Monday, 6 May 2019

Woking Council - Still Promoting The Loyalty Card Scam CashbackWorld/Lyoness

I've written a few posts over the months about the Cashback World/Lyoness Scam and have previously written about Woking Councils continued participation in this scheme. 
But despite repeated email (and various blog site) warnings, Woking Council continue to operate this scheme and have recently updated their website.

The Woking Loyalty Card is supposedly accepted at over 75,000 outlets, but I've spent many months investigating the claims that major retailers are merchants of Cashback World, and all the claims are lies. 

At the time of writing that post, the only major retailer who said they were merchants of Cashback World was ARGOS.
But thankfully ARGOS is no longer associated with them and are also calling them a scam:

So why is Cashback World a scam?
Put simply, Cashback World bulk-buy major Retailer giftcards at a discount and then resell them back to their affiliates at full price, giving them back a tiny percentage in cash which Lyoness claim comes from the retailers. Except it doesn't, the retailers have never heard of Cashback World. 
The money actually comes from Lyoness/Cashback World itself. And that money comes from thousands of people who lost money buying into 'Enterprise Clouds', an investment unit system that promises huge returns via the shopping network (referral) system at Cashback World. The problem is, it doesn't pay nearly as much as they claimed it would and in most instances, people have lost most or all of their investment. 
The following comments come from a Facebook group: 

'3 Clouds, and even combined they don't make a single unit.
I remember the days when our President told us it would be raining units. There are even now poor souls who think Enterprise Clouds will bring more. Oh, how they will be surprised.'

'All the changes are to delay the clouds and decrease the amount of (shopping voucher units) order to have balance you need to spread the vouchers to your shoppers / even that they do not use the CB card / and once you do that you can not take them back... if you don't do don't have balance ... no balance payment.. and it is game over for old marketers with a lot of (shopping vouchers) .smart get rid of us...'

'...failure with clouds has nothing together with building own shopping network...upline mislead us and mislead you as well..we woke didn't yet... and I do have a network over 1500 people that can not use the card at over 140 merchants in my town ... This group is made for people to talk with facts... and fact is that clouds are failure...'

And you don't have to take my word for it, the 'pissedconsumer' website is full of testimonies from people who've lost thousands of pounds to Lyoness:

Cashback World /Lyoness have also been banned in all these countries:

The (Norway) Lottery Authority has concluded that Lyoness is an illegal pyramid-based conversion system.'
4. June 2018

The promotion system for the purchase model “Cashback” Lyoness Italy S.r.l. uses, is incorrect, because it is a pyramid scheme/snowball system, which the Consumer Protection Act classifies as a definitely misleading business practice.
The system revolves around a fee-based discount card with which consumers can “save money” in certain stores. Only the leaders of the Lyoness system yielded high profit rates with the members’ “careers”.


'The judge Mathilde Beranek from the Commercial Court in Vienna, Legal Department 58.1 Vienna, convicted Lyoness as a snowball system and declared the company’s General T&Cs to be null and void (Case No. 581 Cg 44/16y-11).

... and are being investigated in numerous other countries as well:

So you'd have thought that somebody at Woking Council (which is a local government body
after all) would have done just a cursory check into the company they were dealing with back in 2017? There was lots of information written about Lyoness then, and even more now.

It was this blog post in April 2018 at 'Behind MLM' that initially alerted me:

And that great post started my investigations into the retailer side of this ponzi scam:

The Woking website has been down for many months due to 'updates':

And as the weeks went by, I was optimistically hoping they'd quietly dropped this scam scheme. But no, they're unfortunately back:

Although there Twitter page hasn't seen any action since June 2018:

And there Facebook page has had no posts since May 2018: 

Lyoness is a Multi Layer Marketing company, which means it operates on a system of referrals and commissions. So whoever introduced Woking Council to the Lyoness scheme is on a nice little earner.
So who is this person? Well whoever it is, he/she would probably be knowledgeable in network marketing and how it works. 

