Thursday, 18 June 2015

Simon Stepsys - ASA Ruling

Great news tonight! A complaint was made to The Advertising Standards Authority about Simon Stepsys and his misleading advertisements.
I am delighted to tell you that the complaint has been UPHELD:

'The recommendation is that your complaint is UPHELD. Simon Stepsys's ads must not appear in their current form, earnings claims cannot be made unless they can be substantiated, and he cannot claim selling is not involved if that is not the case...'

The next stage in the process is that the case will be heard by the Advertising Standards Council.
I'll keep you posted of all future developments.


  1. I bet that pissed Simon off, but he has this annoying video on You tube trying to get affiliates to use social media in order to entice others to join the scam.

  2. Thats great! However an ASA ruling is a mere slap on the wrist ,when what stepsys needs is the guillotine!!! He really couldnt care less!!! All the ruling will demand is that he change the wording of his ad.!! As long as he gets to keep his money!!!! This is an amoral man!!! He does not see what he is doing as wrong!!! He is blinded by greed! Shaun smith (conman and friend of stepsys) had a similar ruling against him and he is still continuing with his criminal and unethical ways!! In conversation Smith actually said that quote "only the owners of the ponzi get prosecuted so what im doing is ok" The end justifies the means! No thought as to the moraln ambiguities of such a scheme! These are not moral men and so a slap on the wrist will not suffice .


    New company set up earlier this month...

  4. as an aside - all the photos that Simon S publishes of his house are nothing of the sort - has anybody done a HPI check on the Bentley number plate? He is always saying he paid cash - would be funny to publish proof that he owes a fortune on it...!


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