q: sir can u tell me about panels speed very slow
A: We understand. Things tend to slow down after Christmas.

Audience Question
Q: We need help on strategies on growing our account. Will you be doing training on strategies on 23 rd Saturday
A: You're invitor should be able to advise you also.

Audience Question
Q: What's the name of the guy speaking please
A: Martin Wild

Audience Question
Q: Can we invite a non affiliets to the meeting so they can see and meet other people,
A: Please speak to your inviter

Audience Question
Q: I miss sales credit and I submitted a ticket but it was deleted!!
A: Please resubmit

Audience Question
Q: Hi Chris, the new Executive level, will that be automatic for people buying 10 or more TP's or will it be optional? Thank you.
A: For now it is optional

Audience Question
Q: how to get letter for making Visa for the UK trip?
A: Please call support or your inviter for your country

Audience Question
Q: I have a referral that want to put $20,000 to $25,000 into Banners, is that possible and if so which package to recommend he purchase
A: Please speak to your inviter concerning business questions.

Audience Question
Q: Are the payments up to date for February please
A: We are working on it. Our sincere apologies for being behind.

Audience Question
Q: On the Friday 22nd Feb Info session is it FREE?
A: Please look on the site.

Audience Question
Q: when will Organic link be working?
A: We are working on it.

Audience Question
A: Stay tuned…it will be released in February 2013.

Audience Question
Q: When can we expect to get the money that we already had on our STP accounts and was refunded ? Or what should we do to recieve it, should we contact support ?
A: Thank you for your question, we are working on the withdrawals for you so you should have it soon

Audience Question
Q: payza withdraw? no news sir?
A: We are behind and trying to get caught up. Thank you

Audience Question
Q: I requested my STP payout back on 4 Jan 2013. When will that one come? (reason I was not in the Dec batch)
A: We are working hard on getting caught up. Thank you

Audience Question
Q: When will BB executives visit Germany?
A: Thank you for your question, we are planning a European Tour, stay tuned!

Audience Question
Q: What about US Banks?
A: From December to the end of January, it is an individual process. Every country is slightly different and we are working hard on getting caught up!

Audience Question
Q: December!!!!!!!! will have the money latest 11 feb
A: We understand your frustation. We are working hard on getting caught up.

Audience Question
Q: are bb will visit arabic country ??
A: Thank you, we would LOVE to, stay tuned:)

Audience Question
Q: When will the phones be staffed in Canada? The live chat said I had 21 in que before me for 8 hours after I submitted my ticket. Then it told me chat wasn't available afer I resubmitted my ticket.
A: Please call this number: 905-233-2351

Audience Question
Q: Any plans to Tour Australia?
A: We are working on another stop for our World tour, thank you for your question

Audience Question
Q: Please explain me why al this is not a ponzi's scheme... Can you?
A: A ponzi scheme is illegal. BB is about business.

Audience Question
Q: what new in v2.9 ?
A: Executive Membership

Audience Question
Q: What happens if delayed payments from Jan that are not paid will these cancel feb requests even if they are greater than 7 days apart
A: No, we just need to get caught up

Audience Question
Q: I received my BB card and registered with Vector but when I try to draw from BB, its says I dont have a card and need to contact support which I have done but not heard back yet. How long does it take for it to register with BB?
A: Thank you for your question, it should be sorted out by support shortly

Audience Question
Q: I don´t see the answer to my questions, so here is another one. When are You coming to Puerto Rico. I will be there!
A: Stay tuned for news about new countries. Thank you

Audience Question
Q: sir what about bb master card?i have recieved an email from vectorcard services 2 weeks before but didnt get my bb card.please guide me sir
A: Please contact Vector card concerning this issue.

Audience Question
Q: the old panels are very slow,are the new panels are fast ??
A: The delay is over now thanks to our Tech team

Audience Question
Q: will the ads campaigns begin working?
A: Yes

Audience Question
Q: bb lauch new v2.9 what heppen old members ?
A: This will launch on February 19th, 2013

Audience Question
Q: STP charged me $50.00 abuse of account because BB took my money back...Is BB going to cover this fee???
A: Thank you for your question, please contact support and tell them what happened.

Audience Question
Q: Have You decided the name of the new package yet?
A: Executive Membership

Audience Question
Q: if i ve got 9 TP right now and I'm old user so if i ever would like one more TP so its mean I'll be become executive member?
A: Yes

Audience Question
Q: Will US residents receive any forms for tax purposes showing how much we withdrew in 2012?
A: Thank you for your question, we will clarify this issue

Audience Question
Q: Packag still not allow to buy here in pakistan, Kindy open it for transferring only direct once
A: Thank you, we are working on it

Audience Question
Q: so 10 packs does not auto upgrade to exec
A: Correct

Audience Question
Q: so if I purchase up to 10 today I can still be premium, correct
A: Correct

Audience Question
Q: this adding TP is counted since Feb 19th? Or today
A: 19th

Audience Question
Q: Why is it big secret on strategies ?
A: It's not. Your inviter should be able to help you.

Audience Question
Q: why you are behind for payza payment, any special reason, sir
A: Thank you for your question.. The payment schedule is delayed because of multiple requests by an affiliate. In this case we have hundreds of affiliates who've made duplicate requests. Our system automatically blocks multiple requests made by one affiliate. So we have had to go in to our programming and fix it so that people get their withdrawal. To do this for hundreds of affiliates has delayed the schedule for everyone. This is why it's taking so long.

Audience Question
Q: A lot of inviters dont support their downlines.
A: Try watching our webinars on our site.

Audience Question
Q: thanks for stp payment and sorting out problem so quickly and efficently mike
A: You're welcome, thank you for your understanding:)

Audience Question
Q: can i get in touch with martin wild abiut ticket purchase please
A: Please look at the site for details concerning tickets and other information.

Audience Question
Q: I would like to change my premium member to be standard member, how do I change it?
A: Please contact support

Audience Question
Q: please tell us specific date, when you will pay payza payout, sir, please
A: Our sincere apologies, we are behind and working hard to get caught up.

Audience Question
Q: I received money 2 days ago on my STP account and I made withdrawing request from STP to my credit card. Later on you refunded this money in some reason. My STP got negatibe balance. Today STP charged me Account Abuse fee 50 USD. You should help me with this, becayse STP support not responding and it was BB error, not my.
A: Thank you for your question, we will look into this matter

Audience Question
Q: what if you're on a lower package (eg: red) and have more than 10 tp's - will adding more tp's make you executive?
A: Thank you for your question, yes more TP's will be added

End of webinar

31 January


Hello everyone,
The following excellent message was posted on the web by Terry Stern from The Stella Point Corporate Team.
You might want to copy and save it for future use.


Terry Stern says:
January 29, 2013 at 12:52 pm

Hello Everyone, my apologies for the absence. My job requires that my attention go to other avenues, so I’ll address a couple of issues further, then I will take my leave.

First off, Bill, yes I’m THAT Terry Stern.

Second, it’s after reading hundreds of posts on dozens of websites that I’ve realized, none of you actually have looked at BBI the way I’ve been trying to explain you should be, you’ve all been looking at it from the perspective that it’s an advertising company, attracting advertiser dollars to the ad spaces, and not actually getting that it’s a brokerage for ad space and traffic.

So, let’s try this once more, and I’m going to ask that you actually read what I’ve written rather than just skip through it and try and tell me I’m an idiot and unaware of what I’m doing. After almost 20 years in dealing with MLM companies, looking at affiliate programs and helping companies transition from one market to another quite successfully, I have a better understanding of things than you might think. You’re also going to have to start all over and use different eyes if you’re going to want to understand who BBI is and how it works. Grab a coffee, this is going to be a long post.

Banners Broker International, is an online broker of web ad space and traffic impressions. We are NOT an advertising company, nor do we actively solicit advertising from companies. We offer an access point to companies looking to advertise online through their website, but, don’t get involved in the actual process other than to provide access to the brokers we deal with.
The ad space BBI purchases, is done through the broker’s we deal with who own reseller programs, however, BBI isn’t restricted to the specific terms those agreements state, due to a unique system created by Chris Smith. It’s already been stated, that initially when approached, most ad networks didn’t want to work with BBI because they weren’t interested in the program being offered, however, one did.

Now, the program we deal with takes the ad space purchased, breaks the space into ‘panels’ (which are virtual representations of the ad space), and then packages them into different packages. Each ‘panel’ has a different period of time that is required in order for a particular ‘panel’ to cap. Some can take as little as 2-3 weeks, some can take up-to 6+ months to cap. The advertising that is needed to service these ‘panels’ is provided through the ad networks as per the specifics of their program. If you want to know why the ad networks use resellers, ask them, it’s their program, as for why BBI uses affiliates? That’s easy. It’s a great distribution model for a company that wants to move its product quickly across a global landscape. BBI is a direct sales company, not an advertising company, so as such, we don’t subscribe to the traditional advertising model, because it was never intended to be such.

So you’re asking yourself, “where are the ads that go in the spaces we buy?”, the answer is, they’re serviced by the ad networks as part of the agreement BBI has. Since the resellers the ad networks use aren’t advertising companies in themselves, the network services the ads, and through the resellers, can service more ads because they’re servicing more space.

The next issue is traffic, where is it coming from then? The Brokers attract publishers who want to generate revenue from the traffic they attract, but in order to be part of the broker’s network, they need to meet certain criteria. You’ll have to ask them what that criteria is, because we aren’t directly involved in that either, however, once again, we do accept publishers looking to generate revenue, but they’re also passed through to the ad networks for servicing. Any options BBI provides to publishers or advertisers is done so through the software provided to us by the broker, it’s not BBI specific.

Ok, so you’re curious as to where the money comes from.

The brokers charge their clients a certain amount for the traffic that they’re looking for. The broker then services those clients, however, there’s a product called “remnant inventory” which the brokers pass to their resellers to generate revenue from. There’s a considerable amount of it, so there’s no worry about whether it can be sustained or not. Rather than lose the advertiser because the broker couldn’t service their needs, they use the resellers to fulfill the remainder of those contracts, which makes complete sense. The resellers get discounted rates on the ads run through them, but are allowed to mark-up those rates to any resellers they attract through their businesses. So the broker is tier one in this instance, and reseller (BBI for example) is a tier two, and any affiliates would be tier three. So the tier one broker sells space to the advertiser at market price, passes remnant inventory to the tier two resellers at a discount and pays them a discounted rate on servicing that inventory, who discount it even further and pay the tier three affiliate who purchases the ad space through packages. This is where BBI makes the bulk of their revenues, and how it can afford to pay an affiliate up-to twice the initial inventory purchase value back as commission and still earn a profit themselves.

Next comes traffic, because no revenue is earned by anyone without the ads actually being seen. The broker charges the advertiser a set amount for the traffic they want to have see their ads. The broker pays their in-house publisher network a certain amount for the number of ads shown, we’re all familiar with this model. When it comes to resellers however, that rate changes. The broker pays their tier two resellers a set amount for the amount of traffic they serve. Since the amount of traffic is based on what’s actually used, the more a tier two reseller uses, the better price they get on purchasing traffic. Tier two resellers are allowed to sell traffic to their tier 3 resellers or affiliates in any denomination they choose, at whatever pricing they choose, so obviously, in order to make a profit, the tier two reseller is going to mark up the cost of that traffic before selling it. BBI does this in the form of “traffic boosters” or “traffic packs” as you’ve seen them called. BBI pays for what it uses with the broker, but, charges the tier three affiliate up-front. BBI doesn’t require that the affiliate use all that traffic all at once however, they’re allowed to ‘bank’ it for use later if they wish. This gives the affiliate some flexibility in how they manage their ad space or ‘panel’ inventory. This is the second way BBI generates the bulk of its revenue.

You can make the incorrect argument that BBI generates the bulk of its revenue through affiliate sign-ups, however, with BBI having to constantly purchase both space and traffic, until they receive their commissions from the broker for the ad revenue generated, they require capital to purchase the space/traffic. The fees collected by BBI for the packages of space and traffic from its affiliates goes toward augmenting the available capital to purchase space and traffic from the brokers. No company in existence uses 100% its own capital to purchase products, it leverages its profits and sales revenue towards the continuous replenishing of inventory.

At no point does BBI state that any affiliate will “turn $100 to $10,000 overnight”, or any other such get-rich-quick garbage. It states, that if the affiliate sticks with the program, and develops a strategy, that they can generate substantial earnings over time, with most requiring 8-12 months to elapse before any such returns will be seen.

Then there’s the arguments about BBI being a ‘straight-line cycler doubler’, or affiliates using the word ‘purchase’ to describe getting involved. Every company makes mistakes as they grow. Google started in a garage and didn’t do everything right the first time, and they still make mistakes, yet over time they managed to fix things to enable them to grow to where they are today. BBI recognizes that there were initially incorrect verbiage used to describe the BBI program, which is not at all unusual in start-up companies, and as BBI has grown, this verbiage has been adjusted to comply with international rules and regulations. Through the implementation of internal compliance offices, official documentation is being re-worded to correct any misleading statements, and hundreds of affiliates have already been contacted about their websites, blogs, twitter accounts, facebook pages, youtube videos, etc – and are being instructed to either take them down, or correct them to state the proper terminology…and they’ve been very co-operative in complying with our requests. That’s what the International Compliance and International Public Relations departments were created for. It’s going to take time, but it’s happening.

There’s also the issue of people not being paid on time. BBI made the decision, that unless a payment method is universally acceptable for each country they do business in, it’s not an option. There are also international money laundering regulations that an off-shore company has to address in order to comply with the international banking regulations in each country it does business in. This is why PayPal and direct bank deposits aren’t options, because they aren’t universally accepted payment options. STP and Payza were chosen along with the BB pre-paid cards because they complied with our payment needs, however, over time, it’s been realized, that using 3rd party payment processors has created new payment issues, so that’s also changed. Effective Feb 1st, the BB prepaid card will be the only payment option available. Why? Because it’s universally accepted everywhere we do business, and it allows BBI to pay more regularly. Since delays are the #1 issue, switching to this payment method will reduce the time it takes to pay their affiliates and solve these issues.

Lastly, there are some that claim they’ve never been paid. This could be true, but there’s more to the story than you’ve been told. If an affiliate hasn’t been paid, they’ve also been told the reason why. The reasons being: a) their account was in the negative when it came time to issue payment, b) their ID wasn’t complete in their profile, c) they chose the BB card and didn’t have room on card for payment, d)they didn’t activate their BB Card, e) they violated the Terms and Conditions and their accounts were locked. You might think (e) isn’t legal, however you’d be wrong. Companies are allowed to institute penalties on their clients/customers/members in order to protect themselves from damages, or to recover damages that might have been inflicted against them. When someone for example openly posts negative comments on a blog such as this, those comments damage the company, so the company can lock the account of the abusing member, and the member forfeits any fees paid and revenues earned to compensate the company for any damage their comments have caused. You can call it unfair, but, how else is the company to retrieve their losses at the hands of people that would openly do them harm? You would do the same thing, but in this case because it’s being done to you, it’s wrong? Sorry, but you read the T&C’s, knew the consequences, didn’t play by the rules and lost. Next time play by the rules and you’ll be fine. If you haven’t been paid, and none of the above apply, then my question is, why haven’t you contacted support? They’re at worst 3 days behind in answering tickets, and with over 90% of our affiliates regularly paid, what’s preventing you from getting your situation solved?