The first post on the Woking Loyalty Facebook page is from a man called Jonathan SA Lytle
who writes:

'There is something quite exciting happening with Woking Loyalty and I wanted to share with you all - if you haven't seen much about it so far! It's an exciting loyalty card that you can get money back when you shop and shopping points to use at shops and businesses in and around Woking. It's in very early stages at the moment but worth following and joining up soon! So why not follow to keep updated on where you can pick up the card and earn the benefits!

Jonathan has also given 'CBW Woking Loyalty' a 5 star rating!

And is a Director at this Marketing company, InfusionUK Ltd:

He also happens to be a Conservative Councillor at Surrey
Heath Borough Council:

Woking Council launched this scheme in a fanfare and had an article in the local paper.

...and displays on local stands:

...and local events:

The new, updated website has a list of local businesses who have no doubt joined the Woking Loyalty Card Scheme because a local Councillor, the local Government Council and the local newspaper have all endorsed it.

I wonder if anywhere in the sales pitch, Woking Council mentioned that they'd be taking a cut from the sales proceeds and that the company backing the scheme has been legally declared a Ponzi Scam in at least three countries? 

Sunday, 17 March 2019

F1 - Still Being Sponsored by Ponzi Scams!

Formula One are rich and successful. They should have no problems getting legitimate businesses as sponsors.
So why do they take Ponzi money?

FuturoCoin is owned by Futurenet - 100% Ponzi scam.

MyWorld is owned by Lyoness - 100% Ponzi scam.

A childs search on the internet of both these companies would bring up numerous references to both companies being ponzi scams. 
And yet a giant like F1 seems to have done zero due diligence on either company.

A  Futurenet event that was due to take place in Dubai, has just been cancelled by the Dubai authorities who don't much care for Crypto scams on their doorstep.
Kudos to Dubai for taking some much needed direct action against these scammers. 

And 'myWorld' is just a long line of companies morphed from Lyoness who are currently being banned in numerous countries and use name changes to stay one step ahead of the authorities.

To have an International Brand like Formula One endorsing these scams and promoting them to millions of people through the logos on its racers cars and jackets, borders on criminal negligence and needs to be stopped!

Saturday, 9 February 2019

LYONESS - How To Get A Refund

I've been having a very curious conversation with an Austrian gentleman who tells me that he has managed to obtain a full refund from Lyoness just by requesting one through a lawyer.

This is the correspondence between the two parties reproduced with kind permission:

Dear Mr. Fromhold,

I bought "Customer Clouds" from Lyoness / Lyconet in June 2016 (value € 11500)

However, I doubt that I will ever get the money back as promised. So my question is how high are the chances of success that I get back the money by means of legal proceedings?

Would be glad about a feedback on your part.

Yours sincerely

Mr. *********

Dear Mr. ******

Thank you for contacting us.

In itself, Lyoness pays back the deposits on my refund request within 10 days.
So that I can query the further relevant documents (in particular payments and payment overview) on-line, I ask myself to announce the entrance data to your Lyoness account.

If you have a legal protection insurance, this may also cover the costs, which is why I ask in this case to announce the insurance, including the police number.

Yours sincerely,


Mag. Josef Fromhold

Mariahilfer Straße 66/13

1070 Vienna

Mobile +43 6603605614

Tel +43 1 9962104 Fax -66

IBAN: *************

Dear Mr. Mag. Dr. Fromhold!

With this email I send you all relevant documents including my legal protection insurance policy number: (R************)

Login details for my Lyoness / Lyconet account are:

Username: **********

Password: *******

Yours sincerely

Mr. ****************

Dear Mr. ********l!
I am pleased to inform you that Lyoness has made a payment of € 12,259.81 on the basis of my request for repayment.

The amount paid out corresponds to the deposits minus the paid member benefits plus the interest.

Please let me know with which insurance you have your legal protection.

Yours sincerely,
Mag. Josef Fromhold

Mariahilfer Straße 66/13

1070 Vienna

Mobile +43 6603605614

Tel +43 1 9962104 Fax -66

The cost of this action was 1000 euros and although this gentleman tried (and failed) to get 
the money back though his insurance policy, it still looks like a good way to recover funds
that would otherwise be lost forever.

This lawyer claims to have helped around 600 people get refunds from Lyoness.
And considering how many people have complained in forums and on Facebook pages how hard it is to get any money back from Lyoness, it's wonderful news that Lyoness appear to cave in at the very mention of the word 'lawyer'.

