Monday, 18 June 2018

J. Ryan Conley Bravely Admits He Has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Poor old J.Ryan Conley.
First he goes and gets Early Onset Alzheimers and Frontal Temporal Lobe Dementia:

And then, he's goes and gets Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well!

I mean how unlucky can one bloke get?

He says he's suffered terribly over the last twenty years with depression, and has bravely admitted that he was going to kill himself with organic turpentine. Crikey.

Maybe organic turpentine tastes better than the regular, ordinary tasting, paint thinner?  But either way, he prefers the taste of paint thinner to drowning himself, so maybe all those stem cell injections destroyed his taste buds as well as his Dementia?

But I don't want to be too hard on him. I mean after all, it can be terribly depressing when all those Ponzi schemes he tells hundreds of other people to join, just shut up shop and close down, just like that. All that money he was so tirelessly earning, just slipping through his fingers...dreams of riches, gone. So I can totally understand how this must depress him to the point of suicide.
But don't feel sad for him folks, because I have good news.

He's only gone and gotten himself cured of PTSD!

Just imagine how wonderful all the members of our Armed Forces are going to feel about that news! 
All those brave men and women who fought wars, lost limbs and suffered catastrophic
life-changing injuries can finally be cured of the mental illnesses that torment them. 

So I bet you're asking yourselves how this amazingly brave guy found a cure? 
How has J.Ryan Conley managed to become a medical marvel?

Well the answer is really simple folks. Ryan's doctor gave him an injection called
'Stellate Ganglion Block Surgery'.

Wow! That's a really impressive sounding procedure. So what is it?

Well in simple, easy to understand, medical jargon, having Stellate Ganglion Block Surgery is...
an injection of local anesthetic.

'A stellate ganglion block is an injection of local anesthetic in the sympathetic nerve tissue of the neck. These nerves are a part of the sympathetic nervous system. The nerves are located on either side of the voice box, in the neck.'

Now call me stupid... but I'm pretty sure that our brave soldiers would have had quite a few injections of local anesthetic, in various body areas, and yet... it didn't seem to cure them of PTSD?

But silly of me, lightbulb moment! I bet none of those soldiers wore this $25,000 hat before they had those injections?

So how has Ryan afforded a $25,000 special hat when he's only recently had to give up his luxury penthouse apartment?
Well that's an easy question to answer: by promoting another Ponzi scam - FUTURENET.

The Futurenet cryptocurrency FTO has apparently saved his family from rack and ruin.
How, I'm not quiet sure, since the currency is as flat as a pancake. 
Maybe his family don't need to eat much?

Ryan is very, very, very grateful to his doctors and good friends:

Dr. Lipov has agreed (according to Ryan - who never, ever, ever tells lies) to be Ryans business partner.
The doctor is a regular on the long running 'Doctor' show and has apparently asked Ryan to be interviewed with him on the CNN channel! 
So why would the CNN channel want to talk to a lowly, humble guy like J.Ryan Conley?
Because... he's a medical marvel! And he's the only person in the whole wide world whose actually filmed himself being cured. How brave is that! What a guy!

But then J. Ryan Conley has got a teensy, weensy little motive for doing all this.
He wants to shout out to the world through 'Network Marketing' (he means FutureNet) that his amazing cure only costs $3000 per treatment!

Quite what you get for $3000 is a mystery though, since a unit of local anesthetic only costs between $50 -$70.
Maybe you get tea and biscuits afterwards?

His doctors (business partners) and himself want to raise millions of dollars to buy some special robots. These robots will travel around the country in a special van visiting Military Bases and injecting soldiers with Local Anesthetic so they'll be cured of PTSD.

Now call me naive...but I'm pretty sure if you turned up outside an American Armed Forces 
Base with a van full of robots and told the guard you wanted to inject any soldiers who have PTSD with Local Anesthetic, you'd pretty much guarantee being arrested and detained for life. But what do I know?

