Saturday, 6 June 2015

F.L.E.A.S - Don't get bitten!

An Internet Flea is a professional Scam referrer. 
They recruit people with the sole intention of making as much referral commission as possible and will do and say anything to get you to sign up with them.
They don't care who their host is and are more than happy to bleed it dry.
When it finally dies, they'll just hop off to the next scam. Then the next, and the next...  

An Internet Flea is easy to find.
He, or She, has had many other 'businesses' over the years that it's promoted but have subsequently either failed, or been closed down by receivers or the Authorities.
They will claim to have made vast sums of money and will flash their ill-gotten gains for all to see. 

An Internet Flea thinks it's always one jump ahead of the game and no-one can catch it. 

The definition of F.L.E.A.S:

They FIND a suitable ponzi. LEARN all about it.ENTICE others to join . ACCUMULATE referral commissions and then SCARPER when it dies.

Without cash these Fleas can't survive, don't be their next victim.


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  1. Sounds like Simon Stepsys, Mike Deese, Clare Hartman James, Richard Mead, Mark Ghobril , Shaun Smith, Frank Calbro Jnr, Richard Arblaster..... etc are the worst INFESTORS. They need to be removed permanantly and sent to JAIL with all the other fleas


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