Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Tony and Lynne Booth - The Small Claims Court Case Judgement

* updated 2nd November 2017
The Judgement:

The Small Claims Court case held in Blackburn against Tony and Lynne has been dismissed by the Courts own motion.

Tony and Lynne’s Solicitor applied to the Court to have the case stuck off.

The plaintive, ‘P’ was advised by the Court that the strike off could be contested, and that a small pre-trial hearing would take place whereby ‘P’ could explain to the Judge why the ‘strike-off’ shouldn’t happen.

But unfortunately, for reasons unknown, ‘P’ never received a hearing date and the 'Order to Strike' was granted.

‘P’ was given a further seven days to contest the Judgement, but further costs were involved, which ‘P’ has (understandably) declined to do.

'P' is now considering the next move and we will update you with any further developments when or if they occur.

The Case:
It's unlikely that Tony and Lynne can ever be held accountable for any company losses since they never held Directorships at My Advertising Pays. But we can prove that they lied about the My Advertising Pays premises at Barnmeadow House, Barnmeadow Lane, Blackburn, and the staff they supposedly employed.

They never held a ten year lease at Barnmeadow House as claimed. They can’t provide any evidence of Employment for the (four) staff they claimed worked there. They have no Tax or National Insurance records, no evidence of Redundancy payments, no Employers Liability Insurance and no VAT records for the so called ‘services ’ they sold, because they don’t exist.

So, by definition, if we can prove they lied, then we can prove that My Advertising Pays was never a legitimate business, but an illegal Ponzi scam that they knowingly participated in.

Our whole dossier has been sent to the UK Police’s Economic Crime Unit, so if you haven’t already contacted ActionFraud Uk and made a formal complaint, please do so now.

You might also like to report Tony and Lynne to HMRC for Tax Evasion:

* A very interesting piece of good news came in today regarding a Chargeback request to Barclaycard.

As a lot of you know, MAP Chargebacks have not been very successful because MAP/TAP are still trading. Many requests have been refused or the money refunded has been taken back.

The person who contacted us, 'A', had an initial request for a 3.5k Chargeback granted, but then Barclaycard said they were going to reverse that Chargeback decision and re-charged 'A' for the money.

Fast forward three months, and Barclaycard have today confirmed that the Chargeback money will be refunded again, will not be re-charged and the case is now closed.

And the reason for the change of heart?

We sent 'A' all the information presented to the Court in the recent Small Claims Court Case, and 'A' sent that on to Barclaycard.

So we can safely assume that Barclaycard thought that evidence was good enough to issue a Chargeback, even if the Court Case failed.

Banking Authorities share information about scams, so maybe it's worth another shot at asking for a Chargeback if you haven't already done so? Or consider re-applying, if your original Chargeback failed?

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