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J.Ryan Conley 'Bravely' Admits He Has Alzheimer's

*updated September 2021
The self proclaimed Leader of Futurenet in the USA, J. Ryan Conley, has bravely admitted to early onset Alzheimers and Frontal Temporal Lobe Dementia. 
I know that because he posted the admission on Facebook, so it must be true. 
It would be a really disgusting thing to lie about, wouldn't it?

Posted 11th January 2018:

'Here is me getting stem cell injections to my brain while wide awake in Dominican Republic to help heal my early onset Alzheimer's and frontal temporal lobe dementia. I am making this coin to help put an end to dementia and related neuro conditions.'

Ryan went to the Regen Centre in the Dominican Republic  in June 2017 
to have an injection of 200million stem cells. And luckily somebody was there to film a video of the procedure on the centres private computer.

Ryan has been suffering from depression and ADHD for years:

...and has tried many pills in the hope of a cure:

...which he's happy to recommend you buy. 

But his preferred treatment at the moment is Stem Cell Therapy, which is used for a variety of purposes.
This quote is from the Regen Centres website: 

'At Regen Center, adult repair stem cells are being used to heal and improve a variety of conditions such as autism, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, COPD, dementia, diabetes, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis (CCSVI), Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, stroke and others. They are also used for anti-aging and cosmetic purposes...' 

Because the stem cells come from your own body, a stem cell treatment won't do you any harm, but will it cure Alzheimers? No.

'Alzheimer’s disease is a type of irreversible, progressive brain disease that attacks and destroys the brain’s cells, which results in a loss of memory and other essential cognitive functions. Symptoms of the disease worsen over the years and are eventually terminal.'
'Alzheimer's disease is a progressive condition, which means the symptoms develop gradually and become more severe over the course of several years. It affects multiple brain functions.
The first sign of Alzheimer's disease is usually minor memory problems. 
As the condition develops, memory problems become more severe and further symptoms can develop, such as:

  • Difficulty concentrating and planning things
  • Memory loss and confusion
  • Short attention span
  • Lack of motivation
  • Depression
  • Personality, mood and behavioral changes
  • Delusions or hallucinations
  • Incontinence
  • Muscle weakness, stiffness, or paralysis
  • Slow and unsteady movements
  • Trembling in arms and legs
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Aggression and frustration.
As well as Alzheimers, Ryan also has Frontotemporal Dementia which has the following symptoms:

'Frontotemporal dementia occurs when nerve cells in the frontal and/or temporal lobes of the brain die, and the pathways that connect the lobes change. Some of the chemical messengers that transmit signals between nerve cells are also lost. Over time, as more and more nerve cells die, the brain tissue in the frontal and temporal lobes shrinks.
When the frontal and/or temporal lobes are damaged in this way, this causes the symptoms of FTD. These include changes in personality and behaviour, and difficulties with language. These symptoms are different from the memory loss often associated with more common types of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. As FTD is a less common form of dementia, many people (including some health professionals) may not have heard of it'.

All these debilitating symptoms at such a young age, must be truly terrifying for Ryan.
But somehow he's managing to overcome his ongoing memory loss, personality disorder and language problems, to become the No.1 FutureNet Leader in America. And Ryan is using FutureNet to promote his own coin - STEMCELL COIN.

The symptoms of Alzheimer's, particularly memory loss, make driving particularly hazardous. 
Which is why I'm puzzled that Ryan brought himself a Mercedes car? 

But then again, he brought the car a year before his diagnosis and stem cell therapy, so he probably didn't know how sick he was then. But he must be having severe memory loss problems by now,  which will affect his ability to drive:

'...dementia is listed as a medical condition that the licensing agencies need to know about. As dementia progresses it has greater effects on all these abilities. As a result, everyone with dementia will eventually lose the ability to drive safely. The time at which this happens will be different for each person, but most drivers with Alzheimer's disease stop within about three years of the first symptoms. This is often in the moderate or middle stage of dementia but, with some types of dementia, common early symptoms mean it might be sooner. A person with these symptoms will not be able to drive safely.'

By my calculations, Ryan must have begun to experience symptoms in at least 2016, so his ability to drive must now be questionable. Thankfully, because of Ryans numerous income streams, he can comfortably afford a chauffeur as his disease progresses!

But to be diagnosed with Alzheimers  in the first place, he must have been showing symptoms of memory loss.  So for posterity, I thought I'd better list some of the great companies he's been involved with, so he can never forget his varied career:

Isagenix, Viewtrakr, Staged, Buzztrakr, Kannaway, Brain Abundance, Ingreso Cybernetico, Wake Up Now, YOBSN, Jeunesse, IQKonnect, TSU, Elevate Solar, Solavei, OneCoin, MMM Global, BitClub Network, FutureNet, DasCoin, Omnio Tech, USI Tech  and Trade Coin Club.


'Kannaway' is not a Scam!' says Ryan. Phew, that's a relief.... 