Ryan is so excited at the thought of raising millions of dollars by being on T.V and promoting his latest Ponzi scam that he can hardly contain himself.  He's like that bunnie in the Duracell advert that keeps a permanent grin on his face and can't stop jumping around with excitement. Lets hope he's better on daytime T.V than on his You Tube Channel. Either way, I'm really looking forward to seeing that episode, so watch this space...

And in the meantime, here's as a little taster to the main TV event but be warned, it's not for the faint hearted. At twenty minutes long it will undoubtedly make you want to throw something hard at your computer screen, but stay with it because believe me, watching Ryan explain how he was miraculously cured and pretending to cry is the absolute, bestest, antidote for anybody feeling sad and depressed!

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Charles Scoville Charged With Child Sex Abuse

On June 12th 2018, Charles David Scoville (Traffic Monsoon), was arrested and charged with:
 'Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child'.

I believe he's currently in Jail:

The details of this case can't, as yet, be made public, to protect the identity of the child involved, but more general details will hopefully be released in the coming days.

Charles has been set a bond of $100,000*.

His flat in Manchester UK was sold recently for around £250,000 without the receivers knowledge. But Charles claims he knows nothing about the sale, or the whereabouts of the sale proceeds. 

The outcome of Charles recent Traffic Monsoon Appeal is due any day now.

I'll share more information as soon as it becomes available.

*this story is fast moving and has been edited from a previous version.

More news to follow, watch this space. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

LYONESS - Court Cases From Around the World

Lyoness has been named in Court cases around the world.

'The (Norway) Lottery Authority has concluded that Lyoness is an illegal pyramid-based conversion system.'
4. June 2018

Here are some more examples:


'The judge Mathilde Beranek from the Commercial Court in Vienna, Legal Department 58.1 Vienna, convicted Lyoness as a snowball system and declared the company’s General T&Cs to be null and void (Case No. 581 Cg 44/16y-11).

The Austrian Supreme Court’s verdict of 18 May 2017 was already reconsidered during the first proceedings. Among other decisions, the Commercial Court in Vienna stated the following: Ultimately, the claim is legitimate notwithstanding the negation of the plaintiff’s status as a consumer. The clauses 13.2 and 13.3 of the General T&Cs, as well as the clauses 8.3 and 8.4 of the Supplementary T&Cs are null and void, separately, as well as in combination, because they limit the customer’s right to a refund of their “down payments/instalments” based on no factual grounds and on reasons which are largely at the discretion of the defendant. Thus, the cancellation conditions are deemed to be not only opaque according to § 6(3) KSchG (10 Ob 45/16i), but also grossly prejudicial.

Even if the point raised by Lyoness that the conditions refer solely to entrepreneurs was accurate, the General T&Cs would nevertheless be null and void due to the violation of § 879(3) ABGB. Source:'

Aug 01, 2017

The Supreme Court in Vienna has rejected the appeal On the 18th of May 2017, the Austrian Supreme Court in Vienna delivered a long overdue, 53-pages-long verdict (Verdict Supreme Court General T&Cs, Ref. no.

10 Ob 45/16i) regarding the General T&Cs of Lyoness and rejecting the appeal made by Lyoness.

The verdict, which had been stalled by Lyoness for a long time, sends out a strong signal. Apart from the fact that Lyoness has already been found guilty by a final judgement of being a snowball system, the court of final appeal has decided that all contracts/General T&Cs from 2007, 2009 and 2012 by and with Lyoness are null and void.



File number:

NSD 884 of 2014

Date of judgment:

23 October 2015

TRADE PRACTICES – pyramid selling – participation payments by “some or all” of the participants – recruitment payments – benefits “in relation to the introduction” of new participants

TRADE PRACTICES – referral selling – receive a benefit “in return for” the giving of names'

30. January 2018

In a 16-page decision, the Norwegian regulatory authority “Lotteri- og siftelsestilsynet” (publication by the Norwegian authority) has classified the companies Lyoness Norway AS and the “new variety” Lyconet as illegal pyramide schemes and snowball systems and has demanded that the companies cease all business activities within four weeks.

