Friday, 2 December 2016

Banners Broker - Still No Trial Date

The arrest of Chris Smith and Raj Dixit almost a year ago ( Dec 9th 2015), has still not resulted in a trial date. This is the You Tube Video released at the time by the Toronto Police.

However, much has been happening behind the scenes. The email below is from 
Detective Sergeant Ian Nichol:


The prosecution of accuseds associated to Project Banners continues. There have been several pre-trial appearances, and hearings regarding seized property, evidence admissibility, and disclosure issues that accompany most large scale matters.

The matter has not yet been assigned a trial date, but remains before the courts. The accused's remain charged and are subject to bail conditions.
I'm not presently in a position to advise when the trial date will be set.


Ian Nichol
Detective Sergeant (3024)
Toronto Police Service
Organized Crime Enforcement
Financial Crimes
Asset Forfeiture & Strategic Partnership Sections

The Appointed Receivers - David Rubin & Partners, based in London - are currently in the process of handing over control of proceedings to their associates in Canada, Spergel Corporate.

The deadline for putting in claims still hasn't been announced, so it isn't too late to fill out a claim form.

This is the site link:

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