Maybe it's worth a try to get some money back this way?
Why not contact the lawyer directly and see how you get on? 
Let me know if it works for you? Thanks. 

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Red Bull and F1 in Sponsorship Deal With Ponzi Futurenet

Unbelievably, Red Bull and F1 have been stupid enough to allow their brand to be tarnished with the Futurenet name.
Why anybody in their organisations didn't do a very simple due diligence check is quite frankly staggering.
The Futurenet Logo will now be plastered all over TV screens across the world, and if THAT isn't promoting a ponzi scam, I don't know what is!

Red Bull gives you wings? No. Red Bull Gives you SCAMS!

Friday, 11 January 2019

Charles Scoville - Sentenced To Three Years in Prison for Child Sex Abuse.

Charles Scoville has today been sentenced to three years in prison with credit for 214 days already served.

The charge of  'Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child' was reduced to 'Attempted Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child' on a plea bargain.

Charles accepted full responsibility for his actions.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Ryan Conley Says 'I'm Blackmailing Futurenet!'

* Updated 20th December - Futurenet have issued a Cease and Desist against Ryan.
* Updated 26th January 2019 - new video released.

An astonishing video was released by Ryan Conley yesterday on his Facebook page.
He makes some incredible claims about Futurenet and Giles Whiting, the current CEO of Futurenet.

The Facebook video that Ryan posted has since been deleted, but I was fortunate enough to save it and it's been released below.

As some background, Ryan Conley had his Futurenet account suspended by Giles Whiting for allegedly cross recruiting for a new ponzi scam called AlterNet - an accusation that Ryan strongly denies.
They have been exchanging posts about this on Facebook for a couple of days now:

Ryan is so upset by this obvious snub that he has blackmailed the owners of Futurenet - Stephan Morganstern and Roman Zeeman - that if his account wasn't re-instated by 8am this morning, he was going to release some damning videos that he secretly recorded between himself and Giles.
In the explosive video clips below, Ryan states that:

Futurenet has been stealing millions of dollars from 

The FuturoCoin is crashing because Roman and Stephan haven't paid its creator 
Denis O'Neil for the work he did.

That 5000 people who brought mining contracts from Futurenet were 'suckered'!

Ryan also claims that he personally recruited the whole Chinese team and it's leaders have also had their accounts suspended for cross recruiting.

In the video below, Ryan says:

'I'm going to release some private videos...'
'I have not been shown any evidence of cross recruiting in Futurenet...'
'...(Futurenet)  is good versus evil...'
'I've had to cover my arse and the videos I have Stephan you have not seen...'
'I've built this company up bigger than anyone else in the entire company.  The entire Chinese team joined Futurenet because of me...and Vietnam...and Malaysia...and I'm closely linked to Africa...'
'I'm going to release these videos at 8am and (then) they will remove the CEO Giles Whiting...

'...I brought you guys the best programmers in the world...'
'...because when this company crumbles to the ground...I'm asking (demanding) right now that Giles Whiting are nothing but a puppet.'
'...Giles told me directly that the  only reason the Futurenet Foundation was created was so that Stephan and Roman would feel good about the amount of money that they have made...millions of $...'
'...Giles has removed me from Futurenet, he has banned my account...'
' are the one who started this war. I'm going to have you terminated. And once Roman and Stephan - who helped me build this company to where it is today - find out...'  

'...this is what's going to happen. If Futurenet
does not go ahead and make whole and bring on board all my Chinese leaders that Futurenet has banned from the company for cross recruiting...I brought this to China and you have stolen millions of dollars from them...'
' really think this is a business model that will last forever? You have another think coming.'
'...I have flown Dennis O'Neill  over from Chicago. The reason why FuturoCoin is crumbling is because Futurenet haven't paid Dennis for his services...'
' guys are being stolen from on a massive scale!'
'...all 5000 people that got suckered into buying FuturoCoin mining contracts...'

'...the CEO's of Futurenet are burning this company to the ground!'
'...I am going to drop bombs on Futurenet, it's game over!'