So there you have it. Every accusation, assumption, myth, irregularity, misleading comment, anonymous story, about Banners Broker International being a ‘ponzi’ or ‘scam’ all debunked and in the open for all to see, with plain facts anyone can verify if they do their research.

Anyone who still insists that BBI isn’t what it claims to be, has a hidden agenda, is maliciously causing trouble, and doesn’t want to understand.

I no longer feel that my presence is required to address any of the inaccurate claims or accusations placed against the company or its product, but if you would like to contact me you may do so, or you can visit the official company blog for more information.

Thank you.
Thought this might help you all.

Friday Q&A Update Webinar Notes 23 Jan 2013:

Chris Smith speaking


India - good news in reference to payouts in India. We have a new provider that can wrap up the previous bank deposit situation. anyone expeccting bank deposits, you will soon see them in your acccounts. We gave them all info today. Hopefully within one week. Bank option will be removed today as we are replacing it with something else. In a couple weeks time you will have a new method of withdrawal and will be quicker. India is challenging, but we are glad to have a solution.

We are definitely behind but are catching up rapidly with BB Cards, STP, Payza and Bank deposits. You will see activity over the weekend and in the coming week.

We apologize for the delay. No excuses, except that we have alot going on from our side, 2.9 coming out soon. There is no excuse and we apologize very much, and we want to get you paid more quickly in the future.

BB Card now has a separate area for withdrawal. This is part of the new process. We are slightly behind, about a week behind, but we are catching up quickly. February you will see a smooth process of 15 calendar days for Premium and Standard 20 calendar days. It used to be "business day", 7 and 15 days. Business days if Mon-Friday, so 7 days could be 9-11 calendar days. What we noticed is that we want a more realistic payout time, so now it is 15 Calendar days (Premium) and 20 for Standard. New membership type is Executive and that will be faster payout times.

UK Tour coming shortly. Feb 21st to 24th. to We put this together quickly and more will be available soon. Look out for more this afternoon.

World Tours will be a quarterly event throughout the world. We are looking forward to the UK World Tour, please take part in this. David Hooker is there now. Lorenzo has been there scouting out things for the New UK arena. A new Stellar Point office will be opened in the UK. David Hooker is there to make sure we stay strong in the UK and support is strong for the UK.

BB Card update -- we just added the REVERSE button. So if you change your mind and want to reverse that, you now can. The reverse option has always been available for all options, in case you change your mind after inputing your withdrawal.

Updates more:

Survey for the new package and panel. It was a landslide for the top 3 choices. The top #1 was PRESTIGE.

(*) PRESTIGE is the new name of the new package and panel!!

No color - we are going with more of a prestigious pattern/design. You will see it when it comes out. It will look very sleek!! Very "prestigious"

Executive Membership: $500/mo

Traffic Boosters discount - $4
Withdrawals - 10 calendar days
Support - Personalized support line for these members.

Our growth rate is rapidly growing. Exciting news -- enormous increases in the last week!!! With this comes additional phone calls to support. This has clogged up the lines a bit, so for the Executive Membership you will have a dedicated line.

BB Business Profile Page - I am excited about this, something you can have to promote yourself. A personal paragraph that you can write about yourself - this will be out on the internet and people can respond to your profile. You will basically have your own BB Blog. This will be a heavy promotional tool. Rather than giving people your main BB referral URL, you give them your Blog link. This will be indexed with Google for traffic. You will have the ability to edit and see comments and plaster the net with alot of pages -- the more pages we have on the net, the more advertising we can sell. You can promote other things on your page. This will bring revenue in from your personal page.

Executive package will be out soon.

Traffic Packs. 10 or more for new people will automatically be Exevutive. If you currently have 10 there will be grandfather clause for you for a period of time. You will not be forced to upgrade. there will be a reasonable period of time within which to upgrade. Leaders and BB executives with larger accounts will want to upgrade right away, of course

Executive membership does "not" include any TP's, that is a separate purchase/subscription

Version 2.9 we will introduce incentive traffic. Simply, if you create a blog, YouTube testimonial or whatever, there will now be an incentive to do this, and this will earn you traffic to qualify your panels. Very shortly!

1 TP = standard
2-9 TP = Premium
10 and above = Executive (new members)


Payouts discussed above. Payza, India, USA and STP will be seen over the weekend and early next week.

How do we get traffic into our color banks?
By signing up new members as referrals.

Panel Speeds???
The panel speeds - keep in mind we just came off of the Christmas holidays, and things are alot slower. Such as the amount of hits on actual sites. There are NO SET TIMEFRAMES. it's 100% based on the activity on the Internet. It is definitaly slower around the holidays. In the spring they should return to what they were. Also, we have lots of work being done on the new Version, so that also.

As of February 1st - just to give you background.. we started in 2010 and there was no need for ID, 2011 now that we have the BB card, there are now requirements for ID's for that. It is now manadatory as of February 1, 2013 to have an ID uploaded into the system in order to make a withdrawal by ANY method!!!

BB Tour Poland is April. We do not have city or date yet. Keep posted and that will come shortly. Poland is doing a fantastic job with sales.

Niagra Falls - Ontario - June/July

End of November - Carribbean Islands

I am excited. WE have seen 2 weeks of increased sales and new affiliates. You are doing alot of work in the field. Keep up the good work. We will talk to you soon. Have a great day!!

End of webinar

Friday Q&A Webinar Friday 18 Jan 2013

David Hooker is speaking

It's been a great week at BB up here in Canada. The IC's had a great week.

Important information is coming out. A new Information Session is coming out. A new presentation is being released.


Office opening in UK in February. We will have a BB Tour in late February.

New General Manager for Carribbean Islands.


Transition from manual to automated is almost finished. We are getting that process sorted out for you. You will see changes in the Withdrawal logs.

Payouts are going out on a daily basis to the BB CArd.

STP and USA Bank - we are slightly behind on these. We are moving large amounts of money. Due to this,
Next payout to STP/Payza will be Jan. 23rd.

He discussed some issues as to why some payouts are not being paid.

Incorrect information,
accounts being locked (for being out of compliance)
a negative balance in your eWallet,
also there may be country restrictions,
another reason is your BB card may be full, may have reached the maximum on the card.

Dashboard changes - you can internally email your affiliates. New Icons, Live updates on the dashboard.

Several issues from the last 2 weeks have been resolved. The number of loads to the BB card is now fixed.

Might be some downtime due to all the upgrades and changes going on.

Version 2.9 - IT is working diligently on this. We want to make sure that we have a level playing field for all 117 countries in the world. We want to make sure we have clarity of information.

System will regard sales credits differently than TP credits.

Four new traffic banks for each color panel

Sales credit bank
Traffic pack bank
organic bank
incentive traffic bank
(you are rewarded for creating a blog or video to earn)

He is sending most of the questions to the IT or support department, as he did not know the answer.

Gala in Niagra Falls is coming up in the summer. Please apply for visa and passports NOW.

Thanks to all members for supporting BB. God Bless and have a great day.

end of webinar

Friday Q&A Webinar 11th January 2013
Chris is speaking


Seeing if David Hooker is on the line to speak with us.

Doing some restructuring in UK. We are actively pursuing the new office location, as we speak.

David Hooker: Good morning. Very busy and hectic here with offices opening around the world. UK -- Lorenzo is locating an office. Stellar Point has locations around the world that will be helping us. Located some offices in the Manchester area. There will be one week of intensive training as of January 23rd. We are cementing the details now. We were seeking a general manager, and that is completed. We will be introducing him to all individuals during the next couple of weeks.

The next BB Tour will be in the UK, sometime in February. Chris Smith, Raj and myself will be in the UK to celebrate the new offices. We aer hoping lots of people will be there.

UK, Ireland, Israel and the Carribbean... we are extending our reach throughout the world. General Manager for the Carribbean is there now being (sorry can't understand David's accent)

There's alot of confusion around many things. People read the headlines, rumors but do not seek the details. In India we just closed the office, not BB India. In November we were already beginning to look for new offices and hiring new staff. Prior to the problems in India, we had already located offices. WE are excited with how the plans are going.

(He is speaking about the PR plans and getting the image of BB out to the world -- but I cannot understand his accent, sorry)

Chris speaking:

We are expanding around the globe and bringing on 5 more countries.
BB Debit Cards - we have updated this process and we are getting into the payouts alot smoother. We some some internal features -- we did a payout a couple days ago. Doing them in batches. You will now see the exact time as to when you will be paid. We tried to do 7 business days and tried other scenarios.
Now it will be
20 calendar days for Standard
15 calendar days for Premium

Payza - Next Payout Jan 17
STP - Next Payout Jan 17
USA Bank - Next Payout Jan 17

(*) BB Version 2.9

1) New Membership type: Executive
$500/month - streamlined Support
Traffic Boosters discounted.
Withdrawal timeframe for BB Card 10 days

2) New panel and package (very soon)
We did a survey to submit names
for new package.. we now have the
Top 10. There will be a list on
the site for us to VOTE on this.


3) Incentive Traffic - things you can do to help BB and help yourself. Example, writing blogs, testimonials, etc. Now we are going to formalize this if you do these items, and we will give you traffic to qualify your panels.

4) New Qualification process - to separate the traffic banks into separate banks. Sales bank, traffic pack bank ___________. You can mix and match. TP bank will stay at the same ratio. Separated out from sales. This is to help out the sellers out there, the people promoting BB. Sales credits need to be recognized more than traffic pack credits. This is not fair to the pepole who are inviters.

There has been confusion with rollup, because it does not increase allowance. Once this version is complete this will work smoother.

We are working hard to have this completed soon.


Withdrawal timeframes: If you w/d Jan. 1st, it will be on your card on Jan. 20th (standard).. calendar days based on when you w/d.

Vector w/d limits error: I would say we are 90% there in terms of the 100% integration to get it automated. There may be a few things that you see with Vector that will be fixed and last remaining items will be wrapped up and it will be seamless.

Admin Fees are being taken starting in January.

We will get the Dublin presentation by David Hooker posted on the website.

If I have more than 10 TP's a month, will I be forced to be Executive member? There will be a grandfather time period. Eventually you will be Executive.

Negative blogs online -- we are not idly sitting by and being slandered. We are on top of this and handling it legally.

We are making an effort to answer all questions either on the webinar or placed on the FAQ section of the website. Based on the category of the question.

New training videos coming up

BB Debit card was 7 business days... now it is "calendar" days. And we have put more realistic timeframes based on our experience.

What is the difference between IC and General Manager. IC is a separate company with BB as a main client for support center. IC has a relationship based on sales in that county. General Managers do not have BB accounts and are paid a salary so no conflict of interest.

What is procedure for w/d more than $10K per month. We will have a form put online for you to fill out. BB Card must be maxed out, then you can use a different method for increased withdrawal amounts.

With the new program and the Vector process, BB Debit Card is split. We will eventually show all the logs together over time.

Why does it say Raj is talking? He set up the webinars originally. we have not changed it.

Black panel -- the limits, the allowance, the black will follow the same as all the colors, and new panel will have the UNLIMITED allowance.

Alot of great updates. I want to thank David Hooker with our initiative worldwide. Thank you for your support. Keep up the great work. Please talk to your inviter first, before going so Support. Keep helping us grow.

Have a great weekend.
End of webinar

Friday Q&A Webinar 9th Nov 2012


We are up to date on all.

STP is paid up to this point.

Payza was done earlier this week.

BB Prepaid Cards - all info sent to Vector. If you had pending withdrawals, they have been done and you will have a PAID status and a DEPOSIT date (future) when it will land on your card, depending on your batch.

Vector tutorial videos are now in the back office

Bought 3 TP's in April and 5 in May, do I need to buy 2 more? Answer is no. If you bought 5 in April then 3 in May, you would now owe 75% of 5 in the future.

My card is not here after 3 months: There is definitley something wrong. Contact Support and they will find out what's wrong and resend it for you.

Panama... can I mail in my paperwork? You need to fill in your personal info on the website and upload government identification on our website. Or use ADD ID to upload an additional notarized ID.

Limit on Card - There are not 2 different cards. We have separated standard and premium as to how much you can load. This is an advantage of being Premium. So the max load is $2500, whereas standard max is $625.

Payza is available only for India for withdrawals (I think he said this, not sure)

STP- large payment went out this week, so check your STP accounts. Should be up to date on that.

A lot of repetitive questions today!!

Can we fund with Payza? Yes.

Sorry if I did not get to your question. We will update FAQs. We are trying to improve our communication with you. Newsletter sent by Vector will be put on website relating to POS fee changing from $.15 to $.50.

Have a great weekend!

Friday Q&A Webinar Notes 2nd Nov 2012

Chris Smith speaking


Twitter page redesigned. Keeping this updated so watch for that.

Site was offline for a few hours today. Simply our growth spurt. We are continually able to have more people on the site at one time. We are now passing that point. Congratulations for the massive hits to our site, but on the negative side, we are trying to keep up. This is temporary. Once we have the new foundation in place, we can support many more people on the site at once.

Panel ID in our system, we have increased the size of the ID number. the negative side is we went from 12 to 16. the new panel ID's when finished, they were not generating proper sales credits. This has been fixed moving forward and missing sales credits will not happen. If you have missing sales credits, contact support.


Funding for Allied Wallet 98% success ratio. Small percentage have not been automated, so those we are doing on a weekly basis to catch up on those.

Payza, same thing, that happens only occasionally.

STP - this is manual, so please follow up on the STP page in your back office.

BB Card loads: You will be seeing it today or mid next week. This does take 3-5 business days to show up.

USA Bank withdrawals: We have 100% of file completed. Your account is still being done or you have received it. We are on the tail end of that.

Auto TP's is the big news!!

He went over the login page showing what you had due in past TP's

Purchase "additional" subscriptions on Purchase Traffic Pack Page. You will have to agree and check all boxes to agree that you are ADDING an additional subscription and it will be on the same date next month and every month.

Cancellation Policy. If you ever cancel, you will be canelling ALL Traffic Packs at the same time. You cannot pick and choose. He explained this on the screen where you agree to that. If you cancel... BONUS traffic will be taken back out of your traffic bank. You will go into the negative and you CANNOT BUY TP's for 6 months.

75% rule or calculation we put in place for determining how many TP's you were obligated to in the future. We did this for leniency and to be fair to all. He showed a picture of a login screen which showed the Xs and Checkmarks. And explained the X's and Checkmarks for each month. Because October you could not buy in the end of the month.. the last full month of data was September, so we did not "cancel" any of those bought in September. We did not count October for your full amount. We used Sept. However, if you bought 20 in July and only 10 after that, then we would charge you for 15 each month after that. We will write this up and put it on the website as a more detailed explanation for everyone.


If a TP is due on Nov. 1st, it was already done. If Nov. 2, it will be done today. This is a 24 hour period within which it may be done. We will set a daily drop time, but for now it will done within 24 hours. We will be doing this every day, and it is already being done, starting Nov. 1st.

Due to purchase tomorrow, will it be done automatically? Yes, it will be done auto. You do not need to do it manually. You can only ADD more subscriptions in the future on the PUrchase TP page.

How would I get 10 credits in Traffic? This may be from organic traffic.

I was forced to buy the TP's for a date that occurred because of "downtime" with the system? Why? Chris answered that this was auto-corrected and the new subscription #'s should be correct.

