Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Advert Platform - 'My Advertising Pays' Scam Have Changed Names!

UPDATED 18th Dec 2016

As of today, My Advertising Pays is to be known as The Advert Platform. 
The whole website has changed.


But if they think a name change will get them out of trouble, they've another think coming!

The Securities and Exchange Commission aren't daft. And surprisingly enough, we'll certainly let them know.

The reason for the name change is obvious. MAP/TAP want to enter the Asian market and don't want any of them googling 'My Advertising Pays'  - way too many scam warnings!

But don't you worry Mike, the name may have changed, but the scam certainly hasn't.

We're still right behind you!

Oops..somebody jumped the gun! Simon says TAP is launching on Jan 3rd 2017!
So the new webpage went up, but now its down!...Tony is probably trying to find some bigger pipes!

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