Should Lyoness Norway AS and Lyconet not comply with this request before the due date or not make a statement duly justifying their failure to comply, the companies might be closed ex officio and respective charges might be pressed.

The classification of Lyconet as an illegal pyramid scheme and snowball system coincides with the current proceedings involving Lyoness Europe AG. The parent company keeps claiming at public events and in the media that the company has “repositioned itself” and that “it has learned from its past mistakes”. However, Lyconet has already been classified as a snowball system by final court rulings in Switzerland. Judgement from the Canton of Zug (EV201642) of September 20, 2016. Quote: Lyconet is working with what they call “customer clouds”, meaning that payments are made which could be “multiplied” in the future through purchases in the respective countries. So, on the whole it is the same principle as the old Lyoness country packages and it is therefore a snowball system.

The Norwegian, German and Swiss authorities do not let themselves be fooled or deceived by Lyoness/Lyconet. Any interventions by the Lyoness General Counsel Dr. Reif and his “sorcerer’s apprentice” Mr. Zotter have ended at the Austrian border. The Austrian judiciary, which is clearly exhibiting “Nigerian patterns of behaviour”, should take the Norwegian objectivity as an example.

“No one should be surprised if Lyoness/Lyconet comments on the shut-down of the company in Norway that they had been planning a discontinuation of their business activities in Norway anyway.”

5th June 2018

'The Lottery Authority has concluded that Lyoness is an illegal pyramid-based conversion system.
published 4. June 2018

On March 31, 2018, the Lottery Authority has ruled that Lyoness must cease all operations, participation in and extension of work in Norway as the work is an illegal pyramid-trading system.
Must stop all illegal activities in Norway

The decision implies that all transfers and all payments from Norwegian participants and loyalty companies to Lyoness, Lyconet, Cashback World and myWorld must cease. Between another, all sales coupon coupons, share in customer shows, gift cards, promotional materials and seminars must be discontinued. The Lottery Authority has undoubtedly given a part of the decision the proposed implementation until the deadline for three weeks expires. Until the deadline expires, existing participants can use the benefit card of existing loyalty companies and receive a discount on the basis of this trade.

The decision is directed against myWorld Norway AS (former Lyoness Norway AS) and Lyoness Europe AG, but will also affect around 152 500 Norwegian participants and 1000 Norwegian loyalty companies included in the revenue system.

You can read the whole decision here . Lyoness has three weeks to complain about the decision.

The Lottery Authority asks participants who have questions about what the decision implies for them and what happens with the money they have paid to contact Lyoness.
Pyramidal sales system

In Norway, it is forbidden to create, drive, participate in or make known illegal pyramid games and pyramid-based sales systems.

The Lottery Authority has concluded that Lyoness is an illegal pyramid-based sales system. The conclusion is based on the following assessment:
The revenues of Lyoness in Norway are mainly due to the acquisition of participants, and no hall or consumption of goods, tenester or other benefits.
Participants in Lyoness who buy discount coupons, share in customer shows, gift certificates, promotional materials and seminars from Lyoness, do not receive any goods, tests or other benefits that correspond to the value of the paid. Purchasing is, in fact, a consideration for participation status.
Lyoness has not documented that the revenues of the company are particularly burdened by the sale or consumption of goods, services or other benefits, and not others being protected by the system, cf. Lotterilova§ 16, third paragraph.


Lyoness Suisse GmbH withdraws its appeal at the High Court of Appeal in Zug! The conviction as a “snowball system” is therefore final.

Journalists have treated Lyoness (now “Cashback World”) for a long time as a “pariah” and their latest press release has once again validated this deserved reputation. But have a look for yourself!
Press release from the 31st of May 2015
The way Lyoness expresses itself in its latest press release is of almost unsurpassable arrogance. Now, Lyoness wants to prove that their actions are legally sound by ignoring the judgement pronounced by an ordinary court. Their renaming as “Cashback World” doesn’t change a thing. The CEO Adolf Weisskopf is aware that some members have been waiting for almost 10 years for the company to function properly, but so far only the managers are making any money from it.
Regardless of any sugarcoating, the fact remains that Lyoness has been convicted as a “snowball system” by a final judgement. 