10% Commissions on TP's will be done over the coming days for the automatic Traffic Packs that were purchased. You will see this very soon!

What is new foundation? I pulled that name out of the sky. We have new technologies available now, so we are comfortable using them for BB. The times when site is down is because of the current platform. We will soon be on a new foundation/platform which will allow more people on the site.

Procedure for unblocking a BLOCKED account? Contact Support. There is always a reason adn a solution. POssibly some type of blog post or website that was showing inaccurate info or something that has not been approved by us, we try to contact you. If you cannot contact you, then we lock account and you are given the reason why. You can take content off the web or the video off the web, and we will gladly unlock your account.

Notarized ID upload? Same area on your Personal Information page. Use ADD ID. Then it will appear and be waiting to be approved. As soon as we do, then you can have 4x month withdrawals for BB card.

India Payza? We will continue to pay those payments until India tells us we cannot do it any more.

Are all cards being funded? Card withdrawals are being done, and should all be done soon. If you are looking for money on your card, contact support. Only use Vector if you have a problem with PIN or password or PIN number or something with your card.

** webinar ended abruptly***

We are back!!

STP payouts - these have been going out. There is another scheduled for this coming weekend. You will receive shortly.

INDIA - Can India withdraw money from STP? Please check with STP for that answer. I have heard rumors, but until the company itself has confirmed this, please call STP support or do live chat with STP.

If panel qualified 1/2 with TP and 1/2 with sales credit, then the full sales credit will be given.

If your BB account has a negative balance, we will NOT make payouts to you, even if pending. Most likely we would reverse the payout to clear the negative balance.

75% rule question? We will take a look at your account, but so far all have checked out correctly. This rule is applied for every month up to September, for any highest month up to that point where you did not buy enough TP's. If there are usernames you want us to take a look at, please submit.

Where to see Subscription Dates? Go to Traffic Pack Purchase page, and you will see the subscription summary and dates.

Waiting long time for BB Card, why? Should I contact Vector? Yes. If everything was correct on our side, we sent it to Vector, then call Vector. Could be a shipping problem, could be several reasons. Contact Vector directly. You can also call BB support for more information.

$500 sent to BB from STP, why isnt it loaded in my account? Go to STP Assistance Page, enter your transaction number to claim that money. This MUST BE DONE to claim STP funding amounts. Chris showed this page and explained it. Claim STP page.

If we need more traffic can we buy more or do we have to wait for the subscription dates? the only way to get more traffic is to ADD a new subscription or wait for the dates of your subscriptions.

I have 135,000 in Green credits how can I use it? Only by havign a Green panel, either purchase, or haev someone transfer one to you.

Long time waiting for approval of ID? We are mostly caught up now, but there was a slowdown time where we were behind. Contact Support.

Pending Payza payouts? Best case scenario we are working on that now.

Hundreds of questions, but it has been almost an hour. I hope you got your question answered. We will put an update to summarize all this in the FAQ. Look there for additional questions.

Have a great weekend. Thank you for being a part of BB. Talk soon.

* end of webinar


Chris Smith speaking:

UPDATES for the week:

Important Message Box on the left (Red) sticks out, so you will read it. We are cleaning up the Dashboard and that's why Important Information is on the left.

Traffic Pack Purchases being unavailable has been extended. We just finished our testing, but we will not go live until Beginning of next week. Please read the details on Traffic Pack Subscriptions being automatic. Remember you are agreeing to monthly subscriptions if you buy more TP's.

New Vector Message Center:
Vector will be able to speak to you directly here. We will put in Top 10 topics. Vector has a support team, and they receive lots of emails/phone calls. Their Top 10 questions will be in this area. He showed an example, about time card loaded and time money appears on your card. This does take a few days, and those dates are there.

New Multi-ID uploader. He showed this on the screen. This is for you to upload your Notarized ID (for the BB card to have 4x per month) Here you can upload your new ID. All will show up on the page.
Please be sure to click the check box, "Is Your ID Notarized"
He showed an example of what your Notarized ID should look like, Stamp should be on the same piece of paper as picture of your ID. One-Page.

BB Mastercard - Using the correct verbage when promoting BB. Mastercard searches the net to find sites that are not doing this properly. Please read this INFO.

BB Community Watch Page - this will help us if you see something on the Internet that violates our Terms and conditions, please notify us.
Basic rule of thumb -- You can post/use our "text" that is used on the BB site. If you are using different wording, please check with Support to have it approved.

We have a new SPAIN page. Congratulations to the new contractor in Spain.

PHONE System has been down. It is LIVE now!! It's at the bottom of the page. All countries not listed, please use GLOBAL WORLDWIDE SUPPORT NUMBER.


BB PREPAID CARD: 6 batches went out last week. New batch over the weekend. It does take 3-5 business days for your card to load after it leaves BB's hands.

STP - Week of the 29th you will see payouts.

US to BANK - Started as of the 21st, and we have been doing this throughout the week. If this is a new account takes longer. If you are in our system it takes roughly 2 days. First time 6 days from when processor gets load file. We will do this every "couple" weeks.

US PAYOUTS - we have seen missing routing number and banking information not accurate. this takes time, so please make sure your info is correct. If you have missing information, you will be asked for that. We have been doing this on your behalf in the past, but in the future we will put your request on hold until you resubmit proper information.


Articles about BB on the Internet? - most info on the internet is trash, so just ignore it for the most part.

Sales Credits? we will be doing a global upload this week to adjust all and make sure it's correct.

Locking? When you lock the panel, inviter gets sales credit immediately. You can no longer transfer the panel.

Admin Fees? We are hoping to release this same time as Traffic Pack Automation, but it may be shortly after. Once it's done it will be automated.

Traffic Pack info? Once it's automated, the purchase page will be a little different. The one there now is to create a new subscription or buy additional. Once we automated it will only be to add new subscriptions. Once automation begins, you will not need to visit this page unless you want to add additional TP's. The new page will list all current subscriptions that you have now.

ID Verification? There was a glitch. It was looking for fax numbers that is not required. this has been fixed and should be faster and smoother moving forward.

Traffic Pack? Do I manually purchase? You are not able to do that now, once automation begins, you do not have to do that.

Transfering panels? Why would I? To help out other members.

Issue with LIVE CHAT? I have heard of some issues, but we will get them cleared up. The Phone support is now active, so you can make calls directly.

Photo ID - Verify security of BB please? Our information is secure in terms of ID's. They are all watermarked with BB, and saved securely. This is a requirement of Mastercard, so we have to do this. It is 100% secure.

BB Accounts in company name? We have been planning to implement this, but the section has not been developed. Other items have been more critical. we are growing our technical team, and with growth comes growing pains, and we are working on this and it is on the table to have this put in place. Once we do this, you may open a BB account in a business name with proper documents for your business... articles of incorporation, etc. Right now this is not active.

Response time from Support tickets? They have been behind and are trying to get caught up this week. We are constantly hiring additional support. If your country has local support, please use that. Also, ask your inviter first before contacting support. We will get caught up very soon on support tickets.

Why do I need multiple ID's? You do not unless you want to upload a notarized ID to increase your BB Mastercard to 4x per month. This is the main reason for this. If this is not your case, then you do not need to upload anything more.

Raj has been in India and returns today. Thank you to Ana who has done a great job. India is different becasue it has many government regulations, and we have needed to put more effort into sorting all this out for India members.

Banks do notarizing free of charge!

How long does it take to approve additional uploaded notarized ID? You do not have to wait for additional approval. This just went live 2 days ago, so I will check to see if they are behind. But I believe they are doing this fairly fast. ID Approval has been slower, but all issues have been fixed and will go faster in next couple days.

Have a great weekend. Keep rockin' with BB. I love you all. Make sure you are in tune with current events. Webinar will be uploaded. Read Important information. Be a strong leader. We will talk soon.

End of webinar!

October 19th 2012 Webinar

Chris Smith The Owner of BB speaking:

1). biggest update....payza widrawl from BB will not be done in future...

2). except uk other payza requests pending will be done...

3). BB prepaid Master Cards are prefered for all BB members

4). All top 10 questions will be posted in the support help

5). STP and payza were done on 18th and all pending will be done

6). Additional Staff to assist with programing and support....

7). Panels locked which is purchased /rollups gives sales credit


. Repurchased panels will give the credits when the panels caped

9). some new updates will be coming in the next week....including Auto traffic, Admin fee and trasaction security layer....Trafiic packs will be monthly subscription....which are all explained already and have all check boxes while buying the TPS... being said all the above on TPS....only 75% of the highest TPs purchsed will be automated....soo it is good for us...

10). whoever premium card holder not able to widraw....have to contact vector Support....everything is fine with BB....all the components are placed properly....

11).Two ways to get the Gala Tickets....1).directly 2). go to purchase tab and can buy from the ewallet....and can meet Chris and all management Team

12). we can Fund BB ewallet through Payza...but not payouts...from BB

13). Bank deposits are only USA not Global solution....STP is Global solution...for payouts...

14). Already purchased TPS in this month will not be taken in auto set up...only missing TPS after considering 75% of the highest Tps will be charged

This call is recorded and will be uploaded soon

End of the webinar...
1. Payza withdrawal option – having issues with compliance, removed ability in UK, India, Pakistan no longer allow withdrawals through Payza. Preferable to get and use prepaid card. All Payza requests except UK, Pakistan and India will be paid out unless you do withdrawal of the request already setup.
2. Actual card – once it has left BB it is marked as paid and it is in the process. Estimated date listed may not be the exact date. Pending means not yet sent to Vector, can still reverse request.
3. New information sector for Vector to communicate with affiliate base. Vector will give update directly including top 10 support questions. Please allow 4-5 days to show up on card. Look under Prepaid card tab
4. Payouts time lines
STP , Payza and Prepaid cards done yesterday
5. Now have additional staff to deal with BB business quicker
6. Panels – sales credit to inviter. If locked gives inviter credit straight away. TP credits at the end of life cycle i.e. when it caps and it’s only half. Will auto charge if you have not bought this month, will not duplicate
7. Legal age of country to sign contract and join BB
8. USA payments will be going out over the weekend, usual time to get to your account. New ones about 6 days for process to verify
9. Next week auto TP fee to start being taken out and also monthly admin fees. Security features also to be implemented next week.
10. With regard to the traffic packs bear in mind the rules being implemented i.e. 75% of highest month will be mandated
11. Received card but only allows $675, not sinced with BB will be rectified today and also the info sent to Vector will be rectified. All down to intergration but we will get to a smooth running once all aspects are in place
12. How to get tickets for the gala – through Event Break. Also under purchase in BB using ewallet. Every three months from now going to a different country.
13. Can still pay in with Payza just not withdraw out.
14. Uploading ID system is still being worked on
15. Sales credits not being passed up since version 2, Chris to look into this
16. Bank deposits only in the USA, not a global solution. Payments over the weekend for USA up to 6 days to show
17. Appreciation accolades to all help and support centres around the world

BB Webinar – Friday 19th October 2012

Q & A and Updates.
Chris speaking:

#1- Biggest update we have today is the Payza with drawel option. They are having some issues with compliance. They have removed services from U.K. India and Pakistan. We have made the decision to remove the Payza withdrawel Option-One can still fund with Payza. We are urging people to get the BB pre-paid card . We will be paying out people who have already got Payza liquidations in process EXCEPT for the U.K.

Please reverse your request if in the U.K.

#2- Reason your liquidation to BB card shows paid in your back office , is because it has already left BB and is with Vector. They are now processing it on their end. Pending in your back office means that we are still processing it on our end.
#3- There is a new information section in the prepaid card section so we can communicate with Vector directly in regards to our card .

#4- More STP and Payza payouts were done yesterday . Pre-paid cards have been done and we will be doing more next week.

Questions answerd:
#1-We do have additional staff now to do updates and bring things up to speed quicker as well as additional programmers.
#2-If you have a panel that is locked – or just purchased , the inviter gets immediate full sales credits , however one only gets this afterwards if a re-purchsed panel gets qualified.
#3-Can a 17 year old join? It depends on the legal age for your country. If the person is of the legal age to sign a legal contract , then yes.
U.S.A.- Payouts- will be going out over and after the weekend. The time to effect in your account is 2 business days if you have done one in the past or 6 business days if it is your first time because the bank needs to verify your bank account.
To go live next Next week :We WILL have the Automatic traffic packs and auto fees and the additional security layers.
The security layer program is very complex. We had it ready in July but we found it slowed down our system back then so we have been working on it and it is now ready to be implemented.
Auto traffic packs have always been part of the program. The check boxes went into back office in in mid February , so we will back date up till then . We are going to be lenient though and we will only mandate 75 % of your highest month.

Pre-Paid card- We are working to Sync the information between us and Vector. It is very complex to do this and to put all the components into place .

Our “Global Tour”-We are starting in Ireland at the end of November.
2 ways to get tickets #1- eventbrite in back office or #2 Purchace tickets direct from your ewallet as well ,in your back office.
Every 3 months we will be in a different country – this is to meet everyone and get closer with everyone and people will all have an opportunity to speak and meet us.
Payza- One can still FUND with Payza , but just no liquidations to Payza.
We are in the process right now of updating our upload ID section.
Auto traffic packs will go live next week.
Bank Deposits- This NOT a global solution. It’s only for the USA. We have a dedicated section for this. STP and the Pre-Paid card is the only global payout solution we have right now.
Trafic packs- You get 50 000 bonus traffic only while you keep your monthly commitment. If not you will loose the bonus 50 000.
Call has been recorded and will be up-loaded and any news and information will be posted in the small red box that comes out from the left of your account when in back office. You can click it to make it go away.
We have gone to great efforts to work on getting the Pre-Paid issues worked out. We now have a dedicated staff member at Vector to dedicate 100% of their time to sorting out any BB affiliate issues. Appreciation accolades to all help and support centres around the world

I hope you all have a great weekend.

5th October 2012

Friday Q&A Webinar Notes 5 Oct 2012:

Chris is speaking


New Feature - Community Watch page. this is for everybody to assist and help and be up to date for what is needed and allowed for promotions on the Internet. If you find something that does not comply with our T&C, then you can report this to us using this page. Enter website URL and the person's username, and your comments or questions. We want to be sure we are saying the right thing to the public. If you see a Mastercard program promoted, please let us know, give us feedback or ask us questions about web pages you have or you see.


BB Prepaid card - this is our best choice for payouts. If you have not rec'd yours, there will be a link on your dashboard for everyone waiting longer than 10 days. Also check the Status page. If you see any RED 'x' on the screen then the problem is with check with BB Support. if all are green, then the hold up is with Vector and so you can contact Vector support directly.

Loading of the card: The maximum monthly load is 4 times per month. Standard $625 per load. You need notarized ID to load more than one time per month. Check your Account Summary to see if you are Premium or Standard on our system. Please check the FAQ page for answers to all your questions on the BB debit card.

We thank Vector for coming to our offices to give us a presentation. we are working closely with them to make sure we have a good product and are all on the same page and to make sure the card program is the premium choice for receiving payouts.

Other Methods:

STP - up to date up to Sept. 24th. If you have not received yours there may be another problem.

Payza - email must be correct. BB only sends money via Payza if you have a Payza account already established.

Payout process is paramount for everyone and we do take it seriously

For the US we've been sending out payments, and we will be doing that again next week. but it does take time. 6 days if this is your first bank withdrawal. 2 days if you'd done it before. this is after payment is initiated.

