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Amin Forati - The Latest Newspaper Story

This is the latest Newspaper Article from the Swiss Newspaper Le Matin Dimanche about Amin Forati -Traffic Monsoons ex-CFO. 

The "investor" of S3 has disappeared from circulation

Bankruptcy Stolen abroad, Amin F. provided the guarantee in March to save the company. How was this paper validated?
On the door of his apartment Dubai, located in a luxurious residential complex overlooking a marina, an official document claims to Amin F. a year rent - from October 2015 to October 2016 - failing which he will be expelled. The Iranian who provided this spring a bank guarantee of $ 30 million to the S3 company (Swiss Space Systems), whose bankruptcy was pronounced on December 14, is sought abroad by several persons and entities claiming accounts. But he no longer shows himself.

In addition to a Milan businessman who sues him for fraud (Le Matin Dimanche du 9 octobre), at least one other person, based in Dubai, accuses him of having cheated him of a large sum. According to the lawyers of Luanda and Dubai of the former, criminal proceedings are under way in the Emirates. In both cases, the scenario is the same: from a friendly point of view, Amin F., pretending to be a Maltese ambassador, puts forth well-supplied bank accounts to convince people to entrust him with large sums. His credo, according to these two sources: never invest his own money, but use that of others to generate more.

No paper

Pascal Jaussi (founder and CEO of Swiss Space Systems, ed) started talking about Amin F. in the spring of 2015, when we were no longer paid, testifies a former collaborator of S3. He made us listen to recorded phone conversations, where this investor assured us that everything was going to get back to normal. Pascal Jaussi explained that we had to wait, because the money of this gentleman was under embargo because of his Iranian origins. He did everything to confuse us. "

In front of the district court of La Broye and the Waldensian north, on December 6, the two representatives of company S3, without documents to support their statements, obviously failed to convince the judge that the 30 million promised by Amin F. could clean up the holding company, indebted to the tune of more than 6 million francs. According to Pascal Jaussi, who announced that he wanted to appeal the bankruptcy decision, the papers in question could not be shown in court for reasons of confidentiality. The professional pilot was found injured and burned near his car on 26 August 2016 in the woods of Aumont (FR). This event had turned the spotlight on his company, which had the vocation of specializing in the launch of microsatellites and space tourism. The investigation is still ongoing.

Since this spring, the company has increased its liabilities by relying on the bank guarantee provided by Amin F. and established with the obscure Axios Credit Bank of Singapore. A wobbly configuration that should have put the chip at the ears of those responsible for validating this document. The Emirates company D & B of Amin F., whose name appears on the guarantee, would not have the necessary authorization to carry out such operations.

The person responsible for the Vaud trade register, Yann Decnaeck, reminds the members of the board of directors of the responsibility to provide documents containing exact indications. An audit by the Fiduservice Trustee on 30 March also confirmed the accuracy of the S3 capital increase report. Contacted, the fiduciary relies on professional secrecy.

Iranian Amin F. has provided a $ 30 million bank guarantee to S3. DR

Pascal Jaussi made us listen to recorded phone conversations, where Amin F. assured us that everything would be in order "

Former employee of S3'

Lots has been written about Amin and his relationship with S3, D&B and Traffic Monsoon.
This is the story so far and what we believe has happened.

In the Spring of 2015, Pascal Jaussi (founder of S3) started mentioning Amin publicly.
In 2015/2016 at least two men were persuaded to hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars to Amin for investment.
 Amin told these gentlemen that he was Ambassodor to Malta - which he wasn't - and that he had accounts with millions of dollars in them which they could see - which one of them did. 
(Both of these gentleman have ongoing criminal cases in the Emirates against Amin for Fraud).

Amin Forati was employed by Charles Scoville in January 2016 to be Traffic Monsoons Chief Financial Officer.
It's a presumption then, that as CFO, Amin would have had access to the Bank Accounts of Traffic Monsoon. 

In March 2016, Amin took out a $30 million Bank Loan with Axios Credit Bank of Singapore and he acted as Guarantor.
All of this money supposedly went to Swiss Space Systems who in return, signed over a substantial amount of shares in S3 to Amin.
Amin could not have taken out a loan for such a massive amount of money and act as Guarantor, without already having substantial sums of money in his account.
At least $17 million was in Amins personal PayPal account. So where did all this money come from? Did Amin use Traffic Monsoon money just to  prove he had funds available for such a large Bank Loan? 
Charles has always maintained that PayPal had frozen all of Traffic Monsoons money but how can that be? Charles had at least $4 million available - Amin said himself that it had been transferred into  a Payza account. 
And again, it is inconceivable that Charles would put all of his money inside PayPal when he was so vocal about his Chase Bank Account.

In December 2016, S3 was made bankrupt owing $6 million. So what happened to the $30 million that Amin pumped into S3? The Judge asked Pascal  for the Financial records attaining to this, but he has refused, citing confidentiality.

So what happened to all the money? And how much did Charles have to pay Amin to release him from Traffic Monsoon?
Unfortunately, the only person (other than Charles) who can answer these questions has disappeared. 
Lets hope he can be found soon.

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