...because he has 19,100 people who'd be pretty upset if it was:

In 2015, Ryan was promoting Jeunesse:

...which faced allegations of being a Pyramid scam:

...which was recently dismissed 'without prejudice'.

(The inclusion of the term 'without prejudice' in a judgment of dismissal ordinarily indicates the absence of a decision on the merits and leaves the parties free to litigate the matter in a subsequent action...)

Trade Coin Club
Ryan adds 'Trade Coin Club'  to his multiple income stream in early 2017.
Here he is getting an office tour: 

But it doesn't seem to have ended well. 'Trade Coin' is also a Ponzi Scam. And Kelei Taylor has allegedly walked off with millions of dollars of Ryans money.
But how Ryan earned millions of dollars in Trade Coin from  just ONE sign-up is a real mystery? 

Thankfully though, Ryan is suing Kelie for the return of all that money.  And since he's already sued Microsoft FOUR times already, AND WON, I'm sure his crack legal team will make mincemeat out of her.
Let's hope Ryan is well enough to testify against her in court. 

Another symptom of Alzheimers is a lack of judgement. And poor Ryan has managed to mis-judge a Ponzi, AGAIN!
Here he is telling everybody how amazing USI TECH is...

But, oops! USI TECH has only been shut down in the USA!
It turns out it's ALSO a Ponzi Scam!

Ryans condition must be getting REAL bad to keep making this many mistakes!
And he's about to make his biggest mistake to date: FUTURENET!

FutureNet is a 100% guaranteed PONZI SCAM. I've been following it closely over the last few months and you can read all about it here:

Ryan has turned his rented Penthouse into a FutureNet recruiting hub and is attracting some well known people. 

People like Tai Lopez, soon to be a FutureNet member - according to Ryan:

And this well known DJ 'Dirty Harry' aka 'Harris J Francis', who says he's checked out FutureNet personally and done plenty of due diligence on them: 

No idea what due diligence he did? Read the sign maybe?

Ryan has also managed to sign up 'Rae Sremmurd', the American HipHop duo
with a No.1 hit called 'Black Beetles'

And former Seattle DJ, Mike Ricker:

And Ryan says 'Richard Sherman (Seattle Seahawks) just made $7,000 in #Bitcoin with us at #FutureNet!'

Ryan looks so well in these photos doesn't he? And he's certainly impressed with the
anti-aging properties of all those stem cells he keeps injecting: 

'I've been getting a ton of compliments lately on how much younger I look since I started injecting 20,000,000 #stemcells each month!
I am willing to bet I am the first person you have ever met that has shot this many stem cells on a regular basis. Yes, I am making myself a test subject for this science so I can change the future of health care for the world via #StemCellCoin.
Who do you know that has shot stem cells? Please tag them below. I would love to hear their story!'

I would have thought though, considering his condition is TERMINAL, he would be a bit more concerned with how these stem cells are relieving his symptoms, rather than
how much younger he's looking?

Ryan has recently shared this video of a genuine Dementia patient, seemingly oblivious to the fact that this cruel disease
has NO cure... matter how many zillions of stem cells he injects.

February 5th 2018
Ryan said he was sponsoring the Superbowl for $45,000!
But unless printing 'FUTURENET' on two jackets and printing out a few leaflets constitutes
'sponsoring', he's lied again.

...but thankfully people are waking up to him:

15th February 2018

Quote: 'I never once said that I sponsored, you dumb ass! Check yourself'.

Ok Ryan. I checked. Whose the 'dumb ass' now?'

22nd May 2018

Ryan J. Conleys early onset Alzheimer's and Dementia has begun in earnest.
He seems to have forgotten who he is:

12th September 2018
I know you'll all be relieved to hear that Ryan is still feeling remarkably well. He really should have medical tests done, he's a medical marvel!

Here he is after a twenty hour flight to the Futurenet Event in Macua, China

And what's this? Another name for Ryan... anyone cynical would think he wanted to hide his real name :) 

23rd December 2018
Ryan is still looking really well and is showing no signs of the 
crippling symptoms of Dementia.
He's even released his 'biography', soon to be released in the 'fiction' section.