Purchase More than 1 package -- every BB affiliate can only have a maximum of one package redeemed for yourself. You can now purchase extra packages in order for you to assist someone who does not have a package. We took this ability away in August for compliance, but we now got the green light to allow additional packages... but ONLY WITH FUNDS EARNED WITHIN THE PROGRAM. You cannot fund your account and use that money to purchase an additional package. Additional packages can only be purchased with MONEY EARNED in BB. No limit to the amount of extra packages you can purchase and transfer.

Emails for new passwords - Hotmail is not whitelisted, some others are not. Gmail is not a problem. Business email addresses should not be a problem.


As long as the Internet is alive, there will be advertising, and your panels will complete. there are times your panels will move faster, and times they will move slower. Actual time it takes is based on the up and down nature of the actual sites where your banners are located. If it's taking longer, this is due to where the banner is. In the history of BB, there has never been a panel that did not complete. Please do not be concerned. There are no problems with this. If there is NO MOVEMENT at all for 5 days (no movement on the panel itself) then contact support. Right now there is no global problem.

How to contact Vector Support? Go to prepaid card tab, and the links on the left will take you to information, which if clicked it takes you to Vector page. Only contact Vector if all your check marks are GREEN.

Card Activation? First activate your card.. then log in. Default is expire date. Please change/personalize your pin after you log in.

How to add notarized ID? We need to put this into the system. we will have this capability available shortly.

PAYZA - please be patient. If you have multiple withdrawals to Payza pending, we are going by date in natural order and not doing all of them at once.

We want withdrawals to be a streamline process. From our IT Side we batch these payouts. If there's too many Payza times out, so we are doing these by date. you will see money in your accounts shortly. Please be patient.

Timeline for payouts -- the only timeline that is working accurately and in our control..


Payza and STP we are trying to do this quickly, but there are lots of errors and this takes time and is not as fast as the BB Card.

Thank you for attending. FAQ will be updated. Please be patient. We are growing rapidly and our support is growing to be able to support you guys. We need you to speak to your inviter first, read the FAQs, then contact support if your answer is not there. Especially the Vector/MC issues.

If you are a leader, please get all this information, share it with your referrals, get informed before you contact support.

Thank you for being part of Banners Broker!!

end of webinar!

Friday Q&A Webinar Notes 28th Sept 2012:

Speaker: Raj is speaking!!


It's great to be back. We had great trips to Israel, Poland, etc..

Chris speaking:

#1 Hot topic is money:

BB prepaid card - withdrawals since the last payout are completed.
Some people have one, two, three and four withdrawals. We are doing them in batches, so the first is done, your second requests will be today, and done in order.

Shortly you will be able to stick to the advertised time of exactly 7 days or 14 days. We are working for that goal.

Check card status -- your balance will show ZERO because it's not actually linked to the card, so we will remove that. Check Vector site for updates.

Affiliates should remember it is 7 days for premium and standard is 14 days. Very shortly we will be automating this. Now we are doing in batches.

this is the safest, easiest and will the the fastest way to get paid in the future. Please do get your card. If you have not rec'd your card in the mail, something could be wrong, i.e. birthdates entered incorrectly, must match your registration. this had happened many times. Address or first name or initial.. several pitfalls have happened. Please be careful and make sure it all matches your registration.

We are working with Vector to make sure this is a good and smooth process 100%.

After you have the card and you want to update notarized ID.. that is on our To-Do list. It will be a different button on the Personal Info page.

The ability to edit information if your application has failed. If it has passed through us and Vector says it has failed.. we are making a process so you can update that information on the Vector side. this is in process.

#2 Solid Trust Pay - Pay into BB is 100% manual process. Go to the STP checker and enter the Transaction ID and the exact amount. If there's a problem there will be an error message if you entered it incorrectly. If you get a blue information message, this means you need to wait at least 24 hours until syncing has been updated. Do not send in a support ticket for this.

Payout for STP. We have a new security feature in place. Everyone has been paid out if you had STP's in the past. We will be doing additional payouts over the weekend.

Payza as well.. same as STP.

Purchasing more than one package - we just received the approval to allow you to do this. So you cannot fund your account and buy more than one package, but you can use money from your earnings - eWallet funds - to buy another package for your team and transfer it. That is in affect for all countries except India. India is covered by different laws and this is not allowed.


US Bank payouts - gone out over the past few days. If this is a new payout to bank, this will take longer. this is a 6 day proccess for new accounts. Others will receive shortly.

Payouts - when will this be regular times/dates -- BB card will happen regularly with the card. All other processors will not be on set days or time frames.

Very long list of questions. We will add them to the FAQ's if we did not cover your question.

Sabih speaking to do other questions not related to payouts/money:

General Q&A:

Regarding Traffic Packs - this is a monthly commitment. If you are a standard member and you purchase more than one TP, you will become Premium member. there is no way to downgrade. As a premium member you can purchase unlimited TP's but remember you are committed on the same days each month. Please remember this.

Chris has covered all Payout and Pay in issues.

Qualifying panels - I am getting red signs.. why? She does not know why. She recommended attending trainings.

Do I have to activate BB Card? Yes, you do. You can do that in your back office.

Remember traffic is variable. If you see no movement after 5 days, then contact support. There are no issues going on at the moment to prevent panels from moving normally.

Chris said earlier. You can purchase one package, but you CAN ONLY HAVE ONE PACKAGE ACTIVATED/REDEEMED. You can transfer additional packages to other members only. Must be purchased with eWallet funds, not with money you've funded your account with.

ID's approval. Please be patient. We are in the process of approving them.

This webinar will be recorded and in the back office. Monday -Friday webinars will be in the back office by end of day today.

End of webinar

Friday Webinar Q&A 21st Sept 2012

Chris speaking:

Payment options:
Allied Wallet is looking pretty good. We were having network connection drops, but the last couple of weeks it is a very good success rate.

Payza is automatic

STP is manual but uploaded daily.

Payouts will be going out TODAY YAY!

Payza and STP is instant

BB Card within 24 hours

India cash option is updated in your back office.

US to Bank should be there within 1-2 days via Wells Fargo!!

Back office updates:

PDF Form in Personal Information is for people whose ID's were in foreign language or you did not have any bills in your name to upload. Download and get it notarized and upload as your ID.

People who have issues with Notary Publics, you can Google Notary Public in [New York City] or anywhere, and a selection will come up. Also banks, also USP Store. Banks notarize things free for members.

People who have card and want to upload notarized ID. There will be another Box below the ID box to upload your notarized ID to increase your limits on the BB Card, 4 x per month.

Why do we need a notarized ID? We deal with lots of banks, but it give BB an advantage with our banking partners to have X percentage of our affiliates with notarized ID's. It allows BB to add additional banking services and move forward with company growth.

If you have submitted application for your BB card and waiting more than 10 days, you can see the status in your back office.

First Batch -- if you are still waiting, there is something wrong with your application, either address or name.. so in the Support area, you will see where you can submit that info and get a status.. Look under Card Status.

Pattern or schedule for loading BB Cards? this is new for us. It will be 7 days for Premium and 14 for standard affiliates. Right now in the intiial stages we are doing it in batches, so the times are not set in stone until we have the process 100% automated. This is a new feature and we are moving smoothly and hope to see this regulated soon.

BB Debit Card is the preferred payout method, so please order one if you haven't done so.

If the card is not availalbe in your country, use one of our other methods. We are looking for other waysy to pay you. We are in talks with another method to bring onboard.

BB will look into why activating card with vector is causing some problems for some members. thanks for letting us know.

We will be doing some upgrades for a new Security Layer:
It will be mandatory to have a stronger password. Three unsuccessful attempts and your account will be locked. We will be adding a PIN for security.

Changing emails or passwords. Some email providers are blocking these password reset emails. Gmail is the best. We are checking into this.

Login's -- you will only be able to log in from one location at a time. We do look at IP adddresses. We are looking for additional ways to increase security. And ways for you to log in from different IP's with an extra layer of security.

The call has been recorded and will be uploaded. Please use Support system for other quetsions. Have a great weekend!!

end of webinar

Friday Q&A Webinar Notes 14th August 2012:

Sabih speaking today:


Pay and funding:
Allied Wallet done on September 11th
Payza done on Sept. 10th
STP Sept. 12

Withdrawal -

Mastercard, Payza, STP, US Bank Deposits all done on August 30th. (see Chris speaking below)

India Cash Pickup - log into your account to see new information. Go to Cash pickup quickly.

Important - when you go pick up your payments, please let them know it's money from a friend or relative. Not a company. The reason being is that accepting commercial payments is not accepted.

Premium member - Information is in your backoffice. If you purchase more than one TP within 24 days you will become premium.

Notarized ID form is only if your ID"s are in a different language. It's in your back office under Personal Information.

Dates for TP's have been changed - within 24 days. (see Chris explains below)

There were some problems with website and we have been changing server. We apologize for inconvenience.

Panels were not moving but we have fixed this. Now you can see your panels under account tab. If your panels are not moving after 5 days contact support.

No update on when next payout will be (BUT CHRIS COMES ON BELOW AND GIVES US ONE )


Chris -

Payza payout this weekend, and another load to BB cards. STP payout will follow and US to Bank payout after that. in that order.

India - Was an update in your back office yesterday with new information. For those of you who are leaders, please get the word out to members in India.

ONLY A 48 HOUR WINDOW, so please do this quickly and please say money is from a friend. Some tellers are trying to be smart and asking questions that do not apply. We wil post all info in your backoffice for further updates.

Traffic Packs - from chris - two or more within same month. CODE IS DOING IT AUTOMATICALLY NOW.. so as soon as you do it the code is putting you as premium.


7th September 2012
FRIDAY Q&A Webinar Notes 7 Sept 2012:

Raj speaking:

BB has passed 160,000 mark for affiliates.

Site is down to move server and to ensure longevity and accomodate future growth. Initially we said Midnight to 9:00 AM... update is to 5:00 PM today.

UPDATE: Move has drastically increased the speed. BB is testing it to be sure the qualifying panels issues are completely fixed. They are troubleshooting it thoroughly so no more glitches!!! Being tested in the Toronto office as he is speaking

Between now and end of the year, the site will continually get upgrades. Its part of our growth, and it will continue to improve, but site may have times of being down for maintenance.

BB staff is still answering support calls, but the site will be up and running soon.

Raj, Stephanie and 2 others will be traveling to Israel. Please come and meet us if you are close by. We are excited.

After Israel, on to Poland. Lots of growth.

Announcement soon - Monday maybe - a new event may be announced.

Pay and funding for Allied Wallet

STP and Payza funding was Sept. 4th.

and Sept. 6th.

STP and Payza Payouts were done on August 30th.

USA bank was August 25 - Sept. 4

India is soon to be finished.
Update for BB Cards... if you are approved for ID and you are just staying at Vector for 7-10 days, you will see a link now, click and another page is open, fill in your details and submit form to find out your status. this new link will be there in the back office.


Forms in back office for ID/Address verification.


You only need one proof of ID and one proof of address. If in a different language, a new form will be there for you to use to send that in.

Upload Notarized ID whenever you want to from your back office.

Payouts were done:

BB Card - August 30th

STP and Payza - August 30th

US Bank - August 25 - Sept. 4

No updates for future payout dates


Chris was not on the webinar today.

end of webinar

BB Friday Q&A Webinar Notes 24th August 2012:

Chris is speaking:

Payouts -

STP/Payza -- Slight Delay. Will be done before end of weekend.

India - Have all details needed in our hands Next step is to upload it to the back office for each affiliate.

US payouts - You should be able to receive funds within 3 days. We will do those this weekend.

BB Cards - Payout was done starting last Friday and throughout the week. Next one is next week.


Allied Wallet: Seems to be a slight problems with processing. We are working on that. If your transaction was successful, BB is uploading those manually in a timely fashion. We did an upload around 2:30 PM.. if it was after that, we will upload all transactions that were missed. We will have a function in the back office shortly to update you on these transactions.

ID Uploads: online and available. Soon we will provide a 3rd box for uploading an additional ID, if you want to re-upload a notarized ID.

30 day countdown to have your ID uploaded. We will eventually be locking accounts for those who have not uploaded it. Rule of thumb is 3 cases where you need ID uploaded:
1. If you purchased a package.
2. If you order a BB card
3. If you do a withdraw request.

This is required by compliance.

Panel Movement:

There was an intermittent (we were doing updates last week) slowness in panel movement, but we have worked on that. Engine is live. You may not see anything updated for 24 hrs - 5 days. the timeline for panels completing has not changed. the average has stayed the same. We have had complaints about slow panel movement since inception, but we over time all panels complete according to the average.
-- Engine is running all the time!!!

Q&A time:

BB card delivery? Status button is live. We are working on getting further updates from the time the info leaves our hands. This goes through 3 steps, BB, Vector and printer. Challenge is getting additional info after it leaves our hands. We are looking to get updated on that in a more timely fashion. There have been some problems at the printer stage, so please be careful when you fill in your info to be sure no mistakes before submitting application.

Who to contact for the card or actual money on the card or order process? Please contact support for all these issues. Only contact Vector is there is an issue with the Card like activation, not the money on the card. that is a question for BB support.

Allied Wallet chargebacks resulting in accounts being locked? We have received some notices of chargebacks on Allied Wallet. In this case an account may be locked. We are following up on this to be sure this is straightened out. No chargebacks are allowed, so we have a Zero Tolerance Policy for that. We will lock your account and ban any affiliate that does a chargeback with any of our processors, Allied Wallet, STP or Payza. If this was an error, please let us know, and we will put your account back in good standing.

When is the new package to be available? We are working on components now. We are looking for it to be out before the end of the year.

Admin fee has not been deducted, what should we do? Just keep money in your eWalletl to cover the fee. Your account cannot go into negative. It can, but we will eventually lock accounts for going into negative. ALL FEES WILL BE TAKEN OUT BY NEXT WEEK, for any accounts that were missed.

IS STP still available for pay-ins? YES, and we had a conversation with STP yesterday. we will continue to use STP for pay-in and pay-out!

Traffic Packs, when will they automate? We want to have this completed by end of next week. Please have money available. When this launches, you will have an option to cancel TP's, but we will deduct the BONUS 50,000 hits that you were given if you decide to cancel.

New Package? We have a few ideas as to how this will work. Thank you for submitting some very creative names.

Advertising Coordinator option? Live September 1st. BB never had any authorized account managers. Account managers have done this successfully, but some did a horrible job. We appreciate the good ones, but we are now taking this in-house. You cannot have an account manager other than BB's, starting Sept. 1st. If BB hears of this accounts will be locked.

September 15th -- we are no longer accepting "corporate accounts" (large wires over the package prices) We will be offering a larger package in the future.

Friday Update Newsletter will begin soon with all updates for the week that we go over on the webinars

end of webinar....

Announcements from Leadership Meeting 20 August 2012:

Zeek Rewards - is Banners Broker going the way of Zeek?

Zeek was a Penny Bid auctions site, Zeek or its members promoted it as an opportunity as investments, you profit shared in points and you converted them into cash. (Abbreviated description)

Zeek were not licensed as an investment company so that’s why they were shut down.

Is BB Similar? BB is not an investment company - maybe now people will understand the important of promoting it in the correct way. You do not put in $x and sit back and do nothing.

BB will now have a ZERO tolerance promoting BB as an investment company, you will be terminated. No suspensions, no warnings, terminated.

