Monday, 4 December 2017

Charles Scoville - Baiting The SEC.

Charles Scoville is baiting the SEC and has a particular dislike to Daniel Wadley. 
He's just released another weird video explaining all about his 'new' business. 
His 'mentor' is helping him get established and people behind the scenes are helping him with servers etc. 

But where on earth is he getting the funds to start a new project? Especially since he's is still begging for 'donations' to pay for his legal fees.
And secondly, he must be deluded to think the SEC would let him run a lemonade stand, let alone a 'business' that takes peoples money.
This recent post explains in more detail how his 'new business will work: 

And despite a recent lull in his crazy religious rants, he's back to preaching god again:

But it's all a stunt:


  1. Just wonder who the hell is going to trust this guy ever again and join a business with him??? People lost fortunes by trusting him. I'm surprised he's not already rotting in jail, cause that's where he belongs to. I think I'm lucky and only lost $50. I joined, didn't trust Charles nor the system, then quit. I believe it was my best decision ever :)

  2. It's one of those situations where when you are part of it you defend it to the hills but when you are kicked out as Charles was it's suddenly a travesty against humanity. This sudden interest in religion is not helping him maintain his existing member base and going on about another fantastic ponzi opportunity when you are currently on trial for an existing one will not help his case. BTW he just doesn't have the sales technique down enough for anyone to pay attention to a failed, balding, fat man who suddenly turns into the messiah against ponzis :P

  3. What? You Tara is gonna to lose for sure.


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