Digadz/Admaximo - SCAM

(last updated 11th June 2015 - scroll to bottom of page)

This scam was launched on December 6th 2014 and seems to have quite a following already.
It is run by 'BEEJAY' real name : Songphon Phapatha, from Thailand.

Songphon also used to run ADBONUZ:

(Credit to NikSam at Real Scam for digging up this info on him:)


DIGADZ is a REVOLUTIONARY revenue hybrid sharing programme,
You can join for FREE and make money.
Refer FREE members and make money.
You buy bundle ads which is three sizes of banners.
For $1 you get 50 visitors to your site. You also get  impressions for your banners and 1500 points,

'...These points will be very interesting for you. This is the basics of the whole system. Collect as many points as possible points are your potential money.
What is a point? $0.0001 $1 = 1500. 500 extra points.
Buy a bundle ad and get 1000 points but your profit is 500 points.
1500 points will be placed in your points balance.
When you have earned your $1.50 for clicking value ads, the 1500 points will be deducted from you're value balance..'

The basic concept is money=points. And what do points make? MONEY! No, really, Click some VALUE ads and you get rich! I haven't quite discovered what makes the ads VALUE yet and as watching paint dry is preferable to watching any more chronic videos I'm going to pass on any more homework.

Look at this dashboard:

WHAT has any of this got to do with ADVERTISING? 

There's more qualification on this page than in a box of Quality Street!

So who is pushing this scam:   

The biggest facebook page group is run by Annie Walsh. She has over 7500 members and has now made this page SECRET, so no-one can find it!  The house rules alone should warn you that this woman is not professional and has a truly terrible attitude to her fellow 'members'. Basil Fawlty could learn a few things from this lady!

Ever heard the saying Annie - DON'T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU!

The comment below is from Marius Pedersen who posted on the MLM blog. He claims to know the owner 'BEEJAY'. Who is Beejay? EVERYBODY knows 'Beejay'! What a guy! So why doesn't Beejay post onto blogs and appear in videos like his best pal Marius I wonder?
According to Marius, he is neither the owner of DIGADZ or an investor in it. So this kind soul makes all these videos for FREE! What a pal! AND he posts defending DIGADZ. Also for FREE.

DIG points?   DIG a pit to pour your money in, you'll never see it again!

When the Admin team of a scam take great pains to tell you it ISN'T a scam - guess what?
It is!

Hello everyone.

Every day I get questions like; Why is the website so slow? why are values low?

These are legitimate questions. I should also wish Digadz was perfect from day 1, but it isnt- I think we havent really started yet. We had some challenges with server and script lately and as Beejay tells us they are working to improve this. So let's be patient. Lets accept now it's not perfect but this will be solved in the coming weeks. Just be patient. I know this will become a great platform and an exciting income opportunity. Thats why I am sad to see some members dont believe in the future of Digadz. They rather withdraw their money than building up their accounts. Thats really the opposite of what I recommend. If you believe in Digadz, now you have the chance to build up before the masses do. If you dont believe, I hope you change your mind, but if not, I wish you good luck with other exciting ventures.

For your information, we are working on a new website! I have seen a pilot and it looks very promising. I think this will be the real start of Digadz, when this is running in some weeks time. Everyone who left us before that, it's ok, they are all welcome back or maybe they never belonged here. I promise you, it's going to be awesome. I also see some different things in the new website that I didnt hear anything about, so thats an exciting part alone.

Now, why are values low? Are they low? Compared to what? To your local bank? If you refer to the value ads, this is purely based on daily sales. If sales are low one day, the values distributed will be low. If everyone buy more bundle ads, the sales go up, and everyone will get higher values. Remember, you will earn the same, but it just takes longer time when values are lower. You will always get 1500 points back on your 1 usd, thats awesome if you think about it. Be absolutely sure you understand this. If you see very low values, they add up quickly after all, and focus on building up your account. The coming weeks will be very exciting for every Digadz member.
Some members think they can earn a lot of money without sales. If you have a shop and nobody visit you and buy something. How can you expect to make money? Digadz is real business, not a hyip or a passive income scam. It's time to wake up and understand this is not another free lunch.