LYONESS have been fined for illegal advertising

The authorites declined to take matters further.


'Lyoness was running a pyramid scheme in violation of Sweden’s Lotteries Act was not under contention, rather prosecutor’s didn’t know who to file charges against...'
'The cooperation between the Austrian Golf Association and Lyoness no longer exists, as confirmed to us in writing by the Secretary General, Mr. Robert Fiegl.
In March 2015, Lyoness announced a long-lasting and groundbreaking partnership with the Austrian Golf Association and its 100,000 members. However, after only one year the long-lasting partnership had come to an end! It seems that the Austrian Golf Association soon noticed that there was nothing to be gained from a cooperation with Lyoness, nor were they a reliable partner. The Austrian Golf Associations cashback card (a membership card functioning also as a Lyoness cashback card) was terminated approximately 1 year ago.'

I've got a facebook page dedicated to Cashback World, so please pop over and like it, thanks:

Watch this space, I have many more cases to add and follow up.

Thursday, 31 May 2018


The North Carolina Secretary of State Securities Commission has issued an alert about Bitclub Network:

Bitclub Network has been heavily promoted by Ryan J. Conley, (who is now promoting Futurenet)
and he has promotional videos all over YouTube about it:

He even had a tattoo done! Ouch!

Let's hope when Bitclub Network gets closed down, they go after Ryan for clawbacks.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Woking Council - Why Are They Still Operating A Scam Loyalty Scheme?

Before I start this post, I'd like to stress unequivocally that I do NOT think that Woking Council are knowingly operating the scam Loyalty Card scheme owned by Lyoness.
I believe that Woking Council genuinely think the 'Woking Loyalty Card Scheme' is run by a legitimate company.
But they're wrong. I notified the Council over two weeks ago about my research into Lyoness and Cashback World, and asked them some really basic questions. 

But so far they haven't replied.

Even if they doubted my word, just a few simple phone calls to any of the National Retailers that Cashback World claim are Merchants, would have confirmed what I'd been saying:
That Cashback World have consistently lied about who their Merchants are. They claim National Retailers are members of their scheme, but they aren't. I've asked them.

At the very least, I would have expected the scheme to be suspended, pending investigation, but this scheme is still being promoted:

I've been reading the public document provided by Woking with information about the Loyalty Card. Here they describe how the card works:

'Merchants pay to join the loyalty program by purchasing an electronic platform to record and reward transactions.
Merchants receive 0.5% on all transactions made by a customer who signed up to the scheme in their place of business.

For example: a card provided by 'Woking Tools Ltd' and used in a Marks and Spencer in Perth, Australia, would earn the Woking merchant 0.5% of that transaction...the Council, as 'owners' of the scheme, will be rewarded with 0.5% of very transaction, on any card issued by a Woking Merchant.'

'The proposed programme will be positioned within the growing Lyoness worldwide community, of which its UK operation is but one of 47 countries in which it operates...
examples of well known partner stores include Tesco, Morrisons, Boots, Marks and Spencer, Argos, Harrods and B&Q'.

Firstly, 47 countries? The Cashback World website only has  Merchant stores from 32 countries displayed. 
And Australia isn't one of them.

Secondly, I've already exposed the lie that major Retailers are participants in this scheme:

The only Retailer listed in Wokings example that is a participant is ARGOS.
All the others, except one, have confirmed in writing that they know nothing about this scheme and are not associated with it.
But laughably the 'except one' is HARRODS. Because even Cashback World haven't had the audacity to lie about that famous store! 

Woking Council also state:

 'The operating platform will be provided by Lyoness, the largest international Loyalty programme in the world.'