Moving into the new year, I welcome the best chapters of my life ahead with my global teams. It is fun to reflect on our past and how today came to be.
My publicist just finished my bio in time for the monumental launch of #Nasgo in the next few weeks.
I would like to share who I am with you all and would appreciate any feedback you have about the bio he wrote for me. I look forward to getting to know you all even more closely in 2019. I wish you all a very Happy Holiday season and Merry Christmas!
Ryan Conley
Bellevue, WA based, Ryan Conley is among one of Amerca's leading blockchain and cryptocurrency experts specializing in the decentralization of the internet and social media tech titans such as Facebook and Twitter. Via his work with FutureNet Foundation, Conley has helped to lead critical global partnerships with the United Nations and Nelson Mandela Foundation to end global malnutrition using Spirulina protein.
Born in New Orleans, Lousiana, Conley grew up in the small logging town of Port Angeles, Washington. His father, John William Conley was a US Army Colonel and his mother, Sandra Powers, retired as "School teacher of the Year" in Snohomish County, Washington.
He is a 2001 graduate of the University of Washington with a Liberal Arts Degree with an emphasis in psychology.
Upon graduating high school, Conley enlisted in the United States Army National Guard earning the rank of military Specialist in the in the same division that his father shared as Colonel.
Conley then entered the field of real estate in Bellevue, where he was recognized by Skyline Properties as one of the top agents in the Seattle market.
Crisis of Conscious
Following the real estate crash of 2008, Conley no longer felt comfortable consciously partaking in an economic and political system where millions of families were being foreclosed upon, having their equity siphoned off from these "too big to fail" banks. Conley's economic and moral beliefs evolved and he no longer held the position that the "Dead Presidents" aka fiat money system was the future for humanity moving forward. Instead, he came to believe that cryptocurrency and the blockchain were the future due to the finite supply and demand for coins.
With eighty active listings and eight agents working for him, he walked away from real estate. Conley's evolution to the belief that the future of the financial system dealt with through supply and demand. Cryptocurrency offered just that with white papers backing coins with a finite supply established.
Conley's second crisis of conscious soon manifested itself. He had studied the concept of incentivizing social media, observing the rise and fall of sites such as Friendster and MySpace but also what Facebook became - the $285B behemoth it is today. He recognized that the same corrupt "Dead Presidents" fiat financial mentality that took advantage of homeowners during the housing crisis was being replicated with social media - siphoning the money from the people again. Wealth was not going back to the content creators or homeowners, but instead to a select few. Conley developed a simple philosophy at that time that basic human communication via social media, that paid out in cryptocurrency back to the people, instead of a corporation like FACEBOOK, would not only be fair and equitable but also spark more wealth and incentivize creators and content providers on a level playing field.
Conley decided to put his theory to test based on the quote, "If not this, then what?" - a principle that has guided his life. As a board member of FutureNet, the company approached the United Nations to establish a partnership in its effort to eradicate global malnutrition using Spirulina algae. Conley then approached the Nelson Mandela Foundation to include them in the campaign, using incentivized social media as the vehicle. While results are pending, the effort has already mobilized more than 4.8 million individual users to date.
Conley sat on the board of a $1B social media platform, Futurenet that pays the users in bitcoin. He is also the top donor of the FutureNet foundation out of nearly five million users currently.
He has funded and established offices for FutureNet internationally to help bring wealth from corporations such as Facebook to the people via FutureNet. The offices are located n Legos, Nigeria, Johannesburg/Durban, South Africa, and Hanoi, Vietnam.
His current projects include Nasgo Sharenode which deals with putting the Internet on the blockchain. This basic concept revolves around every person, every company, and every movement, to be on a sidechain with its own token to promote a global [tokenized economy]. Ryan believes that is the future of crypto in an age where there are 3,000 cryptocurrencies that have no utility.
To help the world population evolve their minds to experience this new global wealth transfer that cryptocurrency will bring to the masses, Ryan Conley has developed UtopiaMind.
UtopiaMind is the project combining neurofeedback and virtual reality at the same time gamified and on the Nasgo Blockchain. With this technology, it is very possible to reprogram minds to assist others with living in the moment at the forefront of their brains instead of the back playing more reptilian part.
Ryan Conley has a passion for world travel, is the father of two beautiful girls one of which he has adopted, and he also loves accomplishing his bucket list of future endeavors.
His favorite saying is “If not this then what?” has led him to two basic questions: 1) How do I positively impact as many lives every second of every day around the world? 2) How do I make the most amount of money doing so, so I can put that back into the first question? He says that this creates a cyclone vortex of energy that will help advance the world faster than most of us have ever imagined.

1st August 2019
It's Ryans birthday, so he's started a fundraiser to help prevent anybody in his family getting
Alzheimers... which is a  bit odd considering he's apparently had it since 2017.

Catch up on all of Ryans latest activities over at

September 2021
Ryan is still going strong and still showing zero signs of the Dementia that he claims to have. He's now fled the USA and moved to Brazil to escape angry TronCase claimants - another ponzi he promoted!


  1. Ryan's projects are a failure one after the other. He lives in some fantasy world and creates a lot of hype. I am surprised People are believing him OR it might be fellow Ponzis who have no where else to go. What a Douche.

  2. thank you for posting this! This man has been harassing me online trying to get my attention. I finally decided to look into this quack and found exactly what I thought Id find. Thank you Tara Talks for exposing such horrible and honestly, evil human. Bravo

  3. I remember back when he posed with an enormous pair of pants claiming he lost hundreds of pounds.

  4. Don't go near him ladies...

  5. His newest scheme is tag protocol. Where you buy hashtags and somehow own them as an nft. I've known him for years and can say with confidence that he won't stop until he's in jail.


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