If you want to take part in an exciting long term online business, you are more than welcome to contribute here, even educate your own team and enjoy affiliate commissions. And there will be so many interesting projects within the system itself, you will be amazed. If you hear anything else, thats pure rubbish. Do you want to listen to negative people or positive people? Do you think I would risk my image making all these training videos if this was just a scam? This is a fantastic opportunity Beejay gives you and everyone. Dont let anyone ruin this for you! If you are concerned, you should ask us (any admin of this group). Follow your gut feeling.

Now, I wish everyone a lovely day. Remember, Digadz is here to stay and I welcome you to take part and make success with us!

Update 7th February 2015

The DIGADZ  Soap Opera continues:

Will those pesky server issues EVER be fixed?
Is the server to BIG/SMALL/MEDIUM?
Is the script right, wrong or indifferent?
Will BeeJay ever recover from his 200km round trips into the depths of scamland?  
Will Annie ever choose the right name?
Will anybody be able to explain what a VALUE ad is?
Will anybody EVER be able to stop that darn dog digging up my garden?!
Will we EVER  understand those l-o-n-g, l-o-n-g, b-o-r-i-n-g zzzzzz explanations about the double data doh-dah whatnots!

BJ should run a masterclass in BS! He digs up more of it than that flaming dog!

But seriously folks. Blinding you with science - sorry, BS, is the best way to delay payments and condition you into thinking this is NORMAL. It ISN'T. 

Read it and weep folks:

7th February 2015

'...Hello Beejay here
Update situation
I think we got mistake on server config this machine is very high performance more then old, but mistake on config from Snoork server site CPUs and memory is overload now, make site slow
Server Load 26.84 (4 CPUs)
Memory Used 85.97% (10,473,608 of 12,182,936) now have members online just 7000
now, I am try to contact Snoork.
Site slow down, Annie.

After I checked, it not same config with old server this server must be greater than old because use PCIe SSD

Teno: okay, BeeJay, I understand.

Beejay: 9x more than SSD but I am try to use SSH to check
and see more process of SQL this cause to make server overload
now just 150MB/s
This is Normal HHD SSD is 300MB/s -500MB/s
Hmm so headache , Why I am so bad luck?

Teno: Don't worry, it will be okay. What can I tell our members about their lost ads, BeeJay?

BeeJay: Site will work fine for members who are near DataCenter

****No one will lost on this, if can't claim, everything will same and can do later and We will Extend unit time*****
I hope members will understand

Teno: don't worry, BeeJay, members will understand, they know you are working hard for them & can trust you, they are loyal members. As long as I can give them an estimated time they will be happy.

Beejay: I am try to give best thing but always got bad thing
Yes, after they respond me, I will request them Post on Our FB Fan page and give time frame to make trust
ok, Let's me back to work with our official admin network staff
maybe he can help improve something. I will give you update later..........

Okay guys, this is very technical, but it is most of our conversation. You can see that BeeJay is very upset by all this & is working so hard to make it right. All I ask you is to please once again be patient, this is not his fault & he will make it right.
BeeJay is very much to be trusted & I am standing right by his side throughout all this because I know him & I am 100% certain that he will never scam our members. I hope that you are all standing with us on this & I know you are.
Please try, although it is difficult & annoying, to be patient & loyal until we get this perfect...'

Meanwhile we have Annie Astley/Walsh/Digadz/what shall I call myself this week? and her: I'm quitting/I'm running/I'm passing on technical info/I'm banning negativity posts.

Er,r,r I thought you WEREN'T CHANGING the script ANNIE?

Then we have the: 'I'm leaving', 'I'm back, 'I'm p***d' posts.
You are SUCH a drama queen Annie!

...but two days later, she just can't keep away!

       Annie, get a grip! You could always leave the page - AGAIN!

**LATEST UPDATE** 7th Feb 2015

BeeJays  'get out of jail free' card!

Why do you suppose BJ uses Snoork? 

I think I've discovered why.

 Snoork are not very good. 
According the next post, they have a habit of LOSING databases!
 So, just suppose, you started a Scam and wanted an exit strategy. Pretty good way to go eh?
                    Sorry folks, it's all over.
           ******THE DATA HAS DISAPPEARED ******


Latest update as to why Digadz isn't working...zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Now we are in transfer files process, it may take server down for a while.
The last config with PCIe SSD was not a success, but PCIe Express is very new latest technology and they can't handle on config.
We will get new machine with 2x 256GB SSD instead, it looks okay for Digadz
After transfer process complete, everything will be back and it will run smooth again.
Then programmer will Extend all,
1. For upgrade account
2. For value units
3. For Bonuses Units
4. For activate time
and New feature >> Surprise Bonuses.

