Monday, 22 February 2016

Traffic Monsoon - Paypal Successful Refunds

(updated 26th June)

Quite a few people are telling us about successful refunds so I'll start posting them here when they come in. Lots of people are in the final stages of 'dispute' and as long as Charles doesn't defend them, they will get their money back. 
If you haven't already put your claim in, then do this NOW. It works!





* A Chargeback was granted for this claim by the gentlemans bank.

Amount unknown.


                          Approx $1000




                     $6000 - (£4k)

9th March


Please send your successes to this Facebook page:
and I'll share them, as they help others.

This is the sequence you need to claim:
PAYPAL refund steps from an affiliate: 

'Go to your transaction > contact seller > item dispute > item not RECEIVED' and select service > click next > select again 'service not RECEIVED', category > service > select the amount you want to get refunded > put the traffic monsoon web link > in description just say (item not received) > click next > reason to escalate : fraudulent vendor > click full refund > check provide paypal with info > say again item not RECEIVED> finish.' 

BUT,it doesn't really matter what you write since TM doesn't defend disputes and in 11 days you should get a full refund!

29th April 2016

'Hi Tara,
Thank you so much for your advice . The bank told me to write to PayPal first which I did . I got my money back from PayPal. TM doesn't respond to letters from PayPal .
I adviced six of my friends to do the same and they too have received their monies EXCEPT for the ones which has exceeded the 120 day duration. I feel sorry for the people who are being told to wait for 180 days. They are in for a rude shock.
.keep up the good work.
NB: how does this guy get away with blatant thieving is a question I am left with.'

26th June 2016


  1. Sadly, it did not work for me. they took 2 days to decide. Why? Any other ideas?

    Dear Sandra Beynon-Dick,

    Thanks for your patience during our review of this case. Unfortunately, this transaction isn't protected by PayPal Buyer Protection. As a result, this case has been closed and we're not able to take any further action.

    Transaction details

    Case ID: PP-004-625-022-981

    Seller's name: Traffic Monsoon

    Seller's email:

    Seller's transaction ID: 09N64058VC117980A

    Transaction date: 17 January 2016

    Transaction amount: -$2,081.56 USD

    Your transaction ID: 6PM66180KG932680D

    To learn how we review and resolve claims, you can view our User Agreement by clicking Legal at the bottom of any PayPal page.

    If you need further assistance, please click Contact at the bottom of any PayPal page.


    © 1999-2016 PayPal. The PayPal service is provided by PayPal Australia Pty Limited (ABN 93 111 195 389) which holds Australian Financial Services

  2. One of my friend requested a refund from Paypal and was told by them that they are closing his dispute, and they have not refunded his money which he paid to Traffic Monsoon through Paypal in Mid January. What needs to be done now

  3. Tara
    the supply of info in respect to Traffic Monsoon has gone down. Any reasons for this or am I looking in the wrong area?


    1. Traffic Monsoon has its own page, just look down the right-hand side of this page.

  4. I also tried about a month ago and they said they had looked more closely into these disputes and realised that it was a Ponzi scheme and it doesn't fall within their Buyer Protection guidelines. I've submitted to my Credit Card now - awaiting no doubt a rejection there too.

    1. I had opened a dispute as well , and paypal has cloced it with the same reason as yours . It was couple of months ago. I make it up ( it was "only" 416 USD )but on 12 of July i got a message from pyapal that they refunded it. What is odd , status of dispute han not changed since they stated last time. So, be hopeful and optimistic.

  5. Fools and money are easily parted lol. Instead of people getting their money back it should all be donated to various charitable organizations. How are these people ever going to learn if they go in knowing they can get it back despite how many people they rob along the way?

    1. To a point Jay, I agree with you. Many people who put money into these schemes are greedy and do no research at all. Or they participate in Ponzi schemes as a way of life and take losses as an occupational hazard. My fight to get peoples money back is two fold. Many people really do, genuinely believe, the lies that these programmes will make them rich. Alot of them come from poorer countries who have fewer opportunities to work and make a good living. Others are not computer savvy or elderly. They pour pensions, life savings and loans into these ponzi scams making the owners rich and it makes my blood boil! Added to which, it takes years before these scammers are brought to justice. By encouraging Chargebacks, we make the Banks and Financial Authorities aware of these frauds so that hopefully some of them will eventually be closed down and/or the owners arrested - EVENTUALLY.


  7. Hi Tara

    A friend of mine invested about 9 months ago is it too late to ask paypal or his bank for a refund, his wife left her job as they thought they could afford it, he is in a right mess

    1. Hi Anne Marie, sorry to hear that. Your friend can certainly try for Bank or credit card chargeback, it isn't to late. But if that fails, contact the liquidator. See my Chargeback page for more details.

  8. I need hope
    I sent $2,500 to traffic monsoon how can I refund my money back I need some help

    1. You need to apply to the Liquidators Khan:
      and this is her Official Email address

  9. Hello Tara i write with a heavy heart im lost in all this and surely need your help i actually believed in TM invested all that i had foolish me i paid some on card and some through pay pal i would really appreciate a refund in order sort my life out can you help with the process i must warn you im far from computer friendly my email is im having trouble sending this message too

    1. I'm really sorry to hear that, but applying for a refund is very easy. The receivers email address is: Just write to her with your details and then wait. Hopefully refunds (of a % of the initial amount you paid) will come through in the coming months.


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