The Video in full:

Ryan Conley has been involved in numerous other Ponzi scams which I've documented previously in these two blog posts:

And as he boasts in this video, he has single handedly been responsible for building vast teams for Futurenet  and contributing to this illegal Ponzi scams coffers.

He belongs in jail.

None of these 'private' videos have (so far) been released. 

Update: 19th December 2018
FUTURENET have issued Ryan with a Cease and Desist Notice:

Re: Futurenet CEO Mr. Richard Giles Whiting
Harassment, Wiretapping, Extortion
Dear Mr. Conley,
I represent Futurenet and the CEO Mr. Richard Giles Whiting. If you are represented by Counsel, please deliver this letter to them and instruct them to contact me immediately.
In the last few days/hours you have threatened our client via Whatsapp and even publicly via Facebook with violence.
In addition, you threatened to publish certain audio and video recordings of him that you unlawfully made of him, if his Futurenet accounts were not re-activated and, if he failed to apoligize to you.
My clients have secured all necessary evidence to secure claims, both civil and criminal, against you based on the following:
1. Harassment: Your conduct clearly constitutes must stop harrassing my clients immediately.
2 Wiretapping in Washington:
Your conduct violates Washingtons wiretapping law. It is a crime to intercept or record or divulge a private telephone call.
3.Wiretapping in California...ditto.
4.Wiretapping in Europe...ditto.
5. Extortion. You are extorting my clients. Extortion is a serious crime in all juristictions. Your harrassment and your threats against my clients give rise to further criminal and civil action we are prepared to commence against you.
My clients demand that you immediately 
please confirm that you will abide by my clients demands no later than December 21st, 2018.

My clients are prepared to initiate a law suit against you...and will spare no expense to retain recourse against you. 

Ryan has released a video conversation on YouTube 'exposing' ex-CEO Giles Whiting and lets slip some astonishing news:

He states:
'I'm in the middle of a lawsuit right now with the United States government over here regarding Futurenet, and I've still stood up for them...'

So the USA are investigating both Ryan AND Futurenet!

26th January 2019

Ryan has issued a statement about his intentions for 2019:

'It’s my goal to slow down in 2019 and relax more and to be in live more in the moment.

It’s too easy now a days to get overwhelmed in work and every day life.

I think everyone should try this dopamine fast idea once a week but I’m implementing it even more into my life daily in a few ways.

1. I’m turning my phone off the majority of the day and on airplane mode except to return calls for an hour twice a day.

2. I’m doing more fasting each week as it’s mentioned in this vid.

3. I’m reading more, writing, and exercising more and staying off social media for the most part.

4. I’m making those close to me more of a priority and being there for them in a non distracted state.

So, if you message me or call me and it goes to voicemail or I don’t return your message right away, be aware that this is more of my approach to life this year and moving forward.

I think we can all do without the majority of the distractions in life and I have full faith that God and the universe shall continue to provide our family with absolute blessings!'

But I'm sure he'll find time for the odd bevy as well, eh Ryan?

Catch up on all of Ryans latest activities over at

Monday, 26 November 2018

Futurenet And The Mysterious Case of The 20 Million Polish Zloty Violin

During the Second World War, a Stradivarius made in 1685, was stolen from Poland by Nazi Germany.
But in May 2018, a mystery Polish Billionaire brought the violin and returned it to Poland, gifting it to a musician called Janusz Wawrowski.

This post from May 2018 explains it's history:

9th May 2018 ·
Stradivarius 1685. The history of this violin is shrouded in mystery.

Built in 1685 in Italian Cremona, in the year of birth of Johann Sebastian Bach. In 1680, Antonio Stradivari moved with his family to Cremona, where, after 14 years of mastering his skills with his master Amati, he began his independent activity as a master of violin-making. It was during this period that Stradivari was on his way to creating violins that were perfect in both sound and form. The violin from 1685 is unique. In their construction, it runs far beyond the period of creativity called Amatiese. The form of the instrument refers to the most splendid Stradivaris from the so-called the golden period of his work.