** Teno: When will the transfer process start?
BeeJay: 4-5 hours from now, large files on a new server because old server has no port to add new SSD card

Snoork failed on config new machine, because it is latest technology, now they are in the process of transfer file to another new server, same as last Digadz, it's more stable and fast because I and our office staff can tweak to high performance.
But last config is PCie SSD << it is very new technology no other dedicated provider uses it because budget too high.

I think Snoork are the first in the world because I already search on google, found only Snoork able to handle it
When they tested, it was okay at 1500MB/s but it effect when hit more traffic and performance is down.
Snoork they try to request help on vmware communities forum but no one can answer because this is very new technology and we can't wait their answer.
Last 2 days Snoork work only for us. Snoork are the best in the business

**Teno: now we can think of moving forward & growing
BeeJay: yes, 3 new feature are in development task and some more thing I will lets all know soon, I need think more before

**Teno: exciting, can't wait smile emoticon

Snoork's technology is so advanced that they don't know how to use it??! 
I've heard some B*****T in my time, but this is the creme de la creme of BS!

Meanwhile, over at Awful Annies Scam page, she seems to have found out how to copy and paste BS rather than write it herself:

  15th February 2015 

Awful Annie has now deleted the Facebook page she set up .  
Why do you suppose that is?
Rats deserting  a SINKING SHIP COME TO MIND!

This dreadful woman has now started to push NEW programmes!

Ask yourselves why somebody who was so committed to 'DIGADZ' now runs away at the first sign of trouble? 
This woman CAN'T be trusted! Stay away from her AND her programmes!

17th February 2015

This post below is from Digadz stating there are delays due to MANUAL processing.
In this day and age of computing, it is EASY to keep track of payment disputes.
The computer can run reports of anything.
The real reason is just another excuse to stall payments.

Note also, that PAYPAL hate scammers and will close accounts if they suspect them to be scams. Luckily lots of concerned citizens have contacted PayPal directly to tell them the truth. It will be interesting to see whether PayPal payments resume.

ANNIE WALSH, has finally sussed out that I was a member of her loathsome ponzi group and banned me lol.
You think that will stop me reporting your illegal activities Annie? NO! 

23rd February 2015.

Are you having trouble with Digadz new souper dooper server?
You know the one, SNOORKS special server that is SO special, they can't fix it or know how it works? THAT one, yes.

Well, low and  behold, as it STILL isn't working we have A TROUBLE SHOOTING guide:
Just wait till you get a look at this!

  ...unbelieveable! DIGADZ is the absolute king of B*****T. Or should I say DOGS**T!

16th April 2015
So where is BJ? STILL in hospital? How many weeks has he been 'ill'? To be in hospital for so many weeks you're either DYING or LYING, which do you think it is folks?
Meanwhile, the natives are getting restless. Digadz a scam? A PONZI? REALLY? Who would have thought it?

So, the mystery of BJ has been solved!

This notice has appeared in the Official Facebook page:

'Dear valued members,
I have a very sad message today.
Our admin Beejay is seriously injured and whole body is paralyzed. I got this sms from his wife today after trying to contact him every day for many weeks. She tells us that he can move one finger and can speak a little but cannot write. She forbid him to work and my guess is that he will be back, but not soon. She is going to inform his business staff tomorrow.

This explains his absence and I am really devestated and depressed about this news. His dream with Digadz is met by thousands of members shouting scam and bad admin. I am sure his genuine intention was to re-program Digadz (and also his former program AdBonuz).
I know he collapsed after many sleepless weeks and he told me he started to get problems with his eyes and his doctor recommended him to stay away the computer.

I feel also a little relief that I know he is alive and he will come back to us someday. But now lets respect his family and let them peace for recovery.
This explains also why he was away in recovery in a peaceful province without reach.

My wish is that everyone still support his project Digadz, so when he is coming back, his business is better than ever, and not collapsed due to impatient and greedy members.

I feel so sad very right now. Thanks for reading.'