If you have a website that is promoting BB as an investment and is using words that are banned, you must take it down immediately. If you are promoting a management company, take it down.

BB is an amazing opportunity - we have something really precious, but we MUST ensure that our members are not promoting BB the lazy way.

"We sell banner impressions and rent advertising inventory etc".

Report function to report none compliant sites will be online later this week.

BB Needs to make sure that Affiliates are promoting the company the correct way.

Reminder to upload ID. If you are company, upload articles of incorporation.

Panel Updating

Panels are fine – Apologies for not posting a message that they took off the live sales engine on Tuesday last week.

Sales engine still running, but the live sales engine is offline. This is because of the new tools for the ACs, management reporting etc.

It will not affect panel completion time, we can just not see updates.

BB went from caught up tickets to 800 on Sunday night with all the tickets asking about panel speed!

Account Managers

If you are managing accounts and charging for this - you must cease by Sept 1st.

If you want your account looking after, you must use this service.

Zero tolerance on Affiliates using unofficial services.

If you want to ‘help’ that is fine – there is a BIG difference between helping and managing.

If BB let people do this, it is perceived as an investment.

Details will go live on the website next week.

Corporate Sales

Effective Sept 15th BB Will no longer offer corporate sales.

Corporate sales are not good for BB, they are good short term but not long term. In light of what happened with Zeek and after random polling of Corporate customers, they had no idea of the company and was under the impression it was an investment.

Looking outside you can see why people might think that BB is an investment company.

After 15th sept, the maximum you can initially purchase will be the Black package (or the new package if that is ready by then) Thereafter, the maximum you can fund an account is $5,000 a month.


Card payouts went out Friday
STP and Payza this week.
Card shipments are processing without issue.
No time for Q and A as Chris was on the road and Raj is now heading to Cyprus.

Have a good week,

BB Friday 17th August 2012 Webinar Notes:

Chris is speaking:

Starting September 1st - New Advertising Coordinator process beginning. Today you should see info on the service on the website. Completely optional. If you opt in, your advertising campaigns will be taken care of professionally.

Transactions PINS: When this goes live, each category in BB will have an access PIN to enter. If you are doing any eWallet purchase or transfer you will need the Transaction PIN. For your security.

Monday Evening Raj is going to Cyprus and they are excited about the trip.


Payza - last one was about a week ago. Next one is next week. STP also. Every 10 to 20 days.

Form is now hard-coded, so it will only accept email address for Payza and username for STP.

PrePaid Cards sent out today. Timing to show up on your card could be later today or Mon/Tues.

Payouts to credit card (the old method to your own personal Visa/MC). All pending payouts have been reversed. This method no longer available.
India Cash Payout option last batch went out for cash payouts. We still need to get more information to point you in the right direction for pickup. We are waiting on these instructions.
Allied Wallet Payment to eWallet. We are looking into the problem why some packets are being dropped. Now worries, if the transaction was successful we will be doing those uploads manually later today.
Sales Engine slowness: We are looking into this, and if there are any problems, we will get this taken care of. You may still be seeing every few days and the next pass of the engine you will see the historical average. Have no concern. The updates will be correct.
Business Accts: This will actually go live in a couple weeks. You will get option to choose business or personal. For business accounts until then, we still need your personal information for the PrePaid cards as well as the business information. This will be live on the website very soon.


100% panel setting - 2 additional panels, more impressions, there are benefits if you have enough traffic.

STP eWallet funding not showing up? This must be claimed manually on our STP page. Use STP username and transaction ID and the full amount of the transaction. Make sure when you send money to our STP acccount manually that you use our correct name - bannersbroker. Be careful with that.

Slowdown on website? We are addressing this.

Email when you have a new person registration? We are arranging a new email system. This is on our plate to do, but the email system on our server is being addressed so this will begin soon.

When will Traffic Packs go live? This is going live next week. Be aware and be sure to have money in your account. There will also be a function to cancel your subscription to traffic packs and how this will work.

Button to upload your new notarized ID is coming very soon.

BB Debit Card status page - we are trying to update this more quickly as to shipping and other problems.
How to fund account with BB Debit Card? Use Allied Wallet.
Fees to withdraw across the board is $5 plus 1%.
Traffic packs? If you bought 20 last month and 10 the next, your commitment is still 20.
Auto panel rollup is in the works. We do not know the exact timeline on that.

If you cancel Traffic Packs, your traffic bank will go into the negative.


there are 100's of Questions today. If we missed your question we will update FAQ today.

Traffic Pack automation: We will post the solutions for how existing traffic packs purchases has been figured out an how it will move forward.

How to change your country? Contact support. You will need proof of this change.


10th August 2012

FRIDAY Webinar Notes 10 August 2012:

Krya speaking:

You are required to upload a photo ID within 30 days of joining.
No $5 phone support fee when calling about financial matters relating to wires or funding.

DO not contact the bank directly or your account will be suspended.

Indian states now in a drop down menu, so new affiliates must choose a state.

BB Card status can now be verified under the Prepaid card link.

Uploads to the Allied Wallet is concluded.

Withdrawals to BB Card will be done by August 15th.


Card order status shows shipped. Can I tell date shipped? No, only that it has been shipped.

Are problems with Allied Wallet fixed? Yes.

Live Chat? Will be back next week.

How to upgrade to Premium? by purchasing 2 traffic packs.

Do we need to submit Photo ID if we are not ordering BB Card? Yes. All members.

Application for card submitted 13 weeks ago, why is it not completed? Check your dashboard for any notices of why it's not completed.

Company Accounts? We are in the process of doing this. We will have an answer shortly on how to do that.

Why is the engine still not running in real time? The engine is running in real time. There are panels moving somewhere every single second.

How often is Card status updated? In real time.

I am a premium member why is it limited to $625? (she just answered with the facts from the website about # of load and maximum load. No answer to this specific member.)

Please contact support by phone for all bank wire and funding issues. No fee will be charged for these calls.

Does your utility bill have to be birth name? can it be a nickname? Yes, we are mainly looking for match in address.

When can we add notarized ID? Expect shortly for this to appear

If there is a recorded webinar with a complete PowerPoint presentation? Yes PowerPoint is on your dashboard, and recorded webinars are in your back office.

Uploads for company name accounts? we are looking for solution and will have it shortly.

If you have a notarized ID you can load 4 times a month. Premium or Standard.

If you do not upload ID what will happen to your account? You will not have access until your ID is uploaded and approved.

Support password? Same as your login to bannersbroker.

Questions from the log online:

Audience Question

Q: Did you say the next load of the Debit Card will be 15th August?

A: Yes.

Audience Question

Q: I'm premium member but restricted to $625. Why?

A: If you have been limite it means you are required to submit a notarized ID for maximum loads

Audience Question

Q: one member has algeria in country by mistake, should be uk, but cannot edit it, what do we do, sent ticket but not changed

A: You would need to send in a proof of address with the correct address on it by ticket.

Audience Question

Q: i am planning to move to another country, how can i change my adress info

A: After you move you can send in a proof of address through a ticket and support will correct it.

Audience Question

Q: : Do you have an office in India in GOA ?

A: Yes.

BB Presenter (to All - Entire Audience):

Kyra, the issue is that 625 shows as your limit for withdrawal as a premium affiliate??

Audience Question

Q: I've uploaded everything asked for for the ID. but a couple of days later the banner notice to upload Id reapeared on my dashboard. Does this mean there is a problem with the iD I sent in?

A: This message is a generic message put on all dash boards it does not mean that your ID necessarily has not been approved.

Audience Question

Q: Kyra, when the live chat is down, would it be possible to have something on the website telling us this? Otherwise, we waste time trying to catch them.

A: The live chat will be back up starting Sunday night at 8pm est.

End of Webinar

Monday 6th August 2012

Cards - First batch landed to the cards over the weekend. Remainder will land today. BB have been sent Payments to the banking partner and are waiting for them to process.
Payza and STP - Finalised and will land in accounts today.

Cash Payout for India - Last batch went out and is with payment provider.

New advertising and publishing network deal just signed. A couple of weeks until this is plugged in but will give better reporting and publishing options.

The Comp 2 panels not showing qualified should now be resolved.

Some 'pending payments' in the withdrawal logs that have been paid will show updated status shortly.

The issue regarding editing of phone number for card orders is going to be resolved today.

As far as Chris is aware, the real time sales engine and assigning of traffic is working correctly. We advised otherwise and he is going to investigate.




Monday BB Webinar Notes:

SITE is back up and running.

You are required to upload a photo ID within 30 days of purchasing package. The link will take you to the site. You have 10 days to complete this. this may be extended for those on vacation.

Withdrawal to BB card no longer is charged the 5% fee.

Please do not contact the bank about bank wires. Contact BB directly.

Indian new affiliates - now a list of Indian states, be sure to select your state.

As of August 1st, you can no longer purchase more than one PACKAGE.

Next batch of BB cards, owner of card's last name will be in ALL CAPS. This is now a default.

Thank you for your dedication as a valued affiliate.

* She showed a screenshare how to activate your card from the BB website.

(please watch the recorded webinar for this, as I'm not typing it LOL)

* She then showed you how to load your BB Debit card.. step-by-step. (please watch recorded webinar for this)

*Please do not load funds to a card that is not activated or your account will be in "limbo".

Standard - Max $2500

Premium - Max $10,000

If you have not rec'd your BB card, there is now a Card Order Status button to check status.

* She also went over how to set up a Choice Network Campaign. (see recorded webinar for step by step)

FAQ will be updated weekly with new Q&A or questions that were not answered.

* Payouts - Chris said the latest is today, so you will see results today.

* PrePaid cards are still being shipped out.

* STP liquidation. Once you put your request in it takes 12-14 days (this is because Chris does them twice per month)

* You can still upload notarized ID any time you want to.


Starting with Kyra

DO NOT CONTACT BANK about your issues. Contact BB Support only. This is causing problems with BB's bank.

BB website will be down Monday August 6th for maintenance

India: You will need to select your State in India when new affiliates sign up. She showed how to do this. New Affiliates only.

PACKAGES: you can no longer order additional packages.
BB has over 100,000 members now!

Choice Network: Overview Showing how to choose a Choice Network.. She went over this step by step.

Organic traffic was included in this overview..... (please watch recorded webinar for step by step)

Q&A -- Chris Smith

Packages and/or panels... you can still transfer panels.

PrePaid Debit Card withdrawals... You will see money today or Monday. Please do not test using card just to see if money is there... you will be charged $2.00 fee if it is declined. Log into Dashboard, and check your balance under check card balance.

Payment to Payza and STP will happen over the weekend.

India, payouts via cash option. Now it is offline for new withdrawals, but last batch has been sent. We are looking for more options for India, so hold tight

Why are we receiving Standard Card.. that is not right, becuase BB only has one card. If you are premium, you have more benefits. The website shows the differences. Again, only one card for all affiliates.

ID NEEDED FOR ALL ACCOUNTS, regardless if you have a debit card or not. Within 30 days you must supply ID. Also, to withdraw you need ID, or when you order BB card, you must have ID.

Recently divorced members... contact Support and let them know why your name has changed. Must have proper ID. Then your new name can be on the card.

23 character limit for printing card. So omit middle names if full name won't fit.

Can we change country? Submit a support ticket for this.

Campaigns -- should show up within a couple days. New account coordinators coming onboard that can help you with setup of campaigns.

Transfer of panels will stay.

Bank wires: Problem with bank wire situation. Dozens of people addded BB name on recipient for bank wires. Instructions were not followed. Becuase of this bank had alot of wires with confusing information. So all wires were placed on hold to find out what's going on. BB has met with bank reps to get problems solved. Do not call the bank and complain. If you do call the bank your Account will be TERMINATED. this is serious, so please adhere to this rule.

Support Phone calls for bank wire problems.. there is no fee for this now.

Funding with Allied Wallet. This is automated funding, instantaneous. .02% of people are having problems with Allied Wallet. a few may say "successful" but not appear in your account. Chris looked at all transaction and now have been updated. If you were missing a transaction, use the transaction number and submit a support ticket. We now know how to fix this quickly.

PIN number with BB Card... you choose this on the activation page.

Direct deposit for Canada -- last night or today, or Monday at latest. These were submitted a week ago. BB rec'd confirmation from bank that all were sent out. Money will appear shortly.

You can still order prepaid card.

Archive for capped panels is in the works.

The limit for BB Card is not on the Card. We are only sending out one type of card. Your account type limits your withdrawals, not your card.

If you need longer time to submit ID, please submit a request to Support.

Premium members are saying there is a max load of 625. Please contact support, and we will resolve that today.

Corporate accounts over 5,000, please speak to Chris Smith or Raj

FAQ will be updated with all the great questions that came in today, if yours was not answered.

We will be looking into India withdrawals. This is on the top of our list. Also, if government ID has no expiry, just put in default date. When we have another provider for India, we will notice you of requirements.

ADDED: Chris said he will extend deadline for submitting ID's for 30 days from today!!

Have a great weekend, and rock BB. :O) end of webinar.

Friday 17th July Q&A Webinar Notes:

Lorenzo speaking:

Reviewing wonderful events in Portugal. It was the cat's meow! (love that)


Glad to be back. Portugal amazing. 2nd Sunday about 700 people attending. Great way to begin the new year.

Video being created and we can buy one soon.

Training will begin on Wednesday this week for BB 2.5 on the webinars

Chris: Q&A

Sales Engine? Running live and will continue to be live. You will see each individual account update every 24 hours. Every second of the day someone's account is updating. Every second someone's panel is updated. For the panels in your account it should be on the average of every 24 hours. He wanted to clarify. It's not "jumping" anymore, movement every day.

Payouts? STP payout went out last night. STP is back and looking good. He was impressed. Payout for Payza went out earlier this week.

Pay-in: Pay-in method for STP is updated last night. Need to go to STP assistance page for your account. Always use the amount you sent, not the received amount. Do not subtract fees. Use TOTal amount.

Allied wallet is not available in India. It is available in USA, but ID must be approved. Two-step process: attempt to do the funding. You may have to call Allied Wallet to be placed on white list for that payment.

INDIA cash payout option is done. Another one next week.

Banking payouts to US and Canada only. Next week those payouts will be done.

Promo 121? It is live. It is slow and they are doing tweaks. If you signed up on the other website, you account is live on the new site.

BB PrePaid Card -- First card load at end of month. Make sure you complete the process. Option in the back office to withdraw to card.

3 stage approval process for Card: BB approves your ID. If it is rejected, you will see this in your back office. You will need to resumbit. Stage 2 is Vecta process for approval. If BB misses anything due to human error, they will double check. List is sent over to the printers and name is on the card and shipped out on the address on file. If name on the card is not correct, this last step may be held up. Number of characters must be correct. Printer may not print it if there is something they do not think is right.

Process should only take a couple weeks. If not arrived check for the above error notification in your back office.

Shipping? -- we will offer "paid" shipping by FedEx, priority. that will be your choice and can pay with eWallet funds, if you do not feel safe with regular mail. $35 is billed to your eWallet when shipped. If you chose Priority Shipping you must have funds in eWallet to cover the shipping fees. Near future.

Do complimentary panels go slower than others? Absolutely not!! All panels are equal, timeframes are the same across the board.

Is BB affected by Payza change in terms? At this point, NO. We have received no notice from Payza about that. We will be pro-active in seeing about this and staying in touch.

