Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Traffic Monsoon - Charles Prayer Call

Charles is continuing his ludicrous defence by Social Media with this
call to prayer.

' TM Days of Prayer Oct 30 & 31
You are invited to fast and pray at least 1 of these days calling upon the Almighty Creator to bring resolution to this case in our favor. If you're able, we also recommend donating to a charity or giving to the poor with the intention of calling upon the Almighty to help us as we beg for his help.
As you already know: Traffic Monsoon truly isn't offering any investment, there's no interest rates, and there's no offer to manage anyone's money in such a way that brings about gains. Traffic Monsoon has more than enough money to pay everyone what they have earned, so it's not a ponzi.
Traffic Monsoon pays commissions for referring customers to buy the services, and pays commissions from sales to adpack customers when they click a qualifying number of ads. Earning is effort related, and only comes from sales of advertising service.
Traffic Monsoon also pays people who never purchased anything for clicking on ads, and rewards them for people who they refer when they click on ads. There's no purchase requirement in order to do this.
Traffic Monsoon also rewards surfing credits for people to earn free advertising to get visitors to their websites.
We are praying the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth to help the judge recognize the truth behind Traffic Monsoon, and resolve this case in our favor so we can get back to work, and finally recover the business fully after having had funds withheld by PayPal for 6+ months, and now being stopped up by the SEC.'

Pretty sure the 'Creator of Heaven and Earth' won't look too kindly on the 'Serial Creator of Ponzi Scams'.
These are all the Ponzis Charles has created so far:

Wealthenginex .com
Traffic Monsoon
Every single one of these has closed.

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