Friday, 9 November 2018

Charles Scoville - Guilty Plea Entered in Child Sexual Abuse Case

Charles Scoville (Traffic Monsoon) attended Court in Utah this morning for a Deposition hearing.

He has pleaded 'Guilty' (with a Plea bargain) to one count of:
'First Degree Felony Attempted Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a child' 
He will be staying in jail until his sentence hearing, early in the New Year.

Charles has been playing the system for months.
He had a full court case arranged for October, but said he'd take a plea bargain a few days before and the court date was cancelled.

But then he changed his mind! And I think the only reason he took a plea bargain this time around was so that the details of what he'd done weren't discussed in open court. 

Lets hope that now this case has been resolved, The United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit will finally be able to deliver it's verdict on the Traffic Monsoon case.

Watch this space for updates...

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  1. When does a conman stealing millions of pieces of unbacked paper from naive individuals become a real scumbag? When he becomes a sexual predator on children especially when they have kids themselves. Something about that kind of criminal that even angers generic criminals.


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