Sunday, 28 June 2020

Traffic Monsoon and the $99 Trillion Dollar Claim!

Any day now the Final Judgement against Charles Scoville is due to be recorded by the Court Clerk, so watch this space!
In the meantime, the latest Claims Process status report has been released:

'Claims Received
As of June 22, 2020, a total of 23,061 Proofs of Claim were received asserting claims in the total amount of $100,000,217,093,489. The total claim amount is skewed significantly by a single Proof of Claim that was submitted in the amount of $99,999,999,999,999.99 (the “$99 Trillion Claim”) In submitting a Proof of Claim, each Claimant consented to the jurisdiction of this Court.
Omitting the $99 Trillion Claim, the total amount of the Proofs of Claim is $217,093,489'.

Whether the $99 Trillion dollar claim was someones idea of a joke or a monumental keyboard error is anyones guess - suffice to say it has zero chance of being approved!

In Summary :

687 Proofs of Claim are duplicate claims (the “Duplicate Claims”). The Duplicate Claims total $6,376,347.

 • 2,279 Proofs of Claim were amended by a later-filed Proof of Claim (the “Amended Claims”). The Amended Claims total $40,687,636.

 • 12,528 of the Claimants agreed with the Receiver’s Scheduled Claim Amount (the “Agreed Claims”). The Agreed Claims total $36,338,653.

 • 2,885 Claimants asserted a claim in an amount above the Scheduled Claim Amount (the “Contested Claims”). The Contested Claims total $74,878,012, which is $67,057,550 more than the total Scheduled Claim Amount for these Contested Claims (the Scheduled Claim Amount for the Contested Claims is $7,820,462).

 • 3,866 Claimants did not attest to the accuracy of the Scheduled Claim Amount due to either not using or using an improper validation code (the “Did Not Attest Claims”). 
The Did Not Attest Claims total $51,891,530.

 • 108 Claimants are not known to have invested in Traffic Monsoon (the “NonMember Claims”). The Non-Member Claims, excluding the claim asserted by PayPal, Inc. discussed below, total $427,445.93.

 • The largest Non-Member Claim is a Proof of Claim submitted by PayPal, Inc., asserting a secured claim in the amount of $3,144,021.07 related to chargebacks it issued to investors.