So Cashback World are the largest International Loyalty programme in the world? Really?
I'm pretty sure Nectar wouldn't agree with that statement.

So what about the financial benefits to Woking Council?

Woking Council state:

'0.5% of each transaction value is rebated by Lyoness to the Merchant (0.5%) and to Woking Borough Council (0.5%)'

So how do Woking achieve that?
By getting as many Woking businesses as possible to sign up. They even helpfully give advice on the best option to join: 

Although there are several Lyoness IT platform options available for the Woking Card Loyalty Programme,it is proposed that Merchants be encouraged to take the 'Basic Programme option'.
This can be supplied at a one-off supply and installation fee of £360 plus vat per merchant, for the platform, initial supply of bespoke cards and marketing...there is also an ongoing fee of £30 per month.'

So in order for Woking to get it's 0.5% commission in transactions, it's asking Woking businesses - all Council Tax payers - to give Lyoness £360 upfront, then another £30 per month, which is another £360 per year, every year. 

So I wonder if that 0.5% in council earnings has covered the council costs yet?

'The scheme will be managed by the Business Liason team, requiring the equivalent of 0.5 FTE(Full-time Equivalent)of resource...
The Woking Loyalty Card Programme requires an officer to manage the scheme (Woking Loyalty Manager)...earning £11,000 per annum.'

How many 0.5% commissions will Woking have to earn to cover the £11,000 per year expenditure I wonder?  'Alot' is the answer.

The Council did a 'Sustainability Impact Assessment' and an 'Equalities Impact Assessment' on Lyoness and Cashback World but unfortunately neglected to do a 'Common Sense Assessment' with a simple Google check and a few basic phone calls. 

Both Woking Council and the local newspaper have been told about Lyoness and Cashback World, but unfortunately they're both doing this:

They'd better get their heads out of the sand quickly before Woking tax payers discover they've been had!

I've got a facebook page dedicated to Cashback World, so please pop over and like it, thanks:

Friday, 27 April 2018

LYONESS CASHBACK WORLD - Falsely Claiming National Retailers are Merchants

The terms and conditions on the 
Cashback World website state:
'... a shopping community that enables participants (members) to receive Member Benefits by making a purchase from a Loyalty Merchant...'
 'Members are registered...enabling them to purchase goods and services from Loyalty Merchants...'

If you go onto the Cashback World website, you can search for participants of their scheme.
National Retailers logos are displayed:

And various Facebook pages have been set up which also state that all these retailers are
Cashback World Loyalty Merchants:

 But unfortunately, a lot of these National Retailers don't  actually accept this card:

'...I'm afraid we don't, sorry'

'...don't accept any loyalty cards apart from Morrisons More card.'

'We are not anything to do with cashback world loyalty and we do not give away any cards or cashback for free...'

 '...this isn't a Loyalty Card that we accept in our stores.'

'...I am really so sorry, no, we do not accept this loyalty card.'

'...our operational support team have advised this card isn't accepted within our stores.' 

'...we don't take Cashback World Loyalty Card.'

' I can confirm this is not a company we are affiliated with. So the cashback would not apply.'

'...we don't accept (Cashback) World loyalty card.'

'...we're not familiar with the Cashback World card.'

'...I have spoken with my team and they have informed me that we do not accept a loyalty card from CASHBACK WORLD.' 

'B&Q have no affiliation with this site.'

'...and our team(at the Strand shop)have advised that we do not accept Cashback World Loyalty cards.' 

'We are sorry to inform you that we do not accept Cashback World Loyalty Card in store or online.'

And from the Cashback WorldUK Facebook page:

The Cambridge Satchel Company say:

'No sorry we are not part of that scheme'.

The Bed and Bath Emporium:

They say: ( in answer to 'Do you take Cashback World Loyalty Card)

'No, I am afraid we do not.'

'sorry Tara, I'm afraid we don't ...'

All the above companies have denied being a Merchant for Cashback World, and yet Cashback World claim they are 'Loyal Merchants' and have their own Merchant ID's. 
Which is clearly a lie. 