New Package and panel -- when they have details they will release info.

Webinar ended abruptly, accidentally, while Chris was speaking.

Popup sites on Promo121 -- BB realizes that and they are in the process of changing providers. Please be patient, they will sort it out.

If you have not received your BB Card and you were in the 1st batch. You should have. We are working on a way for members to check on that and see if there were any problems. He rec'd his in under a week

Working to get Canada compliant. Chris does not want the year to end without that happening.

How do I transfer money from total earnings to my eWallet? The total earnings is a combination of money and panels. It's to give you an overview of your business. eWallet is the only place with cash for you to withdraw. Advertising credits is what you can purchase. Again, Total earnings is just an overview of the whole picture of your business.

I do not have a scanner? You can use your cell phone to take a picture of your ID.

After BB releases cash payout, how long does it take to pick up cash? Roughly 3 days. This is a new feature, so he thinks about 72 hours.

When will webinar be recorded in back office? Today. Some webinars done in Portugal will be uploaded today as well.

Any new questions he did not get to he will review and answer at a later time or add to FAQ. Keep checking.

Friday 13th July Q&A - State of Banners Broker

-- Restating the announcement about Kul.
BB lives on!!
Reason: Kul wanted to go a different
direction. Chris Smith, sole owner
of Banners Broker, guarantees you that
BB will stand the test of time!!
Wishes Kul the best in his future.

-- Affiliates, contractors, all members,
it is business as usual. A new VP of
Corporate Sales will be brought on.

-- John Rock, Compliancy Officer is no
longer with us. Violated confidentiality

-- Chris will be more a part of everything
that's going on with BB, back end and
front end.

-- Thanks to all for coming to Portugal. We
appreciate all members. Please have
everyone listen to the webinars for true
facts and updates on what's happening.

-- Information about BB 2.5 will be posted
in the back office on Monday.

-- Planning for dates in the USA.

-- Payout STP and Payza when he gets back to
Canada. So midweek next week.

-- Corporate has never said "panels are
taking longer to complete" this is not

-- End of the month you will be able to
withdraw to new BB Credit Card.

-- Larger than $10,000 per month requires a
sign off on this thru Corporate. But this
is possible.
$2500 max load amount per transaction
$10,000 max load per month unless you do
the above.

-- Payment schedule: Until the cards come
into play there is no set payout schedule.
We like to do it every 10-15 days. The
positive news is with the card, payouts in
general will be vastly improved, and you
will be very satisfied. He encourages
everyone to get the card. No monthly fee,
have lowered the fees as much as possible
for the members.

-- Allied Wallet, there was an issue but has
been solved on Allied's end. You can use it.

-- Second batch will be end of next week, so
get in now. Please get the card because
that is how we will be paying out as

-- Payouts being timely is very important to
Chris. We had some setbacks, and there
were delays, but we have addressed that,
and believe the BB card will be the best
possible solution for everyone.

-- 1st batch. If you have not received it,
there may be a problem with shipping
address. Some names were rejected because
there were numbers put in names. Could be
reject by the card provider or printers.
Please make sure everything is filled in

-- Bank wire funding is not there right now.
Because there have been dozens of people
who have not followed directions. Some
people added things like usernames, etc.
the bank wires were returned. Also because
the high number of returns, it had to be
pulled from the site. Please follow
instructions completely.

-- If you have a problem with STP, be sure
to send in support ticket, ask to be
sent to Chris himself, he will get it
straight for you.

-- Prepaid Card.. FAQ explains why BB card
has no chip system. Not thermally raised
for your protection.

-- Questions/answers will be added to FAQ.

-- Can we use Allied Wallet in USA? Yes,
upload your ID's and wait for it to be
approved. this is very fast. After you
are approved, you will see Allied Wallet
in your back office. If it declines, you
are not on white list for Allied Wallet.
Call Allied Wallet and ask to be put on
their white list. Try it again, and it
will go through every time.

-- We are aggressively adding new networks
to our publisher networks to bring you
additional revenue.

-- Sales engine takes 2 days, so about every
2-5 days. Auto updates will come very

-- The core foundation of Banners Broker will
prevail and live on in the future. Nothing
and nobody is going to come between the
vision of where we want to go!!!

-- Additional questions that were not
answered today will be on the website
under FAQ

-- Enjoy your weekend. :O)

15th June 2012

Thank you for joining us for our Friday 15th of June Q & A Webinar.

We will begin shortly.

Audience Question
Q: can you mix general traffic with sales credits to activate panels?
A: Yesa you can mix both sales credits and general traffic to activate the panels

Audience Question
Q: any idea when the traffic pack subscriptions will be automated?
A: Traffic pack subscriptions will be automated at a later time.

Audience Question
Q: When will panels be updated on a regular basis? It has been two weeks since my panels have been updated.
A: Panels will be running live shortly. We are in the process of working to make this happen.

Audience Question
Q: when are the first bb debit cards going out?
A: The first batch of the BB prepaid Masterd Cards will be going out at the end of June

Audience Question
Q: is there a delay with you taking subscriptions out. I had an email telling me you had taken my subs out last week and still seen no movement in ewallet
A: We will have to look into this as we were not aware. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will announce on our next webinar when we investigate further.

Audience Question
Q: When will we be able to edit our personal info and upload amended Photo ID
A: Once the uploading for the second batch of the BB Prepaid Master Card is completed

Audience Question
Q: When I set my panels at 100%, do I receive an allowance in the macro to qualify half of the repurchase panels?
A: No. When you set the panel to 100% you will receive two re-purchaqsed panels. No increase in the allowance.

Audience Question
Q: I've submitted my proof of address and id about 2 weeks ago but it has not been aproved, is it possible that I have done something wron when uploading or is it possible to speed it up as I cannot order the bb prepaid card befor it is approved?
A: Id's are being manually approved. It is a process. If something was done incoreectly, you will receive an error message. If no error message received, then your ID is just pending.

Audience Question
Q: If I have 2 affiliates purchasing 1 yellow panels each. Does that mean that my yellow panel qualifies than immediately?
A: You will receive sales credits, which you can then use to quilify your yellow panel. Please refer to your colour bank in your back office

Audience Question
Q: Why can't we use a credit or debit card or bank transfer to purchase our original package?
A: We have several pay options available in your back office. However, depending on the country were you reside, some restrictions on pay processor are limited.

Audience Question
Q: How can I became a premium member?
A: At the moment affiliates can upgrade to Premium affiliate by purchasing more than 2 traffic packs per month.

Audience Question
Q: Can I notorize my Mastercard now ? I was too late before
A: you will be able to send in an uploaded notarized ID after the BB Prepaid Master Card second batch is completed

Audience Question
Q: If i have already uploaded Photo Id and ordered my BB card will I have to re-order the card if I now want to add notarised photo ID
A: no. You will have to wait to be able to upload the Notarized after the second batch is completed.

Audience Question
Q: It says that you must be present in order to win the car. What if you are present on the first Saturday? Will your name still go into the draw?
A: Yes. You need to register your ticket when entering into the COnvention on either date. Your name will still be entered into the draw, ONLY if you have registered when entering the convention. We will have a regristration desk set up and everything.

Audience Question
Q: what is the advantage of locking the panel?
A: Your inviter will receive your sales credits as well when locked and qualified, you will receive the impressions to go towards your advertising campaign

Audience Question
Q: I bought portugaul purple pannel so I wll be in lucky draw or y invitor?
A: It will be your inviter

Audience Question
Q: Is there a prblem at the moment with the purchasing of traffic "confirm" button appears
A: Please make sure you are using the MOzilla Firefox Internet browser. The confirm button should be showing

Audience Question
Q: I was reading the details for the Prepaid cards - it looked as though it is possible to have a private BB account and also one for a business - is this correct?
A: You may have a corporate account and a personal account, However, your Prepaid Mastercard is only available to the personal account. There will be no Prepaid Master Cards available for corporate accounts at the moment. This is something we may look into for the future.

Audience Question
Q: where can I see the advert sites?
A: We work with a blind network. You will not be able to see which sites your banners and advertisements go on.

Audience Question
Q: I heard there is a sample list of non-member publisher websites that BB uses for ad campaigns. Can you provide that list somewhere on the BB site?
A: We work with a blind network.

Q: Q: why is site going down this weekend?

Audience Question
Q: Will The Gala Event in Portugal be broadcasted to BB Members who cannot make it to Portugal?
A: The convention will be video taped. We are not sure if we will release to affiliates who were not able to attend.

Audience Question
Q: Can you explain in detail on the website what happens when you roll up panels with regards to the traffic credits? example when you roll up 2 re-purchased and one newly purchased panel.
A: We arew working on a more detailed tutorial for the roll up panels.

Audience Question
Q: What is the status of the UK with regard to BB
A: Uk is fine

Audience Question
Q: how big is the choice publishing network currently?
A: over 200,000

Audience Question
Q: The Portugal Purple panels are not on the site. We were told they would be available Friday. Is it an error that they aren't available.
A: The last day to purchase purple panels from the promotion was yesterday. The winner is announced today

Audience Question
Q: why was the Payza withdrawal reversed earlier this week and why have we not had our fee for withdrawal refunded
A: Payza was reversed due to an error in the information entered as well if you do not have a Payza account. A Payza account is necessary in order to receive payment through Payza. Affiliates who have had their Payza reversed, please look into your Withdrawal log and read the note provided.

Audience Question
Q: is there an easy to follow explanation of the business and how it works. I'm a real newbie and I haven't got a clue
A: Under every tab in your back office, there are tutorials available. Please view these tutorials, as well we recorde all previous webinars which are also available for all of our affiliates.

Audience Question
Q: what happens when i have not enough money in my wallet for de mastercard ?
A: The $35 will be taken from your ewallet regardless if funds are available. The ewallet will go into the negative, which is fine.

Audience Question
Q: If my invited person buys a panel or has a repurchase of a panel, do I get sales credits for this?
A: Yes you will receive sales credits

Audience Question
Q: If someone buys a green panel instead of package when upgrading by mistake - can this be changed?
A: PLease send in a Support ticket and they will be able to help you. PLease remeber to provide your username in the ticket and the issue.

Audience Question
Q: what photo id do I need as I only have a business id with a photo
A: A government ID is preferred. Driver's license or passport

Audience Question
Q: Hi Chris i get an 'insecure content' message when ever i access the site on Chrome. Is it just me or does..

8th June 2012

Friday Q&A Review Notes:

(*) Are you still waiting for STP
balance to balance transfer to BB
to fund eWallet?

There is a special link for that at the
Support Page to do it manually yourself.
It will automatically show up in your
This link is only for those waiting
for previous money loaded manually.

(*) To add funds to your eWallet, via
STP, there is a new link to do that under
Add Funds:

There is a step by step instruction
now on the site. Only need to put your
BB username. 24 hours to show up.

(*) Scheduled downtime for BB today at 1:00 PM
EST, until 4:00.

(*) US Members can use CC options if your ID
uploaded and NOTARIZED. Must replace your
previously uploaded document if it was
not notarized. this is not required, but is
required for CC options for USA.

(*) Next PAYDAY is TODAY Payza and STP you
will see it immediately in account. For
bank, it will appear as soon as proccessed
by your bank.

(*) If you need to do a reversal (cancel your
withdrawal) you must do it right away. Once
Payouts begin, you cannot do it. Deadline
12:30 pm today (Noonish)

(*) Missing panels from the other day: You will
be receiving these panels soon, don't worry.

(*) Automated Engine: still in the test phase.
Should happen shortly.

(*) Security question now says "Mothers maiden

(*) When will USA be able to pay other other than
wire? if you have your ID notarized, you can
use Payza and STP. Other options are in the
works for soon.

(*) One hour period of time each night when BB
backs up the website. May see a short
downtime if you login during this time.

(*) 3 Portugal Panels, if they are rolled up you
will lose the SUPER-BOOSTING.

(*) STP process takes 24 hours (since you did it)
so if it says your "code is not valid" or
"unavailable", wait the 24 hours and try again.

Friday 1st of June Webinar notes:

1. BB Debit Cards - 2nd batch pre-order will begin in about a week.

IDs and address verifications are happening quicker now.

No $35 charge until card is shipped, so you don't have to actually have money
in eWallet to order.

2. Big News!! You can buy European Launch
tickets with your eWallet!! Under Purchase,
Purchase Tickets.

He went through the steps to order your
tickets.. pay thru eWallet, then click on
another button which takes you to
EventBrite, where you use your event code
to actually get your "ticket" for the event.
(Watch recorded webinar for details)

3. Bangledesh news - they have a cash
solution. Coming very soon, hold tight.

4. Order screen for Debit Card. All ID/
address verification must be approved
(will be in green with checkmark) check
off that you've read Terms and Conditions
Fill out any blanks (in the section with
gender, etc.) then ORder button will appear.

5. Notarized documents is optional, not
required. but increases withdrawals to 4
times per month.

6. Allied Wallet increase in $ limit.
Withdrawal Limit (# of times) - He is attending a meeting
today and hoping that limit will be increased

Banners Broker Iceland

20th April 2012

Q & A Updates

BB SITE WILL GO DOWN IN 1200 EST TO UPDATE SOME FEATURES THIS WILL ONLY BE FOR AROUND 45MINS.... (1) LIQUIDATION LOGS - new button has been installed in the the logs this is for liquidation request that were put on hold ie wrong bank info....allow the member to amend the bank info and hit the new button "RESUBMIT REQUEST" (2) PRE-PAID BB CARDS - New features in personal info now in place Photo ID and Utility Bill button now in place for members to update in preparation for the delivery of the cards. (3) UPGRADE PACKAGES - this is now automated and happens instantly members have 21 days to upgrade from initial purchase and up 30 days to upgrade to black (4) MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS - deductions will be taken in the next couple of days (5) TP SUBSCRIPTIONS - these will be automated in may - until this time manual purchase should continue ......BB will be giving a 8 day tolerance between purchase of TP (6) EUROPE LAUNCH JULY - PORTUGAL - this event will be held in Portugal tickets and info will be put on the site next week it will be a 3-4 day event

Banners Broker Iceland

30th March 2012

Questons and Answers from Today's Webinar:

Thank you for joining us for our Friday Q & A Webinar.

We will begin shortly.

