Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Paying Safely

So you've found an Internet Programme, done your Due Diligence, researched and googled it and your happy to go ahead. Then what?

You have to part with your money.

Scammers are getting wise to the 540 day Chargeback rule so are refusing to take a credit/debit card as payment as they know they could lose all there ill-gotten gains.

So how are they taking money?


It's the same as cash and offers practically ZERO protection against FRAUD.

Payment processors can offer LIMITED  protection with-in a certain time frame but it is hard to do.
Your best protection is a CREDIT card. ALWAYS USE ONE if you can.

The Golden Rule:

If a programme will ONLY accept a Bank Transfer STAY AWAY! 99.99% certain to be a Scam!


  1. hi, so if program accepts bank cards and/or Paypal it should be legit? same applies to hyips?

    1. No, it doesn't mean they're legit - just that you can claim a Chargeback if they turn out to be scams.


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