Where to start with this lie?? 10 out of 10 for originality through, but PLEASE!  
Firstly, Marius has been trying to contact BJ for many weeks
and couldn't. Does his wife not know about you then, Marius? Or all his 'buisness staff' couldn't have told you? Is BJ in a far away candy floss hospital with no phones or emails?  
And, seriously? EYE problems? What problems? What about all his top quality computer programmers? His staff? And as for staying away from his computer - probably couldn't bare to watch his bank account slowly draining! 
And how on earth can eye problems lead to a 'whole body paralysis'! Oh, sorry, almost forgot. He can miraculously move a finger and speak 'a little'! What a load of rubbish!

100% lie folks, this guy has gone, with YOUR money.

30th April
Marius hasn't heard from BJ. Maybe his wife has the terrible paralyzing bug to? Or the phones have evaporated in the heat? Or the dog ate his laptop?  Either way, the IT staff are still working. They are diligently processing small payments for a few dollars and leaving the big withdrawals unpaid: 

3rd May 2015.

Great conversation going between Marius and Digadz members on the Official Digadz
Facebook page:

Marius Pedersen
Dear Digadz members,
There are 3 frequently asked questions nowadays:
1) Why low values? Answer is: Many members in same level share the same amount of revenues dedicated to that level. Values can get higher if more members purchase ads and bring new purchases into the system.As higher level you are qualified, as higher values you get.
2) I dont get bonuses, I cant change my paying processor... and
3) Support doesnt answer my ticket. Answer: I dont know exactly how much support can do technical stuff. It 's the programmer who can do such changes, but with the absence of admin, it's probably not easy for the support to answer all those questions.
I understand everyone who are frustrated not getting their problems solved and are disappointed. I'm sorry about this. I really hope admin Beejay is back soon and can contribute so everyone become happy.

On the other hand, I get also many emails and comments from positive members that tell me they are here for the long haul. They still trust the system and I am very happy for those comments.
I need to tell you one important thing. I am Marius, just a member like yourself. I had the privelege however to be able to help Beejay from the beginning. Thats why I made all those training videos. I have been honest all the way and tried to help members regardless of their team belongings. Recently I have been strongly accused to be Beejay himself (someone thinks I am admin Beejay), and on some websites I am even called a scammer and worse. I'm quite upset about these accusations. I tried to write to the owners of these false articles, but they never replied to me, so I guess they are afraid to realise they are wrong.
Anyway, I really hope you understand who I am and are not led to believe anything else.

Also, one last thing. Many send me messages about Digadz. Please understand I am not support staff. I cant help everyone, even though I want to. We have a wonderful admin team in this group, please ask your questions in the QUESTION THREAD and we will try to assist you as best as possible.

Many thanks for reading. Have a wonderful week!


'Thank Marius Pedersen you for your thoughts, if I have been hard in my comments is because as you say not i got answers to my concerns, it is always important information in a timely manner'.

Marius Pedersen 'Hi *********. I agree with you, It's been extraordinary situation as admin Beejay went absent. It's been really a roller coaster for Digadz since the start, it's amazing the system is up and running if you ask me. Most amazing is that members still get their withdrawals 100%. We really need Beejay back and get this system turbo boosted. Right now we havent got the momentum we expected but I am happy however, there are members who are still patient, positive and willing to give Digadz a chance for future earnings. Thats really encoraging for me to hear. I hope more members realise Beejay is a good person and it was never the intention to get absent. It's his dream to get this going, and I really hope he can get back someday and see Digadz is still working with members who still believe in his works.'

'I've read in the past that you know who is beejay in real life and you are his friend, so my question is: who is beejay?
Why can't he show us proofs of everything he says? For example his photos which show us that he is ill?
He could be really ill and I'm sorry, but I ve already seen these things in the past, ill, operations, deaths, hackers, server problems ecc.., and every single time it went bad.

Marius Pedersen  When you are ill, do you post photos of yourself laying in the bed throwing up and feeling miserable? Who Is Beejay? Yes, I asked the same question last summer. In my opinion, he is an entrepreneur in the early thirties from Thailand. Have a nice family and have a good heart. I am his friend, but not very close. We got to know each other last summer when he was planning Digadz. His business culture is very different than mine, so I disagreed many times his decisions, but it was his program, his ideas, so be it. What I really know is his intentions. He wanted to create a program for everyone, for poor people, for middle class people, everyone should have the chance to make money. The launch in December was a disaster, and the following weeks were really turbulent. When we stabilized, and just before he went absent, everything looked very comfortable. The plans for re.programming and new features were on the board. And suddenly he went absent, and we know he was seriously injured. I know he wants to come back and continue his plans. And I understand everyone who is frustrated because not everything is perfect right now. Thats all I can say. I am just a member like everyone else. I am not employed, or in his admin staff. I was accused for being Beejay and I am sorry it's all a mis.understanding, Thanks for writing Alex.'