And many retailers are also listed twice, for instance, 'Curry's'/ 'Currys PC World' and Top Man/Top Man Acadia, who have different points listed, but are the exact same company.

There are some national retailers however, who do take this card: 
ARGOS, Banana Republic, Halfords(Ireland), Europcar - and I'm waiting for replies from many more, but I'm not so sure they know what they've signed up to.
I had this interesting reply from INTERFLORA:

'Good Morning Tara, You would need to follow the link to our website on cashback world to get the loyalty from what I understand. This is an offer from cashback world not Interflora directly.'


So if LYONESS haven't got as many Merchants as they claim to have, then where does all the money come from to pay out Cashback? Can it really all come from Merchants?

Merchants have to pay for their initial chosen package, a dependent monthly fee of £14 and another 'one-off' fee of £210 to join the Cashback World online shopping community:

But just look at all the benefits that thousands of free customers supposedly get:

The money that Merchants are paying - mostly small businesses remember - would hardly scratch the surface of  the tens of thousands of pounds supposedly popped straight into (millions) of free members bank accounts.

So what makes up this 'free' money?

It seems to come from three areas:
1/ Merchants
2/ Online shopping
3/ Referrals

Merchants pay LYONESS for their chosen business package which consists (amongst other things) of free cards, which they can distribute to customers.
When free members go into a shop ( or online shopping) displaying the Cashback World sign and use their card, those members are supposed to get a variety of freebies which include discounts, shopping points and cashback payments which (if they choose) could then qualify them for the 'friendship bonus'.

Online Shopping:
Many of the sites listed on Cashback World have direct links to that companies website. But the contact details for the store have this email address:
And the phone number listed is mostly LYONESS as well.

Many of the benefits listed say you'll receive vouchers from online sales. But there are lots of vouchers universally accepted in retail stores/online and anybody can purchase them. 
The message from Interflora proves that there is no direct link between Cashback World and (some of) the Merchants, so Cashback World can pay members from money generated from other means - like referral sales?

To be a member of Lyoness, you need to sign up under somebody. That could be the Merchant, or a friend/colleague.
The 'friendship bonus' pays 0.5% commission to every Lyoness member when their referrals also make purchases in approved Cashback World sites.
And their referrals make commission on their referrals purchases... so the referral triangle gets a bigger and bigger base. 

This is just one of many diagrams showing how one LYONESS member can generate income from the members beneath them.

They give these triangles different headings, but they all have the same thing in common: Bring in new members, with new money, and you'll get paid for doing so. 

This is the detail of their affiliate programme, all EIGHT levels:

So how do you advance up this ladder of levels? Like this:

"I was introduced to Lyoness by my father in 2010. He told me that I could get cash back with every purchase, for free. Since this sounded like a great idea to me, I registered myself in 2010, and at the same time purchased 3 units (for 150 euros) in accounting category I (then called 'economy class').
Shortly afterwards, my father's upline (and his son) showed me the Lyoness system, and said that if I would down pay 2,000 euros on future purchases now, I would receive 16,572 euros over the next few years, and even more!!! On the condition that I would have four directs under the me, with at least one unit in accounting category I, either through payment or purchases.
He also said the company had been around since 2009 and has been approved by the Chamber of Commerce.
He also told immediately afterwards that it was now possible to purchase units to benefit from the consumption in the American market, again with a minimum of 2,000 euros in down-payments on future purchases. In one to two years, I would benefit from my investments, without doing anything - it would go automatically. And if at some point, I would no longer be interested, I would get my down-payments back in vouchers, thus: zero risk.

This sounded unbelievable to me and like a big chance to earn money, even though I had not yet understood how it was supposed to work.
Thereupon, I subscribed with my father for a business package, since I was only 17 years young and therefore still a minor.

And because I thought that this was the chance of my life to earn from the American market, I down paid immediately another 2,000 euros on future purchases.

