Thursday, 3 November 2016

Traffic Monsoon - Court Hearing Adjourned to November 30th 2016

The deadline for documents to be submitted is November 28th and the final hearing, before the Judge considers her verdict, is at 9.00am on November 30th 2016.

Charles is still insisting that there was more than enough money to pay everybody and that profits weren't guaranteed.
But take away all the bluster and tangles of words he's written over the last few months and you're still left with the basic maths:

An ad pack costs $50.
You can get back $55.
That's a $5 loss on EVERY pack.

Thousands and thousands of these ad packs were sold which should equate to millions of dollars in losses.
The only way he can sustain these losses is to sell MORE Ad packs, from new people, injecting new money into the system, which pays
out the older members who want to withdraw - which makes it a Ponzi.
The beauty of Traffic Monsoon (and the hundreds of other Ad Revenue sharing systems out there) is that the majority of people DON'T withdraw any funds at all. Instead, they attain to owning as many packs as possible, to get the maximum amount of 'profit' out of every pack they buy - which they then plough into buying MORE packs before the old packs expire.
If every member withdrew all the money they were owed, at the same time, the system would instantly collapse.

Another defence is that he only pays Commissions on Ad sales.
Fair enough.
But if you're already making a loss of $5 on every pack, and then you pay commissions on top of that, he's surely making even bigger losses?

He's also said on numerous occasions that the figure of $55 isn't guaranteed.
But the figures he quotes below, clearly set out a fixed rate for clicks.

This was taken from his site in 2015:

'...These are paid-to-click links which appear on your dashboard, and reward you with extra cash!Cash links are a great way to show other members what else you're involved with, and invite them to join you.
$1.00 => 50 visitors = $0.02 per click. $0.01 goes to clicker, and $0.01 goes to sponsorVisitor remains on your site 30 seconds
$1.00 => 25 visitors = $0.04 per click. $0.02 goes to clicker, and $0.02 goes to sponsor
Visitor remains on your site 60 seconds
To qualify for referral click earnings from these links, you must have clicked a minimum of 10 ads in the traffic exchange within the last 24 hours.
Only 1 of the services we offer includes a revenue sharing position. We do not sell "shares." We only sell advertising services. It's from the sales of all our services that we share revenues.
When our members purchase a service from TrafficMonsoon, the revenues from that purchase are held by the company. Then, you can qualify to receive share of the profits! Naturally there is cost associated with providing services. Each service provided generates a profit margin. We share those profits with you!
When you purchase an AdPack combo advertising campaign for $50, you'll receive 20 clicks to your banner, 1,000 traffic exchange credits, and a revenue sharing position.
When you click a minimum of 10 ads in our traffic exchange and remain on the websites for 20 seconds each, you'll qualify yourself for 24 hours to share in site profits.
As long as you are qualified, each sharing position you receive with your AdPack Combo purchase will continue to share in revenues up to $55.00. Reaching this maximum is not guaranteed, or affixed to any time frame. It's completely reliant upon sales of services, and you being qualified.
Earn Traffic Exchange Credits:
Any purchase turns your account into a life-time paid member. Each ad view in our traffic exchange will reward you 1 visitor credit in the traffic exchange.
FREE members can surf ads, and receive 1 visitor credit for every 2 sites you view in the traffic exchange.
There is no requirement to refer to share in site profits.
We share profits from all of the following services.
Pay-Per-Click Banner Ad Campaigns
Pay-Per-Click Text Ad Campaigns
Traffic Exchange Start Pages
Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases
Monsoon Traffic Packages
Login Ads
Pay-Per-Click Campaigns are $0.25 per click and allow you to target your ads to specific countries for $0.50 per click. Every click on your banners ads is worth a lot - those users who click on your ads may become your referrals or even clients. Users click simply because they are interested in the topic of your ads!
Traffic Exchange Start Pages is an offer we have for your site to be the first site viewed by all members. This is priced at $35 per day. You'll receive a lot more attention to your ad this way and stand out first in people's minds...'
And look at the affiliate programme.
10% COMMISSION:10% Affiliate Program
You've got the opportunity to invite your friends, family, or other groups to enjoy our services & benefit from our lucrative affiliate program. For each purchase of service (except cash links) one of your referrals makes, you'll gain an instant 10% commission. This alone can help you build a constant cash-flow...'

Simple maths will convict Charles.
Traffic Monsoon can't be anything else than a massive Ponzi Scam.


  1. As far I know it depends on sell and incomes from other products. No sell, no profit sharing. Simple...

    1. Almost all of Traffic Monsoons income was from Credit packs. No credit packs sold = no payments to old members withdrawal requests. Which makes it a Ponzi. Simple.


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