Marius and BJ - this set-up just doesn't ring true. Marius is 'just a member' who 'just happened' to help BJ in the beginning with planning Digadz. With making Training videos. With  admining the Official Facebook page. He admits arguing with BJ over business decisions. They spent SIX months working together at least and yet when BJ gets this mysterious paralyzing illness he doesn't contact Marius for WEEKS?
I don't buy it. Marius is up to his neck in the brown stuff along with BJ. Both scammers. Both liars. Both belong in jail.  

9th May
Interesting facebook snip this morning on the Digadz Official page:
People are saying payments have slowed down but Marius's explanation is  '...I guess withdrawal staff is reduced and thats why it takes a little longer..'
So many questions spring to mind:
If STAFF have to manage withdrawals then the process isn't automated, this means that payments can be selected. 
Why would he think that staff are 'reduced'? 
And if they are reduced, why? Cost cutting? 
And if BJ's finger can move he can surely send a text to let the Facebook admin of his own personal business know what's happening?
Answers to these questions are very simple.
No new referrals = no new money = slower payments or smaller payments.

16th May 2015
Payments and ads are dwindling fast, stop digging the pyramid foundations folks, there's nothing there!

21st May
BJ has been using his finger! Not to fix Digadz, but to start another Ponzi - AdMaximo! 
(credit to NikSam over on the RealScam Forum for finding this:)

30th May

This is Simon Dermans Facebook page with a post about AdMaximo, his supposed NEW business. Oddly silent about owning it through isn't he? 

2nd June 2015

This message was left in my inbox but I'm unable to publish as it has address details. If this is true, can the poster please verify with proof. Thanks.


From the Official Digadz page:
Marius wants us to believe he had NO idea it was a scam!
Yer, right...!
Then why are you Admin of the OFFICIAL facebook page?
You wouldn't have been able to do this without BJ and contact with him. It's laughable that you claim that. 
WHY did you spend hundreds of hours making training videos? 
Are you asking us to believe that BJ didn't pay you?
You promoted this scam Marius and are fully aware of it. I hope the authorities throw the scam book at you! 
'I spent hundreds of hours making training videos and promoting Digadz from the very beginning. I was really positive about the ideas of Beejay and fought for his concept. But today Im sorry to say, after hundreds of smses to his family without response, and seeing I didnt receive values since 27 May and a withdrawal pending over a month, this is nothing I can recommend anymore. Im really sorry because I truly believed in this concept and also to get Beejay back in business.

Now Im not sure and Im sitting here during my vacation in Asia frustrated and sad about the fact Digadz does not deliver anymore. I understand everyone who is upset and also the negative comments, but believe me, I always tried my best to give you my honest opinion. I have never been in Beejay admin staff, Im just a member like yourself, but I tried to help everyone, because Beejay had no talent in communicating to his members.

So per today, I cannot recommend Digadz, it will not be a part of my portofolio anymore. DIgadz can only be back if admin Beejay comes back, but I have no indication about that. I also think it's a shame that the website isnt closed down and just continues like now, making people believe everything is allright which it isnt. I'm really disappointed about everything.

Maybe especially disappointed about the family of Beejay who cannot give me any reply, if it's true that Beejay is so sick. They could probably hand over the responsibility and the programmer info to someone else.

I was over time offering Beejay more help, but nothing happened. And now really nothing happens seemingly.

Im really fed up with people accusing ME about this scenario. Im neither admin Beejay or any of his staff. I only tried to help regardless of team belonging. People who in injustice accused me never dared to ask me in private message, just bashing out in forums, websites and in FB. Thats coward and saying more about them than me.

In closing, I would say Im really sorry for everyone who is involved. But remember, you need to move on. You should know the golden rule, never purchase more than you can afford to lose. Nobody pushed you to join Digadz, it was yourself who chose that.

