Tuesday, 1 November 2016

My Advertising Pays - Latest Update

My Advertising Pays have just released their latest update.

Its been late coming because Mike has been travelling the globe - first Cuba, now 'two other countries', in search of ...he doesn't say. But he has certainly been REALLY busy. Collecting Air Miles presumably.

Update 1st November 2016
Hello everyone,

First off, we are fully aware of the frustration of many of you. Believe us, we are as frustrated as you.

Please keep in mind, it what not our own actions did has caused this frustrating delay.

Our Legal team and CEO have been in the air, going to several
countries, working for a solution for both our current woes and
relationships for the future.

Mike wanted me to extend his apologies for the delay in updates as he has been full out, day and night working for a resolution through many related parties. In fact, he just returned from Cuba and is leaving again today to visit two other countries.

Due to the sensitive nature of our dealings with VX gateway, on
advice of counsel, we can not comment on certain aspects of this ongoing crises.

There most definitely has been some progress on many fronts and another update detailing this will be released this week.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work hard for a positive outcome for us all.


Meanwhile Danny Turner AKA Doede Khan has been posting how he's been banned from several MAPS groups.

Never, ever, thought I'd have something in common with Mr. Turner! 
Welcome to our world Danny!!!

p.s Danny, this must be the first time you've mentioned my name without saying something horrible. Feeling all emotional. Rock on Danny!

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