Thereupon I tried to understand how the system worked and learned that the Lyoness system is not exactly true, but just somehow logical. I then also used the so-called Unit Calculator and the outcome surprised me a lot. According to the calculator, one 50 euro unit in AC1, after having been put through all accounting categories, is worth 19,458 euros.

I went to an info meeting at Graz airport and had a good look, since I had not understood everything the first time. Then I received from my father's referrer sponsor films by Gerry Seebacher, to enhance my understanding of the system.

The only thing that actually became clear to me was that I will not be given my down-payments in vouchers back, if I do not first pay the full value myself. Moreover, I would be so stupid if I would pay the value of my down-payments myself, because then I would not get more for my units and also my personal billing system would not fill up. Because indeed, down-payments always render huge profits.

My father's upline took me to a huge event of Lyoness (Sensation) on 29.05.2010, where I agreed to go, because I wanted to see it for myself.

I was amazed by the mood of the more than 3,000 or 5,000 people there and them and me felt awesome.

All I thought to understand after half to three quarters of a year was: WOW, amazing, there is no better way to make money, so easy and sooo logical.

On 18/09/2010, on the next Lyoness Sensation (entrance price €99) in Bratislava and I, as an enthusiastic Lyonesse, immediately went out to find an amazing beautiful experience and motivating day. They had not promised too much, when they said 8,000 people from all over the world, already active in Lyoness worldwide, traveled all the way to be present at this event.

To make sure they would not only provide the people with information, they also had Groove Coverage there to play live on stage. At this day, they also announced the TÜV and ISO certifications.

I do not remember it exactly, but Mr. Freidl said something like this: "Other companies must subject themselves to such tests - we have done it voluntarily. We are proud that we have obtained and kept them."

Late 2010, my father's upline said, one must make a deposit in America in the Accounting Category IV, because else one loses bookings, if the other open units (in the other categories) are all filled. Therefore, I down paid another 1,200 euros. I did not know why, but I believed him.

I told others what all is possible with Lyoness, but only a very few believed me, and the others warned me, but I could not imagine that's a bad thing.

I was told that you should leave these people alone - they are wrong for this business. A little later, the Indian, Middle East and Africa (IMEA) markets were opened. It was called gigantic market, huge purchasing volume, millions of people who shop there you just have to go along, and earn from this potential.

I then down paid the next 2,000 euros for IMEA.

In the meantime, I went to seminars and other meetings of Lyoness. As time went by, the next Lyoness Sensation was due. I, as a sworn-in Lyonesse, understood it was how they described it. I went on 17.09.2011 to the Papp Laszlo Budapest Sports Arena in Budapest/Hungary (ticket price €199), to be there live and as a present for coming, we received a unit in the continental Asia Accounting Programme. It was booked on 19/09/2011 - the official opening of Asia was at the end of July 2012.

Budapest was the absolute max - 11,000 people from all over the world had traveled there. To beat the other sensations, Shaggy was also invited. Top speaker Karl Pilsl was also there. Something he has said, I will never forget saying: "We live in a time of pioneers, we live in a time of visionaries, we live in a time where people are willing to do things other people are not willing to do."

The idea of Lyoness grew bigger and bigger, nothing could take me down anymore, I neglected and forgot all the negative and sunk, so to say, in the world of Lyoness.

A month later, Spain was opened and again I down paid 2,000 euros for Lyoness units.

The business is so awesome and simple, it must simply function.

It did not take long before the next country opened: BRAZIL! There were the same reasons as to why everyone should participate: huge purchasing volume, etc ...........

It was also made possible for people with little money to join in. When many, small contributions count too.
One should until 1,999 euros, order 200 euro shopping vouchers and from 2,000 euros order 500 euro shopping vouchers.

Since I was running out of money, and nevertheless I wanted to join in (coming anyway umpteen times as much back), I down paid 350 euros (in 150 euro and 200 euro vouchers in AC1) into Lyoness.

One month later came Asia. Asia, the largest market in the world, billions of people shopping and earn on this continent, by doing nothing! Just down pay. The thought of that ............ simply unimaginable.

