Thursday, 6 September 2018

FUTURENET - Trying To Spin Their Way Out Of A Scam!

I had a message today from someone who claims she works in the PR department of a company who handles Futurenets communication:

'Good afternoon! Im a PR-manager in the company that responsible for the mass communication for FuturoNet. On the 25th of April 2016 you posted on your resource an article about FutureNet and its leaders Stefan Morgenstern and Roman Zimen. We are grateful to you for trying to objectively inform your readers about popular projects. But in your text there are several controversial and unproven moments that negatively influence the business and professional reputation of our client. On this account, readers can get the impression that FutureNet is a scam where participants can only lose their own money and time, but not earn money. As arguments you give standard and well-known information about the principles of the functioning of financial pyramids, and thus FutureNet is considered as an equal project. Firstly, FutureNet is an absolutely legal and officially registered business that has been actively developing over the past 5 years and is releasing new products in contrast to financial pyramids, designed for short-term results and air trade. Secondly, in any business, the participant's income directly depends on his personal efforts, efficiency and perseverance. This is especially true for the network business. The experience of such giants as Mary Kay, Oriflame, Avon, Amway, Herbalife, which have been on the market for more than a dozen years, clearly shows that in MLM participants can successfully earn money and develop professionally. The reproof of absence of screenshots of compensation payments is also not entirely correct: there exists such a concept as the financial secret, so not all people want to show off how much they really earn. Do not forget that FutureNet today is not only a network business, but also a multifunctional business platform that actively develops new directions, produces high-tech products that are in demand among modern audience. FutureNet has own currency FuturoCoin, the rate of which on large crypto exchanges exceeds $ 9. The company has developed an online trading platform 24BAS, numbering 13 categories, each having thousands of products. The company opened a network of name cafes FutureNet in such large cities as Kiev, Warsaw and Wroclaw. We have named only a few products of FutureNet. Each of its participants can choose a business direction to actively develop in. Another distinguishing feature of any successful and trust business is social responsibility. FutureNet Sport project actively supports sports. It is worth to mention that in May 2018 it became the official business partner of FC Stuttgart, well-known in Germany and far beyond its borders. The FutureNet Foundation is directly involved in various charity programs. Among its partners we can name IIMSAM and the United Nations. All of the above mentioned organizations pay great attention to their reputation have no deals with doubtful projects. Thirdly, you call Stefan Morgenstern and Roman Zimen the founders of the One-Line Online scam project known as GreenLine. But there is a serious nuance: Stefan and Roman were not the founders or owners of the One-Line Online project. They only took part in it as directors. Stefan and Roman tried themselves in such a business and took into account the shortcomings of a particular network and thought about creating their own, really strong project, with a wisely built business model and the opportunity to help others to earn. Of course, at the time you published your post, you might not have all the information about the project and its creators. And any information with time loses its actuality. FutureNet contrary to all possible assumptions and conjectures continues to exist successfully, actively developing new products. Therefore, we suggest that you delete your old subjective post or post new more complete information about the project. We can provide all the information you need. Waiting for your reply.

* sorry this one

Happy to reply:

'..readers can get the impression that FutureNet is a scam'

I'm so glad to hear that, because Futurenet is a scam and I 100% agree with the warning from the UOKiK which was written on December 18th 2017. Maybe you missed it when you read my blog page, so I've kindly re-posted it here for you, no trouble at all:

'The President of UOKiK conducts proceedings in connection with the activities of the following entities:

1. FutureNet, FutureAdPro in the Marshall Islands - these are portals offering, in exchange for a fee, the purchase of advertising packages. According to the information on the company's website, you must buy the package and persuade other people to participate.

In a letter from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) dated 13/02/2017 we received a signal about the functioning of the system called FutureAdPro, which may mislead consumers and constitute an unfair market practice by establishing and maintaining a pyramid promotional system.
On 28/06/2017, the President of UOKiK notified the public prosecutor's office about the possibility of committing a crime. Proceedings in the case are conducted by the District Prosecutor's Office in Wrocław (reference PO 2 Ds. 63.2016).'

'...the participant's income directly depends on his personal efforts,'

Futurenet claims that if you click on ten ads a day - regardless of how many Ad packs you have - you can make a $1000 investment turn into $7.4 MILLION!  So if I were you, I'd give up your PR job and go join Futurenet - it'll make you a millionaire in no time!

'...The experience of such giants as Mary Kay, Oriflame, Avon, Amway, Herbalife,..'

I've no idea  who Mary Kay or Oriflame are, but Avon sells cosmetics and I can 100% assure you they DON'T ask you to click on ten ads a day or ask you to recruit friends and family for a nice little bonus, they'll just sell you a lipstick!  And as for 'AMWAY' and 'HERBALIFE' ...seriously? Go google them, and then come back here and just try and PR spin them with a straight face!

'...among its partners we can name IIMSAM and the United Nations...'

So Futurenet are claiming they're partners? Thanks for letting me know, I'll drop them a line.

'...Stefan and Roman were not the founders or owners of the One-Line Online project. They only took part in it as directors...'

Same house. Same people. Different business. I'll let people draw their own conclusions to that one.  

'...we suggest that you delete your old subjective post or post new more complete information about the project...' 

I respectfully decline your kind invitation. Futurenet is a SCAM. 100%. And I'll continue to expose them for as long as they keep stealing from people.