Friday, 11 September 2015

Traffic Monsoon SCAM

We've launched a new Facebook page tonight called 'Traffic Monsoon SCAM'.

And I have a new site page: 'Traffic Monsoon Scam'

Both 'Traffic Monsoon' AND 'My Advertising Pays' are
 'Click Ten Ads a Day and Get Rich'  PONZI scams 
who BOTH advertise on each others sites!

 Which one will close first?
You can be sure I'll let you know when they do!



  1. Hi Tara,

    Excellent Blog.

    I came across Traffic Monsoon a few months ago; someone tried to pitch it to me as an amazing online business venture. ..I smelt/saw the bullshit instantly.

    Interesting how TM, and its 'affilate' scamsters have created a sea of misinformation to confuse those who are, either nieve/vulnerable.

    I sent an email to the daily mirror (uk) newspaper, highlighting this (TM) hyip ponzi scam; see details below;

    Hi Mirror,

    I read the article last week regarding Simon Stepsys and My Advertising Pays (scam) - very informative, thank you.

    Bare with me...This is quite an extensive email, however all very relevant!!

    I conducted my own research after someone tried to 'recruit me' for a simular HYIP Ponzi Scam; Traffic Monsoon (TM).

    TM is virtually identical to MAP. It 'trades' worthless traffic and manipulates individuals into buying 'advertising packs'(and referring), which mature after 55 days, with a magical 10% profit. However, there is no cap on the amount of packs you can purchase (MAP has a 1200 ad pack limit; $60,000). It also appears to be MAP on Steroids, in that it has a much, much bigger online following and the Alexa Ranking is 1000 - which they use to convince people into thinking it is a reputable, growing organisation.

    I am incredibly concerned that the TM Ponzi scheme is going to leave vulnerable individuals out of pocket; in some cases life savings will be lost...As an example the individual below appears to be a vulnerable person, per the video below, he has 'invested' over £20,000!

    The video below is from the individual who attempted to recruit my family; he has £30,000 of adpacks (his whole family have invested), and he has also recruited about a dozen people, a number of who have made purchases in the 5 figures...The family are holding 'seminars' agt their house to recruit more people...They are boasting about making thousands, going on holidays etc.. Because they are quite a religious family, people are easily duped into believing TM is reputable without doing their own due diligence. I believe this family are just nieve, and have been duped...However they won't listen to reason.

    Part 1;

    Part 2;

    Particularly amusing that Einstein, Richard Branson and Warren Buffet are mentioned, as though this somehow adds legitimacy to the sales pitch.

    Advocating the usage of 'compounding' is a very clever trick by the higher up scamsters ...It Incentivises/encourages people to keep money in the system, in perpetuity..untill the ponzi drys up..

    Imtiaz (Immy/Imy) Aslam is the UK promoter for Traffic Monsoon, He is a good friend of Simon Stepsys, and they were both involved in Banner Brokers.

    Imy Aslam was also promoting MAP last year; boasting about making thousands of dollars a month. .

    Imys Linkedin:

    Imy promoting MAP, and TM.

    Worth going through Imy's other youtube videos, adds a little perspective on this scamster.

    Charles Scoville is the CEO of TM, he is a seasoned fraudster who has run a number of simular schemes in pervious years. Plenty of online articles exposing him.

    TM is run out of Charles Scoville bedroom > PC, on a MYSQL database (face palm. .) Which reputable company would be run from someones bedroom... (scroll down the page to see the 'news')

    1. Very informative post Anon, thanks! Please visit our facebook page 'Traffic Monsoon Scam', you would be more than welcome to contribute.


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