When that said, I 'm really frustrated because I really liked this concept, I really believed it had a bright future. I really dont want to give up the hope, but I need to be honest with you, dont have any expectations on a great comeback.

Marius Pedersen

So what is Marius pushing next? Apart from AdMaximo ( I'll re-visit that at a later time) he has posted on his FB page this little gem of a ponzi:

He's only giving the link out to 'serious' people who want to get into this ponzi - sorry 'matrix'! at the beginning.

Join this at your peril!

Marius Pedersen
25 May at 17:04 · Edited ·

I got massive response on Lucky 5... I only place serious people in my top team, so please be kind to PM me with your email address to get concept details and marketing plan. If you consider joining LUCKY5 and looking for a sponsor, let me know. I am creating a strong team now for this program. I can place you in an early position in the matrix. it can be tax free depending on the tax laws in your country and going to explode in the coming weeks and months! $$
For the uninitiated 'early position in the matrix' is code for:
'get into this Ponzi early!'

9th June 2015
Now that Digadz has fizzled and died, what next for BJ and his merry band of scammers? 
Alot, it seems.  Being in a permanent state of paralysis doesn't seem to have stopped BJ. The guy is a medical miracle! So what has his little finger been doing all this time?

As previously mentioned, BJ started his new Ponzi 'ADMAXIMO', back in March 2015.
(Presumably before he got that horrible fake paralyzing bug!)  
But then he claims to have sold it ( before it's even launched!) to a man called Walter Watson, who nobody has heard of or seen. 
Fast forward to May 27th 2015  when this post appeared on the MMG forum from Simon Derman:

May 27 2015, 12:57 AM
'I am owner of AdMaximo now. I have bought the program. Out of respect please do not connect nor Digadz nor Beejay with my program. This is two different things aswell two different programs.
I have put Marius as admin in AdMaximo on facebook group because he is among top recruters and he helped make AdMaximo well known. He is also prepared to help me
make posts, approve pending join group requests on Facebook and approve posts aswell answer people.
I am not online all the time so i choose the right guy to help me. Now this could be any of you. If anyone of you feels he can support AdMaximo and help people in Facebook group i would happily consider making you Facebook admin supporter so that role is opened for anyone that wants to help.
Please leave Marius out of this mess all he wanted is good things for the DigAdz he doesnt have any connections to Beejay aswell anyone of admins that had contact previous with him can't contact him because he doesn't answer on skype and that is only one connection we had with him.
Now if you guys think you are professionals in what you are doing then why are you trying to make fools out of Marius he is just members like you all are. I have also pending withdrawal in Digadz already from May 11. So nobody is getting paid not just you. Stop making some false accusations...'

There were so many things wrong with this post that I just had to clarify a few points - straight from the horses mouth.
The trouble is, trying to get a straight answer out of this guy is very difficult! 
**BEWARE..BS ALERT! You've been warned!
  • Conversation started Sunday
  • Tara Glassia
    Tara Glassia

    Hello Simon, I hear you're the new owner of ADMAXIMO. And that you brought this programme from BJ? You apparently posted this news onto the MMG forum? Can you please confirm that you have indeed brought ADMAXIMO from BJ? Many thanks, Tara.
  • Simon Derman
    Simon Derman

    Tara hello, i never said or posted something like this on MMG, i think if you saw something like this on MMG you also saw who owner was before, Walter Watson. I bought program almost 10 days after start when people didnt promote at all because Walter didnt want to show his thats whole story actually.
  • Monday
  • Tara Glassia
    Tara Glassia

    Thank -you Simon. But the post says that 'Derman' brought it directly from BJ? And that 'Derman' was using Marius Pederson to run his FB page? So you're saying that somebody was impersonating you?
  • Simon Derman
    Simon Derman

    No i never said that smile emoticon And the post also doesnt say that. There is tons of lies which people spread around. And please lets keep Marius also out of this. I tought Marius would help AdMaximo fb group, but since he didnt move a finger to help i removed Marius from fb admin, so now is just me AdMaximo fb admin.
  • Monday
  • Tara Glassia
    Tara Glassia

    Hi Simon, many thanks for getting back so soon. Just so that we can put the record straight for you, the post by SIMON DERMAN, definitely wasn't you and you didn't write this: I am owner of AdMaximo now. I have bought the program. Out of respect please do not connect nor Digadz nor Beejay with my program. This is two different things aswell two different programs...' ??
  • Tara Glassia
    Tara Glassia