The violin of Antonio Stradivari 1685 was owned by the Ratini family, Italian magnates from around Rome. Luciano Ratini, the nestor of the family, did not reveal the treasure for a long time. Precious violins were used only once a year by a selected musician at a private Ratinich concert. After the concert, the violin returned to the family treasury. It is thanks to this that it is currently one of the best-preserved Stradivarius in the world. The study of this 333-year-old instrument showed that all of its elements are original and there is not even one crack on them. Luciano Ratini agreed to sell an instrument inspired by the idea of ​​returning Antonio Stradivari's violin to Poland on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Poland's regaining of Independence.

Most of the "Strads" have their own special names. This instrument has, however, remained nameless until now.

The precious instrument will be stored in the treasury and exposed at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The patron of the art who decided to buy the instrument is one of the richest Poles who wants to remain anonymous. By purchasing and sharing these exceptional violin, he wants to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland Regaining its Independence.'

The mystery Polish Billionaire had been anonymous up until a couple of days ago, but a  press conference was held and the rich anonymous business man was unmasked as none other than Roman Ziemian!

This radio podcast has an interview with Janusz Wawrowski where he claims the mystery benefactor is indeed Roman Ziemian of Futurenet:
I've tried to contact Janusz to ask him how he knows that Roman is the mystery buyer, considering the purchase was originally anonymous? But so far he hasn't replied... 

So what's odd about this story?

Well first of all, look at this post from Futurenet way back in March 2018:
It states that thanks to Futurenet this same violin: 
'...can once again be hosted in philharmonics around the world...'. 
This post is from March, so who owned the violin then?

The only sense this story makes is that Roman is lying, but let's assume for one moment that he really did buy this violin. 
Where did he get the $5 million US dollars from to purchase it? Futurenet? Because if it was from Futurenet, they've stopped paying out withdrawals and that money would sure come in handy for it's cash strapped affiliates.
Why did he buy it anonymously when the publicity this would have generated for Futurenet would have been massive?
Why come out as the 'mystery Billionaire' now? 

My own theory:
Either Roman's lying because he knows the 'mystery Billionaire' won't ever come forward to call him out, or this is a money laundering masterstroke.

Time will tell...

Friday, 9 November 2018

Charles Scoville - Guilty Plea Entered in Child Sexual Abuse Case

Charles Scoville (Traffic Monsoon) attended Court in Utah this morning for a Deposition hearing.

He has pleaded 'Guilty' (with a Plea bargain) to one count of:
'First Degree Felony Attempted Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a child' 
He will be staying in jail until his sentence hearing, early in the New Year.

Charles has been playing the system for months.
He had a full court case arranged for October, but said he'd take a plea bargain a few days before and the court date was cancelled.

But then he changed his mind! And I think the only reason he took a plea bargain this time around was so that the details of what he'd done weren't discussed in open court. 

Lets hope that now this case has been resolved, The United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit will finally be able to deliver it's verdict on the Traffic Monsoon case.

Watch this space for updates...

Monday, 22 October 2018

My Advertising Pays/The Advert Platform Is Closing Down

My Advertising Pays/The Advert Plaform is reportedly closing down and Mike has offered everybody a refund. 
But will anybody actually get one? I'll believe it when I see it.
Mike claims that GPN has returned all of the money that was in TAP, but has said nothing about the missing $60 million that VX Gateway say they have 'stolen' from My Advertising Pays.
The last we heard, Celia and Tim from VX Gateway were supposed to show up at a Court hearing but never arrived. 
They were reported as fugitives who were supposedly hiding out in Trump Tower. Now I know Trump Tower is big, but unless they've been living in a broom cupboard all this time, it seems farcical that they can't be found. 

But enough of that fairy story, let's go to the next one:

Mike said on the 10th October :

So you only have a 15 day window to claim your refund? 
Can you imagine if PPI only had a 15 day claim time? 
This is a ridiculous time limit and is calculated to stop as many people as possible from getting any money. 
I'll report back on this when I hear any news.

I have no news on Mike, but I certainly have some information about Tony and Lynne Booth.

They're trying to sell their house and are rumoured to be skipping the country and moving to The Isle of Mann. 
Thankfully, they don't seem to be having much luck attracting a buyer. The property was originally put on the market for £700,000: 

but has recently been reduced to £670,000:

Watch this space!