Friday, 11 August 2017

Tony and Lynne Booth - Defending My Advertising Pays In a Court of Law

On July 25th 2017, a small claims case was filed against Tony and Lynne Booth for the return of over £4000 paid to My Advertising Pays.

Tony and Lynne had 14 days (13th August 2017) in which to respond.

This response was received today:

Dear Miss ********
Booth - Litigation Matter Against *******
We act for Mr & Mrs Booth in respect of the claim you have brought against them.
We enclose acknowledgement of service that has been registered online.
It is our clients instructions that we are to defend the whole of the claim not least because any agreement you had was with a limited company and not our clients.

Yours sincerely,
Haworth & Lees Solicitors Limited'

So it looks like Tony and Lynne will be appearing in a Court room and will have to defend My Advertising Pays. All the evidence against them can be presented in a Court of Law and we can see what the Judge decides.

The lady bringing this case is keen for as many people as possible to show up and support her.
I will certainly let you know the Court date nearer the time so you can do just that.


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