Saturday, 19 November 2016

My Advertising Pays - Malta and Belguim Issue Warnings

On the 10th November 2016, The Maltese Financial Authority issued a warning about My Advertising Pays:

 '... My Advertising Pays is likely to be a scheme of dubious nature with a high risk of loss of money.'

Now Belguim has issued a similiar warning:

16.11.2016 - The Consumer Protection Center East Belgium sees signs that the "My Advertising Pays" snowballs system is in the offing.

At least since September 2016, there are difficulties with the payment to the participants. This is allegedly due to problems with the liquidation of the payment service provider VX gateway, it is said.

The fact is that MAP ( My Advertising Pays has) his service set on 15 October 2015, the United States reportedly because sales.

A further note is that the site "", which in the past has repeatedly promoted this type of gambling especially for German speaking participants, has not been active for months.

Further indications

Since April 2016, the company has changed its website to MAP 2.0. This also changed the terms of business. " While members could earn about 20 percent on their investment in the original version, they can now only 10 percent earning (in both cases without deduction of costs" , writes Dr. Claudia Gross of the Institute for Management Research in an article to My Advertising Pays .

The fact is:
1 Credit Pack now costs 49.99 € instead of 49.99 USD.
For the payment of 1 CP, the participant receives 55 € instead of as before 60 US dollar.

As a reminder, the goal of MAP is to motivate other users to participate in the system as well. Basically, you buy a package (credit packs) and is then automatically involved in the profit. Each member is required to click on an advertisement 10 times a day.

Advertising: "incestuous system"

The company suggests to the consumer that it generates its revenue through advertising. A question that remains unanswered: How much revenue does MAP achieve with external advertisers?

Marcel Antl writes in his blog: "So we have users who switch advertising and pay for it. The advertisers.And we have users who view this ad and pay for it. The intermediary of these two parties is My Advertising Pays, which usually receives a commission for the mediation between the two parties and thereby makes their turnover. "

"In essence, the MAP members are tearing each other up the accumulated credit packs in the form of advertising. But that does not lead to new cash flow in the system ", says Bernd Lorch of the Consumer Rights Protection Centre NPIs. It same an incestuous system.

Meanwhile, the company is officially registered in England: Queen Court, 24 Queen Street, Manchester, England.

Leen Decort from Belgian research and competence center of consumer organizations (AB REOC) classifies My Advertising Pays as a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal under Belgian law (art VI100, 14 ° CDE, ff..): "Ventes pyramidales ... constituent une pratique commerciale déloyale en toutes circonstances".

Lodge a complaint

Who is a victim of a Ponzi scheme, may apply to the registration office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Brussels:

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