Rajiv Dixit (to All - Entire Audience):
From 1st of April : fees are going to be charged
Rajiv Dixit (to All - Entire Audience):
Standart members = 15$ fees, Premium =100$ fees
Rajiv Dixit (to All - Entire Audience):
People who have been upgraded to premium because of several traffic pack purchased, submit a ticket to the support and we will treat case per case
Audience Question
Q: Thank you for the subscription information, if a person who wants to pay via e-wallet but have no money in there, will their balance go into "minus" like in BB1 before they can pay you?
A: No, eWallet is positive or 0 only, not in minus
Audience Question
Q: how come, tah in the beginning when I bought the package the panels filled up quickly but now we have panels that remain f.e. at 179.93 for two weeks and don't move...
A: Traffic that comes is not linear, so panels are not moving in a regular basis, if you do not have moves on a 5 consecutive days, please submit a ticket to the support to double check
Audience Question
Q: Hi me from PAKISTAN, will BB charge admin from MARCH ? and is there no option of stp to pay?
A: Fees from 1st of April, check on the chat for the details
Audience Question
Q: Really would like to know why the ad campaigns are not working?
A: If your campain do not work, delete and re start a new one, you will not lose ad imprssions
Audience Question
Q: when do we start subscribing to traffic packs ?
A: from Now
Audience Question
Q: I liquidated on the 16th, has the mid-month liquidation been done yet or not. I know i've not received/seen any money yet in my bank acct.
A: It takes 15 business days for a liquidation to be sent on your account
Audience Question
Q: what if someone wants to quit? how do you end an account?
A: check for the policy on the website, send a handwrited letter to the headoffice, we proceed the closing
Audience Question
Q: hi are boosters and campaigns working properly now please?
A: Yes
Audience Question
Q: Can you tell me when the next liquidation payment run is ?
A: next week
Audience Question
Q: Can you boost unqualified panels
Audience Question
Q: How do we use the support ticket its confusing
A: Submit the ticket if the answers provided are not solving your problem, we answer within the next 72h
Audience Question
Q: Is there a "Comp 3" panel, or are there only a maximum of two complimentary panels after the completion of each complimentary panel set on 100%?
A: 2 comp
Audience Question
Q: many people complain that they liquidated money to credit cards and transaction were canceled and money refunded to ewallet back
A: Sorted, process the liquidation once again
Audience Question
Q: will we be charged for traffic packs in feb since there was a misunderstanding
A: Traffic packs brought and applied are due, if you have any problems with your subscription or misunderstanding, submit a ticket
Audience Question
Q: I have a referral who signed up in November but has not bought a package. I don't believe he has any intention of buying a package yet he has referred someone who has bought a package who I have provided some support to. Kul said last year that these people would be removed so that the downline can move up to the active member. Is this going to happen?
A: I saw your question and I double check with Kul for that
Audience Question
Q: Why is there no traffic allowance with a sales credit generated by a roll up panel in your regerral position?
A: Because you already had the allowance first with the panel
Audience Question
Q: Are traffic hits (sales credits) awarded 2 or 3 levels deep or only on personals you refer.
A: Only personal referrers
Audience Question
Q: If we want to pay for our traffic Packs by ewallet in the future, will we need topay for 3 months at a time?
A: no
Audience Question
Q: If we want to pay for our traffic Packs by ewallet in the future, will we need topay for 3 months at a time?
A: You have the choice ewallet or card
Audience Question
Q: Do we need to pay the subscription fee manually in april or is it automated?
A: Automatic
Audience Question
Q: My bank liquidation dated March 20th is showing as pending, but money is still in my eWallet. Do I process again or is it ok and will process next week?
A: No it is in process, it will be done
Audience Question
Q: i have a problem with my liquidation ...and i already send ticket and they said me to check again my account...i check it and i nothing there...can anyone help me?
A: submit a ticket now saying you were on the webinar now, i will double check it this morning
Audience Question
Q: Could you increase the ammount of words your allowed to insert when sending in a ticket , Its too little to be able to explain some chalenges people have in such a short amount of words
A: No it is sufficient in 99 cases%
Audience Question
Q: Why am I list as a premium member I only have purchase a traffic pack one in Jan one in Feb so why am I not still listed as standard
A: submit a ticket we double check
Audience Question
Q: Will that person who has not paid that has referred someone that has paid be removed for me now or woll I have to submit a ticket for that.
A: you have to specify the settings you want to every single panel you buy or get as complimentary
Audience Question
Q: Can my son create an account as a 17 years old and not liquadate until 18?
A: No, you have to be 18 to have an account
Audience Question
Q: Can we order business cards for BB?
A: no
Audience Question
Q: i made a liquidation request on the 31st of january and have not been paid, was told in february swift code was invalid that was corrected and i still have not been paid, it still says on hold on liquidation log, even though support emailed me to say it would be paid soon?
A: submit a ticket
Audience Question
Q: Is it normal that your General Traffic can go to a negative number or is this a bug ?
A: bug, submit a ticket
Audience Question
Q: if i pay for 3 months now, when will my next subs payment be due, July, correct???
A: no, not correct
Audience Question
Q: Is BannerBroker back office live? I didn't see any movement in my earnings a few days ago
A: more thn 5 consecutive days without any moves, submit a ticket
Audience Question
Q: If you buy two traffic packs you would pay $50 + $50 + $100 admin fee = $200???
A: correct
Audience Question
Q: Do older date stamped panels still move faster than newer ones, as in BB1?
A: yes
Audience Question
Q: if i pay for 3 months now, then when would be by next payment…..?
A: in 3 month...
Q: Will you always have enough publisher to feed the panels of the members
Audience Question
Q: There is no detail on impressions bank, how can we verify we received our impressions
A: you have the details on each panels, you just have to do the math, it is just an addition
Audience Question
Q: There is no detail on impressions bank, how can we verify we received our impressions
A: we will improve it
Audience Question
Q: If a new member does not want to use bank withdrawal, do they still have to fill out the bank information under Accounts info??
A: yes

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Hello BB affiliates,

We would like to take the time and congratulate all of our Independent Contractors from all over the world for doing such a wonderful job. A big thank-you to all of you that attended the conventions in Algarve, Portugal - Ayub Ali, Lorenzo Guarini, Roman and Vanessa, Dirk Dhondt and Rehuel Siemons, Rinaldo Mercedes, Roco Shouna, Christelle Mailli, Janine Wahlen and Hennes, Fraser Douther, Ana Onofre and Edney, Hana Shuster and Benny Rockah, Paul Mccarthy, Gianluigi Binori, Mateusz Guzda, Piotr Nastalek, Claudia Santos, Neale Pocock, Marlon Modeste and Ephraim Hespodales, and Ian Driscoll.

A special thank-you to Ruairi Kelly, Marlon Modeste, Eric Kock and Mark Ghobril for your testimonials. It means soo much to the BB team to hear such amazing stories. We very much appreciate every word that you all said.

Thank-you Claudia Santos and Manuella (from Portugal) for being such a big help planning the convention and helping out at the conventions! We appreciate all of your help!

Paul Mccarthy won Independent Contractor of the year – a big Congratulations to you! Paul, you have done such a phenomenal job! Keep up the great work!

Simon Stepsys won top affiliate of the year! Simon, you are doing an amazing job in such a short period of time that you have been with BB. Congratulations!

Christelle Mailli is our newest Independent Contractor and she will be looking after France! Christelle, we know that you will do a wonderful job in France and congratulations on your new position!

And now for our Millionaires. Congratulations to Simon Stepsys, Juliusjack Julius, Richard Weals, Amisa Ameen Patel, Immi Imran Nauth, Jaya Bodele, Benjamin Douglas, Derek Overington, Aarun Nasar A Shah, Dilipmain D Dabrai, Jose Lourenco, John Barrett, Jonathan Harris, Basel Sharaf, Elke Waszmann, and Ruairi Kelly. Wow, all have done an amazing job! We sincerely appreciate all of your hard work and dedication!

Looks like there will be a competition between Mr. Rinaldo Mercedes (Dominican Republic) and Mr. Marlon Modeste (Trinidad). Both claim that their country will be number 1 next year! Let’s bring on the competition guys!

It was really quite amazing to hear Independent Contractors, leaders and affiliates all over the world telling the audience how much Banners Broker has changed their lives and for the better. Let’s celebrate everyones hard work, dedication and success! Thank-you everyone for all of your support! Banners Broker is looking forward to working with you and helping you grow your business!
BB Management

Friday, July 27, 2012

Simon Stepsys - Top Affiliate of the Year!

Simon Stepsys won the top affiliate of the year! Simon, you are doing such an amazing job in such a short period of time that you have been with BB. Congratulations and we appreciate all of your hard work and dedication!

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Kelowna and Burnaby, Vancouver – July 22nd –July 25th, 2012

Hello BB affiliates,

Lorenzo and his team headed out to the beautiful Kelowna on Sunday morning for a few presentations and meetings.

We had a wonderful drive heading to Kamloops. Attached for you to see is the beautiful scenery of which we experienced, although the pictures don’t do the justice. We wanted to thank Kelli Pozzobon, one of the leaders, for being such a big help organizing the meetings and introducing us to other affiliates within the area. There was a lot of great feedback, as well as great questions asked and a few new affiliates that joined Banners Broker J

On Tuesday morning Lorenzo and his team headed to Burnaby, Vancouver and met with Carmen, one of the leaders there. Carmen brought in many affiliates, current and new to Banners Broker. We had a great turn out at the Presentation on Tuesday evening. Again, a lot of great questions asked. So, thank-you Carmen for being such a big help.

We went to a Japanese restaurant called, “Kingyo” – such a great experience. We would highly recommend it – wonderful service and amazing food!

Thank-you Vancouver for such a great little journey – amazing as always!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Update from the BB Team!

Good afternoon and good evening BB affiliates!

The Portugal Purple Panel Promotion was a huge success and we thank all of those who participated in this contest. We have two first prize winners, two 2nd prize winners and two 3rd prize winners. We would like to take the time to congratulate and announce the lucky winners for the contest!
1st prize winners: Hazel Ovington and Adrian Martyn won a flight for 2, a luxury suite for 1 week and 2 VIP tickets. 2nd prize winners: Frank Weiser and Rainer Barton won a luxury suite for 2 for 1 week and 2 VIP tickets. 3rd prize winners: David B Wright and Lawerence Wright won a luxury room for 2 for 1 week and 2 VIP tickets. Again, a huge congratulation to our winners!

We would like to encourage everyone to come out and join us for our first launch in Algarve, Portugal. This is incredibly exciting for us, so spread the word to family and friends and come have some fun in the sun!

Banners Broker Prepaid MasterCard

Turn your eWallet funds into cash easily with our prepaid MasterCard®. Use your Banners Broker Prepaid MasterCard® card for all the things you use cash for – shopping, gift-giving, travel or everyday purchases. Whether you shop online or in person, Banners Broker Prepaid MasterCard® cards can be used at millions of locations worldwide wherever MasterCard® is accepted.We are now in our 2nd batch for the Prepaid MasterCard approval process. Please ensure to submit 2 Government Issued ID’s, including a photo and your mailing address.

Have a wonderful week and we’ll be in touch soon!

Friday, May 4, 2012

To a valued affiliate at Banners Broker,

We've made great strides this week towards a faster, more robust platform that can meet the challenges that come with success. At the time of this letter going out we are the 2,604th most visited site on the internet as measured by Our achievement has not come without its' struggles and during the past few days our dedicated IT team has been working tirelessly to expand and solidify our position on the web. Sadly the test never ends, but each day we are finding new ways to improve our infrastructure and increase the site's performance so that in the coming months speed will be a concern of the past.

This week has seen the launch of our dedicated support center, available live 24 hours a day to assist with any and all questions and concerns, additionally we have implemented several advanced caching techniques and a temporary login queue. If you are unable to login please do not send in a support ticket, you will be permitted access after the time specified below the login button.

Finally, we’ve got an exciting contest right now for those of you who have lady luck on your side. If you can guess the date of our 100,000,000th commission payout, then you can win 100 free traffic boosters from Banners Broker! Best of luck, we know you can do it!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you soon.

– BB Management.

Friday, April 27, 2012
To a valued affiliate at Banners Broker,

We’ve had a very busy week, but also a productive one! As you may have noticed, our website was down for two days as we upgraded our server to a much bigger, faster version in order to better assist you. This was done because of the vast amount of new members we’ve been getting and couldn’t be happier about! Our site is now live, and our ticketing system and in-house processor will be back up by the end of the day. The transition went incredibly smooth, and we appreciate your patience during this time.

In regards to updates, you can now use your credit card directly with all eWallet purchases as well as using a SolidTrust Payment account. Our refund policy has also now been extended to up to 30 days. May 10th is the deadline for amalgamations, and all payouts will be completed by the end of today (Friday April 27th). Also, you may now upgrade a package up to 30 days after purchase (40 days for Ultimate Packages).
And finally, we’re pleased to announce that our new Banners Broker Mastercard debit cards are here! You can withdraw up to $10,000/month as a premium member (or $2500/month as a standard). All transactions can take up to seven business days to complete, and you may purchase one shortly.

Once again, we thank you for your patience and continued business with us as a valued affiliate. While we flourish together, we can all be proud of the accomplishments and milestones we’ve made in this ever-expanding, multi-billon dollar online ad industry.

BB Management.

Friday, April 27, 2012

to a valued affiliate at Banners Broker,

We’ve had a very busy week, but also a productive one! As you may have noticed, our website was down for two days as we upgraded our server to a much bigger, faster version in order to better assist you. This was done because of the vast amount of new members we’ve been getting and couldn’t be happier about! Our site is now live, and our ticketing system and in-house processor will be back up by the end of the day. The transition went incredibly smooth, and we appreciate your patience during this time.

In regards to updates, you can now use your credit card directly with all eWallet purchases as well as using a SolidTrust Payment account. Our refund policy has also now been extended to up to 30 days. May 10th is the deadline for amalgamations, and all payouts will be completed by the end of today (Friday April 27th). Also, you may now upgrade a package up to 30 days after purchase (40 days for Ultimate Packages).

And finally, we’re pleased to announce that our new Banners Broker Mastercard debit cards are here! You can withdraw up to $10,000/month as a premium member (or $2500/month as a standard). All transactions can take up to seven business days to complete, and you may purchase one shortly.

Once again, we thank you for your patience and continued business with us as a valued affiliate. While we flourish together, we can all be proud of the accomplishments and milestones we’ve made in this ever-expanding, multi-billon dollar online ad industry.


BB Management.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Greetings from Kolkata!

Today was my first full day in Kolkata, India, after traveling for two days. We've been meeting with various leaders in the network marketing industry who have heard about Banners Broker but wanted to speak with an official representative to learn more.

We started at 10:30 am with a group of seven people, but every ten minutes or so, a new group would come in and have to be seated in the room next door. Everyone had a wide range of engaging questions, from what our product is about, to details about our business plan, to how our services can help maximize revenue online.

As I answered each question, it became evident that the excitement and general positivity was improving overall in the room. We continued with the one-on-ones through until 2:00 pm, at which point we planned on gathering 12 members together for a traffic pack training session.

Well, to our surprise there were 35 people instead waiting for training, and we had to upgrade our meeting room to accommodate the larger group. We contently pressed on, answering questions about how to earn passive income as well as the importance of organic traffic, and finally found ourselves sitting at 9:00 pm with our minds full but stomachs empty. So we went out to grab some dinner.

At the end of the evening, I was informed that in total we had met with over 120 people that day, which is a fantastic step for us. What better way to launch our official first trip to India!

Stay tuned for more!

Rajiv Dixit.

Banners Broker International

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Event: Banners Broker Info Session
Date: Sunday June 19, 2011
Time: 2:00 pm Eastern Time

Venue: The Quality Inn Orleans
Address: 3363 St Joseph Blvd, Orleans, ON, (East of Ottawa)

More Details & Registration:

Whether you're already a member of the Banners Broker Marketplace, or thinking of becoming a member, this event is for you. We will discuss in detail how you can leverage our unique ad serving platform and publishing engine to grow your business and increase your earnings. This information session will take you deeper into the world of internet advertising and show you just how easy it is to be a part of a trillion dollar industry with little-to-no experience. Banners Broker provides all the tools, and we show you how to effectively use them to maximize your experience, reach more customers, and increase your revenue.

