Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Latest Liquidation Information

Paul Cooper @ David Rubin and Partners London,
020 7400 7900

now have approximately 850 creditors on their list. It isn't to late to join it, so please contact Paul Cooper (for Paul Appleton) asap.

It's also been confirmed that the Toronto Police are interviewing previous employees at Stellarpoint and staff who worked with Chris in his Canadian Office.

A court case will be starting in the near future to force up to 15 banks (including The Choice Bank, Belize) to disclose account details from Banners Broker with a view to freeze any other assets that Banners Broker may hold.


  1. I joined and taught myself this program, i helped others learn it as well, not all in my team, i helped them learn how to run it and build it up.

    I'm pissed it was an elaborate scam and i'm pissed for the time i spent AGAIN with another program trying to better myself and family.

    Back to internet marketing since most other stuff is a scam of some sort.


  2. this will take forever for people to see any money back, would not be surprised if don't get anything back at all

  3. Your right James, it will probably take a long time to get any money back from the Liquidation proceedings but it's the only fall back people have if they can't get a Chargeback.

  4. Great to read that, Tara and thanks for the update as well as your helping people including myself. It is very much appreciated.

    Let's all hope that this really is the beginning of the end for these loathsome skunks

    1. Thanks Steve, I really hope so too...

  5. Hi Tara! Thank you for all this job and information. I have few questions.
    Is it free to join creditor list? There won't be any fees or need to pay for lawsuit or anything else now or later?
    Can you predict how long this process could take? Maybe month, half year, year or two?
    Also I guess BB will block anyone's account who will join this creditor list?

  6. Hello Anon, yes its free to join the creditors list nd no fees will be payable by you at any stage. As for how long it will take? I have no idea, but it isn't going to be a quick process. My advice has always been to pursue a Chargeback on your purchases first, and if that fails, then the creditors list is your fall back option. As for BB blocking your account - your account is worthless, so what is there to block? Good Luck! Let me know if you need anymore help...

    1. Unfortunately chargeback from bank isn't possible because of my country's strange laws. I could only use debt collector or start lawsuit against BB... but that all means expenses (probably more than BB owes me).
      I guess you are right BB accounts are worthless :( I waited more than a year for my first payout. Never received a cent from them. Soon me and many others will force loose accounts anyway if BB won't fix their site and make asap changes in new version rules.
      Thank you for your quick response. I will try to join creditors list and tell my experience to other affiliates around me :)

  7. I'm sorry to hear that anon. Contact Paul Cooper tomorrow and he will definitely help you...


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