    Hi Simon, can you also please confirm some other points? You brought Admaximo from Walter Watson, who had previously brought it from BJ? And now you run Admaximo all on your own? Walter didn't own it for long did he lol. smile emoticon
  • Simon Derman
    Simon Derman

    Tara you are talking about all the thing i previously said wasnt true smile emoticon I dont know why you are doing this, i am trying to be as honest as possible. I was from the start just member, i saw good program with huge problem which was Walter. I know what is missing and i am putting all my efforts so that this will be made in right ways. We all know those programs die becasue of shitty advertising. I bought this program at the bottom with very wrong management and i will correct it. If beejay would be owner of this program like you are saying then probably he would not make mistakes as Walter did with changing plans and subscribtions and not good management of advertising. There was lots of hype about this program just because i promoted it and i know lots of people. If not this would maybe have 300 registered members at the start...i want now this program to be good advertising program thats all.

    About that post yes it was written by me smile emoticon
  • Tara Glassia
    Tara Glassia

    Many thanks for clearing that up Simon. So perhaps you can explain why this post is still on the AdMaximo FB page:

    AdMaximo owner Walter Watson is self employed entrepreneur who has lots of experiences in the big offline MLM companies as well as online advertising he has been part of for long time. Currently there is team of 5 people with common goal of reshaping online advertising business because they see opportunity for all in long-term programs and not "big investors" taking advantages in short term opportunities form people who are not long time in an online business.

  • Tara Glassia
    Tara Glassia

    p.s You have personally met Walter Watson then?
  • Simon Derman
    Simon Derman

    oh Tara i totaly forgot about that unsure emoticon

    i will change it immediately thanks for notifying me

    yes i have met him

So Simon has MET the mysterious Mr.Walter Watson. He must be real then, Simon says so!
And as for poor Marius. It turns out he's a lazy git as well as a scammer - who'd have thought it eh!

Fairs, fair though. He has said ONE True word, he's changed the Official AdMaximo Facebook page ( AdMaximo Company's Official Group) to now say this:

... AdMaximo owner is Simon Derman. Currently there is team of 4 people with common goal of reshaping online advertising business because they see opportunity for all in long-term programs and not "big investors" taking advantages in short term opportunities form people who are not long time in an online business.'

It also appears that Simon has dipped his toe into the My Advertising Pays cesspit:

Simon Derman
10 hrs · Edited

Hey Everyone,
so here is new screenshot with my signups on MAPS all made with NEW advertising which is soon coming on AdMaximo smile emoticon I got 81 signups in 3 weeks, in business which is almost 2 years on the market!

Why did i use MAPS? I used it to show you that even with some older businesses in which people say it's not possible to make new referrals with our AdMaximo advertising system it will be possible!
So those who can't sponsor or say in some old business is hard to get new signups then NEW AdMaximo advertising will be right for you!

Also i am planning on making webinar tomorrow Official news you will recieve today! We will cover lots of things which are starting in coming days!

Check out this signups below smile emoticon

Note: Advertising may varie depending on which package you will choose. Some will get better results then others. It also depends on design of your 468x60 banner. This advetising you will only be able to do with banner 468x60 for now, so make sure you preapre
 some great banner picture.

You're the proud owner of a grubby little PONZI!
Hope you're mum's real proud!
Looking forward to following this with interest !

11th June.
Looks like DIGADZ FB page has been given the boot! It's been replaced by:

9th November 2015
Fresh from the collapsed 'Digadz' scam is Marius Pederson
with his latest scam to clean out your bank account!
BO-O-O-O-OM! and your monies GONE!



  1. Digadz payed me $999.10
    13 Jan 2015 03:11 $77.60 PayPal
    15 Jan 2015 13:05 $97.00 PayPal
    19 Jan 2015 05:04 $97.00 PayPal
    31 Jan 2015 04:20 $116.40 PayPal
    14 Feb 2015 23:04 $116.40 PayPal
    26 Feb 2015 02:24 $119.31 PayPal
    04 Mar 2015 00:59 $44.62 PayPal
    07 Mar 2015 05:21 $58.20 PayPal
    10 Mar 2015 02:21 $16.49 PayPal
    16 Mar 2015 08:24 $34.92 PayPal
    01 Apr 2015 02:44 $109.61 PayPal
    23 Apr 2015 02:25 $111.55 PayPal

    1. Viado, these 'earnings' come from NEW money and new recruits. But many thanks for sharing it with us. We know who to come to when the Authorities want it back don't we...