Therefore, I decided again to put a deposit into the continental Asia accounting programme, worth 700 euros. It was possible to deposit 3 times 7200 euros. Our executive called those deposits the three wishes, the bigger the wish, the more one should deposit. If you wish for little, you should deposit little. Everyone must decide for themselves.

Another successful year had passed and to celebrate, there was the next sensation on 15.9.2012 in Vienna. One had to have the premium status in order to be entitled to be present at this event. As a gift for coming, everyone received a unit in the National Action booking in India. At the end of this event, Mr. Freidl also told us that the people who register online from today on the website would get Lyoness Premium Members. Customers I still did not get today.

As I was low on money again, I thought twice before buying myself a new computer. Instead, I down paid in Asia, so that I could soon buy myself 20 new computers.

So I put down my second deposit in Asia (of 650 euros).

I did not like the broadcast of ORF Report on Lyoness. I thought it were all lies, and that is what all true leaders said too - the ones who criticise this company must not have understood it. I also thought Lyoness could not possibly be ILLEGAL, because Lyoness exists far too long, and has also received awards.

Approximately two weeks later, there was another ORF Report episode on Lyoness. Then, I believed everything would be forgotten again in about a week (which was not the case).

In late 2012 or early 2013, there was another seminar at Hotel Nova Park, conducted by Mr. Psaridis, with over 500 participants. The atmosphere was excellent and all the negative was forgotten again. Purely by chance, at the end of the seminar, he showed a slide about India and how the economy looks like there, and that everyone would work there mostly being (partly) self-employed, and that there were billions of such people there. Closing remarks by the President: "I think we all know that we have the hottest business and what is coming towards all of us sitting here. We will all be a president someday - there is no 'if', only 'when', it cannot be avoided." Therefore, I decided to make a deposit into India again.

Immersed in the world of Lyoness, I gathered all the money that I had left to join in one more time. I down paid 2,000 euros into the National Indian market. According to the Unit Calculator, my down-payments were now worth the incredible, overwhelming amount of 1,787,956 euros (if put through all accounting categories). Naively, I thought that now I would never have to worry about money again. I knew that I would not get this amount of money right away, but in the next few years.

This spring, someone wrote to me on the Internet and said that everything Lyoness told us is incorrect. I got a number that I should call and from that day, the Lyoness world collapsed for me...'

This is just one story from a former affiliate of LYONESS, and there are many, many more on this website:

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Mastercard have confirmed LYONESS are not customers.

UKIP were pitched LYONESS,  but they declined:

Some time ago, a party official introduced the Lyoness scheme (specifically see this) to the NEC with a proposal that the Party join the scheme and officially promote it to our members. The Party was told we would earn a commission. Upon interviewing the introducer, the NEC discovered that he was also going to earn a commission, which prior to our questioning, he had failed to disclose to us. We also performed our own due diligence on the scheme and decided to reject it. The Wikipedia page and the reference links on that page will give you a good indication as to why we reached such a decision.
“We became aware that the party official in question intended to promote the scheme to Party members at official UKIP events despite the NEC’s rejection of the scheme. The NEC resolved that Lyoness shopping card shall not be promoted at UKIP events or by UKIP officers to UKIP members, and that such promotion in breach of this motion shall be deemed to be bringing the Party into disrepute“, and the Party Treasurer was directed to inform the official in question of this resolution of the NEC.
“I understand that at the UKIP chairmans’ conference yesterday, the official in question apparently willfully defied the resolution of the NEC and promoted the scheme to branch (and other level) chairmen regardless, apparently with the intent that the chairmen promote the scheme to their members.
“I believe that it is important that all the branch chairmen are made aware of the NEC resolution (branch chairmen would come under the ambit of “UKIP officers” of the NEC resolution) and I believe that our members should be warned of the issues surrounding this scheme and be informed that UKIP not only does not endorse this scheme but that the NEC have resolved to distance ourselves from it.”

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