Tuesday, 26 July 2016


The Securities and Exchange Commission have frozen the assets of Traffic Monsoon!
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'Federal regulators are trying to halt the operation of a Utah company that purports to share profits from online advertising services, but that regulators claim is a Ponzi scheme that took in $207 million from more than 160,000 investors around the world.
The Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit Tuesday (26th July 2016) in federal court in Salt Lake City and asked for a temporary restraining order against a company called Traffic Monsoon and owner Charles David Scoville, 36, of Murray. U.S. District Judge Jill Parrish granted the restraining order Tuesday evening, freezing the assets of Scoville and Traffic Monsoon, which is sitting on about $60 million in cash in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Regulators seek appointment of a receiver to find and protect the assets of Scoville and the company.'

And look at this: 'After PayPal lifted a freeze on the accounts, Scoville transferred large amounts into bank accounts, including $21 million into his own account at JPMorgan Chase, the lawsuit says.'
So, as predicted, Charles was NEVER going to release any money on August 11th!…/41…/feds-says-utah-ponzi-scheme-took


  1. Fantastic news Tara. Now to finish MAPs

  2. word has it that Charles received the money on 12 July. Seems like alot of people have lost 1000's. I guess everyone wants him to suffer now and worse.

  3. I hope he gets prison time

  4. Hello Tara
    Do you know how to get back invested money?

    1. Robert, you need to first contact Paypal for a refund, if they refuse, try for a Chargeback from your Bank or Credit Card company. (Information on link attached).If that fails, the Receivers may eventually refund a percentage of any money you paid Traffic Monsoon but this will take months/years I'm afraid.

  5. Do contact Paypal Initially if money was paid through Paypal. I paid around $1500 to TM via Paypal and after contacting Paypal regarding refund they initially refused. But after contacting them numerous times they eventually refunded the money about 4 weeks ago. Thank you Tara for all the advice posted on this site which has been really useful in the claiming process. If Paypal refuse contact your Bank aswell, time is of the essence. Goodluck

    1. You're very welcome Anon. Glad you got it all back.


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