There are three ways to be entered into the laptop draw:

Bring 4 guests (receive an additional entry every 4 guests you bring)
For Members: Have a guest purchase a Business (Blue) Package for $140 (or above) at the meeting
For Guests: Purchase a Business (Blue) Package for $140 (or above) at the meeting

Here is an example: If you bring 8 guests and 3 of them purchase Business Packs, you will receive 5 entries into the Laptop draw.

Click on the Eventbrite Logo below to view the Banners Broker June 19, 2011 Event

Friday, April 15, 2011
Phase II Update

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are feverishly working to bring you new features and tools to take Banners Broker into the next phase. Phase II is sure to be exciting! A few of the major items that we are working on include a new corporate website with an about-us video, new publisher sites, new membership types, new impression platform, and even new revenue streams! Yes, you read correctly – as great as BB is right now, there will be additional ways to earn revenue and increase your profits.

We have everyone on our development and marketing team maxed out with tasks PLUS we have several external contractors currently working hard - all to bring us into Phase II of our existence. Due to the extra work load we had some conflicting code last week that affected the panel progress display. Although they are moving as before, the display is a little behind. We want to bring this to your attention and be rest assured that we will be all caught up over the weekend.

Banners Broker is in an outstanding financial position and we are poised to bring in the exciting new features of Phase II. We've made significant investments in recent months to position ourselves for true longevity and stability.

Thanks goes out to all of our team leaders for relaying information to your team and keeping everyone in the loop, and a special Thank You to our Skype Master Kul, who has been fielding your questions and keeping you abreast.

We will be sending update email messages starting next week as we roll-out each new feature!

Stay Tuned,

Stay Informed,

Stay Pumped,

and Get Ready for Banners Broker Phase II

Start your promotions today!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Update Message

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is a quick update on the progress of Banners Broker Phase II. We are delighted to announce that we have been beta testing the new Impressions Platform this week and we will be good to go live with it early next week. In anticipation of the extra support needed, we have proactively hired a dedicated Account Manager to help you manage your advertising campaigns. This extra support will be available by phone and Skype at the current support contact details (below).

Regarding your Sales Panels, the system is doing its job to get everyone caught up to date with the correct display. We are currently at a five day queue, however due to the turbo charge we have noticed a few anomalies. Anything odd will be automatically adjusted as each day progresses. The built in artificial intelligence of the system is at work and during the catch-up it did some over compensation for proper distribution of each member's sales inventory. Be rest assured that the automated system is operating as designed and is built for fair distribution and longevity.

We are having our Friday Live Question & Answer Call at 1:00 pm Eastern Time today (number below). If you have any questions, please come onto the call and we will be glad to answer them. Even if you don't have any questions, you should listen in because you will learn from the answers given to the pool of questions.
Banners Broker: emerging, evolving, energizing.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ottawa Ontario Meeting

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is a reminder for our Ottawa, Ontario, Canada "Live Information Session" being held on Saturday March 19, 2011. Make your best effort to come out if you are in the vicinity, and if not, forward this flyer to your Canadian database of online marketers. When your guests arrive, have them announce who referred them to the meeting, and we will make sure to close the deal for you!

We are starting with Canada, and surely Banners Broker will be coming to a city near you! Below is the Ottawa Flyer to pass out to your guests.

Monday, March 28, 2011
Jack Astor's Info Session - Toronto

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are back at Jack Astor's on April 5th! Come out for an informative Info Session. Bring your quests, and get yourselves up to speed with the best business on the Internet today!

This meeting will be slightly different; we will be doing a Laptop Giveaway on the night! That's right - someone is walking home with a brand new laptop.

Event: Banners Broker Info Session
Date: Tuesday April 5, 2011
Time: 7:30 pm Eastern Time
Venue: Jack Astor's Scarborough (Private Room)
Address: 580 Progress Avenue, Scarborough, ON, (East of Toronto)

Click on the Eventbrite Logo below to view the Banners Broker April 5, 2011 Event

Friday, February 11, 2011

First Public Meeting

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are happy to announce our first public meeting! Although we are an Internet company, we know the lasting influence a face-to-face meeting can have. This gives the opportunity for those in the Toronto, ON area to meet and greet the team behind Banners Broker on Tuesday February 15, 2011!

Although this current meeting is in Toronto, we are an expanding global business and will hopefully be meeting in your city in the near future.

Event: Banners Broker First Public Meeting

Date: Tuesday February 15, 2011
Time: 7:00 pm Eastern Time
Venue: Jack Astor's Scarborough (Private Room)
Address: 580 Progress Avenue, Scarborough, ON, M1P 2K2 (East of Toronto)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Make 2011 YOUR Year!

As we begin the new year, filled with excitement and high hopes for the progress of our company, we have been working diligently to cement Banners Broker as the premier program on the Internet. We hope you are well rested, because now is the time to put forth a champion effort to build your BB business with us.
We are now into our EIGHTH WEEK, and are growing like an unstoppable wild flower! Blossom with us and allow your online business to reach its highest revenue potential. We are proud to say that after a couple of months of proof, many members have had the confidence needed to refer countless people to Banners Broker. The payouts are just getting bigger and bigger.
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

BB Ultimate Sales

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

As week NINE comes to a close, we are pleased to announce that we've tripled our sales from the previous week!
The Banners Broker top sellers this week were:

Members who made Ultimate (Black) Package sales this week:

Bill Hobbs
Don Trudeau
Chris Ainsworth
Henry Kriwokon

Larry Telford

Members who made Enterprise (Red) Package sales this week:
Francine Cutura
John Schirripa
*Congratulations guys!*

For those that are more interested in smaller but quicker amounts to be sent to your AlertPay account, set your panels to 50%. (It is advisable to always leave your first panel of each panel color section to 100% since you can withdraw the same amount but will receive more panels.)

Also, we've made rolling up even easier with the new features released this week. You now have more control over how and when to roll-up. If your goal is to ultimately reach the Black Panel, we will help you get there. We love to grow together and help your brand prosper to its fullest. It's in our nature.
New features:

- If you have 3 qualified panels of the same color, you can now merge them to create a roll-up panel to get to the next color panel section.

- If you have redeemed a panel, as long as it hasn't started doubling, you now have the option to un-redeem it to be part of the 3 Panels you need to roll-up.

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Banners Broker

A revolutionary way to earn revenue online.

Monday, January 17, 2011

$100,000 in Commission Payouts!
Special News!

Welcome to week TEN of Banners Broker! We have some amazing news for you:

We have just passed the
$100,000 commission mark!

That's right folks, we have paid out a whopping $100,000 in just two months of operation, and there is no end in sight! If you are not yet convinced that Banners Broker is the new premier program of choice, you need to get your pulse checked!
We started this year with a bang and we have so many things in store for you! We are just getting started, folks. We will be releasing the exciting news about the enhanced impression blaster shortly. We are just finalizing the last components of the deal.

We also now have a clean homepage that matches the theme of the back office.

The following URLs are the three current capture pages available to promote your Banners Broker Business. Just add the /slash username after these URLs to mark yourself as the referrer.

Note: Your capture page links are listed in your backoffice.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are proud to announce that we have now paid out a whopping $131,040 USD in a condensed period of time. We're growing together – it's that simple! To increase your commissions, make sure you have a high enough package, and start spreading the word that Banners Broker is the place to be.

We had a productive conference call today. Dial the Recorded Call Playback Number: 424-203-8099, Pin: 294903#.
Make 2011 YOUR Year!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Our progress so far.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Banners Broker is still young, but we're growing rapidly and are truly proud of it! If you haven't done so already, log-in to your back office and browse some of the packages we have to offer your online organization.
A common question we are now getting is: did I miss the rush? This is natural for those of you who are used to online programs fizzling out in a couple weeks. We don't blame you. Don't just take our word on it – talk to the person who referred you. Or the person who referred them. We're an ever expanding team that works together, and we truly believe that's the key to success.

Quick conference call reminder!

1:00 PM Eastern Time

Friday, December 3, 2010


Pin: 294903#
Come and get your questions answered. Learn how easy it is to keep doubling your money and turn $20 into $10,000 through the doubling process!
We have been paying out DAILY, and the payouts are just getting bigger and bigger!

Our regular weekly Call Schedule is as follows:

Monday Evenings – 10:00 PM EST

Wednesday Evenings – 10:00 PM EST

Friday Afternoons – 1:00 PM EST


Pin: 294903#

Missed a call?

Recorded Call Playback Number: 323-927-0075, Pin: 294903#

You may also listen to our previous calls right in your backoffice!

From "My Dashboard", simply click on the "My Conference Calls" link

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Banners Broker

A revolutionary way to earn revenue online.
Monday, November 1, 2010

The Product

What is Banners Broker all about?

Some say we know a thing or two about banners. But really, we're an entire integrated marketing solution to help maximize your online revenue potential.

Until now, distinguished publishers were required to have fully functional websites that generated significant traffic. Luckily, our Ad-Pub Combo Package is a rebel that defies the rules and regulations for revenue earners in the online advertising industry. Now all you need is a desire to earn revenue through one of the most lucrative advertising mediums in today's market. No website or traffic stats necessary.
How it works: We supply you with inventory (online ad space) on various websites owned and operated by Banners Broker – think of it as your own profitable online real estate. Each of these sites already has a sizeable amount of existing traffic. So each time your ad space produces impressions for selected banners on the site, you earn a commission.

Here are the prices for the Individual Banner Ad Panels:
Panel 1: Yellow Section

1,000 Impressions

Panel 2: Purple Section

5,000 Impressions

Panel 3: Blue Section

25,000 Impressions 

Panel 4: Green Section

100,000 Impressions

Panel 5: Red Section

500,000 Impressions 

Panel 6: Black Section

3,000,000 Impressions

Here are the prices for the Starting Packages:

Starter Pack $25

Includes Panel 1
Basic Pack $55

Includes Panel 1 + Panel 2
Business Pack $145 -

Includes Panels 1, 2, 3 

Professional Pack $415

Includes Panels 1, 2, 3, 4

Enterprise Pack $1,225

Includes Panels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Ultimate Pack $3,655

Includes Panels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Start your promotions today!

Read the next blog about The Banners Broker Compensation Plan

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Banners Broker

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Improved Marketing Pitch

It is so fantastic to see all the different countries signing up with Banners Broker! Thank you for helping us with the launch of this revolutionary brand.

Here is list of Countries that are leading the way in registrations:
Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and The United States.

Here are two sample Emails you can send to your colleagues:

(Personal email example)
Hello {Name},

How are you doing with {insert their program here}? I found a way to promote my affiliate link for free. You should add your link to this site, and they will blast it out for you for FREE!

You get 200 Text Ad Impressions for FREE.

Go ahead and fill in this short form to add your affiliate link. I am sure you will get more hits to your business.


{My Name}
{My Phone}

(General email example)

I found a place to blast my affiliate link, and it is working great for my business. This doesn't cost you anything! Go ahead and add YOUR Affiliate Link for FREE.

Complete this short form and add your link here:

Let me know how it works for you!


{My Name}
{My Phone}

Once your colleagues are inside the Banners Broker Marketplace, they can choose to purchase packages as they please and you'll then receive a sales credit. It's easy.
If you have a personal contact list that is too large to send to, we can send your email to your list on your behalf. Please log in and use the Email Blaster tool provided to you. Give 24 to 48 hours for your email content to be approved as this tool is strictly to be used for Banners Broker promotions.
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Banners Broker

Twitter: @bannersbroker
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Saturday, November 20, 2010
Advertising with Banners Broker.

Saturday, November 20, 2010
Completed First Commission Run

If you have not yet purchased a package, log-in right now and discover which package is best suited for you.
Banner Ads

One of today’s most successful marketing media is online banner advertising. When compared to more traditional forms of marketing, it is cost-effective, target-specific and geographically independent. Our program offers all the benefits listed above and provides you with an efficient and effective way to increase your revenue.
We take the guesswork out of finding the right places to advertise online. You tell us what you need – then we find it, publish it and track it for you.
Our regular weekly call schedule is as follows: 

Monday Evenings – 10:00 PM EST

Wednesday Evenings – 10:00 PM EST

Friday Afternoons – 1:00 PM EST


Pin: 294903#
Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Banners Broker Marketplace has been active for two weeks now, and our progress has made significant growth with new members worldwide and new registrations every minute. For that we thank you.

Commission Runs
Since Friday, we have sent out countless AlertPay deposits.
The 50% or 100% Re-entry Setting

The 100% Re-purchase setting allows you to purchase two additional panels at the same color level once the existing panel reaches its traffic cap. The 50% Re-purchase setting allows you to purchase one additional panel at the same color level upon reaching the traffic cap, and credit the remaining 50% of your sale into your eWallet account for liquidation.

A key benefit of the 100% setting:
Quicker Roll-up rate to higher color panels – earning you more revenue

A key benefit of the 50% setting:

Automatically purchase additional inventory while earning uninterrupted revenue.

See traffic pack allowance section for details.

For live 24/7 chat, add our Skype Admin Center: bannersbroker

Banners Broker
A revolutionary way to earn revenue online.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Welcome to Banners Broker – a revolutionary way to earn revenue online. Thank you for your patience during this pre-launch phase, we’re very excited to share with you our integrated strategy for maximizing profit online.

First, a little about ourselves...
Banners Broker is a new approach to online advertising that’s intent on increasing your sales revenue while promoting your brand. What differentiates us from other banner impression sites is our initiative to sell on your behalf – you get paid for your impressions, while maintaining full control over the monetization of your campaign.

How are we different?

Unlike other ad networks online, Banners Broker also offers an integrated solution that caters to both the advertiser and publisher. This is called our Combo Package. It enables you to advertise your business on numerous websites in our network and at the same time, earn advertising revenues as a publisher through specialized and targeted publisher sites created by Banners Broker.
What can I do right now?
Register now for an account with us and receive 1000 FREE banner impressions. It’s our way of welcoming you to the team.


Banners Broker Admin

Saturday, October 30, 2010
The day has arrived!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

We’ve received word from AlertPay that our new website has been approved to receive credit cards. Starting today!
Keep following our Twitter updates for further updates: @bannersbroker

Here is how it works:

Our packages are designed to offset your advertising costs. Once you reach your designated revenue for a particular package, half of your earnings are used to obtain additional ad impressions and the other half is yours to keep.

Banner Ad Panel Packages

Starter Pack
YELLOW Section
$55 Basic Pack
PURPLE Section $145 

Business Pack 
BLUE Section $415
Professional Pack

GREEN Section

Enterprise Pack
RED Section $3655
Ultimate Pack 

BLACK Section

Please note: Package prices include the first month of the $10/mth admin fee.
Plus, when you refer someone to join Banners Broker, you then receive a sales credit for every package they purchase.


  1. I was unfortunately "bought in" by the "goodness of someone's heart". Truth is he couldn't withdraw his money so he shifted it to me thinking I would be a fool and buy panels thus giving him more commissions that he can't withdraw but buy more panels, that need more traffic and more boosters.Oh what an ugly web we weave. So in the beginning I got paid a couple of times, always having issues with banks, the card, blah blah blah. It has now been 4 months and no payment. This is the worst thing I have ever seen and am completely amazed that these people are not all behind bars. This person who got me in was also in control of my panels, I have since changed passwords since they have all my info. SMH

    1. Sorry to hear that MDD, have you reported them? Please do. I know the authorities WANT to do something but can't act without genuine info. BB are only here as long as the affiliates let them be...


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