Friday, 23 December 2016

My Advertising Pays - The Bolton Anniversary Event Speech

My Advertising Pays was registered in February 2005.

VX Gateway was registered in August 2007

My Advertising Pays Version1 was launched on September 13th 2013.
They withdrew from America and closed Version1 early 2016. 
My Advertising Pays launched Version 2 on April 5th 2016. 
Profit share/withdrawals were suspended in August/September 2016. 
My Advertising Pays launched a lawsuit against VX Gateway on Dec 6th 2016 claiming they stole $60 million.
 My Advertising Pays will soon close down.
 It will be replaced with 'The Advert Platform' on January 4th 2017. 
Mike says that VX Gateway will repay all of affiliates money. 
VX Gateway have put themselves into Voluntary Liquidation and have (apparently) large debts. 
So how VX Gateway will refund the $60 million of 'stolen money' remains to be seen.

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