Thursday, 24 September 2015

Simon Stepsys - Back in the news again!

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
Who's the greatest scammer of all?

Friday, 11 September 2015

Traffic Monsoon SCAM

We've launched a new Facebook page tonight called 'Traffic Monsoon SCAM'.

And I have a new site page: 'Traffic Monsoon Scam'

Both 'Traffic Monsoon' AND 'My Advertising Pays' are
 'Click Ten Ads a Day and Get Rich'  PONZI scams 
who BOTH advertise on each others sites!

 Which one will close first?
You can be sure I'll let you know when they do!


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

International Links for reporting Scams
Identity Fraud hotline.
Cyber crime reporting site.
FBI Official site.
FBI Official site: Common Scams
HMRC Official site.
Financial Services Authority Official Site
Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force
UK's national fraud and internet crime reporting centre.
Serious Fraud Office
Australian Securities Commission
Australian Scam Warning Site
Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.


My Page
Romance Scam Stories.

How to spot and avoid facebook scams.
No.1 Facebook scam page packed full of Banners Broker information.!/pages/realscamcom/126346767404757?fref=ts
RealScams Facebook Page.!/cyber419
Have you been hit by Scams? Notify this page.
This site is run by a lady called Ann who was the victim of a romance scam and also does an amazing job trying to expose them.!/profile.php?id=100003732930686&fref=ts
Full of updates on scammers.!/staysafeonline?fref=ts
A great page with info on cyber crime.!/pages/Canadian-Anti-Fraud-Centre-Centre-antifraude-du-Canada/143784455661162
Canadian Anti Fraud Centre
Tips on how to spot scam facebook pages.!/profile.php?id=100003943795926&fref=ts
An interesting new Scam info page.!/Frauds666?fref=ts
Info on lots of different scams.!/FraudInfo?fref=ts
New Zealand Scam page.
New Zealand Scam page (closed group)
Facebook privacy statement.

Finch sells has some great information about everything to do with Banners Broker. A must read for anybody who wants to know the truth about BB.

This as a brilliant blog with all kinds of tips on how to avoid ALL KINDS of scams and what to look for.
I really like this blog. It is full of really good stories but has an annoying advert right in the front of it!
Excellent marketing technique but not a very good 'page turner' incentive! Worth a look through.
A really good blog from the DPFOC. It has really informative info from a business perspective.
Jason has loads of good information about Banners Broker and other scams on this site.
A very informative travel blog with a good write up about BB.
Christene has loads of reviews on her blog about all kinds of scams, well worth a visit.
A site with lots of blogs related to scams.
A really good blog site packed with useful info on various scams.
A blog about Banners Broker.
A great blog about ways to keep safe online and packed full of interesting articles.
A blog about Banners Broker.
A really informative blog about scams in general and what to look out for.
A blog all about Lieven Van Neste.
An interesting blog about BB and other interesting stuff!

Daily Mail forum site with loads of topics and a particularly good thread about Banners Broker!
Real Scam is the No.1 scam site packed full of information on all kinds of scams and rip offs.
A really popular, informative site full of all types of scam threads.
A great forum to share romance scams.
This site would be good if it was easier to post on! I have lost count of the messages that I have tried to post and have got deleted. .
The Money Maker forum has threads from numerous money making schemes.
A forum for informing about Romance Scams.
A consumer guide to Scams and your rights.
This is a great site with informative info and reports from consumers. Well worth a visit.
This forum discusses EVERYTHING.
A forum for all types of scams.
This is a really informative site to warn you about lots of scams.
A general scam forum.
A forum from the Finance Forum page full of threads about lots of subjects.
A general finance forum with a BB thread.
A very informative blog by MLM watchdog Rod Cook
A polish forum with a big thread on BB.

How to spot a scam..very informative.
Banners Brokers Terms and conditions
This is a really informative read about Belize banking practices. All of BB's banking is now done through Belize and they have moved there 'headquarters' there...
Notify Experian if you have given BB any personal documents such as Driving License/Passport details.
How to recognize a ponzi.
Ontario Small Claims Court Site. You can file papers here to recover any monies paid.
A 'must' site for checking if a website is a scam or not!
Ireland Small Claims Court Site. You can file papers here to recover any monies paid.
How to protect yourself from Financial fraud.
Check if a site is 'up or down'.

Check if a company is genuine or not?
Newspaper article on Banners Broker.
Information on the latest fraud alert for Banners Broker and Zeek rewards.
Securities and Exchange Commission Press Release Page.
Consumer Mojo is full of news about scams and many other financial matters.
This site is stuffed full of links to all kinds of scam related information.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Metropolitan Police Fraud alert.
The Obtainer online magazine.


There are various agencies for reporting SCAMS and I urge you to do this. 

The UK Action Fraud line was reported as saying recently that VERY FEW PEOPLE ACTUALLY COMPLAIN IF THEY HAVE BEEN SCAMMED.But without affiliates complaining, scams will continue to entice innocent people.

If you don't report scams, the authorities have no way of knowing about them.

The Which Guide to Consumer Rights has a wealth of information about Scams and Pyamid schemes:
Some links below:

Below are some  links from around the world for you to report Scams in your own country.







Saturday, 5 September 2015


'Black December' is the phrase used for when Ponzi's finally implode because payment issues usually  happen at Christmas. Thousands of affiliates all think the money they have in their accounts is real and want to withdraw it to buy lovely things for Christmas. The problem is, the scammers don't have the money, it's long gone. So they either close the scams down or start making excuses for non-payment.   
These issues usually start around mid October and continue through November until right up to the last moment when all hope of your money appearing is finally gone.
This is a doubly cruel blow because not only do you NOT have the money but it's too late to do anything about it. So the only thing filling your Christmas stocking is the hot air coming from your computer!
I've written this hymn to the tune of 'Away in a Manger' and really hope that you heed the warnings we give before it's to late.