Monday, 7 November 2016

My Advertising Pays - ANOTHER New Version Is Launched!

My Advertising Pays have announced today that a new version called 'V2.5' is being launched very soon.
For those familiar with Banners Broker, you'll know that this method of operation was used frequently to re-set the clock and start again, resulting in huge losses for affiliates.
My Advertising Pays is no different. It states ' ... previously acquired credit packs and account balances will be parked and, for the time being, cease to produce profit-share.'
Translated into Ponzi speak this means: ' the money's gone, so give us some more'.
Which unfortunately many will.

Update 07 11 2016
Hello everyone!
The update that you all have been waiting for has finally arrived!
During the month of November, MAP will relaunch! Duly dubbed, MAP 2.5.
During the past several months, MAP members have not only shown us their loyalty, but have put on display their commitment to the MAP brand and Mission. Through this process, MAP (along with its representatives, executives, and CEO Michael Deese), have learned all-to-well who they should consider their allies and who they should consider their foes.
One such company that MAP is proud to consider a strong ally, and a company that MAP can now introduce as its full-time credit card processor is: GPN DATA GROUP INTERNATIONAL.
GPN DATA is a PCS-DSS 1 compliant, full service, online payment processor, licensed payment institution, and payment service provider. More than anything else, MAP has partnered with GPN DATA because of its scalable environment in which every transaction is performed on a stable and secure platform ensuring lightning-speed transaction times and a plethora of industry leading security initiatives.
Along with GPN DATA, MAP’s relaunch during the month of November will provide for a more transparent, more secure, and – most of all – more profitable user experience.
In addition to this exciting update, we at MAP are proud to announce that beginning in December of 2016, MAP will be expanding its user base around the world! Starting in December, MAP – with the aid of GPN DATA – will be expanding our reach to the continent of Asia. Most specifically, it is planned that MAP will begin accepting both Japanese and South Korean signups, and consequently the Japanese Yen and South Korean Won, beginning in or about December of 2016!
Finally, in the past, we unfortunately have relied on VX Gateway to provide our customers with updates and information related to their accounts, refunds, withdraws, deposits, wires, etc. Moving forward, we are – once again – proud to announce that MAP will be expanding its commercial customer service base and providing comprehensive technical support to MAP members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Information related to topic-specific technical support contacts will be updated on the MAP website over the next week. Further, GPN DATA will provide transaction-specific customer support through its experienced, multilingual, technical support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We encourage members – especially during this time of expansion and new additions – to utilize this customer service expansion by bringing us your questions and comments regarding the MAP product via our support desk.
I want to take a brief moment and comment about the ongoing issues related to VX Gateway. In short, our legal team continues to pursue a resolution between VX Gateway and MAP while leaving the lines of communication open throughout the process. Accordingly, previously acquired credit packs and account balances will be parked and, for the time being, cease to produce profit-share. As further updates become available we will provide comprehensive progress reports. For any specific questions regarding VX Gateway related issues, please contact our customer support.
We saw no need in dis-allowing those of you who still want to build your businesses the opportunity to continue to do so, and earn profit-share on new purchases whilst we work out our issues with VX. As your CEO, know that I will continue to fight for you, and we will not stop until we have reached the most optimal solution for everyone.
Anyway, enough about that! We are here to announce the relaunch during the month of November, the incredible partnership that we are unveiling with GPN DATA, and our HUGE cross-continent expansion into the Asian market.
As always, we can’t tell you how much we have appreciated your patience during this time, and look forward to a transparent, secure, and profitable future with MAP!


  1. Tara pls put more pressure on them

  2. Simon Stepsys is promoting this big time on Facebook. Please tell me how we can get this ammoral sociopath arrested?

    1. The only way is to report him to Action FraudUK.

  3. Hoe do you sue yourself? At least they won't have any problem finding themselves unlike Mike's crack legal team couldn't find TaraTalks.

    What is sad is that far too many of the MAPsters will buy this utter BS Now the UK members know how the US Members felt when Mike screwed them.

  4. Majority of us in the U.K. Are now waiting wise we don't believe them again , one question to Tara , is a charge back possible when vx has dissolved ?

    1. You won't be able to get a Chargeback directly from VX, but if you funded via a credit (or debit) card, it's definitely worth trying from them. Let me know if you're successful.

  5. What, you mean they need new money to generate new earnings?
    Oh hang on, that can't be right, cos that would make it a ponzi!
    Umm ...
    Time this lot were taken to the cleaners.

    1. Exactly anon. And why not just add the new payment processor to the existing Version 2? Mike has taken EVERY penny. Parked, paused, on hold etc, just means STEAL. The money has gone.

  6. Actually, I'm impressed how well they arranged for the money to disappear and in addition to all of that he encourages people to "invest" more money (which is very clever from scammer point of view) while they are claiming to be "fighting" to "resolve issues with vx gateway". Unfortunately as you said TARA, many will fall for that :(

  7. Tara I invested some of the money by wire transfer through my bank , what do u advice should I try to claim that as well , is the same rules applicable to wire transfer

    1. A wire transfer is very dangerous and gives you zero protection. All you can do is to report MAPS and hope it helps to get them shut down.

  8. I hear through the grapevine that a UK mapper has reported TB and other UK based senior management to the police for fraud.

    Not sure how long ago this happened or what the outcome was.

  9. Ha! What an extraordinary amount of bollocks. If you Google a company, and within the first page of results is a website denouncing it as a scam, you know you should steer well clear of it. GPN Data does not look even remotely reputable. What a bunch of despicable shits.

  10. WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT, INVESTED SO I COULD HAVE A POT FOR CHRISTMAS,they stole our money and should pay for it, when this new crock of shit is released its a personal mission for me to let everyone know about it


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