Friday, 30 September 2016

My Advertising Pays - VXGATEWAY Fake Liquidation Alert!

VXGateway has this message on its website stating it's in Liquidation:

I DON'T BELIEVE IT! Liquidators don't work this way.
You would have an actual company handling this, not an anonymous email address. 

It's my opinion that VXGateway and My Advertising Pays are the same company and that they've just run off with the money.

Contact ActionFraudUK immediately on:

Telephone number 0300 123 2040, if you're calling from outside of the UK, here is the number +44 (0)169 8264 700 or +44 (0)289 0169 853.


  1. I have a balance of 440 euros at VXgateway. Is there anyway to get the same? Is it possible to launch a criminal case against VXGateway?

    1. Hello Yatinder, please contact ActionFraudUK on the link above and make a complaint. It's the only hope you have of recovering your funds.

  2. Hi Tara. I notice that one of Simon's friends on FB tagged him into this bullshit.

    Same old, same old but now promising that real companies are invested (maybe all those 'blue chip companies investing in MAP' that we've all been hearing about).

    I'm sure it'll very 'addictive' until the payment process 'lets them down' or whatever.

    Seriously, I think you need to make a post explaining how these pricks aren't in jail. Starting with Simon.

  3. I have 112 euro in my vx account What can I do?

    1. You can try for a bank chargeback from whoever funded your VX purchase, but the most important thing is contact ACTION FRAUD UK immediately and file a complaint.

  4. I live in Germany. VX has 1500 EUR in my account. I never was Maps-Member! Action Fraud UK does not work for german people. Can you help, Tara?

    1. Sorry Anon, I don't understand. How have you got 1500 euros in a MAPS account if you aren't a member?
      And you should be able to contact ActionFraudUK? Others have from different countries.

  5. Dear friends, I'm in the same situation as most of you... Money stucked in VXGATEWAY.
    I just made my 1st withdrawal request and this actually happened during the 30days holding period.. OMG.
    By the way, is this the official url for ACTION FRAUD UK?

  6. Tara, in real terms can the UK gov/law enforcement do anything to charge Simon? Looking at your blog (and Google generally) he seems to go from one scam to another. Photos of his recent "masterclass" in Nantwich show that he's still selling his MAP book. It just seems that he and 'Jules' keep getting away with it. People have said they took out loans to invest in MAP. Does he just get to walk away from it? Looking at his Facebook profile, he's acting as if nothing has happened.

  7. Hi yes I have the same situation I have $1800 US Dollars, I want to start to withdrawal this week but we have this problem, I don't know to do?

  8. Here is yet another clear as mud message from the head of MAP

    Hello everyone,

    We apologize for the day-delay for this update. As is sometimes expected in any business meeting, decisions and understanding may take more than a day to materialize.

    That being said, here is what we are currently waiting on:

    a) As we’ve seen, VX Gateway has placed on its website a liquidation notice. VX Gateway has indeed hired a corporate liquidator to take over this process, and in so doing has reached out to MAP international counsel to schedule a liquidation meeting. We are awaiting their reply regarding time.

    Naturally, our concerns are: (a) when are VX Gateway imposed holdbacks going to be lifted?, (b) how does this liquidation effect members of MAP and their credit pack allocations?, and (c) what is the timeline on all of these actions?

    b) We have locked down an October 23, 2016 face-to-face meeting with myself (Mike), our Lead US Attorney and the main credit card processor behind VX, where a movement forward, without VX Gateway, will be discussed. Naturally this impromptu “liquidation” by VX Gateway has gripped any processor so affiliated with VX.

    It should be mentioned (as it has been during discussions over the past few days), that the “liquidation” of VX Gateway has stopped us all in our tracks. Not only was this move never discussed with MAP, the credit card processor, or VX’s bank, but this move was never even considered by us as a viable solution to any internal issues we had with VX. Needless to say, we are very skeptical of VX’s intentions, its existing model, and its moves forward in this “liquidation” process.

    In closing, we plan on having an update prepared on Monday after further discovery meetings tomorrow during the day, and believe that steps forward will be accomplished throughout the weekend as we retrieve answers to a multitude of burning questions.

    Please enjoy your weekend and be safe out there.


  9. I know someone who got a bank loan of 10k .for map ..she had put 26k in total and now left hanging...I will never trust things on line again

  10. usi tech, the new map !!!, all the players are merging Mark Ghobr*l, etc you know the rest check them out

  11. i have 110 euros in vxgateway account.. tell me whom should i approach and process to get my money back... can anyone help me on this...?


    1. Please contact ActionFraudUK and file a complaint.

  12. A good way of making people feel guilty. For questioning maps.

    Some of the reasons I got out of internet marketing.

    Too many people wanting to make a difference in their lives then making bullshit excuses when it comes to actually putting their money where their mouth is.

    Sure do your due diligence on a company, but for fuck sake stop messing around.

    People dropping companies like a hot potato at the slightest obstacle. Sure one company is facing a huge obstacle right now, which I have 100% faith will be resolved and it will be business as usual.

    Yeah you've heard that one from me before, but hey at least I'm getting off my backside and doing something and not cowering away.

    Too many people saying "my mate told me this". Stop listening to your "mates" and take a risk, make your own judgement call and not rely on what your mate said down the pub.

    The above is covered in my new video series I'm currently shooting.

    If I do ever come back to internet marketing, I'll be taking no prisoners, no bullshit excuses.

    1. Well Hi Dickie Arblaster! Nice to have you post anonymously on my blog! Sorry that MAPS didn't work out for you, but it was a foregone concluson really wasn't it. And lets face it, you aren't too hot at picking the right 'business' opportunity are you? First Banners Broker, then MAPS, dear oh dear! You say you got out of 'Internet Marketing'? Why was that Dickie? Too many angry people to deal with?
      Instead of 'getting off your backside' to scam people, why not try a more honest profession, like a job perhaps?


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