  2. When will this story have a Happy End?! =P

  3. Hello.I find this blog very entertaining and written with a spark of sarcasm,just the way i would have done myself.I am a member of Digadz,and I have possibly new info regarding the "shadow cabinet minister" Marius Pedersen.He is Norwegian like myself.There are quite alot of info regarding him online.I have never posted anything on a blog att any time,i am not on Facebook or such.How do i go about? Just post it here?

    1. Many thanks Anon, glad you like it. Then you've made your first post! Very glad it's here. Feel free to comment on anything you wish and if you join Facebook, you can join many pages that help fight Scams - mine included lol. See you there!

  4. OK,here goes.A bit of info regarding the face of Digadz Mr.Marius Pedersen.Firstly,this person is real,and his name is in fact Marius Pedersen.To me as a Norwegian,that sounds very Danish att first,but he is Norwegian for shure.His origin is asian,I would guess Korean.However his full name is Ki Marius Park Pedersen.And he practically lives right under my nose,only 80 kilometers from me.Maybe i ask him for a round of cricket or baseball some day,bringing my bat with me.But i think not,i am more violent verbally than physical.He lives in a suburb not far from Oslo,the capital of Norway.His adress is Ravnkroken 40A 1254 Oslo Norway.Good to know if you wish to pay him your respects.This fella is born in 1971,that makes him 44 years old.That should be old enough to know that you do not steal or scam people.His parents did not do a good job with him,maybe they are to blame.You can reach this charming person by phone aswell,if you wish to have any financial advise or simply have an imminent urge to be scammed.By cellphone it is +47 909 80 230.If you prefer landline,Marius have that aswell +47 22 30 60 22.But most likely his wife will answer,you can see her some times on the videos he have for Digadz on Youtube.Hovering in the background.She is on his latest production allso,watching TV in the background,checking up on Marius from time to time.That is the video for the new scamsite Admaximo.Mr.Pedersen allso have his own personal company: Park Media Services.Sound supercool,does it not? Company adress is Høgåsveien 66 1259 Oslo.This is not far away from where he lives,so it can be a mailbox on the local postoffice for all i know.Looking att the company,it seems not very active,but i have not had time to investigate so much.It started way back in 1997 by the way,so Marius has a high level experience on how to run a company.In fact you could call him a veteran in the business.He has a profile on Linked in aswell,for those who are a member,they can dig in the adz on the site.There is much more to find out about this person,but i think the purpose is to tell a bit so those who are interested can find out themselves.The worst thing for a scammer is to be exposed,this is what i do,and i do it with great pleasure.Luckally Marius did not scam me for much.I got most of it back before they stopped paying.Only 14 Dollars,just enough to buy 4 cans of lager in the local supermarked.For others this is more,much more.Main thing for me is the waste of time,and you feel a bit of an idiot,every time this happens.I supply some links to verify my findings.Feel free to ask me for more info about this gentleman trough these pages.Thank you for yourørtjenester/Z0I3D08R/

  5. Glad I have found your blog, because I really didn't know what to do with digadz. I am clicking still those ads hoping that it will start to work, but seems like I am a fool. It is obvious SCAM. Thanks for this article, really helped me to make a decision and leave that trash.

    1. Very glad to hear that anon! Don't feel bad, many people fell for it and at least you know now to stay away from these schemes in the future.

  6. yeah clearly a scam .. HYIP in a roof of a ptc .. well beejay i hope you dont recover from the "paralyze" problem you got if so well karma is a b_tch

  7. Hi Tara!
    Thx a lot for this super clear investigation. I read your review a couple of months ago and decided to believe you. I almost invested some money in digadz before and when I read this review,I canceled my intention. And now your investigation become true. The diggadz website now gone. And gone for good this time i guess. Glad I read your review before I did anything to that site. Hahah!

    1. You're very welcome Anon! It's lovely to hear of success stories!

  8. I just want to comment here and say that I was recently robbed of a large amount of bitcoin by an email address connected to BeeJay and digadz. Do not trust this scammer, he is a hacker and a fraud. I would not trust any website that pops up and is connected to these guys at all.


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