Sunday, 11 December 2016

Click Intensity - Tell Lies And You'll Get Found Out!

Nick at Click Intensity has been caught lying!
He tried to jump on the 'payment processors have frozen our funds' bandwagon to try and use his  'Get Out of Jail Free' card...except he's been busted! 

This was a post from NICK on November 30th 2016:

********* Getting Ready For A Billion $$$ Ride *******

After Successful Launch Of FB Shares And FB Fanpage Likes Product ,We Are Moving Towards Launch Of Hourly Login Ads Where You Can Buy Them On Hourly Basis Instead Of Just The Current Option Of Full Day !
As You Can Clearly See , Our Focus In Corporate Is To Be World's #1 Revenue Share Company In Online Advertising Niche By Offering Innovative Cudding Edge Leading Products And Letting Our Products Speak For Themselves.....
Always remember this one thing in life - A Billion $$$ business is not build around hype but is build on solid products and customer base.........
While there might be other short term lurative HYIP's coming out there everyday offering you 2 % daily , 3 % daily , even 5 % daily and 10 % daily but those are all short term money spinners where few people win and 99 % people end up loosing their life savings
Most of these programs close in 90 days to a max of 6 to 12 months ......
We here at Click Intensity have now already completed 9 months and have our roadmap clear for the next 12 months , 24 months , 5 years , 10 years and so on....
We want to be there for your grand childrens also..
We want to build a business so strong which you can be proud to be associated with and which you can even pass to your next generation..........
And We cannot do that alone - we ofcourse need strong leadership in the field and I am happy to see that it is already cultivating....
Sure we have had our roadbumps across the way like paypal freezing our funds , payza and advcash disputing our transactions and holding funds in 6 months reserve ( Current Payouts In Payza And Advcash Will Only Be Released Once These Disputes Are Cleared But All Fresh Payouts Using BTC Will Be Cleared As Per Normal ) , payment api's being hacked and we loosing over $10 milllion $$$ , initial early days tech glitches but here is the bottomline - we are still here standing strong paying you guys and growing everyday 1 % excited for the future

This should tell you what your management team is build off and should encourage you to work outside your comfort zone everyday and go share the message of Click Intensity to the world

Very shortly we will be announcing something so big that it will shake the entire online advertising industry and will put us at par with companies like Facebook , Google and other such big giants......
People who work hard now , build their teams and keep them together - I promise will all retire as multi-millionaires from Click Intensity ......
That's all for now......
Make sure you read every corporate email , every post by me and Tara Mish over the course of next 1-3 weeks as you definately want to be in the loop of what's coming next........

As It could mean all of you having a fair chance at 10xing or even 100x ing your money if we work together as a unit.....
I will leave at that for now and let you guys guess :-)

Nick Johnson
CEO - ClickIntensity.Com'

Crikey Nick! So you've been hacked?  And EVERY payment processor is freezing funds?
AND you've lost $10 MILLION DOLLARS! 
Not your month really is it mate!

But hang on a minute Nick, Advcash are 'disputing transactions' and have frozen funds?
NICK...NICK....NICK, that's a little bit of a porky pie now isn't it? You tell'll get found out eventually.
How do we know this is a lie?   
Because one enterprising affiliate actually contacted Advcash and guess what they said? LIE!

For translation: 'There is no legal dispute and no funds have been frozen. The account in question (Click Intensity) is operating just like any other account from the hundreds of thousands that we have.'

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