Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My Advertising Pays - Promises and Reality

'My Advertising Pays' is currently not paying it's members and its 'profit share' has been suspended.

There are plenty of rumours on the Internet regarding the reason for this, but since
neither Mike Deese or Tony Booth have made any statements about the payment problems (or anything else for that matter), we can only guess at what's happening.

However, two things are for certain.
Firstly, in this day and age, it doesn't take TWO weeks to fix a system problem.
And secondly, in this day and age, it doesn't take THIRTY days to make a payment to somebody.

Remember way back in October 2015, when Mike spoke about Version 2?

OCTOBER 15, 2015


We have a MAJOR announcement to make! We have been hard at work behind the scenes setting up the future of 'MyAdvertisingPays'. With our Executive Team, I have spent the last couple of months working very closely with many of our current partners and future, potential partners. Recently, we’ve had big strategy meetings and have taken MASSIVE action since then. MAP will be a different kind of Advertising Beast (we estimate) by the end of the first quarter/beginning of second quarter of 2016 . Here’s a few things you can expect (some of these items are subject to change as some are simply in the ‘idea’ stage). Transparency is important to us so we’ve listed the good and bad below.
MAP 2.0!
The Good
Better Advertising and statistics on your ads complete with Analytics and Line Graphs!
Lower bank fees!
Debit Cards for earnings. Buy your groceries with MAP commissions!

Away with the Dollar and in with the Euro! Yep, MAP is switching currency. All products and earnings will be sold/earned in Euro € (which means no more conversion fees at the bank)!
External Advertising and External Revenue (Publishers Listing Service)! You will be able to purchase advertising on external websites through the MAP platform, and have your advertisements seen worldwide! Make money by listing your website with us!
Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising! Only pay for real action taken on your Ad!
Retargeting Online Advertising Products!
What is Retargeting?
Behavioral retargeting (also known as behavioral remarketing, or simply, retargeting) is a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions, in situations where these actions did not result in a sale or conversion.
Increased commissions on corporate products! We will be creating an adverting sales force to go out and show businesses how they can benefit from using our services. These corporate products will potentially pull in millions in external revenue for our loyal members!

Loyalty Points System!
A completely new, innovative, modernized and robust website built from the ground up with new designs and advertising products!
Compliance training and promotional guidelines. With the upcoming MAP Academy, all of the training resources and guidelines needed on how to promote our business will be available at the click of a button!
Academy & Corporate approved National & Regional Leaders with standardized MAP presentations!
Volume-based affiliate commission percentage! The more you sell, the more you earn!
Free Members will be allowed to earn on up to a certain number of Credit Packs!
And last, but certainly not least, our very own in-house programming team devoted to MAP only. Currently, we are under contract from a firm that has other customers. Over the last couple of weeks, our amazing brand new, latest and greatest computers and hardware have arrived and been set up, our office space leased with motivational messages plastered on the walls throughout, an IT Manager hired, a new programming specialist being interviewed and vetted (with more hires to come), and the framework of MAP 2.0 being constructed as we speak! Coming soon, we will have a whole team of dedicated programmers, designers and specialists that will be answerable to MAP and only MAP! With this new team, once MAP 2.0 and all of her new products are launched and off the ground, we will be offering website building services to our members to further increase our external revenue streams, which strengthens MAP’s bottom line! Yep, one day in the near future, you can have MAP build your websites, capture pages, lead generation systems and much much more!
The Bad (?)
Advertising Funds will not be in MAP 2.0. Once we transfer all current members to MAP 2.0, the new accounts will not have Advertising Funds. You must use what you have or you will lose it when our new website launches, which is estimated to be 6 months or so from now. Our current banner system is overloaded with ads. Doing away with the Advertising Fund is going to drastically increase the impressions on your ads and while providing MUCH better value on your purchase(s).
Current product codes will not be transferred because the new advertising system will be completely different. So you must use or lose them by the time the transfer to the new site happens. You have quite some time to do so.
Membership fees will not be refunded. If your membership fee is due just before we get ready to launch the new platform, we suggest just letting your account sit idle until the transfer is complete if you are worried about losing the Membership fee. Totally your call.
Anyone with a certain credit pack level (number yet to be determined), will have a small monthly account maintenance fee (similar to Membership Levels). We will ensure that this is charged only to those with sufficient account levels so that it doesn’t really affect your balance.
The goal is to always ensure we are making the best decisions for the Company, so that the members will continue getting paid for a lifetime, based on quality products and services.
Oh yea! MAP is here to stay and we are ramping up our efforts so that we will be able to withstand our ENORMOUS growth! With all of your support, MAP 1.0 has served us well. We now have the opportunity to capitalize on our success and charge forward into new advertising categories and really differentiate ourselves from anyone else online today. We have a lot of work to do, but the future is definitely bright with MAP 2.0!.'

And this post in December 2015?

He said they had  A NEW Office.
'Over the last couple of weeks, our amazing brand new, latest and greatest computers and hardware have arrived and been set up, our office space leased with motivational messages plastered on the walls throughout, an IT Manager hired, a new programming specialist being interviewed and vetted (with more hires to come), and the framework of MAP 2.0 being constructed as we speak! Coming soon, we will have a whole team of dedicated programmers, designers and specialists that will be answerable to MAP and only MAP!' 

So Mike recruited (so they say) an IT dept of at least three people way back in October 2015 to solve these issues but as yet, they seem unable to do so.

Mike never actually SAID the new office was at:
'Barnmeadow House, Barnmeadow Lane, Great Harwood, Blackburn BB6',
but Google image matched the pictures he published and we very quickly found it.

And the REALITY?

The Office is up for Sale - again!
(Note the new photos of the Office are still of the previous owners -  a fire company - and not with the 'My Advertising Pays' signage)

And this is a couple of snips from a VERY interesting email conversation we've been having
with the Estate Agents (Pearson Ferrier) handling the sale:

Which means that MIKE LIED about the 'leased' office!
The lease runs out NEXT MONTH - October 2016 and

The truth is, Mike never had a genuine lease in the first place. Lynne and a few 'extras' just staged a few shots to LOOK LIKE it was real!

And look at this post from April 16th 2016:

'Benefits of MAP 2.0 And Why Its A Better Vehicle For You And Your Business:
The increase in monthly membership fees are going up to increase the Companies profitability, which creates stability. Remember, the more profitable MAP is, the more profitable your business becomes!
The move to the Euro currency will make everyone more money also adding more security and ease of money flows, along with faster payouts and reduced fees.
Withdrawals in euros to banks is much faster. In many cases 24 hours instead of 3 to 5 days in MAP 1.0. When withdrawing in euros = Zero banking fees! Its also much easier to move Euro’s around the world. Since USD is basically considered the Worlds currency, acts like terrorism around the world and money laundering really make it very difficult to move large amounts of it.
Since we are dealing exclusively in Euro, the debit card is coming and will be another option to withdraw earnings and/or fund your MAP business. Once your earnings are withdrawn onto your debit card they can then be spent like any other debit card and used to withdraw cash from any ATM Machine worldwide!
The 30 day holding period is standard practice and inline with many successful and longstanding direct sales companies in case of chargebacks and is standard policy in huge growth companies, all designed to help the stability and security of MAP and the members. Its worth noting that MAP has one of the lowest Income to Chargeback ratios in the world!
The reduction in maximum credit packs will help many more members reach the maximum credit packs sooner increasing the sales force motivation and making it easier to max the credit packs. If you want more earnings then go to work and increase your advertising sales.
The new slick and modern web site will attract more advertisers and affiliates, all which all helps the company and members make even more money than before, securing all of our long-term futures!
All these new benefits and upgrades are to help take MyAdvertisingPays and her Loyal Membership into a new dimension of online advertising and sharing of profits to increase longevity, efficacy, stability and security. Embrace the changes with positivity and go out there with confidence that MyAdvertisingPays is here to stay for the LONGTERM securing all our futures and legacy...'

How much of this has happened?
The Office? NO.
24 hour withdrawals? NO.
Debit cards? NO.
Loyalty points system? NO
A 'small monthly account fee'? NO!
(99 EUROS A MONTH is NOT small!)

This is the reality of Version 2 written by an affiliate:

Under Map 1, you could have up to 1200 credit packs, and earned roughly $10 per pack in 3-4 months, variable. 

Under Map 2. you can have 1000 Credit packs, each earns you just 5 Euro. Of course for us brits there is a exchange fee too as well as the normal payment processor fees, so how much is left from 5 Euro I don't know, I don't know how long each pack takes to mature but it seems painfully slow.

Under Map 2. You are not allowed to cash in your USA packs, you have to turn them into Euro Packs. This costs over $62 which is more than the pack matures at. Imagine that you have a load of USA packs, you cannot cash them in and start have to buy Euro packs for more than the value of the pack! Euro packs pay a lot less as well.

Under Map 2 Membership fees are a lot higher, based on how many packs you have. It is now 99.99 Euro a month if you have 1000 packs. 

Under Map 2. You can make a withdrawal request but it goes pending for 30 days. You cannot get money out for 30 days. 

So it is essentially a downgrade. I had intended to draw my money out off the dollar packs but they saw that coming. Imagine all those people with 1200 USA packs not being about to draw any money at all anymore until all are converted to Euro pack and they lose on every purchase. I am surprised it hasn't all collapsed all ready.

Credit packs - only click tens ads a day in total - not per pack. and the price per click is always the same. So why do you get paid between 20 cents per day to 60 cents per day? Or sometimes nothing? '

********************* So what do we think is happening? 
The post we wrote last month on the 'My Advertising Pays Scam Facebook' page, still stands.
We think that Traffic Monsoon's demise gave the MAPS affiliates a wake-up call and they logged on to VX Gateway in droves to request a withdrawal.
This is a reminder of the Alexa ranking for VX GATEWAY last month:

The problem is, Mike has no money.
Recruiting is drying up and withdrawals are increasing.
Maps has no way to go except DOWN.
But you know what the biggest indication is?
Ask around, see for yourself how many now have 'a second income stream,' or 'an alternative venture' all of a sudden.
Then ask yourselves why, if MAPS was a LONG TERM, stable income, they'd need to look elsewhere!
Bet you've received an email from them already, haven't you!


  1. The business which is there at the moment is called fis a safety servicing company for fire drills and stuff. I guess they are there much longer than map 2.0 so Lie after Lie this whole picture of them in the office was probably staged by a friend of Tony Both who runs that branch. The Skype TV is alsow missing in the Realestate agency photo. MAP is done. Great Job TT

  2. It is, yes. I was actually contacted by a gentleman who worked on the premises last year, in a different capacity through, so we knew MAPS were never there. Unfortunately though, we could never get proof until today, short of going to Blackburn myself and knocking on the door!


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